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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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iran's supreme leader casts his ballot in the country's first election since international sanctions were lifted welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters. also ahead obama says saturday's proposed conditional ceasefire could be a key step to ending the war in syria. the u.s. and china draft resolutions for the security council for tougher sanctions against north korea. five men are competing to be
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elected head of football's world governing body. voting has begun in iran's first election since the lifting of international sanctions following the nuclear deal. turn out is so far reported to be high. voters are taking part in two polls, one for parliament and one for the assembly of experts. that body will choose the next supreme leader. it is currently dominated by conservatives. alarge number of hopefuls have been banned from running. about 12,000 wanted to stand for the 290 seat parliament. only 5,000 candidates have been cleared. andrew simmons joins us live. it sounds and it looks like
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people have listened to those calls for turnout. tell us what is going on where you are. >> reporter: it certainly does. all the reports we're hearing right now is that there have been large numbers of all polling stations across the country. 54 million eligible voters in this election. in this particular polling station has been crammed since the polls opened and, indeed, the queue goes right around the streets, something like well over a thousand metres and in here people are really, really struggling to find space to fill in their rather complex ballot forms. the situation right now is that this election is effectively a litmus test of the president's nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions. now the economy has yet to show signs of any recovery. there is a banking crisis going on. there's a lot of work to be done. really the political initiative
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much of it comes from parliament and has dominated by conservatives as are most of the powerful institutions in this country. with me right now to assist this is professor, who is a political analyst. you've studied closely the reformist movement. how do you guage what is happening now? >> it has been very difficult for the reformists. conservatives made it hard for them by disqualifying almost the entire reformist candidate, but against all the odds and difficulties and the pressure from the conservatives, i think today would be a landmark in the islamic revolution history. >> reporter: when you refer to the situation, do you have an alliance here of government supporters as they're referred
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to, moderates some might say, so is there a situation whereby influence can be gained in parliament? surely they couldn't overturn the majority that the conservatives have right now. >> reporter: yes, but you must remember in the present parliament the reformist moderate did not really have any voice so to speak, and we are hoping that at least one-third of the new work parliament-- seats in the new york parliament would be allocated which would include the reformist, not so reformist, moderate what does this convert to? more support for the president, more pressure on the conservatives or what? >> it would mean we would see more moderate voices, more moderate strategy, more moderate
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foreign policy coming out from tehran. maybe we would see changes in iran's relation with her arab neighbors and throughout the region, not only domestic but it might have even consequences for iran's foreign policy thank you for that. >> you're welcome we will come back to you later no doubt. u.s. president has urged the syrian government and russia to do their part to end syria's civil war a a proposed conditional ceasefire is due to start on saturday. obama says it will help in the fight against i.s.i.l. >> the only way to deal with i.s.i.l. in a way that defeats them in a lasting way is to end the chaos and the civil war that has engulfd syria.
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that's how i.s.i.l. was able to thrive in the first place. the cessation of hostilities that were scheduled to take effect at mid night tomorrow is a potential step in bringing about an end to the chaos the u.n. says a hope a pause in the fighting will lead to a political solution but many of those displaced inside syria are weary of international efforts to stop the war. >> reporter: in north-western syria a new wave of refugees reaches this town. they're escaping the government's offensive in the aleppo province. the idea of a truce or ceasefire is meaningless. >> translation: this truce is an open gain. the world is conspiring intense us. this is a deal between the
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russians and the americans. >> translation: what is this talk of a truce. since when have ceasefires worked? these people went back and got hit, who is going to be responsible. we are going to stay here. we are not going back. >> reporter: the complexities of syria's war are overshadowing the possible pause in fighting. the main rebel groups have expressed deep mistrust of the plan while other field commanders doubt that it will work. >> translation: the fact that al-nusra is not included in this agreement allows russia and the bashar al-assad forces to target the opposition under the pretense that they were attacking areas controlled by al-nusra front. >> reporter: life inside syria goes on. people are indifferent. five years of heavy bombardment and air raids have hardened them. >> translation: russia is a war
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criminal, so is bashar al-assad. who do we rely on, the international community? we don't trust the international community. aleppo is being destroyed and innocent civilians being killed while the russian air raids continues >> reporter: there is little hope that the ceasing of hostilities will go ahead. >> reporter: they say russia is a direct conflict leading iraqi share cleric is lead-- shia cleric is leading a rally in baghdad. it is in relation to corruption. they're demanding a cabinet reshuffle. the speech has been criticizing the security situation with the armed group i.s.i.l. still controlling parts of the country. the u.s. and china are joining
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forces diplomatically against north korea. they've agreed on a draft resolution to expand u.n. sanctions. the toughest in two technical aids. it follows pyongyang weapon test and rocket launch early last month. more from seoul. >> reporter: after weeks of talks the u.s. announced a deal had been done with china to seek strong sanctions against north korea. >> today in response to the dprk's recent nuclear test and subsequent proceed scribed ballistic missile launch, the u.s. tabled a draft resolution that if adopted would break new ground and represent the strongest set of sanctions imposed by the security council in more than two decades >> reporter: it would include a series of firsts, mandating all countries to inspect all north korean cargo, prohibiting all sales of conventional weapons, including small arms to north
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korea, banning sales of aviation fuel, including rocket fuel, and ability to export coals and other minerals which counts for 90% of the export rev news. reports suggests that some of that is already happening with ships denied entry and coal deliveries drying up. there is a provision in the draft to let such exports through if the proceeds are judged to be for livelihood measures. room for maneuver as it seeks a return to talks for china. >> translation: we have to go through negotiation. for 10 years of negotiation has produced an apprentice agreement. >> reporter: just last october beijing sent one of its highest ranking officials to join the president. the relationship has been refrozen. talks about deploying a u.s.
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anti missile system known as thaad. >> south korea has been more strident this time to thaad being deployed and also the relationship with the south which is under a very difficult period. >> reporter: this is not the first time sanction been imposed. most recently in 2013 the talk then was of the unprecedented toughness >> the u.n. sanctions imposed on north korea will be taken to the next level >> reporter: three years later there's a sense of familiarity to all this. north korea has after all made the pursuit of nuclear weapons an unshakeable national priority. there are arms control experts who suggest to freeze the program where it is rather than roll it back through external pressure. increasing that pressure is the plan. testing north korea's resistance
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once again republican u.s. presidential hopefuls have taken parliament in heated exchanges in the last televised debate before a crucial series of elections. 12 states and a territory will hold primaries and caucus votes next week in what's known as super tuesday. a report from houston texas. >> reporter: this was a key debate. wichlt are going to secure the border. >> reporter: marco rubio went on the attack from the first moment. donald trump the target and in a boarder state the immigration the topic >> you have been fine episode for hiring people to work on your projects illegal. >> i am the only one to hire people. you haven't hired anyone. >> reporter: he was attacked by ted cruz who said he couldn't win a presidential election >> we can't risk another four years of these failed obama policies by nominating someone who loses to hillary clinton in
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november. >> reporter: marco rubio went after donald trump from the first moment of the debate. he knows he has to try to stop his momentum if he has any chance himself of winning the nomination. he attacked his records, his previous comments, but donald trump still holds the lead in most of the states that will vote on super tuesday and remains the favorite to skaur the republican nomination. there was discussion on the economy, on the battle against i.s.i.l. and the middle east. this was a debate where few will remember details and policy but will remember the anger. after the debate donald trump said he wasn't surprised to be the target of so many attacks. >> i think that he had no choice than to be aggressive because they're way down. marco rubio is losing by 22 point in the state of florida and he is the sitting senator even though it he doesn't show up. >> reporter: everyone has been
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waiting for the moment his campaign falls apart but it hasn't happened and no-one has worked out how to beat minimum still ahead on the show, a judge uphomdz annie victims order for part of a notorious refugee camp near the french found of calais. >> reporter: the prime minister has put money into the country and the economy are growing. i will tell you why businesses like this one are feeling left out. out.
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welcome back. let's recap the headlines here. iran's president is hailing high voter turn out since the lifting of international sanctions in . obama is urging the syrian country to do their part in relation to the ceasefire. the u.s. and china have agreed on a draft resolution to expand u.n. sanctions on north korea. it follows pyongyang's weapons test and rocket launch early last month. a just has approved the-- judge has approved the clearance of part of a refugee camp in
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france. our correspondent reports from calais. >> reporter: this man a refugee from iraq has been in the jungle camp in calais for nearly a month. helping out here means he stays warm and busy. local authorities have been given the green light to clear people out of this area. they say they won't use force and communal areas like this library as well as places of worship will be left in place. he says he has had enough of being moved on. he has decided to apply for asylum in france. >> translation: i can't keep changing my home all the time. i'm going to register for asylum on wednesday. i would like to bring my children and four wife from iraq so we can live in peace. >> reporter: many others here see the plan eddie victims as just another hurlgd to clear. they're determined to reach britain where they've got friends or family. >> i'm waiting that i want to go
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u.k., but now maybe cancel finish. i don't know where i go. i don't know. >> translation: there are places here for refugees in france and in general knee, but people-- germany want to go to u.k. because they have family there. >> reporter: the government insists there is a better solution to offer the migrants. >> translation: i can confirm that with the help of organizations as we have been doing previously on an area about 4 hectares we will be able to offer a descent shelter for migrants of calais. >> reporter: behind the trees over there is the southern part of what they call the jungle camp. the authorities here would like everyone living over there to move into new accommodation center not far away. it's made up of heed containers. they say it is safer and cleaner there. for many of the refugees, even
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though it's a small move to make, psychologically it is a huge leap. there are far more people here that can stay in the container park or reception centers. >> translation: trance is telling the migrants they can either live in a container or a temporary shelter. it will prompt people to set up small camps all over. there are will not be enough space for them in the shelters provided by the government. gentleman charities say the french government should do more to help the many children and teenagers here. however quickly they clear this, a lasting solution seems out of reach four south african police officers have been grand became at the start of legal proceedings at the disappearance of an anti apartheid container 30 years ago. they were given amnesty for the
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krips but the family wants justice >> reporter: it has been more than three decades since a courier disappeared. in 1983 she was lured into a trap by apart hayed police and arrested. she was detained and tortured. according to police testimony given during the truth and reconciliation process she was taken to the headquarters of the counter insurgency unit but she was never seen again. at the end of apartheid four security officers admitted they abducted her but no-one has taken responsibility for what is presumed to be her death. her family petitioned the court for years and those officers are now going to trial. >> all that is not helping to know how she died. on i don't get the answers.
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i feel very sad. i don't think i will get the right justice. it's been 33 years. >> reporter: she says she wants the truth to come out but most importantly she wants to put her daughter to rest. >> let them come out with the truth. as long as there is somebody hiding something. >> reporter: legal experts involved in the case say political interference prevented the trial from taking place earlier. the process was denied to acknowledge human rights abuses and move on, but many people want more answers. the prosecuting authority is considering more than 300 cases involving people believed to have been killed during the
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struggle against apart highwayed >> there are many families like this family who don't have answers and know what happened to their loved once. i don't think we can learn about living in a new south africa and yet we have all these unresolved cases >> reporter: ahead of the trial sympathy returns to a memorial erected in her daughter's honor. it only serves to remind her that her daughter's final resting place remains a myster . two journalists in turkey have been freed from prison after a top court ruled they were illegally detained. they have been in jail since november, but they will still face trial on terrorism and espionage charges. the indian economy is growing at
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over 7% and out pacing china. it has become two years that president modi gained power. underneath the numbers lies another story. >> reporter: for the first time in 25 years this man's business is losing make-up. he manufactures roofing materials for industrial buildings and voted for modi in 2014. he had great hopes for the indian economy as did many others. they hoped things would be better than under the previous administrative invitation badly undermined by accusations of corruption. >> at least you build up that positive sentiment. it's almost like it's two years right now. we are in a crisis. >> reporter: modi swept to power
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on a wave of hope. on paper the economy is doing well. cheap oil has been an unexpected blessing, but many export markets are now slowing >> people realise oil is also an oil exporting country. our biggest designation is dubai. 110 billion dollars go to dubai. dubai is contracting saudi arabia is contracting. where are i you going it get growth. >> reporter: the president has said he has accomplished a great deal like signing multi about million dollars investment deals and making it easier to start a business. many feel his personality and policies are proving divisive. there's growing discontent from several sections of society.
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modi can rely on report from the rss a right wing organization that an ideological mentor to the ruling bjp. >> a coalition of the intelligence here which are pro islamic and pseudo secular forces. they're the people who are protesting modi and trying to divert the attention from the genuine work being done by this government. >> reporter: back at the factory this man doesn't know how long he can sustain his business without new tax breaks or other help from the government. he has faith in modi but faith alone might not be much taking you now to moscow where we understand a press conference is being held. you can see lavrov speaking.
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>> translation: we plan on how to implement the object jifs of the-- objectives for the council. to the most burning issues of international politics, first of all, in respect to the crisis in the nearest and north africa nations and stipulate that the arab and russian deals are converging on the most compelling issues; namely, the crisis in the middle east and north africa region. as international terrorism we have the same position which is the need to struggle this evil
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by military means but by way of stopping channels of so-called islamic state and, of course, the need to fight against the spread of the ideaology of extremist and terrorists. this statement supports mr putin to provide a platform under the auspices of the u.n.
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also it is welcomed the effort concerning terrorism-- fighting terrorism the organization of corporation and the measures which are taken by the member states of the arab states, measures for anti terrorist propaganda on formation of the principles of nonadmission of the situation once the terrorism will have more and more roots in different countries.
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sources pointed out the actions undertaken in egypt, in united emirates and other regions to fight terrorist ideology and we think it is an important sphere area for cooperation within the framework of the group of strategic vision, russia, islamic world, which was set up in cooperation with the organization of islamic cooperation.


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