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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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they describe the president's decision as an act of diplomatic randon as came down quite a tough to trump complained about an early in the which described him as a leapt and secure and incompetent. turkey has received a 3rd shipment of components of the s 400 missiles from russia and more shipments are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states turkish pilots are no longer being trained to fly america's f. 35 plane and the pentagon threatening to cancel turkey's orders for the fighter jet the united nations is condemning saturday's suicide bomb attack on a hotel in southern somalia at least 26 people were killed and dozens injured in the port city of kiss miles in the autonomous region sar hierarch has more hotel a stasi is heavily fortified but it wasn't enough to stop a suicide bomber from ramming a car full of explosives into the building 4 gunmen stormed the hotel killing and
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injuring dozens during a siege that lasted hours before. the death toll is now $26.00 those killed in the attack including somalis of different nationalities 3 of them were kenyans a canadian a brit 2 americans and 3 turns $56.00 wounded in the attack. going on among the victims was prominent somali canadian journalist lyon along she had gained hundreds of thousands of followers a new chub for her videos showcasing somalia's hidden beauty she wanted to tell positive stories from our homeland which has suffered from years of civil war making it things hard also targeted were politicians and clan elders who were inside the hotel discussing a regional election due to be held next month. we are very much worried about the security. and we are. about what you call it so did.
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the big campaign al shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in an area it was driven out from 7 years ago the african union's multinational force in somalia says it will continue to work to stabilize the country but this latest attack shows affiliated al shabaab group still has a powerful presence i'm not so high it out and just. still ahead on the bulletin the number of dead rises in may after monsoon rains triggered devastating landslides and flooding plus. i'm andrew symonds reporting from georgia on what's at the heart of recent protests over russia what georgians see as the occupation line after the war with russia in 2008.
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how they're fighting fires in southern italy the heat of course but i have some good news on that front the amount of cloud is coming down from the north you think it's bad to set off a few thunderstorms and it may well be the majority admittedly look at there on this side of the adriatic but for cost wise they could still come across to southern it is the picture for sunday giving us a northerly wind it's no surprise to find temperatures in the middle twenty's not in the middle thirty's as they were a month ago still near 13 athens but in the north here that's a good potential for rain big lightning and of course lightning doesn't often start such fires western europe still cooler way down through france but it's nice and hot in spain and portugal which might also prompt a shower or 2. overnight nothing much changes with the general pattern the mass of cloud here and green which means rain probably the form of the storm is still there
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monday so this appears to be a static area if you like lightning displays you might get a good one otherwise it's still a little cool for middle part of that northerly breeze down through london paris 37 now in madrid much of this is happening of course of the mainland of europe there's some influence over the coast to to newsy but nevertheless the temperatures in tunis are still quite high. sponsor cancer. as iraq rebuilds itself following the conflict women struggle to play a bigger role politically and domestic violence also remains a problem. some of the brave women battling abuse talk to al jazeera about the struggles they face and their pursuit of justice. really still liberated as a journalist. going to.
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good to have you with us on our top stories thousands of protesters are back on the streets of hong kong to vent their anger at beijing's political influence on the city thousands of gathering and shouted in a district which is popular with tourists from mainland china tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated across the dawn to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces a political transition between the military junta and a pro-democracy coalition has been agreed and principle but it's yet to be signed and iran says it will continue exporting oil under any conditions foreign minister
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zarif made the comments as an iranian oil tanker brought a last week remains impounded the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate its release if they can guarantee that the ship delivered to syria. in a pile at least 50 people have been killed in flooding and landslides caused by monsoon rains another 30 are reported missing a sabena stressed of reports from the cow. it will cut longer more devastation as expected. cars and motorbikes buried in mud after rivers quickly rose above the danger levels and burst their banks streets have been flooded the water flowing into homes since thursday it's been raining steadily across nepal triggering flash floods and landslides hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for those reported missing imagines the services have also recovered some bodies in my opinion the outskirts of the
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capital that man do the heavy rains brought one wall crashing down crushing a section of a heart. of iraqi of the one the wall suddenly crumble we thought it was an earthquake by the time we came out the house was broken 20 members of one family were asleep at the time 3 of them died 2 women one of them pregnant and a child were sleeping in this little cottage over here when this wall came crumbling down crushing the entire carters most of the people over who have been living here are construction workers and the structures that they're living in it's very unsafe. every monsoon season now faces floods and landslides but in the cities people have been allowed to build houses and businesses too close to the rivers and the water then has nowhere else to go major highways have been blocked by landslides and the security forces have been called in to help in the
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rescue operations out but. 80 to 90 percent of all of our units have been deployed for a rescue operation but disaster response is not only about human resources we need resources like a quick means of transportation as well. meteorologists say more rain is expected through to sunday scientists have been warning that because of climate change monsoon patterns are also changing and the region needs to prepare for more extreme weather severe droughts as well as more intense periods of rain it's been a stretch to us era that i do. tropical storm barry has made landfall in the u.s. state of louisiana despite weakening from the hurricane and this slow moving storm is expected to produce days of heavy rain and made landfall west of new orleans causing major power outages officials have warned of severe flooding across the gulf coast jan gray has the latest from new orleans. i'm in the middle of canal
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street in new orleans normally on a saturday it would not look like this they're known for their food for their music and for their party and the party here has been washed out at this point look people are taking this very seriously they're watching the storm the issue is it's just moving so slowly and that's really a double edged sword because it keeps everyone on edge but then as it makes it in it doesn't move out and that rain just continues to fall over and over and soaking into what's already a saturated area here so flooding is definitely going to be an issue you know new orleans a below sea level it's a bowl and once that water gets in the bowl getting it out is very difficult in some of the low lying parishes there are mandatory evacuations in place and really they've been continuing today there are some other places where they've added evacuations during the day as the storms move to and when a bit in new all and proper there is no evacuation order in place what they're telling people is to shelter in place and that's an order that takes effect for the 2nd night in a row at 8 o'clock this evening so while there are
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a few people out on the streets not what you would normally see but a few people out it should clear out dramatically once we get to that time in a few hours here they're also telling people make sure you have plenty of food water all your medicines all the fuel you need for 3 days or maybe more because that's how long it could be that's how long these rains could last then and that's how long this could be an issue. and the sea international is calling on russia to ease what it says is the harsh treatment of civilians living along the disputed border with georgia and accuses the moscow backed administrations in south ossetia and abkhazia of stopping free movement and illegally detaining people from crossing the boundaries and are summoned snippets of the georgian side of one of many communities split into groups. he's $85.00 he's frail and david burnished really feels like a prisoner in his own home russia sees his small patch of land as an international
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border georgia calls it the line of occupation on a map it's a dotted line on the ground it calls his heart break. daughter and grandson live on the other side. which can cope with poverty but not the separation. i think they do only here. on the as their site it's so important to be easier parents. to look after them but if i cross a line i'll be detained. we visit divots and he told us he feels trapped and like his daughter helpless. sometimes he comes here as far as the fence and cries because she can't cross and see her sick and. it's hard to imagine but daf it frequently risks detention by finding a spot to cross the line at night in order to get his pension from georgia. the
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people here of paul they had an uncomplicated way of life yet the atmosphere now is one of repression more than 30 security bases built near the line only a few crossing points and they're strictly controlled. much of the messages by protesters daily and the russian demonstrations in the capital is aimed at raising awareness that 20 percent of georgia is in their words occupy. georgia is renowned for its stunning landscape its traditions its fine cuisine and the bonhomie of its people but at the heart of it all is what happened here 11 years ago and its legacy razor wire and human rights abuses. the european union monitoring mission patrols the georgian side russia hasn't observed all parts of a peace deal and it's been engaged in what's called border eyes ation with fences
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amnesty international issued a report this month saying hundreds of people face of a tree detention each year trying to cross the line it says there's been widespread loss of land loss of access to water and livelihoods most of the land vanished d.d. used to farm is the wrong side of the water he asks us if i die here who will fight me. andrew simmons i would hold the village in georgia. the i know the still day parade is underway in paris the french president says it's showcasing european defense capabilities and military cooperation emmanuel macron has invited the german chancellor and britain's prime minister and his 230 years and the best team fortress and powerful storm during the french revolution now france is creating a space for its president mccartan says the space command will improve defense capabilities and protect french satellites in orbit as announcement follows similar
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plans by the united states. to make it was a part of the new military doctrine which i approved of will ensure we can defend ourselves from space and space we will boost our understanding of the situation and we will protect our certain lives and to ensure the development of the capabilities of space command will be created next timber in the air force which will eventually become the air and space. russia has launched a new telescope into space to observe more than 3000000 black holes throughout its lifetime the specter argy was developed for the germany and should replace an older telescope which is known as the russian hubble or moscow hopes the satellite will create the finest detail sky map of cosmic radiation this could help scientists investigating what's known as dark matter and dark energy and. on monday
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india will launch an unmanned drone over to the moon's unexplored southern pole the chance that a onto mission will analyze minerals and frozen water while mapping the lunar surface india's 1st moon mission in 2008 helped confirm the presence of water on the moon surface. the cricket bowl cup final gets underway in just over an hour with hosts anglin and new zealand looking for their 1st ever titles and then go into the match at lord's as hot favorites even though they're playing their 1st final in 27 good is why new zealand and looking to avoid a repeat of the thrashing they suffered in the last world cup final at the hands of a stranger let's go to our correspondent lee wellings he's joining us live fall towards cricket ground in london so given me the team has won the world cup before the. play apart today. yes it does really
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feel tired so nervous john place aside the volume a stop to tell you about civilians were a really poor choice of a calling to decide which team but suppose the other team and i could be really important this guy who did not believe in the world cup forms is up to 27 years close to winning it several times and then there's been this long drought so much so that i thought to completely change their approach to this form of cricket and it has been successful over 4 years without success. this is the big chance the england so you have come into form i had a wobble in the middle of the group stage that's one of. such an interesting proposition by by flying under the radar doug like but for the 2nd children of all the village to find out what you do have the capability to go back to discard their brilliant cuts in with the same tired williams and they be the world's biggest
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cricketing nation india's revenge the finally has india failing to make the final effect of the tournament success given such a huge percentage of the world's cricket fans are indian. i think it might a really big difference the r.c.c. forgets world governing body of being. the most watch well cop have a look at how many millions of clips showed on social media but the vast majority of those come out of india and it does mean that potentially hundreds of millions of all eyes will be on this in the subcontinent because of india not reaching the fault of india were so bridge the final the other issue that is told about this how does the luck of disability in the you tell you how simply television. so what was discussed like a big difference would it be to like to get new generations interested in cricket to preserve tickets teacha looking forward to your coverage of the throughout the
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day that is laid welling's live in london thank you. for the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of protesters have back on the streets of hong kong to vent their anger at beijing's political influence on the city thousands are gathering in chatham that's a district that's popular with tourists from mainland china germany on and though gone has the date. earlier today there was a press freedom protests demanding that the police while journalists. hundreds also showed up there yesterday there was another protest against a parallel protest not exactly about the exhibition but i was. just coming in i know for a ride from hong kong. going beyond the exhibition you are seeing many many people
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voted by the public support that they are getting. tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated across the dharm so mark 40 days since the crackdown by security forces a political transition deal between the military junta and a pro-democracy coalition has been agreed in principle but it's yet to be signed iran says it will continue exporting oil under any conditions foreign minister mohammad job and zarif made the comments as an iranian oil tanker seized off to broad to last week remains impounded the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate its release if iran can guarantee that the ship won't deliver oil to syria. and that least 48 people have been killed in flooding and landslides caused by monsoon rains many more missing hundreds have been evacuated from their homes. tropical storm barry has made landfall in the u.s. state of louisiana despite weakening from the hurricane the slow moving storm is expected to produce
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a days of heavy rain it made landfall west of new orleans causing major power outages officials have warned of severe flooding across the gulf coast. turkey has received a 3rd shipment of components of the s 400 air defense system from russia and more shipments are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states. the annual best deal day parade is underway in the french capital french president of cotton says it's showcasing european defense capabilities and military cooperation several european leaders are attending and france is creating a space for president back on says the space command will improve defense capabilities and protect french satellites in orbit as announcement follows similar plans by the u.s. and an operation to raid the homes of thousands of undocumented migrants is due to begin across 10 u.s. cities protests against the mass raids were held in dozens of cities the operation
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is expected to target families who are still in the country despite being told to leave talk to al-jazeera is up next. newsstand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. movie rebuilding house by house. pursuing reconciliation one person at a time who comes. first the american invasion the boom then sectarian strife and the battle with isis. in iraq
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is emerging from more than a decade of intermittent conflict. not only has the country reconstructing its cities and institutions. in some ways you might say it's reconstructing its national identity. women hope will not only be given more of an expanded role in the political sphere but they'll also be given greater rights. last december the iraqi government and the un launched a national campaign to combat domestic violence against women yet a proposed law that would protect victims has been stalled in the parliament for several years. old this is a woman we'll call lena she told us in the ceiling her identity is a matter of life or death however she wanted to share her story to shed light on the challenges iraqi victims of domestic violence faced in their pursuit of justice
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. wanted to share custody. on the settee. cadia had to sum it up they are there and how much time are the quality or kong no one else often want to err. on the and. there is no current national figure tracking domestic violence in iraq the most recent data available from 2012 estimated that one in 5 women were victims. civil society groups say based on the growing number of women seeking assistance they believe the figure today is much greater. hannah is a long time activist and founder of the nonprofit social services group called. she's taken the lead on the effort to raise awareness about domestic violence in iraq and
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is pushing to pass a law offering victims greater protection the lives of the traditions is so high on the woman on the go and to the engine over what do you think is the reason for the ongoing increase in domestic violence in iraq the how you say the instability in the country. the absence and the weakness of the. they increase in the tribal. belongs and traditions the increasing off you know how you say it outside. the state has the increase in conflicts in the country it's the increasing poverty the discipline. the extremism if the. spread of domestic violence continues how do you think it's going to impact the overall rebuilding
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instability of iraq down the line of course 1st of all we're putting. a very bad word of a new generation. you know affected by violence and affected by extremism it is not a crisis exactly. so i wish to. show that what made you think that he was someone you would want to be married to be that hard to know and when i say again. how the show had to because the aspect about ice get enough sleep. second for next month. or be as often i know almost. and it caught. in the why on you know i went out one of the best to shout to done what i thought i. had said. how was it and alluding all the hotel what. didn't and the lies lena
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discovered were that her future husband was married to not one but 2 women feeling she could no longer trust him she tried to call off the wedding she says he responded with threats and violence further as a. jew i don't want to get out of a. lot of overhead. so i doubt what i have and. took off with. me. now on how we can download the hook a lot about how into and if i can mr hyde like him with his argument and. if i thought of the i'm a shocking. shocking. shocking new mug that i had not my not that. here in the whole. lot of a lot of. young. artists want
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these are photos taken by lena after her husband beat her they show bruises all over her body on her shoulders legs arms hands and face you felt he would kill you away a little knee oh by the. way that a. little knee. jerk. how did life progress in 3 years what was it like on a day to day basis and i thought it was tough i lost a son and nobody. to generator and. on the whole. i felt an economic value rewarded. i want to spend a bit he said to it why haven't i had to see it and i had to look at.
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how and i just want to know trying not to tell you know i've said. it must it so you're able to finish your degree and you're able to work at the same time was he putting pressure on you to sort of family work on how and. when you quit and not to fit in the home when you had. by now had they started we didn't want to fair. and the phone would go to the as to why they had to go to hannah. and tom luck in the home. last fall when. i never sickly to say it. on the conclusion and no. a year had taken a sort of jihad they shop thought had to up for them is ocean.
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to go home. we. need to you know my sauce in the home being intimate to within. the aisle and to admit i knew what the heck you mean be it and to. say it with. just 10 days after their wedding lina escaped from her husband and his children he responded by threatening her and her parents even showing up at their house in military vehicles lina concerned about her family's safety gave in and returned to her husband but the beatings and threats continued how is the one that took a vicious fight that i lucked into did a. high 5 and how them although i know it. flushes it up
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quite a high on the before the vote open the cutter oil on my ass which shine. on the. jet of the whole future they had to. make that is so we are on the way though i wish to wish you would had. no idea this oil in the has it never said how much on the. day on. it was not enough to know on the mind of the shia so we. know that abuts beat. he had to otherwise why do you think they're still with him knowing that they he does the same thing to them. why have they stayed and what gave you the straight fully. in the whole time on what i thought the 5th.
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well you may. not i meant i would tell you i thought. for a bit tied it. to tammy and no she had to time it with donny wanted knock on you and know within. the hey would you it will sort it out for us i went to the leg when i had to distill for home that when we know how you want to go during all these injuries it was very clear what was happening your family was aware you made multiple trips to the hospital at any point in time did you consider going to the police. with what i thought. for that as the argument and. i couldn't walk. with and as i don't have it that you had to have. this with tanya when you're out of. oh now in the. war
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you know if you wished i was the court on the woods i would go with him and he. would go to john no more wild male or other women that the hunt for the awkward and no more for the on the. and the whole by the male. trying with as he might have if i'd been half a father the healthy if he hadn't been in the zone just to know me a little about a judge and a half on the way a little about them you just saw that she has. to live with they have to look. at that moment in the soon get done this to him in their little twat him and they have a when it's your own. women's rights groups in iraq has been working to advance legal protections for victims of domestic violence although more women are now members of parliament then ever before 83 out of 329 members are women it has been an uphill battle. penal code allows husbands to discipline their wives there's
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no law criminalizing domestic violence for almost a decade women's groups have been pushing the parliament to pass a law that would change that with a new government initiative combat in violence against women they hope this year the law will finally pass this year we are really very optimistic about no i don't know what the civil society that is know the demands of the government number all 3 know the the prime minister of the time even they tried to push it the minister for. justice minister for education minister for more optimistic could i ask or was i have to make that should be biased because most you know a number of other countries they have already adopted such order and acted such low regard is this. time.


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