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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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this is al jazeera america. i'm adam may in new york. randall panicston will join us >> thank you america two wins in a row for hillary clinton >> tomorrow this campaign goes national we will win if the voter turn out is high. i have annoyed about that. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign for the republicans, the
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insults rise to or sink to new lows >> you can't say when i get there i will hire the smartest people appeared they will tell me what to do >> this guy has a fresh mouth, a very nasty divide the next stop, perhaps, the most important day in the political process. super tuesday, where campaigns are won and lost. also tonight we hear from millennials. a town hall of the voices of youngest voters >> we're all young and going out into the world. we can all agree that things in washington are not getting done a lot of pot particulars to cover-- lot of politics to cover tonight. the democratic race was an overwhelming victory for hillary clinton in the south carolina primary. it was expected, but nowhere
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near the margin with 73% of the votes and almost all of the ballots cast. a former secretary of state, one with wide margin there where bernie sanders took in just 26%. clinton drew strong support from african-american voters who backed obama in 2008. it helped her get a bigger margin than back then. bernie sanders turned his attention already to super tuesday addressing supporters in texas and moments ago in minnesota. we will hear from both candidates tonight. our correspondent is with the sanders chain, but beginning with randall at the south carolina celebration in colombia. hillary clinton won by a large margin, but looking over the numbers tonight, turn out was way down compared to 2008 and much lower than we saw in the
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g.o.p. primary. >> reporter: well, i did notice, as you point out, that her turn out compared to 2008 walls about 30% lower. here is the thing. i don't think that clinton's supporters or hillary clinton are focused on so much in the difference in the turn out. what she is focused on is that an overwhelming victory that you pointed out, her victory over bernie sanders, much more than a lot of people thought she was going to get. she invested millions of dollars, time energy and effort and months of campaigning here in south carolina to secure that victory. it came through for her and as you point out, largely due to the su viewer of african-american reporters-- due to the view of african-american supports. she went straight for the likely g.o.p. opponent, donald trump and his promise to make america greater again.
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>> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being greatly. but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together clinton also complemented her opponent bernie sanders for his campaign here in south carolina but made it clear that she is ready to take him on, on super tuesday, urging her supporters not to take anything for granted and to send donations yes. she was asking for money there at the end of that. thanks for the coverage tonight
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from south carolina. bernie sanders today turned his attention away from his democratic opponent instead focusing on donald trump and looking ahead to the states that will vote on super tuesday. he spoke in a rally shortly after clinton's victory. this was much bigger than senator sanders expected. how did he react? >> he underperformed. there's no question about it. there was a low turn out of his supporters in south carolina. it was clear that despite his pledge to stick it out in south carolina and fight to the end. he didn't do that. hes last rally was last night. he was in texas today, a super tuesday state rich in delegates where he spoke to two very large crowds before coming here. it is a measure of their pessimism, the sanders'
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pessimism about the results in south carolina. he was in the air when the polls closed and the grim results of the sanders campaign came in. when he was here addressing the supporters, he didn't mention south carolina. he barely mentioned the results at all, but it was when he disembarked, he got off his plane and he offered his thoughts on what had happened in south carolina. >> sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strong victory, over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them. >> reporter: bernie sanders says the campaign is just beginning. he has now got to try to fight that perception that all the momentum is with hillary clinton yes. no question that he is spending a lot of time on the campaign
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trail, attacking republicans and donald trump and not so much attacking secretary clinton and that's what he needs to do before getting to the next step. do you think he will ramp that up? >> it was interesting. he was attacking both donald trump and secretary clinton. i think he will ramp that up. it is the only avenue he has right now. it was interesting to see hillary clinton in per speech trying to pivot towards the national election coming up in the fall and a fight that presumably will pit hillary clinton against donald trump. bernie sanders is not going to be left alone in that. he wants to dispel the assumption that somehow this will be hillary clinton and that is the way this race is going. sanders was eye anger to go after hillary clinton as well principally on this issue of the gold man sachs speechs for which she was made some $775,000 and a
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cowl for her to release the transcript of those talks. >> secretary clinton as you may know gave some speeches to gold man sachs for $225,000 a speech. now, i think if you get $225,000 for a speech, it must be a really excellent wonderful speech, and, therefore, you should be very proud to release the transcript of that speech. >> reporter: senator sanders gave his usual stump speech to the supporters here. there were several hundred of them here. he has got a shot here, but he has to start put some marks in the win column within the next couple of weeks in super tuesday and on the big primary day of march 15 thanks so much. interesting to point out too that the state newspaper decided to endorse hillary clinton while
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sanders was there giving his campaign speech. after tonight's victory in south carolina, let's take a look here. hillary clinton has at least 536 delegates. this clues those super-- includes those super delegates that puts her way ahead of bernie sanders who has 83. it takes nine to a thousand delegates are up for grabs on center tuesday. clinton is in a strong position heading into there. the number is 865 voters in 13 states will be going to the polls. al jazeera america will give you full coverage on tuesday night. great to get your perspective on this. let's talk about hillary clinton's win in south carolina. why do you think that she was able to pull ahead so far compared to the polls? they had her around 60%.
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she did 13/14 points better that that. >> you have the brand name of clinton out there for a long time. the second time bernie sanders gave up on south carolina after a while. he said okay, we're not going to win that. we will put that in our formula from the outset. why waste resources there > but spend time there at all? >> then you won't look like you don't care. you're not trying to get the older vote. if you're not trying to get those votes, then we will make sure that we slide behind the clinton camp even more. he showed an effort so that maybe he can learn something from that and take that to super tuesday and improve those sults. the other thing he needs to make sure that he ended up doing was tweaking the message when necessary to say how do i create a path to victory because he is losing more an more of that path to victory
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if we could show the map again. bernie sanders has an intense travel schedule over the next couple of days and he will be hitting the majority of these states. he is planning a very vigorous campaign. he is polling pretty good, i guess, in vermont, coloradoo and oklahoma. what would you say is his best strategy? what area should he be focusing on to try and build momentum quickly? >> he needs wins. if he wins, can he fund raise off of that. if he has to have a long game he can't run out of money. one reason he has been as strong is the big win in new hampshire, but people also believed he can make a difference in this race. he has to keep that going to get that money to keep it going. that's the big thing. if he doesn't do that, then maybe this race is over by mid
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mf march he did attack hillary clinton calling her to release the transcripts on the gomd man sachs speeches, but is that enough-- gold man? there's a lot to go on after her for, if he wants to draw a stark comparison. why is he not rolling up his sleeves and getting into it like the people on the republican side are? >> i don't think bernie sanders is not running for the presidency. he is running for platform planks when it comes to the summer time. he is looking to make a statement and make sure that some of what is going to be pushed from a democratic nominee, hillary clinton, clues some of what he has been saying wlougt his career, not just a sclex cycle we-- selection cycle the candidates and some family members have been blanketing the south, turning their focus to center tuesday. it is just three days away. just checkout the map.
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ted cruz campaigned in texas, then in arkansaw we saw marco rubio and donald trump in clinton's home state, donald trump showed up in tennessee, as did john kasich. that was his only scheduled appearance. ted cruz's father who is a conservative, pastor, he was sent to minnesota. that is quite a map. >> it is. >> are you ready for tuesday? thank you very much there is donald trump in arkansaw getting help there from his new pal, chris christie. chris christie did endorse donald trump yesterday. trump wept after his compete fors, cruz and rubio. >> i am not taking money from the lobbyists and from the
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special interests and donors. everybody else, if you put rubio up there and he is president, they will say, mr president in between sweating. can you imagine rubio negotiate withing putin and he walks into the room and pouring sweat and putin says, man what is wrong with that guy? meanwhile marco rubio had one of the busiest days of really all the g.o.p. contenders. he held a rally in georgia before travelling to alabama a. he ended his day in arkansaw. most noted blee today was this change of tune we saw, these attacks on donald trump >> the other night he was worried about the lines around the state. what he needs to be worried about the lines around his eyes from his horrible spray tan. today he said he wanted to sue me. he is going to sue me.
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he should sue whoever did that to his face. that's who he should be suing >> after we pass the tax and abolish the irs ted cruz, you heard him talk about an issue focusing some of his attention today. he criticized donald trump to refuse to release his taxes. cruz did agree to make his own public. georgia has 76 delegates up for grabs on tuesday. he went on to arkansaw. john kasich spent saturday drumming up some support in tennessee. the rally in ashfield was one of three stops today. he spoke openly. some people were surprised to hear the possibility that he might not win had his home state later on this month >> if you don't win your home state, how could you go forward? i said what i said. if you can't win your home state, i don't know how you can
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move forward let's bring another back into this. i don't know where to begin. i guess the spray tan caught me most. to hear marco rubio going after these attacks, trying to sound like donald trump, what is he doing here? is this a strategy that could be successful to him? >> he's trying to outtrump trump is that possible? >> no. that's the problem. if you're trying to be presidential, and everybody is agreeing he doesn't sound presidential, sounds angry and vitriolic, and you copy that, how are you going to make the argument that you are worthy to be commander in chief. that is problematic. this strategy better work because it doesn't, he has thrown the good momentum away ted cruz has been at been at
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this war at donald trump. is he the one to win? >> i don't know. if ted cruz ends up not being in this race, and it is one person, it will allow to marco rubio, say, get ahead and go against trump or allow him to barely get the delegates. the problem is trump has been able to take advantage of free media as well as a lot of candidates in the field which has allowed him to get early leads and now people have to play catch up. it is a matter of looking at everyone's ego and say who will drop out. if they stay in, trump stays ahead in texas ted cruz, senator from texas, in the most recent polling shows him doing well and possibly beating donald trump. if he wins in texas, few doubt
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that he would drop out. he will stay in for a while. if he losss texas, could cruz drop out of the race? >> two things could happen. his path to victory evaporates. the fund-raising dries up and they say you couldn't win your home sthat as a sitting senator. we're going to start shifting our money behind rubio, behind john kasich or sit out and let's see how it plays out. if it starts drying up for ted cruz, he will have to look at it again. if you don't do well, and you don't win texas, you don't have a path, he will probably come out you and i were talking a couple of days ago and you were tough on donald trump. is donald trump, in your opinion, a republican? >> no. nor is he annie van gel kal or-- an evangelical or presidential.
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i don't think he would be interested in being a two-term president. that's the other thing because when you're going to be president of the u.s., you have to be inclined to create a legacy that is going to have your name on it and a path for the american people top go forward. we've heard none of that other than a slogan "make america great again"that is the same as hope and change, but that meant something to obama. we don't know if that means anything to mr trump thank you. you are definitely reflecting the view of many, many republicans in this race while donald trump is still is seeing support from other people in the country. thanks so much. >> thank you we're going to have more on the campaign and later we will hear from voices of america's youngest voters, the millennials.
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that's ahead. also a ceasefire in syria. violence breaks out at a rally when counter protesters turn up, a flagpole used as a well.
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the cessation of hostility in syria seems to be holding. almost 10 rebel factions have agreed to the truce but it does
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not include i.s.i.l. or al-nusra. that is making for an uneasy calm in the war-torn country. >> reporter: these fighters are on patrol, but they are also at ease. the sky above aleppo is usually buzzing with russian or syrian war planes. the city hasn't had the calm morning probably in years. fighters here are under no illusion. >> translation: the regime is not trust worthy. they violated other deals before but we are here and will stop them from advancing in our areas. >> reporter: the areas under rebel control in aleppo there is a cautious sense of calm and a desire to end the blood path. >> translation: we want the truce to last and the killing of innocents to stop. >> translation: we want to live in peace and freedom but nothing else. do understand that we won't be
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slaves again. >> reporter: in the sydney of idlib another unusual day of calm. the province is under rebel control. it has been a place of daily carnage and destruction. syrians are getting on with their daily lives. many fighters are suspicious. their group clis al-nusra front which has links to al-qaeda. they are not part of the truce-- includes. >> translation: this truce won't last >> reporter: in the capital there is hope that this could bring about peace. >> translation: we are optimistic in the ceasefire and this is the first step towards a political solution that satisfies everyone. >> reporter: the war is not over and its scars remain fresh. >> reporter: syrian government forces have clashed with and--
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with al-nusra bombing. the overall level of violence has dropped significantly. the question is how long this truce will last opposition supporters spent saturday remembering the life of russia politician. they marched through the streets of moscow to pay their respects. he was shot and killed right near the kremlin about a year ago. his murder was the most high-profile political building since putin too office. the hunt is for the alleged master mine, but three have been arrested a really having about 20 clan members saw the stabbing of many. one of the wounded victims was reportedly stabbed with the tip of a flagpole. 13 people were arrested.
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up next the voice of the country's youngest voters. an al jazeera town hall meeting with millennials.
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america votes. polls show they're feeling the bur burn. >> this is exactly what a revolution is, change where does that leave the democratic front runner and why is winning over this group so important. >> i know i have some work to do student debt, the environment, health care and jobs just some of the topics they care about the most.
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>> more money in jobs how are young voters reacting. how many of support the g.o.p. nominee . nominee they're already making an impact. nearly 9 out of every ten. they want to make a difference to the future of america. we've gathered together 21 students mostly. what they have in common is that they care about this election. instead of talking about young americans, let's hear from them tonight. thanks for all of you being here. a big night for hillary clinton
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supporters. we've got three all women. let's start with you. why do you support hillary clinton? >> she has got so much experience that i trust her. a lot of people that i am familiar with that are sanders supporter say that he is going to get it done. i don't believe that. i think that a lot of what he has to say is far-fetched and i would love to have equality for all. i think that's great. i think that we should have free tuition for universities but i don't think that will be done. i don't think going to want to meet him. i think people will support hillary clinton. she has more experience. she has been secretary of state and being a senator. she knows what it will take why are you supporting hillary clinton? >> i'm supporting her because i think she understands the core
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of a lot of issues that are very important in this election. so today in south carolina we saw she came out with big wins and i don't know if we have looked at the closely at the numbers yet, but i think she has done well with people of color. i think that proves a lot of the rhetoric that bernie sanders has been putting out there about the sort of economic roots of sexism and racism hasn't been resonating with the communities that he is trying to pull over side. she has an understanding of the deeper roots of the structure that we're facing in america you're a sanders guy. why not hillary clinton? >> we get this thing about hillary clinton's experience. she is a dinosaur. she has been getting her coffee delivered to her for 20 years
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now does that mean she is out of touch or not a real person? >> the kind of experience she has isn't what we want. i think in the end foreign policy should come down to being matters of judgment, matters of foresight. for example, we all know she voted for the war in iraq. sanders voted against it and we can all agree it was the right decision. >> definitely, because we had a lot of information that was just bad information and in the position that they were in. were privy to a lot of this information and they're still winning and they declared this war because of weapons of mass destruction. we all knew they did not have that we found out that they knew they didn't have, and having someone has experience with foreign policy to make those kind of decisions is not the kind of leader that you want how old were you when the iraq water started?
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>> it has been going on for most of my life. that's why it's so infuriating this happened to you. >> we were constantly bombarded with this. we grew up with it. the information is sketchy. the fact that we destabilized an entire region we're justified in that. i find that disturbing and problematic. i also disagree with the fact that hillary clinton has a lot more experience. one for the fact that bernie sanders, even politics for 40 years, he has a record of bipartisanship. i feel this notion that hillary clinton knows how it to get things done can equally be applied to our side so you're a sanders supporter. >> yes
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one people talk about hillary clinton, secretary of state, first lady, senator. we heard a clip of her saying when she lost new hampshire she came out and admitted it. she tried to talk about her credentials about what she had done back when she was young >> when children anywhere our country go to bed hungry or are denied a quality education or who face abuse or abandonment, that diminishes all of us. that's why i started my career and went undercover in alabama atto expose racism in schools. that is why i went to flint michigan one of our panelists is a bernie sanders supporter and a political activist. i would like to hear from you. is that enough?
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do you hear enough from hillary clinton in that? >> i don't. i mean, those are easy words to say and i don't think there's a lot of substance. what are you going to do about that? yes, children are going hungry, students can't afford education, what are you going to do? i think bernie sanders has told us what he is going to do. he has action; hillary clinton has words she talks about not just trying to help kids but being a young person and being an activist. does that resonate with you? >> it does. however, she doesn't stay with her values, i don't think. again, she supported the war in iraq, now she doesn't. she did not support gay marriage. now she does. i think a true activist will put their values out there and stick with them. >> there is an image going viral right now about bernie sanders getting arrested in the 1960s protests at u chicago. but during the 1960s she was a
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big supporter of senator barry gold water who ran for president in 1964 and he came out against the civil rights act. when you want to talk about hillary clinton as a young person, she has evolved over the course of her political career. >> oftentimes when i'm looking at hillary clinton's values, it shifts. it is almost like a shifting topic. it changes whenever the political wave changes to what is more favorable. when it comes to a black youth vote, if that is what she is looking for, i feel like the way to hack into that resource is not by doing the whipping and doing a change where you stand and figuring out solutions that could be presentable in order for us to figure out what we need to do next we will take a break and back in a few moments. we're with 21 students from the washington dc area to hear what they have on their minds in this
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we're here in washington dc. we have gathered voters who are concerned about issues in this country and have a different perspective. i want a show of hands. how many of you are republicans? all right. fantastic. as you watch the campaign who has to adapt to you? which candidates are you listening to? >> i think m has stood out especially on thursday night. -- marco rubio has stood out.
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i hope that was something that happened earlier i want to play a segment of that. this is from texas thursday night. things got pretty heated. let's take a listen to it. >> [simultaneous speakers] one at a time. [simultaneous speakers] what do you think when you hear this kind of debate, what does it make you think about? >> it's not ideal to have canned shouting over each other. when you have a candidate like donald trump in the race and he is launching personal attacks
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and talking over everyone else. you have to have someone willing to fight back you're shaking your head yes? you're supporting marco rubio? >> right did that get out of hand to you? >> i think he is in a tough position in that he has to respond in a way that is increasingly showing strong performances in debate. i think that especially as the field narrows down a lot of people are going to see him as a strong alternative to the simple things that donald trump out there that don't resonate do we have anywhere here who support donald trump? no hands. we couldn't find any young people that want to vote for donald trump. would you vote for him if he becomes the nominee? >> i won't. i will deregister from the republican party because that is not the party that i signed up
11:42 pm
for. he didn't hold my beliefs and values. that ask not conservatism. he was buddy buddy with the clintons up until 209. he has been to their welding. he funded a lot of democrats. if hillary clinton wasn't so strong, we might see him running as a democrat. his name is already out there, but he is just trying to increase his popularity: he is a deal maker, but it's not like that you care about the military? >> the military and education would you vote for hillary clinton over donald trump? >> no you wouldn't vote? >> yeah what do you think? >> he is not going to be a nominee. he doesn't represent the republican party. would he be as successful as he is if he didn't inherit the
11:43 pm
business from his father if he racks up a lot of wins on super tuesday? >> anything is possible, but i'm contract as a republican that our ideas represent the ideas of the future. socialism has failed. those are the ideas of the past. i think that the new republican ideas represent in america that can achieve much greater things than today. we will have a strong conservative that can do that can we clarify what america we're speaking of? we're on a different side with the different parties. what is your idea of america and where do we all fit into that? >> i think america is where you can succeed. i don't want the government telling me how i should practice my religion. i don't want the government telling me what school i should be going to. i don't want the government taxing me for my hard earned money what do you think about bernie sanders's talk about free education and what hillary
11:44 pm
clinton is talking about? >> i do like some issues of bill clinton. you could say bernie sanders campaign is the biggest fairy tale. the only reason he is doing well because hillary clinton has 100 f.b.i. agents following her now we have one libertarian here. what does that mean for you? >> i would vote republican if they had a good candidate. but i'm seeing pro-war, et cetera. i don't subscribe to that. >> rand paul's campaign failed because of the rise offisise. we need to have-- of i.s.i.s.
11:45 pm
people are dying and we need to be present in the middle east we will be right back. stay with us. stay with us.
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al jazeera america. we're talk to millennials. what is going to influence your vote? >> i am passionate about education. it hurts me to think that a lot of my students rpt going to have access to education.
11:48 pm
>> international. i'm a strong clinton supporter and i don't support bernie sanders because it is like high school election. you have someone saying we've going to have this free that free. it's great, you want it, but how is it possible. it's not. hillary clinton has the credentials, senator, first lady, she has been in the office. she can get the job done. she is not making false promises that won't be executed you've brought up something which is the possibility of another candidate coming in. a michael bloomberg jumping into the race. >> it is really interesting. we're all young, going out into the world. we want to get things done. what we can all agree on is that things in washington are not getting done across the board does everyone agree with that? anyone disagree with that? one hand. a couple of hands >> when they complain, they're
11:49 pm
all complaining, this game that is being played in washington needs to be changed. it needs an outside force to completely change it. if i see an opening, crazier things have happened, where someone like michael bloomberg can come in and change it. that inspires me to change the way it all works i want go back to you. do you think washington is working? you've been teaching the schools, getting a sense of real life. is it working here? >> i don't think it is working. i love obama. i'm sorry he is leaving. he has been able to be as black as you could be. this is not working you said you think it is working. >> i think it is. it's not working fast enough. there's a difference between it. a lot of things got down in obama's presidency.
11:50 pm
he did make change, whether we agree on or not. it took some time. even after six years we're still in a position now, but change is happening. i think washington is making it happen but it needs to move faster you told me you were disappointed in the obama presidency. it's your first time to vote obama and it hasn't panned out. >> a lot of progressives like myself was disappointed with the amount of progress being made, and obama faced obstruction from congress. i think that's the danger coming up in this next election. if we see another candidate who turns out to be a moderate, i think the youth vote might be permanently disenfranchised. i think the disillusionment that exists now will become, perhaps, irreparab irreparable. who will vote if their
11:51 pm
nomination doesn't get in? okay back to adam may in new york that was just great. recap our top story. it is three wins out of four from former secretary of state hillary clinton. a huge victory for her in south carolina in the democratic party tonight. easily gaining victory over bernie sanders. here are the final numbers we're getting. she came in with 73% of the vote compared to bernie sanders. one common theme is break the law and you will pay, no matter who you are. >> let there be no doubt in any boardroom or executive suite across this country, if you cheat your employees, exploit
11:52 pm
your customers, pollute our environment or rip-off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. >> but if you are an executive on wall street whose fraudulent behaviour destroyed the lives of millions of people, do you know what happens to you? you get a salary increase. together we are going to bring justice back to a broken criminal justice system next, for democrats and republicans, the most important day of the year, perhaps, super tuesday, 12 states and primariess and caucuses. al jazeera will bring you complete coverage on super tuesday right here on tuesday night. we're tracking some breaking
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news. three police officers were shot, one of them fatally, when they were respond to go a domestic violence call in northern virginia. we're learning that they were called to a home in lake ridge which is about 15 miles out of washington dc. the officer who died, you see her here, it was her first day on the job after being sworn in just yesterday. the county police announced her death just before 11 pm eastern. is a picture of her. they just tweeted out yesterday when they welcomed her to the police officers. officials have not said how badly the other two officers were injured. the suspect in this case was arrested. we will have more tomorrow. let's just check in with a look at the weather. >> reporter: we are going to end the week much quieter than it started. over a dozen tornadoes, a lot of wind damage, hundreds of homes
11:54 pm
destroyed and a hundred deaths also with that-- handful of deaths along with that. the big threat this weekend is going to be the winds of the low humidity here across the central planes. not a lot of clouds here, but the winds had been fairly strong across this region. earlier today we were talking about gusts between 28, 30 and towards denver 32 miles per hour. that kicked up the red flag warnings across that region. they're going to go through the end of this evening. by the time we get to tomorrow, those sure settled and we won't be seeing the threat there. what is going to be happening over the next couple of days is first of all look at the temperatures expected here on sunday across the mississippi river valley. 60 degrees for you, washington 66. those temperatures will come down just a little bit, but you do notice here across the river valley we do pick up some rain and by the time we get towards tuesday we do expect to see
11:55 pm
another severe weather outbreak, anywhere along the gulf coast. that is where we saw a lot of damage with the past weeks. we will watch this area very carefully. heavy radio rain up to the north as well as-- heavy rain up to the north and here, between 12 and 15 inchs. by the time we get to wednesday things clear off. new york, 16 degrees on sunday and by the time we get to wednesday we are well above average. thursday you come down to 14 all right. thanks. in france health officials are now confirming that country's first sexually transmitted case of the zika virus. the woman's partner had recently travelled to brazil where the virus has caused a public health emergency. french officials say that the infected woman is not pregnant and she is actually doing well. u.s. officials are investigating 14 similar reports of the disease being sexually transmitted. activists are demanding that authorities in brazil clean up
11:56 pm
one of rio's most famous bodies of water. companies have been dumping untreated sewerage in the bay, one of the locations that olympic athletes are counting on to use this summer a a demonstration was held at the heavily polluted water. more than a thousand athletes are planning to use that body of water. there is a fallout from the legalization of marijuana. tourists who buy legal marijuana in colora doshgs are far more almost to visit the emergency room than colorado residents. a hospital reports the rate of marnl-related emergency room visits doubled from 85 per ten thousand visits to up to 168. that rate did not change,
11:57 pm
however, for residents of colorado. just for the tourists. one of the films up for oscar is centred around west africa's ebola crisis. the story follows the team, called body team 12. >> reporter: 11,000 people were killed by ebola. the illness took hold across west africa just over two years ago. there is still no cure. sierra leone, guinea and liberia was hit by what was described as an epidemic. this place l.a. is a world away from that horror which we saw in 2013 and beyond. believe it or not, there is actually a link between liberia and l.a. this year because ebola, or rather a film about it, is up for one of the world's
11:58 pm
top award ceremonies and could take an oscar. this is it, body team 12. the tale of the red cross workers who collected dead bodies as that outbreak took out. it is up for best dumenry shorts. this is real life and death as raw as it comes. >> every day i would fear the worst. could i be next. that anxiety played on my head during this production oichlt got a glem your-- i got a glimpse of what they were under. it was intense. it is really a tribute. >> reporter: it tells the story of a nurse ons tra sighsd by her community-- ons tra sighs-- ostracised by her community. >> there wasn't much to fight
11:59 pm
for. it is a shell of a nation. here these brave people were fighting for the nation, fighting for their families and ultimately fighting for the rest of us, the whole world >> reporter: it has already won one big award last year. it is essential that tales like these are shared. >> it is a super hero story of bravery, about real people that did something at a time of world history when the whole world was really afraid. if we hadn't captured this moment, these people wouldn't be remembered for the brave work they did >> reporter: the epidemic is now officially over. without these people, the question is how much longer would that have taken and how many more victims could have died. >> what did we do to help liberia? that's it for us this hour. thanks so much for joining us. i'm adam may live in new york. we have more news coming up in doha next. doha next.
12:00 am
a vote for change. early results from iran's selection suggests that reformists and moderatists will make major gains also ahead. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great hillary clinton takes the momentum ahead of super tuesday winning the democratic primary in south carolina. it is the s


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