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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2021 6:00am-6:31am +03

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the politics of population control its context the. storytelling around the biggest issues. we have to do you should do it again. i use one of the i. love it out 780 loans recordings of phone call reveal u.s. president donald trump pressured officials in georgia to find enough votes to overturn his election defeat in that state. you know what they did and you not reporting it you know that little. old use of power by the president and the united. states added to outrage of
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a trump's attempts to discredit the election as his allies plan a long shot attempt to stop congressman certifying joe biden's victory. in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of iraqis demand the removal of u.s. troops one year after the assassination of the rainy and general of the money in baghdad. also ahead another spike in new coronavirus infections prompts britain's prime minister to warn of even tougher measures to come. u.s. president donald trump has been recorded telling the top election official in the state of georgia to find enough votes to overturn his election defeat that georgia was one of the battleground states that flipped in favor of president elect joe biden trump with. this is to can seem to he's lost repeating unfounded claims of
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fraud alan fischer reports from atlanta georgia. from a president who insists without evidence the election was stolen from him pressure on a tough election official to find votes to help form overturn a result the audio of the hour long call from the oval office to george's secretary of state was 1st obtained by the washington post and captures donald trump even warning of big legal consequences if you didn't do something i here's one of what i . $11780.00 loans which is one more that we have because we want to say it's a move that may create legal problems for the president he's pressuring an elected official to change the result of an election already certified by the state president trump claimed again without evidence he'd won georgia by hundreds of thousands of votes he didn't the state went for biden and he raised other
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conspiracy theories all dismissed by brad raffensperger well mr president determines that you have is the data you have is wrong donald trump refused to accept the 2020 presidential election congress meets on wednesday to confirm the result although a number of republican senators plan to object he summoned election officials from various states to the white house and field in almost every legal effort to contest results one longtime washington observer says even for donald trump this call is remarkable it's an outrage it's the president of the united states putting pressure on a public official to lie to cheat possibly to steal votes so that he can win the state of georgia vice president elect harris has been in georgia for an election rally ahead of tuesday's senate runoff but the president's call was there hanging over her comments was yes certainly the noise the desperation. most certainly
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then. and it was. a bold views of power by the president and the united states even if donald trump did manage to flip georgia it doesn't matter joe biden won more than enough electoral college votes to secure the presidential election donald trump will actually be in georgia later on monday he's here supporting 2 republican senators whose fate in a runoff election will decide the balance of power in washington a race which is no been overshadowed by the most controversial oval office tapes since nixon in the 1970 s. alan fischer al-jazeera atlanta georgia well trump's refusal to concede has led to speculation that he may deploy the military to hold on to power and that's prompted 10 former u.s. defense secretaries to warn against the use of the military in election disputes our elections have occurred recounts and or it's been conducted appropriate
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challenges have been addressed by the counts the time for questioning the results has passed efforts to involve the u.s. armed forces in resolving election disputes would take us into dangerous unlawful and unconstitutional territory let's bring in david to foolery he's an international lawyer and was an advisor to the obama presidential campaign he joins us via skype from fort lauderdale florida david great to have you with us look desperate times call for desperate measures but this is an extraordinary development even for trump why do you think he made this call. well it's stunning it's shows a lot of desperation on the part of president trump we have this call now we know how he's interacting with state election officials because we've been able to read the transcript of the call it was a very long call where he did everything he could to could shore and pressure and try to force the secretary of state in georgia to overturn the results at one point
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president trump said i just need 11780 books so the fact that he did this in this one call with this state election official suggests he's probably doing it in other states as well the other swing states that went for biden it demonstrates that he is still hanging on to hope that he can overturn the election and become the president even though he's lost every court case when he's tried to do that and he has fundamentally failed to come up with any actual factual evidence that shows that there was fraud in the election and enough fraud in the election to demonstrate that he should have been the winner yet david that it does seem ironic with trump insisting there was wide scale of fraud in the election but yet he's calling on an official to commit election fraud himself i mean what's the legal implication of this phone call. well it's hard to know exactly what the legal implications are yet because it's just happening so we've only begun to start to
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analyze exactly what he said there are some laws on point it is a federal crime to interfere with election results or try to keep. to change election result results in a way that is not proper under the election rules and laws there are also crimes that could be relevant with respect to brought by mail he certainly was trying to coerce this election official into doing something that his state official responsibility to suggest he should not do he followed his responsibility and now present trump is trying to get him to go outside of his visual capacity in order to overturn the results and present trump had a veiled threat basically saying there could be criminal implications for you if you don't return this election so those are 2 odds that could be on point that could suggest this is a legal of course this could also be grounds for impeachment it sounds strange to
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talk about impeachment when president trump only has 16 days left as president but the house could bring impeachment charges against him of course that would have time to go all the way through to the process of impeachment but if the how they wanted to make a point they could do that and and and david then we have these 10 former defense secretary saying the military getting involved in the election result crosses into what they call dangerous territory but is there any real prospect of trump using the army to overturn the election. well this is also an extraordinary development that 10 former secretaries of defense it's a bipartisan group some were secretaries events under democratic presidents some under republican presidents notably the republicans cheney and rumsfeld who are you know staunch republicans the fact that they all got together and give this suggests they were worried that trump me too that he is putting pressure on the pentagon and
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may try to use the military this falls very much outside of the tradition of keeping our u.s. military out of domestic affairs and of course out of engaging in acts that could overturn a lawful election day the just a final thought to you i mean we are regularly here that during trump's presidency he has hollowed out the state department in the pentagon to seek a political advantage so what's likely to happen then after the transition what's going to happen to the pentagon and state. well as with every administration the new president puts did you know puts in his political point he's people that he finds are qualified for that position but also well to him so that will that's a natural part of what will happen but it'll be a little different this time especially on the state department because the state department as you said was hollowed out many positions still have not been filled many senior foreign service officers left improve test over president jump i think
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some of them will be hired back by biden so it'll be a massive personality and state department at the pentagon to that will be some personnel changes and the pentagon really feels that it's been under pressure from president trump especially in these last few months that it's been sort of abused by president trump and of course i think there will be probably pretty happy to have a president that follows the more normal cruta call with respect to the relationship between the commander in chief and the pentagon that had to for the great to get your thoughts david thank you very much indeed for talking to us thank you. now demonstrators in iraq have called for the removal of u.s. troops on the 1st anniversary of the assassination of top iranian general concepts in the money he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in baghdad the anniversary of the killing also marked by protests in other parts of the middle east reports now from baghdad. thousands of people filled to tahrir square in central baghdad. we will not stop until we have our revenge
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they chant revenge for the killing of iranian revolutionary guard chief cross him still in money and the deputy head of iraq's popular mobilization forces mahadeo more hyundai's like us drone strike near baghdad airport one year ago them assure that i made had the blood of the martyrs will not be wasted on the principle of a mom hussein this is a message for the world off the american spread language of sectarianism and killings our project will never end it's an islamic one we're here to remember the martyrs who were killed in the u.s. drone strikes and we demand that u.s. forces leave this country wherever they go they cause destruction. on january the 5th last year 2 days after saleman his assassination iraq's parliament passed a non-binding resolution calling for the approximately 3200 american military personnel to leave prime minister mustafa economy who took office in may promised
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a timetable for withdrawal but many iraqis accuse him of dragging his feet and cal chowing to u.s. demands the iraqi prime minister mostafa called him a agrees with the thousands of people that have gathered here today that there must be a withdrawal of u.s. troops from iraq but many people here accuse him of listening too much to washington and not acting fast enough to assure that all american troops. are going to be here many of the iraqi government is the same as the american government they are just working for american interests parliament. to expel us forces but nothing is happening if americans don't leave on their own accord we will force them to leave with our blood the outgoing trumpet ministration has promised to withdraw all 500 u.s. military personnel from iraq by mid january that would leave around $2500.00 still in the country it is unclear how the next u.s. president joe biden will respond to the situation in iraq
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a country analysts say is being politically militarily and economically dominated by neighboring iran. but the message from these iraqis is clear. that al-jazeera baghdad. and americans have decided to keep their aircraft carrier the u.s.s. nimitz in the middle east for now reversing an earlier decision to send it back home the acting u.s. defense secretary chris miller a cited threats by iran lots what's coming on al-jazeera including brazil imports millions of doses of a coronavirus vaccine it has yet to approve. and wiki leaks founder julian assange will learn in the coming hours whether he'll be extradited from the u.k. to the u.s. to face espionage charges more on that status.
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we have a nasty little area of low pressure pulling away from the east the seaboard of the u.s. at the moment you see that area of cloud here not sallow just moving away from the carolinas clear weather comes through behind it's going to stay pretty cold having said that will be some snow just pushing up towards new england towards the canadian maritimes over the next day or so there's that cool clear weather tucking in behind tulsa some snow that just around the midwest significant snowfall rolling in from the pacific as another storm makes its way into british columbia alberta cross the pacific northwest of the u.s. and extends a fair why south actually is why the northern half of california will see some significant rain and some significant snowfall that will make its way further east was next system knocking on the door to push in as we go on through the remainder of the week central areas will see clearer skies once again some pieces of clap aps want to coastal showers i would tools the eastern side of the u.s.
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and its snow that eastern parts of canada may want to cross the caribbean it slightly find interesting lovely sunshine coming through last set fair we have got this trailing cold front out of north america that's going to bring some wet weather into northern parts of cuba northern areas of the tom peninsula and into central america. but. for many young adults a coming of age brings greater responsibility. for this young man the responsibility of 800 years of family tradition weighs heavy on his shoulders. the choice this is but the decision must be made soon. part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. media outlets have obtained recordings of an extraordinary hour long phone call between president trump and georgia's secretary of state brad rustenburg from can be heard appearing to pressure him to recalculate the election result in that state which was won by president elect joe biden. vice president elect obama harris described what could be heard in the recordings as an act of desperation speaking in georgia or is called trump's conversation a bold abuse of power by the president of the united states and all of the 10 former u.s. defense secretary is have warned against the use of the military in an election dispute in an open letter they wrote that such a move would push the u.s.
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into dangerous territory. now hospitals in britain are preparing to start rolling out the oxford astra zeneca vaccine as soon as monday that vaccine and the one from pfizer of both been approved in the u.k. for now though prime minister boris johnson is warning of tougher restrictions as infections keep surging there were nearly 55000 new cases counted on saturday well this graph has been tweeted by max rose oxford university research and found a world in data that shows the extraordinary rise in recorded u.k. infections especially since the end of last year under simmons has more now from london. boris johnson has been saying that he hopes that tens of millions of doses will be in place being used in the next 3 months that's seen to be a very ambitious targets or
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a statement if you will but there is a a new break now with the new vaccine which will be the the oxford university. researched drug vaccine and that will be rolled out to the tune of something like half a 1000000 doses hundreds of new vaccination centers are on the way the key point to all of this is more the logistics of the operation than the supply chain of the vaccine and so that is is really critical and as this is going on there's more controversy now about the issue of education jurong the pandemic because the schools are going back or they're jus to go back after the christmas holidays 1st of all the primaries that's under 11 year olds and in london there's been a huge turn boris johnson has decided that because of the pressure from the
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teaching profession and educational thought his he's going to keep primary schools closed in london and surrounding areas in the rest of the country there are many schools staying open that's infuriated the teaching profession largest union has said that the teachers should not attend schools in the interests of safety however the bar is john burris johnson is pushing back on this this is what he had to say schools are safe very very important to stress that the threats to the risk to kids to young people is really very very very small indeed as the scientists continually test risk to start these is very small it's a fixed debate about the whole safety issue in schools but in short. parents want to see more transparency or many of them want more transparency from the government about exactly what the science is on this and teachers are calling for that too but of course this could all be overtaken by a full lockdown which would close all school down schools down possibly and there
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are calls for that from the labor opposition leader kids starmer right now boris johnson himself has said that there could be further measures taken to meet this dramatic rise in infection rates another single day record across the atlantic the us has announced 270000 new corona virus infections so far about 4200000 people there have received their 1st dose that falls well behind the 20000000 the president trying to ministration promised by the end of last year. and brazil's health regulator has agreed to import 2000000 doses of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine even though it hasn't been approved for use yet nearly 200000 brazilians have died so far they've been more than 7000000 recorded infections. i was under a pet is following developments from the colombian capital bogota. well the brazilian government hopes that this announcement will show some progress when it comes to this issue at
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a time when other major latin american countries like mexico in argentina have already started their inoculation campaigns now even if the 1st 2000000 doses a arrive in brazil they have not been authorized yet the government hopes that will happen by the end of january and vaccinating a 1000000 people in brazil will do very little to stand up and damage in a country of more than 200000000 people another 100000000 doses of the oxford astra saying the vaccine are expected to be produced locally but that will take many months at least 6 months for those vaccines to be ready in such large numbers and that's why we're seeing increasing criticism coming from medical associations in brazil and also major newspapers like for you know so
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follow probably the most respected paper in the country that accused also not on sunday in an editorial what they called deadly incompetence this is also sparked a more political controversy in the country with the governor sao paulo trying to operate independently trying to import at least 6000000 doses of a chinese vaccine. has been approved about also those vaccines the use of those back scenes has not been approved yet. india's drug regulator has approved to covert $900.00 vaccines and is preparing to begin the world's largest immunization campaign both the oxford astra zeneca vaccine and another made by a local will be administered shot at bennett's reports. outside there was a storm heavy rain thunder and lightning lit up the delhi sky but india where they had worse conditions and 2020 recorded more than 10000000 cases of covert 19 and
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around 150000 deaths inside at a news conference in delhi on sunday there was hope that storm may pass after adequate examination the 30 years your has decided to accept that a commander found subject. and accordingly that scene 4. and brought up by a are being approved forest repaired was an emergency situation when it was a formality the begins the world's biggest vaccination campaign against corona virus. one vaccine was developed by oxford astra zeneca and another by indian drug maker biotech both a cheaper and easier to distribute than other covered $900.00 vaccines or though they both require 2 doses and must be stored between $2.00 and $8.00 degrees the ox with astra zeneca jab has an efficacy of 70 percent and will be distributed by the
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serum institute of india the world's largest manufacturer of vaccines its c.e.o. tweeted it would be ready to roll out in the coming weeks india's prime minister narendra modi responded with congratulations tweeting a decisive turning point to strengthen a spirited fight it would make every indian proud that the 2 vaccines that have been given emergency use approval made in india. india hopes to vaccinate 300000000 people within the next 8 months a quarter of its population to do that it's been holding nationwide drools so far almost 100000 health workers have been trained to give the shots we expect bad in demand will continue to be high and. troubles women face in the initial rollout stages should hopefully be tackled real time behind the united states india is the most covert infected nation these approvals give hope the developing nations won't
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be left behind in the fight against the virus shelob ellice. they are. abducted dozens of people in a raid in northeastern nigeria it happened in borno state between the towns of my degree and damage to more than 50 people including a un aid worker have been kidnapped. the number of people killed in attacks on 2 villages in western asia has now risen to about 100 the prime minister visited the area where it happened a region in neighboring mali and many reports villagers in western asia gather to pray in the wake of one of the deadliest days in their nation's recent history these graves are just 2 days old the prime minister flew in to see the devastation for himself. we came to provide moral support and present a condolences of the president of the republic the government and the entire nation of. news year's interior minister says the villages were attacked on saturday after
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locals killed 2 fighters from an unknown group but no one has claimed responsibility for these attacks and you feel a desire to better secure some quotes on the situation is simply horrible committed by and identified individuals but the investigations will be conducted so that described as not go unpunished. can you share has endured a series of attacks by groups including nigeria based boko haram eisel an al qaeda with thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced despite the presence of thousands of regional and international troops. while extremists in the region pose a growing threat the west african country is expected to see its 1st democratic transition of power since 1960 following last month's elections according to results announced on saturday a 2nd round would be needed after none of the $28.00 candidates won
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a majority whoever the winner is will likely be dealing with more attacks like this we are hard in al-jazeera. and u.k. court is expected to rule on monday whether wiki leaks founder julian assange should be extradited from britain to the united states he is wanted on espionage charges that could see him spend the rest of his life in prison where we challenge reports from london. i pro 2010 and what wiki leaks revealed to the world caused a sensation on. u.s. military video kept classified for 3 years to a helicopter gunship attack in baghdad at least 12 iraqis were killed including a royce's pataki and his driver. the u.s. military said it was engaging what it calls insurgents armed groups a claim that's contested to this day i believe that if those killings were lawful under the rules of engagement when the rules of engagement are wrong. deeply wrong
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. it was this another such showpiece revelations that put judy innocent in the spotlight and through the intense hostility of the u.s. government later in 2010 percent his legal battles began after swedish prosecutors opened a rape and sexual assault investigation against him he was arrested in london some observers found wiki leaks increasingly problematic after the. rape allegations where songs should have gold. the site became more and more reckless and the songs became reckless and latterly you know didn't actually you know hasn't been very careful with documents large amounts of data was put into the public domain which would have been done by rest would you most asians facing imminent extradition in 2012 he took refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy he didn't leave it for 7 years
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even after sweden temporarily abandoned its investigation in 2017 a much more serious threat emerged a sealed indictment in the us when ecuador finally let british police in to take a stand out of the embassy in 2019 the charges in the us were revealed. for publishing hundreds of thousands of classified documents he faces a maximum jail sentence of 175 years under the espionage act he's already spent 21 months in a u.k. prison it's a prosecution the concerns many who value a free press got. be able. to investigate to reveal the truth without being threatened with going to spend the rest of one's life in a high security prison in the united states jeanne assam still have many backers who say he's been victimized by the publication of e-mails stolen from the democratic party in the us just before the 2016 presidential election cost him support from the left in his report special counsel robert miller can. polluted the
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documents came from russian state hackers that has caused the sounds more friends a sexual predator a narcissistic self publicist a stooge of foreign intelligence a tireless campaigner for journalism and transparency these are just some of the views of julian assange on monday a judge at london's old bailey will decide whether he can be extradited to the united states but both sides can appeal a decision that goes against them so either way today in a sand is legal struggles to set to continue or reach alan's al-jazeera london. start a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. media outlets have obtained recordings of an extraordinary hour long phone call between president donald trump and georgia's secretary of state brad robson's but the trunk can be heard appearing to pressure him or.

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