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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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up to his or her potential, imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the spectre of deportation. imagine tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, family are spouted and communities are strong. when we tuft and protect each other despite all that divides us. so please join us in this campaign for our country's future. go to hillary clinton.come or text "join", to 47246 right now. i stopped by a bakery here in colombia saying hello to everybody. i went over to say hello to a man reading a book in the
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corner. it turned out he was a minister and the book was a bible. he was studying first corinthians 13 which happens to be one of my favorite passages. love never fails, it tells us, love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. these are words to live by, not only for ourselves but also for our country. i know it sometimes seems a little odd for someone running for president in these days and this time to say we need more love and kindness in america, but i'm telling you, from the bottom of my heart, we do. we do. we have so much to look forward
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to. there is no doubt in my mind that america's best years can be ahead of us. we have got to believe that. we have got to work for that. we have to stand with each other. we have to hold each other up, lift each other. thank you, god bless you and god bless america. [ applause ] [ ♪ ] hillary clinton declaring victory in south carolina giving some elements of her standard stump speech but also very obvious in this speech she just made she is reaching out to supporters of senator sanders as she talks about younger voters
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and talk tough on wall street. we will let the noise die down there. she is using the opportunity with the national cameras on to extend her credibility. >> yes. keeping constituencys that she has trouble connecting with. she also hugging president obama as close as she can because he is still popular in the democratic party. she needs to support going to super tuesday >> quite a serious speech on the part of hillary clinton as she came back, after having campaign throughout the day in alabama, to thank south carolina voters giving her an overwhelming victory. she touched on all points of her
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campaign, of promoting domestic issues such as income and equality. i'm talking about the need for retirement and really the theme i suppose you would say was that america should come together. she said it's sort of unusual at these times for the presidential candidates coming together. i have here the chairman of the democrat party. jamie harrison. you are exceeding expectations? >> yeah. we got a clue. we had almost 50,000 votes which was a significant increase from the 35,000 in 2008. we were surprised by the percentage of african-americans.
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we had 55% but i'm told it's north of 60% tonight. >> reporter: how do you account for that? >> the one thing is that clinton is a known brand and economy in the african-american community. they remain popular figures in the democratic party. as we all know, the african-american vote for democrats. >> reporter: what do you think it means for bernie sanders? >> it is hard for him now to break into that sector. they're the bed rock for the democratic party. if he can't win that, he can't win the ultimate election. >> reporter: voters will be
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prominent. >> states with large communities, arkansaw, georgia and virginia, again he has to find some way to break into that in order no have a chance to get the nomination. >> reporter: some people have said that maybe there was an enthusiasm [indistinct] gap. >> i don't get into that gap. this was a different race from 2008. perfect example, april of 2007 we are [indistinct] i worry about the gaps when we're facing donald trump in the fall. >> reporter: thank you for tha .
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did you pick up on that? he said that they face donald trump in the fall. let's bring in ali velshi to talk about this. it's interesting after hillary clinton won nevada she was speaking directly to south carolina voters. i'm sure you heard what i did. she said tomorrow the campaign goes national and so many of the bullet points she made there in the speech were directly to different voters in those scc states. >> yes. that's absolutely right. the concept of the setback that new hampshire was for her, the idea in new hampshire that night. she said i still love you, new hampshire, but she set her sites squarely on south carolina. the numbers are indicating, at least for the moment, with a quarter of the precincts in. the win at the moment is bigger than what the numbers have indicated. just like her loss in new hampshire was bigger than the numbers had indicated. her message was interesting. talking to voters in south carolina, particularly by the
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with way african-american voters around the country. she has been accompanied by these five mothers of african-americans that had died in situations that people would think were unjust. she brought up a lot of things that she has seen work for bernie sanders. the gentleman i was speaking to, the head of the north charleston branch of ncaap, said one things that you heard randall talking about. they do form the bed rock of the voting base for the democratic party, but a lot of their concerns are the very things that bernie sanders has been talking about, including an a15 an hour-- $15 an hour minimum wage, not that hillary clinton was endorsing. it was $10.25. president obama did see the minimum wage rise to $7.25, so
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it was a big chump to 10. obama has talked more about that, into the $12 range. bernie sanders talking about $15 aborigine hour. when you are talking about the economic issues and the economic injustice that a lot of african-americans feel, they're feeling injustice on a social and economic level. it becomes complicated. why wouldn't more of them support bernie sanders. part of it is there just doesn't exist a personal connection. bernie sanders has tried on several occasions to connections in the black community. he has come down here to south carolina and other places. he is getting big rallies and turn out. in austin today he had 10,000 people but he has not had enough time in the game with african american community. they don't know who bernie sanders really is absolutely. i think that could be one of the flaws of this campaign strategy that many punnedits are saying, is that he is going after that young vote and all too often the
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young voters they don't always turn out to the polls. >> that's correct. by the way, i think you will see as we cross-tabulate the results tonight, at least the initial polling indicated that hillary clinton made up some of that gachl. after new hampshire, the impression may have been that young people and young women, in particular, have no interest in hillary clinton. they certainly don't like the lecture stuff that got from gloria steinam and others. you may see that she did better than expected amongst young people and among young women. so she has used south carolina, a place where people are very familiar with bill clinton, as a turning point in this campaign. the issue now is does this continue, is this her momentum that she needed, is this the kick-start that she needed to keep this thing going through super tuesday and then through march 15 where you have florida and ohio, or is bernie sanders
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still anying at her heels and maybe even-- nipping at her heels. they call it the scc primary because of the number of states and voters. watching this carefully is going to be very important let's go back to the museum. libby casey is there to see what is striking an accord with millennials. the reactions you might have got when they tried to reach out, talking about issues such as education. >> we had a lot of mixed reactions. i have to say when hillary clinton went on the touchy feely stuff, talking about needing more kindness, there was a
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little bit of cynicism here, i'm not going to cry, but people listened with a lot of attention when she talked about some of the people that have been killed by police or in other confrontations over the past year. that is something that a lot of young people have been watching very closely. i want to bring in one of our guests here tonight. we're here with 21 college students from all over the country. they go to school here. this lady is the president of the college democrats. you already voted for bernie sanders in the primary because you pre-voted by absentee ballot >> yes. i did. >> reporter: how is hillary clinton doing so well in south carolina where it looks like from the exit polls six out of ten voters came out were african-american and eight out of ten voted for hillary clinton. what's that? >> i think we all agree that she
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does a great job that she uses people to her advantage. also with key words. when she talks about the black lives matter movement or having parents of black kids that are shot, that kind of resonates with the community. she uses that to her advantage. when she talks about the 2008 race or when her father was the president, she forgets when she talks about the black community having animalise particular attributes or how it needs to be rolled back in. how she made sure that bill was passed. with hillary clinton it is what do you really mean? even in her speech today. we node love, we need hope. no. we need racism to stop. we need white privilege to stop. we need to go back to america. what america? when there was slaves? there's nothing to go back to. this country was built on. no. this is was built on our backs. until she is acknowledge those kind of words and talk about the real issues, i wouldn't be
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voting for her. >> reporter: you are also a democrat? >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: what do you think about the messages tonight when we heard from hillary clinton, but what is bernie sanders missing? >> to me it was a clear appeal to religion where she read a small bible verse and clearly making an attempt to make inroads with religious folks who in south carolina tend to be older and more african american voters, so i think that is a conscious strategic mood and would be less interesting. frankly, less interest in some of the rhetoric that was used surrounding that bible verse were more - i could say were less patient. the planet is getting hotter
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every year, the college debt situation is looking worse. every graduating class is not interested in the charm - in the sort of charm around the way we can frame issues. we're more about the action. so i think that's why my peers in the room and at george washington are fans of bernie sanders. >> reporter: we will be hearing more tonight to hear about these students. they're not just democrats, but also republicans and have a lot to say. >> reporter: that's great. we will check back with you and your panel in a few moments. as you can see here the numbers showing hillary clinton 75% with bernie sanders 37%. this far exceeds the polls. some people will be questioning the polls after this result. hillary clinton did speak minutes ago after winning the south carolina primary. >> despite what you hear, we
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don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. [ applause ] >> but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we node too be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together-- we need to. to.
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>> let there be no doubt in any boardroom or executive suite across this country, if you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, pollute our environment or rip-off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. [ applause ] >> if you turn your back on america, you'll pay a price hillary clinton speaking just minutes ago declaring victory in south carolina, another state for her under her belt as she heads in to super tuesday. we have our correspondent in minne shgs ota where bernie
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sanders is holding an event. how interesting that we just played that particular speech because that got a lot of people talking with some people, including bernie sanders saying hillary clinton is ripping me off. that's my talking point and now she is sounding tough on wall street. right? >> that is a great point because clearly if nothing else, and obviously this campaign is not over yet, despite the sort of efforts to create that perception by hillary clinton tonight that they're turning the page and turning the corner and turning their attention to donald trump, clearly ever since bernie sanders got in this campaign, a lot of people are going to say it has made hillary clinton a better candidate, certainly in terms of where she stands on the ideological spectrum, it has pulled her to the left. the perception that she is trying to create in that victory spech and what appears to be a crushing defeat in south carolina over bernie sanders, it
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is going to be lost on a lot of piece people here. they haven't voted yet. it is a place where bernie sanders, no mistake, is on his way here. he will be speaking in about 35 minutes. he thinks he has a chance. the trouble is math is unforgiving and bernie sanders is going to have to start witness boxing some contests coming up and starting on tuesday or else that perception that hillary clinton is trying to create is going to become every reality. i really thought it was interesting to hillary clinton, that hillary clinton sort of was suddenly trol already beeninging donald trump there. she read that verse about love and kindness from first corinthians, an allusion to donald trump, to 2 corinthians, which people who know their bible raise their eyebrow up and the substance, love and kindness
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in direct contradiction of donald trump when he talks about different groups. the people in this room, they don't think the campaign is over. bernie sanders in his statement says the same thing. this campaign is just beginning for bernie sanders i think it's really interesting that senator sanders has chosen minnesota of all of the states, it only 457s 7 delegates up for grabs there. it's one of the more moderate states there, but it is a state that put someone in office like jesse venturai a long time ago. they have a history of going to nor nonestablishment candidates. i wonder what feeling you get from the people on the ground. why do they like him? is it because he is different? >> i think that the people here on the ground and the voters
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that i've talked to here and elsewhere who back bernie sanders, they feel a lot - they echo the comments that we heard from some of the young people that are with lib ee casey tonight, and that he lays it bare. there is a feeling and a commonality between bernie sanders and dare i say donald trump, in that they're not accepting campaign - well, they're not accepting super pack money. they're accepting substantial campaign done edonations, abouts donald trump is walking the walk and accepting smaller donation and an average of $27 per person for bernie sanders. the fact that people are fed up with sort of the dance of washington, the abstract nature of politics t the way that people talk in code in washington and the political establishment, for lack of a pert term, people are fed up, they're sick of listening to it and they're tired of hearing the
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bickering thank you for that. we have our correspondents out in the country. i just pulled up bernie sanders campaign schedule. look at where he is going. he is hot on the trail. some people were saying he was too late getting to south carolina. is this an attempt to try and undo that? >> no. he also understands that he is building momentum. he has pulled 10,000 people at an event, he know people are getting holdened him. he has the head room to build momentum. hillary clinton, people know her or they don't. he is looking at some of these
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exit polls and seeing there's opportunity elsewhere. i'm look at the exit polls and 51% of white women in south carolina voted for bernie sanders. they had two bites of the apple to try and get the first woman president in the office. in the second bite of the apple, 51% are still going towards many that feel it is not a general election. that to me is a concerning sign for hillary clinton that she needs to pay attention to. you heard what younger voters said. if understanding play in the states he has a shot we've got to talk about the g.o.p. race heading into super tuesday, a lot of states up for grabs. my question is with this divided race right now, and you look back at the debate they had the other night and you saw rubio and cruz shake hands and people wondering what this means. is there any stopping donald
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trump from making almost a clean sweet sweep on super tuesday with a vision? >> it is going to be tough because he is ahead in just ever been primary or caucus right now. one big test will be texas, a very big state. that's a big test for ted cruz. ted cruz is ahead in the polls, but if donald trump beats ted cruz in texas and then two weeks later he beats marco rubio in florida, that's the end of the story. double-stranded is the nominee let's suppose that happens. you are hearing buzz from the establishment republicans saying what else can we dough and the idea floating around of going nuclear convention. what does that mean? is there any precedent for it to stop donald trump? >> it would be very, very difficult for the establishment. if he gets the votes or the delegates he need needs in primaries and caucuses across the country, to go in and have the establishment rip that away
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from him or even try would be very, very bad for the republican, very damaging for the establishment. he has been talking about it all along. it would play into his hands. i don't think they will do that. i do this think they're going to press, if they content get this out of his hands by 15th or in the next couple of weeks, it is a done deal. i think they're pressing hard to see if they can do that. the best shot is to have donald trump win texas and make this a head to head race between marco rubio and trump okay. thanks so much. we will have more analysis to come. for now, i'm adam may in new york. be sure to stay with us. our correspondent is live in dc with a special town hall meeting speaking to millennial speakers. goodnight for all of us here in new york.
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america votes. 2016. tonight millennial. polls show they're feeling the burn where does that leave the democratic front runner remand why is winning over this group so important? >> i know i have some work to
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do, particularly with young people student debt, health care and jobs, just some of the topics they care about much >> he is going to fight to get the low income families more money and jobs how are young voters reacting to tonight's results. we're live in washington dc at a town hall meeting to find out millennial, voters 18 to 34 years old. for some upcoming election will be their very first time voting and they're already making an impact. will 7% of americans under age 27 plan to vote this year according to the polls. that's nearly nine out of every ten. they want to make a difference in the future of america. we have 21 millennials. they have varies views. what they have in common is they
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care about these elections. let's hear from them thont. thanks for being here and giving up your saturday night for politics. a big night for hillary clinton. how many are hillary clinton supporters? we've got three all women. interesting. let's start with you. why do you support hillary clinton? >> she has got so much experience that i trust hear. a lot of people that i am familiar with that are bernie sanders supporters, they say that he has got a lot of policy points and he is going to get it done. i don't believe that. i think that a lot of what he has to say is far-fetched and i would love to have equality for all. i think that's great, and i think that we should have free tuition for universities and such but i don't think he will get it done. i think people are conservatives that might be in the middle, i don't think they're going to want to meet him halfway. i think people will support hillary clinton. she has more experience with foreign policy. when she was secretary of state
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or being a senator. she knows what it takes. i think that she is going to do it it is a big of an issue for you. why are you supporting hillary clinton? >> because i think she understands the core of a lot of issues that are very important in this election. so today in south carolina we saw she came out with big wins and i don't know if we've looked very closely at the numbers yet, but i think she is going to have done very well with young people and young people of color. i think this proves a lot of the rhetoric that bernie sanders has been putting out there about the sort of economic roots of certificatism and racism haven't been resonating as much with the communities that he is trying to pull over to his side. i think hillary clinton's understanding of the deeper roots of the structural racism and sexism that we're facing in america is one of the big reasons that i'm supporting her a bernie sanders support,
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you're supporting him. why not hillary clinton? >> we get this thing about hillary clinton's experience and, yes, she is a dinosaur. she has be is she out of touch? >> the kind of experience she has isn't the kind of experience we want. so i think in the end foreign policy should come down to being matters of judgment, matters of foresig foresight. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. sanders voted. >> we had a lot of information that was just bad information and in the position that they were in. they were privy to a lot of this private information and they still are winning and they declared this war because of
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weapons of mass destruction. we all knew that they don't have, and they knew they didn't have, have experience with foreign policy to make those kinds of decisions is not the kind of leader that you want how old were you when the iraq war started? advertisement has been going on for most of my life. that's why it's so infuriating is it a big turning point for a lot of you? >> it is the era that we grew up in. even now the evidence that we see about the iraq war is sketchy and the fact that we destabilize the region. somehow we're justified in that. i find that disturb iing. he has a record of bipartisan ship and moving across the island. i feel this notion that hillary clinton knows how to get things
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done. we know how to get things done you're a sanders supporter. >> yeah. i am actually part of the team for bernie let me pause one moment. one thing that people talk about is hillary clinton's credentials about secretary of state, being the first lady and senator, but she recognised she has a problem connecting with millennials. she knew she had work to do and she admitted that when she lost new hampshire. she also talked about things she had done when she was young >> when children anywhere in our country go to bed hungry or are denied a quality education or who face abuse or abandonment, that diminishes all of us. that's why i did start my career at the children's defense fund. that's why i went undercoffer in
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alabama to-- undercover in am ba. that is why i went to flint michigan one of our panelists here who is a bernie sanders supporter appeared a political activist. i would like to hear-- and a political activist. is that enough? do you hear enough? >> i don't. those are easy words to say and i don't think there's a whole heck of a lot of substance. what are you going to do about that. yes, children are going hungry, students can't afford education, what are you going to do. i think bernie sanders has told us what he is going to do. he has action. hilary as words. shoo she talks about not kids but being a young person and being an activist. does that resonate with you? >> it does. however, she doesn't stay with her values, i don't think. again, she supported the war in iraq, now she doesn't. she did not support gay marriage. now she does.
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i think a true activist is someone who is going to put their values out there and particular with them. >> there's annual aimage of bernie sanders getting arrested in the 1960s, but during the 1960s she was a big supporter of senator who ran for president in 1964 and he came out against the civil rights act. i think that when you want to talk about hillary clinton as a young person, she has really evolved over the course of her career. >> oftentimes when i'm looking at hillary clinton's values in a sense, it definitely shifts. it's a turning topic in the sense. i feel like it changes whenever the political aid changes to what is more favorable. when it comes to black youth vote, if that's is what she is looking for specifically, i feel like the way to tap into that resource is not by doing anything by just talking about
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it, but bringing solutions in order tore us to figure out what we need to do next we will take a break right there and be back. we're with 21 students, millennials, what they have on their mind in this election season.
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we're here in washington dc,
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with 21 million eni ams, voters-- millennials, who have different perspective. how many are republicans? show of hands. fantastic. as you've watched the campaign, who has stood out to you, which candidate are you listening to? >> i think marco rubio has definitely stood out, especially at the debate on thursday night. he really went after donald trump and i appreciated that and i wished it happened earlier in the race. maybe we be seeing different polling trends i want to play a segment of that. this is from texas, thursday night. things got pretty heated >> you wouldn't know anything about it because you're an allow see businessman. >> i don't know anything about [indistinct] >> that's called [indistinct]
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they're suing him now. >> by the way-- [simultaneous speaking] what do you think when you hear this kind of a debate. what does it make you think about? >> it is definitely not ideal to have candidates shouting over each other. but with donald trump in the race and he is launching personal attacks and talking over everyone else, you have to have someone willing to fight right back you're a republican and supporting marco rubio? >> right did that get out of hand? >> i think marco rubio is in a top position and he has to respond in a way that he is shrugging donald trump. as the field narrows down he will see he had a strong
8:44 pm
alternative to donald trump do any support donald trump? no hands. we've actually reached out to a lot of colleges in the area. weep couldn't find anyone who wanted to come and talk about donald trump. if donald trump is the nominee, would you vote for him? >> absolutely not why not? . i will unregistered from the republican party if he becomes a nominee because that is not the party i signed up for and he doesn't hold my beliefs and values. that is not conservatism. that is someone went on stage - he was buddy buddy with the clintons twf 2009. he has funded them and other democrats. we might be seeing him run as a democrat. he is playing a political game. his name is out there, but he is just trying to increase his populari popularity >> he is a deal maker
8:45 pm
issues you care about, the military? >> military and education would you vote for hillary clinton some >> no bernie sanders? >> no you wouldn't vote. >> yes what do you think? >> he is not going to be the nominee. he doesn't represent the republican party. i think you have to question would he be as successful as he was if he didn't inherit the company from his father. i don't think so if he racks up a lot of wins on super tuesday? >> anything is possible, but i'm confident as a republican that our ideas represent the ideas of the future. socialism has failed. those are ideas of the past. i think that the new republican ideas represent in america that can achieve much greater things than it is today. i know we will have a strong kefshtive that-- conservative that can do that can we just clarify what america we're thinking of
8:46 pm
because we're on a different side with the different parties. what is your idea of america, where do we all fit into that. >> i think america is where you can succeed. i don't want the government telling me how i should practice my religion, telling me what school i should be going to, taxing me for my hard-earned money what about about bernie sanders's talks about free education and reduced cost education. hillary clinton is talking about that too >> i do like some components of bill clinton. you could say bernie sanders's is the biggest fairy tale. hillary clinton has fb ichl agents investigating her right now we have one libertarian. how do you vote in this election some >> right now, i would vote for a
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republican if they in a good one, but i'm see pro of war or pro-interventionalism. >> the reason why rand paul's campaign failed is because of the rise offisise. we need to have an active military presence in the rae john. i.s.i.s. is attacking people and people are dying and we need to be present in the middle east we have to take a quick break and we will talk about the foreign issues when we come back. e back.
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good evening. we're talking to millennials about the election. we've been talking about candidates, but what are you passionate about? what is going to influence your vote? >> i'm passionate about education. it is the great equaliser. it hurts me to think that a lot of my students are not going to have access to education because of the system. >> i would say international issues. i'm a strong hillary clinton supporter. i don't support bernie sanders because it is almost like high school election. you have someone saying we're going to have this free, that
8:51 pm
free, it's great, you want it, but how is it possible. it's not. hillary clinton has the credentials. she has been in the office. she can get the job done. she is not making false promises that won't be executed going to chris you brought up something about the possibility of another candidate coming in, a michael bloomberg. why does that intrigue you? >> we're all young, we're going out into the world. we want to get things done. what i think we don't agree on is-- things are not getting done across the board we have one hand who disagrees. >> they complain about many things. this game that's being played in washington needs to be changed. it needs an outside force to completely change it. if i see an opening, i maybe see an opening this year.
8:52 pm
where someone like michael bloomberg can domestic in and really unify us and kind of change the way the game is being placed. that inspires me to change the way it all works going back to you, do you think washington is working? you're a senior at george town. you've been teaching the schools and getting a sense of real life. is it working here? >> i don't think so. i love obama. i am sad he is leaving. i never thought i was going to see a black president enthusiasm think it's working? >> yes. not fast enough. there is a difference between that. a lot of things didn't get changed through obama. it took some time a whot local of time, even after six years of slavery. but i think change is happening. i think washington is making it happen but it needs to move
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faster you were disappointed in obama's presidency. it didn't pan out. >> a lot of progressives like myself was disappointed with the amount of progress that has not been made. if we see another candidate build as a progressive who terms out to be moderate, i think that the youth vote might be permanently disenfranchised. i think the disillusionment that exists now will become, perhaps, irreparable who is going to vote even if the candidate doesn't make it through the primary? thank you so much. this has been a great opportunity to talk to you guys, hearing what you have to say. adam back to you, a sense of what young americans are thinking about, how passionate they are and how smart they are as they vote. it's a relief thinking about
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these young people being up on these issues, isn't it it is such a relief to hear them speaking because we're talking here among the panel about how when we had to make our first vote, did we really think it all through. we will talk about that in a minute. i want to show you the latest numbers coming in from south carolina. this is going to be a substory, how the polls are apparently so far off in south carolina, hill was 73% when she was projected 60%. she did speak to supporters earlier this evening. she tried to drive home points on the economy. >> we need more good jobs, jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. jobs that provide dignity and a path to a prettier future and we can create those good jobs by
8:55 pm
building up the progress we've made under president obama. so let's make new investments and manufacturing and small business in scientific research, in clean energy, enough clean energy to power every home in america let's bring ali velshi into the conversation. ali, building on that progress that president clinton has made in trying to turn around the economy, is there a lot more work to be done on that front, and is hillary clinton presenting anything different than we've already heard over last eight years on this? >> first of all, rather than hearing from me, we should go back to the kids. could any of those put themselves up for the running? they put their fingers on the issues of concern. yes. there say lot more to be done in terms of creating jobs and creating work. these young people are the ones who this is all going to affect. i mean, the reality is that
8:56 pm
president obama, under president obama a lot of jobs have been created. there's no question about that. i decided to disassociate the creation of jobs from the present a long time ago. they're not one in the same. the economic cycles work in a way that sometimes had has to do with the president and sometimes it doesn't. if you were under the notion that a rising economic tide as indicated by gdp growth rises, lifts all votes, the last eight years has shown you that is not true. if you were to pop in from marchs and look at the economy, if i were to show you dharts of the economy for the last eight years, you would say largely, fantastic. if you went into the great se session with the ability to have credit and capital, you would have done well. this is a buy fur indicated-- bifurcated economy. some have done well and other haves lost ground. that's what we have to fit.
8:57 pm
it's not just an american problem. it is actually an international problem. that's what the next president of the u.s. has to understand it's a global issue. good to you have you joining us for the coverage here tonight. thanks. let's bring the panel back in. joining me in the studio is the professor of campaign management at nyu, and conservative political comment as ator. one thing we haven't talked about tonight is the changing tone within this g.o.p. race as we're nearing the finish line potentially for some of them as we head into super tuesday. i wanted to snow some of the tweets that-- show some of the tweets that have been exchanged. listen to what marco rubio is saying:
8:58 pm
is it too late for marco rubio to go on this line of attack. i mean, obviously, he has rolled up his cuffs here. he knows that in sma regards he is desperate-- some regards he is desperate. >> jeb bush was taken down. people were not coalescing behind donald trump. when they say that 45% number in nevada that scared people. before the theory was he was not going to get over 30 to 35%. it is like now, couple that with the fact that chris christie is trying to bring his two to three% that he had nationally behind him. now we're going into super tuesday where he is leading a lot of the polls. he is seeing the rhetoric is going to stick in voters. he has to move voters behind him. he needs a win. a strange in the strategy. he is risking his own brand which has changed
8:59 pm
he is changing his tune on this. when you listen to the voters, new voters, first time voters, how exciting for them. when she asked the republicans in that room, if donald trump was the nominee would you vote for him, none of them raised their hands. doesn't that show he has a problem moving in the general election, especially among young voters? maybe it does go to 40%. >> i think that is the real concern of the republican establishment, that voters will not go out and there are big concern as the down ballot races. they don't want to lose the senate because if they lose the senate, whoever the next president is, if it is hillary clinton, she could get a supreme court nominee. they don't want to lose house seats. they want to maintain their advantage in all the races and they feel like they can't do it with donald trump. it's not only young people. 80% of the latinos have a negative impression of donald trump. you can't win in the u.s. with
9:00 pm
those kinds of negatives. that's their big concern always good to have your perspectives. thank you for talking to us for your perspective. i'm adam may in new york. more coverage coming up tonight. ng up tonight.


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