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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 297  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2019 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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efficient and effective said it's been a very to the people but if they don't think it then you know it has to come from both sides really. it's a consumer at the end who will of course use it to make the concious life not willing then yes it could be a waste of resources innocence hello hello. hello you're right that work a lot of this. we always thought especially for the men in the highlands then they would be the biggest barriers in terms of accepting culturally our family plenty. this is kick see my my he's the leader off the village bit with the city so you feel you must have one member. space to think you mean and lifestyle being one of many important step thank you next basically and my mom wanted a passing toss him that made me better not passive not matter what you
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think you know. somebody mama don't know so snoop i mean look i'm not a clam i'm a kid ok you must buy me never play the bean again another grandma and. we of course have come up against challenges in having your family plenty since provided to the communities we work with for all of the fire resistance kitchen it comes from men. ok not a bad road to me plus a. look i'm going to put him in social media find him out in was a display of going to make him want to destroy him and be nice also no more let me give more if you want to know a little more got a normal coming close you don't all day and stuff doesn't asleep nucky the actual. just look probably make you know me block him or marry me. logan connection in plain also me believe him one i'm something else i'm creation god given how to make him your samantha me stop me let him watch them stab me like that in
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a minute and he got a little brother of him ok to morrow similar disclaimers i may not like at least i miss it no and can come up as a lot i was mr sam made. me stop leno's immediate stop now. we stop bloody him we had no emotion only seen more blood the time we put him in plain. problem with most of by him it amazes me that a man can't get rid carry a pregnancy and yet he can make comments about you know the reproductive health of a woman and their instances where they talk about irregular bleeding which i don't see is a big problem as compared to a woman dying in delivery of a pregnancy. men are considered as head of the family head of the family you are the shamika so in this industry jenny what we've done is really and sure that he continued to play his role but in doing so he also accepted that planning
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a family is also his role on it as you might i think unskillful receptionist has become very very popular in this province they have heard about it and then once they had it we have come across that today that you know that in a boom we'll. try anything so outreach coordinator for one of our outreach teams based in mason highlands province because he's a registered nurse himself he's also our vasectomy provider. gomo was able to have some of the men in the village sign up for that effect on me procedure so he's currently talking to them about the addition of having an effect on me guess that if you've got all mrs or together the cyber command would be better the other organs are not said to me why things are and were the only thing worth and maybe went into the open to what i thought i want to mean when talking or so no you
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probably do it is that latinos i'm no want them to look at them let them know. something we know will contain through all of history and i are going to vote present in as an apple is more likely but i'm inside now. i mean the benefit for every kind of the bush not fair militarist the problem is that country you know that most of the complications are for them let us 1st be reduced. it will decrease the maternal mortality rate and even with a later age for the country boys right now it's quite high. leaving. with. population distribution we've seen that 20 percent under 15 years of age now that's a very good instead of sticks for sexual reproductive health providers because it's
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a stand this what the percent is going to become that reproductive age is on and that we have to have contact with them before they move into the age of reproduction it's just the right thing to do and that we prepare a future generation for the issues that we are trying to tackle now. i can't. imagine the contraceptive pill this time as you know it's usually referred to as the morning after. we actually meeting i'm group of young people so basically out talk is to tell them what to do and how. contribute to the governmental staffing in one month the meaning. of the above was for that. long with a command and so it's really to generate a crowd. was the was the was. the.
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was i was. i. was. i was. if with well and sat talking then people stepped in see some people walking away at the entrance of the crowd but this he can sustain in we coming week even key message out then he continues to sustain that attention. some grounding to that can make where we had. our team dad doing with a dummy prestigious on some of the plants so i'll have an opportunity to speak to that there is provide and see how do you avoid basically.
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the lives of other bloody or we've gotten from really really really really want to we have a group of men who have had about vasectomy have some awareness of plastic to me but they would like more more detail about the procedure and when date to fix this actually t.v. t.v. which there's a lot of from low very low level of a file when they said no need. to look you'll. that archer it's male dominated they have solved the lisa way of giving their decision making role back to that man because they already did to share make us so when they decide for less they kill me they basically playing their own. you know the roof blew off with us we're going w. me was impossible up to me you find that men become more responsive when they have small focus group discussions because once one asked a question then it just goes gives go in lots of glasgow needless commute life so look worse the sniggler posse. can make a move you know what. you bus him now if you bus in
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a one to 3 days there's really really no work even though all your stuff was there because in situ in the police in bel muscle lulu would give some blow walk some but they were going to affect in the killer control of the region after the recession they were going for a $1.00 to $1.00 counseling and at the end of that counseling it besides any features is their procedure of course they go into the procedural. operation was all the more i mean of the robbers. to go pretty low but they give you less than 5 or 6 minutes. well recently moved you know. before. the beginning me. beginning. to see this new stuff in the south. family. traditionally popping in men
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don't last and with their high increase the population and distribution chemicals will be an issue. len basically means well not so when it comes to distribution of anything big that people accept that if you have more children to distribute you have a small portion of them to give to each child and then they think about the future when these children have children and eventually that portion being divided will be subdivided again so when people are given the opportunities for them to think about it they realize hang on that's going to happen so maybe they should discuss it and that's that's how we take them down there can. be. only compound forgive me i'm something i will see.
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from somebody die you know. like a composer no compasses nowhere. must now grown. more almost. middle give me good. about. fighting in this it doesn't take that long. there's no sophisticated type of instruments that reduce . our approaches are they they can walk normally because. so this is one of the contributing fact that it. that the men lakes didn't have any any you know like. a set of procedures. in. doing for sec to me at this stage is really for people who didn't receive that
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knowledge in the stages of how to plan so now they're doing a respirator spectators kind of decision making when they realize that i have 4 maybe i should stop so it's more reactive at this stage but this we progress and as the program gets bigger it's my hope that people will become more into planning their family more so they can decide on the methods and not be reactive with the decisions they make in family plenty. when a woman can decide for her. in how many children she wants to live in how many years spacing in between it actually imposing we thought she realized. that some of his connection between family size and quality of mature and you have you become economy clia weekend i guess. family planning does shape life when you do family planning you ensure that
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a woman finishes head. she's able to work in any come and with that she is able to share choices and have a long lasting relationship with their partner and feed and clothe and educate their children that they have. i have 2 daughters. i'd like to leave this world a better place for them. where they feel empowered. and they can make the sions for themselves.
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a young man the author of when the problems of others says the election. is the level of the young girls or the or 2nd principle we're going to be able to say in a way that's one has been able to change to. meet the women in going out or going places when it comes to educating women make change on the sale. hello it has not stopped raining in china far from it to venice in the rains pick it up again we're not talking about these little clusters of thunderstorms that just drift down towards vietnam and talk about this big arc of cloud which is developing over the tibetan plateau producing rain right into the heart of central and southern china was stoke confined to the high ground west in sichuan of course
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but this is significant rain but the clouds floating a long way ahead should really be a dry time there just hasn't yet come in sight of all this and again i should have it should be the time of year when the rains go size and reach indonesia they're a little bit darker days a cool moment we are seeing showers particularly in borneo and they're stretching up towards the southern philippines of sumatra and sudden thailand but not much in the way of rain is heading sasabe a few showers in jakarta but java now looks dry for the next couple of days it's across finger time i think but maybe this is the reason why the monsoon rains are retreating any more either if anything they seem to be going back up over development off the west coast of india this could be a tropical depression forming in the arabian sea and affecting the rain still in maharashtra.
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all i worked as stay with most outstanding where was the rest internment and mass indoctrination all we were children are now in a process of reeducation or chinese assimilation forced labor and the use of high tech surveillance we're being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring an australian investigation into china's systematic repression of the weakest tell the world on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. overthrown and exiled their point again say if you all thought this wish me to give you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of
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madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know the truth which fish and we know today think it is. this return of a president on al-jazeera. hello i missed. with the headlines the pentagon says it's sending additional military assets to syria 2 weeks after president trump called for all troops to be withdrawn the defense department says they'll help protect syrian oil fields from falling into the hands of eisel feiss christensen he has the latest from washington d.c. president trump justified his decision to bring u.s. troops home and allow turkish forces into northeastern syria to attack kurdish
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allies in the region by saying it was time to bring u.s. troops home but he faced an immediate backlash in the united states not just from democrats but from some of his staunchest republican allies including people like senator lindsey graham who has stood by the president through thick and thin there was a lot of worry about a resurgence of eisel in the region and about the appearance of abandoning allies in the region but earlier on thursday senator graham and some other republicans got a high level briefing at the pentagon and after that senator graham came out and he said he was reassured by plans that the pentagon was making to secure syria particularly the oil details of this plan have not been formally announced but reportedly it involves sending tanks to the region to guard this precious resource and the goal is to stop groups like i saw any other destabilizing forces from
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getting access to that oil. the iraqi prime minister is trying to appease public anger he says he'll reshuffle his cabinet and introduce sweeping reforms there have been more anti-government protests in baghdad they started earlier this month and more than $150.00 people have been killed since then amid allegations of excessive force by authorities protesters say the government's failed to deliver on its promises of more jobs and training. lisa a lot the business leader had the debt we plan to reduce the salaries of officials in the presidential offices and ministries as well as members of parliament and executive managers of national public entities the funds derived from the reduction of salaries along with contributions from the state will be used to establish a social welfare fund that ensures that no iraqi lives below the poverty line and that any iraq without income will receive a monthly grants of no less than $110.00 u.s. dollars the council of ministers will submit the draft law to the house of representatives for approval i believe it is electoral board has given president
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evo morales an outright victory meaning he won't have to face a 2nd round but runner up carlos messer is refusing to accept the result and has called for more peaceful protests while protests continue in chile despite conciliation efforts by the president this is how it looked on the streets of the capital santiago at least 18 people have been killed since the anti-government demonstrations began there a week ago. but comical but today i want to see good news with my countryman today we saw him didn't seem to congress a bill that stabilizes the price of electricity tricity rose on average of 9.2 percent a few days ago we want to cancel this price rise which affected almost 7000000 children households a candlelit vigil has been held in london for the 39 people found dead in the back of a truck on wednesday people gathered outside the u.k. home office that's the government department responsible for immigration police have now confirmed the dead were chinese citizens officers have been given more
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time to question the driver of the truck the bodies were found east of london after the trail arrived from belgium a chinese team led by the consul general travelled to the site and urged british police to find out what really happened to go to english to work all the chinese embassy in the u.k. attaches great importance to this incident and is working hard to carry out the related work we will continue to wage the british police to find out the truth as soon as possible unity and in a stray tourists have been lining up to climb through ahead of a permanent ban rigorous considered sacred by its indigenous owners the longer people who've been calling for a ban on climbing since the 1980 s. and remains one of the strollers most popular tourist destinations in recent months thousands of visitors have converged on the sides in a bid to scale the rock the fords closed to climbers on saturday all those are the headlines the news continues here after al-jazeera weld to stay with us.
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elaine. ok. over the decades millions from the arab world have any prayed to some escaped conflict or persecution others have moved for the comic of some of the reasons they
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settled in europe australia the americas and africa but what's happened to them often black. maids are willing meet syrian born astronomer sad see how bad a world leader and youngest son in the song are physics today she lives and works in the pacific island a housewife. but 1st to london i saw mystify use us as the vice chairman of the british charity inter palm for over a quarter of a century the organisation has provided humanitarian and development aid to palestinians in need they describe themselves as a specialist nonpolitical charity working to support the most vulnerable palestinian communities. where. the day it was sold in a bit of body i can't shake it as i see a lot of the loss but i think out of love and that was when i was in a think or look in the dead at the table comes out that you know set up.
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like many arabs abroad dr use of main reason for moving was to study but once he arrived in the u.k. his focus was both on his studies and the situation back in his native palestine. to deal with the loss of the only woman can do it up a little bit not the olympic and so i look for a gun up there were jewish. yeah. well then you can theme of the unit this one's luckenbach that is the full sort of committed the last man but then in the. midst of a. huge sum of it for the muscle enough even up on the up we have been there. so many of them that uncountable knuckle took up the i'll. i'll quit while out i'm into that can be secular as
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a seat that has the money and at the end he can at them with a get out get the assess. and i'm a little is not the one i'm in it for the steal he. had that month look all that he'll pull of samoa could would. or month look at willesden green the month of but one as you know i did not leave and 2nd if you have. all those and i want to go. out here on my own time no see yeah i like how the family they have them to think of them i'm going out of the people in the most 100 in a yes i'm only a doing it for the article man law center what are they can one wish of on the and must do on a 2nd to the one much given to the queen if you are. so how's a poet a mom solve than boys no money if she. saw.
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how the who must. not i'm on my over 2nd he seem as if to bring more. hard that he in my book on he could would that if he how would you would stand me could be it well female had he. had been a corner. into 2nd look at he had been lead. looks amazing i'm coming the. female into but what else is he gonna fit in. a muscle of italian men who never have been. so yeah that could be a woman little and mostly need. what does it count a 1000 months of a thought about a business but never done j. you don't bill into law what those saw feet mobile i'm a little to sleep but the. step how do you know nothing.
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more come out of the mood. has it been that given that i have a slimy and i mean. that i can and. can with. him and that yeah to let him like a man with a bundle humph i'm not. a nuisance by him an equal on the head he can let me have them over on. me and so who has your number of highs is so high they haven't put it on the air and i'm not in. my flustered and wild bill
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for the whole theme through today. 100. times in the model. i mean i don't. know what the one. with the. doctor use of considered how best to get involved in humanitarian causes particular. really the plight of palestinians he thought of ways where he could offer practical help and enlisted support from like minded people the result was the foundation of the palestine relief and development fund mehta known as inter pond. if there is a money in the help treat it as a slave or a great political entity or a module a will leave out the fearlessly or let the dust of year so north but we let well i think the other people quite what god much is about our shout they love to let the
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admit him who was the assault mole fudgie our political talent none none the fair or and the 1st and the how cold war lead to death at the shop and for the slain it all but that is a morsel of the i'm going to be over there like a walked and samoa some do can be for the stream going to a verdict and if none of the many modes i suppose that the love for your arms about the money and out of our inner and the fabric little afforded her job or let the how of that into bourbon a shut up a muddle infamously me in a desolate for the spring. summer just about the velika of birth or slow going to her death an.


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