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tv   Pakistan  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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also dismissed as fake news a report suggesting he ordered the sacking of special prosecutor robert muller in june last year the new york times says trump backed down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign miller is leading the probe into allegations of collusion between the trunk campaign team and russia in the twenty sixteen election . a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including patients and nurses in an intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city of marianne managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames the investigation is now underway. turkey's president says his forces will sweep kurdish fighters from the syrian border and could push all the way east to the iraqi frontier turkish offensive against the kurdish y.p. chief fighters in syria's african region is already strained ties with its nato ally the united states turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist group but the militia has played a prominent role in u.s. led efforts to combat i still in syria. the u.n.
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says at least thirty people drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of yemen this week appen shortly after the vessel left the port city of aden the u.n. says the boat was carrying people from somalia in ethiopia back to africa heading for djibouti. coming up next risking it all this edition focuses on pakistan are more news for you in about twenty five minutes showing you that.
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in these men they're extremely concerned that he stuck up an altitude of three thousand meters for half a day already in the snow as pomona really was a four legged animal gone amok you know. what they don't want to do is spend the night on the mountainside on the ari pos known to all as hell's road which is partially collapsed the drivers only solution is to rebuild it themselves. and it. is the first to do. something to hold this little book loaded to the open part of the people the people at the buffalo good looking. little load up on us into a half ton mocha. but it's taken the driver's
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seven hours to fill in the gap on the pos is roadworthy at least for the time being . the lower e pos begins in the town of due in the tribal regions of northwest pakistan. the road is two hundred forty kilometers long and is the only supply. my route through the mountains to the small villages of the shoe trial valley which is shared with afghanistan. a road where even the slightest error can be fatal. the most dangerous the most vicious is the realty policy. to take serious here great ones our kids but the political will to get out of the.
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buffalo put delay and i don't get. to tell bill says i. let. this. be a lot many bodies we have bodies that men are coming back to more homes may not meet on tuesday. and student can play this event and yes i know what it costs money to.
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the holy city of do and its twenty thousand inhabitants make their living off the roads each day tons of goods are loaded and unloaded from trucks the only means of transport in the region. the truck has caught up provides most of the jobs here. drivers. mechanics assistants of all ages book here every day amid the dust and pollution. twenty three year old come are a is a successful businessman he already owns two trucks one of his trucks laden with two tons of sugar for a village in the she trial is about to tackle the ari pos and not surprisingly he's worried. he has his best driver at the wheel. of it what.
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it takes to. run over a mission. but that. sixty dollars a month is the average pakistani signer a few drivers would accept the risks of the pos for that money so come our eye is offering a one thousand dollars bonus each way a bonus the younger drivers find irresistible with dignity and that they take that very little unsettling that donald really know what a bit of the world was about a view that it was in a can also because they're finished that that's the thing. that was there to pay them and they said. that but enough of it but did raise. it so give it a. little. business have to get out of that was it a. bonus get out there with
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a guy for the board i see it. at seven in the morning it's time to start i. the journey along the ari poss is far from being a picnic over two hundred forty kilometers the road snakes through the mountains and breathtaking cornish is in syria should take one day to reach the destination but there are a few drivers that can manage that. however is eager to get the trip over as quickly as possible despite the danger he wants to make as many journeys as possible in order to take advantage of the bonuses so he drives without stopping and seems to spend his life behind the wheel of his truck. but that is. just it about will take the. full will be in focus of us. still well a lot of people want to get in a little bit of. wood has been a drive of a ten year is the truck is ageless he has been stuck forever on seven hundred
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seventy six thousand kilometers. the brothers don't appear to care and have decorated the truck in their own fashion photos of benazir bhutto to form a collage with those of the indian pop stars young pakistanis idolise. two thousand metres up on the first difficulties. melting snow shoes from torrents that's why it's through the road dozens of metres at a time creating holes and landslides. tell us i'm only a bit of a. bigot but i want a. bus to get a lot of us. come to see that i think that's the ticket of you know this is sort of like. whatever they put out dick said they think that their day.
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every trip damages the tiles further cut up by the shop rock some ready to form so kind of check someone. by one for any risk they might bust. the ari pass poses one problem after another to help them relax the drive a smoke the local drug. is just what was that that that that. you know what.
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his head elsewhere the woods condition only adds to the dangers of the road drugs i want of the main causes of accidents. four years ago faced with an increasing number of injured the pakistani government financed the construction of a tunnel through the mountains i thought that i. lied up all of that i think the dow is up now on thirty or forty five well bottom. five i would lives just a short distance away before tackling the mountain roads he stops to kiss his children goodbye. that i love but then there is a lot. of death with olivia to do with.
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the wood has three kids two boys and a go in this valley where religion is paramount the women are obliged to hide themselves from the glances of a man that would even forbids as his wife and his daughter for meeting the current if. it's a fight over having a job but i'm not so much at school was that cut out for. i don't know. what side of this. issue. is that for us that like that. beast piece there but there was a. this or that. question last that i. used to ship. after
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a two hour pause the brothers resumed their travels the hardest part of the ascent is about to begin. it's an area where the melting snow causes avalanches and landslides. within an hour they will have climbed one thousand meters to a height of three kilometers. a climb that poses a stun challenge to even the most experienced drivers. in. the truck struggles to make ten kilometers an hour on a steep climb. at
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twenty eight hundred meters the lack of oxygen causes drowsiness and concentrating becomes a chore. the smallest movement requires a real effort. and staying awake is a major challenge. three hundred metres to go before. the pos had a chance to rest. that's out we. can't put it that water. though it. was that moment grammy c.f.l. which i thought it was but the other. day with the guy in the hot tub correct place
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i know it was a beer. or a it was. the down side the tavern the drivers check their merchandise is securely fastened. to the experience of the inside of us relax from the strain of the climb and good themselves for the next leg with a hearty meal of boiled mutton the local speciality is what causes your visitor where you always are going to go which. i did do. several from just want to go with a look at what gets you so late good people tell you to. tell you by james i took the stand so this. was you. i wouldn't his brother head off to face the forty five bands. plus a moron. but i just know nobody got me i
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was the fellow i you know about out of. fear that you wouldn't suffer. still around but you suffocate. to go shooting the curves becomes a physical battle. the goal. simply go downhill without ever stopping and pray no truck is coming the other way.
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the melting snow has turned the road into a muddy track breaking too harshly means using control and a one way ticket over the edge into the ravine. so much accomplished one of the. did. was to go to. look up out of the well i thought. oh well at the. end of. the wood i was his life to the perfect control of his truck but he has no control over nature of course and is at the mercy of the sudden avalanches that sweep old before them such
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as this electricity bottom. of us did. you know what it was so good. that. thanks one final bend on the brothers finally in the chitral valley. the road is better here that surfaced and protected by the foothills and it will
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soon be time for collins driving lessons. but there's bad news in store just a few kilometers further down in the valley thanks to the mountain has slid onto the road making any further progress impossible. thank you. thank god that the banks. are a little bit better but rather than rust away no it sure is they fell out of them what was one of the self-indulgent i wouldn't know what. but thank you for that and i. thank. the side of the mountain is unstable and there's a constant series of rock falls. below risking life and limb the work has
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labored nonstop to open the way through thanks and we thought it would be on but ya know a bit but not as. much. walk breaks loose then hits the front of the truck to thank you. on either side of the one behind me although some thirty trucks wait for the road to reopen and. some of the truckers of being stuck for days some more patient them out as poss the time as best they can. i do what supporters are going to do. much better on our. roads i don't know going away but just look what i'm going to
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do. you know to put the thought out there but the fault was that problem. it's a small truck to for such a huge milnes and everybody's pinning their hopes on the big government bulldoze of that is being sent out from drop a few kilometers away. drawl she is renowned throughout pakistan for its splendid trucks. and it's no coincidence. that since the small town is where the most famous trunk decorating company in the valley some mean and code can be found. it's a family run business that attracts clients from all over the country. that have been endangered as you kind of and i think that that generation is they're doing declination budget really wanted to. cut everything
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on the house was thinking you know when i want to be pushing for kiki i don't but he. told me. that you know christmas night he got a definition of thirty. the following morning on the stretch of road that's being closed the much anticipated bulldozer finally arrives it doesn't take long to clear a path through the rocks i. was thinking of i cook. i was. quoted up i think it was
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a little bit like i believe that. it's only a temporary pall from the rubble as the mountain continues to collapse i think. braving the rocks the first drive is chance that luck i. i now it's. younger brother x. has is gone. i. think. they make it and come find me resume bad journey.
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it is particularly proud of his brother who helped ensure they made the trip in safety and decides to reward him. though out of the. dug out of the. visible effect you know just try to stuff it out and there was. another. angle is it going to go all right to grandma now and is also not.
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a little. air for us thank you. is no driving school in these parts the young are told by their elders school. doesn't have a. lot of cars around. the
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. slowness of stuff that i have. no. idea all their. dad does. just so just snatched myself get almost says all this there was just skip. stylebook i thought it was one of the. twenty of us in the us doesn't know it and there was quite a. right eye shadow on the public who was if you say if a hurricane. comes roaring in their version or wish my love i'm done not out
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because of and. khalid and i would finally make it to trial the two hundred forty kilometer long journey took nearly four days. with the they now me to unload the consignment quickly and get back on the road as soon as possible if the make another round trip before the end of the month about the longer. hours they'll go down and if either of them both. lived a somewhat disillusioned the life of a trucker is not what he had hoped it would be. the child is never getting this risk. but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the legal route is their only
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option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions generally the more they'll put their lives in danger just to learn to move risking it all this time on al-jazeera. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level right to publish it beat up to be offensive or provocative about it as people do setting the stage for
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a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. please rooms with. rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries. and the moving story of two young turkmen girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. america first does not mean america alone donald trump takes his.


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