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tv   The Diaspora Orchestra  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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it was oil upon which modern day venezuela was a stoppage. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the both less than coasts with the world's largest reserves charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera the united states has accused the syrian government of continuing to use chemical weapons against its people and of seeking new ways to deliver them and follows i suspected chlorine gas a tightening of damascus on thursday which has injured at least three people well
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the white helmets volunteer rescue group has been posting pictures of the alleged careen gas attack on twitter under the hashtag duma suffocating russian and jordan that's the latest from washington d.c. . this is a war in syria has not been at the top of the news agenda here in washington for at least several weeks but on thursday the trumpet ministration made known a couple of serious concerns about the conduct of the war on the part of the government of president bashar al assad first reporters were told in a briefing off camera that they do believe that the syrian government still has a chemical weapons arsenal and did not come clean about the extent of their chemical weapons holdings back during the obama administration when they gave up their weapons in order to not face any sort of u.s. military action for targeting people with chemical weapons during the syrian civil war then here at the state department new allegations about the use of
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a weapon that technically isn't a weapon but still has very dangerous effects when used against people we are watching very carefully and the united states is an extremely concerned about yet another report of the use of chlorine gas by syria the syrian regime to terrorize innocent civilians in the east good of syria outside of damascus if confirmed the attack is the third reported instance in the past thirty days in east ghouta we take the allegations of chemical weapons use very seriously and are working with our partners on the ground to investigate the reports so beyond raising public awareness about the security situation inside syria the trumpet minute. and is trying to see if they can somehow come up with a new way of verifying that the syrian government still does possess chemical weapons there had been an organization known as the joint investigative mechanism which should have been renewed according to the u.s.
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at the end of december so that it could continue its work trying to verify what syria is doing and what it's not doing in terms of using chemical weapons russia which is syria's closest ally took action and said no we don't want to reauthorize this body so now u.s. officials are trying to figure out if there's a new way of standing up a group that can try to not only gather the evidence of what syria is doing against its own people but use that evidence as a foundation for possibly lobbying potential sanctions against the outside government saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are attempting to end the standoff between government forces and secessionist fighters and yemen's port city of aden the southern city was overrun by the u.a.e. but secessionists who took control of the government headquarters on sunday saudi undemocratic envoys have met with both sides urging them to abide by a cease fire three t.v. stations in kenya remain a fed despite
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a high court ruling against the government shut down the country's top t.v. networks were taken out there on tuesday after they tried to broadcast a mock inauguration ceremony held by the opposition leader rhino didn't go to the white house is expected to release a controversial memo on russia's involvement in the twenty sixteen presidential election despite objections from the f.b.i. the memo was prepared by republicans on the house intelligence committee the f.b.i. says it's misleading and reveal sensitive intelligence information. the man who drove his van into a crowd outside a london mosque last year has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder one person was killed and nine people injured went down also been rammed his van into worshippers in friends where park prosecutors say osborne was motivated by hatred of muslims for refugees have been shot in the french port city of cali for a fight broke out of a meal distribution it was between eritrean and afghan refugees and police were called to help break it up it's not immediately clear how the four was shot several
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other people were injured in the old occasion. but those that were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world stage of that's watching enough.
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oh we'll always that you're my lad if you mean for the sin we lead. must put in the sad little head into the sadness. i don't know charlie i have to tell you my name is mamma and i know i caught it in it. about e-mail so that says a coincidence between how to make something is good like but i seen an orchestra in the orchestra and you backed by the sunni and you are charlie chut and we know your family so we will we love to enjoy in the circus and you can meet other by sunni and maybe from different countries mohamed it's nice to meet you mike i'm
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charlie as you know and i live in los angeles i'm so glad that you contacted me so this is sounds like such a wonderful opportunity coming up to palestine to perform with my my fellow musicians and probably some relatives as well you know my father and my uncles all grew up in jerusalem and it's just such a treat to be able to go back finally thank you so see see you soon i think ok sounds great and but are they ready yet. so. with this x. well. dismantle orchestra and you live in fear. and no no well yeah but then again i'm here did that he checked the family mess and then before lafayette. hit yeah they literally had it with
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a quick look at the quotes many. you i never said if you need to add up oh well come down and get me i'm not going to. thank you for going to it with elements of a kind of on about us a little bit live well but it's gotten a little. shook up to look. at it was happy to be the first principle to the problem. and not the kind of battlefield definite. i mean. other than the. love i could boast of and.
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i was born here in the united states my dad is from palestine he came over in one nine hundred fifty and lived here and started his family here and we've lived always in southern california i'm a professional violinist and i. i do music for movies soundtracks and commercials and record projects i received an e-mail from an orchestra that i work with here in
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los angeles they had forwarded to me a correspondence they received from tim party from the national orchestra on the edward sade institute looking for me i'm not sure how he'd discovered me or knew that i was living here but they forward me the e-mail and it was kind of quizzical that somebody was looking for me from that part of the world professionally not it wasn't a family member or something like that so it was quite interesting and intriguing when i got this e-mail and when i learned what it was all about i was very excited to hear that they were trying to bring people from around the world back to to create music.
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most of the orchestras that i've worked with in my career have been in los angeles and it's about your ability and how you perform on your instrument doing a project like this was it was more than just being able to play your instrument it was communing with with people and in a way almost family. playing music with them and many of them from all over the world from europe and south america and then in the states and and being able to put it assemble a group together like that was it was really something it felt it felt like something very important was happening and especially through music music is such a great language the the in the. the .
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my name is mary m. to maddy my father is palestinian and my mother is japanese. i grew up in japan and i studied in the united states and i live in paris now i certainly listen to all different kinds of music i like rock and. and popular music as well but very since very very early age i must say since around three or four i tend to fight very specifically was classical music and as soon as i started actually singing classical music myself i immediately knew that this was the way that i can express myself the most and the most fully always very important for me to sing in palestine and also with palestinians abroad as well too
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because i love i love palestine i love palestinians and i love being in this in this culture and a part of it my background as a palestinian and as a japanese those are the strongest of course that's part of my head it. was. you know. i feel that my background has helped me immensely. is a big part of who i am so i grew up listening to a lot of classical music certainly song by my own time yeah but also my father listened to a lot of bach and mozart at home all the arts played
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a huge part of my daily life since i was born i would just like to say that all was so thrilled to be here so thrilled to the always welcomed back they say you know they say welcome home to me when i'm here even if it's been even if it's been a few years that i haven't been back and even if i'm so ashamed that i don't speak arabic but they but my family and friends always say welcome home and that is how i feel so i really am grateful for that. i was recording this morning at capitol records for a show called the x.
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factor we do it usually on sundays every week it ranges from a couple hours to several hours today was about a three hour session. and my uncle is joining us he has traveled from northern california city called palo alto. and he'll be arriving at los angeles international airport where we're on our way to go collect them i think are going to really. joy meeting him because he is from palestine born and raised in palestine speaks arabic unfortunately i speak no arabic so i'm and i'm really happy that i can bring my uncle and he can add some culture to our of our gathering here so for now i'll grab my uncle and head back to the house and then i will spend some time ago.
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planning. for the maiden. in the fantastic. and i forgot what. the obama you know the man who lives of mony mony and who to my shock in the. right right. will talk about. one another for kind of mortal sins on up when we're going to move from. the city.
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just here i was certain to come off right away. as well as. the fact is they took their land and i remember it became. but i didn't forty four forty five forty six. it became impossible to go from one place to another without having an id and that's was restricting our freedom and it became ugly that we have to put up with our foreign have telling us where to go when to go. and now when i see the situation
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is happening. in palestine that you have to secede your land and give it to these people because they tell you saw i'm sorry the military said we have to mow down your house we don't care where you go or we hope you die in the desert somewhere that is an affront to humanity these are some of the pictures of villa. in the town be a section of jerusalem where i was born. and this is a picture of the very last it was completed in one thousand nine hundred twenty six this is a picture that is now touted the net to show villa how rashid
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. it was taken by the israeli government golda mayer lived in this house and i think begun was married in this house too and golda may deny and her memoirs that an arab ever lived in that house and she also marred the name of the village her rashid. so that count for bernadotte would not notice that she is living in the arabs house.
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february on algis iraq south korea has the twenty eighteen winter olympics can records be broken down to zero bring you the latest from pyongyang china the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing. will be nine from the munich security conference partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent and in a series of special reports we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening up the wound february on al-jazeera. whom to journey through memories scarred by sri lanka's civil war. divisions and mental wounds still run deep. as a once exiled tamil gorilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong.
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demons in paradise a witness documentary but this time on al-jazeera. and this is different not that whether it's that one thing for some of the favorites but that's because we think it's how you proceed vigil and if it is a certain way of doing it to qantas in a good story and fly out. hello i'm daryn jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top story on al-jazeera the united states has accused the syrian government of continuing to use chemical weapons against its people and of seeking new ways to deliver them and follows a suspected chlorine gas attack in rebel held territory on the outskirts of
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damascus on thursday well the white helmets volunteer rescue group has been posting pictures of the alleged chlorine gas attack on twitter under the hash tag duma suffocating we are watching very carefully and the united states is extremely concerned about yet another report of the use of chlorine gas by syria the syrian regime to terrorize innocent civilians in the east go to syria outside of damascus if confirmed the attack is the third reported instance in the past thirty days in east ghouta we take the allegations of chemical weapons use very seriously and are working with our partners on the ground to investigate the reports saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are trying to understand off between government forces and secessionist fighters in yemen's port city of aden the southern city was overrun by the u.n. a session ists who took control of the government headquarters on sunday so opened up a new front in yemen's war and prevented much needed aid from reaching civilians saudi and in iraq the envoys have met with both sides urging them to abide by
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a cease fire the white house is expected to release a controversial memo on russia's involvement in the twenty sixteen presidential election despite objections from the f.b.i. the memo was prepared by republicans on the house intelligence committee the f.b.i. says it's misleading and revealed sensitive intelligence information. the man who drove his van into a crowd outside a london mosque last year has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder one person was killed and nine others injured went down as board rammed his van into worshippers in finsbury park prosecutors say osborne and motivated by hatred of muslims. three t.v. stations in kenya remain off air despite a high court ruling against the government shut down the country's top t.v. networks were taken off air on tuesday after they tried to broadcast a mock inauguration ceremony held by opposition leader raila odinga. and nine hundred fifty miners who were stuck underground in south africa have all been
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rescued trapped in the beatrice coal mine during a power blackout electricity since been restored but those are the headlines now let's get you back to our work station that's watching life in l. . when charlie found out about the palestine orchestra he was and foozie asked eric because of his background to go palestine and share all his time with with all these people that you know he loved that he loved me there and i hope he can continue.
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there is something about music and it depending on the style that you're doing but for me when i when i'm playing and performing especially if you get taken into a world where you know you're you're thinking about your music only you know you're not thinking about what's happening back home and you're dealing with issues that are difficult at home or and in your family or your friends or anything like that you're in you're in the moment of the music and it's kind of a respite from from the daily grind of life so i really look forward to the concerts specially because you get a you get a break from from reality really you're just in this world of music and it's refreshing to be doing that and not thinking about everything else that you're going to be thinking about once it's over.
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so i'm just getting my things together for the trip and i'm packing what i think i might need over there the weather is probably going to be. it might be a little chilly so i've got a couple things that i'd like to have with me along with my performing outfit and some gifts for some family members and things like that we're joining maybe fifty or sixty members of the orchestra that are coming many of them from all different parts of the world for including europe and south america and this and the states like me and so i'm going to take these things with me and i'll grab my violin and i will head to the airport and begin the journey.
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don't have been to whole you can have bitten me. today clearly the. he had had me him then you been back into an abyss so it limits my husband and me the matter can have them and enough to share. about their command mariam. learn had that as a buffer to look into their can i have
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a lot of issues and i managed and also what it does will be offended to be a dick be it best business a bill national camembert or laughlin me because you are more t.m.i. i'm already home for him a kid in the corner cellar with a sort of a tom can measure the fellas in a year why he and butter out in the usual had to do your computer illinois in. the home to mom was that like a guess this is a sign from the homeless. i'm
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always looking for palestinian poetry to sing and this poem is particularly special to my heart because first of all it's by the great. and. i really felt close to it because i feel also like. i'm palestinian but like so many of us in the diaspora so many of us who had to leave. i speak also as somebody from a far away land. and somebody who who feels this great nostalgia whenever i return and also i feel that the poem is really speaking about the experience of somebody like my father who had to leave. as a child and. he feels he has been living in exile his whole life but every
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day dreaming of palestine every day has his heart is in palestine so i feel that this poem really speaks beautifully about this experience of exile as the palestinian. leak. who we. saw. was.
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read oh oh. did. you. know but to see in the west. out of the.
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that was another one to find out. for us out. of a little thought. well as a fad orchestra has had a role. because if the how we talk about how we as voters that are invalid then you hear from us the in hock knows if i'm in academia. or we had this here nor would we still had this one phone call or even foreseen said we need a bomb or in a bad thought because that or because if we don't it because of us there would be his head and the mission had
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hawse what the number on and mocha. surely will coon. like to show how of if you do nothing you i mean as if it doesn't fit for francis if it can be kept if you do a lot of be at any of us in our lives if we had a if you had a must i thought on a lot of different mobile and how you robbie and i need to look in a medically hone medically have you had any tech across what could an orchestra let me know what is the. allies if you need more duty and how the heck you muppet look we've got a little muscle to him as if i'm as if the coffee hung only. fuck off air that to be in. the coffin of us a lot of b. you know how they shoot any bus and i me and i learn up a line and i long for him all the best enemies eat i hate i am for heavily in. the in. the look will be going to the cliff with bush on hold it going
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on while if you back live with going on hell bomb the hell walk. when you perform back home it's a it's a different situation you're poor you're auditioning and you're performing with
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people and you're trying to do your best and it's all about the play here that's why it's a much deeper level you're. mixing with people from your background and getting to hear the language and have the food and see the sights and it really is such a different experience doing it for something like this than it is say a job back home it is a dream for me i have never had the opportunity to come to palestine and i'm told tim. mohamed foggo contacted me i really didn't know when i would ever have that opportunity so it was really a great chance to come out and meet people of my heritage and play music with them and it's a it's a very nonpolitical situation so it's really nice because we're here just to spread the word of palestinian culture the good the good side of the culture.
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so how might i tell a dick said hi and then watch the doma any must sit in the list so you say a visual will cease it's a half the abyss damon had to be seated. but it's best to behave to have a bad enough to see what a woman can and not of him did a lot of in the law send a man couldn't you know what had little to how did you interest in a big fight it was a sin of the connection been know been in musicians surely to do to say. to the new dumbness my beautiful. but so many choose to join you wish he had
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a admin whom by then he had a he had some sistine alyson and are still out of style a home full of steam and a bitch dam and busy china care. when i'm behind me but at the plaza in the summit behind it. ted i'm assuming that if the market mature fashion for missing vision was for them and showed it deary and he said end of t.t. behavior has been no enough to get us to new will be hit boom of the dish and the. bus but he couldn't actually.
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thinking with the palestine national orchestra it's quite different because it brings together to. two of my passions my identity as a palestinian and also my identity as as a musician and it's an extremely special experience because the orchestra is made up of musicians professional palestinian positions who live all around the world and work professionally and they we gather for the sake of this orchestra and all of us feel this sense of very strong identity as a palestinian and we have something very very specific and very passionate and important to communicate to the world and this makes the experience unlike
9:55 am
any other i feel. when the past time national our guest that day i think is something quite rare. and. i. am.
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a young so mali refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. that was lucky too good to hear i was a really really good said my granddad but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world ask sally was whether his american dream is still alive. in america at this time on al-jazeera. however the weather is looking lousy far to dry across parts of the middle east over the next couple of i still a little bit of cloud between the black sea and the caspian sea always a chance of quality showers and they could well be wintry in nature but by and
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large it does look settled seven night celsius for many here tehran baku seeing seven or eight well getting up to around nineteen there in beirut fine interact here has to go on through friday i think we should hang on to the decent sunshine as we go through sas date with the possibility of one of two showers just creeping towards cyprus possible to want to show is just around central and southern parts of the red sea over the next few days before much of the arabian peninsula the status quo really twenty two celsius here in doha similar values two for abu dhabi it's about about just to form of scott and it will stay largely dry still got that team wind coming in so the possibility of a little lift the dust and sad but i think much to worry about here well as you dry across much of southern africa we could deal with the rain in cape town no sign of that in the forecast durban at about thirty four celsius the showers to gather across northern parts of south africa as we go on through saturday pushing up into zimbabwe much of zimbabwe seeing some of the heavy spells of right central areas of
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mozambique also wet along with madagascar. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is almost possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting
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the cost at this time on al-jazeera more than seven decades ago a country was split into a good place with good to me and now at the time. being myopic all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and docks what the future holds for these new korean neighbors partition borders of blood at this time. and warning the u.s. says it won't rule out tree action the city.


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