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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2016 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> thank you very much everybody. thank you donald trump u.s. presidential bid is celebrated as he wins in l.a. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, obama gears up for a fight to push through the closure of guatemalan bay. european companies accused of selling surveillance equipment to egypt that could be used to clamp down on dissent. you've heard of the u.n.'s blue helmets. we report on the white helmet
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volunteers pulling people out of the rubble in syria's biggest city. u.s. republican candidate donald trump says he is growing more confident of winning his party's presentation nomination after a caucus vote victory in the state of nevada. it follows consecutive wins in new hampshire and south carolina. early indications are that marco rubio came second in nevada, but it is not clear if he will be are trump's main challenger with ted cruz a close third. here is some of what donald trump had to say >> we weren't expected a couple of months ago to win this one. you know that one, right. we weren't. of course, if you listened to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much. now we're winning, winning
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>> translation: winning the country and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. so i want to thank the volunteers. these people work endlessly. we're not going to forget it let's cross over to a visiting professor and an pert will campaigns. when you look at marco rubio and cruz, who do you think will be trump's main challenger, who is battling for second? >> they both are neck and necked for the second place. ted cruz is holding on to super tuesday when he has vested a lot of time and money in those southern primaries where there are a lot of christian conservatives. he could be the next one on the of the race donald trump, three straight
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victories, how do you explain this broad appeal. >> one word. anger. you have angry voters all over the country. primarily in the party. they're exasperated by the fact that pal particulars in washington, the establishment in this country, can't get anything done. they just are totally in grid lock. donald trump comes across as someone who can make things happen. he will knock heads together. he will make deals. he can make things happen. that's what people want in a leader just looking ahead, your projections for super tuesday, then? >> super tuesday could be a trump blow out. he could win most of those states. maybe not texas, which is ted cruz's home state. if he beats cruz in texas, cruz is out of the race. there are a lot of southern states. i don't see a single state that marco rubio looks strong in. he is trying to win the minnesota caucuses. there might be a few that he could win, but donald trump is
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strong everywhere. donald trump has won in the east, west and south. that's the whole country despite the chaos seen as nevada, the caucus reporting double voting, disorganization. do you think that is a factor at a all? how significant is that? >> i don't think it's very significant. it shows that the republican party of nevada which ran the caucuses doesn't have a lot of experience and they didn't know what they were doing. more important, there was a flood of new voters to the polls, most of them voting for donald trump. these people had never been to a caucus, didn't know how it worked, didn't know what to do, but there was this huge turn out of trump supporters who as i said earlier were angry we thank you for speaking to us from l.a. to another political battle over the u.s. president's plan to close guantanamo bay. obama announced yesterday saying that the prison camp undermines
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national security and is a country standing in the world. not everyone is convinced. >> reporter: it was one of his first promises in office and now obama is hoping in his last year he can actually accomplish it. close the controversial detention center guantanamo bay cuba. >> are we going to let this linger on for 10 to 30 years more? >> reporter: dozens of men have been held in limbo, many so desperate they went on a hunger strike only to be forced down and fed through a tube. the president is going to try to change their location, sending a new plan to congress. it is a bit vague, listing 13 sites where the detainees could be held. his argument, it would be cheaper and close a chapter in u.s.'s history that has damaged its standing abroad >> it is counterproductive as
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our fight against terrorists because they use it in their efforts to recruit. >> reporter: this man disagrees with the president >> the negative influence that guatemalan had, are going to live on long after they've been shut down. it's almost irrelevant in terms of the propaganda effect of it today is negligible. >> reporter: the president would have to get piss plan through the congress >> we will review it, bringing dangerous terrorists to communities, he should know that the will of congress has already been expressed against that proposal >> reporter: this is an election year and this is an issue that divides the parties. >> not only are we not going to close guatemalan, but if i'm
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president, terrorists will be going to guatemalan and we're going to find out everything they know >> reporter: the white house indicated that if the white house doesn't act the president might move them on his own. they will be transferred to other countries by the time he leaves office. for those left another try to change the location and the color of their jump suits but not their detention two indian students accused of sedition have handed themselves over to police in the capital new delhi. they're among a group of six students from a university facing charges, police saying they chanted anti india slogans during the event, condemning the hanging of a separatist from kashmir. the government is accused of trying to silence dissent. >> reporter: there have been plenty of developments in the university students case with now three of them arrested on
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sedition charges. student leader has now been in jail for ten days and once again his bail hearing has been adjourned this time until the end of the month, february 29. this comes after police have changed their stance saying they will oppose it. if he gets bail they say it's because they have new evidence and they want to interrogate him further with his fellow students. the other two have been holidayed up at their university campus for days saying that they feared for their lives. in the early hours they gave themselves up to police who have been waiting outside saying that while they're still worried about their security, they're now placing their faith in the judicial system al jazeera has been shown documents showing that the german telecom giant sold surveillance equipment to a secret branch of the egyptian government. cairo paid millions of dollars for equipment designed to
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protect the president which can also be used to spy on the public. it has called for european governments to come clean about corporate dealings with egypt. >> reporter: these documents cast a light on the length that the government has gone to protect themselves. they demonstrate the existence of a secret arm of state called the technical research department or trd. documents show the german multinational has sold equipment to the trd capable of enabling the security service to conduct mass surveillance, a monitoring center, equipment to listen to landlines and mobile phones of the public at large >> they are the ones who are always looking for the next new technology to sort of high-technical up date technology to surveil civilians.
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it is western companies that are trying to paracel new products. it is the obvious customer, the tld >> reporter: the sales date back to before 2011 when the president was ousted suggesting that they were not only facilitated to help clamp down on dissent after the arab spring, but it does appear all the technology has proved useful to the current government. this audio clip lifted from a mobile phone call is between the son of the jailed former president and close friend in which they discussed what to do after hundreds of protesters were killed by egypt's security services in 2013. the clip was played on egyptian television. he and his father were arrested and jailed. his brother >> they tried to log into their phones, tried to take personal
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information from that. it becomes like for many activists who are in egypt and trying to work in the field of human rights, for example, or work in the fields of trying to - any civil society actions. they have to take extreme security precautions because they know that the security services want to have surveillance. >> you have to hack your target. >> reporter: this revelation comes after an italian surveillance company was itself hacked and thousands of documents put in the public domain. hacking team have been selling the government malware to control people's electronic devices. now european companies can export this with the government's permission. germany and italy are called on to explain why they think these sales are appropriate >> we have a responsibility for the companies here in europe and
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those companies they are responsible for u.n. i have to say in this instance it is very clear to me that those guidelines are being breached and these experts are wrong. >> reporter: the hacking team pointed out that the sales are legal and they also paracel war planes and missiles to egypt. it claims the surveillance equipment could help the fight against terrorism >> it said it had sold a subsidiary in 2013 and therefore couldn't comment coming up in the program we report from fiji where clean up efforts after a deadly cyclone are facing several hurdles. >> we are days away from the oscars but it is who and what is not nominated this year is having people talking. find out why shortly. hortly.
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top stories on al jazeera. donald trump has won the republican caucus voting in nevada. indications are marco rubio is second and ted cruz a close third. republicans presidential hopefuls and congressional leaders are opposing obama's plan to close guantanamo bay which he says undermines security and standing in the world. two students accused of sedition
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have handed themselves over in the capital of new delhi. they're part of a group that chanted anti india views. rebel fighters including i.s.i.l. have been pushed out of benghazi. the army is allied with a tabruk parliament. at least 10 people have been killed p and 50 injured in the fighting. forces are being assisted by french special forces. turkey is saying it has doubts about a cease file deal in syria and has threatened to continue with strikes against syrian kurdish fighters. ankara doesn't believe the deal due to start on saturday will be respected by all warring sides. the agreement already excludes i.s.i.l. and the al-qaeda linked al-nusra front. the deputy president swore that turkey will continue if necessary. he says to hit back at incoming fire from syria even after that
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truce comes into effect. the syrian observeatrory for human rights says nearly quarter of a million people have been killed since the warring started in syria almost five years ago. >> reporter: for many syrians this is the only emergency service they have. where is it they shout? these are the white helmets, they're volunteer rescue workers. they spend a lot of their time looking up to whering out where the next bomb will fall. there isn't much of the city of aleppo still standing >> translation: there were two families in this house. we pulled out four people. one woman died. the rocket passed through two
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buildings and exploded here. here look, the syrian kids' life continues. in despite of all the damage they're still here. >> reporter: in aleppo most of the injuries are the result of syrian or russian bombings. this man says an aircraft dropped some bombs while he worked in an internet café. half his right leg was blown out. the government is denying accusations that it is deliberatelily targeting civilians. they say they aim at terrorists. >> translation: there are not any civilians here. no-one else. show me one fighter, the militants they talk about. everyone here is a civilian. >> reporter: russian, they ask? yes. the white hell muts say they're
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helping everyone. they say they've risked sniper fire to retrieve the bodies of soldiers. this time they're responding to another attack by the russian air force. before the war these volunteers were students, engineers, carpenters, but here normal lives are no longer possible. today what's normal is crawling through rubble hoping to find survivors of another bombing. bernard smith you can see the full film syria under russia's fist on people in power at 22.30 g.m. t on wednesday right here on al jazeera. authorities in fiji are struggling to reach isolated communities after the nation was hit by a record breaking cyclone. the death toll stands at 42 and is expected to rise. some villagers have hardly any buildings left standing.
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an true thomas reports >> reporter: the damage here is repeated in the villages right along the coastline of this island. at least here you can still see the basic structure of some of the houses, even if the walls and the roofs are missing in some places everything has been flattened. i will take you inside. um see dangers that people face. quite apart from the heat and shelt shelter, buildings liable to fall with wiring hanging everywhere. i will take um inside what used to be somebody's home. a living room of sorts, a kitchen. at least that is distinguishable. i'm not sure what was out the back, but you can see straight out to the trees because the roof has gone. let he show you the real force of that wind. that tanker was moored than 5 kilometers. it was sweft off the moorings to here. yet on this island and it seems
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to be the case across fiji, people did on the whole managed to shelter. that does explain why despite this level of instruction, despite the clear power of the wind, relatively few people died health officials in the u.s. are investigating 14 new zika infections which could have been sexually infected. all the cases are from men who were in an area that they visited that had the zika outbreak. a claim that china air to sea missiles. >> reporter: these satellite images taken this month and release by a washington think tank show possible radar facilities deployed on artificial islands in the chain.
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one of the islands is father from its own shores. last week the pentagon said the chinese have also installed missile batteries on another island further north. what that means is evident to the u.s. military's top officer in the region >> in my opinion china is clearly militarizing the south china sea and you have to believe in a flat earth to think otherwise >> reporter: the chinese say some analysts in washing to gain effective control over the waterway. after meeting with john kerry his chinese counterpart deflected questions about his country's intentions. he expressed hope that u.s. military flights appeared navy patrols would be halted. >> translation: china, the u.s. and the asean countries have committed to non-militaryisation. i hope the parties will work together in the same direction
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>> reporter: the china has raised similar concerns. tests in defiance of u.n. resolutions have spurred talks over installing an american high altitude thaad ballistic missile shield in south korea. that has upset china. it has warned that some deployment could destroy its relations with south korea. an expected formal announcement at the start of talks with the seoul government were delayed while wanting met with kerry. kerry said the thaad system would be a response to north korean threats against the u.s. >> we have stated publicly, openly and clearly what the conditions are for not having to consider its deployment. that would be the denuclearisation. that's all. >> reporter: the chinese foreign minister made no mention of the missile. he and kerry say they were close to adopting sanctions against
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the communist state, but neither official indicated what measures might sway the north korean government from its current course with 95% of the votes counted, official ruts from bolive i can't's refer endone-- bolivia's referendum sews that the president lost. there were demonstrations outside the court a french court has delayed its decision on whether closing refugee camp in calais is legal. several charities and refugees appealed against the closure saying it would violate human rights of thousands of people who live there. last week the french government ordered those living in the southern part to leave before tuesday evening. it is likely a decision on its future will be made later this week. >> reporter: this is the southern part of what's called
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the jungle camp in calais. it is wet, it is dirty, but for many refugees it's home. they have told us some of the refugees here that they greatly value the facilities that they can use, things like educational tents, medical facilities and restaurants where they can get a hot meal for free. they fear that if they have to move to new accommodation, they won't get the same kind of facilities. there was a fear that they might have to move out as early as tuesday evening, but a judge says she needs more time to make a decision. so for now they're staying put. this is the place that the authorities would like the refugees to come to. it is a new camp just a short distance from the jungle made up of heated containers. the people who run this center say it's much cleaner and it is much safer because there are not people traffickers around here. there are a few hundred spare
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places still but it is filling up quickly. the authorities say that every day refugees are volunteering to get on buses and go to other parts of france to centers where they can get accommodation, but also get advice on how to claim asylum in france and start to build a new life. for some of the refugees their dream continues to be reaching britain and some people have actually disappeared from those centers, but for many others the fact that they can get solid advice in a safe conditions like this will be an attraction at least one person has been killed after a building collapsed at a disused british power plant. several others working at the power station about a hundred kilometers north of lop do done were seriously injured. an investigation into the cause of the collapse is underway. the plant was closed in 2013. an african university has been temporarily closed after black protesters were beaten by white spectators during a rugby match. pictures of emerged of the
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violent clashess at the university. the game was disrupted by issues over cleaning jobs. people were atacted. there are only a few days to go before the oscars, but this year it is not the nominations that have been the talk of the town. some stars are boycotting the ceremony because they say it doesn't represent minorities. >> tonight has seen a door opened >> reporter: it was for her in 2004, the only african american best actress at the oscars. that door not even ajar at this year's awards. the best actor nominees all white. same for best actress. there are no other races here. oscars are so white, that is the claim, it is the hashtag everyone here is talking about.
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>> we will continue fighting until we see more representative films coming out of hollywood >> reporter: it is over shadowing the biggest night for the film industry. this move about the creed is about a black boxer but a white actor is up for a ward. another move, it is the white screen writers up for award. research has revealed in a year only 28% of big roles went to nonwhite actors. it was even worse behind the scenes. in terms of directors only 12% of directors from other ethnic groups got that job which raises the question, are we talking about oscars so white here or the industry in general being too white. a theater group is run down town with these young actors. this man is an industry veteran and he says he knows what the
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root cause of this is >> race is a factor in this country. it permeates this country. look around. >> reporter: is the academy racist? >> i think they think there's a problem because of will smith and spike lee saying it's a problem >> reporter: academy member has been making films for decades. he is white and he is older, like 94% of the other members at last count. here is his take >> they don't hire. they honor people. you do work, they know. you get nominated. if you don't do good work, you don't get nominated. they don't hire or make those movies. so to take it out on the membership, i thought was wrong >> reporter: the academy says it is going to double the number of female and ethnic minority members from 2020. the promise of the boss, we are going to lead and not wait for the industry to catch up. the question is how long will
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that really take just a reminder you can always keep up-to-date with all the latest news on our website one of our top stories, turkey is saying it's not optimistic on the ceasefire. read about that on [ ♪ ] thanks for joining us on "america tonight". i'm joie chen. for all the efforts to sundays and help, one of the most confounding diagnosis is autism. research found more boys live with autism and they are five times more likely than girls to be diagnosed. but the focus on boys may make it give for girls living with autism to get the help they need. "america


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