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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news.
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>> let's take a closer look. it's good to have you with us on the al jazeera news hour in doha. these are our top stories. early results from friday's election in iran suggests moderates and reformists look set to make major gains. hillary clinton has won the
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democratic presidential primary in south carolina. it comes ahead of next week's super tuesday primary when several states decide dh candidate to support-- which candidate to support. more than 24 hours to end the fighting in parts of syria came into force and fighting has significantly reduced, but there have been some isolated reports of violence. more on the conflict in syria. thousands of refugees are cramped into camps along the turkish border. they have been trying to escape war. our correspondent reports from a camp >> reporter: it is a camp that's home to many that have been displaced as a result of russian air strikes. this piece of land not far from the border of turkey used to be empty. now thousands are banded together. they're lined by boys and girls
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who have had their childhood robbed from them by war. while others their age go to school elsewhere around the world, they are stuck here traumatised by war and abandoned by the international community. this baby is two weeks old. his father and pregnant mother fled two weeks ago. >> translation: we left our homes because of the russian air strikes. they were not stop and relentless. they didn't spare anybody >> reporter: they slept in a car for a week before she went into labor. it was only after the baby was born that they were given a tent. they're saying russia is not just trying to defend bashar al-assad but also trying to change the ethnic make up of parts of syria. >> translation: no, no, no. it's not true. they are not targeting i.s.i.l. they are targeting civilians, especially sunnis. they are going after sunnis. >> reporter: although the flow of refugees has been ongoing for several years now, what makes this camp different is that the
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internally displaced here say that they have been forcibly and intentionally removed by russian air strikes and the syrian regime in a bid to ethnically cleanse large parts of northern syria. it's not only the people here who have accused russia of ethnic cleansing. turkey's prime minister said the same thing as did the syrian opposition. this man last his leg 18 months ago when his home was bombed. >> translation: they are bombing our towns to enter them of the indigenous people >> reporter: this is why turkey says it is keeping the people inside syria. aid agencies are delivering food and blankets, but the government says it doesn't want to let people in and be complicit to ethnic cleansing. there isn't a city in syria that hasn't been affected by this civil war. there isn't a child here who
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doesn't seem haunted by all the death and destruction. these children are too young to differentiate between sunni, arab and occurred. unley n unfortunately, they live at a time whether that will decide whether they live or die the united nations says the truce will allow more aid to be delivered to civilians in besieged areas. it expects supplies to reach 17 areas surrounded by government forces or rebel groups. it is estimated that around 480,000 people are currently trapped. the opposition says there is a series lack of aid reaching besieged regions. the syrian government is accused of seizing some of the food aids and delivering to villages under government control. people trying to collect aid were shelled by fighters from the lebanese armed group hezbollah.
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more for this on this we're joined by our guest. she is joining us live from washington dc. always good to have you with us on al jazeera. as mentioned, hundreds of thousands of syrians in desperate need of aid and have been for a long time. how hopeful are you that this ceasefire will allow for the delivery of aid? >> i am actually hopeful, which is a rare thing to say in the course of this conflict, but to me the critically important point is that this is the first time that the international community has actually tried a broad based almost nationwide ceasefire in syria. it has been more than four years since this was attempted. i think the very attempt to do so, the agreement to get this done, will at least pave the way for the interim period, for a short-term period, for aid to get to civilians in desperate
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need. so the critically important thing is that this hasn't been tried in more than four years and so here we have an attempt to get it done. the aid agencies, i think, are all prepared to go in. they have been doing the steps for some time. i'm optimistic that people will get aid at least in the short term in the near term how much of a problem is it for them that the ceasefire doesn't include i.s.i.l. and al-nusra who control large areas of syria? >> it is of course is problematic. aid agencies specialise in this. this is what they do. they're not looking to sit in five star hotels and get aid to people who already have food. they're getting aid to people in war zones. they do it very well. i saw them do it in afghanistan, sudan, in many war zones around
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the world. when they have the opportunity to go in, when they have a ceasefire they have proved capable of doing so. in the past few weeks aid agencies have been able to get truck loads of food into the besieged areas under rebel control. they can do when there is agreement by the parties. even though not all of the parties have agreed to do so so here, i think enough has that will see large scale aid getting in at least for the short-term period what are the challenges now? i guess the ceasefire holding will be a pretty big factor. >> the ceasefire holding is the most important factor, but i think that, again, the incentives that the parties have to stay a part of the ceasefire are important, they're real and they're not something that i think will easily be reversed. the armed rebel groups have an
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interest in the ceasefire holding at least until they can figure out how to get more arms and support to their cause. the government of bashar al-assad also has a serious incentive in order for the government to consolidate its authority. i think for the short-term we will see this continue to hold. the big problem i think is if you see not necessarily large-scale acts of violence, but isolated spectacular acts of violence. so not many but just large suicide bombings, for example. that's the type of thing that could really destroy a ceasefire, but they very hard to predict thank you for that. >> thank you very much for having me a growing humanitarian challenge along macedonian's
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border with greece. many refugees making their way to western europe have been stopped from crossing causing many to pour into already crowded camps. more than 4,000 have been stranded since macedonia closed its border. it is only allowing some iraqis and syrians to cross some people were rescued in waters. french farmers have led a protest to show what they think of government policy. they're furious about falling food prices and the european ban on exports which they say will drive them into bankruptcy. they booed and heckled francois hollan hollande. a u.n. report has found teen
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pregnancy rates across the world have declined over the last two decades. the attitudes towards family planning are heavily influenced by the catholic church. a cut in the reproductive health budget isn't helping the situation. >> reporter: this woman is 20 years old and is a mother of three. from a low income family she was not giving family planning vice nor any methods of contraception offered to her. she never thought that having unsafe sex would lead to pregnancy. >> translation: it didn't cross pie mind that this could happen. my mother just asked me one day why i was not having my period any more. she said that i might be pregnant. it your honoured on out that i was after a pregnancy test >> reporter: she is not the only one in the population fund report put the philippines top of the country with the greatest
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number of teen pregnancys and multiple partners. one in ten of women in 915 to 19 range is a mother. that's twice ut rate of two years ago. gentleman low income earners had the right to family planning services. it meant schools had to teach sex education. while 80% are practising catholics, the wider public support supports family planning. a budget of over 42 million dollars earmarked for familiaring planning initiatives has been cut back. >> translation: the pressure is on the girls because when we look at teenage pregnancys, it is a girl problem. it is really half the girl
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problem and half a boy problem. so the answer so this is to have sex education programs that they're aimed equally for boys and girls in the schools. >> reporter: the population of philippines is now over 10 million. the government says it's trying to find way to provide access to family plan, but will look to private donors. she wants to ensure her children get a good education and when the time comes the best family planning information too. the question is how will the philippines government deal with an issue that is getting important problematic each year. while the laws are in place, it seems no-one is willing to take practical steps. the government says it will address the matter again after the election in may thousands of south koreans have held an anti-government rally in the capital. they're angry at a government plan to cap the salaries of senior workers and make it easier for companies to fire staff. the estimate is 130,000 people
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took part in the protest still to come on the news hour. >> reporter: i'm in l.a., home to a film industry where women are still routinely paid less than their male counterpart. how does that reflect life as a whole in the u.s. in sport, india spoil the party for pakistan at the asia cup. cup. this will be done here. mr. president, council members, the initial indication of consent by the parties to the conflict is, indeed, encouraging. but what we need is for thev
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shipping containers rarely grab anyone's attention, but in india the metal boxes are being transformed to be eye-catching street art. >> reporter: playing on the idea that art take people to places where they've never been before. a container terminal is turned into a gallery. 100 metal boxes are given a colorful make over to lure the curious and transport them to another world >> this is a witness of mexico. i want to represent my culture, my roots. >> reporter: organisers collaborated with the largest shipping company aiming to bring art to everybody. these containers will now travel the country not only carrying goods but also showcasing the artists' ideas. the impact is where street art is becoming a part of people's lives. the once drab walls are turned
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into a canvass. all the artists are given their freehand. this artist painted a portrait of his mother which he says is gaining taxi >> translation: new dialogue. >> reporter: for the residents of this colony it represents something else >> translation: it used to look bad, it is a good painting. it would have been better if it was bigger. >> reporter: the country has a long history of art, but artistic opinions have been reserved for the privileged. indians here say this concept of street art is making it accessible cross social classes and encouraging everyone to be part of the artwork updated on the latest from the world of sport now.
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>> reporter: we're going to start with cricket and it is always a huge occasion when india play pakistan. saturday was no different. they clashed in the asia cup t20 in bangladesh after winning the toss. they made good use of the bowling condition. pakistan out for 83 in 17.3 overs, but that was not the only drama taking place there. >> reporter: when teams in the first throw overs, it looked for a few minutes like a fail biting finish might be on the cards, one that pitted the traditional strength of each team against each other. in the end the depth were up held and they reached their target easily leaving indian fans happy and pakistani fans dejected.
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there is a silver lining for pakistan ee fans there was a performance from the 23-year-old who is returning fro a five-year ban for spot fixing which included three months in prison. cricket officials will be hoping that this was a sign of good things to come from the youngster. >> reporter: rinaldo could be in trouble following his team's defeat on saturday. he claimed real would be top of the league if his team mates were on his level. the manager tried to diffuse the situation claiming that he didn't mean to cause defense. they lost in the madrid derby. it was the first defeat for the coach after taking over the position.
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leicester city gets r kept hold of their lead in the league. they were made to work for it. a late substitute striking in the 89th minute to give the victory. it does put them five points clear of tottenham and arsenal who will be in action on sunday. chelsea are level at the moment. they fought back to beat hampton south hampton. aston villa. west bron conceded two against crystal pal's. all the talk centering around one team. leicester is city and that goal against norwich which puts daylight between their chaser. >> we played to maintain the ship. in the second half they wanted to win and there was a moment 20
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minutes ago, we can score, they can score, we can score, they can score. it was amazing >> reporter: as football's governing body f.i.f.a. begins a new era under gianni infantino, blatter says it is a relief to nong longer to-- no longer be in charge. iflt i will be back. >> reporter: i think it was meant as a warning to the opponents, but he watched the campaign. >> it was great day for me to follow on the election. the new president of f.i.f.a. because it meant that it was the end of my presidency in f.i.f.a. i was not so much surprised of the result. i know gianni. i think he is a man coming from
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the football organization and he is a young man. he is powerful, he has a lot of energy. i'm sure that he will do the right job and it was important for f.i.f.a. to have a change. the majority of the 207 nationals that so clearly indicated where they want to go. good luck to him to do it. >> reporter: world number 4 won the dubai championships after beating his opponent. the former australian open finalist wawrinka took the circumstances four and the tie break will be remembereded. it was of the longest tie breaks
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in history. >> it has been an amazing year. probably i can keep the level and keep playing well this year. >> reporter: scotland have recorded their first rugby ask success since 2014. england won 21 to 10 the final score. vonn's season could be in jeopardy after she was taken to hospital after a crash at the world cup event on saturday. she leads the overall standings. had the fastest time before clipping a gate and hurting her left knee. >> reporter: that's all for sport now. there's plenty lait the fight for equality in
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the bright lights of hollywood. patricia arquette gave a rousing except speech when she got an award at the oscars last year. as the red carpet is rolling up this year, she is stepping up. >> reporter: the oscar goes to patricia arquette. >> reporter: that was expected, but maybe hollywood wasn't prepared for the next bit. >> to every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, it is our time to have wage equality once and for all. >> reporter: everyone here knows patricia arquette. hollywood's women are all too familiar with her message. >> we have to make a really radical shift. >> reporter: she has spent the last year producing this documentary highlighting how that pay gap extends beyond film to women across the united
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states. alongside that she has launched a change dot org petition and it hit 40,000 signatures in the first few hours alone >> because of pay incommonwealth there's 33 million women and children even though the mom is working full-time. if we made sure they were paid their full dollar, we could really address a lot of child hunger in the u.s. >> reporter: in terms of hollywood, robert downy junior took home 80 million dollars in one year, compared to the highest paid actress, who made 52 million dollars. part of this is about the amount of opportunities available to men versus women. in the top 100 fms of 2014, 28% of female characters. of that 28% only 21 had a lead. that is in front of the camera. behind the camera 18% of
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producers being women, 11% writers and when it comes to directors, only 2% of directors are female >> you see more men than you do women. >> reporter: that woman has been in movies and commercials. she said it's sexism is not always to blame >> hollywood is tough. insist not fair. i know so many male actors, writers, directors that don't get the opportunities as well and it's not because of sexism. >> reporter: diversity in general is the talk of this town at the time as hollywood prepares for its big night for a place that deals in stories is having to face some uncomfortable truths as well that does it for this al jazeera news hour. another full news bulletin is in just a few minutes. for from me and the rest of the
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team, thanks for watching. and disseminating in the wider
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months.
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>> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> how you say the name of -- >> all right, let me give you -- >> aung san suu kyi. >> anxiou aung san suu kyi. >> i last saw my wife 18 months ago. on that occasion i was allowed to share her detention for about three weeks.


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