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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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the democratic presidential bernie sanders throws up a surprise win in michigan. welcome. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in dough. also ahead, three balkan countries tighten border controls to stem the flow of refugees. the north korea leader says they have nuclear warheads that can be placed on a ballistic missile.
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a we visit a village a year after it was attacked by boko haram fighters kicking off this half hour of al jazeera world news with a surprise election result out of the u.s. the democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders has beaten hillary clinton in the michigan primary in all four states being contested. live now to washington and our correspondent. how has he managed it? >> reporter: he really has young people to thank in michigan for a win he had been waiting for. this is preman do you say, psychological as well as political industry. he is well behind in the count, but bernie sanders says he is significant. he spoke to his supporters and thanked them.
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he was behind some 20 to 25 points but he proved that his message is resonating. >> the bernie sanders campaign, the people's revolution that we're talking about, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and, frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. we're going to do very well in the west coast and other parts of this country. what the american people are saying is they are tired of a corrupt campaign-financed system and super packs funded by wall street and the billionaire class. they are tired of a rigged economy chances are now i guess we will see or hear him reiterate his message over the past six or eight weeks, that it is not a done deal, he has not come second, he has not lost, it may
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not be hillary clinton. >> reporter: indeed. that is the message he has been saying all language. the problem is that the sort of political establishment here in washington around the country has been sending another message and that is that bernie sanders is for behind in the delegate count, which he is, he does lag behind hillary clinton especially when it comes to those super delegates that hold a lot of sway, and so he does have a challenge ahead, but what he has always maintained is that the states where he does well where young people come out where the states tend to be less diverse is still to come and as a result he does believe there is a chance where he could pick up the delegates and have the math that sort of will result in the calculations he is looking for which means that he could still be a substantial contender to hillary clinton in terms of her lead. that is the message that he is trying to project. he has been for quite some time. people are final l listening to
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bernie sanders, at least the voters in michigan were when they handed him this significant victory donald trump appears to go from strength to strength. >> reporter: indeed. donald trump also had a very strong night. i think what you need to take away from this night and this contests in general is that the anti-establishment message is resonating with the voters in the u.s. bernie sanders represents that, donald trump also represents that and he has represented that by taking up two wins, not just in michigan but also in mississippi. of course there are still results we're waiting for in idaho as well as hawaii, but i think what is clear and what donald trump himself said when he was speaking to his supporters is that he has a message that people are listening to, he is picking up democrats, independents, and he also picked up hillary clinton
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show that if he is the examined date he believes me can beat her. three pal b monarch lkan countries have tightened border controls to step the flow of refugees into europe. the u.n. is questioning the illegality of a plan that can see refugees from you are key back from greece. >> reporter: this year more than 140,000 people have arrived by sea. so e.u. leaders have now come up with their new proposal that goes much further than anything tried before for the first time they say those who arrive from turkey will be sent back. it's controversial. already the u.n. refugee agency, the u.n.h.c.r. has expressed
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concern and questioned its legality. >> do you fear that currently the proposal in its current form could be illegal under international humanitarian area? >> yes. expulsion is prohibited of the refugee of human rights. an agreement that would be tantamount to blanket return of any foreigners to a certain country is not consistent with european law, is not consistent with international law. >> reporter: even tougher criticism of the deal was negotiated until the early hours of the morning in brussels has come from human rights organizations. >> it is an extraordinary idea and an idea that might sound good at 1 o'clock in the morning but in the cold light of day is fraught with problems. if the e.u.'s idea of taking part in a global responsibility, global sharing of refugees is to make the number of syrian refugees it takes in conditional on the number of syrians prepared to risk their lives in a boat, then that is better
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decision-making from the heart of a moral abyss. >> reporter: e.u. leaders meet again in just over a week's time when the u.n. wants clarification then about the new plan. there are not just potentially legal problems. the e.u. knows the world is watching and pictures of desperate people being forceably moved will be deeply controversial. james bays there are growing concerns for the health of thousands of refugees kamplyd on the greek mass-- camped on the greek mats macedonia border. many children have respiratory problems. many of the refugees only have tents to protect them from rain and the cold. the camp's sanitation is said to be very poor. greece's health ministry has sent a group of decease control experts to the camp in what it says is a precautionary measure. china's foreign minister has
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spoken to u.s. secretary of state john kerry about the crisis on the korean peninsula. the leader says his country has miniaturised nuclear warheads. >> reporter: the statements by the leader have been made by a visit by the north korea leader to see work on his country's nuclear program, meeting with scientists and technicians. it is also accompanied by a photograph being carried in the main north korean newspaper showing him with what appears to be the device in question. he has been quoted as saying that his country now has the technology to miniaturise a war head and put it on top of a ballistic missile. these claims are not entirely new and are viewed were criticism simply by south korea and the u.s. the interesting thing from south korea's part is that north korea
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does now seem to be recycling some of its claim as a way of keeping up the stream of rhetoric an now attributing the claim to the leader. this is a time of heightened tensions on the korean peninsula. we have the sarngss imposed by the u.n., unlateral sanctions from south korea. beginning this week military exercises between skk and the united-- south korea and the u.s. this does seem to be the latest response to all of that from north korea for the furs time since the war began in yemen last march monarch houthi delegation is-- >> reporter: supermarkets in yemen's capital appear well stocked. what they're selling is becoming too expensive for many yemenis. a year-long conflict between houthi fighters backed by iran
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and a saudi-led coalition of arab countries is hitting the economy hard >> you can't find u.s. dollars in the bank and on the black market the rate has gone up. $100 use to by 100 those rials. now you can only get 20,000 to 30,000. >> reporter: the city has been taken over the houthi forces. blockades have been imposed to force the houthis out. >> translation: yemen's economy in general has been affected by the current security situation. the entry of goods through border posts have become difficult which is why they're slow to reach the consumer. >> reporter: a thriving black market for oil products has doubled the price of petrol to a dollar a litre. a significant sum in the arab world's poorest country. there are imports, citizens say the latest air strike was about
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a week ago. bernard smith still to come on this program for you, questions on the fate of dozens of missing miners in venezuela and despite her current situation, the tense star gets support from some of her colleagues. her colleagues. the next day. al jazeera america's... >> today they will be arrested. >>they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> we have to get out of here.
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built for business. welcome back. the top stories for you. the democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump have beaten their rivals in the party's primes in the state of
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mississippi. bernie sanders pulled a surprise win in michigan. three balance can - balkan countries have tightened br der controls to stem refugees into europe. the international lee galt of the proposed plan between ankara and the e.u. that could see refugees and migrants in europe september back to turkey from greece. the north korean leader says his country has miniaturised nuclear warheads. south korea has hosted new sanctions against pyongyang in response to tests conducted in january. tunisian soldiers searching for fighters who launched an assault on the town of benefit gar --ing ane on monday. the number killed has risen to 155. >> reporter: in the village here
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family and friends are in mourning. this man's daughter was killed in monday's daughter. she was 15 years old. >> translation: she told me, i will send you an mother to mekka. i will become a doctor so i can afford it. but now she died and she say martyr and god willing we will be in heaven thanks to her. as we prepared to leave there's gunfire in the distance. it gets closer. we take cover inside. villagers were here to pay respect. we have been told to take cover an stay inside. the army says it is searching for two armed fighters roaming this area at the moment. clearly it is not over yet
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people blame i.s.i.l. for the insecurity and they're angry at the tunisian government for closing the border to libya. >> translation: do you want us to die? >> reporter: the priority for tunisia's army is to sign the attackers-- find the attackers, searching on the ground and with help from the air. army commanders suspect some local people may be helping or hiding them. dozens of young men from here have travelled to libya for military gaining and to join such groups as i.s.i.l. the problem is men travelling. >> 36 fighters have been killed an seven more arrested. we have some information of some
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tunisian elements involved. we have gathered important information from the terrorists. >> reporter: villagers here are living in fear. until now, fighting in libya is something they watched on tv news. they never expected the fighters to surround their homes. they feel helpless as they wait for the next attack four palestinians have been shot dead by the police in separate incidents after allegedly trying to kill israelis in occupied east jerusalem. in the port city of jaffa a palestinian killed one man who is believed to be american. he established other seven israeli $. he was then shot and killed by witness. >> i called the ambulance over here to see what was going on and there was a man on the floor. he received stab wounds here and on his back. i took my jacket and i put it on
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his eye an i tried to turn him over, to see if he had received any other wound. we tried to get him help from our correspondent >> reporter: these attack osenkowski tuesday are a reminder of the low-level but ongoing violence-- these attacks on tuesdays. they started in earnest last object in occupied east jerusalem a palestinian on a motorbike fired shots at a member of the israeli police who was seriously wounded. he tried to escape but then shot at one of the police who were following him, one of those police officers was injured as well before the palestinian himself was shot dead. just hours before thesis rail ee border police had killed a 50 year old palestinian woman within the walls of jerusalem's old city. they say she had drawn a knife
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and teamed to stab one of the police officers. a palestinian eyewitness disputed that version of events, but all of this latest violence really comes against a backdrop of the israeli-palestinian peace process going nowhere the attack in the city of jaffa happened near where the president joe biden was meeting the prime minister netanyahu. this is his first official trip to the region in six years. the obama administration is facing condemnation over whether it has abandoned hopes to below yek a peace deal-- on below broker a peace deal >> reporter: this was the last time he saw the p mchl and palestinian authority president. what did not come out of the
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meetings in late november a resumption of the pae process. the obama administration denies it has given up >> this notion that it's morabund, that we of given it up, this conveys this idea that we just thrown up our hands or did at some point. that's just not the way the secretary looks at this. in the face of more immediate crises, i.s.i.l.; syria, north korea, some experts say president obama has given up on the peace process. there haven't been face-to-face talks between top negotiators in several years. then secretary of state hillary clinton launched the first effort in 2010. john kerry tried again in 2013. both attempts fell apart and a new effort has not been made. obama's former mid east adviser
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recently wrote that the lack of focus has putting a solution at risk especially in light of the israeli government's continuing building a settlement in the occupied west bank and attacks on israelis and palestinians. the solution, try one more time to find a deal but don't put pressure on israelis building of settlement. this fish official says different. >> we want to change the entire concept of israeli policy and peace. we want to ee race all of the understandings that both sides have agreed on since 1993. we want to start over based on the situation today. we're going to decree that and the they're going to have to accept it. >> reporter: in the end some u.s. officials say that until
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they see a willingness from both palestinians and israelis to return talks, all they can do is wait major highways in nigeria's north east have been closed for years following attacks by boko haram. now they've been managed to be cleared. >> reporter: cashing in on the relative peace, once an administrative area for boko haram. these areas are crossing the border into the border city. this was not possible six months ago. they lost 15 heads of cattle. the occupation was brief but violent. eventually he escaped before the army took back the city.
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>> translation: they came in the morning, shooting when the mark was busiest. they drove away more than 1700 cattle. some have not recovered from their losses. >> reporter: thousands of cattle pass through here every week. traders picking up supplies for neighboring countries and beyond. more than a year after boko haram's attacks, it is busy here. the market was a target and looted and set on fire. today business has grown. people from neighboring countries are coming back. judge there are still reminders of the one-month occupation. outside of the city too. those who fled are back. eight year old-- 80 year old refused to flee. >> translation: life was
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difficult. at some point i was surviving on tea. there was little help because life was a big struggle. now my family is back and i'm glad. >> reporter: the front line against boko haram is less than 50 kilometers away from here. many people know that it will only take another attack to shatter the new found confidence in the city turning our attention to venezuela where prosecutors are trying to find out what happened to 28 goldminers who have been missing since friday. family members say they were killed by a gang over a disputed gold deposit in the state of boliva. investigators say there are no evidence of that. the opposition say it is a cover up. >> reporter: venezuelan authorities have begun investigate allegations that 28 miners might have been massacred
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in the southern state. family members of these 28 men took to the streets, a small town in southern venezuela, to protest the disappearance of their loved ones. they claim the men never came back after friday. there was a seen of carnage. the remaining parts of their body were thrown into a truck that was driven away. the government initially said that the allegations could not be proven but has now moved to sen investigators and-- send investigators and also the bottom buds man to look-- ombudsman to investigate. this has not seen legal but also illegal mining. it is said to have become worse after as many as five criminal gangs took control of the area. the opposition has said that the possibility of this massacre
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only highlights how lawless this area is and has said that these criminal gangs could only work in this area with the cooperation of a corrupt military force. the government is looking into the allegations but as of now no official statement has been put forward the world health organisation says that sexual transmission of the zika virus is more common than was previously believed. after a meeting with the emergency committee the pho says there was increasing evidence that a spike in birth defects was caused by zika. most have been reported in south america. pregnant women have been told to avoid the affected areas the former head of the world anti-doping agency has called maria sharapova "reckless beyond description". she is facing an uncertain future after failing a drugs test. she has found support from her biggest rival. >> reporter: an afallen star or
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so it seems. maria sharapova has been the highest earning female athlete on the planet but a day after announcing that she had failed drugs test at the australian open nike, tag-heuer and porsche all announced they were cutting ties with the five-time grand slam champion >> i think it is a sensible strategy because these have a habit of developing and unfolding and becoming rapidly worse. lance armstrong is the classic example of that. it can leads to months of negative comments >> i made a huge mistake and i let my fans down, i've let the sport down >> reporter: the drug in question is maldonium. she had it prescribed for the past 10 years for health issues. the substance which aids oxygen uptake and endurance is used for patients with heart conditions
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>> it was antidepressant to the 2016 prohibited lift which was taken from 1 january this year. it was on a monitor program where we track substances that might eventually be added to the list. we look for patterns of misusement we got evidence that this was being used to enhance performance by athletes so it was added to our banned list >> reporter: she has attracted sympathy from her rivals >> she is ready to take full responsibility. i think that shows a lot of courage and heart. she has always showed courage and heart in everything that she has done. this is no different >> reporter: she will be provisionally suspended on march 12. a decision on her final penalty rests with the international tennis federation. >> we're used to her being a fighter on court. that is the way she is in her personal life. i think that we will find that she will fight on after whatever decision is handed down.
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>> reporter: a costly mistake whichever way you look at it an afghan women's football team has a new kit. this kit is in line with f.i.f.a. rules. they lifted its ban on head coverings in 2014. >> in of these girls, if they are to play football, they have to, they want to wear hijab. instead of saying we don't want to make that, we say let's make one that is cool, fashionable and functional a total solar ee krips cast parts of south east asia to flock the day in darkness. people set up telescopes for the best views. a partial eclipse was seen in
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various place and even australia. you can keep up-to-date with all the news at at of women who stood up to speak truth to power and not just the power that crushes civil rights, but can poise an community. there is a toxic legacy of the cold war still buried between two dozen communities all around the country, the last of several hundred sites that were tied to nuclear weapons production during that tense time. one of them lik like thats in te valley in western pennsylvania outside pittsburgh where an unlikely champion stands determined to dig down to the bottom of the issue, no matter how long it takes.