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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 288  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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cloud dane is an eye doctor from a remote island in indonesia a recent medical graduate she's here for a month long training program with doctoral wait. so you'll be able to do this is independently now. nearly perfecting the technique submitted to do about another 2000 who are sick and more besides and soon. every year dr await and his tame train about 50 foreign eye doctors with them learning under dr a weight is a lifelong dream. of the with that my. doctorate is an amazing i don't know a good man who wants to share his knowledge with other eye doctors regardless of which country you come from. for dr joyce it's a steep learning curve. in indonesia i would operate on 2 to 3 patients a day where since i've arrived here i typically operate on night 10 patients daily
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. it's late afternoon and both doctors have been operating for more than 5 hours but the crowd outside desperate for their turn isn't easing up. finally it's turn. these cataracts are. not going to mature but they have a mature. and to burst out if she left her for longer would it be possible to operate. it was a really good point. was collinson this bloke. would
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probably be left with. an absolute blind eye. and curveball. after a few minutes the surgery is done. but. the next morning back at the i camp anticipation and anxiety filled the air. people around. and on my all. i had no one seems as anxious as into mother. how many did the doctor have a day. was it
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a good. number that's up to. her. but we had a look at that i'm a letter from the middle not some other that. yeah i know what i'm like you know. there's some other way like if you. say that. my daughters and. i know i've been doing this we do this or that. she said you know we've got. to get out of there that's fine. you know you. want to know what did not it was that. you know you and i you know this so you can intervention is one of the few you know where you will see
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the patient like this just within 24 hours you know and after 24 hours sees at least 10 years younger than she was yesterday that brings the life brings to life you know the this miles the on through here and i you know in a cycle of psychology and confidence and as you see probably has a legacy expressed in the word that in a beautiful or today getting a week from a deep sleep you know that itself say so. none of these villages he thought they'd ever see again. it's a new beginning. i'm not liking this. so i feel like i've just come eyes of my mother's womb and everything is so clear i just want to do my work and roam in the fields. i haven't
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been anywhere in the past few years but once i gained strength i would like to travel around. it's the end of dr joyce's month long training in nepal she'll be taking what she's learned home to indonesia to the small island of nias wish to serve as the only trained eye doctor it's a lot of pressure but she remains upbeat. and yes i'm happy to return to me yes apart from see my family i can also help the cataract patients in me as regain their eyesight. a few days later i also head for indonesia. i want to see how dr joyce is doing if doctors are having problems getting into nepal's mountains indonesia has 17000 islands are even more challenging it's why having a local eye surgeon is crucial. in
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that it has one of the highest rates of cataract blindness in the world with experts estimating between 2 and 3000000 people affected by the disease there's been no official studies done here on this island but it's not just adults who are suffering from correct blindness and we're about to find out why. while altitude is a problem in the pool here is the ultraviolet rays reflecting off the water for a community that spends a lot of time in the ocean many are at high risk of developing cataracts. today dr joyce is conducting the island's 1st cataract surgery camp. to dr awaits former students have flown in to help. while cataracts are usually associated with older people we find children among the waiting patients at that
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yeah but not for cataracts in children there is a possibility to have it for birth or that the pregnant mother suffered from malnutrition or fever contracted chicken pox but usually the cataracts don't fully form until they're about 11 to 17 years old. the siblings are given something to comfort them in preparation for what's to come. it takes about 5 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect and then it's time for surgery. in the theater dr joyce is getting ready to operate on her 1st child patient. of the head with a. 13 year old solvent tell him ban or is afraid of needles and hid the fact that he was blind in one eye but when he found
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out there was a free i camp he confessed to his parents that he had trouble saying dr joyce makes the incision but it's not easy to keep a young patient calm. but it's soon over and solon is sent off to recover for dr joyce it's on to the next patient. the hospital that she's working in is extremely basic sanitation is a problem and there's a severe lack of medical equipment we found only one sterilizer. but fortunately with dr awaits technique you don't need much. and 264 operations are completed here in just 2 days. the next morning the patients line up they and dr joyce are about to find out if
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the surgeries worked. dr joyce's young patient souls and is now able to see in his right eye it'll take time before sovan fully recovers. my mind numbing but. i have 5 can you say maybe one meter to see if. you are long gone. i am. so numb and i feel happy and proud when my patients regain their eyesight after alterations of her head from. 7 7 7 as this size lowly key is the patient's begin to sing and dance it's been a successful 1st camp. from nepal to indonesia dr awaits vision is inspiring
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a new generation of doctors. with the surgery so simple and for many free. they not only restoring sight to the world's poorest they are storing hope. that was the gift of sight the story of an extraordinary man whose work changes lives well we return recently to naipaul to meet dr rose again he's now working to develop community our hospitals to take the prevention of cataract the. i miss down to a local level. 5 is on my face seems completely full and sharp who lives in bomb in the foothills of
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the hey mom yes. she's now in her mid seventy's and established in the hours on treacherous roads for an eye test of the hospital in come on to. the back. of your bed and let it juliet i'm going to get out of the building to go to the. market of a moment know. what i'm talking about my the so called the look on down the top. of the temple and i'm going to eat. by the cellar but. i can see the confidence in our voice because he was so timid about time you know and now as he sort of free larry isn't made fun and i know i could go to the lady. i didn't buy but want to talk so but. i need that many times that donovan was out
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and this for the kid was answered on a. dancer. i was also done that to get elected iraqi thinking. that the right on a big. guy. later that i would. have had a better hurt by them what kind of mother. although site is clearly back she still needs glasses. for that but if you. never know that i'm going to get my sad. as my miss before me so judy's tough to do it's hospital also manufactures them says. in the last 5 years it's nearly doubled its production to around 500000 a year and its hospital has been recognized by the world health organization.
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a 5 hour drive south from a scottish man to santa dr drew it runs a community i hospital in moscow 100 district. a team of 3 i talk to and support staff runs this hospital screening more than 300 patients every day and performing nearly 5000 surgeries a year most of them cataract surgeries like that of anglo. it's a model that dr who it says is easily transferable to other developing countries where the initial investment of $2000000.00 over 3 years before the hospital becomes fully sustainable. this area's so short you can only call situation the the window same as same similar to us so double up a system here keeping in mind that we face these obstacles so such
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a system of eye care can very easily be replicable in other countries with similar challenges. and if his plan succeeds thousands more will get the gift of sight just like angle. well that's it from rewind for this week for more from the series there check out the rewind page on al-jazeera dot com i'm elizabeth prado from the hotel thank you for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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on march 13th 2019 the f.a.a. grounded the u.s. 737 max fleet based upon crash site findings and satellite data hundreds of lives lost and boeing spazz descending aircraft be mobilized did profit outweigh procedure did regulators allow industry too much control the system failed it failed our passengers it failed the globe fault lines investigates system failure the boeing crashes on al-jazeera when the news breaks it looks like if you're not in order to get someone who can get this country out of the crisis when people need to be. trusted little cross this border area without that they should al-jazeera has teams on the ground for the last few months these because. there's a long long way. to put lulu documentaries and lighting
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on air and online on the legacy of south africa's a n c what's the point made any quality for these what is the plough how does gold take us how i believe and how perceptions have changed of this former liberation movement turned government you think is appropriate for a man who went to prison for defrauding vollmann eruption to run your party's working group on corruption at the hosam goes head to head with my leg embedded to remove it seems not exactly the way at that integration. oh. i'm stan grant in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.n. human rights office is calling on turkey to conduct independent investigations into possible war crimes related to its offensive in syria saying it's gathering information about summary executions shown in videos the u.s.
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has imposed sanctions on ankara and plans to send vice president mike pence to turkey. we now understand that syrian at the syrian army are inside among base that site very strategically important town to the west of here which is very much within the area of turkey's plan to set up this safe zone we understand that f.s.a. fighters these are the syrian rebel fighters that have been brought in by the turks to participate in this operation moving towards. understand they could be as close as so 10 kilometers away. this of course is a huge concern and the focus of attention we understand at the moment very much of the russians the russians saying that they are doing all they can to avoid some
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sort of confrontation between the what is now 2 separate armies we also hear reports from the city of russell i know which is to the east of here which is repeatedly be claims made by both sides of control there over last few days still going clashes there i think it's worth pointing out in terms of looking at the kind of ethnic mix in the complexities of this area. the men that are at the forefront of the turkish campaign those syrian rebel fighters are arabs and many of them lived in and around the beach area but they were forced out during the battle against arsenal and indeed fighting the s.d.f. they are very keen to get back into that area which of course has great historical importance for them and of course being questions being asked by military analysts and so on as to whether there is enough discipline amongst them to prevent any kind of escalation. the humanitarian cost of turkey's military operation is already
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being felt unicef says an estimated 70000 children have been displaced in just a week of fighting while tens of thousands of people that needed food aid as they flee the violence. the turkish president says the offensive has been a success so far he's been addressing a meeting of turkey countries in azerbaijan not a character you think you can we are on the 7th day of the operation our military operation is continuing successfully as per the safe zone map we presented to the whole world at the 74th un general assembly we have as of this morning cleared 1000 square kilometers from the control of the separatist terror group. south africa's former president jacob zuma has appeared in court facing 16 charges of corruption but the case has now been adjourned until next year zoom is accused of taking $267000.00 in bribes from
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a french arms manufacturer he denies any wrongdoing voting is underway in mozambique's general election that could see the governing for limbo party extend its decades long rule the vote is taking place 2 months after the signing of a peace deal with longtime rival the opposition bernama party president felipe and you see is seeking a 2nd term but he faces a strong challenge from unarmed assume for the mahdi the number of people killed in japan from typhoon her give us has risen to 68 as rescuers search for those who are still missing thousands of people are in evacuation centers with many homes left without water and electricity people are being evacuated from their homes in lebannon juge wildfires firefighters are battling at least $100.00 fires primarily in mountainous areas southeast of beirut lebanon is in the midst of a hate wife. dozens of cattle on independence protesters were injured in spite in
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violence scuffles with police protests erupted in barcelona over the sentencing of 9 catalog separatist leaders who've been sent to prison those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera. antiquities trafficking is one of the most profitable illegal trades in the world estimated to be worth several $1000000000.00 a year it ranks off to illegal arms and drugs precious objects plundered or discovered in clandestine excavations find their way onto the official market into a museum and galleries. the main victims the pillage nations are now demanding the return of their stolen treasures for
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a long time these demands for ignored. but systematic ransacking of heritage sites meticulously staged by the islamic state of iraq and the levant isis has caused a global outcry and has reopened the debate with changing public opinion efforts to halt the trafficking have gained a new urgency but are nations prepared to act from berlin to beijing from rome to the syrian border an investigation into trafficking that's at the heart of an economic cultural and diplomatic war. paris february 2009 crowds flocked to the grown palace to admire the treasures
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contained in the private collection of eve sun the home and pierre ballsy one of the most prestigious in the world a few days later these precious works were to be auctioned off by christie's. dozens of masterpieces would be changing hands including these 218th century bronze heads a rat and a rabbit which had once been housed in the imperial palace in beijing their sale sparked an uproar in china. was was. the cause it was not. but the present owner doesn't agree. that issue has to be on the palate it really is there is there. own marshall shake
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a fellow when one is of your own book will be tude cryptic on that lay it actually . except that these heads were stolen back in the 19th century it was in 860 june the 2nd opium war when french and british troops plundered the forbidden city and ransacked the summer palace. still today the destruction and faffed are a deep scar for the chinese people. beyond their aesthetic value the bronze heads are considered as priceless items of chinese heritage. should p.r. bags in their former return. to see architecture in a way to raise only by the 2 to feel like i do it as she knew our surveys it be it it every day is a dick kerr issue you are right so you guys are expected i blog as sort of
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a 40 day is really fake which probably publicly. took on the issue. you couldn't do it as an asus last letter he had to go on the boulevard to d.c. it. was you so it was very fun to share soon you do. know. that. you can read the letter. sent to show. that. the 2 heads finally went for
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a combined price of 28000000 euros the conclusive bids came from a chinese businessman who asked to remain anonymous but 5 days after the sale the mysterious bio revealed his identity at a press conference in beijing and his announcement was more than unexpected. ways. where is it in that city that. ben will be out in dallas to work on but it will get it to that area. as the buyer refused to pay for the objects pillage from his country the big was cancelled and the 2 bronzes were returned to p.r. back. in china people continue to demand their restitution a demand which took on political dimensions beijing viewed it as a way to exercise a national humiliation but also to confirm its newfound international clout the 2
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bronzes in the sun the home begs a collection had become symbols of the plundering of their country by the west for christie's it was old and to calm things down with the chinese in 2030 the owner of christie's file swapping or himself said emissaries to directly negotiate the purchase of the bronzes with. was a guaranteed we could see a near. to a p no actually this is. there. she says this will apparently shores. officially from swapping no returned the heads to beijing out of friendship for the people of china but that wasn't all a few weeks after the return of the bronzes in the presence of the french businessman the chinese government finally gave christie's permission to operate in the country an exchange as described it.
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the much publicized case of the summer palace bronzes is far from unique more and more pillage countries are demanding the return of their cultural assets the trophies of the renowned museums of the western world. pillaged countries have a legal tool to negotiate for the return of their stolen treasures the 970 unesco convention signed in june the era of de colonization imposes on all nations to return objects obtained illegally. in recent years the pressure on renowned museums has intensified. the pergamon museum the most visited in berlin is obliged to know the origins of its collections. you start to understand that what you have here is not
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just archaeological object but it's part of the cultural heritage of the region or of these countries and at that point you realize you're.


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