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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 36  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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this isn't. good. for golf. i was bored and. all women came to add these was the 1st time for me to have a television. but no running water so it's. a long way. more than what i have expected but what i was sure i was up there was that. i was true that i wanted to go to college and i was sure that i do not want to. let my my mom's like i wanted to skate. this is one of my daughter samantha it's sort of. this 1st.
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now there are in the states some i was in college. and string family you. know in high school. my mom keeps the feuds warm. of course the president's typically the average until then mother. sorry to break the best. difficult for tradition and kids. school and soccer fries everything basically. the little 100 more dead in. here since she did not have the benefit of the question herself always her dream was for us to get to keep it. she was very keen on that mother.
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really know. that there you go. there is a story that my mom. liked. my older brother was . in the school but. kids started harassing him and bullying him and i was yanked i was still at home but the big deciders that i got was him that i protect him so so it's stuff that. you are. it was kids that traveling to stick to the girl was a backed she killed her abductor in there we decided to defend her in
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a court of law it was the 1st time that a man directed a woman resisted the violation of her rights and it was the 1st time that. we went took the kids to the court and defended it finally. i should say that the girl is treated. so the total. impact. our work is way less. basically future form but those community behavior can. turn to the. sun this is the 1st city want him to go for the 1st 3 people because.
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i do meet some friends visit from time to time and i would just want to check how this is bigger than the prep so i thought it was a 50 like that to the staff i took to that just signed by title understand. what's going on here. in the memory. card remember. your one can see there are also a bunch. more others. that. have. anything to fear i'll give you your. ok receiver in for profits that sing this officer didn't think to.
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hear something from open air and no. need to look at it wow see. we're told to look into the mother not telling which i do that and i think the public is seeing the same month every month we're going to run a marathon and government minister knew nothing of that it was. real and the stuff in the mist and the crystal mist of disbelief or nights that i. love that are going . to matter eventually i meant to share it is always. very challenging sector not only in ethiopia but only developing countries because we have. a past year far dentists. we have a lot of cases happened across case especially in countries like ours we have over a 100000000 population and. there are many cases coming to court every single day i
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think that limits the background gripper not certain that it. can. be done on time when you personally. this is a new will drink in suspended for 10 chambers like this which is fantastic for us because you have to be adverse court to believe they're not convenient but this is made for. purely for the purpose of education said of his own us from a company that mandarin is common throughout nam no name no no no no no it's just a plain view and on a side note that he looks not a dash to look at whether. it is a sign of progress because you know when experienced chambers in office space for judges has been a challenge for us in this is not a number of course but this is a good beginning.
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was the when i was approached to take the position of the chips instance i was totally surprised. i knew that this is going to be a difficult to say. that there was a lot of expectation from the judiciary the history of the judiciary and particularly under the just the secretary general has been beautiful. and. people expect that to be corrected and they want. not to morrow they wanted to be.
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some partition of power with a big problem the civil service was not independent the judiciary was not independent and this sort of was the source of our problem i think to begin with. as long as we are competent it's longest we believe in ourselves it shouldn't be a problem to discuss was any branch of government we've been asking for time to give that some belief that commitment to establish an independent judiciary.
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even before to actually transition to government made a decision to close down this place and not turn it into something different and there was very symbolic there. decision that was made at that point almost predicted what was about to calm himself change in the times for mission in this country something good for him because i'm accountable for. talking to lizzie. not since. i went to see in the casket of number one so.
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she took. a number of them because nobody in. sochi got my present name sundance internet since that and understand it's not snowing she could stand a chance. but nathan. you know we're almost at the bottom of any what i report or one of the major reasons is you know very existence of a place like 6 where. it glad. you're here without. due process of law. torture and all this was this was this was the place. i had a party but i have never been here. this is
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a place that everybody cares. and i'm going on the market because i didn't have any family member or friend whole always out wasted. with the same logical ok. to finish and personally don't know if i should hurt him or. dishonor mantra i don't know that we all know that it took me out of my own image. and there. are no poses for for people. to come back to. the westerners in just to get a souvenir most of the you know if. you could just just be going.
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into so so like you could have. in my kind of cup my city as the president of the supreme court. i have to make sure that this will not happen like people will not be told church and that due process will be respected in our country in the future so for me this is very important because i have to see and understand what has happened so that we make sure that. you know going forward. we will know that the law and make sure that the rule of law is respected in this country. everything my confidence is getting stronger. every day and just have the depth of
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the problem but that same time my confidence was getting stronger for some reason for some reason i don't have the feeling that you know i would build a well made and i don't know how to do this but. my my commitment is getting it would be by the day when i grow up i grew up during that time wolf i just lastly and we were also part of the discontented movements. students but now. i think the country has gone through many stages and. you know the current situation is probably you know in terms of democracy and rule flow probably this is the time when. you know the best of times i would say. i have less benefactor i was
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never stopped by challenges birds and i fully appreciate the talents that have been never be groups trace or interest country and every step of the way they have to struggle and they have to look for empathy but is part of all is that. i am i'm quite hopeful and i think you here. my dear plays a place of hope as. you might hear praise a play so for hard working in a beautiful women. my gaze the future. flight
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cats are always an experience the world is like never before cats are always going to places together. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera needs for divest c.p.o. plans for reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table the
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listening post dissects the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change are on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series expose how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. zimbabwe's liberation hero who later presided over economic collapse we look at the life and legacy of robert mugabe has died at the age of 95. the path through which he led to get back to the phone. is met and at a point it became national hugo status.
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among the mothers and this is all just a live from doha also coming up they don't want to have an election they don't want to believe this thing forward we will get a deal parting pressure on britain's prime minister the upper house approves a bill forcing him to delay brags that unless there's a deal with the e.u. . hong kong police respond with tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters forced the closure of a train station. plus fears of a staggering death toll as the bahamas begins to clear up the devastation left by how to conduct. he led zimbabwe to independence from white minority rule and presided over a success story in education and health and his alley years in power becoming an inspirational figure across africa but robert mugabe went on to symbolize economic
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mismanagement and political turmoil as he stayed in power for nearly 40 years the only leader most in bob wins had ever known until he was deposed and 2017 has died in singapore the age of 95 in death he's been declared a national hero by president emerson and gaga he spoke in the past hour our country is a free has been since 98 fates to the 2nd faces of a generation of dedicated victory nationalists and freedom fighters predicting the 960 is all included the late robert mugabe a great teacher and a mentor the bitterness of wrong sparrow's investigation and anguish over a bhutto and
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a bitter war never extinguished cumbered him give is for giving in humanity that humanity shown and diminished throughout. that season of war and forcefully assented itself by way of this signature policy of national reconciliation on which our wall street today was founded and built now since i mean it is the leader of the official opposition in zimbabwe the movement for democratic change he says the former leader's legacy will be mixed. we acknowledge the contribution made by mr mugabe to the liberation of our countries and also his contribution to the early days when the contributor to education and health but he also acknowledged the reality that there were all so negatives in
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terms of detainees that the people had to go through on a common goal far is all missions and commissions in government mr mccartney was a human being he is now it is now indicated that you can you could not have been dr slick because he was not an engineer you make mistakes yet strengths and weaknesses but more importantly as far as we are concerned we feel that you left the nation divided 11 nation more disunited left the nation in difficult circumstances especially in the breakdown of the rule of law the breakdown of governance system and those are the issues we need to correct so mr mugabe is an indicator of what we should do right the fact that he has led to pass on in foreign lands is something that points to the problems that we have in our country we can have our leaders in africa being treated in foreign lands we must be able to fix our politics fix our governance institutions fix our governance systems so that we have big ideas not
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just big men big institutions not just biggest you know personalities that we will be able to do try out of ourselves so i took ellie i understand those who think that mr mugabe did not probably do what was supposed to be done but he had good intentions i suppose for least country but all that said it is an african for us to start to focus on the negative. all the time it has more on robert mugabe's life. deliberate or who turned into a tyrant the man who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power. by some but in the end despised by many in zimbabwe of the widely admired across africa as a hero who fought colonialism and stood up to the west. 965. aeons mrs white settlers declare independence from britain an event that they find robert mugabe's life and still holds his country. the black majority resisted races
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in the cities and out in the countryside where vicious bush war raged for years. robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independence struggle we started the war in order to get our country. we have a country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in 1979. and when zimbabwe celebrated independence mugabe the overwhelming winner of elections was in power. and soon showing revival liberation fighters what he'd do to keep it meant to belittle and in the early eighty's the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad.
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but there was also much to add my racial reconciliation education and health for millions of zimbabweans although later the economy declined and the invasions of white farms in the year 2000 were turning point this time world did notice. people said that this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress. we're going to have to get out of it was a coward to destructive process but they said he was correcting an old injustice and in many ways still fighting the old colonial power the land is ours we give it to whom we please it's not the business of britain you see to tell us who to give land they do not wear that those who are given members of my by my party is irrelevant to britain. by now opposition was growing despite murder and many many zimbabwe seemed ready to throw mugabe out they had
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a new hero morgan chang right who said robert mugabe's earlier cheve man's will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. do we portray him as the great liberator or do we portray him as somebody who has betrayed the liberation that the photo. i think the little prevail the 2 rivals ended up in government together although mugabe made sure he kept the real power and chunky violator returned to a position where he would eventually die without being is constantly sharing how hypocritical the west is and africa loves that and for that reason and i think he will be judged alternately as being a more important figure in africa than simply this party isn't as part he's a dictator he's a tyrant he's anywhere you want to spread him but if something more than that he's the wrong messenger with the right message. by now his wife grace 41 years his
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junior had emerged as a political player who got be well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on. the. trail goes you know. that the robert mugabe's still here. but not as strong as he thought in the city's anger boiled over a new generation demanded mugabe go it's time for you to resign it's time for you to step down. in the end it was the army that pushed him where he the point grace as his successor a former colleague and then the rival of grace's emmerson winning took over it was more palace couldn't revolution although the joy mirrored that of zimbabwe's original revolution 37 years earlier who got the retreated to his mansion bitter to
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the last we don't deserve peace we don't deserve. but please tell me. the real tragedy robert mugabe could never bear da da of his country enjoying a 2nd freedom from his ruinous grip. u.k. house of lords has approved a bill to block a no deal bragg's it is now set to become law on monday it comes as opposition parties refuse to back prime minister abbas johnson's bed to hold an early election in october with reports from london. he's been struggling to control parliament and even hundreds of kilometers from westminster boris johnson wasn't having an easy time of it britain's prime minister was in scotland to announce the extra funding performers he hasn't got the election he wants yet both photo
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opportunities like this the campaign certainly feels like it's on the way johnson insists he's no intention of resigning if he doesn't get britain out of the e.u. soon that is not a hypothesis i am willing to call but i want us to get this thing done and you know i think the people of this country will say and there's not too new to you to be so much more positive about this earlier at a fish market he promised again that britain would leave the european union by the 31st of october we're all going to go together. opposition parties are continuing to pile on the pressure saying they'll vote against his plans to hold an october the 15th general election just days before what could be britain's last e.u. summit and is hoping that he'll be able to secure the support of 2 thirds of m.p.'s in the commons to push through a general election and middle tobar over 15th is the date he's proposing but the opposition just simply aren't going to budge they don't trust him and they want to
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make sure that this extension is in place before they agree to anything it's been quite a week the prime minister johnson. on thursday his only brother resigned as an m.p. a minister saying he was torn between family loyalty and the national interest his majority. has been obliterated expelled 21 m.p.'s trying to stop a notable breaks it there's been a small victory put the government though with the high court in london ruling that the decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks is legal. the saying a week in politics is a long time has never felt so appropriate all the good stuff the worse boris johnson is a man under pressure to deliver on promises that he made and keeps on making but might well be impossible to keep a general election is looking more likely but the electorate will be one exhausted by bricks that he would al-jazeera in london but he's.


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