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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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iran's supreme leader votes as polls open in the country's first elections since international sanctions were lifted hello. this is al jazeera, live from the headquarters in doha. also ahead - president obama says saturday's proposed cessation the hostilities could be a key step innding the war in syria. the u.s. and china present a draft resolution to the security council for stronger sanctions against north korea. >> and... >> i'm on board one of the
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famous loco motives, the flying scatsman, as it gets back on track. >> so the supreme lader ayatollah khamenei -- leader ayatollah khamenei cast his vote in the first elections since the lifting of international sanctions. the polls have opened. members of parliament will be lifted. the iranian parliament dominated by conservatives, but that could change because of president hassan rouhani's success on achieving the nuclear deal. >> andrew simmonds is in tehran. what is the turn out like so far? >> well, very brisk indeed. the door behind me opened half an hour ago. this is one of the busiest polling stations in the north of the city. if i show you around here, we get an idea of the bustle.
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people ticking off here before registering and casting their ballet over there, slightly out of vision. it's incredibly busy here right now, and we are half an hour into polling. the supreme leader cast his vote in a private residents where a small number of staffs cast their ballots, and called for a big turn out. and asked voters to turn out early. there were no political statements there, no edge to his remarks. he said that the people needed to think wise by about their choice. this is really a crucial day for iran. parliamentary elections for the 290 seat assembly and the assembly of experts, which is an 88 member body, which will sect the next supreme leader, and it monitors the supreme leader in terms of his behaviour in
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office, and can dismiss the supreme leader in theory. >> so high stakes elections, but roughly half of the candidates who run in the parliamentary elections were disqualified. how problematic could that be. >> well, it's caused a lot of tension, it soured the whole run-up to the polls. out of 12,000 plus want to bes in terms of canned datture, half of them were dismissed, and the majority were mad rates and reformists. this caused a lot of tension in the run up to the poll. some, indeed, have quit. 1,500 of the candidates who got through the vetting process has quit. out of those, there were two major alliances. including some hardliners, and the other alliance is the moderates and reformists rallying behind president hassan
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rouhani, and this is the key issue, it's really all the president's men are on one side, and all the supreme world on the other. that is the moderate centrist president who got through the nuclear deal, which lifted sanctions, which was, of course, approved by the supreme leader. hassan rouhani in performing and delivering the nuclear deal is going to see the results, the fruits of his efforts, are and it could increase his influence in parliament, and could, some predict mean that the moderates and reformists get a majority. that seems to be far-fetched. it is a possibility some believe, and hassan rouhani, his presidential election is next year, and he wants more confidence for that, he wants more of a moderate take. don't forget that hassan rouhani is not popular with the reformis reformists. he's playing a pragmatic line,
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in the parliamentary election and the assembly of experts. >> thank you for that for the moment. live for us in tehran, we'll check in with you throughout the day for all the latest on iran's elections. the u.s. president urged the syrian government and russia to do their part to end syria's civil war. a proposed cessation of hostilities - president obama accused russia of increasing air strikes and worsening the situation on the humanitarian front. the fight against i.s.i.l. will continue. >> only way to deal with i.s.i.l. in a way that defeats them in a lost way is to end the chaos and the civil war that has engulfed syria. that is how i.s.i.l. was able to thrive in the first place. the cessation of hostilities that is scheduled to take effect at midnight tomorrow is a potential step in bringing about
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an end to the chaos. none of us are under any illusions. we are aware of the many potential pitt falls and there are plenty of reasons for skepticism. but history would judge us harshly if we did not do our part in trying to end this terrible conflict with diplomacy. >> al jazeera's deandre jordan has more from the state department in washington. >> perhaps what is most noteworthy about the president's arrival at the state department is that it comes just a little more than 24 hours before the so-called cessation of hostilities is about to take effect inside syria. that's at 5:00 p.m. eastern time, at midnight damascus time on saturday. the idea is to basically have all sides of the syrian civil war stop firing at each other so that they can try to get more humanitarian aids in to communities cut off because of
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fierce fighting and, two, perhaps within a week's time try to re-establish the process of having the suicides in the civil war, the syrian government, president bashar al-assad, and the organized syrian opposition try to restart an effort at eventual peace talks through the geneva process. now, of course, this is very much contingent on the fact that the cessation of hostilities is not expected to lead to an immediate silencing of the rifles, as it were. one thing that president obama noted during his remarks on thursday evening was that there probably will still be violence in the meantime as word spreads that people need to hold their fire and get into a negotiation. the president did send a message to the turkish government which has been trying to, in essence, expand the number of targets that can be fired on inside syria during the cessation. they want to fire on fighters
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because they consider them a threat to national security. the president obama administration insisted that these kurdish fighters are part of the organized opposition going after i.s.i.l., and that all parties who are signing on to the cessation of hostilities, and that includes turkey needs to abide by the agreement not to fire on the syrian kurds the u.n. says most of the said destined for the town in syria has been lost. an air drop hits its target in deir az zor which is i.s.i.l.-controlled territory. >> there were two problems. they were drifting in with their paris shoots. so that some missed targets, and others - the parachutes did not open and the food was destroyed. >> the u.n. special envoy to
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syria says more aid will be delivered to syrians if needed, if a planned pause happens on saturday. >> more needs to be done more effectively, and if, as we all hope, the cessation of hostilities take hold effectively, they will have an impact on reaching people in need in syria, not only in the besieged areas, but everywhere in other world news, u.s. and china join forces. agreeing on a draft resolutions. the proposal has been discussed by the security council, and is in response to weapons test and rocket launch. measures include restrictions on international courts. they have been under international sanctions since 2006. kristen saloomey has this report.
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j- the united states and china have been negotiating the draft resolution. if it is adopted. according to the united states ambassador to the u.n., it will be the toughest sanctions regime adopted in more than two decades, including provisions to inspect all cargo coming in and out of north korea, something that has not been done before. broadly, it targets pressure points in the economy. the goal is to prevent north korea from getting the finances, the materials and the know how to advance its ballistic missile programme. >> the sanctions, if adopted would send an unambiguous message to the d.p.r.k. the world will not accept your proliferation. there'll be consequences. for your actions. and we will work relentlessly and collectively to stop your nuclear programme the fact that china and the
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united states agrees on the measures is a major breakthrough. it's the first time other members of the security council are seeing the draft. there are technical details that need to be worked out and the united states indicated that it intends to move towards a vote. possibly coming as soon as this weekend scott heidler sends us this report earlier from beijing. >> what could be the strongest sanctions against north korea in a raft of united nations security council resolutions that have not worked. we have seen two provocative acts by north korea this year alone. that has prompted china into action. the foreign minister has been in washington. and top level negotiations with secretary of state john kerry. this is a break through when it comes to the relationship between china and other members of the security council, and the united states. we are seeing the tougher sanctions, we'll have to see how it goes. we are at the draft stage of
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this resolution. there are technical issues that need to be worked through when it comes to presenting that. and the security council - it looks like this will be the toughest - the toughest sanctions against north korea yet. >> still ahead on al jazeera - guinea's ebola hotline cut after funding driest up. plus... >> i'm in india, where the prime minister narendra modi attracted millions of investment into the country. the economy is going. i'll tell you why small businesses like this one are being left out.
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welcome back, the top stories on al jazeera. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei cast his vote in the first elections since the lifting of international sanctions. polls opened in iran. people will be electing members of parliament and those of the assembly of experts u.s. president obama says a ceasefire scheduled to come into the effect on saturday could be a step towards ending syria's war. halting air strikes was essential for the struth to be successful and the u.s. and china agreed on a draft resolution to expand u.n. sanctions against north korea. it's in response to the weapons test and rocket launch. members include restrictions on access to international ports now to the united states, and some of the republican
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presidential hopefuls called for the deportation of undocumented migrants. businessman donald trump, and senators ted cruz and marco rubio say if elected they'll chase over 11 million in illegal immigrants. it was among five hopefuls taking part in a televised debate. it was the last debate since primary and caucus votes. live to alan fisher. where the debate took place. this was a much angrier debate - have we lost him? okay. we'll come back to him. alan, can you hear me? alan fisher in houston, can you hear me? >> i can, yes. >> great. sorry. we lost you there for a second. i was saying that this was an angrier debate than previous, and a huge debate crucial debate
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ahead of tuesday. >> is there a place where you can say houston, we have oo problem. it was attacks that came from marco rubio and ted cruz. he knows he's the front runner and marco rubio sees donald trump as a block it him winning the nomination, he had to go on the attack and did it within the first few minutes. what did he attack? >> donald trump's record and employs illegal immigrants as described. he attacked his previous positions which showed that he was not a true conservative and attacked the lack of details attached to any policy that he suggested that he would employ as president. this was a meaty assault by marco rubio. the question is would to do damage to donald trump. we have seen in the past that donald trump has had a poor debate performance, he blustered
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through them with the strength of personality, and it has done nothing in the polls. the race is tightening. it's really a battle between donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz, and the three went at to this season. >> alan, trump has three wins and looking ahead to super-tuesday, could we see this done and dusted by then, could he secure the nomination by tuesday? >> well, to win the nominations you have to get 1200 delegates. at the moment donald trump has 79. the reality is if he does well in all of the states, including in texas, where ted cruz has the lead for so long, and it's within the margin of error, if he wins, many of the states, including texas, he'll be almost an unstoppable force. the question is where do ted cruz and marco rubio have the
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wins. can he win in super-tuesday, no. can he take a step to secure nominations, yes. does it worry the establishment? of course it does. everyone thought this would be a flash in the pan. but he's built up momentum. then they thought he'll implode to some point. now the republican establishment are worried that donald trump is the front runner and can be the nominee. that's why they are putting a lot of support and nominations behind marco rubio. unless he wins, he can't claim second place as a victory. >> alan fisher in houston texas. >> now to africa, and the u.n. secretary-general urged world to establish a transitional government. during a visit. ban ki-moon told the world and rebel world to put peace above politics. he announced $21 million in aid.
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>> the people of this land suffered decades of civil war. over the last two years, the nightmare has returned with a vengeance. killings, rape, children forced to become soldiers. massive human rights violations and epic corruption. >> 2 million have been forced from their homes. 200,000 are being protected in our camps. it's been nearly two years since narendra modi became the prime minister in india, winning an outright majority in the parliament. the indian economy is growing, outpacing the economy for the first time in 25 years, radish's business is losing money.
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he manufactures roofing materials for industrial buildings, and voted for narendra modi in 2014. he had hopes for the indian economy, as did millions of small business owners. they hoped things would be better than under the previous completion, undermined by corruption. >> with the modi government coming in, at least they build up a positive sentiment. it's like it's two years right now. we are into crisis. >> narendra modi swept to power on a wave of hope for change. on paper the economy is doing well. cheap oil is a blessing. many export markets are slowing. >> india is an oil exporting company. one-third of the oil imported. our biggest trade destination is
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110 billion going to dubai. dubai is contracting. saudi arabia. where do you get growth? >> india never had a prime minister quite like narendra modi. he is unusual having risen to the top from a humble background. he's accomplished a great deal. like signing multi-million foreign investment deals and making it easier to start a business. many feel the personality and policies are divisive. >> there's a growing discontent from several sections of society that says the government is not listening to the underprivileged. >> narendra modi can deny on the support from the rss, a right wing organization that is a mentor to the ruling b.j.p. >> a look at the intelligence which are pro-islamic, and the secular forces. they are the people who are
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protesting. and trying to divert the attention from the genuine work done by the government. >> back at the factory they don't know how long they'll sustain the business without tax breaks or help from the government. he has faith in modi, but it alone may not be enough finance minister and central bankers from the g20 development countries are meeting in china. adrian brown reports on what is top of the agenda. >> goodnight me a famous skyline in the world in shank hay and a symbol of economic mite and some of the things that may be wrong with china's economy. thursday the stock market crashed i 7", and all this happening on the eve of the g20 economic forum. the g20 brings together representatives of 20 leading
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economies. it was organized before the stock market crashed and currency devalued. delegates are here to listen to china's ideas about how are how calm can be instilled not just in local markets but markets overseas. thursday, chinese delegates conceded that they needed to communicate its message better to the outside world. friday morning, the governor of the central bank addressed delegates reassuring them that the fundamentals of the economy is sound. reminding everyone that china had 3.3 trillion in reserve. the message is basically that china has a number of powerful weapons in its fag arsenal to prop up its currency which has been falling in value. the yuan is a subject they don't want to discuss. china has been accused of a
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currency war to boost exports. china denies that. no signs of panic over what is happening to the economy. quite the reverse. if you go to some of the side streets, people are spending and spending big. the chinese government is hoping that in many ways the consumer will be the saviour of the chinese economy. >> one of the world's most iconic steam chains made the most awaited return to the track. the flying scotsman underwent a refurbishment at a cost of under $6 million. it set off from london to york. emma heyward is on board. >> it is the symbol of a bygone era when rail was king, and almost 100 years after the flying scotsman made its debut, it's back on the track. with thousands turning out as it made its long journey from london to york. >> this is a deep appeal, and
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it's elemental. it's fire and water. and it really is something deep within the d.n.a. in its heyday this locomotive was a record breaker, the first to hit speeds of 100 miles or 160 k/hr. it's modern name sake can travel twice as fast on the same line. >> what this lacks in speed makes up for in charm and character, and it's wrapped up in nostalgia for the past. >> ron kennedy started cleaning the engine, before becoming a flying scotsman driver in the 1950s. >> some of us like to be called drivers, some engineman, i like to be an engineman. you could nurse the engine, get an along.
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>> the flying scots bhaun was sold and sent overseas. >> it's one of thorough restoration i have seen. it's been stripped and put back together. >> reporter: the cultural icon represents a time when british innovation changed travel around the world. nearly a century on, the flying scotsman leaves the pack for different reasons amateur films made by fans of famous works used to be low tech. now, thanks to keeper technology, they are getting polished. and the studios are not happy. >> reporter: fans love to make films - we are talking superfans. take one movie, at your twist, but cheap and cheerful - not any more. >> we had a million. >> reporter: the captain is
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alex, director of a star trek fan film. this is prelude to axamar. it was so popular he made a sequel with cash from fans, crew. this production came out of warp speed because of a legal battle with star trek's owners. it's given the fans the opportunity to fill in holes. of a franchise that they'd never been able to do. i think people are amazed at the quality of most fan fixes these days. i have seen fan films that look as good as any tv or movie. from star trek to star wars they are out in the universe. it holds awards to honour the best bad fixes in a nod to the importance of this genre. >> getting a fan film out there, is so easy. there are three steps you have to go through. first of all there's the funding. you have social media, crowd
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funding. you get the cash. the sky is the limit. broadcast quality gear is readily available, and smartphones are filming not just in hd but 4 k2. everyone is a film-maker. get friends along and you have a crew. >> then there's the distribution. cinema - forget that. immediate transmission and feedback. >> because people have the tools doesn't mean that they are necessarily going to use them. >> this person directed many fan films and made his own version of "the punisher", complete with the star of the original move his. his adult take on power rangers has many viewers. >> what i try to do when i make fan films is try to infuse an idea, a big idea into it, within the mythology. for moment, it's a bit of fun, a hobby.
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they keep the spirit of the films alive, long after they leave the box office. whether hollywood agrees, that is another story. >> and a reminder that you can keep up to date with all the news all the time on the website. good evening from los angeles, welcome to a special edition ever muslim brotherhood. i'm michael oku. thing about your life for a second. do you own a home, car, cell phone. do you go to the doctor, den


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