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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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the the saudi iniquitous in continuous bombing are residential residential areas even if they answer that question or that specific place is they believe may be in may have some some form of a military and military target these are residential areas but is barack i just can i just. feel are aspects of what you're taking us through there because there's lots in what you just said to unpack and i do want to come back to that but in a minute or so what's your reading of what the saudi led coalition narrative is right now as well because they seem to be saying actually we were targeting a storage facility for drones because the drones the use of drones is increasingly significant because they managed to get those across the border into saudi arabia if only to use them in a symbolic way but it still sends a ripple effect through the military strategists in riyadh surely. yes i mean.
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this idea that the coalition may have. the right to a hit if they think that's a military target but let's put this into perspective this is not the 1st time they hit a place where prisoners are being placed so a lot of questions need to be to be asked to be asked. here did they know that didn't they know the 1st time the 2nd time that there is a time how many times you know and how many prisoners should should die before we question what is really happening and how accurate this argument collision are conducting its conducting its strikes there is also a lack of transparency because these sound in a question are saying they hit a weapons storage and there need to be investigation where there any you know any act kind of facility existed in the in the in the area and why are those
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prisoners being put there in the 1st place this is supposed to be a a a college that belongs to the university of this is not supposed to be a prison in the 1st place and i think all of those questions need to be put but unfortunately and i'm saying this as a human rights worker we have requested the saudi liquidation repeatedly not to hit in civilian areas because the problem the possibility of civilian casualty is high it's significantly high but you don't need to be an expert to know whether you have civilian structure in populated areas you're going to kill some civilians understood you also seem to be saying and i have no desire to put words into your mouth that there is a degree of triplicity here on the part of the who are the rebels you seem to be saying correct me if i'm wrong here you seem to be saying the who the rebels deliberately put saudi immorality coalition supporting people in these locations knowing but they will be targeted by the saudi led coalition and the who feels
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don't care where. at that point when the targeting manifests itself in these facilities get bombed the things don't really care one way or the other whether the saudis lie or not about what they say they thought they were targeting in the 1st place well let me put this into into so so no i wouldn't as you said not puts words into my into into my mouth. please journalists and not saying some of the u.a.e. supporters because people think those are combatants they have literally boots journalists and activists into a weapon depose before so has literally worked in a storage facilities in the past and they depend highly on that that's not in a collision last credibility like the trust are the the human rights human rights community so if some civilian.
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civilian casualties were civilians went with di definitely there will be a significant blame on this i'm going to coalition but i'm saying this does not exempt if you need from their response ability because we have repeatedly then journalists activists and civil society workers do not do not should not be put in prisons those have been there for 23 years without charges there is no due process they haven't seen courts and this is where the who the responsibility unites one brief question looking at the broader question of where we are when it comes to the war in yemen you know we look at it through the prism constantly of course since 2015 when when the war officially began if you will as far as you're concerned as far as reprieve your n.-g. o. is concerned when you get traction on the ground is the peace process completely dead and buried. well i mean one way or another peace process through the marriage
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whether we think it's it's hard yes now today it's becoming harder and harder to come together to have to do a political process but the eventually a political and a peace plan should be put in should be should be put in place and. the who he is cannot continue operating with such misconduct and definitely this out he led coalition for how long do they think they can keep bombing civilian civilian and populated and populated populated areas everyone needs to you know come to some sense that certain time and we need to you know some way or another bit of them together and try to end this you know i would say a vicious cycle of violence. ok we must leave it there thank you so much for giving us your thoughts on this developing story here on the news hour and al-jazeera if you're just joining us on the news just sum up for you what we know so far and it's maybe easier to separate what we don't know from what we do know and in amongst
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this cycle of claim and counterclaim that we see so often in the conflict in yemen let me just tell you what the international committee of the red cross is saying they are saying they believe more than 100 people have been killed in a coalition air strike in yemen in the province of in the city of damage in yemen on the face of it and i have to stress on the face of it it looks like the saudi led coalition have in effect killed more than 100 people who are being labeled as being coalition supporters whether they are or not we will have to wait and see contribute to the from that n.-g. o. reprieve saying that there is a track record as far as the who sees a concerned of putting people who are quotes journalists and reporters campaigners loyalists whose loyalty goes the wrong way as far as the 2 things are concerned in targets that the who sees no will be targeted by the saudis so you're in this
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you're into this loop of people allegedly being slightly duplicitous when it comes to where they put these people that they don't like there are reports saying that the people who've been injured and killed in this raid were supporters and loyalists to the coalition impossible to tell and impossible to confirm one way or the other but we do know that in that 2 story building that was formerly a college before it was turned into being a detention center there were about $100.00 maybe $100.00 plus people on the ground floor there were $100.00 plus people on the top floor and there you can see what is left of that building so we got this cycle now that we're into. claim and counterclaim the saudi narrative says we were going after a storage facility for missiles and drones that in itself is significant because the truth is have achieved some highly significant but yet symbolic victories with the use of drones they've managed to get quite far north up on
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a parallel if you look at the map the they have managed this happened about 3 months ago about 10 weeks ago now they managed to get one drone strike up on a parallel with the saudi capital riyadh and up and one missile strike up and beyond the capital as well so we're not quite sure exactly what happened there and we don't know exactly the provenance of the people who've lost their lives but we do know that we are talking about multiple deaths and multiple injuries we'll get you more on that developing story just as soon as we can here on the news out. ok let's get more on another big story today here in the news hong kong protesters again targeting the airport causing disruption to hundreds of travelers for the 2nd time in 3 weeks and government demonstrates is blocking roads and rail access to
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one of the busiest terminals in the world follows petrol bombs and tear gas on saturday and some of the worst on rest since the start of the protests almost 3 months ago we speak to set a clock at the airport in a moment but 1st let's go to wayne hey who's that the m r t train station near the airport so when you're that end of the line it's not part of the terminal but it's very close to the terminal. yes that's right peter where we are about 3 kilometers from the hong kong airport this is where the protests came through they walked after they retreated from the airport itself when the riot police turned up we didn't see any confrontation or much of a confrontation really at the airport then it was a case of a slow retreat for the protest is drill into this area they came to the train station except there are many attacked again presumably some of them would have gone home of those probably using the train to go to other parts of the city to
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thoughts continue their protests into sunday evening at about the same time as though boarding the train m.t.i. the company that runs the train system in hong kong and now it's the station was closing the trains were going nowhere that just results of the minute an angry response from the protest as you were trying to get on to those trains and they went about basically trying to destroy the train station vandalizing for the most pots leaving a lot of destruction behind it is now closed the police kicked us out of that area about an hour ago saying it is now a crime scene i have to say peter. from what we saw the police were pretty slow to come here in response to this it's a bit of a cat and mouse game that we've seen over the past few weeks when they did come here they ran around the entire community through the train station trying to find any remaining protest as they were here but by that stage for the most part it seemed that they had from this area or at least gone from the train station as you
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see the train station is still very much closed when it comes the authorities wanting to bag and tag the protesters when i mean looking at the pictures here they go face masks on not many umbrellas not many lasers being fired around to kind of blind the observation personnel who are generally folded into the security apparatus there the protesters they've all gone and they've all got away scot free do we think. well i think we've certainly seen summaries taking place we saw at least one or 2 at the airport so they do pick some up from time to time but again from what we can see the police action seems to be quite slow not sure whether it's a deliberate move on not but here for example it was almost an hour after the protesters had come here tried to get on those trains and couldn't and then started vandalizing the train station so almost an hour after that the police made their
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way again they came from the airport they came the same direction as the protesters so it was a fairly slow response of the protesters also adopt the tactic of going up into some of the elevated walkways hong kong very famous for its elevated walkways not just in the city but throughout the suburbs as well from there if the police do chase them they can make a retreat into other areas quite quickly but they can also continue to abuse the police from up their verbal and sometimes throwing objects down on them as well so it is a difficult task for the police the protesters for the most part seem to be far more nimble then the police as they move through some of these communities but we certainly are seeing some a risk but i wouldn't describe them as it's happening in big numbers at one time ok when many thanks to you later i'm sure let's go live inside the airport now as you know sara clark joins us from inside the terminal building there so sara i guess it's the same as it was a couple of weeks by the protesters want to highlight their cause to international travelers trying to get into hong kong and in that regard has it been
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a success for them. well those that was certainly their plan to cause a financial and economic and transport disruption at the international airport here and then we've got communique also here other protesters were dispersed some hours ago but there are several thousands of people who've been slowly kind of a gathering on landing here and they can't get out we mentioned earlier that the government suspended the airport express train line and that's when the 2 kill writs of getting this. they suspended that travel hours ago but there was to the passengers could still get out on that chime but protesters then moved in and roy blocked that particular train route back into the central part of hong kong so i see this as a result of that the government has put on buses the buses have managed to shift some people but the still a massive backlog of people arriving here who just can't get out of the airport that the taxi lines are huge and also the course road blocks on the highways back
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in to central hong kong and kelowna so people are just simply can't get house a couple weeks ago we saw the protesters shut down this airport for 3 days there are 927 about 2000 flights that were canceled that time as the protesters captiva at the airport they simply haven't kept in this time but the latest update is that there's been a number of flights canceled simply because the stewards of the crew couldn't get here 26 flights cancelled at least 45 july and as i mentioned there are a massive backlog of people still trying to get out what is certain 925 coming 1 26 pm in the evening local time your time sarah is there a sense there at the airport that the protesters have done what they wanted to do or are we expecting more demonstrations either at the airport or indeed across hong kong proper. what they wanted to do was paralyzed this airport they certainly have as for whether or not they return it's unlikely the police presence here and the security presence has obviously been increased as
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a result of the earlier protest which was held here at the international airport but as for whether or not the commuters are happy they're not they're angry about the fact that number one a huge number of people couldn't get out and missed their flights and we still don't know thousands of people who are still trying to get out of the airport into central hong kong and calderon so they did what it took course disruption they certainly have this time round. ok sara thanks very much will keep us informed if there are any more develops i'm sure in the meantime thank you. let's move to the big story in north america hurrican dorian threatening destruction in the bahamas and millions of americans are worried too it's been upgraded to a category 5 storm and is on track to batter the northwestern bahamas soon in florida the u.s. states some of the most vulnerable people are bracing for the worst and it is in miami now a category 5 storm hurricane dorian is edging closer to the u.s.
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the southeast coast. in florida a state of emergency has been declared in dozens of counties as people bought up their homes fuel their cars and braced themselves in case the hurricane makes landfall after 12 residents of a nursing home died from heat exhaustion during hurricane irene 2017 the state's and acted strict guidelines for florida's many assisted living facilities hurricane dorian is being seen as a vital test for the new laws we're hopeful that this generator will be a oaks c.e.o. katherine kassner installed a state of the art generator and says the care industry is much better prepared i think today given the. devastating loss of so many lives that everybody is very pool show for that at all costs resident martin caden has lived through hurricanes before and tells us he feels safe as dorian lingers of the east coast moving is very secure. you know we're very close to the very.
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very likely. lived through a lot of. dorian's projected path continues to change residents of the bahamas are under serious threat as they brace for impact on sunday the storm may not make a direct hit on florida but the governor is warning against complacency if it bombs further east that obviously is positive if it bumps just a little west when you're looking at really really significant impacts and so don't make any assumptions remain vigilant and be prepared the key phrase now is a cone of uncertainty which places florida georgia and the carolinas in the potential path of hurricane dorian forecasters and residents are watching closely this remains a powerful storm with another predictable paff and people are preparing for the
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worst and hoping that dorian skirts the east coast sparing millions from what's being described as a monster storm the states in the potential path of dorian have been hit many times before all remain vigilant all are prepared now it's a case of watching a slowly moving storm that seems to be only getting stronger as it tracks through the warm waters of the atlantic gallacher all the 0 miami florida. ok let's stay with a few stunning pictures from space kevin just looks absolutely amazed that's right right behind me is a visual image from the satellites are used for a weather products but they really zoomed in to show the development of the i want to put this into play take a look 1st of all when it was down to a truck category one who wants really seen eye to much putting this into motion and also speeding up you can see how that eye wall develops really because of the clouds bubbling up across this area a beautiful imagery and then we go into the darkness the dark time the dark part of the evening so what we're seeing right now the storm is approaching the shoreline the northeastern shoreline of the bahamas right now it's going to be
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a category 5 as we said now how long will it stay a category 5 we're not quite sure it takes a lot of intensity to keep that level of hurricane so we do. it's going to drop back down to afford some point right now winds of $260.00 clubber powers gusting gusting to higher of course moving to the west at 13 kilometers per hour now the big problem this storm is that movement is going to slow down and when it slows down we're going to be seeing a lot of rain across a lot of area the winds are going to be a problem again over the same area and storm surge so we have triple threat across this area that is going to be prolonged because the storm is going to be slowing down now as we go to his next couple days we do expect that the rain totals are going to be quite impressive over 600 millimeters of rain could be seen across this area so widespread flooding is expected for the bahamas back to you peter. many things still to come here on the al-jazeera news china his bank of the u.s.
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with billions of dollars interest in the shop escalation of the trade war. to the polls in germany in an election the could bode well for the far right and tea immigration message. and for me the truth is tribute to the french driver. he died while competing on saturday details in the sports news in about 20 minutes. on the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world we look at the cost of people's health also antigovernment protesters a want hong kong could be plunged into recession and a trillion dollar fortune built on oil and gas no white faces up to climate challenge is. counting the cost on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides rewind returns with
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a new series. and brand new updates on the past about his ynys documentaries. rewind continues we have to be announced another for the president i'm going to run and this is the. highlight that was a real turning point because that give them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. welcome back welcome if you. just joining us you're watching the auxilary live from our headquarters here in doha your top stories more than 70 people have been killed in
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airstrikes by the saudi led coalition on it tensions and in yemen the strike happened in late on saturday night the international red cross says it estimates more than 100 people have died it is sending urgent medical supplies and hundreds of body bags to the sea. israel's military says an anti-tank missile was fired from lebanon towards the israeli border village of a dream there were no immediate reports of any casualties israel has been on high alert the military says an anti tank missile was fired towards that border area a little earlier we'll get you more on that developing story just as soon as we can of course earlier the lebanese army said an israeli drone violated its airspace and caused a fire on its side of the border israeli tanks and troops were sent to the border with lebanon as tensions increase with hezbollah the hezbollah leader hassan
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nasrallah told supporters that israel quotes must pay a price for its aggression following a suspected israeli drone strike on beirut last week. here and the issue now is in the field it is in the hands of the field commanders they know what they have to do and how. and there you can see what purports to be the aftermath or the latest pictures of the aftermath of that cross border attack. we're trying to clarify what the actual situation is there for you the israeli military saying that anti-tank missile was fired from lebanon towards a target in israel the israeli military naming one particular town or village so we have at the moment details of course still sketchy that earlier
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israeli drone violated lebanon's a space and dropped incendiary material the spot to fire in a wooded area on the border more on that for you just as soon as we can the russian military says u.s. airstrikes in syria's rebel held italy breach and could put the ceasefire there at risk the attack targeting an al qaeda linked training camp in the ellipse city killed at least 14 people the syrian army and its ally russia have been waging a crushing offensive to recapture the area that began a cease fire early on saturday morning. libya's been torn apart by violence since moammar gadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011 well sunday marks exactly 50 years since gadhafi seized power in a coup or to a bill hamid looks back at his turbulent rule. it was 50 years ago when king idris defers to libya was ousted by a group known as the free officers movement the man who led the military coup was
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a young law matter of gaddafi 10 years earlier significant or reserves were discovered in libya and resentment was building over the concentration of wealth in the hands of the morning. with the same iron fist with which he ruled libya 27 year old kadafi kicked out british and u.s. forces from the country and nationalized the oil industry. it was with the new find wealth that gadhafi intended to build a modern libya the arab world was in the midst of a wave of nationalism and the colonel had promised libyans a life of prosperity based on the principles of unfettered revolution a socialist based system for the masses but he had nor clear vision for the economic development or political orientation of the country and for many years libya found itself isolated at times considered a pariah state it was only in the late 1990 s.
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that libya reconsidered its choices khadafi wanting to come out from international isolation libya would comply with u.n. resolutions and rid itself of the economic embargo and soon average incomes had risen to $15000.00 and african high by 2008 the country enjoyed both a budgetary surplus of 25 percent and a trade one of 40 percent. those achievements were celebrated in 2009 during lavish festivities on the 40th anniversary of the end for the revolution but despite the numbers they were in balances that couldn't be ignored resentment was brewing and came to a boil during protests which broke out in benghazi in 2011 the eastern port city from well fed that revolution was launched 41 years earlier was now rebelling against it waving once again the flag of independence gone was the green one that
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had symbolized the revolution the rebellion spread to other parts of the country khadafi wasn't prepared to let go so easily he responded with force. the rebels for back with the help of nato and some arab. increase. in august 2011 there vance trail findlay into khadafi bastion tripoli their fat revolution was crumbling 2 months later libya's longtime leader was captured in his hometown of sirte he was killed a few hours later and with him when de principles of a revolution that never came to be played out that hemy. ok let's bring in our next guest here on the news hour to talk about the aftermath and be the legacy of colonel gadhafi we're going to talk to jamal good monte he is with the party in libya mr welcome back to al-jazeera 50 years on since he took over is it possible to separate out more market off he was 50 years ago from where the country is as of
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today. yes indeed we are looking at libya from a historical perspective and with a very broad timeframe not only the last 50 years of which 42 years were under gadhafi is rule and the last 8 years the 2011 revolution but it's also very important to keep in this perspective the 18 years before get daffy and here i take issue with 2 points in your report we just heard now there money of 18 years libya came to existence as a modern country in $1051.00 it became an independent country it became a monarchy under king agrees it is not true that can get greece ruled with an iron fist and it's not true that he accumulated wealth in the monarchy or in the royal family. far far from from that and lots of people who are experts in libya will
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agree with this so the 18 years before to get that free libya was moving on the right track it was a state where the constitution state building was taking place in earnest institution building what they were it was taking place libya had 2 chambers of parliament it had political parties it had independent media it had civil society and wealth and money only started coming in in the early sixty's when oil was discovered and libya so during the last 8 years of the money king money was coming and this money was used to build roads on hospitals and housing and so on the country was developing ok we're ok let me just let me push you there for a 2nd when you start when you talk no talking about them state building was taking place when you say institutions were being put in place you could have said about libya today because the u.n.
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would say hang on that's what we're doing today but it's still demonstrably not working partly because you have a warlord who clearly model seems so proudly models himself on colonel gadhafi. well that's exactly the point i was coming to do for 2 years of get their feet he made sure that any form of state or institution building was stopped any institutions that where there were 30 the summated no constitution no political parties no parliament no elections no civil society no free press no real participation by the people in their own future so 42 years of a country that was very moral that and around the coast and the personality of get their feet he ruled by an iron 1st by fear it was a fear jemma here or our fear republic and every all sorts of institutions were the designated we had no army we had no proper police force and an easier when they had
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the revolution they had a strong army who made sure that the country stayed intact security was meant tain institutions were maintained this was crucial to facilitate the transition that has been taking place in the last 8 years and tunisia and libya the opposite was there so we had that thought that vacuum and this vacuum we were unable to fill very quickly yes in 20122013 there was a genuine attempt to restart again state building institution building to rebuild the army and the police and a political process was taken place but in 2014 comes in half the iraq general who wanted to repeat to take us back to the end after having 100 to one final point mr because i think we're running out of satellite time like older sports like all dictators if you talk about doing it's because of the will of the people generally that can be spun into 20 or 25 years 30 years safety years in power what's the difference between colonel gadhafi and after as of right now
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because the country clearly wants to move in the right direction and yet mr hafter is a i'm doing this for the good of the people. well a very very serious difference between color for have to remember i get that apart from the the fact that if i have that is a very crude model and copy of gadhafi is that half that is supported by the regional powers and international powers france possibly russia but most importantly the iraqis and the egyptian regime who once have to take over power and to be the days of military rule and dictatorship and this what isn't libya never allow the libyan people to develop their own future on their own country this is very serious and important difference with the reality of today is that 70 percent of our problems are from outside interference negative detrimental interference by regional and international powers and possibly the other 30 percent is the
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inability of libyans to come together and develop a national reconciliation and strike an accord and i agree a social contract on how to divide power and wealth fairly among the libyans so if the international community today has the will and all aligned to allow libya to stabilize and allow libyans only to get on with rebuilding their country then libya would be a totally different story unfortunately and as long as this the 3 mental very negative international interference is carrying on open borders by proxy fueling wars supplying arms to have and all of that all sorts of other support ok then libya will continue to be unstable divided and it will never settle and it will never the libyan people will never be given the opportunity to get on with rebuilding their country jim thank you so much for joining us here in the news and we do appreciate your time sir. now there's been.


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