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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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nominated documentaries. i'm john seigenthaler. have a great night. >> hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the news hour live from london. coming up, the u.n. says fighting has largely halted in syria, but the battle against isil goes on. at least 25 people are killed in and many more wounded after suicide-bombings in afghanistan. >> in the film industry, women
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are routinely paid less. >> we'll have more on sport. leicester city extend their lead, and another story we're checking for you this hour. >> a warning said blaster who gives us his thoughts under placement. >> the united states and russia have welcomed a cessation of hostilities in syria. at the end of its first day it appears to be largely holding. major fighting has ceased but there have been isolated reports of artillery and gunfire. the russian military said it has
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stopped attract as part of the deal and they continue to target airstrikes. and the syrian government has continued to shell areas that are excluded from the truce. we have reports that suggest another child has died from malnutrition. >> these fighters are on patrol, but they're also at ease. the sky above aleppo is usually buzzing with russian or syrian war plains. >> the regime is not trust worthy. we're here and we'll prevent the regime from advancing in our areas. >> in the areas under rebel control in aleppo there is a cautious sense of calm and the desire to end the blood path.
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>> we want the truss to last. >> we want to live in peace and freedom. nothing else. but do understand that we won't be slaved again. >> in the city of idlib another day o--an unusual day of calm. it has been a place of daily destruction. but many are suspicious. al nusra front, which has links to al-qaeda, is not far from the truce. >> syria's wounds are deep, and so is the mistrust. they have clashed with al-qaeda's al nusra front while
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u.s. fighter jets have been near the border of turkey. the question now is how long this truce will last. al jazeera. >> well, with an increase in fighting, tens of thousands of syrians have been trying to reach the turkish border. camps have been set up inside syria close to the crossing. we have exclusive access to one of those camps. >> just a few weeks ago this was empty land but within days thousands of tents were set up to shelter the tens of thousands of people fleeing syrian government airstrikes as they move towards the northern part of the country. everybody we've spoken to here blames the russian airstrikes for the misery. but they say the russians were not targeting isil. they were not targeting terrorists. they were targeting civilian population centers. this was set up very quickly.
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there wasn't proper sanitation here. nor was there electricity in these tents. it has been a bitter winter. that winter is still not over and people are hoping that maybe the cessation of hostilities may allow for aid to come in, and may allow for better shelter to be set up for them. they are not hopeful that it will last. >> well, back on the turkish side of the border. he joins us from there now. tell us more about what you saw in that camp? >> well, as we reported there are tens of thousands of people who have been coming from northern villages and towns in syria, and they were coming after that spike in russian airstrikes in the homes and properties. now as we said, there wasn't much infrastructure there. this was an ad hoc job that was done by turkish aid agency who is came across the border to set up shelter for these people.
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they don't want to it happen. many people say this is a deal between the turkish government and the e.u. not to allow more refugees to come in through europe. but that's neither here nor there. you see the trauma in the eyes of the children. they obviously some of them walked for days to get through some sort of safety. there is no schools for them. in terms of sanitation there was a handful of toilets for thousands of people, no electricity. the only thing they were receiving were these flimsy makeshift tents as well as food hot meals that were being delivered across the border every day. so it was a very dire situation to say the least. >> and you talked about the fact that there is a degree of hope that the cessation might make a difference to the conditions. but there are areas where the violence does continue, aren't there.
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>> indeed. in the past hour, the national council made a statement that registered 15 separate incidents where the syrian regime had violated that cessation of hostilities that listed that barrel bombs were used heavy machine gunfire in homes and la tack i can't as well as other places. while the two major powers who brokered this deal in u.s. and russia are hailing it as something that is largely holding, the opposite decision say while violence has decreased there have been two dozen incidents where the regime has violated those incidents. whether that will make things spiral or pressure will be put on by allies to halt this in the coming days, that's going to be vital that this does succeed. >> thank you very much, indeed.
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as we heard the united nations will allow true to be delivered in besieged areas. they expect supplies to reach 17 places. around 480,000 syrians are trapped. there is a serious shortfall of aid being sent to besieged regions. the syrian government is accused of seizing some food supplies and delivering it to some areas under control. there are some civilians who were shelled by fighters from the lebanese hezbollah. how quickly do you think the assess station of hostilities can do while on the ground? >> i think we have seen a step
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in the right direction, and we've been optimistic about it. >> there was an air drop that appeared to miss its target. are any more of those being considered at this stage? >> we have not reached the city yet, but we've been trying to get access and permits. this was the first test in a long operation. >> tell us how you make the decision to go into an area and how long you need the cessation
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of hostilities to last before you change your mind as to whether it's safe or not? >> we've reached those areas even before yesterday. last week alone we have delivered trucks of food to people in besieged area. some of them have not been reached by us for over an year. and other agencies leaving clothes, blankets and other supplies in a total of five convoys. in that sense we have reached five of the six towns being called besieged and now accessible by the united nations. >> thank you very much, indeed, for talking to us. we're joined by the department of politics and international studies at the university of came bridge. thank you very much for coming in. what do you make of what we're seeing on the ground at the
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moment. as it is described? >> well, today has ban good day. it showed that they can hold its fire even in the face of quite a few breaches, and that the language between the united states and russia is such that they're trying to port each other in this agreement rather than find fault with their all allies. >> and we're in the early stages of this, but what would be the next step for the process? >> well, getting serious amount of aid is very high in terms of the next step. the suffering from significant starvation, and that is an important achievement that needs to be seen. likewise, a number of the opposition groups, the incomes clear step among those tracking this is to try to extend the
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agreement. and third of all is the siege around aleppo and of course the other seens that are throughout the vicinity. the major players were washington and moscow are looking to see if that can be something that can be resolved so that they can begin the actual negotiations. >> what do you think is going to happen? there are some areas that have been excluded. where they think that isil is operating so they don't want to include them. what do you think will happen for those who are left in isolation? >> well, the whole issue is quite complex as is the actual fighting groups is so enter crate on the ground. the fact that they're not part of it means that breaches can rapidly deteriorate into accusations of breaking the cease-fire by a number of different groups. and the complexity on the ground
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is exacerbated by the fact that those groups are aided by rebel groups and islamic groups that had different agendas but will be in the same area and fighting the same enemy. it is quite difficult to ensure that the next step of that does not break down. and of course, then there is the northern border with turkey and it does not seem to be very much on the same page as both the united states and russia on this one. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> our pleasure. >> at least 30 people have been killed in airstrikes in sanaa. yemeni officials say that airstrikes in a popular market killed several civilians. it is estimated 6,000 people have been killed in fighting in yemen in the past year. somali soldiers are in force in the capital of mogadishu.
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security check points have been set up after two attacks. there have been two attacks this week. the armed group al-shabab has claimed responsibility. a suicide-bomb has killed 12 people in the afghan capital. 13 people were wounded by the blast in kabul. the taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. there has been another suicide-bombing in the east where at least 13 people were killed. we have this update from the capital. >> targeting the defense ministry is obviously a bold move. that's exactly what the taliban tried to do here. briefly let's tell you what we know. this was a suicide attack that took place right in front of the entrance of the defense ministry in kabul. this is a very vast compound than fortified with layers of barriers and security forces. it's a relatively secure area. however, in front of the defense ministry you have a major road
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with a lot of traffic. and obviously the approach to the entrance where you often have civilians lined up to get in. these are vulnerable locations. this is where the suicide attacks took place. the taliban claiming responsibility for this attack. this suicide-bombing follows another suicide-bombing earlier in the morning where militants targeted and killed a very powerful and influential militia leader who played a key role in the government's fight against militants. all of this comes amid the government's continued push for peace talks with the taliban. the government continues to insist that the best way to establish peace and security is through peace talks. they say possess talks will resume in the coming days. however, when you see these attacks militants going after big targets, the glaring questions are all taliban factions willing to stop fighting? willing to come to the negotiating table?
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>> much more still to come here on the al jazeera news hour including we'll take you to the irish capital where vote counting is underway in the general election. more allegations of vote rigging emerge connected with uganda's presidential election. and in sport we have more on the madrid derby. all the details coming up with robin later in the program. >> iran's president hassan rouhani said that the elections have given the government more credibility and it is now time to open a new chapter in iran's economic development. one to secure the parliament,
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and the other for the parliament of experts. what are the early signs? >> well, we are getting early election results coming through from the ministry of the interior being quoted by the news agencies here. they're indicating that the reformists and moderates may have done rather well. assembly the experts. very fluent body, made up of senior clerics has the power to appoint the supreme leader, and then the second election for parliament itself. on the assembly of experts we expect the final results through the course of the night. but particle results where just a thread of the votes with the third counted president rouhani
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who will go on the seat with that body are in the lead. after 16 seats available of the 13 it looks like they're going after the reformists and moderates. >> this is not to suggest that these candidates will win a majority of either body ultra conservative support in the country is powerful. but it does suggest that they have made serious inroads into the power, the grip on power that the ultra conservatives have held on these bodies.
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>> the wherein where this has been billed as a crucial election it has been able to show the way the path that this country will follow in the future. had a shanty town rahani, the moderate president, senior cleric, he was elected in 2013 quite unexpectedly, really, the only moderate on the presidential list up against a series of ultra conservative candidates. he was elected in 2013. he described that as the first step. he promised to solve the nuclear issue and have international sanctions lifted. he has done that. this served as an unofficial ref republican democrat as support for those policies. and now he'll embark on the second step, which is to revive the ailing economy of this country and reintegrate iran into the family of nations in the world. here is the support that he needs to incrementally to begin to do those things. to carry out the reforms in
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those countries that needs to be carried out. he hopes for re-election i in 2017. the result will do his chance no arm, and he's said to have higher ambitions, supreme leader maybe sometime in the future. a good result here. nothing less than a sign post of the direction this country will take not just in the years to come, but possibly for generations. >> with us is an iran analysts. thank you for coming to talk with us. these internal indications suggesting that the reformist moderates are doing quite well. are you surprised by what you're seeing so far? >> the system is rigged against the supporters of rouhani. however high turn out which seems to have been the case which will do them a favor. my predictions are really dicey, he's going to be operating with
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a strong minority because of the stacked deck because of the guardian council has exercised lots of the true reformists from the lists. all the lists in tehran are not filled with performance but filled with security types as well. >> do you think that actually the election results might have changed as we go along? you suggest there might be foul play along the way? >> i'm not suggesting there is foul play. if you were to have a free and fair election without the institutional betting reformists would come out significantly ahead. however, at the moment there is a balancing by the elite, by the institutions who are supported by the broadcast media, operators and security operators to sway in favor of what is essentially has a very small popular base. the hard liners. >> and if you do end up in a situation that you're describing, a minority. increasing his powers, but in
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small increase, how will that change what he can achieve in the future in iran? >> it will diminish his ability reforms around social issues, human rights, which has been hobbled on up to this date as well. it seems to be where we're struggling with language as well because it's reformist is hard liners. it seems to me that it's not serving its purpose any more. it seems to advocate pro nuclear deal or anti-nuclear deal. there are a lot of conservatives who are pro nuclear deal. >> he's extremely popular at the
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moment because of the nuclear deal. he's going to do well. the question is has the rig decked going to deny him the majority? i think it will. >> thank you for your thoughts. >> no problem. >> counting is continuing in ireland's election. it would seem that the prime minister has failed for support of a second tea term.
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>> the message which resonated with voters angry that ireland's economic turn around has not trickled down to those who need it most. >> here in central dublin the count continues, and it's expected to continue well into sunday before we get any sense of a conclusive result in this year's election. as you said at the forefront of people's minds as they made their votes on friday was the health and state of the economy. the outgoing coalition fine gael and the irish labour party say they're responsible for the turn around. but the main critics of the rival parties line sinn fein and
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others say that the recovery is not trickling down. the coalition government already faced the prospects of a bruising final results. the fine gael batter and labour party may need to seek sort from other parties. now as the day progresses there is support of smaller parties and independent candidates steadily grew. >> they would be with regarded for a recovery that has not reached most households. >> anger of public spending cuts, rising social inequality and mistrust of established politicians have all played a
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role in a loss of support for ireland's ruling coalition. the election follows this similar pattern to other european countries, spain, portugal and greece, who have also been through periods of austerity. of course, i'd's story is very different. austerity is officially meant to be over, and the country has the fastest growing economy in the european union. but as the results are counted and results come in, it looks like voters have gone out to deliberately punish the outgoing government in the polls. they'll have to build new alliances, but that's no easy task. ireland's main political parties were forged in the fire and blood of the irish civil war nearly a hundred years ago. there are fierce differences that date back generations that could have fierce implications for the country's near future. >> there is talk that when the government resumes on the 10th of march no one will be
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prime minister. perhaps it will take a bit of soul searching, but in the end perhaps the unthinkable will happen and traditional enemies will have to died to do business. >> it will be the smaller parties and independent candidates who will be called on first to share power. but th will the coalition of smaller parties give ireland what it needs to keep it's recovery going? >> there is one option that would have been unthinkable before the election and now looks increasingly more and more possible, the possibility between the party of government fine gael and the last power of government fine who were in power before the sweeping of the fina economy. historically they're polls apart. it's a deep riff that goes back
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to the irish civil war. but given the parties on the left of the political spectrum here in ireland, it may be the only way to create a true left-right split in irish politics, and if these parties do decide to join forces, it will be a change in ireland's political landscape of historic proportions. >> neave barker, live in dublin, thank you very much. still ahead only al jazeera. south carolina is the latest state to name previewed candidate for the u.s. democratic party. we take you to columbia. zimbabwe's president mugabe's 92nd birthday with a lavish party. and we look at asia's cricket cup, details of a dramatic game coming up.
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>> hunted to the brink of extinction. >> we need an urgent method that stops the killing. >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new science. >> this radiocarbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal. >> it could save a species. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> techknows team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >>...can affect and surprise us. >> wow, these are amazing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. >> only on al jazeera america. >> the u.s. and russia at the
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end of its first day of cessation of hostilities at the end of its first day appears to be holding. at least 25 team have been killed in two suicide attacks in afghanistan. and results show iranian reformists have won 29 of the 30 seats reserved for parliamentary in elections. thousands have gathered in th moscow in the first anniversary of boris nemtsov, but many believe that the men responsible for his death are not being found. >> the murder is still a source of grief and anger nor many. >> this atrocious crime, which
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happened a year ago, made boris nemtsov an icon in our country. >> now there is no real opposition in russia. all parliamentary parties are artificial. you can buy a parliament. >> russia without putin was one of the chants, and also russia will be free, reminders that the former deputy prime minister, a thorn in the kremlin's side s a beacon of those who don't like the road the country has taken. for the many of thousands of people who come here today, n nemtsov represents a country
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they want to keep alive. >> investigators believe that the hit squad met regularly to plan the killing. but the man ultimately believed to be responsible, chechnya's leader, has never been questioned. nemtsov's friend and colleague said that this has serious implications for russia. >> of course, vladimir putin should be worried because this is impossible to control chechnya's leader. it contain effects the national security of the whole country. >> the big crowds often saturday highlights a nasty dilemma for the opposition. there arpolitical rallies rarely draw this many people.
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>> in south carolina people are coming out to vote for the nominee for the democratic party. kimberly halkett is in the capital. south carolina. is hillary clinton banking on the african-american vote in south carolina? how significant will it be? >> she really is counting on that vote. many refer to this as the fire wall that she hopes will stop the momentum that bernie sanders has been accumulating with the regional contests there is a very large predominantly african-american voting block within the democratic party that will be casting ballots today, and it is here that hillary clinton believes she has an edge. but she has to remember
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history 2008 when she was running again for the president of the united states, and she was facing off against abraham --barack obama who defeated her because he managed to get that african-american vote out in double the numbers that were previously seen. what is significant about this is the fact that hillary clinton is now appealing to those very same voters who defeated her in 2008 to help her win south carolina in 2016. the real challenge for hillary clinton is whether or not they will come out, and, two, if they believe eight years later she truly is the right candidate. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> well, latin american countries struggle with the outbreak of the zika virus. predominantly by the same mosquito that spreads dengue, which has had a huge outbreak. the biggest in history.
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>> dengue thrives in places like this, overgrown tropical vegetation and stagnant water. it rains more than usual in december. eggs are hatching now causing the largest dengue outbreak in history. >> it's horrible, very baneful. the whole head hurts p the bones, evening your finger nails. your back, your hips, you don't know how to deal with the pain. and the fever. >> she's recovered and is treating fresh dengue sufferers, like this woman who has been laid up for five days. meanwhile the fight is on to reduce the habitat where the mosquito drives. >> in this house we've treated where we saw the larva. while we're getting rid of anything that collects water. >> one of 3,000 varieties of mosquito, 300 of which are found in argentina. most are merely irritating.
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but this one is a vector, a carrier. >> with mosquitoes the best method is to attack the larva. the adults are already flying all over the place. it thrives around humans. >> the mosquito does not respect borders and repellent is not always effective. it's a joint operation local authorities and residents in a campaign of education and a pain to eliminate the mosques breeding ground. the same mosquito that carries dengue, yellow fever and zika. it's a battle they can't afford to lose. operators fumigate one house at a time, collecting waste and imposing heavy fines on those who do not comply. >> when we started the campaign people were suspicious. but now they're taking it in,
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participating, asking questions because they're worried. >> facing the boar border with brazil they also face the problem with zika, but they hope to control the many debilitat ing viruses that this tiny creature imposes on its human victims. >> nearly 13,000 people have protested in the south korean policies. demonstrators are demanding that president park step down. they're angry about labor reforms and the closure of an industrial competition that was jointly operated with north korea. tensions are rifing as more are stopped at the greek-macedonia with regard. humanitarian challenges are
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mounting. refugees continue to join more than 5,000 who have been blocked from passing since the water was closed to some nationalities on thursday. the african union said it will increase its human rights and military observers in burundi. jacob zuma, who heads the a.u. delegation said that 200 observers will be deployed. burundi has been locked in a political crisis since it's president's controversial election in july. more than 400 people have been killed in recent unrest, and 204,000 have fled the country. >> the u.n. is worried about the use of force in uganda. two people have been killed and 200 detained including opposition candidate. the opposition is continuing to
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dispute the president's re-election. now there are more allegations of vote rigging. we have more reports from kampala. >> she wanted to become a member of parliament for her rule of constituency, but she said she lost primaries because they were rigged. she decided to run independently but she said she was cheated ever victory again. she showed us these pre-ticked ballots and found ruling party officials stuffing them in ballot boxes for parliamentary and presidential elections. >> i handed them over to the police. >> on the 18th of february election observers were strongly
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critical. the ruling party said that it's victory was fair. >> there was no such thing that happened. >> in another part of the country this polling station officer said that he saw polling officials changing results. security agencies say their role is neutral and they only intervene to keep the peace.
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in rolling stations near the capital they fire tear gas to disperse angry crowds. and. >> we made sure that nothing was done. >> meanwhile, the supporters say that he won. he has been detained several times and held at his home or police station. police say he has not been under arrest, and he wants to cause violent protests. they say that things have changed. >> what is happening, if it has happened, i see my brothers fighting for justice, a better
1:44 pm
uganda, and here their sister is being treated the way i've been treated in these elections. i'm not happy. i'm not happy. >> malcolm webb, al jazeera, kampala, uganda. >> still ahead we have sport, including lindsey vonn's season is in jeopardy after crashing at a world cup race. we have more coming up in just a moment.
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>> disciple babb bay weighs president robert mugabe has been protesting against birthday celebrations of his 92nd birthday. he said there is no place for factional fighting over who will be his successor. >> for weeks newspaper headlines have been talking about the infighting of the ruling parties, and wha and--one faction is trying to outdoor the other. a few years ago it was unheard of. they people wondering if he was addressing issues. and he did, and this is what he had to say it has no place at all. it should never have been
1:47 pm
allowed. >> presidential mugabe's comme comment, we are we know the same factions within the party. then three is the role of the first lady, people are not sure where she stands, and then there is the army as well. we do know all these factions say the one thing. they respect the president, they respect robert mugabe. >> now time for sport. here is robin. >> thank you very much. huge occasion, the indians could use the help of the huge bowling
1:48 pm
conditions, 83-17 with three overs. we have more reports. >> when they went through the first three over it looked like a nail. biting finish might be on the card. one that showed the traditional strength of each team. there was a listering performance by mohammed, who is just returning from a five-year ban for spot fixing. which included three months in prison. and by they were hoping that this was a sign of things to come from the youngster.
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>> athletic madrid with the first defeat just the one goal, scored by atletico. they would drive the winner, and moved to within five points of leader. barcelona in second place. let's have a look at the confirmation that athletic space close the gap in real madrid. the league hopes are all but over. they hope to keep hold of the premier league lead. they would have the 1-0 win over norwich, and puts them five points over tottenham and arsenal who play on sunday. chelsea, they're 11th at the moment and they fought back to win, 2-1.
1:50 pm
emphasis where, westbrom was in action against crystal palace. west brom winning 3-1 at the moment. that's football's governing body. beginning a new era. it's ousted former president. sepp blatter said it is a relief to no longer be in charge. >> blatter did watch the whole election from his home in switzerland and praised the successor an and compatriot. >> this is the end of my presidency in fifa.
1:51 pm
i was not so-so much surprised at the result. i think he's a man coming from the football organization, and he's a young man. he's powerful. he has a lot of energy. i'm sure he'll do the right job. it was important for fifa to have a change. and the majority of the 207 nations have indicated where they want to go, then all i can say is gianni, good luck and do it. >> lee wellings has more now from zurich. >> the shock making a late run and being able to beat sheikh salman to becoming the fifa president becomes the hard work.
1:52 pm
and he made promises to 209 members of the sow called fifa family. he said he wants to deliver money to the national federation, and of course the figure of $550 million was released by fifa as to how much they're behind where they want to be financially. he needs to make sure that they can attract sponsors again, and can be seen to be clean. and broadcastest will always pour money into fifa, but there are other areas he needs to sort out the finances. of course there is the reputation as well. the public, most have responded well to gianni infantino, but also the u.s. and swiss authorities continue to look at what they're doin--fifa is doing. he has invited a few people here for a game of football, a kick around, a reminder that ultimatebly all this fifa
1:53 pm
business is all about the game of football. >> new coach relishing competition, now he's taking the hot seat. after the loss to archrival, and has promised to do everything in his power to lead the team to success. >> my ambition is to come and help the team to improve improve the mentality. and maybe the mentality and the understanding for the tactical state of the game, and hope go even further and have the success that everybody who i
1:54 pm
who--wants. >> the last few minutes england has wrapped up a win. three wins from three now from coach eddie jones. lindsey vonn's season could be in jeopardy after the american skiing star was taken to hospital following a crash at the race in andora. it happened in difficult conditions saturday. vonn leads the down hill super g and she had the fastest time before clipping the gate and crashing out. high winds and heavy snowfall caused the officials to shorten the course and delay the race three hours. that's it for sports. >> as hollywood gears up for the academy wards, some campaigners are highlighting women will earn
1:55 pm
less than men. patricia arquette said that a lot needs to be done if women are to be truly equal in the united states. >> and the oscar goes to patricia arquette. >> well, that was expected but maybe hollywood was not prepared for the next bit. >> to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, it is our time to have wage equality once and for all. >> everyone here knows patricia arquette, hollywood's women are all too familiar with her message. they're used to being paid less than men and right is imitating life here. >> we have to make a really radical shift. >> patricia has spent the last year producing this documentary highlighting how that pay gap extends beyond film to women across the united states. >> long side that she's launched a petition with a hit of 40,000 signatures in the
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first four hours alone. >> because of the inequality, and there are millions of women and children who live in poverty in the united states even if the mom is working full time. we want to make sure that women are paid their full dollar. we could address a lot of child hunger in the united states. >> in terms of hollywood, robert downey jr. is the highest paid actor. he took home 80 million-dollar in one year. compared the highest paid actress wh actress, jennifer lawrence who made $52 million. >> in 2014 how many films had women characters. >> 28%. >> and 11% writers, and when it comes to directors only 2% of director are female. >> you see more men than women.
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>> mandy moved to l.a. to pursue her acting dream. she has been in commercials. she has been in movies. she knows that sexism exists but says it is not always to blame. >> hollywood is just tough. it's not fair. i know so many male actors, writers, directors who don't get those opportunities as well, and it's not because of sexism. >> diversity in general is the talk of this town at the moment as hollywood prepares for its big night for a place that deals in stories. it's having to face some uncomfortable truths as well. al jazeera, los angeles. >> plenty more stories for you any time on our website at al jazeera al jazeera. you can also watch us live by clicking on the watch now icon at the top of the screen. that's it for me, lauren taylor. maryam nemazee will be here with another full round up of news. thank you so much for watching. see you soon.
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>> holding for the most part, the u.n. said fight something largely halted in syria, but the battle against isil goes on. hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching live from london. also coming up. iran's president hails a new future for his country as early election results show strong backing for a performance candidate. thousands march in moscow in memory of an opposition politician shot dead near the kremlin. and thousands of proste


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