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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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cold play one of the best british group award. deadly storms tear up property and take off power up and down the east coast. >> bernie sanders takes his campaign west days before the south carolina primary. studios beef up digital security as a new wave of hackers look to cash in on the movie business.
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>> a huge cleanup is underway across the east coast after 16 reported tornadoes tore through the region overnight. this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm stephanie sy. seven are dead since the storms began tuesday. four in virginia, which has been hard hit. >> the winter storm that slammed the south brought its rage to the north and the east overnight. in virginia, at least four people died, the result of tornadoes. >> this came three feet off the ground. it just dropped is straight down. >> virginia's governor declared a state of emergency after a town took a direct hit. two adults and a toddler were among those killed. >> i knew he was gone, man. >> around four dozen tornadoes have wreaked havoc across the country since tuesday. from louisiana when a water
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spout skirted the air to a twister that hit a r.v. park. >> then to the florida panhandle, where an e.f.3 tornado hit pensacola. the storms brought flash flooding to the washington, d.c. area. winds were strong enough in new york city to overturn a tractor trailer on the busy george washington bridge. in the midwest, there were white out blizzard conditions. in crown point, indiana, firefighters had to come to the rescue of drivers stuck when the snow became too deep to continue. >> we found about 30 cars stuck in the snow with people still in them. >> hundreds of thousands of customers lost power throughout the u.s. half of those in new york and new jersey.
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john henry smith, al jazeera. >> mid atlantic got a few more tornado reports, but the orange you see, those were wind damage reports and really extended all the way up into the northeast. this radar is going back in time clearly, but a lot of different reports, over 300 reports as all of this moved through. what we have left behind this, yes, not as troublesome as what we've seen over the last days. michigan, indiana, ohio, a little bit of that extends down into the appalachians today, this is lighter snow, not the heavy stuff from yesterday. a couple inches, but on top of everything, some places will go over a foot and then the rain that we had, this line of storms, you can see that clearing the coastline. that is also the front we're dealing with, so now the temperatures will be dropping behind all of this. the spots of rain much less impressive. we still do have the wind, not as strong as yesterday but still
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gusty winds. part of our concern is that a little bit of new snow plus the old snow blowing around will moose visibilities. with the cooler air and front coming through, temperatures dropped today in new york. in terms of temperatures, you really want the mild stuff while the east coast has had changes, the west coast, we had some temperatures that are 10-20 degrees above average, and it has been dry recently, so kind of a break there. >> looks like a weekend reprieve for most of the country, nicole mitchell, thanks a lot. >> turning now to the race for the presidency, the next democratic primary takes place
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in south carolina in two days. hillary clinton is holding a town hall this morning in myrtle beach. she talked about protecting voting rights there. bernie sanders is in ohio this morning. he was in oklahoma last night looking ahead to super tuesday. he has been criticized saying he has abandoned south carolina. we have more from colombia. >> i think the sanders camp is looking at south carolina almost as a watch and moving more on to super tuesday.
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>> we have waged a very, very vigorous campaign. we have picked up a lot of support, and we have closed the gap very, very significantly. but this from the one was going to be a very difficult state for us. we are not writing off south carolina. >> the south a very popular place for politicians, especially on the democratic side to try and get that vote. trump's strength going into super tuesday has the gop scrambling to get behind a candidate who can beat him. such a candidate my not exist. >> donald trump didn't just win, together cruz and rubio couldn't have beaten him.
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voters this year aren't following the lead. danley is associate professor of political science at the university of nevada las vegas. he sees the distant second place finish as having a small silver lining for rubio. >> ted cruz is our candidate. >> much has been said about the
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importance of finishing second or even third in these primaries, but the fact is donald trump is beginning to build a lead that not even his clotheddest rivals may be able to erase. >> so far, rubio's results don't show that republican voters want him to be the nominee. ohio governor john kasich reportedly under pressure to leave the race in order to help rubio knows this. >> everybody just needs to chill out. >> as the gaining of five heads to houston in what promises to be a fiery debate with reports that ruby and especially cruz expect to turn up the volume on trump, it remains trump himself who has the most reason for optimism. >> it's going to be an amazing
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two months. it appears isil is taking aim at silicon valley. >> apple is working on a verse of the iphone that even it could not break into. >> with just one day to go before it has to respond to a judge's order, apple is reportedly taking new steps to secure its products. the washington post says the company's engineers are working on enhancements that would make the phones unhackable without the owner's help. it would only work on newer i phones and require a password to get around security. that would create a barrier for law enforcement.
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>> the safety of our kids, our families is very important. the protection of people's data is incredibly important. >> this is happening as apple fights a court order to help the government unlock the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino attackers. in an interview with abc news, apple c.e.o. tim cook explained. >> the only way now would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it, we have never written it and that is what is at stake here. >> while the government insists this would not apply to any other phones, apple said that's not the case. the issue has taken center stage with supporters on either side. attorney general loretta lynch is urging apple to comply. >> judges all over the country and on the supreme court have said that those parties must
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assist if it is reasonably within their power to do so. >> apple has until friday to file a response to the judge's order. it has said it offered significant advice to the f.b.i. about how to get into the phone but won't go as far as cracking it. stocks are moving higher on wall street this morning, despite a big sell off in china. shares in shanghai fell, wiping out recent gains. chinese officials unless they won't devalue their currency this year. >> worst slump in a month, 6.4% the markets close. this year started off on a bad foot in the market.
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its important for the latest nuclear test and rocket launch by the north. officials hope it will be adopted in coming days.
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a possible political curveball. will president obama nominate a republican to replace justice scalia on the supreme court? feeding life back into the city, how detroit is using food to rebuild its neighborhoods.
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a trial date is set for people who took over an or gone wildlife refuge, going before a judge april 29. during their raiment, the judge
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refused to let bundy speak and assured them they were innocent until proven guilty. one defendant said you're the federal government, you're going to do whatever you want. president obama is reportedly considering a republican to fill the seat of justice scalia on the supreme court. ryan sandoval is said to be on the list. the federal judge said he has not been contacted. the gop said they will prevent any nomination from going forward. >> republicans drew a line in the sand, this week. >> republican side unanimously greed, we wrote a letter saying we are of the view there should not be a hearing in the judiciary committee for anyone that the president nominates.
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i recognizes the politics, and that it's easier to stand pat and do nothing but that's not our job. our job is to fulfill our constitutional duties. >> republicans say any decision should wait until after the 2016 presidential election. >> we are very comfortable letting the american people speak on this issue. the american people will choose a president in november and they'll get a choice between a president that is likely to appoint someone in the tradition of justice scalia or a president who's more likely to appoint the type of nominees that we've seen from president obama. >> the president disdismissed gop suggestions that he's a lame duck in his last year in office.
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>> iron cloy these are republicans that say they read the text of the constitution and focus on the intent of the constitution. none of the founding fathers thought that when it comes to the president carrying out his duties, he should do it for three years and then on the last year stop doing it. >> senate democraties are backing up the commander-in-chief and said republicans will regret shutting down the vetting process. >> senate republicans are giving a middle finger to the american people and giving the middle finger to this president. that's why we're confident that this is going to go very badly for mitch mcconnell and his republican conference. >> meanwhile, the white house says president obama is reviewing candidates and will pick the best person for the job, politics aside.
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>> when the president gets to the stage and i'm confident he will, where he's interviewing nominees, potential nominees, in a conversation, i'm confident that he's not going to ask them which party primary they vote in. >> white house officials say the president isn't rushing his decision which will be announced they say sometime in the coming weeks. al jazeera, washington. health care has become a key topic in the presidential campaign. a survey shows most americans do not call bernie sanders call for a single payer plan. the poll shows 39% of those surveyed approve of his plan to replace the current private health care system with a single government run taxpayer funded plan. three new cases of zika identified in florida. three women contracted the virus while traveling outside the u.s.
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all the cases have been travel related. the state declared a public health emergency earlier this month. there is good news about the flu vaccine. people who got the vaccine are 50% less likely to get sick. last year it was 23% effective. an effort to revitalize detroit is focused on food. bisi onile-ere shows us the city's culinary transformation. >> can i grab a carrot soup? >> ok. >> evan hansen and a partner purchased on old mid town detroit abandoned building and turned it into a restaurant more than a year ago. >> detroit was really the only place that seemed to make sense for this restaurant. >> plagued by blight, crime and a dwindling population, detroit was a city that many investors
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tried to avoid, but not anymore. it's estimated that the city's restaurant boom happen created hundreds of jobs over the past five years. he employs more than 70 people. >> the interest in local farms, interest in doing slightly more creative non-traditional food is definitely on the rise. >> over the past three years, i would say that it's just really exploded. >> serena daniels, a food critic for the metro times, believes that detroit's bargain real estate market where homes sold for one grand or less is a huge draw. according to a 2015 global city's initiative report, more
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young people are moving into the city, and finding a place to live can be tough. the occupancy rate stands at 98%. seven years ago, that would have been unheard of. >> i think that if you kind of have like a vision, or you have an idea of something that maybe you, you know, heard about in another city, you can make it happen. >> some have called detroit a food mecca, but daniels disagrees, saying some old issues still exist. >> there's a huge amount of poverty within the city. it's very difficult to find a decent grocery store. to be honest, a lot of the people who live in detroit and who have been here many years might not be able to afford some of the higher end restaurants that are opening up. >> parks and recreation executive chef sarah welch said that she hopes to see the city's downtown economic growth reach the neighborhoods.
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>> people think that detroit is the 10 square miles that make up downtown, but it's not. it's so much larger, so seeing restaurants crop up outside of that will cause the infrastructure to spread, lights, water, reliable resources. >> evan hansen, whose restaurant was voted the best of the region last year, said the thriving restaurant industry is yet another sign that america's comeback city is finding its way. >> if you were to leave and come back five years from now, you'd say what the hell, what happened here? it's amazing. >> bisi onile-ere, al jazeera, detroit. cracking down on selfies, the new law in india after snapping photos turns deadly. i'm in los angeles where forget big business, the hackers are now heading for hollywood. can the entertainment industry really keep them out?
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al jazeera america. in i understand i can't, taking a selfie in the wrong place will cost you money. police enforcing a law banning taking photos in risky places. mumbai declared 16 areas no selfie zones. there have been 19 reported selfie linked death since 2014. the fine is 1200 rupees off 18 u.s. dollars.
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hollywood is not immune from cyber attacks. the movie industry is now hiring hackers. >> this is ralph, the man oliver stone has hired to keep his film about edward snowden away from prying eyes. he is one of a new breed called digital bodyguards, helping helping hollywood make sense of a world where it is more than film fans watching very closely. >> they still have the idea of this film is in the can as if it were a physical thing and it's not. from the moment of your capturing this film, it's a file that gets duplicated and multiplies throughout that process. that didn't happen with a physical piece of film. >> hacking is big business. 2014, cyber criminals breached
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the systems and stole terabytes of data and it cost sony millions of dollars. five out of every six large businesses here in the united states have fallen victim to some form of cyber attack. that figure was up 40% in one year. this is a problem getting worse, not better. of course, hollywood is a major target for these hackers. in previous years, the studios could control who saw what and when they saw it. everything was on film, much more linear. now you have so many involved in that production process and they're all accessing networks and files using phones and tablets and in some cases, laptops. you can see how keeping those prying eyes out, those hackers is almost impossible. >> phillip lieberman is one of l.a.'s top cyber crime experts. he's a man who knows the weak spots. >> you have talent which might go to the store and buy an iphone and might set the password to their dog's name and then do an interview holding their dog, talking about their dog's name and then somebody can pretty much figure out how to
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get things off their system. >> for this digital bodyguard, it is all about damage limitation. >> there is no such thing as 100% security. there never will be. it's a matter of identifying a potential threat early enough so it doesn't have a huge impact. >> the hackers are in hollywood, metaphorically at least. there may be no happy ending in sight here. al jazeera, los angeles. ray charles getting a big tribute at the white house. ♪ president obama hosted a concert featuring ray charles music. it will air on pbs friday. first lady michelle obama host add workshop for students. the news continues next live from doha. have a great day.
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