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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> we're going to bring our country together, folks. >> promising unity but the rain party remains divided over donald trump. if the polls are right hillary clinton looks momentous as super tuesday unfolds. i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera live from london. driven out, more refugees are forced out of the jungle camp in calais as part of the site is cleared. formal quite leader so
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osama bin laden's will. donald trump is predicted to gain potentially an unassailable momentum in the race towards the republican presidential nomination in super tuesday. the tycoon has been in several states today. for the democrats, hillary clinton is expected to win the lyon's share of support after this super tuesday. speaking out on biggity try and bullying. they seem to have forgotten about issues. and they now run their game based on insults. it has turned into an one township upsmanship. and i don't think that's appropriate in a presidential
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campaign. i'll speak out about it. >> you got to get people to some how work together. our country is so unbelievably divided. it's divided politically. it's divided among white and black. it's divided in so many ways. we're going to bring our country together, folks. we're going to bring it together. we have to bring it together. and people don't know that about me. i bring people together. >> so let's you look at what super tuesday is all about. felicity barr explains. >> were tuesday, the day when multiple u.s. states decide who they want as their party's candidate. for the democrats it's a straight battle between former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator from sermon, bernie sanders. after her landslide win, clinton has a strong lead over sanders with 544 delegates to his 85. she needs 283 to win the nomination. tonight there are 865 in play.
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it's a more crowded race in the republican camp. tycoon reality star donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio with ben carson and john kasich all battling for the nomination. here there is 237 to win. and defying earlier expectations donald trump remains in the lead. there are 595 at stake tonight. these are the races we're looking at. 12 states are involved. and as we've seen in recent weeks, anything can happen, so join me from 23 gmt as those results start to come in, and we look at how the 2016 u.s. election race is shaping up. >> texas is the biggest prize, more delegates will be awarded in the lonestar state than anywhere else, and the key issue there is immigration.
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>> in a school hall in texas, many are undocumented migrants. ramona has lived under the radar in the u.s. for 50 years. brought as a child from mexico she now wants to become a citizen. she wants to vote in november's election. worried about the language used by republicans on the crucial issue of immigration. >> i'm sorry, my emotion is because i'm mexican, but there is not. >> donald trump wants to build a wall, and in his words kick out all the illegal immigrants. other republican democrats are
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taking a similar hard line. the republicans said they needed to do more to attract the latino votes, but the language he has used has left many latinos feeling alienated and frightened, and now they're registering to vote to stop the republicans. >> the immigration is a litmus test. we know if you're not welcoming us as people, then you're not going to be getting our ear to listen about your proposals about the economy, education, or anything else. >> on the border states the issue of immigration is never far from the surface. there are many jobs filled by people who cross the border. many do not have the right to be here and that keeps labor costs low. but the issue has not gone away. >> governor dan patrick ran a campaign and ousted another governor on the campaign we need to stop illegal invasion into texas. there has ban shift in the past
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20 years in the republican party on that issue. >> texas is a big prize on super tuesday for republicans. there are a lot of delegates at stake. so appealing to the base, echoing their feelings on immigration plays well, and in november it will be an issue in the presidential election where the latinos have long memories, and now louder voices. alan fisher, al jazeera, houston, texas. >> well, in the u.s. education and poverty go hand in hand for some people. some have no choice when their children are in disadvantaged schools which don't give them the start they need. looking to the white house we look at what the white house promises. we have reports now from arkansas. >> in ruler, small-town arkansas, the high school championships are in full swing. but both teams playing tonight are not from here. they're from nearby towns and from schools that are majority
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white. meanwhile, lee high school is made up almost entirely of african-americans. and for willie murdoch. >> we used to have auto body, auto mechanic, welding, brick laying, we lost lot of those things after declining enrollment. >> after 50 years of a landmark decision to desegregate schools in the deep south disparity rooted in racial inequality still persists. >> the school district is segregated based on race, segregated based on economics. >> she's head of lee county's school district in one of america's poorest regions where schools are underfunded when four out of ten high school students drop out before they graduate. but not down the street at the well-funded private school that preaches academy excellence. they wouldn't allow us in to film, but this school is nearly 100% white. but back at lee high school it's
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mostly a revolving door for teachers. one of the big problems is finding good teachers that want to work here, and then convincing them to want to stay. there is not a lot going on here, and the pay is very low, so some of the best teachers end up leaving. ultimately it's the students who suffer the most. cory, a gifted musician, loves his school even with all its problems, but admits he's at a disadvantage. >> we can do much better than we do, but we just lack in many things. >> it's a story playing out all over the u.s. but particularly in the south where skin color and economic means often determine where you go to school perpetuating the cycle of poverty. and in this election few presidential candidates seem to be offering solutions. >> this is high pastor, hig
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--high poverty, high needs, sometimes we need left out. sometimes putting kids behind before the game has even started. al jazeera, mariana, arkansas. ♪ >> the united nations is warning of a humanitarian disaster as thousands of migrants and refugees remain in limbo in greece's northern borders. 4,000 people are unable to continue their journeys to northern europe as countries along the route impose restrictions. more than 8,000 of the refugees are the greek macedonia border from where we have this report. >> it's slowly becoming a near permanent settlement. expanding by the day. the newly arrived trying to find a spot for what could be a long wait. while some of those who have been here for a while bring some sort of normality to their
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lives. but many are clearly distressed. exhausted, and worried. those sitting on the tracks hope to keep up the pressure but very much aware that the rise that unfolded here on monday did not have their cause. some have been stranded for 12 days now. >> there should have been more. it's our friends in other countries who get us the news. we don't know what is happening. there are so many rumors on social media. >> nearby the official crossing remains closed. only 30 people were allowed through over the last 48 hours. one of the biggest challenges is to figure out how many people are actually here. the police have started a registration process to give people a number so if and when the borders open again there is some sort of order. >> for aid organizations a
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logistical nightmare is unfolding. the continuous stream of people who arrive here makes it difficult to provide for everyone. hot meals barely cover one-third of the need, and the number of people are endless. this woman has been standing here for two hours. she has been in greece for ten days, and the reception center further away from the border, and now she's running out of cash. >> my husband has been in germany for seven months. i could not stay back alone with my children. i had no choice. >> choice is something those stranded here don't have any more. while european leaders talk about how to solve the humanitarian crisis, the problems and worries facing refugees here will continue to go unresolved. al jazeera. on the greek-macedonian border. >> well, at the other end of the
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migration route through europe, french authorities have cleared more of the refugee camp known as the jungle in calais. the al jazeera's paul brennan in is calais and sent us this report. >> the plan was to demolish only vacant house. not the ones still occupied. the police were making no distinction on tuesday. this couple climbed on their own rough to frustrate the authorities and save their shelter, but they were quickly tackled and removed by riot police. many of these huts are built of sturdy plywood just built two weeks ago. they spoke of heartbreak after the decision of sending in bulldozers. >> if you go back a year ago this time, there were mean living in churches and living on
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the streets. the camp was created to move all the refugees to one place, stop the problems that local residents were having, and make it easier to look after them and consolidate. and at that time they were promised if they moved they would not be evicted. that promise has been broken. all i can say is that going back to that situation, and i can't see that's good for anyone. >> with the authorities making quick root of demolishing the hut of this sector. and the residents of this particular part of the camp are being forced to confront the reality that staying here is no longer an option. last week in a food tent al jazeera met iraqi refugee. he had been a police officer until being forced to flee. he was forced to move to calais to make for a new life while trying to get to the u.k.
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>> i have four kids. i would like my kids to study in france and serve the french nation and people and be good citizens. the jungle doesn't serve me or anyone there any good as there is no hope that the u.k. borders will open. >> the authorities rejected the idea that these people will simply gravitate back here to calais. >> 80% of the migrants who have gone to the centers have claimed asylum in france. it's a sustainable operation. we've been doing this since october. we're now in march. we'll continue as long as there are migrants here in very difficult conditions. >> the impact of this clearance program is disputed. the authorities say 1,000 people will be moved. campaigners say closer to 3.5000. and there is a disagreement over the alternative accommodation being offered. what is disputable is the demolition is going ahead r reguardless.
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>> the u.n.'s envoy to syria said he's delayed the next round of negotiations between warring parties until march 9th. he said that the delay is for technical reasons and also for the cease-fire of facilities that is in place, quote, to better settle down. the limited truth is being regularly tested. sources say that russian warplanes and syrian government forces have shelled parts of latakia. the areas where the attack took place reportedly under opposition control. all sides have been accused of violations. still ahead on al jazeera, the fbi and apple make their cases for and against attacking iphones. and a new party launched in a battle to succeed president robert mugabe. v
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>> welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. it's super tuesday and u.s. presidential hopeful hillary clinton is expected to pull ahead in the race for the democrat nomination for president. on the republican front donald trump is expected an u unassailable momentum against four other competitors. macedonia has deployed more soldiers and police to its border with greece to try to control thousands of refugees trying to get through. and in south africa's opposition with historica history corruption charges reinstated
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against president zuma connected to an arms deal. let's get more on our top stories. the super tuesday elect going on in the united states. from dallas in texas, a clinton supporter an and a dallas county sheriff. we're very pleased to have you. you're a hillary clinton spotter to presumably you're quite relieved that people think she's going to get the lead. you're worried before when she seemed to be suffering at the hands of bernie sanders? >> you know, not really. and you always hear there are two ways to run. unopposed or squared. she has got to run like you're losing. even from the beginning the united states is commonsense people. and so they're going to come to their senses.
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especially the democrats nothing wrong against senator sanders, but the president can't get anything done, so he wants to make all these changes that come in with all these changes. i don't believe that's going to happen. i do believe that you need somebody in there. >> forgive me for interrupting, you're saying that she's a commonsense candidate who has a lot of experience, oh, we seem to have lost the line. we'll try to get it again. such a shame. she was going to tell us why she supports hillary clinton. we'll try to get the line again. otherwise, remember of course we're going to have a special program here at 23 gmt on super tuesday as results start coming in. now jordanian security forces have exchanged fire with several armed men during a raid on a
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town close to the syrian border an unknown number of the fugitives were involved in the fighting and three jordanian officers were injured. more than 20 suspected fighters were arrested in the operation. the ceo has been arrested in the u.s. on charges of illegally exporting metals used in the production of missiles. accused of twice exporting specialized met tall lick powder from the u.s. to iran without a license. the shipments are carried out viature can vie. >> an assault on several fronts with lawyers from the main opposition party trying to reinstate historical corruption charges against him. he was first charged with corruption over $4 billion arms deal 11 years ago. tanya page is at court in
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pretoria. >> a full bench of high court judge also decide if they were wrong to drop 783 corruption charges against president jacob zuma. it has taken years of legal action by the democratic alliance to get here. they want the decision set aside and the charges reinstated. >> this is one of the most important legal cases since we became a democracy. it goes to the heart whether there is one standard of justice for the ordinary person on the street and another standard of justice for the rich and well-connected. >> jubilant crowds greeted zuma when the charges were dropped in 2006, but they were reinstated and dropped again, clearing the way for him to become president. it stems from corruption from his former financial adviser, including soliciting a bribe in connection to a $400 million
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arms deal. they dropped the charges because of alleged political interference on what is known as the spy tapes secretly taped phone calls which they collude how to maximize the damage. the prosecutor said that it meant that he couldn't get a fair trial. they're trying to convince the judges that political interference was limited and insignificant, and no reason to dump the charges against zuma, and that the prosecutors didn't take into account the strength the case against zuma. the national prosecuting authorities is defending the decision by its former acting director. >> president zuma's office said the decision to drop corruption charges would with stand any
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scrutiny and the democratic alliance is abusing it's power and trying to win votes. while the corruption allegations that have evaded them in court a vote of no competence in court. >> party leader joyce was mugabe's deputy for a decade until he fired her. >> a public appearance for joyce after 18 months of violence. she's launching her own political party to challenge the ruling party led by robert
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mugabe. >> it party that offers hope to beyond and all people of zimbabwe. >> other politicians have joined her. she has been a cabinet member since 1980. she became the first vice president in 2004. ten years later she was fired by president robert mugabe for allegedly trying to remove him from power. >> she said she was not fired. she resigne resign resigned because of policies. now she's in the opposition how much support does she have from the people? >> she does have experience in politics. and she also has grassroots organization capacity given the fact that she was asked to
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leave. she did not leave alone. she left with leaders with grassroots. they'll immobilize. >> they say they're not worried about the new opposition party. >> the next presidential election is scheduled to be held in 2018. infighting over who should one day take over for 96-year-old mugabe continues. she has been accused of corruption when sh. when convincing voters that she won't bring more of the same will be the challenge for her and her new political party. >> let's go to bangladesh where
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deadlines for factory that is cause chronic pollution will be shut down. now they'll have their electricity supplies cut off. one of the most polluted industrial areas. >> he has been coming to his factory to check on his workers for more than 20 years that routine is due to end on tuesday. the deadline set by the government to move out of the capital, the tannery district is frequently listed as one of the most environmentally polluted areas in the world. the tanneries have become become known both at home and abroad. and exports have dropped sharply. it won't be the first time that they won't be able to meet the government's ultimatum or others. >> the garment sector has been dealing with the concept of compliance for a while now. the sector has only been aware of the issue for a year or two.
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so it's difficult for us to move so fast on this. >> dangerous chemicals including cancer-causing toxins are dumped around the river and surrounding area. the smell, a mix of rotting animal hides and chemical waste hits the outsider like a punch in the stomach. but for those who work here, many of them since they were children, it's barely noticeable. just a part of their routine. they insist that he's 15, above the legal working age, but looks much younger than that. >> it itches when i come into contact with the water. also when i touch any of the chemicals. it itches loose. >> government leaders say that the relocation has been on the cards for several years and it is serious about meeting the deadlines set. >> we're trying to give the tanneries enough time to relocation without harming the industry. but this should not be seen
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without the government being weak. we're ready to go more hard lined. >> they say that the sales have sparked a sense of urgency in the industry in the need to relocate even if it won't be happening on tuesday. for some who work in the area the delay could be a matter of life and death. al jazeera. >> the united states has released had what appears to be a hand-written will of the late al-qaeda leader osama bin laden. he asked that the majority of his $29 million fortune be spent on continuing al-qaeda's operations. other documents were released including one that instructed one of his wives to be sure that a tooth filling in iran did not include a tracking device. bin laden was killed in 2011 in a raid on his compound in pakistan. much more on that story and
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everything else that we have been covering especially our top story that super tuesday on our website. you can see it on your screens right now the address as usual this week on "talk to al jazeera" sinner song writer natalie merchant >> i stumbled into this as a way of life. i had no intention of being in a band or a singer. it happened to me by accident she has rerecorded her break through solo album tigerlily, but this time with a twist. the essence of the songs remains unchanged >> i think tigerlily, a so