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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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now they are the best of political buddies. it is the latest surprise in this wild put race. donald trump getting a ringing endorsement from former rival, chris christie. the most significant endorsement from the republican front runner. al jazeera, heidi zhou-castro is in text, heidi, 155 gop delegates up for grabs in texas pz what's th.what's the state oy tonight? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, paul. texas with the sheer number of delegates certainly is a hard fought prize. there was no fighting on the stage shared with donald trump and chris christie christie was one of trump's harshest critics, probably one of the few who
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could equal frumple trump i trud rhetoric. >> i'm proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> a former political rival is throwing his support behind donald trump. >> i've gotten to know all the people on that stage and there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. >> reporter: this is a very different chris christie, than christie the presidential candidate. >> this is not a real estate deal. this is international diplomacy and it's different. >> that was christie last fall talking about trux's political l experience. >> donald this is not your job. this does not play to your skill set. if the speaker of the house
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doesn't sponsor one of your bills you can't fire him. >> christie harshly criticized trump for skipping one of the debates. >> if this goes sideways, what are you going to do go up to the residence and say i'm not playing? >> but one month later a completely different tone from the governor of new jersey. >> he's rewriting the play book of american politics, not depending on the status quo. >> christie's endorsement comes on the final week before the super tuesday. >> your ties and the clothes you wear are being made in china. >> and rubio kept hitting fighting for his political life. >> you wouldn't know anything about it because you're lousy businessman. >> i know nothing about bankrupting four companies.
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>> senator ted cruz also wept on the offense. >> it's interesting now that donald promises that he will appoint justices who will defend religious liberty but this is a man for 40 years who last given money to jimmy carter, to chuck schumer, to harry reid dushes. reid -- >> former presidential candidate lindsay graham joked that his own party will be responsible for electing hillary clinton. >> the most dishonest person in america is a woman, how can that be? >> it is my honor and my privilege to introduce the next president of the united states, donald trump about. >> reporter: at a rally friday in fort worth donald trump hugged his new supporter and
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thanked cheering crowd. >> we love you. it's a movement. it's a movement. >> with super tuesday fast approaching and trump well ahead in the polls, the republican party may have a new kind of nominee to stand behind. and now a big question here in texas paul is how trump will do with latina voters. as a remembrance in his acceptance speech, the was a reference, now eight months later trump ran away with latino vote among nevada republican voters there and here at the fort worth rally today i saw many latinos for trump signs and i spoke to one latino couple who said they have never felt so much excitement before for a candidate, paul. >> thank you, heidi zhou-castro, in dallas. lennie mcallister is a writer and conservative political analyst. lennie, from pittsburgh, thank
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you for being with us. >> thank you for having me paul. >> before substance first of all what do you think of lindsay graham talking about the republican party, riffing on donald trump, make a joke about the best way to assassinate ted cruz. >> i don't know about assassinations, i don't go into that. you know what they say about humor, humor is effective when a little bit of truth is wrapped around it, when they say about the authorities going off the rails, there was a little bit of truth with a good sense wrapped around it. >> liability or a lot of truth? lindsay graham is one of the pil larpillars ever republican establishment who thought all bets are off. >> he said marco rubio would have to bbepresident some day ae
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his support to leadership and statesmanship. he see something like this with chris christie who just a little while ago was literally railing against trump trying not to really antagonize an argument with him but at the same time says this is not what trump needs to be doing, he's not ready for this job he doesn't fit this job and now to g.o. give an endorsement and go on the campaign trail? this is the epitome of what people are talking about. if you can't get that from people who are elected officials, a two-term governor that was just on the campaign trail a month ago, if you can't get it from him, somebody who is flown for being true and speaking truth regardless what people said, how in the world do you expect a conservative base that has been voting emotionally
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in some bases, since the tea party in 2009, how can you expect that experience in statemanship? it's not going to happen. more vitriol and heightened volume. that's patriotic for our party. >> i think things will get louder, you are right. you mentioned trump's lack of specifics in his speeches, if you talk about business history, packed with fraud allegations, undocumented workers on his payroll, all of that got used against him last night and again here's chris christie endorsing him in the polls and yet he still has this big lead going into super tuesday, can anything stop this guy? >> i don't know. i would like to think once people continue to get out of the race and one on one, i think it's going to be rubio versus trump i think rubio will win. but here is the troubling thing paul. when you see evangelicals who
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have always told that they would go into the voting booth with their bible in their hand and their constitution in their back pocket, if he wins evangelicals in south carolina that tells you right then and there that the voting patterns have been dumped on their heads in a very troubling way in some regards. people are no longer voting on principle, they are voting on big names, like hillary clinton or donald trump on the reecial side or threpublican side, or, f emotion, we don't have something that's going to inspire us to be greater, not go to our lesser selves we're going to stay in this malaise and where we are as americans is going to go from bad to worse. >> and we've got nine more months of the election. we'll see how that does to inspire us. lennie mcallister thanks for
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being with us. we turn to south carolina where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are out searching for votes outof tomorrow's crucial democratic primary. john terret is there at the hillary clinton rally in the state capital columbia. john. >> that's right, paul good evening to you from columbia. and i can tell you there's somewhat of a twofer going on here. not only is this large crowd in the center of columbia going to be treated by what they say is the 45th president of the united states, they're going to be treated to the 42nd as well. bill and hillary clinton are on the stage behind me in a very short time. the clintons don't want to happen what happened in 2008 when she was ahead in the polls, but she still lost the primary here. they're making every effort to prevent that from happening with rallies like there one right up to the point the voting gets underway tomorrow. bernie sanders of course well behind in the polls here in south carolina. he abandoned the state for the
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last couple of days but he's been back today campaigning among other things with killer mike, a rapper and they've been crisscrossing all over the country in the past 24 hours or so. let's take a look at the campaigning of the last new cycle. hillary clinton and chelsea clinton spent the day, and those supporters to the polls on saturday. >> we don't have equal pay and we don't have affordable childcare. hillary has all of that in her platform because we want everybody to work without having to give up being good parents. >> it is the first in the south primary for democrats and polls suggest hillary clinton holds a significant lead against her rival, bernie sanders. >> i'm listening specifically for black lives matter and women's health care. >> at oquick stop in atlanta,
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clinton are campaigned for closing the pay gap for women. >> it's way pastime for us to guarantee equal pay for women's work don't you think? >> voters haven't ruled out bernie sanders. >> one thing children should be able to go to college for free. i think that is great. >> my thoughts on bernie sanders is they kind of waver in today. like today i want to hear more specifics about hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders trailing numbers in south carolina haven't deterred him. earlier he described his path to the nomination. >> you know how many delegates you need for the nomination? 2400. she gained four delegates out of me. out of 2400 not so important. so what this is about is a slog, if i may use that word, state by state by state. >> so sanders is looking forward to those other states spending the day in minnesota at a rally
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in hibbing he talked about working families expanding the middle class and expanding the wealth gap. >> they're worried about my proposals, how dare you think so big and it's so expensive. where was the establishment worrying when the middle class was disappearing and trillions of dollars in wealth going from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%? >> minnesota is one of the states that will cast votes on super tuesday. it's where sanders is looking to make his mark. both candidates are pushing the narrative of how important this 2016 election truly is. >> this election last such high stakes, could i think you know that. i believe with all my heart it's one of the most important elections we've had in a really long time. >> star jones the attorney and
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television personality has just vacated the stage, mrs. clinton's presence is imminent, tomorrow we hear that president clinton will be campaigning in oklahoma and alabama the secretary will be in alabama and we're told will fly to south carolina to receive what is expected to be a very big victory for them. we shall see. paul back to you. >> john terret in columbia, south carolina thank you very much. bernie sanders candidacy has done a lot of things but one has brought the word socialist back into our everyday conversation in this country. now to many that is still considered a dirty word in american politics but sarchedz and hisandersand his crew of yol poll workers is trying to exchange that. mike viqueria is there. mike. >> good evening, paul, downtown columbia, south carolina, the crowd here waiting to layer from
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bernie sanders, you know bernie sanders was an individual in the 60s as a young activist who fought for social causes and racial justice. now some 50 years later, that message is appealing to a influence generation of younger democrats. there are road trips and then, there's a political pilgrimage. >> i just went to south carolina no big deal. >> ada and julia live in new york city but one friday night on an impulse they boarded a bus full of political idealists and driving all night end i ended un this columbia, south carolina neighborhood. making a door to door pitch for bernie sanders. >> bernie has invigorated people who have never voted before. >> by a factor of 6 to 1, in flf it was 5 to 1. here in south carolina the sanders campaign hopes to
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mobilize 81 voters and get the same result. sanders has been at it for fourth decades, making the same argument in the .60s and as the mayor of burlington, vermont. >> when you look at the cost of telephone bills and electric bill and housing and health care, and education, the average american worker is in disparity. >> he smashed hillary clinton which 22 points in new hampshire 40 years later and the message remains the same. >> my friends, we must tell the billionaire class and the 1% that they cannot have it all at a time of massive wealth and income inequality. >> reporter: for most of those 30 years sanders has been largely ignored open the national stage. while he won a house and later senate seat in vermont, some
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declared the democratic socialist was too far to the left. but what is sanders appeal to young people, why now? socialist is a word that carries a stigma for many older americans. conjuring images of the cold war and nuclear annihilation. , slamming sanders to motivate their voters, the republicans. >> none of our candidates is a socialist that's a good thing. >> but the berlin wall fell 20 years ago. instead of dread, for some of them socialism evokes positive images. as a sophomore at the university of south carolina megan taylor is a campus coordinator for sanders campaign. >> i like to say to america, your favorite parts of the campaign are the socialist parts. you just don't want to admit it. >> their gender their age their phone number.
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>> young people inspired to a political cause. for bernie sanders, an old message striking a cord with a new generation. bernie sanders has said paul that he's not quitting in south carolina but there arics intas thathere areindications that heg in the towel. he's not going to be in the state of south carolina when the poll results come in from the primary, instead going to minnesota a super tuesday state that the sanders campaign thinks it can win. paul. >> mike viqueria at a very loud bernie sanders rally thank you sir. now the black vote is expected to play a potentially decisive role in the outcome of south carolina. bernie sanders is way behind hillary clinton in this demographic. both are hoping to appeal by highlighting criminal justice reform however there's one family at the forefront of that fight that is actually split over who they're going to support. al jazeera's mary snow has that
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story. >> i thank you, i thank you so much! >> they are a family united by tragedy, divided over politics. relatives of eric garner have become activists fighting for justice and reform after garner died at the hands of new york city police officers in a death deemed homicide. garner was unarmed and repeatedly said he couldn't breathe. >> i can't breathe! >> the july 2014 video of his death sparkd protests across the nation demanding political justice reform. now garner's 24-year-old daughter erica and his wife gwen carr, are taking a stand on the different side. >> i think right candidate is secretary clinton. she is the one for us. >> i think we need too believe in bernie sanders.
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>> besides appearing in that campaign for bernie sanders, erica garner admits she wasn't always a fan. she says she cheers protesters from the black lives matter campaign when they interviewed sanders's events. >> for him to stand with black people when it wasn't popular, and his whole career of being in the house, senate, or, you know, whatever elected position that he was in, it made me really think about him not being a part of this establishment. >> another factor that swayed her she said was that sanders grew up in brooklyn among immigrants where she and her six-year-old daughter live. but garner's family sees things
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differently. carr didn't respond to our request for an interview but she spoke out for clinton in south carolina. she is a group of mothers whose children died with encounters with police or in racially charged incidents. >> us ploghts empower each other so my son -- us mothers empower each other so my son's death won't be in vein. vain. until justice is served, that's why i ask all of you to vote. and to pick the right candidate. >> carr took part in events with clinton focusing on criminal justice reform. it is a theme sanders has less embraceas both candidates court african american voters. a reuters poll earlier this month found african american
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voters support clinton 3 to 1 nationwide but among younger african american voters, clinton's support narrows. the support of garner and her grandmother speaks about that generational divide. >> whedo you talk to your grand mother about this political campaign? >> i haven't spoken to my grandmother but i wish her well in everything she's doing, i wish her success and we're both fighting for same thing. >> you're united in grief, divided in politics? >> i guess so. that's what a lot of people are saying. but i don't really see it as being divided. they are using their voices. and they're standing together. it might be over what i agree with but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >> mary snow, al jazeera. >> up next deadly violence in a kansas workplace. new clues about what may have set the gunman off. and in our next half hour, real
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stories, real drama, the film makers behind this year's oscar nominated documentaries.
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>> in syria tonight, a ceasefire brokered by the united states and russia is now in effect. the syrian government and dozens of rebel groups say they will honor the truce but i.s.i.l. and the nusra front that's al qaeda's branch in syria are not part. it is the only pause in the fighting in the five year conflict which has killed 250,000 people. the u.n. special envoy for syria says peace talks will resume march 7th if the ceasefire holds. president says the public
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must pay more attention to mass shootings so they don't become routine. >> as long as i hold this office i'm going to keep bringing up, even though it's not getting the same attention that it should. >> three people were killed this this latest incident, 14 injured. cedric ford fired on his victims hours after being barred from contacting a former girlfriend. in san francisco, officials say a tent city has become a public health hazard. the garbage, hypodermic needles and human waste make it unsafe. jacob ward has more on that from san francisco. >> adam who did not want to show his face or share his real name with us says that two years ago he was earning a six figure salary. he never imagined he'd be homeless. >> i've owned two homes, i've had boats and suburbans and
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audis and yeah yeah. >> life on the street is unplanningably difficult. unimaginably horrible. brings on incontinence decadesserly. just the knight before someone poured gasoline on the tent next to adam's and set it on fire. >> they were sleeping in the tent and all of a sudden they woke up and they felt like fire was dripping is how they described it. >> this must be very dangerous sleeping on the street. is this kind of danger come up a lot? >> not like sleeping in the suburbs for sure. >> now the city has decided that adam along with nearly 100 people camped out near an overpass have to move on. >> the reason they have to do it now bastles me but behalves ba.
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>> people here have been given 72 hours to vacate. people wound up here after the city cordoned off the downtown area of san francisco for super bowl festivities forcing them to relocate. now the city has offered the option of traveling several miles south to a building that once held aan americas cup sailing team but it's not a suitable place to live, they are rejecting it for being inaccessible and with a shortage of toilets and showers. but they cannot stay on division street any longer. it's a public nuisance and has to go. san francisco used to be famous as a city of tolerance. does this feel like a tolerant place for people trying the make their way these days? >> no. (laughing) the tolerance the lack of tolerance is coming from the city.
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not every city wants tents everywhere but we go into these areas under a bridge and whatnot and they keep pushing us out pushing us out. we need a place to live. >> the rise of the tech economy, has created a series of drug users and trash. not everyone in the community feels that way. cybill chan, used it to document the encampment as she would an architectural hotel or other site. >> i documented how easy it was to walk past some of our homeless neighbors and not realize what their day-to-day is like. >> when the city finishes its
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cleanup, chen's recordings will be the only theafd for a brief moment in the face of risk and hardship people manage to make a life in this place. jacob ward, al jazeera, san francisco. >> that's our news for now. thank you for watching. i'm paul beban. john siegenthaler is next with a special look at some of this year answer oscar nominated documentaries.
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