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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is bladgesz. al jazeera america. >> there has to be some form of finishment. >> to the woman? >> yeah. >> donald trump's statement that confused republicans, his reversal. close to a decision on whether to file criminal charges. >> we'll let the city know that you know the blood is often their hands at the end of the day. >> why minnesota prosecutors investigate the police killing of a black man say the officers will not be charged. and world leaders converge on washington for a summit on nuclear weapons and how to keep them out of the hands of groups
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like i.s.i.l. donald trump is under fire after making an inflammatory comment about abortion. told msnbc that women who have them if the procedure is banned should be subject to, quote, some form of punis punishment. be john terret is here. >> good evening antonio. the taped event in which he made the remarks were considered so inflammatory that the network msnbc released them hours ahead. >> be do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that -- there has to be some form of
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punishment. >> for woman? >> yes there has to be some form. >> what? >> that i don't know. >> abortion is unclear and should be left up to the states. he further clarified that if abortion should be outlawed, doctors should be punished not women. hillary clinton tweeted just when you thought it couldn't get worse, horrific and telling. back away from a pledge to support whoever is the guantanamo nominee for november. they made their remarks in a nationanationally televised deb. >> let me tell you my solution to that, donald trump is not going to be the nominee. we're going to beat him. >> i've been treated very
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unfairly. i'll give you an example -- >> by with who? >> by the rnc the republican party the establishment. >> if he is hurting the country, i can't stand behind him. but we'll see how this goes and folds out. >> supporting the party's choice whoever it turns out to be. donald trump is standing behind his campaign manager, cory lewandowski was arrested for simple battery. trump speaking in wisconsin where some polls suggest he's trailing ted cruz defended his campaign manager. >> when they go to kasich, what would you do, i would fire him. they go to ted cruz, i would fire him. folks as your president you need somebody who is going to be loyalty to the kin and to yourself. >> and a footnote, antonio, 15
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of the nation's most conservative journalists sent trump a letter calling for lewandowski to be fired for unprofessional behavior. >> the fighting continues. al jazeera america has thrernd fbi laslearned that thes finished its investigation of chiferl'hillary clinton's e-mai. david schuster antonio, investigation is close to an end about whether to seek critical charges. law enforcement force he tell al jazeera that federal investigation into hillary clinton's personal e-mail system while she was secretary of state has reached a critical stage. the fbi led by director james
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comey has now finished examining clinton's private e-mails and her home serve are and the source he add that comey's fbi team has been joined by justice department prosecutors. together they are now examining the evidence analyzing relevant laws and attempting to arrange interviews with key figures in the investigation. those interviews according to attorneys will include former state department aids philliprynes and clinton herself. in the next few days or weeks, officials expect director comey to make his recommendations to loretta lynch about potential criminal charges. >> mr. director. >> thank you, attorney general lynch. >> reporter: the two appeared in public together last week for an unrelated matter and while sources say they have discussed the clinton investigation, the only public acknowledgment has been comey's confirmation to
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coming that he is deeply involved in the case. >> this is one i'm following very closely and get briefed on regularly. i'm confident we have the people and the resources to do it in a way we do all our work which is promptly professionally and independently. >> as part of that report fbi reports that nearly 50 agents are appointed to the investigation. testimony of brian pagliano, reportedly in exchange for immunity for from prosecution. clinton has admitthat using her private e-mail was a mistake but she insists she did not do anything illegal. >> i did not send nor receive any e-mails marked classified at that time. >> clinton continues to build up her delegation account. targeting donald trump about.
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>> some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people because of their religion and turning against each other. well this is new york and we know better. >> clinton's rival bernie sanders has won 6 of the last 7 democratic primaries. >> i'm not wasting my time going to rich people's homes begging them for their campaign contributions. >> reporter: soon though the campaign themes and strategies could be overshadowed because it is every sign clinton's e-mail investigation is headed to finalization, whether it's her indictment or her exoneration. fbi investigation which will happen in days will be crucial.
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antonio. >> david schuster, thank you. virginia's governor has vetoed a law, democratic terry mcauliffe, cs fro, protecting fm of religious expression. two minneapolis police officers will not face charges for the shooting of jamar clark. clark's death sparked months of protest. be bisi onile-ere has reaction from minneapolis. >> reporter: antonio, a lot of people i talked to said they were not surprised by the prosecutor's decision. several rallies are being held throughout the city of minneapolis by civil rights groups who were pushing for criminal charges to be filed against those officers involved. one protester said they were planning for peaceful protests but police are raid for
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anything. >> criminal charges are not are warranted. >> shot in the head after police officers riggenburg and schwartz. >> he clark had, quote, this thousand yard stare end quote. >> in the early morning hours of november 15th of last year minneapolis police responded to a report that clark assaulted his girlfriend and blocking paramedics from treating her. officers described clark who had chronological and marijuana in his system as actinge acting erratically. is released police video from the soting. contrary to some reports,
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investigation found that clark was not handcuffed during the confrontation and dna evidence supports claims that clark refused to take his hands off riggenburg's gun. >> schwartz took his handcuffs out and said he could not get them on clark. riggenberg reportedly told his partner, he's got my gun, he's got my gun. riggenburg recalls hearing schwartz saying let go of the gun or he would shoot. riggenberg heard clark showd, i'm ready tshout,i'm ready to d. >> it's a pattern and practice of abusive behavior, and officers have been allowed to kill with impunity. we stand today and say we're not going to tolerate it anymore.
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be. >> hey hey, ho ho. >> prosecutor's decision turned out for a rally. the group is demanding that the particularly reform. clark's death tipped off weeks of protests. ahead of wednesday's decision the chief of police urged for peace and calm. >> we're peaceful, nonviolent protesters, that's how we've always been, that's how we've always date demonstrated, what we've always called for. we let the city know the blood is on their hands, at the end of the day, we don't have control of what happens. we're going to be out there trying to maintain the peace but at the end of the day, it is in god's hands. >> and the fertile government is still looking into this case to determine if there were any laws violated, in the meantime, in the neighborhood where jamar clark grew up a lot of businesses shut down as a precaution.
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antonio. >> bisi onile-ere, in be minneapolis. police video shows lieutenant mark tiller fatally shooting zack hammond through his car window. the newark, new jersey police department is now under federal oversight. the city and the government announced an agreement to reform the department, calling for five years of monitoring, civilian oversight and are body cameras. disproportionately targeted minority residents. president obama commuting prison sentences for 61 inmates now serving time for drug related convictions. most are nonviolent offenders but some were also convicted on firearms charges.
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he went to a are coffee house to meet inmates whose sentences were being commuted. >> it is my responsibility to bring about a more sensible effective approach to our criminal justice system. it is my strong belief that by exercising these presidential powers i have the chance to show people what a second chance can look like. >> most of the prisoners whose sentences were commuted today will be released on july 28th. dozens of world leaders are converging on washington for a nuclear summit this week. at the top of the agenda how to keep groups like i.s.i.l. from getting their hands on radioactive material where a so-called dirty bomb could marine for security next. also why airlines say that travelers should prepare for a long wait at the airport when the summer season rarchls up.
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ramps up. fest up. gs
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>> ...and on the streets. >> there's been another teenager shot and killed by the police. >> a fault lines special investigation. >> there's a general distrust of this prosecutor. >> this is a target you can't get rid of. >> the untold story of what's really going on in ferguson. >> they were so angry, because it could've been them. >> one hour special, only on al jazeera america. >> the u.s. army is deploying more soldiers to europe. pentagon officials sea the be army is adding 60,000 troops. all part of the pentagon's
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response to russian military activity along the eastern border. permanent u.s. troop presence closer to the russian border. how do you keep a group like i.s.i.l. from building a dirty bomb? that's one of the topics on the agenda when over 50 countries hold a summit in washington, d.c. this week. jamie mcintire has the story. >> a horrific prospect so-called confined to hollywood movies. make an atomic bomb takes a lot of technology but a dirty bomb is a true weapon of terror, it spreads the packs of fear with a minuscule amount of radioactive material. last week's attacks in belgium
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are fresh in their minds. underscores a horrific what if scenario. what if i.s.i.l. had packed the explosives not with nails but with radiologicallal material? it's those issues that keeps joe up at night. that i.s.i.l. or some other group could obtain radioactive material to make a so-called dirty bomb a conventional explosive that spreads invisible radioactive dust. >> it's almost unbelievable that i.s.i.l. won't try to do something like this. >> we're here on vermont street in the heart of washington, d.c, just blocks from the white house, what would happen if someone would set off a radiological bomb right here? >> depending on the wind, you would see a cloud of smoke go up, it would go down to the white house just a few blocks
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away, contaminating white house, it might spread up the road to the capital. contaminating the capital. >> but no one would be dead right away? >> not unless you were right next to it. it is poisonous material the highly radioactive material that would start adhering to the sidewalks, the buildings. you breathe in even speck of that, you have a risk of getting cancer. everyone would flee city, maybe even though five or ten square blocks were contaminated and no one would come back here for risk of getting cancer. it would take years for crews to scrub the buildings to scrub the sidewalks to get rid of the radioactivity. >> last year, i.s.i.l. operatives recorded hours of material at a senior nuclear executive, in its desire to
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obtain nuclear material. >> it would be very dangerous and deeply troubling if i.s.i.l. was able to get its hands on nuclear material or even a nuclear device. and it does underscore why the president has made securing nuclear material around the globe a top priority. >> reporter: experts say the irony that even though progress has been made securing nuclear stock piles the risk of nuclear terrorism last grown in part because of the rise of groups like i.s.i.l, who appear to be willing to use whatever means possible to attack the u.s. and its allies. president obama expressed the desire to secure all nuclear materials during his first term in office. as he convenes this final nuclear summit it is clear he has fallen short of that goal. antonio.
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alzheimer's is a tremendous difficulty for its victims but those who take care of them, 20% sacrifice their own medical health, by cutting back on doctor visits. 2016 alzheimer's defacts and figures. first organ transplants between hiv infected donors and recipients. one got a kidney from a donor with hiv, the other received a liver from someone who also had the disease. the medical team says a six year legal battle made it possible. until 2013 it was illegal for hiv you patients to participate in organ transplants. >> we're in the process of
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teaching transplant centers across the country the protocols that we've put together, sharing with them our experience and our safety measures and things that we've put into place, so that patients can have the opportunity for these hirv hiv v transplants across the united states. >> doctors say the kidney recipient is already home, the liver recipient is expected to go home soon. the food and drug administration is loosening rules for drugs used to induce abortions. ru 46. doctors were required to follow original fda label requirements for drug. doctors argued the 90s era labels did not reflect current usage. a potential real estate deal and what it could mean for a
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rare partly of atlanta's precivil war history. also why a major safety group says night driving is darker than it should be for most drivers.
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>> it's called precheck and it was supposed to be the answer to
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long screening lines at the airports. but four years later there appears to be no relief in sight. the tsa cut staff by 10% thinking its workload would decrease. but now not enough people have enrolled in the program and tsa is expecting massive lines this summer. boeing is cutting 4,000 jobs from its commercial plane division. 1600 of the cuts will reportedly be voluntary. the move could save $1 billion in expenses. lower cost will help it compete against airbus. not enough light on the road when driving at night. the insurance institute for highway safety conducted a study on headlights, only one got a good grade, toyota prius.
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the worst rated were the halogen headlights on the bmw 3 series. fest. a battle of progress against preservation. one of the few lasting examples of the atlanta pre-war architecture at risk. robert ray reports. >> atlanta, e-a modern city with a rich architectural history dating back to rebuilding after the civil war. although it's hard to tell, because most of the preand postwar structures are gone. this impressive structure whose white columns that date back before the civil war. it's for sale reportedly for around $3 million. >> unbelievable colonnade,
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colossal columns, up on the hill. >> reporter: in fact, are the thoosh oauthor ever gone with td mentions them. >> there are very few antebellum that survive. we're in a neighborhood now that's vowntded b surrounded byg structures. this one didn't exist here until recently. it was moved four miles cut in half and put into this classic historic neighborhood so the preservation could continue. amateur historian raymon raymon.
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>> they are not in the least bit appropriate for modern living. >> atlanta has been a progressive town mercantile town it's been interested in profit. and they have just torn down and demolished everything that's really old. >> and while atlanta's history is hard to spot it does still exist. perched on a hill awaiting for a buyer. >> i would love to see it, if hi the money and wasn't interestin making money i would love to see it look like it does now in some way. i like how big and important it looks and how different it looks. >> gone with the wind, the other structures may be. but not the columns. >> where shall i go? what shall i do? >> frankly my dear, i don't give a damn.
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>> representing the old south, but for how long? robert ray, al jazeera, atlanta. >> i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us, ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night. >> it became known as argentina's dirty war. the coup in 1976 that led to the imprisonment and abduction and murder of tens of thousands of dissidents. last week, president obama visited, ceremonies meant to honor the disappeared. and as the president stood side-by-side with his argentine counterpart, he vowed to unveil new details about america's involvement in the bloody conflict.