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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. >> thank you so much springfield. god bless you. >> we can defeat donald trump and defeat him soundly. >> on the eve of super-tuesday, democratic candidate bernie sanders struggles to make sure this is not his last stand. >> well, i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. >> we cannot ba party that
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nominates someone that refuses to denigrate white supremacists and ku klux klan personal attacks, charges of racism. a news photographer is slammed to the ground at a donald trump rally by a secret service agent. >> i never should have allowed myself... >> a public apology from an american held in north korea. he was paraded before the media for allegedly stealing a political poster. george kennedy is dead. the oscar winner one of hollywood's recognisable faces our top story tonight - last minute campaigning for the most critical day so far. super-tuesday.
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with 1400 delegates at stake, every candidate was on the stump. let's start with the republicans of 11 states. the south had most of the attention. ted cruz is playing all of his cars in the home state of texas. donald trump campaigned in georgia and virginia. marco rubio was in georgia. marco rubio was by far the busiest today. georgia, tennessee and the only candidate in arkansas and oklahoma. and where was john kassig. he avoided the south, campaigning in the north-east, vermont and massachusetts. more from michael shure. >> i'm here on familiar turf for you in miami florida. it is not a super-tuesday state, but is where marco rubio, clinton and donald trump will be tomorrow, tuesday evening. the candidates have been all over the country. marco rubio has been in four states, tennessee, arkansas,
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georgia and oklahoma. and you have seen john kasich in vermont and massachusetts. what you are seeing right now, antonio is the wind down to super-tuesday, but a lot of stories will be written tomorrow. >> donald trump is nothing but a first rate con artist. the race for the republican nomination is becoming a brawl. >> there has been multiple media reports about don alds business world. hundreds of world are up for grabs. >> light wait marco rubio, total lightweight. little mouth, bing, bing, bing. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> front runner donald trump is facing fire for refusing to disavow the white supremist leader david duke during an
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interview with cnn on sunday. >> would you say unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support. >> i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you are talking about. >> we cannot be a party nominating someone that refuses to condemn white supremacists. >> 2012 nominee attacked trump tweeting: trumped's defense, he told today that he couldn't hear the question. >> i'm sitting in a house in florida, with a bad attempt. >> reporter: this as chris christie talked about endorsement of trump. >> i'm saying it's one piece of an approach to national security. >> you disagree with it. >> i said that plainly. >> reporter: dispute trump's
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controversial comments, the businessman is leading the polls, suggesting he has the support of 49% of republicans. the g.o.p. establishment threw its support behind senator marco rubio, hoping to propel him forward. >> as a candidate i offered serious ideas and proposals, unlike donald trump, who will not stand on the issues, because he doesn't care. marco rubio has not won a single contest. super-tuesday will be a crucial test. senator ted cruz is facing a make or break moment, especially in his home state of texas, where he is leading in the polls. >> the critical question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. cruz and rubio are determined to derail trump or slow down his momentum when voters cast their ballots. >> polls showed that donald trump is the leader in the
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republican race, and we may talk on wednesday about the inevitability of the trump candidacy. >> now, to the democrats, their targets were more narrow. texas, massachusetts and minnesota. bill and hilary campaigned in texas. mrs. clinton has a huge lead in the polls. bernie sanders had no stops in the south, choosing a campaign in minnesota and massachusetts. the former secretary of state campaigned in the bay state. more from john terrett. >> fresh off a landslight victory in south carolina. hillary clinton hit the campaign trail. then it was on to massachusetts, where she was not talking about bernie sanders, but taking on the republicans. >> what advantage i have is they've been after me for 25 years, and i'm still
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standing. >> reporter: but sanders is doubling down after being thumped in south carolina. sanders is heading to minnesota, a super-tuesday state he thinks he can win. >> the campaign is about telling wall street sorry, you are never again going to destroy our economy because of your greed and recklessness and illegal behaviour. playing to his supporters, sanders hammered away at income inequality and wall street success. >> tomorrow minnesota can lead the country to a political revolution where millions of people stand together and demand a government that represents all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. thank you all very much. >> neither candidate is letting up, and both are campaigning hard to sure up support ahead of voting, polls suggest clinton has a commanding lead and can
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all but lock up the nomination. setting up a match-up against g.o.p. front runner donald trump. she promised voters she would be different. what we can't let happen is the scapegoating and finger pointing which not only sets a bad example, which, as the congressman said, at least my mother would have said stop it. but it undermines our fabric as a nation. >> an appeal echoed by her rival, who says he's the better candidate to beat trump. >> we will defeat mr trump, because the american people understand, and always have, that love trumps hate red. dramatic video from republican front runner trump's rally in virginia shows a secret service agent attacking a time
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magazine photographer. the video shows the agent grabbing christopher morris by the net and slamming him to the ground. morris says he was tackle the after stepping outside the designated area to take pictures of "black lives matter" matters protesters that were being ejected. it is being investigated hillary clinton is leading in the polls in nine of the 11 states up for grabs. for the republicans, it's 11 states with 595 delegates available. donald trump has ha commanding lead in the polls, in all but ted cruz's home state of texas. the south is the epicentre for both parties tomorrow. joining us is the senior reporter for the center for
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public integrity, good to see you. this is the craziest campaign i am sure any of us has seen. let's start with the republicans. most thought marco rubio and ted cruz lacked punches. the first national poll shows donald trump with the biggest lead he has. teflon trump? >> it's possible tomorrow, after super-tuesday is over, and all the numbers are counted up, that trump could be maintaining and expanding his lead in delegates. we talk about momentum, and who is ahead in the horse race. it's an issue of maths, and an issue of maths this week. if donald trump is ahead, he has a sizeable lead, marco rubio, ted cruz, the best shot is to prevent donald trump from getting to the magic number of securing enough delegates prior to the republican national
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convention. effectively they are trying to angle for a brokered convention which a lot of establishment want to see. >> the hope is that that would happen because they believe, the republican establishment believed that trump had a ceiling. today's poll seems to be dashing that, they hoped no more than a third of g.o.p. would vote. it's not the case now, and there seems to be growing panic. are you among those that could splinter the republican party. >> it's hard to say he'll splinter the republican party, it's been around for a significant part of history, it may take more than a man to do that. you could have a serious issue on your hands if you are a member of the establishment. what you have is going into january, february, march with
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uncertainty. knowing who the nominee will be, and they will be saddled with uncertainty. not even showing who the nominee is or that it will be donald trump or freaking out. >> that will be the case. you have numerous senators. >> the first senators come out and say they can't vote for trump. the question is issues come up every day. they stumble over it. for any other candidate, it could have been catastrophic. do you think it could be dismissed by reporters. >> by his supporters, yes, but the people, the ones that are putting on the convention and the nominee contest. all of them - this is
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unacceptable. you are hearing strong language. sitting u.s. senators. who are party brass, part of the establishment for many, many decades. who lead the republican party, using words like racist. whether you believe it or not, it's irrelevant. you have a difficult side taking part in the party, it's in play today and there'll be major questions for months ahead as a result of donald trump's success. >> i have a question about the democrats, bernie sanders could have a rough time if he doesn't win a few states. it will be tough for him moving forward. >> tonight the final batch of hillary clinton's emails. 261 with classified information, a total of 2,000 emails with classified information. do you think it will impact the race in any way? >> it is something that may not affect her too terribly much in
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the primaries, something that you believe you hear a lot of in the general election, regardless of who the nominee will be. it's an issue that will not go away. emails will be released, some are being litigated. lawsuits in the works, emails that have been withheld, labelled top secret or secret. and as a result of that, you are going to have a legal process that is going parallel to hillary clinton's campaign, and could be an issue if some were to ultimately get out because a court ruled them so. >> dave levinthal, the center for public integrity, good to have your sites. >> al jazeera america is the place to be for super-tuesday election night coverage. we'll have crews across the country. join us tomorrow at 7:00p.m. eastern, 4:00p.m. pacific. >> a cyber bomb is one of the newest military weapons used in the fight against isil. u.s. commanders and an approach
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to stay a step ahead of the armed group. >> i never should have allowed myself ... also an american student held in north korea paraded before the cameras to apologise publicly.
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an american detained in north korea appeared before tv cam yes in pyongyang. 21-year-old university of virginia student was paraded on state media to apologise for a crime of stealing a political poster. >> on the early morning of january 1st, 2016, i committed my crime of taking out the important political slogan from the staff-only area of the engofdo international hotel, aimed at harming the work ethic and the motivation of the korean people several americans detained in north korea said they had been forced to make similar admissions of guilt. white house officials say they are aware of the situation. the u.s. military is touting a weapon in the fight against isil, called the cyber bomb.
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al jazeera's correspondent is the at the pentagon for more. secretary carter called the cyber offensive an important new capability, and argued that it's one reason in his view the momentum shifted from isil to the u.s. side. >> the military says the u.s.-led coalition whittles away at revenue, support facilities and supply lines. these videos show some of the latest attack against oil and gas facilities controlled by isil in syria. at a pent already news conference deputy ash carter boasted the u.s. is targetting i.s.i.l.'s computer network. >> this is something that is new in this war. not something you would have seen back in the golf war. it's an important capability, and an important use of our
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assault occasioning actual bodily harmer command and the recent command established in the first place. >> carter gave few details except to say cyber bombs were to disrupt command and control, which in turn will cause a lose of confidence in the network and limit i.s.i.l.'s ability to spread propaganda. >> we have to attack command and control, it's one way of doing it. >> trying to physically and virtually isolate isil. limit ability why to command and control and ability to communicate with each other. >> reporter: the cyber warfare is not different to what friendly forces are doing on the ground. such as in northern syria, where alshab adde was captured. every time the u.s. gets access to a captured isil base, it
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gains valuable intelligence. >> as our partners take control, i believe we'll hear more about i.s.i.l.'s criminal networks and enterprise and what it does to sustain them. we are trying to make life difficult for isil. the u.s. would be doing more to back up iraqi troops. carter appears to be referring to a deployment of apache helicopters, saying the u.s. would provide capabilities offered before, but turned down by the iraqis. the provision to retake mosul began in the sense that iraqi troops and coalition air strikes are encircling and isolating the city. when asked if mosul would be liberated. the general said "i don't know." we are learning more today
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about the boston marathon bombing. the boston globe published details from unsealed court records. three were killed when two brothers set off bombs near the line. tamerlan was killed in a shoot-out with police. joe har survived and talked to police. the report says gentleman har, another -- jahar, another name for johar, didn't include others in the plan because they did not trust anyone. they did not warn anyone to stay away from the marathon, because they didn't care if they were hurt. he said bombs were easy to build because instructions were on the internet an army sergeant admits he fatally shot a rookie police officer working her first shift. the 28-year-old was sworn into the woodbridge police force on friday, saturday, according to the police, sergeant ronald
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hamilton killed his wife and shot and killed the officer when she ponded to the scene. >> when news came that she passed, we weren't expecting it. >> she had a passion to serve others that went beyond herself. >> she started in the police force as an intern. two other officers were shot, are expected to make full recoveries. supreme court justice clarence thomas broke his silence on the bench. the case involved domestic violence and gun rights. the questions came weeks after the death of antonian scalya. justice thomas last asked a question on february 22nd on 2006 in a death penalty case oscar winning actor george kennedy has died. he was in some of the most iconic movies in his era.
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>> movie reel: the mob is here, boss. >> i'm not going to see something that looked like that. >> reporter: his performance along side paul newman in "cool man look" won him an oscar. he became a household name for "dirty dozen" "airport" and "earthquake", he was 91 next, the president gives the medal of honour to a member of the elite navy seal team six. >> severe weather. it could be a problem across much of the south, all the details when i
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the weather could play a role in the super tuesday turn out. issues will be in the south. >> that's right, there's a frontal boundary pushing through. signs of the front are here in oklahoma. you see the small line that is developing. tomorrow it will begin across parts of oklahoma and texas, and then making its way towards the east. let's break it down on the timing of this event. as we go towards tomorrow morning, it will be an eastern parts. most of arkansas and down towards texas.
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that's 6:00a.m. and noon. it will be a little dicey. it will be worse as we go towards the time frame. it will make its way to the east. for tennessee,als alabama, that's where the storms fire up. as well as the possibility for a few tornados could be an issue there. for georgia, not much of a big deal. the front will push through after the voting ends. for virginia, it looks nice, up to north virginia and massachusetts. not much of a difference. to minnesota colder care across that region. we'll focus on the southern states the medal of honour was presented today to a navy seal for his bravery in afghanistan.
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ohio native senior chief special warfare brator edward byers is a member of the seal team six. he killed two guards after entering a room where a hostage was healed. >> another enemy fighter appeared. and with his body edshielded the hostage, with his bare hands he pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until team-mates took action. it was over almost as soon as it began. i asked you to join me in professing gratitude. >> he is the sixth navy seal to receive the honour. he's the first active duty nominee. join us for special super-tuesday coverage. we'll bring you the results, analysis and reaction here on al jazeera america i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us. for the latest news any time
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head to ray suarez is next with "inside story". have a good night. last summer, the five permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany agreed to a framework deal with iran, to keep the islamic republic from developing a nuclear weapon. the agreement is in place and iran has had some deadlines to meet and provisions to abide by, in order to get oversees sanctions lifted. is the iran deal working? an