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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 36  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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because i'm a big it took him about it but in order to tell you that feat been a bit of a joke one side of the m.p.c. missiles got nagy salcombe i've got a mother who being the subject who took your g.d. for money which you can point to honiara not so maybe i need got that they want the lot but like they should but mother get hyper to scan a 100 people he didn't even get they have a mother i got to do and on disc each of you getting. a dollar to the young lads in the youth or maybe you have with people at least can move a few people if you can she finally could make out the most highly for near i mean i've been following the mia for caddo got to feel how i get by is it but it'll of nick and jessica i don't know but i will commit if i'm alone when i really did got the. we
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are trying to basically hold the state responsible for their negligence that they have done to him in the sense that the delayed justice and the process that has caused them so much trouble a person who suffered 21 years in jail let's see how quickly now the state can really address is grievances. just don't want to hear like us or most of the. do you know this is them who know we're. all going to. jail. be sad i've got a copy cats are the media that beat kids out of. obesity i've got. to got. maybe the 1st language if they just for today. would not. get into getting up with another name going to mean my system it again i think to be seen as is and
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if i can commit a little. by little that it might not have been. i believe justice will do. good time but even with that are going to deal with that appeared 9 tuffin you know you are going to start on arson or that the gunman got past at the end by the end of the political and. just thought the way you're. doing might have. the best ending this actually was called the dustbin the middle do you do the bastard then in my own going to charge on the medical job and that's what i said they fact bells go on lead that separates i'll be the they're. gone men are good so i'm old call them god almighty god but then they're. the teams who are going to hear it all do
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to. have made up a very minute when i did it. to also. talk about something a minute since i'd rather fight no. reason i'm going to be going to fight. but he was too much of. a tom. many got to be so far they can in a go only the scent of a. hat. door to let them in ahead of you they lived their. whole getting a gun with a good year or that. taken
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the end the night of it and i. look at the opposite again see ya getting a blow up all the from him and. you will ya see but then he'll be a woman not evil. look the medical shows your demo school yard. talk to hottentot can get you a good view. but there's a bus full of them
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a black look at you without a tie but all the other stuff you will try to get out of the. one simple mistake could be frankel's. fishing as a deep sea diver carries immense risk to the lives of those willing to take the chance but for a former north korean soldier the opportunity for a prosperous new life in the south with his family was an even bigger risk to take . own marine boy
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera al-jazeera as their what a story breaks but it's also a day to see what happens next situation come on put it fired by the barriers for a model barricade at the full 7 streets that lead to here the middle east now has been all about change people have gone past the fear barrier the mission of the national army is to search the entire one complex and al-jazeera story is about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. cheap office a photo opportunity for many. and big profits for a few but as tourists flood to europe's must see destinations tensions are rising. with local communities paying a heavy price for popularity people in power asks what are the true economic and environmental costs of europe's tourism on al-jazeera. when the news
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breaks it looks like if you're told in order to get someone who can get this country out of the crisis when people need to be cut. from the little cross this border area without legislation al-jazeera has teams on the ground for the last few months these come because the elite the feet of hong kong to come back to where the world lulu documentaries and light moves on land and online. this is 0. well i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes another whistleblower comes forward to back up planes in the end
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pietschmann investigation into the u.s. president. a low turnout but exit polls show tunisia's and had a party winning in parliamentary elections by a narrow margin. with. a rising death toll in protests across iraq but the government still denies its forces were responsible for shooting at protesters. the crackdown continues riot police in hong kong show a little patience as thousands of protesters filled the streets once again. a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump a lawyer who's now representing both people says his client is spoken to the head of the intelligence communities and turn a watched all confirm the news on twitter this is what he wrote i can confirm this report of a 2nd whistleblower being represented by our legal team elsa made
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a protected disclosure under the law and cannot be retaliated against this whistleblower has 1st hand knowledge trump is accused of using his office to pressure ukraine and to investigate his political rival joe biden added next year's u.s. presidential elections and the president has repeatedly rejected the original complaint one of the few republicans to go on any u.s. weekend talk show has come out in support of the president ron johnson even went so far as to criticize both the f.b.i. and cia. i'm not here defending the president i'm not here to denounce him either what i'm here is telling you my my piece of this puzzle here giving you my honest assessment of what i heard how the president told me repeatedly in the may 23rd oval office visit on the phone of 31st the reason he had very legitimate concerns and reservations about ukraine is 1st corruption generalizes in demick we all know that chuck i just want the truth the american people want i do not try to only
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america that is not trust me i you know trust the cia and i'm just there are just and when questioned on that same sunday morning talk show democratic senator chris murphy highlighted how blindly the republican party is defending the actions of the president and matter what he does i'm deeply scared by the positioning that republicans have chosen to take that interview was just a giant green light to the president of the united states to continue to solicit foreign interference in u.s. elections he telegraph that he's going to ask china to do the same thing that he asked the ukrainians to do this week because republicans are allowing to are allowing him to do it and this entire country should be scared that in a moment when we need patriots what we're getting is blind partisan loyalty to washington d.c. where alan fischer is live for us now so let's talk about this a 2nd whistleblower and alan put this in some sort of context for us. ok it's worth reminding ourselves that the fox whistle blower came forward because
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they were concerned about what they described as a pattern of behavior it wasn't over just one phone call the donald trump tried to undermine that by releasing a partial transcript of the call with the ukrainian president saying look that shows i did nothing wrong that's not quite everyone's reading of that the inspector general thought the initial whistleblower brought forward something that was credible and arjen so had to be dealt with and of course donald trump said well that whistleblower wasn't there they're getting 2nd time information this is all here see what we have know is a 2nd whistle blower coming forward not with a new complaint saying i corroborate what happened but also it appears from what we can gather is that this person was in the room maybe not on the call but certainly in the room and they have no going to the inspector general of the intelligence community to back that up as well so all this does is add fuel to the fire for the democrats they're saying look this isn't just someone acting on their own this is
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know being corroborated although we go partial corroboration from the transcript and so it undermines a plank of donald trump's defense so tell us more about the reaction from the republicans we just played a little bit of senator ron johnson trying to defend the president on on meet the press but there have been numerous reports of many journalists i'm sure yourself included who have reached out to any number of republicans who just simply are not responding when asked how do they feel about what the president has done so what republican reaction has there been. ok well 1st of all nothing from the president he hasn't tweeted this toll he did tweet in the last couple of hours drain the swamp in capital letters so read that as you will what we do have is a response from the white house than what they have said is that it doesn't matter how many people call themselves whistleblowers it doesn't alter the fact that the president has done nothing wrong no republicans and it's been difficult to get them
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on the sunday political talk shows in the united states but those that have breaux cover say that they support the president that this is simply the democrats being involved in overreach and this is another giant hoax akin to the russian collusion of fear but we know that donald trump's attacks have impacted joe biden he's seen his fundraising numbers drop he's seen this poll numbers in new hampshire and in iowa drop that of course the 1st 2 big contests in the 2020 presidential campaign when they go to primaries and they don't trump has offered any evidence a toll that implicates joe biden or his son in any corruption he's just simply made all these allegations and continues to do that and he sees that people are certainly buying into his argument simply by the impact this having on joe biden and other democrats ok alan fischer live for us in washington alan thank you bill
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schneider is a public policy professor at george mason university he joins us also from washington d.c. so they'll as alan just reported there the white house has released a statement saying that the president has done nothing wrong. is it is the only question to republicans are you ok with the president of united states standing in front of the white house and plainly saying this is not about the whistleblower plainly inviting other countries to meddle in the u.s. election isn't the only question that continues to need to be asked is are you ok with that. yes that's the question and to prove he doesn't think he did anything wrong he invites china to investigate his political enemies his adversaries the president is communicating here with his base with his loyal supporters and basically saying what i did was nothing wrong there's no come there's no objection and here watch me i'm going to do it again so is that a tactic that actually might work. yes his
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base is very loyal and frankly i've spoken to the republican supporters and they all asked the same question where's the crime while there is a crime to accept foreign assistance in a political campaign foreign support is in fact a crime and that's what democrats are going on that's behind the impeachment effort but you know most of his supporters a lot of americans don't see the crime there it's not like he he when he once said that he could take a gun and shoot someone on 5th avenue and nothing would happen well this is far less serious obviously than that but his supporters say this isn't the crime it's what the president calls an attempted coup to push him out of office masterminded by the democrats the news media and the intelligence community except the fact that it is it is a crime bill that is that's not a matter of opinion as you clearly said it absolutely is a crime do you think at some point that's right whether there's another will civil
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or whatever the case may be do you think at some point that the republicans are going to have to have some sort of reckoning with the fact that they're saying what's what's false is true it's black and white and that what's what's illegal is actually ok. that could happen but what they're really terrified of at this moment is retribution from trump's army trump has an army it's not a majority maybe about a 3rd of the country but it's a big part of the republican primary vote and republicans who are elected officials have to pace republican primary voters and they're terrified they're absolutely terrified that if they even criticize president shot that they say anything vaguely negative about the president the army will come after them and end their political careers so unless they have their career political careers are already over they want to do nothing that would defy president trump so answer me this that if they're at their calculations are political let's just say that the s.s.
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impeachment inquiry goes forward that president actually is m.p.h. maybe not removed from office but actually is m.p.h. might that be a turning point for the republicans like they're saying they're staying there but i'm sorry they're sticking with 10 because i think that keeping them their seat but if impeachment actually works might end up costing some of them their seats that's possible once they see him impeached but the fact is the president has tried to anticipate that because just last week he said he expects to be impeached the democrats have a majority in the house of representatives so therefore he said let him go ahead let me impeach me he's already preparing for that by saying he expects to be impeached and that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone he's role lying on the republican majority in the senate which is a majority but nowhere close to 2 to 2 thirds he's relying on the republican majority in the senate to protect him unless the republicans lose 20 of their senators 20 of
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them which is very unlikely the president will not be removed from office bill schneider thank you for your insight as always. exit polls out of tenacious o. the show the country's main religious party and hada coming 1st in parliamentary elections but with only 17 percent of the vote it could make it harder to build a governing coalition and hadas just ahead of its main rival the harder tunisia party voter turnout was low and growing frustration with the established parties and their failure to solve the economic crisis it's just the 2nd time to nations have been able to choose their parliament since the revolution 8 years ago not even a memory that you did we are at the beginning of a new period that people have given us their trust and who will live up to it. we will use all of tunisia's political capital in order to achieve the main objectives of the revolution such as a protection of personal and public freedoms their 2nd objective is dignity which
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requires jobs if you cation and health services. has more from to. know was not a surprise another policy was one of the most important political parties is 2011 in tennessee however they came 1st but they have not managed to secure the same number of seats they did in 2014 which means that you know where another losing some ground the party that came next was the 2nd was the part of tunisia and that's that's a significant. victory for the before heart of today is it because it was founded only 3 months ago by the media tycoon the bugle call we who is in jail and this party's likely to shape the future of the coalition in. the the party that came 3rd which is another surprise in the election is the constitutional liberal party.


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