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for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. rooms . rewind returns with new updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. and the moving story of two young turk men girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of repressive taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera. america first does not mean america alone. donald trump takes his
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america first message to davos to collaring the u.s. open for business but he also uses his speech to attack the media as. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching alex's they're also coming up. we're in the syrian city. that this is an area that is part of part of turkey eastern pride with their operation on our freedom. we report from syria's latest battleground us turkey's president threatens to push right across the country. thirty seven dead after a fire street sweep through a hospital in south korea. and why growing numbers of young people have turned up in the french quarter of callaway i've been to cross the channel to the u.k. .
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story u.s. president donald trump has warned trading partners he will no longer tolerate what he calls on fat trade in a speech to the world economic forum in davos he also said the u.s. is open for business trying to push his america first agenda in a speech that covered the economy trade and security while he appeared to saw esau from his isolationist stance he emphasized that as presidents it's his job to always put the interests of the united states first. america is the place to do business so come to america where you can innovate create and build aai believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also. but america first does not mean
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america alone when the united states grows so does the world a while and our strong also attacked the media branding a report which alleged he planned to fire special prosecutor robert lawlor fake news new york times says trump wanted to sattler in june of last year but he backed down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign well as leading a probe into allegations of collusion between the tran campaign team and russia in the two thousand and sixteen election and i will get more reaction to that story from alan fischer who's in washington d.c. first though let's go to davos for our diplomatic editor james bays is standing by and so the thrust of the trumps message in that speech america first doesn't mean america alone how would you describe the tone we heard from him today i think we had a somewhat restrained tone we certainly have a very scripted president trump i think will be
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a sigh of relief here from those who come regularly to the world economic forum here for speakers you know the things that president trouble said in the past about global trade i think they were pretty fearful about what he might say at this gathering but as you heard him say america first but not america alone and certainly making the case that he is the salesman in chief i think is the message that they were they could accept at least. but perhaps not so restrained in his comments about the media he couldn't help but have a day following this report about robert muller. yeah absolutely he knows what the headlines are back home in the u.s. he knows all the stories about the report that he had ordered the fahringer of the special prosecutor and then had to rescind that order when his own white house
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counsel threatened to resign that may have explained a moment in the proceedings when he was on the stage when he talked about his relationship with the media. and as a businessman i was always treated really well by the press you know the numbers speak and things happen but i've always felt really cared a very good press and it was until i became a politician that i realized how the nasty how mean how vicious and how fake the press can be as the cameras start going off in the back. and you could hear the moans and some very distinct to boot as he said those words in a hole for most of his speech the questions and answers that took place afterwards he was politely received. all right james thanks very much james bay is endowed
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also of course james is mentioning that the trump related headlines alan fisher is following everything from washington d.c. and alan i suppose it's no secret that president trunk was very frustrated with this investigation into the twenty sixteen election and the appointment of special counsel robert learn about how significant is it that you have this report he attempted to fire a butler a wanted too. well this is hugely important if you go back to june last year you'll remember there were people who are very close to donald trump the likes of kellyanne conway who are preparing the groan for the sacking of robert mueller suggesting that there was a conflict of interest that he couldn't carry out an impartial investigation and therefore he should be removed it no turns out that around that time donald trump had said to don mcgann white house counsel that he wanted to fire robert mueller no to be clear he can't do the firing the justice department and in fact the assistant attorney general has to do the firing because he's the one who appointed robert mueller dawn mcgann threw his hands up and said you cannot do this and if you do i
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will resign no that's important because what was done mcgann's thinking was he thinking about donald trump's intent if the intent was to obstruct that investigation don't trump then could fairly clearly be held accountable for an obstruction of justice the other thing hanging over his head at this and it will constantly be referred to is that back during the watergate scandal. richard nixon fired the attorney general because he wouldn't cite the special prosecutor he then fired the assistant attorney general because he wouldn't the special prosecutor eventually appointed someone who would do the job for him that became known as the saturday night massacre it was very bad for the nixon white house things didn't turn out well you'll remember and i suspect in dawn mcgann's head that was probably playing through when he said you cannot fire robert mueller and if you do i will
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resign there are those who suggest that this is very clearly donald trump obstructing justice and therefore robert mueller will be especially keen to speak to right now the other big development that's been taking place trungpa proposing a plan that would give my grants undocumented migrant citizenship in exchange for money for that mexico border wall is that feasible what's been the reaction. well this is donald trump starting point he said he would come up with a plan for dhaka they've got to do it really before the next round of budget talks which is the beginning of march so this is his suggestion and he's saying look we'll include dhaka not just for the people in the program but for others who could qualify one point eight million people is the figure that's being kicked a road but in return for that we want money for the border wall and we want to end the thing that donald trump calls chain migration so if you are an american citizen
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and you've come in as an immigrant and you want to bring extended family members it will essentially stop your spouse and your children it won't go to siblings that won't go to parents it will end there and also he's suggesting that the really need to get rid of the lottery program which means the under represented countries in the united states can apply for visas you see we really need to clear the four million backlog of people waiting for green cards how will it play while the right wing of the conservative of the republican party and the left wing of the democratic party of say this is a norm simply won't fly the right wing people are saying that it's because donald trump is offering an amnesty calling him on this the dawn won't play well with the base not very good particularly what he said on the election campaign the left saying look he's offering daca but look what he's trying to extract from his money for a war that he said mexico would build this simply won't fly in the middle there people are saying well let's look at these proposals this will go to congress congress
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will work with this line and perhaps they can come up with something that will get through both the house of representatives and the senate if that's the case it then goes to donald trump's desk for signing the white house are saying if he likes the bill he will sign it if he doesn't he will reject it so this is a starting point there's still a lot of want to do but many people in the democratic party are saying look the something here we can what with him people in the republican party saying you know we're all keyed generally with let's just see if we can work on some of the details thank you very much and here in washington. president says the drive to push kurdish fighters out of northern syria will continue as far as the border with iraq turkish forces have been fighting for a week now to expel the kurdish y.p. gene militia from the african region the white pitching is a key part of the s.d.f. group which is backed by the us dozens of people have died in the fighting each
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side says it's killed hundreds of enemy fighters. will continue to all branch operation which is on its seventh day today until we reach all of our targets after this will cleanse man bids from the terrorists as it has been promised to us nobody should be bothered by this because the real owner of members is not those terrorists but the arab brothers they're after this we'll continue our fight until no terrorist is left. stephanie has been inside syria she sent us this from just east of frayne. we're in the syrian city. this is an area that is part of sort of talking eastern with their operation but you know you can feed life is pretty much normal here or was a lot of children in these areas were in the turkish press tour so to speak they're very keen to show us their operations here what is striking is the influence and the presence turkey also when it comes to its military now the f.s.a.
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the free syrian army fighters they are the ones at the front line coming around this sort of as we've been speaking to some of those well they say they're committed to this fight this is the fight enough but even the fight that turkey says is part of the white would stay cool a terrorist organization we've been hearing from our children they're going as well with their minds at this remains a very active war. a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including patients and nurses in an intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city of marianne managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames kathy novak reports from seoul i the fire started in the emergency ward at about seven thirty in the morning it quickly spread to other parts of said john hospital and took firefighters more than an hour to bring under control and another two hours to extinguish. all we stop the fire from spreading from the first floor to the second
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floor during the initial phase and therefore also prevent a different spreading to the rest of the building. despite the rescue effort patients and medical staff were killed most were suffocated by inhaling toxic fumes about one hundred patients were being treated in the hospital when the blaze broke out about ninety other people in an adjacent nursing unit were safely evacuated president in ordered an investigation into the cause of the fire. that the president moon expresses regret and sadness over the situation of the fire that broke out a sage long hospital which led to a high number of casualties not long after the fire in that fire in the southern city of jackson claimed twenty nine lives just last month at the time prime minister in the not beyond promised there would never be a repeat now he says he's ashamed to have to say the same thing questions are once again being asked about fire safety in south korea so john hospital doesn't have
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water sprinklers because if it's a relatively small size the law doesn't require them kathy novak al-jazeera soul. you're watching out as there are still to come eight years after the haiti earthquake millions remain without the most basic necessity cleaning water. we pack trash and sent to stand empty lots rainy behind the ongoing delays in sending range of refugees back to rankine state. follow the weather still remains rather unsettled across western parts of the middle east certainly up towards the levant little area of cloud his circulating away brought some very heavy rain across some sundried outpolls into television and
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also brought some flooding has the results of fact that what's the weather will make its way further east which has been affecting southern israel moving across the gaza strip will push across a good part of iraq some wet weather there into baghdad on saturday then snow further north that snow affecting northern parts of iran as well and again it not just a little further east was tempest in tehran struggling to get to around seven celsius by sunday then we'll see at temperatures struggling here in qatar as we go on through the next day or two twenty seven the high on saturday this system here six for the south was effectively it's a cold front so we will barely get to a high of twenty one on sunday with a chilly breeze blowing across the region meanwhile we say some rather heavy showers blowing across the eastern side off south africa they're still in place a weak do with the rain in cape town where the ongoing drought does continue twenty two celsius in cape town heavy rain there across the eastern cape that rhyme remaining in the region as we go on through sunday and knotting a little further north.
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welcome back you with al-jazeera a quick look at the top stories now president donald trump has been pushing his america first message to the world economic forum in davos he said the u.s. is open for business but warned it will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices. trump also dismissed as fake news reports suggesting that the sacking of the special prosecutor in june of last year. and turkey's president says his forces will sweep us back from the syrian border and could push all the way east to the iraqi front here. well now plans to begin returning ranjoor refugees to myanmar's rockline state of being delayed by problems with the paperwork according to bangladesh and a further step back from the u.s. diplomat bill richardson has left an advisory panel on the range of crisis set up by the government just days ago richardson says he resigned fearing a whitewash but the government says he was removed due to differences of opinion
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scott hyla brings us more from. if you listen to government leaders in myanmar this week was supposed to see a trickle of ranger refugees returning to these new repatriation centers in rakhine state they said from tuesday the centers were open and ready to receive but the other country in this equation bangladesh said incomplete paperwork for the refugees is causing a delay no word on just how long some human rights groups think it's much more than paperwork the fundamental problem is that all the operations and set up these plans have been used these negotiations have been done leaving the refugees outside the door and they haven't been consulted they haven't been talked to and many of the refugees are simply too afraid to go back anywhere near the burmese military also this week the launch of a new commission to follow up from a group headed by former u.n. secretary general kofi anon it's members both from myanmar and abroad are supposed
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to implement recommendations and advise on the range of crisis but even before their first trip to recline the highest profile member bill richardson resigned the former u.s. diplomat described as a friend of leader on song suchi abruptly left after a heated exchange with her on her part richardson said that he left the commission because it was a whitewash and that on song suchi lacked moral leadership government officials said that they dismissed him because he was here only to pursue his own agenda the remaining member of the commission rebuffed richardson's resignation saying the ma'am our government is both serious and listening to the commission will obviously didn't check with us before he made that statement and i think it's very unfortunate. he didn't join most of the proceedings. since through the years ago and. in any case it was not the intention.
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of the advisory board to make final conclusions this week one member of the kofi anon commission from myanmar gave us his view of richardson's departure and the need for better transparency is a meant to be reckoned with i think this is a little bit of a drawback but we can move on we should take criticism and if there is anything that we need to correct we should do that and if there is nothing wrong we should prove it by facts and figures and in order to do that the basic fact is that you need people to go to that area but that hasn't happened or kind remains heavily controlled by the military humanitarian groups the un and media are still not allowed free access to recount so refugees hoping to return have to rely on limited information to make a very important decision got harder al-jazeera young gone. the u.n.
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says at least thirty people drowned when that capsized off the coast of yemen this week he wants refuge in migration agency says it's shot sank shortly after leaving eight and they say it was carrying people from somalia and ethiopia back to africa heading for djibouti the vessel is believed to have been operated by the scrupulous smugglers who are attempting to take refugees and migrants to djibouti while also trying to extort more money from these refugees and migrants the book the boat capsized amid reports of gunfire being used against the passengers. well than a year after the demolition of the natori as jungle camp has been a sudden rise in the number of young asylum seekers arriving in the french quarter of cali the closest point only here in mainland to the u.k. it follows the leaders of france and person signing a treaty last week and streamlining the process of dealing with arrivals a sonicare go reports from callaway the deal seems to given people false hope of
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reaching the k. . playing for time in cali's industrial zone a place where asylum seekers have flocked to in the hope they may escape the limbo they face day in day out while they're here they are trapped many of them been here for months sleeping rough wherever they can and go to nipping without any food. in broad maybe because it is fear because distant because it is. just disturbs us. that this is not life it's not life because living in the forest we have him so this is the place the location where one of the few just to be sure points was supposed to occur on thursday afternoon as you can see authorities are there and they've stopped it from happening and that's been cut a lot of anger from those who've gathered here to be able to get some food. for months the riot police have been
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a regular presence here as are the stand offs with my cards desperate to escape. some hope perhaps has been provided by the joint treaty signed by the french president and the british prime minister last week and point but more blocked on this one particularly important point of the santos treaty will be the subject of on a company. this treaty will allow is for all those in a position to cross the channel to drastically reduce the time limits from six months to thirty days for adults and from six months to twenty five days for an accompanied minus. the treaties intended to improve the management of the border on both sides of the english channel but there is little evidence as to how it will be done and whether it would expedite urgent asylum cases to reunite them with relatives living in the u k. for those working on the front line of this crisis the expectations have led to rumors that asylum seekers only need to come to
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cali to get to the u.k. and that's led to large numbers of people turning up here i do feel people have false hope because of this misunderstanding and because there's been no effort to explain any of the changes there's been no effort before on to explain to people what asylum entails and fronts despite the challenges the young the desperate try to find any way they can to reach britain no matter how dangerous the police attempt to stop them climbing on to lorries bound to england but they still take the chance any risk they feel is worth it to leave behind a life in france that hides in the balance on a diagonal al-jazeera kalai. and italian prosecutor says that a graduate student who was murdered in cairo two years ago was killed because of his research into egyptian trade unions junior cheney was studying for a doctorate at the u.k.'s cambridge meeting of university when he disappeared in
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two thousand and fifteen rome's chief prosecutor giuseppe ping attorney says regina had been under surveillance by the egyptian authorities. india has been sacrificing sixty night for a public day with a parade in delhi country is marking the date the country was declared a sovereign state ending british colonial rule and a hawkster explains. india's pride and ambition shone through the fog on the sixty ninth republic day. say case in military might for domestic audience a fly past by the indian air force including an eye in the sky surveillance plane. the aereo display followed a procession of tanks missiles military hardware rolling down the rush of promenade in india's capital all seemingly designed to reinforce the message of india's stature as a growing power and tributes were also paid to india's founding father mahatma
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gandhi prime minister and the hendra modi hosted a long guest list i think it's very strategically important guest list india has an act based policy where it's trying to focus building ties with southeast asian countries. this was the first republic parade attended by ten leaders new association of southeast asian nations on the twenty fifth anniversary of india joining the a c. and regional group the indian government is promoting its act east policy aimed at strengthening economic and political ties with its neighbors as china continues to will huge influence today we have china's flow rate in the end. which traditionally used to be india. as it was india's back yard and i think india is conscious but at the same time contradictory character stick is that china is india's largest trading partner. and the parade highlighted the diverse
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skills of the one they me and three hundred million indians. to celebrate the achievement of around seventeen percent of the world's population sixty nine years since gaining independence from colonial britain. is there. millions of australians have turned out to celebrate the country's national day january twenty sixth. the birth of the country day two hundred thirty years ago when british navy ship sailed into what's now possibly bay but indigenous australians and all those i'm naming what they say is the colonial invasion of their lands many refer to it as invasion day and there are calls for that date to be changed andrew thomas is at an alternative australia day rally in sydney. there is certainly momentum behind the trying to buy campaign i've been covering australia day events for a few years now and every year the protests grow the marches and alternative events
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like this one but people aboriginal i'm not i'm for it you know who don't like australia by being on the twenty sixth of january and want to train the dogs but it has to be said people here are still a minority most australians if they know while study day to celebrate some twenty six atoll who are just like dogs they use the day off what's a cop barbecues parties to go to bars to enjoy themselves not many commemoration reflects in this right amount is built and it's a view of some people here don't change the rights but a partially change the nature of the day make it almost obligatory in the morning of australia day to commemorate to reflect on the suffering that the twenty sixth of january seven eighty eight began the indigenous people in australia and then only in the open air ship the mood and make it a celebration of what a strain it has become. all not some news from haiti where around two million people who live in the capital port au prince are appealing for help to get clean drinking water the devastating earthquake eight years ago wrecked sanitation
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systems and temporary taps and toilets in use since then and now breaking down charlotte dallas has the story. this is the only source of drinking water in the domus neighborhood of port au prince a twenty leagues a bucket of water cost sixteen since blench as one of few patients who can afford the daily. would like to get drinking water we'd like them to build a tank so we can get water because his life without it we can't live we need the state to build a bathroom there's no bathroom here. but those who cannot afford the sixteen cents for clean water come here the water is contaminated but they fill up they contain is and drink it anyway despite the threat from waterborne cholera more than half a million haitians have had the disease. so. we need water if the
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people don't have water what will we do this tank doesn't work water is health water is life there are people who don't have that when this tank worked we had water. it all flows back to this haiti's devastating earthquake in twenty taney two hundred twenty thousand people died and infrastructure was destroyed and international aid agencies flow wind to build temporary infrastructure including water tanks eight years on they are breaking down as the wait to rebuild infrastructure drags on. listen half of haitians in rule areas have access to clean water and only a quarter of a tortoise. i'm waiting for the international community and for nonprofit organizations to help us only they can make something for us but the international community has been distracted by other disasters the u.n. mission has pulled out and they it has dried up yet hey she remains one of the
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poorest nations in the world charlotte dallas al-jazeera. a quick look at its top stories for you now president all trump is continuing to push his america first message at wild economic forum in davos warning the u.s. will no longer tolerate unfair trade practices but remains open for business america is the place to do business so come to america where you can innovate create and build i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america for ours does not mean america alone when the united states
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grows so does the world well trouble's i dismissed as fake news a report suggesting he ordered the sacking of special prosecutor robert muller in june of last year the new york times has trying to back down when the top white house lawyer threatened to resign miller is leading the probe into allegations of collusion between the trunk campaign team and russia in the two thousand and sixteen election. and all the headlines a fire in a hospital in south korea has killed at least thirty seven people including patients and nurses in an intensive care unit firefighters in the southern city of marianne managed to rescue dozens of others trapped by the flames an investigation is now underway. turkey's president says his forces will sweet cut its fighters from the syrian border and could even push all the way east to the iraqi front the turkish offensive against the kurdish y.p. chief fighters in syria's african region has already strained ties with its nato ally the united states turkey considers the white beach a terrorist group but the militia has played a prominent role in u.s.
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led efforts to combat isolated syria. and the u.n. says that at least thirty people traveled when that boat capsized off the coast of yemen this week the u.n. says that it was carrying people from somalia and ethiopia back to africa heading to chip. absent without top stories more news coming up in twenty five minutes time off to insights. the parting shot to me and more as leader from a veteran u.s. diplomat bill richardson says on some soon she lacks moral leadership and resigns from an international advisory panel of the door hinge or crisis while they bicker
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what about the plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees this is inside story.


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