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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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al jazeera. swith every. as thousands of rows in just seek refuge in bangladesh and new armed group is taking shape fighting the government and me and my only because they refuse to give us a basic lights a citizens in for the first time a member of the ira can just salvation army talks to al-jazeera at this time. president trump says he'll approve the iran nuclear deal one last time but the u.s. will withdraw if it isn't strengthened in the next one hundred twenty days.
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jim with all this is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. we should be straightforward thing we should give you the. democrats dismiss charms denials about the offensive comments which of john calmed them nation from around the world . warning syria's increased attacks will spark a new wave of migration as government claims continue to bomb deescalation so. after months of uncertainty a breakthrough in talks to form a new coalition government in germany. well their fair warm welcome to the program after months of political posturing the u.s. president on trumpets decided to extend the suspension of sanctions against iran one last time but officials say he wants the iran nuclear deal strengthened with
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a follow on agreement in one hundred twenty days or the u.s. will withdraw the wave us part of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal that was brokered by world powers but the u.s. congress requires the president to reaffirm the agreement every ninety days of the last deadline in october chom declined to certify iran's compliance but congress didn't act to reimpose sanctions and even though the president will not sign off on the nuclear deal new sanctions will be imposed on fourteen individuals and entities for human rights abuses and supporting iran's weapons programs well let's get more on this from allen fish eggs in washington d.c. hi there alan so is this what trump was expected to do. well that's what he's wanted to do for a long time whether or not it was expected is another question certainly we know that he thinks this is a bad deal he said that many times even though the feeling is in washington that he's never read it so what does actually mean well it's not the collapse of the
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deal because many other countries signed it as well and the whole idea of reviewing it every ninety days is something that was put into the american bill really to try and see to barack obama there were people who were very unhappy with what was going on so what he said is next time it comes i want receptor fired what does that mean recertifying the deal means that the economic sanctions that are in place on iran at the moment lifted because of the deal will be put back in place that he then says what i want to see is some sort of negotiation not directly with the iranians but with our european allies on how we extend this agreement and one of the things that he's very keen on is the fact that this deal has got a ten year window the sunset clause is what they call it he wants to see that go and he wants to see this continue indefinitely he's also said that he wants to see congress come up with a new plan as well on how they deal with reset of a cation he wants to make sure that iran's. ballistic missile program is tied into
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the nuclear program as well to try and do all that in one thousand days is going to be incredibly difficult so if in ninety days don't trump says absolutely not recertifying there will be a small window but of course the other european allies and those who negotiated the deal with iran aren't necessarily tied into what the americans do they don't have to snap back on sanctions so this could cause a great deal of confusion in the international community in one thousand days time and alan we've got this situation have a way where we've got these sanctions but they're being imposed now on individuals . that's right these are non-nuclear sanctions these are sanctions that the tacking on to people and individuals and organizations that they think are responsible for what they see attacks against human rights and also freedom of expression the person who has been most high profile person has been targeted it is mr law and johnny who is the head of the judiciary and. law and johnny and he is
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also the brother of other law and johnny who is the speaker of the house of the americans believe that this is targeting the iranian regime right at the very top they're also targeting the supreme council for cyberspace because they believe that the blocked a number of western news sites during the recent protests and so they're being sanctioned as well but these are all more nuclear sanctions these are not related to the deal what the americans see is that they have spoken to the european allies explain what they would like to see and they see those discussions are quite far on what those discussions are are quite far on with the americans explaining what they would like what we saw of course in the last twenty four hours of the european sitting around the table in brussels saying we think this deal is working quite well and therefore we're not minded to change it in any way at the moment and pressure live from washington d.c. alan thank you. well president trump has denied reports that he used offensive language to describe haiti el salvador and countries in africa he's alleged to have
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made the comments during a white house meeting on draft immigration legislation the claims of smarts around the world including from the united nations can but he has more. surrounded by members of the african-american community at a white house ceremony honoring the civil rights icon dr martin luther king donald trump made no apology for his alleged racist comments a day earlier. part of a series of early morning tweets donald trump denied media reports that he had called haiti el salvador and african countries shitholes during a meeting with senators on immigration but he did admit the language used was tough he also denied saying anything derogatory about haitians other than haiti is obviously a very poor and troubled country we've got time to do but democratic senator dick
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durbin present at the meeting says the president did say it and called trump's words vile and racist hate filled with which it is said there were people in the statements made by the president have caused international outrage prompting reaction from the spokesman of the high commissioner of the united nations these shocking and shameful comments from the president united states. i'm sorry but there's no other work around can use. the reaction from african countries was equally strong i've never been to the guy but. he's not going to expected from some would yield is neutral going to from drugs. standard procedure back in the united states members of the president's own republican party are also distancing themselves from the statement it is incomprehensible that these words
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came out of the mouth of the president of the united states of america a country that was founded on. being free from discrimination the calls for the president to apologize for his remarks are intensifying inside and outside the united states but for now it appears that apology is unlikely we can many how could joins us now live from the white house hi there kimberly so we see members of his own party distancing themselves but what about ordinary americans you know they are raised are they just fifty eight well this country has had a persistent divisions along racial lines also along political lines for some time and certainly these comments are not helpful they do nothing to unite the country but at the same time you know the irony in all of this the fact that the president is may has been accused of making these comments something he denies it comes when
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there was already a plan ceremony at the white house to honor dr martin luther king a civil rights icon in the united states is certainly made for some uncomfortable moments certainly you saw there the president did not apologize in the oval office as he was surrounded by prominent members of the african-american community including dr martin luther king's nephew i had a chance to speak to him and he said that he sees this as a teaching moment for the president. because i honestly don't think the president trump is a racist i think he's racially uninformed. but i don't think that he's a racist you know in the traditional sense that we thought of that does not mean that i condone. you know his muslim bin and his policies but i don't think that he's a racist i think truly he's either racially uninformed or racially ignorant and can really is there any sense whether the negative feedback of the the i wage from some
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people a fixed you know personally or does it in some way kind of act as a rocket fuel for more controversial commentary. you know what it's really hard to answer that question i think that the from observing the president he is certainly not politically savvy i think that he's often surprised at times by the reaction some of his comments get because for so many years particularly as a businessman in new york city he was surrounded by yes men for lack of a better word people that would praise him continually so sometimes i think he is a little bit surprised by some of the pushback at the same time there is also a significant portion of the united states that is comfortable with what the president has said that feels that he's saying what is on the minds of many americans despite the fact that it is uncomfortable and vulgar but there are also those two in the united states that recognize that there is
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a need to move forward that these comments are not helpful because it does not heal the painful racial divisions that exist in the united states that has taken a long time to advance in terms of of moving forward and there is fear that this is a setback what there is also a fear that this is a setback of is the fact that less than a week the government is set to shut down over funding and the crux of all of this is this comment was made as both democrats and republicans are trying to come together to get a deal on immigration within that funding bill and that is certainly making that accomplishment ever that much harder committee how can they live from washington d.c. can really. well trump is also counsel to visit to london to open the new u.s. embassy here he said it's because he doesn't approve of barack obama selling off the building even though the decision to move the embassy was announced by george w. bush's administration from london need barker has the story. the building at the center of a new trouble with the storm finishing touches it being made to the u.s.
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embassy south of the river thames away from the heart of the city but the american president's not happy the reason i canceled my trip to london he wrote is that i'm not a big fan of the obama administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in london for peanuts only to build a new one for one point two billion dollars deal the embassies now expected to be opened by u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson next month from the street like many other u.s. embassies around the world it's a giant forty five box this one happens to be surrounded by a moat it's also somewhat different it's apparently very green topped with solar panels and the screens that designed to aid climate control is also taking shape in an area of urban regeneration that according to some is a little bit more evocative of the previous u.s. administration than the present war and that could be the problem the mare of london sadique khan drew his own conclusions from trump's decision many londoners
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have made it clear he tweeted that donald trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda it wasn't long before the u.k. spahn secretary boys johnson intervened saying we will not allow u.s. u.k. relations to be endangered by some puffed up pompous pop in j. and city hall on a visit to washington last year prime minister theresa may invited trump on a separate state visit to the u.k. but no dates being sent the petition against the plan gained more than a million signatures following trump's crackdown on immigration from majority muslim countries as for the old embassy in grosvenor square one of the most expensive addresses in the world it's been bought by qatar and the money used to build the new embassy america's association with the square goes back two hundred years is now destined to be turned into a luxury hotel behind on a minute could it be is it. well almost alone from london waxwork museum to
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swords or donald trump may be unwilling to come to the u.k. himself but there is a rather suspicious look alike by any comment mr president. still to come this half hour. more upon them protests into new c.e.o. over the government's austerity measures more than seven hundred people have now been arrested. and facebook shares fall out to mark zuckerberg an answer changes to its news feed to prioritize by friends and family. how much of southeast europe is still cold and grey the satellite pictures shows the grey it also picks up the cold to some degree because that's. what the climate is so all of this and single figures to
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a large degree not much fording out of the sky disappointing not particularly foggy most of the time bright enough in poland then to the south of that we've got the cold air of a warm water so rain goes through greece into turkey bit of a gap but the next lot's already ready coming through portugal despite its rain for the most part but much of spain of course is along whether sea levels will be snow possibly even in madrid for time on saturday night is to be cold on sunday seven degrees at best your market for a little while a bit of snow in the south of france not his or charles maybe the french alps one thing not north of that it looks like brighter skies six to eight degrees is where it should be this time here for london and for paris the rain that was falling into news here has spun away in that circulation the one from the rain the june will also bring rains in the gulf of sidra hit parts of libya the temperatures come up analogies to these quite considerably as you can see that it warms even more to a quite remarkable seventeen by the time we get to sunday which is equivalent to
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well there are a mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has decided to waive sanctions against iran one last time but officials say he wants the iranian nuclear deal strengthened the follow on agreement in one hundred twenty days or the u.s. will withdraw. president trungpa strong condemnation from around the world for his alleged use of offensive language to describe haiti el salvador and african nations he denied making the call. donald trump's council the visit to london to open the new us embassy saying he doesn't approve of barack obama selling off the old building. china's in authorities have arrested another one hundred fifty people including local opposition leaders on friday in response to the latest demonstrations there now close to eight hundred people have been detained after almost a week of protests over the government's plans to raise taxes on the price of basic goods. this report from. angry
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crowds denounced the arrests of hundreds of people. the government says those who have been detained were involved in attacks against police stations the protesters on the other hand accused in this you know authorities of an indiscriminate crackdown and look what it was continuing to do want to see and it's become the biggest problem is with those who cover this nothing is changing to this is to say merely the governess the same tactics they claim there are freedoms if you express your views in the streets you went up in joy you. the police are chasing us. the police have been given strict orders not to use force to disperse the crowds these are tense times in the country. oh. oh protesters are venting their frustration of the government after it introduced
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austerity measures and increased taxes officials here say the measures are crucial to eliminate a budget deficit and improve declining revenues from agriculture mining and tourism to his ears vital economic sectors no matter how badly badly enough that we want the government to scrap the tax increases many people are suffering because of the price writers particular imploring areas like city busied catarina in tatler where communities have been grappling with discrimination for decades this is made by the government as against the will of the people. prime minister used to share here has visited some of the areas of the protest has accused the popular front a coalition of leftist opposition parties of inciting unrest but the opposition insists the rallies are legitimate expressions of frustration over a government they say has betrayed its own people. army units have been deployed in
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many cities to protect government buildings and prevent it descends into chaos this is a delicate issue for the government you could bet your arse all the tax increases the budget deficit will continue to strain the state's finances but if it goes ahead with the austerity measures public anger mike lead to further instability. sonus. demonstrations have taken place in the palestinian territories after fatah hamas and other groups called for another day of rage over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel israeli forces are still maintaining will blocks and conduct raids on palestinian villages in the occupied west bank as they look for the killer of an israeli settler eighteen palestinians have so far been arrested on thursday two palestinian teenagers were killed during scuffles with israeli troops. turkey's prime minister is urging iran and russia to rein in the syrian government's offensive in a province one of the rebels last stronghold ben ali says the army assault could
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force even more people to be displaced one hundred twenty thousand people have fled in the past three weeks russia and iran backed the forces of syrian president bashar al assad while turkey supports opposition fighters. the united nations has expressed its concern over that latest escalation in fighting with a warning that deliberate attacks on civilians could be considered war crimes well then eighty five people have been killed in east and go to in the past twelve days and a hoaxer reports. this has become the norm in eastern good . day to civilian casualties as the syrian government steps up its attacks and flushing out rebels in the damascus. was this is the last rebel held enclave and regime forces backed by russian strikes have been intensifying attacks in recent months russia has rejected accusations it's been targeting civilians.
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turkish president spoke to his russian counterpart putin on thursday stressing the strikes needed to stop for peace talks to succeed an unnamed turkish source said ankara had summoned iranian and russian ambassadors syrian president assad's backers to express its discomfort those airstrikes are in what was meant to be a deescalation. and the un's envoy voiced his concern over the level of violence and go to while things are now. in the country where many people believe. the finding continues in other areas. right now and she said about facing the siege he said. this was low cooke's first mission to syria since his appointment last year. the more russia is due to host the syrian national congress in sochi at the end of january another attempt to start up some kind of meaningful
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dialogue to end the vicious civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people since two thousand and eleven. turkey's foreign ministry has warned its citizens against traveling to the united states risking reigniting a long running diplomatic dispute from last year these are restrictions from both countries were lifted at the end of december they've been in place since the u.s. accused turkey of detaining two of its consulate staff for suspected ties to the failed twenty sixteen coupe turkey is now saying its citizens should revise travel any plans to the u.s. after a jury there found a turkish banker guilty of helping iran if he'd been well it comes as turkey reinstates more than one thousand eight hundred civil servants had been purged after the failed twenty sixteen coup simcoe solo has more now on tuckey. turkey has dismissed more than two hundred six the public personnel already new governmental decree that was published friday morning at this governmental their career is also
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another extension of the state of emergency that has been underway since the favored coup attempt and in july two thousand and sixteen but in the latest decree there are more than one thousand eight hundred people who have been reinstated for their jobs those people were dismissed from their jobs due to their illegitimate. links with the fed to lock down organisation who's accused of being behind the failed courts and in july two thousand and sixteen that the primary evidence for being a member of the good an organisation was immobile encrypted mobile application called by a local but the prosecutor's office decided on a different way and they said those people had no links at turkey it will be extending the state of emergency rule for three more months this is what the turkish parliament decided. this week but as the election is coming up in two
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thousand and nineteen in tricky everybody's curious whether the government is willing to continue to implement state of emergency until then peace in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas to disperse church course morning seven people died in recent protests security forces killed at least seven people in the capital kinshasa only you see the demonstrations on friday borgen eyes by catholic activists have been protesting against president could be as refusal to step down from this. german chancellor angela merkel and her conservative party have struck a deal with their social democrat rivals to enter into coalition talks the attempt to try to revive the power sharing government that's been in power since twenty thirteen must be approved by s.p.d. members next week david chase are reports. the breakthrough came after an exhausting twenty four hours of negotiations between the parties concluding more
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than five days of talks the political limbo in germany seems finally to be over it's it it was steve the c.d.u. unanimously approved a paper or the results of the exploratory talks at which many participated and which was based on a broad funday sion and we will recommend our party begin talks on forming a stable government. as the s.p.d. we have decided unanimously to give the party leadership a mandate to negotiate a coalition the biggest hurdle in the talks was to reach an agreement on refugees and migration the open door policy championed by angela merkel led to more than a million refugees being granted asylum in germany during the years twenty fifteen and sixteen the political price for that decision was the entry of the far right alternative for germany who gained more than one thousand seats in the parliament the border stuck by good numbers will now be capped at two hundred twenty thousand per year and agreement has been reached on even more controversial question of how
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many relatives will be allowed to be reunited with families already in germany one thousand cases will be considered per month with strict conditions attached friday's agreement though has one final hurdle to pass a special conference in bonn later this week of the social democrats will have to give their approval before the coalition tours can formally go ahead. well these are the sort of democrats is one of the most vocal parts of the party are calling for opposition they believe in s.p.d. outside of government would have the opportunity to to reenergize true we think it's a gender. in a radical shift on german objects poles apart he said they would end the regionally supplying weapons to countries involved in the yemen conflict and tighten guidelines on sales the talks also agreed common ground on strengthening the euro zone and close partnership with france and driving forward with reforms in the
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european union they also promised to boost germany's contribution to the budget david chaytor al-jazeera girl in the spanish government has dismissed the possibility of form a catalan leader called pujol ruling the region from self-imposed exile in brussels earlier push moment members service pro independence movement in the belgian capital on friday some of the new session ystem piece said they hoped he would be approved for another term as president of the capital and regional parliament but the madrid government says it will contest any attempt in the courts facebook shares fell four percent on friday after c.e.o. mark zuckerberg announced major changes to the way the platforms news feed is filtered it's part of a personal challenge that coburg set himself to fix facebook and it will see the news feed filter change to prioritise pulls from family and friends so correct says he wants to make the facebook experience more meaningful for its more than two
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billion members by reducing the amount of content for media organizations businesses brands well he says the explosion of branded content in recent years has crowded out personal moments are zuckerberg admits the changes could actually reduce user engagement with facebook itself. jacobson woman is the author of all the terms of service social media and the price of constant connection he says the changes could be bad news for traditional media brands too i'm afraid it's not going to help news outlets in any particular way over the last year we've seen facebook incursion news outlets and sometimes pay them to produce video which can be consumed very readily in the news feed and now that's probably all going away any publication that's done a so-called pivot to video is probably facing subtribe will i think where this is also disturbing is that zuckerberg seems to distinguish between what he calls passive content and content that's more engaging that involves your friends and
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family talking now does that mean that he thinks that news is sort of passive content and not worth engaging with it certainly seems so and that in general news is going to discount in people's feeds because it's not seen as the kind of dynamic thing that people want to gather around the four hundred rail travel or a seat in western japan were trapped on a crowded commuter train over night when it got stung after heavy snow fall the train that the city of niigata on thursday night and had to stop when its wheels will drop by snow will workers decided it was too risky to evacuate because the train was in a remote area they eventually got it moving again after fifteen hours some passengers had to stand the entire time you can find much more on our website i'll just don't call. a reminder now of our top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has decided to waive sanctions against iran one last time he
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says he wants the deal strengthened with a follow on agreement or the u.s. will automatically withdraw he also called on key european partners to join the u.s. in fixing what he called the significant flaws in the agreement the u.s. has also sanctioned fourteen a radian individuals for human rights abuses censorship and weapons proliferation polite rages mind saying around the world after president reportedly used offensive language to describe haiti el salvador and african nations he says have made the offensive comments during a meeting on immigration at the white house on thursday from position of a denial on twitter saying you use tough language but not the words which are being reported however a democrat senator who attended the meeting says he heard him make those comments it's that he should do we need more patience. and then he went on when we started to describe the immigration from africa that was being protected in this bipartisan
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measure. that's what he used the fly all over the clothes calling the nation's the call for the police the exact words used by the president that were not just once but repeatedly. meanwhile president trump has counseled a visit to london to open the new u.s. embassy he said it's because he doesn't approve of barack obama selling off the old building although the decision to move them to sea was announced under george w. bush. turkey's prime minister is urging iran and russia to rein in the syrian government's offensive in a province one of the rebels last strongholds and says the army assault could force even more people to be displaced on hundred twenty thousand people have fled in the past three weeks russia and iran backed the forces of syrian president bashar assad all turkey's supports opposition fight is seen as a in the authorities have arrested another one hundred fifty people including local
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opposition leaders in response to almost a week of demonstrations there eight hundred people have now been detained because of their offices should into the government's plan to raise taxes on the price of basic goods were up to date those are your headlines super authorities next up by.


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