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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour, i'm sammy and live from the headquarters in doha and coming up, in the next 640 minutes election day in iran where turn out is high in the polls since national sanctions were lifted. [gunfire] count down to the cessation of hostilities in syria, russia and arab league leaders say how crucial it is for them to succeed. u.s. and china agree on a draft security resolution to toughen
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sanctions on north korea. a momentous day for fifa as they talk about the corruption scandal. ♪ iran's president rouhani voted in the country's first election since international sanctions were lifted and a strong turn out by voters and earlier iran leader likewise cast his ballot and people are voting in two polls today, one for parliament and another for the assembly of expects and the body gets to choose the country's next leader and the iranian parliament is dominated by conservatives but that could change because of president rouhani's success with
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a nuclear deal and hopefuls ban from running and 12000 people wanted to stand for the 290 seat parliament and only 5,000 candidates were given the go ahead now and andrew simmons is live from tehran and the room behind you andrew looks as busy as it did an hour ago and people are heeding the call for a strong turnout. >> it would appear so sammy, this is really quite a chaotic situation here and the vote is streaming in when the polls opened and by the way across the country 54 million eligible voters, reformists in particular have been calling to get everyone out they can possibly muster and also the conservatives right across the board have been trying to muster more and more turnout. parliamentary elections in iran traditionally don't have the same sort of tourn out as presidential elections but this is different. it's the first time there is the assembly of experts which will
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choose the next leader of iran and that election is taking place as well, people treat that very seriously and not only that, this parliamentary election is relevant because it really is an litmus test on the nuclear deal and lifting of and sanctions and a kur tun raise up for rouhani and policies and determination to get support from parliament which is conservative dominated and of course they are already in the run up to the presidential elections in 2017 when he will be standing for a second term. now, let me introduce you to you now a prominent journalist in iran and what do you make of this, does it favor the performance? >> voter turnout would be in favor of this because in previous elections supporters of
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the reform did not participate in elections and of course the previous round was like the majority was for the conservative party so the higher the turn out would be better for the reform party, they will have more. >> they have a mountain to climb and can we realistically think the reformers can actually beat the conservatives and get control of parliament? >> i don't think so because the competition is very high here in this around of elections and they say that more than 70 persons of people in tehran are going to participate in the elections and the estimation says only a few number of candidates from both areas would have voted to the parliament in the first round and we are going to have a second round of elections. >> well okay that is possible because each candidate has to
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get more than 25% of the vote under this system. aside from that though if there is really a landmark number of reformers winning will that change things, is it enough to give rouhani more influence and perhaps open up a door for more foreign investment in the economy? >> actually i don't think that the majority of reformers would happen and they can have the majority of the team but the balance would be much better than right now. t the -- won't have much of a seat and would be more balance and other chances for the government to work for opening the space for foreign investments and lifting of sanctions for the money to come to the country so
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it would be better for sure but that it would be reform and majority of reform i don't think so. >> as far as assembly of experts go this is a body that will choose the next supreme leader and that is more conservative dominant and are there changes there? >> performance of the leader every year, annually and because of the age of the french leader rouhani there are some systems that might be in need for choosing the next leader. in that term there would be very chances for the reformists to have their voice said in the community of experts because usually it's more likely that they be chosen from inside the assembly, not necessarily but it is more likely to be from inside so if they have their people
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inside they would have more chances to have their own let's say approach into the leadership and that term if the next leader is chosen with a different approach it would be totally different country i guess. >> thank you very much indeed there for your insight, for now and if you are still watching this situation here sammy, back to you. >> thanks so much andrew simmons there. now prominent iraqi is leaving a large rally in baghdad where several thousands have turned out to hear him speak and demeanor sfr-- demonstrating a reshuffle and speech criticized the situation and armed group i.s.i.l. still controlling parts of the country. two journalists in turkey have been freed from prison after they called the detention was a rights violation. the pair were arrested for publishing photos on the article
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of transportation of weapons from turkey into syria and have been in jail since november but they will still face trial on terrorism and espionage charges. the u.s. russia plan for a conditional ceasefire in syria scheduled to come into effect on saturday. the goal is to have a nationwide cessation of hostilities between the syrian government and opposition, russia's foreign minister sergei fedorov has been meet the head of the arab league in moscow and said they will continue to fight i.s.i.l. by military means. >> translator: international terrorism we have the same position and battle the evil of military means and stopping channels of feeding terrorism by so called islamic state and the fight of spread of ideology of extremists and terrorists. >> let's get more now from rory live from moscow and despite the common front put up there about convergence between arab and russian foreign policy there is
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no denying a lot of sunnis have been russelled by the support of the bashar el aassad regime. >> they said russia and mostly sunni arab states have a lot of differences and mainly boil down to what is going on in syria and of course russia's friendship really with iran, that ruffles feathers too among many of these countries. i think russia has a problem here and as its influence in the middle east increases because of its role in syria its relationship with many sunni countries in the region has been suffering for those two main reasons and so russia really is trying to kind of expand and up la, trying to find common values and common things that can mend some of these frayed
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relationships so there was much talk of common values like order, stability, security in the region and the fight against terrorism as well. but we did hear some chiding against russia as well from the secretary-general of the arab league saying russia is a super power, that is something that will play well for vladimir putin but as a super power russia should do more and as a member of the middle east quartet russia should do more to try to resolve the palestinian-israeli conflict. >> the key question is what is all of this talk of converging and what does it mean for russian and arab policy when it comes to what happens after any ceasefire in syria if that actually takes hold? >> well, that is very, very difficult question to answer because there are so many
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diverging views on how to resolve the syrian crisis and of course we have this umbrella thing that is around the broken ceasefire and russia and america and the united states coming together and trying to damp down the fighting there so that a political resolution can take hold. but there are still massive differences and of course russia is supporting the kurds or at least it is allying with the kurds at the moment, it is allying with the hezbollah fighters that are currently on the ground in syria and allying with the syrian government. these are all organizations that the sunni arab countries don't like and don't like russia's agreements with. so even though there are these sort of coalescing around ideals
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there are key differences between russia and all of these countries. >> all right rory in moscow. let's have a closer look at the u.s.-russia plan for a conditional ceasefire scheduled to come in effect on saturday and specifically excludes i.s.i.l. and al-nusra front and as it puts it any other groups designated as terrorist organizations by the u.n. so fighting against those groups may continue. syrian president bashar al-assad said his forces are ready to respect a pause in fighting and higher negotiations committee representing most of the main rebel factions is likely to agree but with conditions and due to meet in the saudi city of riyadh today and russia says saudi arabia supports the proposal while iran's president rouhani has been consulted and turkey said the ceasefire is not building if its own security is
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threatened. davis lewen head of policy and research at henry jackson society and foreign policy think tank and joins us now from london and good to have you with us so looking at the detail and they say the devil is in the detail are there too many loophole force the serious fire and what is your prediction for it? >> unfortunately i think that the ceasefire as the phrase goes is not worth the paper it will be written on if indeed it's written. since it's clearly the case the reality of what is behind it do not in any way match the diplomatic expectations in this case and you will get the iranian russia assad access continued to carry out its plan to win this war as they see it and they will call the elements that they attack terrorists no matter that they may well be the moderate rebels fighting bashar
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al-assad in the first instance and attack and do under the guise of attacking what they will then as i say a surge on terrorist but the problem is that the west principally under the leader of president obama of the united states is deeply unserious in its involvement in this particular conflict because the reality is the reason you have seen the developments you have seen over the last weeks and months is because the iranian assad-russian access in this war is deadly serious about winning it for its interest on its side and has made the moves that are necessary in order to make the military advances under the guise of whatever it is they have to say in order to do it which is what they will continue to do whereas the side that was osensibly for piece and security and the moderate forces we want to see in syria has failed so far to take this kind of action
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in the robust that is necessary and frankly in terms of the absolutely abismal that assad, russia and iran bring to the table with the people there are failings of the side of the coalition led in the first instance by the united states that could be and should be doing much more aggressively in order to protect those lives principally of course by setting up safe zones for those fleeing the fighting in that way and the ceasefire is not going to work and it's not worth the paper it's written on. >> not optimistic view on the ceasefire nevertheless it seems to be some sort of diplomatic move forward the u.s. and russia seem to be pushing now a common idea for this conditional ceasefire if we can call it that, what is behind that? what has made that move possible and does that actually indicate any resolution on the key issue of why the revolution began on the end during the first place rather the future of syria with
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or without bashar al-assad what is the future of him, is there any converging on that? >> the ceasefire as far as the obama administration is concerned is that shia unfounded hope of president obama and secretary kerry completely unrealistic and unreasonable to expect russia to do anything except act in its own interest and continue the actions it has been taking for the side to be considered the interest to win. there is a fantasy and frankly expressed by president obama's unbearable term of the world is watching that is meaningless, absolutely meaningless. what is required is for the world to intervent and in this case the world that supports moderation and the world that supports the kind of stability that you see and put it quite rightly there can be no future for syria under president assad, it is simply inconceivable to
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expect the people who have been butchered by this man in hundreds of thousands to go to a solution that includes him in the future but we are not standing up to this iran, assad access to make it crystal clear this will not happen and if you do intend to continue down this path we will stop it if need be militarily and needs to happen here and the situation which one can begin to talk about an end to the fighting on the basis of the strength that we have to bring to bear in that particular war to conclude it in a way that is accessible. >> we will leave it there and thanks for your analysis. still to come on the show debate night or fight night u.s. republican rivals take part in a heated exchange ahead of super tuesday plus. i'm in india where prime minister modi managed to attract
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billions of investment into the country, the economy is growing, i'll tell you why small businesses like this one are feeling left out. and in sport after a six-year wait one of the world's most prestigious big wave events goes ahead. ♪ palestinian activists and journalists ended the three-month long hunger strike after he was detained by israeli forces and held without charge under deal with israel he will remain in custody until may but so called administrative detention will not be renewed after that. let's join now our correspondent from west jerusalem and simplify all of this complicated legal speak for us, is it going to be
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released, or not? >> in short sammy yes. mohamed after three months of refusing food will be released from israeli custody on the 21st of may. now the conditions of the deal that he reached with the israelis means that he will be released unconditionally on that day. he will stay in the hospital in northern israel that he is currently being treated in, however, we have been told he will only be treated by palestinian-israeli doctors and also have been told his family who live in the occupied west bank of hebron will also be allowed to be with him for the duration of his treatment and the rest of his detention if you will which as we have been saying ends on may 21st. and this really caps the end of a very long journey for mohamed who has been on a hunger strike since really just a few days after he was taken into what israel describes as
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administrative detention which is arrest without charge and held in prison for up to six months, renewable, possibly indefinitely and human rights groups describe it as illegal under international law and that is really what the source of this protest is. in fact, hundreds of palestinians are in administrative detention as we speak and hunger striking is a very powerful tool at their disposal and appear for him it has secured his release again on the 21st of may. >> all right thanks so much. now fifa delegates began arriving in switzerland to elect a new president and let's hope the new man will rebuild the organization's damaged reputation and the vote comes amedal gagss of corruption, the arrest of leading officials and the banning of its current president sepp blatter. these are the five men who are running, the frontrunner in the eyes of many is the royal and
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the current president of the asian futbol confederation and the rival is santino, 45-year-old swiss is secretary-general of european futbol and prince aly is a member of the your done jordan family and former vice president of fifa and runner up with blatter in last year's election and outside candidates are frenchman champaign who spent 11 years with blatter with fifa and tokyo who was in prison with mel son mandela some 13 years and lee weldings is in zurich for us and a busy day and what has been happening so far. >> a long day for the 207 representative voting and starts with the important business of fifa reform since the crisis happened and take action and
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showing they are trying to get their house in order and reform put in place and ready and needs to push it through and vote and make sure the reforms happen and eventually probably in about an hour and a half's time we will actually get the speeches from the would be president and five candidates and had 15 minutes each to make the pitches and they will not change their mind and knows who they will be voting for and some people known who they will be voting for for a long time and it's a long process and someone will need majority of 50% of the votes and candidates eliminated and each round can take around 90 minutes so it's going to be a farewell nine, 10, 11, 112 hours before we know who the new president will be and shake solomon is the favorite. >> a lot of stake for fifa for damage control and cleanup of its name and tell us a little bit about that and the chances of that door being opened to a
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smooth transition shall we say. >> well, yes, are fifa going to be able to push through because of swiss authorities in making sure they get it right. what we are talking about here is the internal processes but the eyes of the world are on them for transparency international and sweeney and joins me now and a real discomfort around this and human rights issues involving solomon. >> doesn't endorse candidates but we can say there are genuine concerns around the electoral process and both the eligibility for candidates and their willingness or lack of willingness to engage in public debate around allegations so i think this has serious ramifications for public trust in the future president. >> the authorities and swiss and u.s. attorney general keeping such a close eye on what is going on here because they are not happy with the way fifa has
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been acting and won't allow fifa to act like the old fifa with blatter. >> it's in fifa's hand and we are here for two agenda, the presidential election and the reform package, organization reform so i think irrespective of the swiss and u.s. investigations what we are dealing with now is the opportunity for fifa to do its best if it would like to get its house in order. >> what about the public's view on fifa, it's a dim poll and you ran a poll and tell us about poll. >> we ran a poll of 25,000futbol supporters asking if they have confidence in fifa and affected their enjoyment of futbol and 65 of the 25,000 say they have no confidence but some say they could see it restoring its trust and that is optimism at last. >> a long long way to go and thank you for joining us and
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speak to you later and i'll be here with the reform process and the presidency will be here throughout the day on al jazeera. >> all right, thanks so much lee weldings there. and republican u.s. presidential hopefuls will have taken part in heated exchanges in the last televised debate before a crucial series of elections. 12 states in the territory will hold primaries and caucus votes next week on what is known as super tuesday and allen fisher reports from houston, texas. >> reporter: official contest is days away this was a key debate and florida senator went on attack from the first moments and donald trump the target and border state immigration the first topic. >> the only person on the stage fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally and you hired workers from poland. >> i hired people, you have not hired anybody. >> reporter: and trump taunted by cruz who said he couldn't win a presidential election.
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>> we can't risk another four years of the failed obama policies by nominating someone who loses to hillary clinton in november. [cheers and applause] rubio went after donald trump from first minutes of debate and knows he has to stop momentum if he high school a chance himself of winning nomination and attacked his record and previous comment and lack of details and positions he holds now but donald trump has a lead in most of the states that will vote on super tuesday and remains the favorite to secure the republican nomination. there was a discussion on the economy, on the battle against i.s.i.l. and middle east. but this was a debate where few will remember details and policy but will remember the anger. after debate trump said he was not surprised to be the target of so many attacks. >> i think he had no choice but to being a civilian same with cruz because they are way way down and rubio losing by 22 points in florida and he is a
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sitting senator and never shows up. >> reporter: it has done nothing to hurt him in the polls and waiting for the moment his campaign falls apart and it has not happened and no one has walked out allen fisher, at the republican debate in houston. all right now we are going to talk to everton about some rain but this time it's good news we think. >> yeah that is right sammy and it's rain with a happy in southern parts of africa and seeing heavy rainfall and look at the satellite picture and see this line of thunder heads that have been rumbling away and brought useful rain and it has come and gone and it's a little late but with el nino easing we have a chance for wet weather to push its way through and the line into zimbabwe and just to the west of western side of zimbabwe and west of ferrari 50
5:28 am
millimeters of rain and mozambike rain and 79 millimeters of rain and most focus for the rain and north africa has seen rain and it will go northward and zimbabwe seeing rain through sunday pushing across into a good part of madagascar and it runs right up the rift valley, southern uganda 60 millimeters of rain and again useful rainfall and shower clouds into the ethiopia and wet weather in place coming across central part of africa. north of that it's generally fine and dry but some wet weather there into the northwest of africa and temperatures struggling with a high just 12 degrees sammy. >> thanks so much everton and still to come on the show the story of antiapartheid campaign that disappeared in south africa 30 years ago plus. >> i'm rob reynolds in the heart of california's pistachio
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looking if new exports from iran will drive farmers here nuts. and his shirt just got real, tell you about a dream coming true for this young messi fan in afghanistan. ♪
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♪ let's recap the headlines on al jazeera and iran's president rouhani says high voter turn out in the election since the lifting of international sanctions and earlier the leader
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cast vote to elect members of parliament and members of assembly of experts. u.s.-russia plan for a conditional ceasefire in russia to come in effect saturday, russian minister sergei fedorov has been meeting ahead of the arab league and will continue to fight i.s.i.l. by military means. palestinian journalist has ended his hunger strike after 94 dries. and he went on hunger strike after he was arrested by israeli forces and held without charge and deal made with israeli authorities will allow him to be released in may. the u.s. and china are joining forces diplomatically against north korea and agreed on a draft resolution that would expand u.n. sanctions and the toughest in two decades and follows the weapons test from kim jong-un last month and we have more from seoul. >> reporter: u.s. announced a
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deal with china for strong sanctions against north korea. >> in response the nuclear test and subsequent provibed missile launched that had draft security resolution and if adopted would break new ground and represent the strongest set of sanctions imposed by the security council in more than two decades. >> reporter: sanctions would include a series of firsts mandating all countries to inspect all north korean cargo, prohibiting all sales of conventional weapons including small arms to north korea and banning fuelen colliding rocket fuel and limiting kim jong-un to export cole and other minerals which south korea say is 40% of north korea's revenues and from the border some of that is already happening with ships denied entry and cole deliveries drying up, there is a provision in the draft to let such experts
5:33 am
through if it's for livelihood purposes and the wording and leaves china room for man ver as it looks for talks. >> translator: go through negotiations as in the case of the iranian nuclear issue and ten years produced a comprehensive agreement. >> reporter: just last october beijing sent one of its highest ranking official to join kim jong-un and the talk was of a thaw of resent tensions and north to press on with a nuclear test has refrozen the relationship and extra push coming from u.s. south korean talks about deploying an antimissile system known as fad on the korean peninsula. >> has been trying to take significant sanctions against north korea and impacting fad being deployed to the korean peninsula and relationship with the south and entering a very difficult period. >> reporter: this is not the
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first time sanctions have been imposed and most recently in 2013, the talk then as now was of their unprecedented toughness. >> the resolution tabled today will take the u.n. sanctions imposed on north korea to the north level. >> reporter: three years later there is a certain sense of familiarity to this and north korea has after all made pursuit of nuclear weapons an unshakeable national authority and arm controls who recommend engagement to freeze the north korea's problem where it is rather than roll it back for pressure and for now increasing it is the plan testing them once again, north korea, seoul. south african officers accused in the disappearance of an antiapartheid campaigner years ago given bail and given amnesty for the crimes but the victim's family wants justice and tonya page reports.
5:35 am
>> reporter: three decades since she disappeared, a courior for the african party national congress in 1983 she was lured into a trap by apartheid police and arrested. and she was detained and tortured and according to police testimony given during the truth and reconciliation process she was taken to the headquarters of the counter insurgency unit but was never seen again. after the end of apartheid four officers did admit they abducted her but no one took responsibility what is presumed to be her death and her family petitioned the courts and now the officers will be going on trial. >> translator: it's not helping to know how she died and i don't get the remains. i feel very sad and i don't
5:36 am
think that and it was for three years. >> reporter: she wants the truth to come out but most importantly she wants to put her daughter to rest. >> let them come out with the truth and then we will give them to lesson as long as there is somebody hiding something, hiding something. >> reporter: legal experts involved in the case say political interference prevented the trial from taking place earlier. the truth and reconciliation process in the 1990s was designed to acknowledge human rights abuses and to then move on but many people want more answers and south africa's national prosecuting authority is considering more than 300 cases involving people believed to have been killed during the struggle against apartheid. >> there are many families like
5:37 am
this family who don't have answers and don't know what happened to the loved ones and cannot talk about living in a new south africa and a constitution that up holds the rule of law and accountability and we have the end result cases. >> returns to a memorial in her hometown and says it only serves to remind her her daughter's final resting place remains a mystery, tonya page, al jazeera, south africa. u.n. secretary-general urging south sudan leaders to establish a transition government and quickly and ban ki-moon said to put peace above politics and 21 million in aid to help protect displaced people living in camps and 18 people died last week on attack on a camp in the north. >> the people of this land suffered decades of civil war yet over the last two years the
5:38 am
nightmare has returned with a vengence and killings and rape and children forced to becoming soldiers and massive human rights violations and epic corruption. over two million people have been forced from their homes, some 200,000 people are being protected in our own camps. >> has proved the removal of part of the refugee camp in northern france nicknamed the jungle and crews arrived at the camp near cali and home to thousands of refugees hoping to reach britain across the english channel and french interior minister says the camp's clearance would be general and people relocated in france or other parts of europe.
5:39 am
now the indian economy is growing at over 7% and outpacing even china and two years since modi became prime minister winning outright majority in indian parliament the first in more than 25 years but underneath the numbers lies another story as we explain from new deli. >> reporter: for the first time in 25 years his business is losing money. he manufactures roofing materials for industrial buildings and voted for modi in 2014. he had great hopes for the indian economy after millions of other small business owners and they hoped things would be better than under the previous administration badly under minded by allegations of corruption. >> with modi coming in after that at least he build up that positive sentiment and it's almost like it's two years,
5:40 am
right? we are into crisis. >> reporter: modi swept to power on a wave of hope for change. on paper the economy is doing well. cheap oil has been an unexpected blessing but many export markets are now slowing. >> people don't realize that india is also an oil exporting company, one-third of the oil imports which we import and we export this product because of the destination is the way, $110 billion goes to dubai and dubai and saudi arabia is contracted and where do you get growth. >> never had a prime minister like modi and unusual from writing from a humble background and says he accomplished a great deal since coming to office and making it easier to start a business but many here in india say the policies are proving
5:41 am
decisive. there is growing discontent from several sections of society that say the government is not listening to the under privileged but modi relies on support from the rss, a right wing organization with an ideological mentor to the ruling bjp. >> intelligence here which are islamic here too and pseudo secular forces and are people protesting modi and trying to divert attention from the genuine work being done by this government. >> reporter: back at the factory he doesn't know how long he can sustain his business without new tax breaks or other help from the government and has faith in modi but faith alone may not be enough. al jazeera, new deli. with sanctions on iran lifted the country's leaders and business people are eager to expand trade and boost their
5:42 am
economy, one of iran's tastiest exports is already a big seller abroad but for some u.s. growers it's hard to swallower and rob reynolds reports from los angeles. >> reporter: the trees in the san-juaq san-juaqeen will be nutty deliciousness. >> the clusters can have 2-25 nuts on it. >> reporter: what you're seeing here looks good, right? >> very good. >> reporter: after years of punishing drought brian blackwell forecasts a bumper crop. >> as of right now we have about 115% of our normal snow pack. it's an excellent year for pistashios. >> 1.2 million trees and the industry is worth about $1.3 billion. but politics are complicating things for u.s. pistashio growers and suddenly they are
5:43 am
facing stiff competition from half a world away, iran, iran is the world's number one pistashio country and the u.s. is in second place. now that most of the economic and trade sanctions have been lifted, iranians are free to export their pistashios to many parts of the world and in many parts of the world people think that iran's pistashios taste better than california's. at the grower's association in fresno, california they say iranian competition in the export market is fierce. >> iran has taken control of certain markets worldwide. china would be a good example because of their proximity to china they are able to ship at a cost much more competitive than what we would be able to sell into that same marketplace. >> reporter: he is confident iran pistashios won't put a dent
5:44 am
in the u.s. domestic market due to high tariffs imposed by the u.s. government which the u.s. unfairly subsidizes its growers. >> not concerned. >> reporter: in win part of california people go nutty for iran's nuts, so many people of iranian decent live in this part of los angeles and the nickname is tehran-geles and they get them here even though they are more expensive and this man says it's a matter of taste. >> the iran pistashio is the best in taste and there is only one problem with that if you start eating you have to finish it. >> reporter: that is the story in a nutshell, rob reynolds, al jazeera, los angeles. still to come in the news hour, i'm phil in los angeles home to the film industry but not just the big stuld yos
5:45 am
making the big films these days and seems diy is in at the moment. and in sport we will hear from the five men hoping to be elected president of fifa in a few hour's time. ♪
5:46 am
♪ all right sports fans joe is here with a lot to tell us. >> a lot to tell you sammy, for the first time in 18 years fifa will have a new leader and the 209 member association of futbol governing body meeting in zurich and meeting in new reforms in
5:47 am
the past hour and later they will vote to elect the man to replace sepp blatter with a six year ban from futbol and sake and prince aly and tokyo and how exactly will the new president be elected 207 association and get a single vote in the secret ballot and are ban from taking part. the african confederation it carries the most votes with 54, that is one more than europe. north and central america get 35 votes in this election, south america have just ten, 11 votes will come from oceana and 44 votes will come from the african futbol confederation and for a president to be elected in first round of voting they need to win two thirds of a vote and further rounds the candidate simply requires majority and let's hear now from the five candies upon their arrival at the fifa
5:48 am
congress a little earlier. >> i think the first important thing is reforms no matter who is elected reform has to be approved and it's only the beginning. i'm sure the process is a long process and it's a good start to show to people and the rest of the world we are serious in making the necessary changes. >> fifa is at a cross roads and it's crucial that the 209 associations take the right decision today. it's crucial the reforms are crucial and elected to bring futbol back to fifa and fifa back to futbol. >> it's crucial in the history of the organization and hope today brings the hopes and aspirations and fulfills the hopes and aspirations of the millions of futbol fans around
5:49 am
the world. >> i think it's a proud day for fifa and the significance of today is we are having an extraordinary congress and this congress is about us at repairing the tarnished image done to the brand of fifa. >> we need a strong fifa to govern and regulate the game and distribute the money to correct inequalities in the game and important for the organization because it's facing three hash backs with continue of the problems and vested interest of the division so it's very important for fifa futbol. >> joined by simon chadwick the professor of sports enterprise at a university in manchester and how important is today in helping reestablish the fifa brand? >> it's hugely important because
5:50 am
obviously fifa had significant problems in not just resent years but decades and the system of governs with fifa in the organization really needs to be restored for credibility and it's absolutely essential that a leader is elected who will be able to bring about changes that fifa needs. >> what kind of damage has been done through this corruption investigation in the last 18 months? >> transparency international reported and if we take a country like great britain 76% in great britain have no confidence in fifa. this is the global game, this organization and the custodians of the global game so the kind of corruption scandals and allegations and accusations that have been swirling around fifa have under minded the credibility for what many people is a very important organization. >> the acting secretary-general said fifa is facing a $550 million deficit and seems like a lot even by fifa standards and how do they get to that point
5:51 am
and how can they come out of that? >> where has the money gone because officially sponsors have not pulled out and fifa paying hefty legal fees and affecting the financial position and seeing that sponsors and broadcasters and other commercial partners are beginning to expert pressure on fifa and may be able to ask for considerable amounts of money and show restraint in negotiations because they know they are in a vulnerable position. >> so we have five candidates standing for fifa election. which one of those candidates do you think will be the safest bet as far as the sponsors are concerned? >> and the interesting possibility is obviously infancy have brought about commercial challenges within uf but as far as the rest of the world is concerned he may be unpalpable so it's difficult to know looking at the candidates who would be credible and safe pair
5:52 am
of hands. it's a very difficult role for any of them i think and think about the kind of considerations and pressures that sponsors face often puts them in conflict with for example what fans are looking for. >> i suppose winning the vote wouldn't be the first step of the massive thing that they have to achieve, professor simon chadwick and thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. and united coach has hailed the team spirits after they caming back from the brink of an exit to get to the last 16 of ropa league and 3-1 down to beat mitch land and marcus rush forth scored twice after coming in for anthony who was injured in the warm up and both netted late on to seal a 5-1 win united and go 6-3 over the two legs. >> the spirit was so high and then we score the equalizer penalty and we missed a penalty
5:53 am
and then still we continue with attacking futbol and with the spirit to win and that is not so easy. >> i think we all are very disappointed. i think we have to believe in ourselves and if i look through the game i think we have some opportunities during the game but in the end the best team won. >> reporter: djokovic hopes of reaching 18 tour final ended after he retired with an eye infection midway through the match and dubai tennis championships and the world one struggled in the opening set against lopez and made 18 unforced errors before losing 6-3. djokovic was treated on court but later retired. he said it's a severe allergy he has developed in dubai. >> had it ever since i arrived
5:54 am
to dubai and started with an infection and then severe allergy is what i was told and gotten worse in the last two days and unfortunately. >> reporter: prestigious big wave surfing event for the first time in six years and it goes ahead when waves have a height of 20 feet or six meters, for that reason it's only taken place nine times in the past 32 years and american john siegenthaler and the full ride taking him to victory. a young boy from afghanistan has had a very special gift from futbol-messi and made headlines earlier this month when he was pictured wearing a plastic bag as a homemade argentina shirt and pictures of the shirt made by his brother went viral and seen by the player himself and he is the proud owner as you can see of an argentina jersey complete with a signature of the
5:55 am
five-time world player of the year and the afghan futbol is in talks of representatives about a possible meeting between the two. that is your sport for now and more a bit later and sammy. >> thanks so much and films used to be low tech and amateur when it comes to fan job but thanks to cheaper technology they are getting more polished and the studios are not happy and phil explains why from los angeles. >> reporter: fans love to make films, we are talking super fans here and take a favorite movie and add your own twist and cheap and cheerful not my more. >> we had about a million dollars. >> reporter: the captain on the bridge here that is alex director of a star trek fan film and this is called the prelude and the short movie was so popular he started making a full length sequel with money and cast and a full set and sound stage but this production has
5:56 am
come out of warp speed because of a legal battle with star trek's owners. >> given fans the opportunity to fill in holes of the universe of their favorite franchise and never been able to do before. >> i think people are amazing at the quality of most fan films these days, i've seen fan films that are five minutes long that look as good as any t.v. or movie out there. >> star trek to star wars and lucas films has awards to honor the best fan films in a nod to the important edges of the genr reshgs and getting a fan film is easy and three steps you go through and first of all the funding and who needs the bank with social media and the funding and you get the cash and the sky is the limit then then there is equipment and broadcast quality gear is readily available these days and even smartphones are filming not just in hd but in 4k2 and everyone is a potential film maker and with
5:57 am
some friends you have a crew and then there is distribution and cinema forget that and you have the internet and media transmission and immediate feedback. >> with the tools they are not going to necessarily use them correctly. >> reporter: directed many fan films and made his own version of the punisher with the star of the original proper movie and here is adult take on power rangers that had more than 17 million views so far. for him it's all about making a statement. >> what i try to do when i make fan films ever so often is try to infuse some sort of idea into it, big idea within the methodology. >> for most fans it's fun and a hobby and keep the spirit of the film alive long after they leave the box office whether hollywood agrees that is another story, phil with al jazeera, los angeles. status with here on al jazeera, another full bulletin of news coming up.
5:58 am
♪ >> people take money. wicked people. >> you are creating a society that can be rotten to the core. >> anas risked his life to report the truth. >> to save his people. >> doesn't matter who you are, i come with my cameras. >> only on al jazeera america.
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