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you know a hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families doesn't it if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter on al-jazeera. heading home after more than seven months in an israeli jail a palestinian teenager locked away for slapping a soldier now a symbol of resistance. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up stepping into zimbabwe's election limelight the former president robert mugabe makes a surprise appearance a day before the vote. counting the votes in cambodia but there was expecting any surprises for prime minister hun sen whose lead for thirty three years. and monsoon
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rain brings death and devastation to india's most populous state and more heavy rain is coming in the days ahead. the palestinian teenager who's become a global symbol of resistance is making her way back home to the village of nabil sala where the whole story began the seventeen year old are said to me was released from an israeli jail a few hours ago and greeted by her family and supporters she was arrested in december at the age of sixteen for slapping an israeli soldier who enters her family's property in the occupied west bank to me these cases placed a spotlight on the detention of palestinian minors by israel a practice that's been criticized by international rights groups will to maybe later travel to ramallah to visit the tomb of former palestinian leader yasser arafat she's also met the current palestinian president mahmoud abbas
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a father to me said that he expects her to take the lead in the struggle against the occupation. of course. present that my jewelry is incomplete because the prisoners are still inside prison and all joey won't be complete until they are all relieved and i chose marty yasser arafat's great because we all have to continue the path he started from al-jazeera is under simmons he's in i had to be home village of nablus other i had to me has in fact met the president of palestine. and he said that this was popular resistance and he also said that she was an idol yes she is becoming iconic in the eyes of palestinians for what she's done and what she's doing now is probably more the start of resistance now from her than the end of it there was a lot of support for her here in a home village of course where should be speaking later but also right across
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palestine for what she's saying and what she did of course israelis will be revulsed by what she did taking on an israeli soldier who actually showed restraint rather than any aggression in response to what she did her mother has done jail time for filming it all and now we have a situation where she is declaring that she will pursue every avenue possible in the struggle father has done jail time in the past before he went out for the reunion this is what he had to say i had face changed a middle there was a scene and then this is a commitment that they see their daughters and this make us look for them this have been the cause of kemet and media. barons in the world would like the that would be like i had this strong facing in the me. man. i think to have a like i had will must feel put out and so this is
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a battle of social media it's already been effective as far as the palestinians are concerned but of course it's used by all sides in this conflict as it is elsewhere in the world so no one is sure where this will end up but certainly it isn't the end of this matter. and extraordinary developments in zimbabwe a day before the election that the former president robert mugabe has stepped into the limelight with a surprise news conference the ninety four year old says that he had intended to step down the design of p.f. congress in twenty seventeen as it never intended for his wife to succeed him gabi added that since being forced out he has cried for the freedom of his people. we have had. since november.
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i knew environment and you know kind treat. for. free. politically late ted rowlands. constitution. and. what is your family tell from that clip the press conference is a fairly long and rambling one mcgarvie still speaking in harare our correspondent karen matushka is there we're going to show you live pictures of robert mugabe speaking is on the phone because while it's difficult to get the camera to talk on camera while this is going on arrow. we saw rambling robert mugabe there why is he doing this is he is the indorsing any particular candidate in tomorrow's election.
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if you bombshell just a marvel people go to vote he will not be one not the people. you want to have between twenty two. up until you dumb. luck because he said look cladding. all the power. because my form but. this is we have to think by robert mugabe was not the current leadership party and the people of zimbabwe must go to. military government is this horror going to have
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any impact upon tomorrow's vote is anyone going to pay the slightest bit of notice to what robert mugabe thinks. repeat. that. a lot. of people of the people are. in the. so. it's. not that i think. people by the with no god. and p.q. . god what could. happen on monday and. it's not. occurring. all right however many thanks to the story about the quality of the line there from harare to get back to listening to what robert mugabe is saying
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as he said he's dropped a couple of bombshells he says anything more that is of interest will bring it to you here on out to zero. the polls are open in mali for voters to choose a new president or to reelect abraham bubble cockades he's one of twenty four candidates including the opposition leader c say on the ballots security those polling stations is a major concern after the killing of dozens of people that in the past week and let's just remind you of the situation in mali the country's army is supported by more than fifteen thousand u.n. peacekeepers and french military offices despite this armed groups of ambushed military bases and convoys in the cities of go timbuktu and kiddo. this all dates back to what twenty twelve when mali an army officers overthrew the government leading to separatists declaring an independent state in the north in
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twenty thirteen french troops recaptured territory under rebel control to prevent a march on the capital bamako two years later al-qaeda linked fighters attacked a hotel in the city killing twenty two people that are also there is also rather fighting in central bali's the region that's led to the deaths of at least three hundred people. two days of torrential monsoon rain in india's most populous states has have led to the deaths of nearly sixty peoples landslides it was a pradesh have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas of the state of flooded al-jazeera spall challenged in reports. seemingly endless to rental rains have flooded streets and the day luzhin the northern state of water project has triggered landslides. delays we've recorded dozens of injuries and deaths since friday night a large number of houses of also been damaged animals have been reported dead. six
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members of one family including children were killed when their home collapsed in our home of the famous taj mahal rescue operations are underway and emergency crews are trying to clear roads and provide relief. all of our civil servants are in the field visiting those affected keeping an eye on the situation we are working together with residents and local officials using flood pumps to remove some of the water and doing whatever is possible. the monsoon rains between july and september provide much needed water for farmers across india but the annual rainy season is also responsible for the loss of life and property weather forecasters say more days of heavy rain are on the way while judging on al-jazeera. iraq's prime minister has suspended the country's ethnic tricity minister after weeks of protests against power outages poor public services and unemployment body has imposed curfews and cut off internet access in several cities as unrest continues
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to spread across southern iraq more than a dozen protesters have been killed in confrontations with security forces oh by the scenes various political parties are negotiating to form a governing coalition in iraq but talks ont going entirely smoothly among many things there are major differences over the parties asked you to towards the u.s. . i don't run down to zero as iran can report stuff from baghdad. the big winner in iraq contested election is expected to be this man looked at also that who confidently expects his party to lead the next government once the revised result has been confirmed by the supreme court there's no date for when the supreme court will issue its ruling but it's likely the shia cleric will form a coalition he's a self-proclaimed nationalist suspicious of both iran and the us other shia parties are far from united behind him shia islam is the predominant sect particularly in southern iraq so there's large election win means his party they say don't lie and
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will choose the next pm to do so will need to make deals with other parties. one of the largest is the victory alliance led by the current prime minister hydrilla body the victory alliance a body is the only choice also there has for prime minister. if there is a better candidate we are open to any better candidate however i personally think he is in the right place and the situation. we are in the right place to choose somebody who we know and i would like to see him in power but also that he is looking beyond just a shia base her coalition partners because of his nationalist starts the communist party of iraq has joined forces with him. this kind of for alliance metry communist . movement is probably surprising to many. people but they
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didn't come as a surprise it was an hour of calm common activity that come on participation in the protest movement over the years two thousand and seventeen but the smaller parties may not give all southern the influence he so desires over government now his supporters all getting angry so he'll be looking at exactly who can help him to fill his agenda. puts us in the cell for the demanding energy and economic reform concern also that because many of his supporters are involved with thoughts of law and he said all talks about forming a coalition must be suspended until the protesters do. his call has been popular political observers who have a believe that iraq is headed to once again for a period of political instability that could be dangerous. over the next government is not formed soon then that will have implications the first one will be the own going economic crisis the second one is the potential reemergence of i sell and
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other affiliated terrorist groups around baghdad and anbar this is all happening in the midst of the rising tensions between iran and the u.s. and this impacts the iraqi political scene. the u.s. and iran are both big players in iraqi politics blocs allied to one or the other any government will have to balance its relationship with the americans and the iranians to try and stop iraq from becoming a political battlefield by proxy as well as managing the demands of the iraqi people imran khan al jazeera. get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then. i didn't realize how much my. my home made to me budding and broken more people fleeing as a californian wildfire show no response.
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hello typhoon is no more as was predicted it dropped down below typhoon level more than twenty four hours ago has produced two hundred reserving us as it went across home shoe there's a cute. but it's rapidly spinning for trying to buy dryad the damaged lives fairly minimal as far as i know so far it's just been annoying quite a big storm there's more rain to come still but most is going to be heading down to southwest then you've got increasingly warm humid weather to japan which means the sas career dodged a bullet here the rain was supposed to be getting just in the south not much will come out of it i don't think we got a full cost of fire in pretty hot day to be arms sir the korean peninsula occasional showers maybe thirty five degrees in a dry looking beijing city six the day after and this new using storm is regathering strength that goes south you have to watch that when they do sometimes go and two pigs cause that's hope not and it is rain still falling out of it and
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encourage the heavy rain from a sock a science which i suspect. we've seen the big shots in the middle china one small who by province but again you look down to ground all probably fall the next prevalence of heavy heavy rain on his way up towards hong kong so it's all the halt or it's humid and wet. on the atlantic coast of west africa communities are at risk. as rising sea levels and manmade disaster of threatening people's lives on land and at sea. al-jazeera wild expose the impact of climate change and a catastrophic human era. on senegal sinking villages.
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well again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera a palestinian teenager i had to mimi who became a symbol of resistance against israeli occupation has been released from prison she spent nearly eight months in jail for hitting an israeli soldier who entered her family's home in the occupied west bank. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe says that he will not vote for his successor. in sunday's election the ninety four year old is holding a surprise news conference he's urging people to vote against people who forced him from office last year. and polls are open in mali where people are choosing a new president or of course reelecting ibrahim. kaisa he's one of twenty four
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candidates security at polling stations is a major concern after the killing of dozens of people in the last week. votes are being counted in cambodia's general election with the ruling party already predicting a landslide victory for prime minister hun sen human rights groups of call the poll a sham the main opposition was dissolved and its leaders jailed or exiled just of eighty percent of registered voters cast ballots let's go live now to phnom penh i was there as wayne hay is with us just over eighty percent we were talking about the opposition calling for people wayne to boycott the selection eighty percent is still a pretty high turnout. yes i think those figures are probably higher on the face of it than many people were expecting especially of course the opposition that you mentioned the banned cambodia national rescue party that had been calling for people to boycott but it's still around ten percent fewer people
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then turned up to vote in last year's local elections in which the c n r p did very very well in and the see an r.p.m. now saying look don't read too much into the voter turnout figures because they say that many people were forced to turn up and vote people who were threatened with losing their jobs losing their land losing other things like services in their villages or their areas if they could not prove that they did indeed turn up to vote so they felt there was an atmosphere of intimidation that led to perhaps higher numbers turning up to vote than perhaps they expected we have heard through a series of tweets from sam rainsy he's the exiled former leader of the c.n.r. peace saying that this senseless victory does nothing to resolve the political crisis that cambodia faces as a result of the regime's totalitarian drift over the past twelve months so he
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issued a series of tweets after the polls closed a few hours ago so when we hear the first results. we're expecting that at any moment now as you say the counting is well underway those results will be very much provisional we expect the official results to come out sometime in the next couple of months i should say a couple of weeks from the election committee but many people are saying look this is a formality anyway what people will be interested in though is the number of spoilt ballots because while as we mentioned the turnout appears to be quite high we are hearing that there were quite a lot of spoiled ballots of people turning up because they felt they had to they were forced into coming along out of fear of perhaps retribution if they did not but that they cast a spoil ballot so that will be something to watch out for if indeed the election committee releases those sorts of statistics when many thanks dittos as when today
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the live in phnom penh let's return to a story we told you about a few minutes ago about polls opening in mali for voters to choose a new president or to reelect the incumbent let's go live now to the capital bamako to syria's mohamed vaal is there one of the main issues for voters today mohammed. yeah voters here have been talking about the economy about security in particular were just a few of them after they voted and they told us that this vote is about peace mali has been unstable for years particularly during the last seven years after the military coup in two thousand and twelve and what came after that and civil war and then foreign armies coming to keep peace in the country and the continuation of attacks by armed groups across the country particularly in the center and then also this is a very important election because it is about stability but we have here
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a guest with me and i can ask about some of the yeah the other aspects i have with me professor mahmood who president of ecowas network of electoral commission chairman also of the independent national election election commission of nigeria with thank you a couple talking to will be with us right thank you tell us about the issues from your perspective coming here to supervise this election and to make sure it goes smoothly well i'm here in my dual capacity as chairman of my neck nigeria were interested in the elections in my early and also as president of the of course no talk of electoral commissions this election is very important to the republic of my life stability peace and progress all depends on the conduct of the election yesterday i had a lengthy meeting with the chairman of the electoral commission mr. wood if you will the election we are pretty confident the polling units of open you know all
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the twenty three thousand polling stations nationwide for the a point four million registered voters are the level of the sub region it is also a very important election for us and he said he also had a lengthy discussion with the chairman or the head of the election observation mission in the why is it important for the region is important for the region because of what you have mentioned. a security challenge in the northern part of the country around the two book the area and also in the central park around. this is not only peculiar to miley you have also book is of insecurity in other parts of the secretion and we we started to learn a lot from what happens in the republic of microcosm when we look at the history of the markets in mali you know sitting president has been dislodged by an opposition leader or any a rival do you think this election will be different because many people in mali are looking for change well it's very difficult to say the decision is for the mayans is the heart is in the hands of the voters but remember in west africa
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a lot of the elections have led to the picture of opposition parties of late convention my own country nigeria ghana and most recently said alone and also liberia so one can be sure until the votes are counted on that we need a plan why do you think he hasn't been able the government for five years an elected government why do you think it has failed to stabilize this country well this is not a matter for an election like me it's more a matter for the milans but for the election that we are talking about the issues that what you can about the issues with the election that we have the having today we are satisfied with the processes election monitors were interested in our processes and procedures from the security arrangements to the deployment of stuff for the election so the deployment of material for the election we're pretty confident that by six pm on polling is close we have the complaints of some people in mali during the last week or so about problems in some centers around the country and you know using the government of trying to manipulate the situation so
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that some people don't have access to them to their cars their voter cards what have you observed respect well what we have observed is the same situation that we have observed elsewhere there cannot be any election without people complaining but we have complaints about the hotel register which has been our greatest it was addressed by a multi-stakeholder approach one. when the electoral commission the focal point in the civil society organizations political parties were confident this is going to go through and so far we haven't had any complaints about open little thank you so much progress and that's it from a syrian bomb acoa adrian thank you so much mohammed vow now i want to being described as flaming tornadoes have destroyed entire neighborhoods in northern california us police say that at least five people have been killed by the wildfires including two small children seventeen others are missing in the city of reading cable is on the reports. tornado like funnels of fire ash and
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combustible gas residents say was unlike anything they've seen before just like in oklahoma you see like on the wizard of oz there also uses seen points like a wall flames and then there are sheets of metal for an around like two hundred feet near. fueled by steep terrain hot weather and dry brush what was left the smoldering remnants after an out of control wildfire that scorched northern california you know five hundred structures burned to the ground including hundreds of homes the fast moving flames burned entire neighborhoods and in at least one case destroyed an entire small town it's not over the fire is only five percent contained at times firefighters had to switch from defending property to hoping people escape more than forty thousand people have been ordered out of harm's way the unstoppable flames even jumped
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a river under normal circumstances the overnight hours provide a reprieve lowering the heat and allowing firefighters to gain an upper hand on the blaze but this is no ordinary fire after sunset the winds have picked up and made a fire increase in size overnight this is highly unusual next expected to get worse with temperatures expected to be over forty two degrees celsius in the coming days there are more than a dozen fires burning in california putting property but more importantly people at risk. they didn't realize how much my. my home with me. in central california the national park home to four million visitors a year remains closed because of another nearby fire it's the first time since one thousand nine hundred the park closed because of fire the wildfire aspect has
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intensified over the years so we need to experience more and more damage the wildfires it's like going to. these type of fires they wrap them they spread so fast the national guard has been called in to try to help a state that is bernie. ready california emergency teams from thailand to helping the military in neighboring laos to rescue people trapped by the dam collapse five days ago boats and helicopters are being used to find one hundred thirty one people still missing flooding from the dam has devastated infrastructure in province delaying efforts to bring food and water to survive. the death toll following a six point four magnitude earthquake on the into these united of lombok has now reached fourteen the government is urging calm as more than one hundred aftershocks spread panic along the popular tourist destination stuff reports.
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it was seven am on the. earth quake struck many ran outside immediately dozens of. homes started to collapse some couldn't escape in time. to the neighboring island of bali ran out of the hotel but no earthquake damage is reported there long also a popular tourist destination and nearly eight hundred visitors climbing mount johnny all managed to leave the slopes of the volcano safely. killed when a guesthouse at the foot of the volcano collapsed. the quake cost several landslides and a volcano has been closed to visitors and the need has one of the world's most active earthquake zones and five thousand quakes are recorded every year after this morning's strong tremor what in one hundred aftershocks were felt causing even more panic on both lombok and bali it's the peak of the tourist season and many hotels
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are full the government is urging everyone to stay calm that fast and al-jazeera. thousands of people have marched peacefully and nicaragua's capital against president daniel ortega government angry at the second of doctors and nurses in two cities medical workers say that it was in retaliation for treating people who had been injured in anti-government protests human rights groups say that more than four hundred forty people have been killed since the unrest began in april. it is good to have you with us pablo adrian sitting in here in doha the top stories this hour on al jazeera palestinian teenager i had to meet me who became a symbol of resistance against israeli occupation has been released from prison she spent nearly eight months in jail for hitting an israeli soldier who'd entered her family's home in the occupied west bank to me later travel to roboto to visit the
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tomb of former palestinian leader yasser arafat she's also maps the current palestinian president mahmoud abbas. and of course i'm happy to present that my jewelry is incomplete because the prisoners are still inside prison and all joey won't be complete until they are all released and i chose martyr yasser arafat's great because we all have to continue the path he started so bob ways former president robert mugabe says that he will not vote for his successor everson in monday's elections but i g four year old is holding a surprise news conference which is now been going on for more than an hour he's. urging people to vote against those who forced him from office last year monday's vote will be the first in almost forty years without mugabe at the helm. polls are open in mali for voters to choose a new president old re-elect ibrahim will become cater he's one of twenty four candidates security of polling stations is a major concern for voters after the killing of dozens of people over the past week
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and votes are being counted in cambodia's general election with the ruling party already predicting a landslide victory for prime minister hun sen human rights groups of called the poll a sham the main opposition was dissolved and its leaders jailed or exiled just over eighty percent of registered voters cast ballots two days of torrential monsoon rains in india's most populous state of course the deaths of nearly sixty people landslides it was a pradesh have destroyed hundreds of homes and large areas of the state are flooded more rain is forecast for the indonesian government is urging calm on the out of lombok after an earthquake that killed at least fourteen people the magnitude six point four travel damaged hundreds of homes and the headlines will have more use fear of the inside story next.
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the cricketing superstar poised to become pakistan's next prime minister despite opposition allegations of widespread election fraud imran khan is promising major changes and valuing to clean up corruption can he deliver this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm homage enjoy him he says it is a new pakistan and non-con is pledging to help the poor talk to the taleban and try to end the decades of dispute over kashmir the former world cup winning cricket
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captain is set to be pakistan's new prime minister following wednesday's general election the leader.


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