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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. >> i would like to introduce him because he's going to say something that i think you'll find very, very interesting. >> about face. new jersey governor chris christie endorses donald trump as president months after saying he was unfit for the job. truce in syria. the ceasefire takes effect. and flood much controversy, why a move meant to protect homes from rising waters has some people outraged. we begin with the presidential
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election and as so often happens in politics, yesterday's rival is today's ally. new jersey governor and former presidential candidate chris christie is now back republican front runner donald trump. on a day when the name calling got even uglier. al jazeera's heidi zhou-castro reports from texas. >> i'm here t here to endorse dd trump for president of the ultimates. >> a former rival is throwing his support behind donald trump. >> i've gotten to know all those people on the stage and there's no one who's prepared to provide america with the leadership it needs both home and broad than donald trump about. >> this is a different chris christie. >> this is not negotiation of a real estate deal, it's international government and it's different. >> in november christie said
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trump wasn't the right job. >> i said to donald, donald you do not want this job. this does not play to your skill set. if the speaker of the house does poafses onpost office one of yos you cannot fire him. what does that say when things go sideways in the oval office, what do you do, go up to the residence and say i'm not plagues? he's rewriting the book of american politics because he's providing strong leadership that's not dependent on the status quo. >> reporter: christie's endorsement comes on the final day before the week of the super tuesday. >> your ties and the clothes you make are made in china and
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mexico. >> reporter: and rubio kept hitting fighting for his political life. >> you're a lousy businessman. >> i know nothing about bankrupting four companies. >> it's interesting now that donald says he will appoint justices who will defend religious liberty, but he's given money to jimmy carter, joe biden, chuck schumer, harry reid. >> former presidential candidate senator lindsay graham joked that his own party will be responsible for electing a president. >> the most dishonest person in america is a woman who's about to be president. how could that be? my party is going bat (bleep) crazy. >> it is my honor and my privilege to introduce the next
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president of the united states, donald trump! >> reporter: at a rally friday in fort worth donald trump hugged his new supporter and spoke to the crowd. >> we love you, it's a movement, it's a movement. >> with trump well ahead in the polls, the republican party may have another kind of nominee to stand behind. heidi zhou-castro, al jazeera, fort worth texas. >> former mexican president vicente fox used strong language while discussing donald trump's plan to build a wall. >> i'm not going to build that (bleep) wall. i'm not going to apologize. >> during an interview on thursday trump called for an
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apology and promised to build the wall ten feet higher. as john terret reports in columbia, hillary clinton is all out. >> reporter: good evening antonio. former president clinton and secretary clinton taking no chances whatsoever. remember they were ahead in the polls here in 2008. mrs. clinton was but she still lost to barack obama. they don't want that to happen again. in the meantime bernie sanders is campaigning hard but not here in south carolina. take a look. hill russiaary bill and chelsea clinton crisscrossed the state of south carolina. >> we don't have equal pay and
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we don't have affordable childcare. hillary has that in her platform because we want everybody to work without having to give up being good parents. >> polls suggest hillary has a significant lead over her rival, bernie sanders. >> i'm listening specifically for black lives matter and women's childcare. >> also, the need to close the pay gap for women. >> it is way pastime for us to guarantee equal pay for women's work don't you think. >> despite her 20 point lead in south carolina voters haven't ruled out bernie sanders. >> one thing he said he think children should be able to go to college for free. i think that is great. >> my thoughts on bernie sanders they kind of waver and today i want to hear more specifics about hillary clinton.
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>> sanders numbers haven't deterred him. >> you thro how many delegates you need to win the democratic nomination? over 2400. she gained four delegates over meeme. 2400, not so important. this is a slog if i may use that word, state by state by state. >> sandz is looking forward to those other states. in minnesota, he talked about working families expandin expane middle class and narrowing the wage gap. >> i hear the establishment are worried about my proposals how dare you think so bag -- so big and expensive. where was the establishment worrying when the middle class was disappearing and going from
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the ton 1 and 1/2 percent. >> how important this 2016 election truly is. >> this election has such high stakes. i think you know that. i believe with all my heart it's one of the most important elections we've had in a really long time. >> and late word this evening we've just heard that president clinton will spend his day tomorrow saturday in oklahoma and alabama. secretary will be in alabama and then it turns out she will come here to acknowledge what is expected to be a very big victory once the polls close tomorrow in columbia. antonio. >> we are joined by bill schneider, an al jazeera political contributor. bill i don't even know where to start. rubio talking about trump
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wetting his pants and trump calling rubio a light weight and a basket case. >> it was pretty low in the 19th century when things got really rough but there was no television those days so he didn't say it to the whole country. >> after rubio larnded some pumps, trump couldn't have a better time than the announcement by choifts. >> looks like the establishment is gi giving in, okay donald tr. but the big money donors in the republican party which is what there is of a establishment they are mounting a campaign to stop trump. they are enraged what christie did and offering very cynical interpretations that he might want to be attorney general or something. >> trump is ahead in every single state paul except in texas. if the opponents stay in, is
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this over? >> yes it would be over particularly and this would really end it if he beats rubio in florida where donald trump is now ahead of marco rubio in his home state. that would eliminate rubio. chris christie polite be are motivated by a deep hatred of marco rubio. >> vicente fox used the f bomb for second day in a row on discussing the wall. >> he seems to be lowering the preliminary discourse not only in the united states but all over the world with our neighbors. trump is defiant. when anybody goes after him, he goes back against them twice as hard. that's his trademark defiance. there are a lot of republican
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voters who feel very defiant at the political establishment. they like defiance. >> as senator graham described of his party' party's crazinesss this a gift to the democrats? >> it looks like hillary will do well and on super tuesday. and they'll have donald trump they think would be easy to beat. i would say, i wouldn't be too sure about that because hillary clinton represents the status quo and republicans whoever the nominee is, are never going to can tire of saying, voting for hillary clinton is a vote for
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barack obama, do you really want to do that. >> could the enthusiasm gap help the republicans in a general election? >> enthusiasm gaps drive up the enthusiasm of your opponents. trump is at a nominee he'll bring out lots of white working class voters, but believe me he'll drive up the turnout of a lot of minorities and a lot of democrats. >> bill snrierd always good to d to get your perspective. thank you. >> sure. >> president spoke at the saft battery plant which makes lithium ion bad ris, one of the. are and an investment that has paid off. >> because early on, my administration put in smart
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policies to rebuild our economy. those policies are paying off in big tangible ways and we're not talking about it tonight. >> president also thanked saft for its policies towards veterans. there are reports of only sporadic fighting in syria. the syrian government and nearly 100 rebel groups say they will abide by the ceasefire but it doesn't include i.s.i.l. or the el nusra branch of al qaeda in syria. work to bring a permanent end to the war is just beginning. >> just over 40 minutes before the cessation of hostilities was due to come into effect, a vote 50 u.n. security council to endorse it. it was unanimous. ambassadors were addressed by video link by u.n. special envoy for syria and said this was a
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crucial element. >> no doubt there will be no shortage of attempts to undermine this process. we are ready for it fm we should not be overly concerned, we should address it and realize that this is part of any ceasefire and certainly a cessation of our hostilities. >> in the hours before the cessation of hostilities came into effect, there was an increase in violence, including fresh bombardment of the affairs of syria. >> many of the towns being hit bids syrian and russian bombers are towns like d araya, a suburb ever damascus who is being pummeled by al qaeda or the el nusra front. it seems hard to seem serious
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when,. >> disagreement between countries that are usually allies. the start of the meeting was delayed after the u.s. changed the temp of the agreement at the last diplomat, the lie negotiation is committee. >> the hnc represents a broad sweep of the opposition forces fighting in syria against the tyranny of assad. they deserve our wholehearted support which regrettably was not flected in this resolution. >> everyone knows there are bound to be hiccups in these talks, the new date is set the 7th of march,.
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>> officials are worried about flooding , after a month,. >> two women in the united states have chosen to have abortions after being diagnosed with the zika virus.
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>> president obama has once again calling for tougher gun policies after yesterday's workplace shooting in kansas. the president says the media needs to pay more attention to mass shootings, they are not routine. >> as long as i'm holding office i'm going to continue to bring this up even if it's not getting the same attention that it should. >> three people were killed in this latest shooting, 14 others wounded. police say 38-year-old cedric ford fired on his victims just hours after being barred from contacting a form he girlfriend. ford was shot and killed by police. the centers for disease control confirms that nine pregnant americans have contracted the zika virus after overseas travel. one baby was born with severe
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microcephaly. another woman had an abortion. the cdc is keeping close watch over others. >> this is to give relief to the citizens of flint for water they shouldn't have to pay for, will help the financial stability of flint in the water system. >> detroit's two biggest newspapers reported today that e-mails show snyder's top legal aide urged flint to return to the detroit water system as early as 2013. led them to release water from lake okochobe rvetion into
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the everglades. >> from the shore and from the air, the view can be striking but it's exactly what charter boat captain josh constantine doesn't want to see. >> it's like poop water, but it's usually aqua. >> murky water you the can see flowing into canals and south florida. all coming from lake okachobe. worried its dikes may fail and flood homes downstream the army corps of jersey opened the flood gates, a rare happening this time of year. runoff from farms filled with chemicals and fertilizer. >> we are in an unfortunate position of having to weigh
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safety considerations with environmental considerations. and right now we feel the public safety considerations the threat of the dike breach outweigh the environmental consideration he. >> blamed for killing fish and possibly jobs. since southwest florida's $3 billion a year tourism industry relies on clear water. >> this honestly is probably the bp of our area. it is costing us our environment, costing us our marine life. >> there is your dead fish there. >> cancelling trips. his charter boat business has dropped by a third this year. >> i don't know how much it can handle. you only are hit so many times before you get back up. >> reporter: in fact the water has angered so many, the mayor has gone to washington looking for help. >> reporter: what do you want the corps of engineers to do then? >> firm the dike.
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it sounds -- fix the dike. it seems simple but the cost is extremely high. >> fast track projects this would strengthen the lake and protect the projects. the corps has already spend millions on improvements. >> the river here has brought joy and happiness to my life. i don't want it to end. that's what we're fighting for. >> a fight upstream to clear these troubled waters. jonathan betz, fort meyers, florida. >> anyone next how amateur film americas are catching up with the pros. and someone called the officials reporting a unicorn running down the highway.
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highway. >> state lawmakers in alabama are stopping local governments there offering their own minimum wage. just recently, the city of birmingham raised their minimum wage of $10 per hour. hollywood is gearing up for its biggest day of the year, the oskoscars, remaking and gettingo
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good at it some studios are taking legal action. al jazeera's phil lavelle has more. >> reporter: fans love to make films. we're talking super-fans here. one favorite movie at your own twist but cheap and cheerful, not anymore. >> we had about $1 million. >> the captain on the bridge here that's alec, director of a star trek film, started making a full length sequel with cash from fans, complete crew, cast, even a full set and sound stage but this production has come out of warp speed because of a legal battle with star trek's owners. it's given the fans the opportunity to fill in holes of the universe of their favorite franchise that they've never been able to do before. i think people are amazed at the quality of most fan films these
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days. i've seen fan films that are five minutes long that look as good as any tv or movie out there. >> reporter: from star trek to star wars they are all out in the universe. in fact lucasfilms holds an award program each year. , three steps you have to go through first is the funding but who needs the bank administeringmanager, fanfundin. hd but in 4k too. everyone is a potential film maker. get some friends along you have even got you're crew. then there's distribution. cinema forget that. immediate transmission immediate feedback. >> just because the people have the tools doesn't necessarily mean they're going to use them
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correctly right? >> avi shankar, adult take on power rangers has had more than 17 million views so far. for him it's all about making a statement. >> what i try to do when i make fan films every so oftency try to infuse some big idea into it. within the mythology. >> they say they keep the spirit of the films alive long after they leave the box office. whether hoilt loild agrees holls another story. chase of mythical proportions when the call came in that a unicorn was seen running down the highway near sacramento they first thought caller was hallucinating. juliet happened to escape her
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owner, who dresses the shetland pony as a unicorn for parties. that's it for the news. head over to for the latest. have a great night and a great week. ♪ ♪ senator marco rubio has insisted on the campaign trail that he dislakes the dodd frank law regulating the financial industry because it hurts small around medium banks and benefits wall street's biggest players, but if that is the case, why are some of the men associated with some of the big wall street firm embedded in the breu marco rubio campaign? what does money


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