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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 214  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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how does it mean the end it was just one less than a ha ha there must be a sample saw money. says and i think oh how could this gestural us but there's one thing that i think i mentioned to you. and i'm on my i've said my name and you're late i'm going to go. how are you off. don't you too bad. she did change. that i'll be. shitty to put you on. a house with. a real live.
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could do so many a dozen doesn't seem to. me just. how that. who and internationally more must lower level math and budget to. quality of. life. to meet me look to the author look at it in the last. word. but it. has to be allowed to. be like. the.
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hull hard to. believe that the. good movie. is. that which you have any not her for the men in the. physic. this piece. look the fed is it i'm in minimum infinitely if you know struck that. whole route they end up with a deal. 55 is an issue of big and it up that's not enough. cash
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to buy the hunted. on the tarzan to juvie money. not have a symbol for. the card and how hard and how heavy a dinner. and you do v. p. i think we should mention any muslim has the most of the times you can and i put my stomach up was to. get the part of the shadow. and that afternoon the coffee is even as he day yet you think that's easy just to go a little black girls they didn't he they the kid the 3. men that i hate. now you men are not dark theme theme oxy simply did not send the so what i am.
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that's why they're built. to become so many and we in the. senate will. vote but i just don't yet know. anything about medicare never see the most of us know. what is the inevitable a business with a simple sort of cut the good one to learn when to learn they're going to your child when it comes and a bit 1st. i'm just a bit of the old. nana's south. had the facility they are no facility and santa. let's move the uk blacklist mcduck. there are no legal fees how can i have free time because i was not have had the film. but the manager it will but if it is not. going to
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commit. we are not the money. how come down the years it is that money has a. look. at the most that. the bus or other. yes good conduct was. allowed. to have done it without the associated with. the kind of stuff. that. i thought would somebody.
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into my how. to beat my ass which only if enough for. now. and wish to help save money. to my little uni i can the. by that and their family. but. somehow be heard but now a boon in. both. me. i think. it's one of the highest. bubble we. suffer. liberalism all the handle of a silver thank. you for lay well lies are what i mean saddam especially look at how
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if a kid who want. to know what i was that had been challenged children usually late he was asleep good luck charm 11 i'm sure the canoe says the limit as poor. as well in a measured way about an issue i imagine. the man literally. asked him how much the lady is. painted for. lucia a never heard her end. will it give me a. gift if i think at least one has been intimate and i no longer. was of 2 on the money. even shows.
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i hope or how could folk who never had. a firm to manufacture a family don't have the right to be docked at the kalish. a true man was coming so. good it is there. in that i'm an elitist how would she have the tell of there was a half around you. when i. then there. then just and that also there were very many well and afternoon i think and then they and then for the middle nearly as much family i'm sure i'll be glad. to know that somebody else is a good shape that's what i was rather i messed up as never in front we were left out of. ringback ringback
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their love for. me. and answers a command to me think. i was too high but he. didn't . appear god will do. this in. a minute i just looked at a little lady managed to make it look. i mean what i mean. we've got is it had never yet.
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and man. of the. it's not been seen out west national a thief. when the cat has landed at the inn and the enemies you see. but don't. like it has a. nice little to me. about dullest and she were. a mess the how come it. said he had some. i will out of the am and i need to start i'm done to listen to that so when i'm done. right the summers are. clean their house of. commuter one of you is a nike and. if you hard up you've. been doing it on missiles you've been. good to be a good bit of those around in the dark you know he died.
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softer. so yet again. the bishop did. have. one. of us knew none of. this because because he was so the whole. time i think up a feature of the intention. when i lived in those you. are. not subject to.
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the nominee one minute live there they are already. in the cornfield to get a cup likes. this and the tone is. not i don't see eye to be yeah. we're not does bill has a head they. have no history with that from the 1st read of the talks. it can live. now but. if it. had been sure of 21 is left. here how that evan should have. known of it that he would forgive but what he did. not look when she had
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her. father's fear and we. have with us. we how when the if and. when. how when the believe in obstruct allophone is a new habit of the. summer family help. in the house. need money have a say in the one. thing it all men. believe feel good under sums. and. captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on
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top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. by tunisia home game on a just. the latest news as it breaks. down. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without citizenship papers and security guarantees from around the world the talent is facing the new prime minister and men negotiate a new brics a deal in 90 day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis the only people to have to die this. response
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is really for sale an investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is. involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. hello i'm difficult pollin and these are the main stories of his era saddam's military and opposition groups have finalized a constitutional agreement the deal will allow the formation of a transitional government it also limits the power of the paramilitary forces blamed for killing thousands of protesters balance reports. in the early hours of
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saturday an announcement that sudan's military giunta and the opposition coalition had agreed on how to govern the country they fleshed out the details on the makeup and functions of a transitional government until elections in 3 years in an illicit i'm very pleased in the name of the african mediation and to respect to delegations to declare to the sudanese people and the international community that the 2 delegations are fully agreed on the constitutional project. was. the reaction was immediate on the streets of carter. announcing the deal african union envoy mohamed has on the but gave no detail about the contents of the declaration he said talks are continuing on how and when it would be signed. during the negotiations the military council ceded to demands for justice over the killing of at least 6 people including 4 schoolchildren at
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a protest earlier in the wake of 9 soldiers were detained was a victory for tames of thousands of sudanese who had marched demanding justice for the deaths they get if i get it that it was certainly a horrible massacre we pray the situation improves and that the right of the students are not neglected blood for blood and punishment is a must was the. protesters have been flexing their muscle since december. restoration started with the economy president omar al bashir was in the cross he is the number of protests grew along with their demands until bashir was removed in a military coup in april general says off the military council the protesters demanded civilians take the lead in the transition they start a decision outside the army he called his forcing military rulers to begin talks
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over how to share power. on june 3rd security forces raided that demonstration they killed more than 100 people and injured many more talks resume to months later mediated by the african union anything europea the 1st breakthrough came on july 17th leading to the signing of a political agreement between the military and the opposition coalition they agreed on and live in person transitional council with representatives from both sides and a rotating leadership ah. the disagreements have remained over the wording of constitutional changes now with the details agreed and a signing imminent sudanese people have a roadmap to a more peaceful future shallop ballasts al-jazeera. syria's government and the opposition have agreed to seize far in the last couple held province of idlib it was announced a talks in kazakhstan the opposition says it has already pulled out its heavy weapons and that it will abide by the seas far as long as the government doesn't
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violate the terms while than 400 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since late april and puerto rico's new governor has been sworn in but his appointment still has yet to be confirmed by the u.s. territory senate crowds have been celebrating in the streets after ricardo as hello stepped down from the role he was forced to resign following a text message and can text message scandal and corruption allegations the democratic republic of congo says only half of the patients there may have been identified health workers are trying to contain the virus in goma an important transit route on the border with wanda it's the 1st time a ball is spread to a major city. and a wave of protests is planned across hong kong this weekend along with a trike on monday demonstrators are calling for greater democracy and the resignation of the leader kerry. on friday thousands of civil servants rallied for
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the 1st time. those are the headlines the news continues off to witness stay with us. i am. when i was. in from for causing one when it went across. for a name is what
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a body. i grew up in a place called christmas creek. in the western australia. as a child i remember tories about the past i heard about a life in the great sandy desert family. stories about the war oh i'm so by. economy jealous living alone. i have never seen them. i want to move the needle to war from the desert. their parents or their provoked informative that ever lived their. christmas creek or the cattle station where my family will work if. my father. had stopped when he was the son
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a bird station owner and that's how the government going to your name. one day when i was 10 my family took me to a kind of station called. the old people etc a blockade of the mining on guess a good land. that. you see that kid into our jeans. that's me. it was the 1st time i went this my people fighting for their country. back to the mining company ended up grinning at me. but for us it was still a victory. it put out fine for a man writes on the map. i am but as i kid i remember the excitement of being there and being out of something big i am glad that back.
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when we return christmas craig my father as usual was away working and mustering camps. but i never felt alone. we had big mobs of people good enough for us. for me it was like having a big extended family. my grandfather from my mother's side was very special to me. is a man of. no urgent matter no it fundamental wisdom and that is if you want him to fix. catch up with what you don't. or spider. brother but he was always a grandfather to me. he was different. he told stories all the time. and together with his wife julie. and fish were crossing over you i got to get out
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of that. well. ever since i was a young boy spawn i was always singing. singing and dancing or not community festivals. it was always about going up in the great sandy desert. the country that you were forced to leave after the going to. the white man. i. always dreamt about getting the lead in the desert back. for many years we had been fighting for land rights. and 992 things began to happen. when he talked up for additional land and smashed it for additional wildlife where
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he brought the diseases and the alcohol. when he committed the murder. way took the children from their mothers for the 1st time australia has recognized the legal existence of aborigines prior to white settlement the high court has recognized there were people here and their descendants have rights. the mabo decision. that we could legally claim our land back. to claim it back we have to prove we have a continuing relationship to our country. in 1994 my grandfather where only a spotter took me to take entry. and be unbanked there for 40 years.
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it was my 1st trip to a country. i decided to shoot a video it was a new way of showing evidence for land claim. all i had was the old be a guest camera. we took a lot photo with us is can name is jalla a guy there called him daniel. the land council asked me if i would be interested in conducting a lamb klein under the new native title act. one of the 1st people that i met was fighter who told me that is his country was. and. when they were going to go there. i read you know how to get to where he wanted to go and he drew maps of his country on the sand in fitzroy crossing and really it wasn't done to
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scale i'll tell you about. no one goes in this part of the great sandy desert no one travels and it's almost inaccessible. like it was it like a different world for me. i had to see them in school of dance. and no as i think. things began to happen i knew they were going to close it because people were starting to burn the spinifex. that i don't. always hear stories about that snake spirit living in the water but i didn't believe it i followed on for us with my camera. it was hard to keep up.
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there running and shouting coming to visit and get minute we have family.


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