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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 140  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2019 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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and watching al jazeera remind us of our top stories so far today the u.k. battle is coming to a head with a showdown in parliament that could seriously undermine prime minister boris johnson's off is set to address m.p.'s any moment you can see him there sitting flanked by his new foreign secretary. and his home secretary and michael gove there as well in the great by. going through the necessary steps before we hear from the prime minister it's not just a crucial session it's the 1st session back after the summer recess so parliamentarians have had a chance to regroup reach think their individual policies on it is going some of them on the spend the summer time of course in their constituencies talking to the people who voted them into office. britain the u.s.
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and france may be complicit in war crimes in yemen that's according to a new report from the u.n. iran is also implicated the u.n. says the saudi led coalition's use of starvation as a tactic may also amount to a war crime. the iranian oil tanker seized off just before being released appears to have turned off its tracking ships tracking websites had previously shown the adrian daria one off the coast of lebanon and heading to the north. boris johnson has taken to his feet inside the house of commons we understand 1st item of business will be the g 7 in beer it's let's listen in to what he's saying that conflict surpasses being more than you can promise is also true that this country still stands then. for democracy for the rule of. racial. this is the whole house is
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united. by the years around the world this is big with your permission on they can stay but divide the g. 7 summit in the air it's as i speak vast tracts of the amazon rain forest are on fire free trade is in retreat 130000000 goes worldwide don knotts in education our oceans are being fowley polluted and so it's have been more important for global britain to use our voice as an agent for change and progress in a journey by exacting our influence at a global level in the by sticking up for our values and our beliefs that we can create the international context for britain to prosper and to ensure that this is the greatest place on earth to live to work to start a family open a business trade and invest so the g 7 i i made the case for free trade as an engine of prosperity. and progress that it did billions
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out of poverty and yet the reality is that trade is the share of the world economy has been stagnant for the last decade in the latest declaration of the g. 7 you know i'm in the city endorsed open and fair world trade and we're determined to reform the w t o the world trade organization to reach agreement next year to simplify regulatory barriers had. britain lives on the judge has to speak of taking back control of our trade policy and restoring our independence seat in the w.e.t.a. for the 1st time in 46 years i am actually it was just a bunch of course to the united states i wish i was voted by which our very own right now and i don't owe it to hold up or to resume your seat thank you prime minister. i want to order i also the house to have some regard to how our proceedings have viewed by people outside the chamber i will always facilitate the
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expression of opinion by this house or dud. meanwhile the prime minister is making a statement and that statement should be heard and he will be heard as well every other member and of subjects the prime minister yeah britain is on the verge of taking back control of our trade but as i say we should be god. i and we could achieve even more in our trade with the united states by using the powers we will regain to do a comprehensive free trade deal i deal in which both presidents from and i have agreed that the n h s is not on the table yet i am not mine i'm not some in the house i consider the united states to be a natural iraq i had a course for good in the world and i recall you from the disc your old juvenile
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anti americanism child was cruising christmas just because. i know that the whole house will share my concern about the gravity of the situation in hong kong. as a nation with a deep belief in freedom of expression and assembly we stand for. upholding homecomings way of life guaranteed by one country 2 systems and i welcome the unwavering support of my g 7 counterparts on this vital matter. mr speaker the u.k. is at the forefront of a new campaign to end the tragic loss of species around the world we cannot to create a planet where the sumatran tiger. and the african elephant and entire ecosystems like the great barrier reef may be in the shadow of destruction so i'm delighted that the g 7 accepted u.k.
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proposals for more ambitious targets to hold and reverse the loss of biodiversity. britain is responsible for 2600000 square miles of ocean the 5th largest marie maritime estate in the world bluebelt program would ensure that marine protected areas in compass 1500000 square miles and that the g 7 i nods to further 7000000 pounds for this vital effort i also announced another 10000000 pounds to protect the rain forest in brazil where 41000 far as of rage so far this year more than twice as many in the same period in 2018 britain is bidding to host the un's 26th climate change conference next year. if we succeed we should focus on solutions that harness the power of nature including reforestation and there is one measure that would raise all those issues mr speaker. and if they think that's
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a waste of money mr speaker that i think that tells you all you need to know and i want to make. one measure one measure the events all those issues and that is ensuring that every go in the world receives the education that is her right hair was not a current mortality eradicate in adversity and reduce population pressures i would strike i blow for morality and justice in beer it's the g. 7 that who endorsed the u.k.'s campaign for 12 years of quality education for every go in the world 900 new funding for 990000000 pounds says 600000 children in countries torn by conflict where goals are twice as likely as boys to be out of the classroom get the chance to go to school and as well as my g 7 colleagues i would like to meet other leaders including president emma photos of south africa by mr modi of india for his remorse and of australia who heroically must his emotions
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in the face of the story it means ben starts and in a brief conversation. i was struck by the enthusiasm of my colleagues to strengthen their relations with this country whether on trade security and defense science and technology mr speaker i was also able to use the g 7 to follow up my conversations in berlin and paris with chancellor merkel and president mackerel on back seat as well as well as with prime minister called to prime minister sanchez and president to us i have since spoken to commission president and many other leaders and i was able to make clear to them all. that everyone in this government once and he'll yeah my god we're. live
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but it is a reality that the house of commons of rejected the cart with broad agreement 3 trunks and it seems we cannot thank god i who are i desire to president elect of mr sharon i know to you as a senior and distinguished elder statesman in the house to set an example of good behavior another justice to the bhutto like car before father of a house which is exhibiting to all times the prime minister mr speaker and that is why i wrote to president took on the 19th of august to set out our arguments why any future agreement must include the abolition of the anti democratic backstop i will also be able say i want you by the way the place at all sides that we've also been clear that we will need changes to the political declaration to clarify that all future relationship with the e.u. will be based on a free trade agreement and giving us who control over our regulations our trade and
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on foreign and defense policy this parity has brought benefits far from jeopardizing negotiations it is making them more straightforward in the last few weeks i believe the chances of a deal have risen for this week by this week we are intensifying the pace of meetings in brussels european friends can see that we want to make green tender beginning to reflect that reality i never saw had a president not sure said if i quote i could live it just because they don't want to hear the words of a kind of bunch of bullshit kind of way they want to hear about any progress that we might be making wasn't think i owe it to old to i. i want to hear everything said in the old time otoh. well i would never have any difficulty hearing me prime minister but if it is
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necessary for him to speak out i am so over to go over to i'm certain that he'll overcome his natural shyness in order to do so the prime minister the speaker i think there will fully closing the areas to do ok or do i have to have the reality that our friends and partners are increasingly seeing the possibilities of an agreement only i get i quote the president of a macro frog's if there are things he said which is part of what was negotiated by michel body can be adapted and daryn keeping with the 2 objectives that i mentioned to begin to not allow us to get if you're not heard from the law which we all support and the integrity of the sego barkeep we should identify them in the coming months is that the negative spirit of the opposition or into what i am ready to have speaking in berlin a possible alternative to the backstopped johnson market of germany said once we see and say this could be a possible outcome of this could be a possible arrangement i have this backstop is
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a sort of placeholder which is no longer necessary no longer necessary she said that suppose it is good which will go i'm afraid hearing i could on the other side of the house today and i believe there are indeed for the day they mean already how this is a guy who was being already there are indeed there are indeed solutions for what and what they don't want to hear but i'm sure the free to speak well they don't want to hear about solutions but they don't want to hear about it you know there are practical arrangements that we can find but to avoid anyone putting our infrastructure how we irish order has just begun i say to the honorable members departing back and he is well these have been well worked out and in both measures such as trusted trading schemes transit provision. frontin is a reduced bureaucracy with smaller local traders have and many others have and particular we recognize i advise the members opposite to pay attention to what is
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being said we recognize that for reasons of geography and economics agra foods is increasingly he managed on a common basis across the island of argument we are ready to find ways forward that recognize this reality provided it clearly enjoys the consent of all parties and to to sions with an interest and we'll also be discussing this with the e.u. shortly and i will be discussing it with the t. shirt lever out can i see him in dublin on monday mr speaker it is simply wrong it is simply wrong to say we are not making progress there and say not to do in the coming days but things are moving and a major reason for that is that everyone can see that this government is utterly determined to leave the e.u. on october the 31st come what may without
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a deal if necessary and that is why over the summer my right shoulder from the chancellor of the duchy of lancaster has been leading the government's efforts 7 days a week to accelerate our national preparations for this possibility and he will be making a statement on that subject shortly by right of our friend the chancellor. has made over this time my dear warning we already reach agreements with all 5 to rolling over trade deals roughly 189000000000 of exports and imports create security services agreements around the world we have increased the capacity of our buddhahood for strength and the resilience of our ports both stood our freight capacity and worked with meticulous detail to ensure the uninterrupted supply of critical goods including medicines we will be ready mr speaker yes we will be ready yet mr speaker i returned from the g 7 with real momentum in the back to
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russia i want. i want i want to return from next month's european council in a similar way with a deal with a deal that this house can debate i'm scrutinise and indorse in time for the pasha on october the 31st witnesses because there is one step that would jeopardize whole the progress that we have made in the g 7 had around the capitals of europe and that is if this house were to decide. that it was simply impossible for us to leave without a deal and to make that step illegal have the full shot my that's what they want was my decision to force us that's what they want to feel sauce too big to force us to beg for yet another point this denied. that happens all the
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progress that we have been make you both have been and nothing has today by yesterday mississippi got a deal it was published a bill but the leader of the opposition has spent all summer working on this is not a bill in any normal sense of the word it is without precedent in our history it is a bill that if passed. would force me to go to brussels and big an extension it would force me to accept the terms of it. it would destroy any chance of negotiation for you to destroy 5 and indeed it would enable our friends it would enable our friends in brussels to dictate the terms of the negotiation. that's what it does there is anyone money to think of the strike this deal it is jeremy corbin's surrender bill what do you like me i mean to want to die means you want to have my the white guy the bills it means you want to have me
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if you want to have the right to live i want to make clear by i want to make clear to everybody in this house there are no circumstances in which i will ever accept anything like you i will never surrender the control of obligations i am the way the leader of the opposition is them are you mr speaker i'm i have places to guide people must you keep ranting from a strategic position of a long it takes the statement will be the response to it will be heard that is the reality and nothing can go on said the prime minister has begun there's no we promised the people we would get bricks it done we promise to respect the result of the referendum and we must do so now enough is enough the country wants this done and they want the referendum respected we are negotiating a deal and there i hope to by i go i've heard of 5 and i'm confident
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of getting a deal we will leave by october the 31st in all circumstances there will be no the point is that. my disguise has never before they voted to force the prime minister to surrender such a crucial decision to the discretion of our friends and neighbors overseas because what this bill would mean. is that unless we agree. to the terms of our friends and partners they would be able to keep us in the e.u. long as they want and on their terms right there for this house to reject this bill tonight so that we can get the right deal with prior countries so that wrecks it and take the whole country forward and i commend this statement mr speaker.
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order for the avoidance of doubt the reason a very small a bill tonight the reason vote on a motion that motion is successful really would be a bill tomorrow to i say they simply because the intelligibility of our proceedings to those observing ease important and i'm sure everyone on all sides of ours would recognize that fundamental truth in the opposition generally call. by hank you thank you mr speaker and i thank the prime minister voted vance copy of his statement and i join with him in recognizing the great human suffering of world war 2 the great human bravery that took place during that war in all full conflict which began 80 years ago but was essential in defeating the disgusting ideology of the nazis and fascism at the time. this is speaking of the prime minister met a you leaders over the summer and the e.u.
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council president the g 7 after these meetings the prime minister struck an optimistic note saying the chances of a deal were in his words improving his optimism was not shared by those who have been at the same meeting. the prime minister made a claim progress has been made but you latest report that the government has so far failed to present any new proposals can the prime minister clear this up can he. tell us if the u.k. has put forward any new proposal in relation to the backstop. if so will he publish them so these proposals can be scrutinized by parliament and by the public it's becoming increasingly clear that this reckless government only has one plan to crash out of the e.u.
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without a deal the reality is exposed today in the in house journal of the conservative party otherwise known as the daily telegraph which reports the prime minister's chief of staff calling negotiations a sham. reports that the strategy is to quotes run down the clock and the proposal to alter the backstop is a complete fantasy and those are the words of the attorney general. no deal mr speaker will main food shortages reduce to medical supplies and chaos at our ports not may not me saying that the government's own leaked analysis savings and it warns of chaos all across the board today we had expected the publication of the government's no deal preparations this government is hiding
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from scrutiny hiding from the people and trying to hide us from their true intentions this isn't just a government in chaos but a government of cowardice yes thankfully some in whitehall putting these vital documents into the public demand. but we shouldn't have to rely on sporadic leaks so will the prime minister's set out today when these documents will be published so the. the people and parliament can scrutinize and debate them many on the benches opposite would relish a no deal they see it as an opportunity to open up britain to a one sided trade deal which puts us at the bursey of donald trump and the united states corporations that will increase the wealth of a few at the expense of the many. when it comes to the crunch was to speak to many
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on the government benches who once opposed to no deal outcome and now putting their own careers before the good of the people of this country that just look at all those tory leadership candidates who said it would be wrong to suspend parliament in order to make no deal a reality and. sit passively as their principles of just a few short weeks ago are cost aside i don't know what are we doing over there some all of these are something changed and it gets worse not only have they all stood by while the prime minister launches his latest attack on democracy some have repeatedly refused to rule out the possibility that the government could ignore any law passed by parliament hatreds it tempting to stop a no deal breaks it so will the prime minister when he responds in
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a moment take the opportunity to assure the country that his government will abide by any legislation passed this week by this parliament here the attack on our democracy in order to force through a disastrous no deal breaks it is unprecedented and he democratic and unconstitutional labor will do all we can to protect our industry protect our democracy protect our people against this dangerous and reckless government. i condemn the rhetoric the prime minister used when he talked about a surrender bill i hope he will reflect on his use of language ok i really do hope people reflect on his use of language we're not surrendering because wrote war with europe they are surely our partners if anything it is
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a no deal that would mean surrendering our industry our jobs surrendering our standards are protected and i try to deal with donald trump and the united states. this is fake oh the u.k. should be using its position in the g 7 to promote policies to tackle the climate emergency the climate emergency is real but instead of standing up to president trump to save these buses this time it was in fact agreed there would be no joint communique on this at the g 7 this is not leadership this is fiddling while the amazon burns ever the situation across the amazon should be a wake up call to this prime minister who once described global warming as primitive fear without foundation. as we watch fires rage not only across the amazon but i'm goa and the democratic republic of congo doesn't stand by those
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sentiments while funds to protect and restore the amazon rain forest are welcomed the prime minister knows this is merely a drop in the ocean so will more money be pledged for the amazon and there are additional funds being made available to tackle fires in sub-saharan africa and will he be introducing measures to stop u.k. companies from aiding abetting and profiting from the destruction of the amazon rain forest and indeed the rain forests in west africa the u.k. parliament on what made the 1st became the 1st state parliament anywhere in the world to declare a climate emergency and i was proud to move that motion we must continue to show global leadership on this issue. on iran mr speaker it's notable that the prime minister fails to condemn president trump's decision to unilaterally tear up the internationally agreed iran nuclear deal creating this crisis which
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now risks a slide into even deeper conflict does the prime minister plan to work with european partners to restore the iran nuclear deal and deescalate tensions in the gulf we are clear cutting government labor would work tirelessly through the u.n. for a note negotiated reinstatement of the nuclear deal and to diffuse the threat of war in the gulf effective diplomacy not threats and bluster must prevail and well the prime minister call on the radio soroti is to end the unjust detention of nasty names of garri ratcliffe hair and what actions has he taken so far to ensure her release from the terrible situation that she has been plunged into. this is. where all concerned about the situation in hong kong
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no government anywhere should get to shut down rights and freedoms or to pick and choose which laws it is to we will hear the chinese government to stick up sic to the joint declaration of 19 eighty-four and stand up for the rights of citizens in hong kong. this is like just 800 hours g.m.t. here on an al-jazeera 4 pm in the british capital london as we watch the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corben currently responding to a statement given by prime minister barak johnson which began about half an hour ago currently moving on to international issues to do with iran and obviously europe as well the main discussion of course has been about gregg's it and just what will happen with.


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