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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2020 2:00am-2:34am +03

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socially disadvantaged young man so you have this system where people everywhere will begin to be given body money to agree to serve as a ship or buddy to get other people to administer. their examines the politics of population control. another grim milestone the u.k. passes $10000.00 coronavirus related deaths which claims the government still is not doing enough to battle the alberich. i'm kevin l. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up global leaders in oil production agree to the 1st his demand for the pandemic. is in new york call out the trumpet ministration for a continued lack of support in providing much needed testing kids.
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use o.e. and a performance that's going around the world this is to someday the voice of italy's own tribe but charlie rings out across. more than 113000 people have died of the new khurana of corona virus and of a 1800000 people worldwide have been infected in the u.k. the number of dead has now surpassed 10000 prime minister cross johnson is recovering from corona virus and is out of hospital after several days in intensive care he thanked health workers for saving his life but critics. his government is
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letting down from line stuff a failing to provide them with the right protective equipment the united states has more confirmed cases and deaths than anywhere else in the world new york state alone has reported 758 more deaths and its lead is a criticizing the white house for failing to do enough testing more than 20000 americans have died so far and the world's largest oil producers have agreed to the biggest production cut in history to protect the industry from the impact of the on break saudi arabia russia and several other oil producing nations made a deal to reduce production by nearly 10000000 barrels a day from may and june and across europe cities were empty this easter weekend as the pandemic grips the continent and he would reports on the situation there and in the u.k. . britain's prime minister boris johnson left hospital to continue his recovery at his country residence he was discharged after a week 3 nights of which he spent in intensive care i have today left hospital
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after a week in which the n.h.s. has saved my life no question it's hard to find words to express my day he paid tribute to those who looked after him i've seen the personal courage not just of the doctors the nurses but of everyone the cleaners the cooks the health care workers of every description physios radiograph was pharmacists who kept coming to work kept putting themselves in harm's way kept risking this deadly virus. the number of people who died in hospitals after being infected with corona virus in the u.k. has now surpassed more than 10000 the u.k. government says record amounts of personal protection equipment is in the system but staff treating the sick say there are still vulnerable i'm sorry if ministers to feel that they have supplied adequate p.p. to n.h.s.
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staff but that's simply not the case of what we are experiencing on the ground and it just don't want to be seen as heroes we're not monsters and we don't want to die in the line of duty we just want to be protected so that we can do our job. across europe people are grappling with this crisis the number of deaths in spain rose again after a few days of dropping slightly no wonder then that there's no letup in efforts to try to stop the spread of the virus and corona virus is stalking frances care homes killing some of its residents care workers here face a grim task trying to reassure the living while dealing with the deaths. at the paris funeral homes and private funeral home to completely overwhelmed so it means that some court. to stay 34 days in the bedroom on the bedroom floor. this weekend should have been one of coming together to many families in princeton easter
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instead many of europe's capitals are empty the landmarks deserted the churches closed the pope delivered his easter mass in a much scaled down service at the vatican 100000 people usually gather in st peter's square to listen to the remains the epicenter of europe's coronavirus outbreak other places though of feeding the poor this human disaster and he would al-jazeera. italy has ordered a group of refugees and migrants rescued by a charity vessel necessarily into a quarantine ship around 150 people mainly from africa and the middle east were picked up by german n.g.o.s c.i. but the group was refused access at least ports of affairs of corona virus infections on board people on board will now have to undergo health checks but no decision has been made about their final destination italy has banned all charity boats from docking until at least the end of july. as we mentioned earlier leaders
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from across the u.s. is worst affected states are continuing to blame the federal government for a lack of testing results as a mom and other things early on sunday new york's governor andrew cuomo spoke about how difficult it's been for his state to cope with the situation it's been disorienting everybody is suffering on a lot of levels people are afraid people are anxious their own distress everywhere they turn normally you go home for solace you go home for peace. but it's even difficult at home in this period with so many questions so large a lot of pain a lot of suffering. but also when things are at their worst sometimes people are at their best and those same sentiments were echoed by new york city's mayor bill de blasio we pleaded for weeks and weeks for the federal government
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provide testing up front in the kind of quantity that could have helped us contain this crisis and change the whole course of that we never got that help we continue to plead for more testing still has not come any in anywhere near the numbers that we need but we will not stop we're continuing the conversations with the white house would seem demanding the testing we're the epicenter of this crisis we must have the testing to help us move towards that next phase where we get out of widespread transmission across a virus and move to a low level transmission on to something better well john hendren joins me now live from chicago john new york state is still the worst hit and the head boxing continues with the federal government as we heard there but also between those 2 leaders who were at the station and the sea levels. that's right for weeks now the mayor of new york city and the governor of new york state of been playing a kind of good come bad cop with president donald trump with mayor bill de blasio
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being confrontational and critical and governor andrew cuomo being essentially cooperative and saying nice things about the president but now they seem to be going on the same page you've got to blasio especially criticizing the lack of tests saying it's hard to send people back to work when we can't test them and tell who has been sick and who is vulnerable and then you've got the governor of new york state saying that need the money has been misallocated from the federal government that states like new york which have been especially hard hit should get more of the money that's been spent he and other governors are asking for another $500000000000.00 to be sent to the states and you know new york has been the worst hit its 7 founds in deaths of the 21000 in the united states so one in 3 has been in new york state they've had 10303000 confirmed cases of the 530000 cases in the united states that have been confirmed this after all is
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easter sunday the 1st date that president trump it said is a gold when everybody should be going back to business he said that was an aspirational goal after that because you can see here in chicago and elsewhere we're nowhere near that but the newest state is supposed to be earliest may 1st but there are a lot of experts who are skeptical about that john so these accusations continue to fly meanwhile the death toll continues to rise across the country just give us the picture nation wise. that's right we've got about 530000 confirmed cases of corona virus here in the u.s. and because of that lack of testing that's probably a small fraction of the actual number but the u.s. is the country with the largest number of cases crossing that 500000 case barrier on friday then on saturday another grim milestone 20000 deaths that number
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is now closer 221000 across the u.s. and its cities now in the midwest getting hit that 1st wave hit new york california washington state all on the coasts of the u.s. and now chicago and detroit are getting hit especially hard the state of michigan where detroit is has 24000 cases 15100 deaths in chicago in illinois you've got 21000 cases 720 deaths so you're getting a kind of 2nd wave and coronavirus really hasn't begun to permeate the rural parts of the country but that is what is coming next and that's one of the thing the new york governor was warning about he said that it would hit the suburbs ultimately will probably spread to the rural areas as well john hendren thank you the impact of the pandemic and international lockdowns have had severe impacts on the global economy reducing the need for oil with the life of the grinding to
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a halt the u.s. energy information administration says demand for petrol by american drivers is the lowest in decades norway based energy research center entity for cost the change in demand from april last year to now could be as much as $27000000.00 barrels a day the price of brant crude oil has fallen from more than $67.00 a barrel in december when the virus was 1st attacked it too of a 21 dollars this month. we're joined now in now by geoff colgan in providence rhode island he is a professor of political science at brown university and author of the book petro aggression when oil causes war thanks for your time just put this into context for our viewers how massive a cut is this and do you think it will be enough well the numbers are popping opec plus has promised to cut $9700000.00 barrels per day but that's weighed against demand shortfall that could be $20.00 to $30000000.00 barrels per day and so the
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decrease is perhaps not enough and when the outlines of this deal was announced on thursday after an initial spike prices actually fell on the news what we didn't find there is that this comes off the back of that of a trade war story of you know a price war mainly between russia and saudi arabia but when it came to these negotiations it was nick's a call that didn't want to step up and the usa actually stepped in to bridge that gap how much pressure was on the u.s. shale industry in order to trump to to make that concession well mexico held firm and refused to meet the demands that opec plus one and from them and the president promised to help in some way but never actually specified how that was going to happen and so it's really unclear that the u.s.
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is actually performing more than what it's already stated which is market driven declines in production what about compliance might that be an issue going forward. absolutely and so all eyes now turn to compliance in the past the gulf monarchies saudi arabia kuwait and others have been reasonably strong on compliance but the big question here is about russia it has promised to commit to reduce its production and its record of doing so over the last few years is not as strong as what opec would like to see after this announcement about spain individually announced by several nations but that donald trump tweeted thanking and congratulating russia's vladimir putin and king solomon of saudi arabia does trump see himself as as really instrumental in getting this deal and unfolds he. president trump of course is going to claim credit for the deal but actually it's
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really not clear that he was a major factor the major thing that he tried to do was to bring mexico to the table but mexico held firm and refused to be a part of it and so in fact this deal was largely done between saudi arabia and russia and president trump is doing what president trump does which is to try to claim credit for thank you for your time to call them they're a professor of political science at brown university. still ahead here on al-jazeera catholic churches in the philippines live stream easter sunday best as lockdowns falls worship and stay at home. after spending stoned on trying to have a child for my husband or to not be able to pull together a voice was devastating people around the world struggle with being separated from their loved ones because of the pending.
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helo's about to get shockingly cold across the plains the us in the midwest again it may not be obvious in the satellite picture but that is a significant cold front this cold air is differing than they would run if the northeast you know haven't been cody's meets warm we get either sunder storms or snow or possibly both and yes you might get the most minneapolis just reports now in the forecast look at the tensions there were 10 to subzero by some degrees strew out this coming week it's a disappointment it's not rare i have to say we are in spring as to snow about something gets in the mondays off into canada it avoids toronto the the wind in the rain and the possible thunderstorms have gone through also by that time and you're left with well it is rather a cold and possibly cloudy picture for
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a couple of days name when the sun comes out you've got a max of 9 in kansas city to have a few only 14 down in dallas it has dried up in california the picture in california is a warm and sunny one in contrast it has been particularly hot recently in cuba and also in the yucatan but was an increase in the breeze that was back then to reasonable temp she's but if you look at the color contrast it's going to be this part of mexico the gulf coast of mexico where temperatures of probably into the middle thirty's. but. crossing borders breaking boundaries recording injustice fighting inequality from africa and asia to europe the use exile as if i were in wind power of st every very grown up for me is one country al-jazeera world meets for refugees who've come to your touched people's lives and made a difference. a hard road from home photographers and activists on al-jazeera.
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you're watching are just there a reminder of our top stories this hour in the u.k. the number of reported deaths because of new coronavirus has soared above 10000 prime minister cross johnson has been released from hospital after spending 3 nights in the i.c.u. he says it could have gone either way its effect to help workers for their care. the number of virus related fatalities in new york is continuing to rise state leaders are calling on the trump administration to provide more testing kits united
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states has confirmed more confirmed cases and deaths than anywhere else. in the world's largest oil producers have agreed to be biggest production cut in the history the demand for oil has plummeted to the crown of our us crisis and respond saudi arabia russia and several other world you're seeing nations made a deal to reduce production by nearly 10000000 barrels a day for manger. a large portion of the planet's population is now living under lockdown because of the pandemic for many the worst part of the crisis is being cut off from the people they love sunny gago has some of their stories. life under lockdown silence and isolation and for many in this pandemic there is the anguish of being forcibly separated from loved ones all over the world families have been wrenched apart some because of the devastating effects of the disease. others simply because they were away from home at the wrong time. and i have just
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like. 19 good he found herself stuck in ukraine with her newborn baby who was delivered by a surrogate that her husband had already returned to the u.k. both of them were arranging travel documents for their son when the lockdown struck it was really heartbreaking because yeah after spending so long trying to have a child for my husband to not be able to be together with was devastating. and you know if i learn lee because of the baby i was up at isolating so we were we were just in a little apartment together marooned for weeks in a state of uncertainty they eventually managed to get the documentation they needed and most importantly a flight back home stopping over in germany 1st probably over before the family was finally reunited if england realized conny was diagnosed with coded 19 lost in
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hospital for a pre-planned procedure she enjoyed the virus and have fears without her loved ones around able to comfort her i'm not allowed any visits. or current speak because i don't have any. so i don't really have a conversation with my family and i can't see them either so you know that was the hardest part was. i'm just isolated in this room and you know i didn't have anyone near me when it was one of those moments where you need someone the most they don't tubes and the nurses were excellent they communicated with me even if i could it could indicate back with them they kept me at ease as much as they could and and it's also you know you do see people going home as well you see out of it going i miss wallace and you just in those moments like that's what you have to take you have to take the positives i met that were abstinence maybe and she did rhea still needs to isolate from my husband for
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a bit longer. really dinner is ready but now at last he can be best for. his support in a time of need sunny diagonal al-jazeera london. turkey's president edge of tar burdwan has rejected his interior minister's resignation through the months all who tried to quit to hear broccoli and forced a 48 hour curfew which has since been lifted the lockdown sparked panic buying in major cities so little said he was responsible for the confusion the lockdown was announced with just 2 hours notice thousands of people flooded shops many without wearing mandatory face masks $1198.00 people have died from the virus in the country with nearly 57000 confirmed cases. iran has recorded 117 deaths and 24 hours that brings the nationwide death toll to over 4400 president hassan rouhani is urging people to continue to follow social distancing
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measures as the number of infections soared to more than $71000.00. the 2 week low down in liberia got off to a chaotic start on saturday riot police in the capital monrovia used battens and a bulldozer to clear some streets as people rush to stock up on supplies many are angered by the restrictions saying a lack of food is deadlier than the virus iberia has reported 5 deaths in 50 cases . he says that their celebrations are very different across the world this year st peter's square in the vatican is usually packed with around $80000.00 worshippers because of the lockdown if only the traditional mass service by pope francis was watched by millions online. and for the 1st time in nearly 100 years easter messenger islam has been celebrated without a congregation tens of thousands of christian christians from around the world would usually visit the city around this time but itself herefore the reports.
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easter bells ring out from the church of the holy sepulcher in the courtyard below weight of the custody of the church key responsibility passed down through his family for more than 850 years released. this is only the 2nd easter in history when the city has been attacked like this in 1349 a play closed the doors of the church for several months the catholic patriarch of the church arrived to conduct the mass with a reminder of the easter message that life will prevail the coronavirus lockdown as utterly changed the face of easter in jerusalem usually this square would be thronged with christian photograms from around the world waiting to celebrate mass in the place they believe jesus christ rose from the dead. instead the congregation this year was a virtual one the service streamed online and broadcast on t.v. easter usually brings tens of thousands of pilgrims to the old city but now foreign tourism has been banned businesses are closed at the nearby sin george hotel the
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only guests are those being quarantined free of charge israel's hotel association says the pandemic could cost the industry more than a $1000000000.00 we are always fully booked $131.00 a year. last year hundreds of thousands of images visited him. or at least. over this year due to their pandemic. 0 pilgrimages it's also the week of the jewish passover last year this was the scene at the western wall on sunday the pres were strict to a handful including it was noted with some surprise the u.s. ambassador to israel. the main possible feast was marked earlier this week with family gatherings singing from balconies filled the gap that was incredibly uplifting. with our immediate family but we're
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part of a broader neighborhood a broader community of palestinian christians in the occupied west bank of also had to adjust their practices praying from home in church bethlehem is locked down the church of the nativity of limits and. it hasn't been this sad since the israeli army blockaded the church during the 2nd intifada without people and in such isolation this ancient places borne witness to so many extraordinary religious events if you would have predicted just weeks ago that april 2020 would mark another are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. don't have reports now on how believers in the u.k. are adapting during the pandemic with many religions being forced to readjust their teaching and ways of worship welcome to the kitchen on easter day the archbishop of canterbury as you've never seen him before justin will be broadcast to easter sunday service from his kitchen using an i pad and the dining
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room table as an impromptu alter. the. church of england rules allowed some clergy to record or live stream services in church empty of course juliet now playing. and others had to improvise making do with laptops and smartphones in private living spaces sharing contributions from parishioners confined to their homes to. sophie what was it like for you delivering the easter sunday service from your front room to me personally there was a little bit of a heartache that i couldn't be in the church and i couldn't be with our community but also that sense of hope that actually in what we were doing this morning meant that we could bring people together and we could offer them what the hope is of easter this is the church where the reverend sophie sure brewer would in ordinary
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times have presided over the easter sunday service it's so martin's in kensal rise and it's a building that has stood for well over a century through 2 world wars and countless other crises and its doors will of course again be opened once this crisis has passed it isn't just christian churches that are empty there bells fallen silent so our synagogues temples and mosques jews are observing the celebration of passover and monday marks the start of the sikh festival of vi sarky it is so difficult to be on your own but you really need to connect with other people and especially. when you pray in there in a collective way because you know. that was all meant by elected. at a time of uncertainty in spiritual need large numbers of following services online in some places faith leaders reported larger numbers of the normal 19 has altered
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almost every aspect of the lives we lead faith is no exception jonah how al-jazeera london. in the philippines priests in the predominantly catholic country also held church services because of the lockdown i mean there are no reports from the capital manila. a barrister negus is now homeless he was a construction worker until the government imposed a lockdown to slow the spread of cruel a virus a few weeks ago his family had already left the city and he found himself stranded and alone he was surprised when we told him it was easter sunday he said the day all seem the same to him. i prayed last night i decided to hail mary i hope things get better soon i will just wait here till they leave the lockdown so i can go back to work easter is usually one of the most festive celebrations here but this is how
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it looks like now churches have largely remained closed and empty almost unimaginable in the philippines the last bastion of catholicism in asia the so-called enhanced community quarantined in the region the blue zone has forced more than 50000000 people to stay in their homes it's a time of great uncertainty people are scared of contracting the virus and of not being able to put food on the table millions of filipinos don't get paid if they don't work. the government says it is doing its best to speed the payment of cash grants to millions of people but not for those who are homeless although good friday and easter services are banned father flavia has got special permission to hold a service at this makeshift shelters. he says their ordeal now is a reminder of the importance of what jesus represented compassion and love. the
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homeless are here to give with this as a reminder that such people exist and they should never be forgotten most especially in this time of fund. for now the streets outside the church in manila are a sanctuary for the homeless they say they may not be able to enter its grounds but they'll continue to lift their prayers up to god hoping that there must be a better way. manila and he's performed for huge crowds are all in the world but on easter sunday italian tenor of the charlie sang to silence he held a special concert at islam's famous trauma cathedral to inspire hope during the outbreak. oh yes.
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this is down to 0 had these the top stories in the u.k. the number of reported deaths because of the new krona virus has soared about 10000 a minister cross johnson has been released from hospital after spending 3 nights in the i.c.u. . in the last 7 days i have of course seen the pressure that the n.h.s. is under i've seen the personal courage not just of the doctors the nurses but of everyone the cleaners the cooks the health care workers the every description physios radiograph was pharmacists who kept coming to work kept putting
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themselves in harm's way kept risking these deadly virus. thanks to that courage that devotion that duty and that love. in h.s. has been unbeatable top infectious disease expert in the u.s. dr anthony felty says he can't guarantee that it will be safe americans to vote in person during november's presidential election united states has more confirmed cases and deaths than anywhere else in the world and the number of fatalities in the u.s. state of new york continuing to rise it's needed is calling on the trump administration to provide more testing kits. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera risking it all go away. join me steve clemons on the bottom line for your weekly take on u.s. politics and society i'm changing the but the institutions frequently don't the
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system itself is set up to benefit those who understand people who actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration on the bottom on iran.


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