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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> hello, i'm felicity barr. welcome to this news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. belgium federal prosecutors confirm they have arrested the paris attack suspect along with four other people. >> secretary of state john kerry said that isil is getting weaker
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by the day. plus the new version of the young book, a warning that it could be scary for children. >> hello ai'm robin adams with the sport. we have the latest from the master's tournament and i'll tell you if this man, jordan spieth is able to continue his run to the top of the leaderboard on day two. >> hello, police investigating the brussels attacks have arrested five people including the paris attack suspect mohammed abrini. this video shows one of the arrestings made earlier today. authorities say three of the suspects' dna was found in a car used during the november attacks on french capital in which 130 people were killed. the police have been looking for mohammed abrini after he was seen with the key paris suspect
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salah h abdel h abdelslam. the belgium authorities say it's not yet known if the man in the hat is among the five arrested today. >> the inquiry continues in order to determine if abrini is or is not the third person who joined the attacks at brussels airport, namely, the man in the hat. the investigation is continued actively, and we cannot at this stage give you more information. >> also monitoring that press conference with al jazeera's natasha butler, she joins us live from paris. the biggest most significant piece of information was the arrest of mohammed abrini.
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>> well, that's right. we heard about the an arrest of several suspects from the belgium federal prosecutor, but it wasn't until this evening that we had the confirmation of who had been arrested. amongst them, as you say, mohammed abrini, 31-year-old belgium national. he has been on the run for five months ever since the paris attacks last november which left 130 people dead. now he was wanted in connection with those attacks. he was last seen on cctv footage with paris attacks suspects salah abdelslam. they were on the cctv footage. today when we heard about the arrests there was much speculation in media and belgium that perhaps he had been picked up. but it seems as the prosecutor said this evening, that he had, indeed, been arrested. >> yes, it's a complex situation. five different arrests made
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today. what is clear is that there are now solid links between those attacks in paris and the attacks in brussels. more speculation earlier about that, but there does now appear to be a problem solid link. >> more and more links are found between a links group of people and those who were shuttled between the two capitals bringing arms or ammunition. several of the pair race attackers were from belgium. several were french. those french attackers, some of them went to brussels also to meet with their belgium counterparts. there is a strong link between those two countries. that's why just weeks after those attacks in paris the
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belgium and french shortser authorities came together to try to strengthen the cooperation, zell against sharing and that kind of thing in order to deepen their investigation. we've seen in the past few weeks several arrests, the arrests of paris suspects abdelslam and now abrini. >> thank you. >> we have with us in studio is the managing director at global strap an security and political risk firm. thank you for coming in to studio. your first thoughts of hearing on the arrests today, five arrests including most significantly mohammed abrini. >> it's a break through. but as your reporter mentioned earlier it might be linked to the police asking the help of the population with the video from yesterday. because just 24 hours they got a lot of input from people that may have seen him. if it turns out that he is the man wearing the hat in the
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airport. what needs to be done is to get from him more information that they were able to get from abdelslam. belgium security services understand that they have to be on top of him and not interrogate him for one hour like they did abdelslam. there might be more plots. the whole cell has not been arrested. we're talking about 30 people who were involved in the paris and brussels attack. that leaves a lot of other operatives on the round. abdelslam was going to be extradited to paris, and authorities in paris will be keen to questioning mohammed abrini.
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so hopefully we'll get more of that, that it will be much swifter than that. >> what strikes me is that these suspects, all arrested--i think they were all arrested in the. >> that's a very good point. and actually it means that they feel safe and protected in a way. they all have fake passports. they could have gone to germany, austria, syria, so it means that there is a network to protect them. and as we've seen abdel slam was four months in belgium, and nobody gave him away.
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>> there are so many different police officers operating, has that been difficult, in your opinion. >> the problem with the synchronizety between the police, yes, you cannot have a city the size of brussels which is a fragment of-done to have different departments speaking different languages and not talking with each other. that's incredibly stupid to have this much of a problem when we know how difficult it is to speak from one deputy departme --from one department to another. this needs to be tackled. unfortunately, the prime minister of belgium called for more cooperation but no domestic reforms. >> so cooperation internationally but not domestically. >> yes, exactly. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> now results are due any moment from the presidential election in the east african
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nation of djibouti. the president is running for a fourth term in office. >> it's just an amount of time that they announce the final results, and many here in djibouti know that ismael omar guelleh will be announced the winner. there is a fragmented and divided nature of the opposition who have not put up a spirited campaign. they claim that they have had harassment from the police. they were not allowed to hold
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campaign rallies as much as they would have wanted. and also that they were not given adequate media coverage by state media, which is the only media here. >> the way the election was run, what is happening? are they just pleased that there is an area of stability in that is unstable. >> i've covered elections before in djibouti, i would say that these are the least scrutinized election ever in this country. djibouti being a strategic ally to much of the world powers, the united states has got their biggest military base here
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france, djibouti's powerhouse, the second biggest military base here as well, and recently djibouti for the establishment have come for chinese forces. president guelleh has the advantage why djibouti is in a corner of africa and a country that is a strategic ally to some of the world's greatest powers. i will say that many are in agreement that it might be time for him to leave djibouti at this time. that's how many feel. >> thank you so much.
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still to come a second group of migrants arrive in turkey from greece because of that controversial e.u. deal. guidelines on family values as the roman catholic church tries to bring itself more in line with modern life. and the official logo for th the 2020 olympics. >> first, 30 iraqi soldiers have been killed in isil car bomb attacks in the town on the euphrates river west of baghdad. iraqi military sources told al jazeera there have been eight separate car bomb attacks and others were injured. the army and tribal fighters took the stronghold on thursday. iraqi state tv said that thousands have been evacuated while the u.s. have been leading
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airstrikes on isil positions. that all happened when secretary of state john kerry met with leaders. roslind jordan reports. >> iraqi troops conduct preparations for the eventually ground assault to retake that city. nearly two years after isil first moved into iraq. the u.s. secretary of state told reporters in baghdad on friday the situation is slowly improving. >> daesh is getting weaker by the day and the coalition strategy of supporting iraqis with training, equipment and airstrikes is working. >> even as kerry was speaking isil set off eight car bombs in a strategic city for isil because of the supply lines that it gives them in western anbar
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province. and the visit came at a critical time from the prime minister hyder al abadi. the thousands of residents have been protesting what they call corruption and political favoritism in abadi's government. and analysts say after investing years and billions of dollars in iraq the obama administration is nervous. >> i think there is a very clear understanding in washington that we need baghdad to essentially be healthy. that the iraqi government is a very critical component to our counter insurgency success within iraq. so right now the fact that there is a bit of domestic turmoil going on is not just a domestic issue but is very much an international one that kerry is certainly aware of and concerned about. >> kerry brought abady some financial relief. $155million to buy food,
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medicine and shelter for iraqis displaced by isil and a word of caution for all sides. this is not the time for partisan infighting. >> it is important to have political statement, and it is important to have an unified and functions government as rapidly as possible in order to move forward so that all of these operations are not affected. >> but there is little the u.s. can do to insure that political stability. roslind jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> italy has recalled its ambassador from cairo as a sign of anger at a base of investigation. into the depth of an italian ph.d student. the student was in egypt when he disappeared in january. his body was found in early february showing signs of apparent torture. we have reports. >> it was supposed to resolve tensions over the murder of the
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28-year-old post graduate student. but after two days of meetings, egyptian delegations had little to offer italian prosecutors. now italy said its recalling its ambassador from cairo for consultations. on social media the prime minister said that italy will not stop until the truth is uncovered. egypt's response, they had no idea why the ambassador was being recalled, no statement has been released on the outcome of the meeting. the student's body was discovered in a ditch in the outskirts of cairo on february 3rd. nine days after he went missing. his body bore signs of torture. his mother said that she was only able to recognize him by the tip of his nose. human rights groups have said that egyptian security forces were behind the killing, an allegation that cairo has repeatedly denied. >> the egyptian authorities have been utterly unable to
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collaborate in an effective manner. what they've done all this time is to give very often non non-credible versions of their offense. >> for the family, frustration is mounting. two weeks ago his mother threatened to publish a photo of her dead son's body if there was no progress in the case. the murder of the student's journey has brought high emotion in italy and looking at the italian media the message is that it needs to do more to yield answers after who was behind the killing of this italian student. al jazeera, rome. >> a former lebanese government with close ties to bashar al-assad has been sentenced to nine years and nine months in prison. former information minister was found guilty of smuggling explosives and planning attacks. he was arrested in august of 2012 and had been sentenced in an earlier trial but then was
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granted bail pending a retrial. we have the latest on beirut. >> what's more, the pope does not forget to-- >> in order to create some civil strife or conflict in lebanon. so according to him very close, indeed. there was no doubt that this case has been closely monitored not just by the average person here in lebanon, but also by all the different sides vying for influence in lebanon and control in lebanon, and also the regional powers who are becoming more of a cold war or proxy war being fought on lebanon with regards to the first sentence, the first sentence was to convict him of being in possession of these explosives. today's conviction or friday's
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conviction was with regards to the motives believed to be behind his possession. that's why he was sentenced according to the judge of the nine-, ten-year jail time. but obviously even if it was as they say, sticking to the rules, sticking to the books, there is no doubt that there is at least political implications to this. he is somebody as we've just outlined there who is close to bashar al-assad than obviously the allies of assad's here in lebanon. obviously that is going to have some sort of an impact in terms of how things come out. >> pope francis has called for a more compassionate catholic church and a document on family life. in light of the joy of love, he calls for the church to be more open to those i am perfect catholic, those who have been
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divorced and remarried. those who have failed to live up to the gospel ideals of family life. the pope wants to help families who are struggling. >> the pope turns the attention to families, and even the failure of families, returning from, and i quote, without diminishing the value of the evangelical ideal we must have mercy and patience. when we accompany people in their possibility of growth this is car carried out day day by day in the mercy of the lord who inspires us to do good. >> joining us live in the studio is religious commentator from the catholic voices group. thank you for coming in. has there been much change in what the pope is saying? the doctrines themselves have not been changing. >> no, the heart of the document, as you said, it's in
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the name. "the joy of love." it's a clarion call to catholics and catholics to the whole world on the many difficulties that families face throughout the world, both in this country and throughout the world and how we meet those challenges head on. his mention is on mercy, the hope for a more globalized catholic church, one that looks out from itself and takes others in. >> the basic doctrines have not changed. you should not be divorced and remarried. you should not be in a homosexual relationship, but he's allowing bishops in individual countries to have a more flexible view in how those doctrines are applied. is that fair? >> how we deal with a situation in sub-saharan africa is different than new york. the document it more of a
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pastoral revolution than a doctrinal one. what i mean by that is that it's calling on individual collects and in picker pastors, those who meet with people, the pope envisions a more merciful leaders as they work with people. >> there are many divorced catholics and there are many homosexual catholics who feel the church doesn't want them any more. >> this is a crying shame. what i would say to them is that the church loves you. the church wants you, and your churn is your home. >> but you've sinned. >> we all have sinned. the point of mercy is that we don't deserve mercy. there is a lovely oscar wild quote before his deathbed
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conversion. he said that the catholic church is the church of saints and sinners. if you're a sinner, the church is a place for you. this merciful merges call merciful message is a call to those-- >> when the religion has not kept up to date with things like, say con interest exception, but we're living in a time of a.i.d.s. and in africa, over populated countries where there is little food to go around, and he is prepared to be more flexible on those issues. >> he makes it quite clear that the church shouldn't be just an arbitrary rule giver, but it should not do change for the sake of change. it's like in the example of raising children.
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i want to raise a child. what are their hopes and dreams for their future. i don't want to be a benign dictator, but i also don't want to let them do whatever they want. this is a document that changes the focus for catholics so we can be more missionary focused. >> very interesting. thank you for your time. thank you. >> now, bridges to be built over the red sea to connect egypt and saudi arabia. the announcement was made during king salman's visit. there will be agreement of $20 million. >> i have agreed to build a bridge that connects the two countries. this historic move which links the continents is considered to
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be a quantum leap that will increase movement between them in an unprecedented way. >> i have complete confidence that the joint coordination between egypt and saudi arabia represent a milestone in the crisis. such as the situations in palestine, yemen and syria. despite the difficulties that some countries in the region are facing as a result of the intensification of the conflicts, the visit has made me optimistic in that we can both consider the concept of a collective national state which will face off against tomorrowism and extremism which threatens stability and the future of mankind as we know it. >> still to come on this news hour. spain temporarily recalls its ambassador from venezuela as tensions rise between the two countries.
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>> we can save species. >> macaw are at risk of dissappearing in the wild. >> we are on the tipping point of an ecological disaster. >> radiocarbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal. >> gold, we have come at the price of human rights, pristine forests, and clean water. >> the future of fracking is about the water. >> how do you convince a big oil company to use this? >> al jazeera is always pushing the boundaries of reporting and techknow really falls into that perfectly. >> this is the biggest question out there. >> we always get perfect plants every time. >> this opens up whole new possibilities. >> we have 300,000 kids that are in collapse prone schools. >> katrina was really a wake up call. >> we can design and engineer a system to not fight nature but kind of work alongside it. >> new orleans is on a good track towards sustainability but the job is not done here. >> it's a revolutionary approach
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to science reporting. >> this is some of the best driving i've ever done, even though i can't see. >> i really feel my life changing. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk, it was amazing. >> probably the most profound moment was when i stood up. these were emotions i had been dreaming about for so long. thank you. >> techknow, proud to tell your stories on al jazeera america. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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follow @ajam on twitter. and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life. >> hello back, welcome to the news hour.
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belgium police investigating the brussels attacks that have arrested five people. including the paris attack suspect mohammed abrini. the results from the presidential election in the africa nation of djibouti are imminent. the long-serving leader ismael omar guelleh is seeking a fourth term is and is expected to win. refugees and migrants have been sent back to turkey under an e.u. deal with ankara. pakistani hydrants have arrived after leaving the greek island of lesbos on friday. they have now boarded buses to process centers. >> what was a popular landing spot for small boats bringing refugee, those who made the short but dangerous journey are being sent back to turkey.
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one by one, they're sent back. the migrants and refugees made their way to the ferry. they arrived at the port of lesbos, where there was a heavy police presence. as with the first deportations these people, the majority of them pakistanis did not want to apply for asylum. observers from turkey were the last people they spoke with and they didn't appear to resist deportation. the only screen of disturbance came from a small group of activists who were protesting against the e.u. solution to the migrant crisis, but they were unable to stop what they believe is an inhumane policy. journalists are kept at a distance and we're not allowed to speak to those who are boarding the ferry. it was a similar case when the first group was deported on monday. the e.u. has come under criticism for a process that some say lacks transparency and human rights groups have
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criticized the lack of a career criteria and determining if turkey is a safe country. this time representatives were given access to those who were deported just before they boarded the buss. >> today we saw the second round of returns on the agreement, and the situation was calm. this morning before people were escorted out, but our concerns remain regarding protection safeguards. they're not fully introduced both in turkey and in greece. >> one of those safeguards has access for claiming asylum, what the e.u. calls the admissibility procedureas formerly gun with the arrival of more experts who help the authorities in greece. they'll decide on a case by case basis if they'll return to turkey. >> this work i will tell you that this work will increase in the coming days.
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and as i said yesterday it depends on the number of arrival. >> 350 people have been deported under the deal between the e.u. and turkey. it's a small number considering a few thousand could still be sent back and considering since the deal was put into practice thousands more have arrived on europe's shores. al jazeera, lesbos. >> to the u.s. now with the race to the democratic nomination has become increasingly heated as bernie sanders gains ground on the frontrunner hillary clinton. the pair promised to stay away from a negative campaign trail, but in recent days they descended into a war of words of who is more prepared for the white house. thossanders said that clinton was not prepared for the white house because of her response to
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the war in iraq. and clinton said that bernie sanders was not prepared. why has this campaigning stepped up? j a couple of reasons, bus it's new york. it's a voiceful state. many people don't hold back on their feelings, and the second thing, because it works. really, this all started when hillary clinton gave an interview on national television asked whether or not she thought bernie sanders was called qualified to be president. she didn't say that he was unqualified but she inprimed that. that's what bernie sanders took offense to. he said he would respond, and he has. what impact does this have on the candidate? poll numbers are out and it shows that when americans are asked about hillary clinton, they give her an 55% unfavorable
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approval rating. how does this effect this state? a month ago she had a 20-point lead over bernie sanders. now he has cut that in half. and this next contest it imminent. why is this happening? because i think there is the political calculation that will effect us. >> it's interesting. in fact, hillary clinton stayed well away from talking about bernie sanders. each congratulating the other on various caucuses and primaries they have won. in fact, hillary clinton began attacking donald trump implying that she really didn't think that bernie sanders stood a chance. >> absolutely. she really tried to position herself pivoting to attacking the frontrunner. but what's been happening in recent weeks is that bernie sanders has won six of the last seven primaries, and his support only continues to grow. i think what is happening here
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they have this little bit of dynamic in this state. that each candidate in this democratic race is trying to show that they are the more authentic new yorker. before hillary clinton thought she had it locked up because she lives in new york and she once represented it in the u.s. congress. you have to remember that bernie sanders was born in suburb of new york city, in the burrow of brooklyn. he still retains that accent. there is an attempt to try to win support. we know that hillary clinton seems to have that support locked up in new york city among the cosmopolitan and the elites in new york city. but you go out in the rural parts of the state, that's where bernie sanders is getting a lot of attention, his message of income inequality is getting traction. i think the clinton campaign is feeling nervous. bernie sanders still sees the opportunity and they try to capture those votes that he
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needs, the support that he needs, well, that's what he intends to do he intends to push this to the july convention, and he's going for the nomination quite easierly. the fact that hillary clinton was looking like the presumptive nominee, now she is having a campaign in her backyard and now we're seeing this public spat. >> kimberly halkett, live in washington. thank you. now brazil's president dilma rousseff is will find out if she's going to be facing impeachment proceedings as the house will vote on it on monday. the impeachment proceedings resumed on friday. she's facing a corruption scandal, cronyism and a deepening recession. her approving ratings have dipped to below 10% after first being elected in 2011. adam raney has been following developments for us.
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>> the commission for impeachment began holding talks on friday here at the national congress in brasilia, the final debate of this commission ahead of their decision which is going to be announced on monday. it's pretty clear what they're probably going to recommend. the most of the leaders made it clear that they're going to recommend that president dilma rousseff is impeached, but it does not necessarily mean that she will be, according to one of the most respected polling stations in brazil. 60% of the lower husband does support impeachment, but to impeach the president they would need 66% or two-thirds from the lower house as well as the upper house, the senate. even if she were to be impeached, the line of success becomes extremely murky because everyone standing in line behind her is tainted by a widening corruption scandal here. her vice president, whose party just left the coalition with dilma rousseff's ruling, workers' party, is havin
5:39 pm
recommending him from a high ranking judge. this crisis will only deepen in the coming days. but the head of the lower house of deputy said that he wants to have a vote on impeachment on april 17th. why april 17th? because nationwide protests against the government are planned for that day. he's trying to marshal support in the street to help push their political agenda to get dilma rousseff out. meanwhile, supporters of dilma rousseff are trying to show their power in the street on monday the day this commission is meant to announce its findings and it's recommendations. members of the movement the landless movement, that is, that is one of the most powerful leftest that fight for land redistribution is planning to gather here in the capital where they hope thousands of people will push for their objective, that is to keep the president in power. >> spain has temporarily
5:40 pm
recalling its ambassador from venezuela over what they call intolerable insults against the spanish prime minister. president nicolás maduro has called spain's prime minister corrupt. >> colonial, racist, all of them, i tell you. venezuela is respected. this is the people of the liberation. >> in peru the praise is still on to find out who will go up against the long-time frontrunner in the country's presidential election. fujimora has just over 40% of the vote. so she's still short of the 50% that she needs for an outright victory.
5:41 pm
>> closing nights from the contender, fijimora is in the lead ahead of 17 other candidates. >> we have our four's legacy. that's why we trust her in the presidency. >> now only ten candidates are running for the presidency. some dropped out. others were ordered out of the race. the electoral tribunal barred on a technicality at and violating a ban on vote buying. however, cleared of allegations that she also had bought votes. analysts say political parties discredited the candidates. that's why before the elections 30% of the voters are still undecided. >> as candidates have run foul of the regulations there appears to be a high number of floating
5:42 pm
voters. >> i think that the electoral process didn't have an ideal offer. when guzman, he wasn't able to generate a large protest. people turned to choosing another one without thinking that he may come back. >> the secretary general of the organization of american states said that it has not been fully democratic. his comments infuriated the electorate tribunal and candidat. >> opinion polls suggest that 84% of peruvians don't trust politicians, especially not at election time. >> first they're your friends. they hug you and tell you hi. let's take a photo. let's give you a t-shirt. then that's it and they're ready to go and steal. that's what politics is about in peru. >> analysts believe that no one will win the first round.
5:43 pm
fujimori is likely to go for the run off. a former finance minister and a congresswoman from can cusco are fighting to come in second. those voters who are still undecided could prove crucial in deciding the result of sunday's vote. al jazeera, pay ru pay peru. >> water, clean, drinkable, and exceedingly rare in yemen. these mobile tanks are a piano for this family. they contain water donated by rich families. >> i wear it is only god who knows about our suffering. thank god we still have good,
5:44 pm
kind, and generous people in yemen. we go anywhere, we can get some water. >> even in the capital of sa naa, many homes are not connected to a water supply. those that are, the taps too often run dry. yemen has always faced chronic shortages. the climate is dry and the water system has been mismanaged. pipes, storage tanks and pumping facilities have been destroyed in the fighting. >> the water crisis is very old and has become more severe in the last year. electricity has become to a complete halt, and our agriculture sector depends on it. >> that means no fuel for water pumps. many have resorted to drilling wells, defying a law that prohibits is.
5:45 pm
the hunt for water is overtaking the lives of young and old. >> of course my children are looking for water. some days they don't go to school and they still come home without getting water for the household. >> mohammed's story is not unique. his country is in the grip of a water emergency, and every day of fighting only deepens the struggle for this fres precious resource. >> all right, still to come on this news hour. >> lift off of the falcon i rocket. >> spacex launches a rocket with supplies for nasa. plus, why these japanese badminton players were forced into a tearful apology.
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>> these grandparents aren't worried. they've been warned they'll be watching a sinister version of the animated film that made the jungle would-be popular. . >> it's a different world that we were in. we had no tv. we had no computer games. >> the only real actor in the movie is mogli. the rest is animation. >> the real challenge the team faced is getting emotions out of the animals, which is very tough. like, making a snake speak, it's not an easy task at all. >> critics say and other challenges to make the film resonate across generations in india. this is a widely told tale here. >> the story is set in india. it's author was born here and had an affinity for the country. but many generations have grown up here with the animated disney film of the 1960s, and for them this realistic version
5:49 pm
comes as a surprise. >> the professor uses the 1960s cartoon version of the jungle book as part of her film studies curriculum. >> animal performance is much more interesting and emotional in the 3d version. you're not distracted how scary a real animal looks. >> as for the modern-day version the boys tell me they weren't scared but it seems to be the tender moments that are their favorites. >> when the movie makes u a fire out of a stick. >> and even that's not lighthearted enough for his grandmother. >> i enjoyed it, i think. it is realistic. >> there is a place for simplicity in an industry that
5:50 pm
thrives on sensational high tech talent. >> it is time for your sport now with robin. >> it's been a thrilling day in augusta. jordan spieth continues to lead the way. spieth came in with a two-shot overnight lead. so the american through 15 holes at the moment. mcilroy is already back in the clubhouse. he's in third. occupied by a gentleman by the name of bryson deshombou. they'll end their rounds at $200. and brad snedeker is on level par. four-time champion ernie els coming back from an absolutely
5:51 pm
disastrous start. this south african is a former number one. he managed to get himself in the masters' history books but for all the wrong reasons. he carded nine shots in the opening hole. the most ever in the history. three to get on the green. six to hole up. he's finished the first round in tie for 81st place. wow. okay. so south american football where the boca injures win 3-1 in their, the group stages finally secure second in group three. they head back to the break before they would seal the point in the 49th minute.
5:52 pm
the golden state warriors have become the second team to win 70 games in the season beating the san tan known spurs 107-1 oh 1. and they would win by 27 points. they would break the all-time regular season. and elsewhere the atlanta hawks avoid the series sweep. they would solve an finish with 23 points of the night. atlanta winning 95 points-87, third in the eastern conference. the nhl is heading to the end of the season as they put themselves in contention. red wings, 5-2, two opening goals stemming from the first three minutes of the game. they would go in to a three-way battle with the red wings and the philadelphia flyers for the spot in the eastern conference. in the mlb, the san francisco giants had a perfect start to
5:53 pm
the new season as they won their home opener against the dodgers, and they did it in front of a sell-out crowd. the big play of the game with a grand slam in the bottom of the eighth inning, scoring five runs, the giants going on to win 12-6. some athletes will misreio's olympics due to injuries. others due to doping. but for others a trip to the casino could prove costly. world number two held a press conference in tokyo on friday to apologize for the behavior in the hope of avoiding an olympic ban. most gambling is illegal in japan and they this will face punishment. >> i'm deeply sorry for
5:54 pm
betraying everyone this way. i'm so story. >> i'm so story that i could not stop him from going. >> the next goal would be the twenty20 olympics. organizers have unveiled four decides short listed to become the official logo of those games. the controversial logo was strapped last september following claims of plagiarism. they were chosen from 15,000 entries. and they will be considering three back before that. >> that's your sport. now back to felicity and the rest of the news tour apple i hour in london. >> spacex is carrying an ununusually cargo in the way humans live and work in space. our science editor explains.
5:55 pm
>> three, two, one. lift off of the falcon knight rocket. >> the launch of the spacex falcon 9 rocket is an usual occurrence but there is special cargo on board. a space habitat known as beam will be removed and attached to a port on the station. >> once the operation is safely complete, nasa astronauts will expand out to its fully deployed structure, and at that point an astronaut will enter the beam. >> normally spacecraft is made out of sealed shells. their size is limited by the type of rocket they're launched on. but to get around this, they have developed an expandable craft that allows habitat four
5:56 pm
times its packdown size. >> this technology could an complete game changer in terms of making deep space missions to asteroids, the moon, mars, a lot more economical. the reason why that is the case, inflatable technologies allow you to have more volume for a smaller amount of mass. >> the walls are made out of 16 layers of high-tech materials including heat direction and a layer of material that is similar to that used in bulle bullet-roof vests. >> if you were going to get shot would you rather have aluminum or a kevlar type weave. i would vot vote for the kevlar . it's much safer, and this will keep astronauts safe far into the future. >> the company behind it haye
5:57 pm
has a bigger model that will make space travel cheaper and more comfortable. >> as you spend more time in a strange environment, psychologically it's better if you have more volume. if you're going to stay somewhere for many months or years you want to live in a penthouse suite so you want the volume. >> they will spend the next two years attached to the international space station undergoing tests. if it's as durable as cost effective that they believe, it could change the way humans live in space. >> you can always keep right up-to-date with the latest breaking news by going to our website. that's what the front page looks like. the page to click on to is do check it out. we're back again in a couple of minutes. see you then, bye bye.
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