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and vulnerable than ever. when all that seems to matter is the headline there is always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives of just curiosity the leader on the one hand the enemy is all believe there on the other hand the listening post strips away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see on the ground misinformation is right lays bare the bias people believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths if you think they did enough to scrutinize the case for war the listing book to those who broke the law you will pay donald trump condemns the attack on capitol hill and says he wants a smooth transition of power to the biden administration. but i know clarke this is out there alive and also coming up. committed and assault on our nation and our people house speaker nancy pelosi joins call for donald trump
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to be removed from office and another cabinet member quits over the storming of the u.s. capitol building. the president elect joe biden has called the people responsible for the unrest and domestic terrorists. plus a landmark court ruling in south korea and japan is ordered to pay compensation to women used to sex slaves during world war $2.00. so more than 24 hours after the storming of the u.s. capitol building president donald trump has finally condemn the actions of his supporters and a major shift in tone he's gone from people to march on the capital before the unrest to now saying those who broke the law will have to pay for their actions the video trumps returned to twitter after as a count of being blocked in it he said he was outraged by the violence and called for healing and reconciliation he also pledged to ensure a peaceful transition of power. now congress has certified the results
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a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power this moment calls for healing and reconciliation 2020 has been a challenging time for a people a menacing pandemic has up ended the lives of our citizens isolated millions in their homes damaged our economy and claimed countless lives defeating this pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy on earth will require all of us working together it will require a new emphasis on the civic values of patriotism faith charity community and family we must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family to the citizens of our country serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime and to all of my wonderful supporters i know you are
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disappointed but i also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning for nearly a year as house speaker nancy pelosi a cold and vice president might pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office in calling for this should act president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people i join defended democratic leader and calling on the vice president to remove this president and i immediately invoking the 25th amendment. if you're vice president or cabinet do not act a congress may be prepared to move forward we can pietschmann meanwhile the education secretary betsy develops has become the 2nd cabinet member to quit of the violence this comes after the transport secretary elaine chao announced that she is stepping down let's cross over to hijack castro joins us live from me from washington d.c.
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. heidi the man who exalted his followers his people his crowd to descend on capitol hill is now saying that they broke the law. that's right nic and this is a dramatic departure in tone for president trump we heard him say for the 1st time that it will be a new administration being sworn in on january 20th he also said that he was committed to an orderly transfer of power and that now is time for healing and for reconciliation now it was quite obvious that the president was reading off of a script most of the time this is written by somebody else for him and in times past whenever coerced by his aides to give a statement that he would otherwise have resisted he's in the past at times reversed course so it's still hard to say whether or not this will be the final say from the president but this is close as we've gotten to a concession from trump that he has lost the election though he says that he is
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still committed to reforming election security in the u.s. now this is notably a departure again from the inciting the incitement we heard from the president telling his supporters yesterday to march upon the u.s. capitol to stop the counting of the votes certifying joe biden's way and we've also heard the latest yet another death as a result of those riots a police officer within the u.s. capitol complex who was killed as a result of those riots that's in addition to a woman who stormed into the capitol and was shot and 3 others who died of medical emergencies so the fallout continues the ramifications continue to worsen from this rioting of the u.s. capitol nick and then what about these calls for him to be removed from office are they likely to gain traction. well that likely may have been one of the impetus for him putting out this statement on twitter and in fact they are gaining
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more traction nancy pelosi the democratic speaker of the house has given the vice president mike pence until the end of the day today to respond to the request of democrats for the 25th amendment to be invoked of course that would be the measure in the constitution to remove a president from office if he is unable to carry out his duty pen's has signaled that he is unwilling to take that extreme measure citing that it would ensue more chaos in the next 13 days when trump's term is already set to expire so the more possible course of action may be that palosi makes good on her threat for another impeachment of trump but that would be a tall order as well given the timing so little time to carry out that long and arduous process however we know more and more people are speaking in favor of that of the early termination of office including several republicans including the
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conservative editorial board of the wall street journal newspaper and of course the string of regular resignations now to cabinet members as well as a former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney resigning from his on boy status and several deputy members of the white house team as well the pressure is certainly on for trump to do more than just this video or face an earlier terminations from office or hardly think so that's how did you custer the washington d.c. let's hear now from richard goodstein who's the democratic political consultant and he says the troops apparent concession is just too tittle too late to save his reputation. 2 months past election day and the trump still can't say biden won and i lost and now we're having a peaceful transition that's nonsense so great i don't even he was not going to be president as of noon on january 20th no matter what he tried to do we be like an
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intruder in the white house at the state and he wasn't going to do that so again i don't assign weight to what he says is the image of the united states and a capitol under attack by the president's supporters with the flags and the hats that won't go away for years and that will be hung around town trumps next time and frankly having a 2nd impeachment wouldn't be a bad thing to hang around his neck either no matter what he decides to do politically to see trump or insight this this crowd them going in with the trump flags and the trump hats and cheering on trump inside the u.s. capitol look the republican party twice nominated this vile human being for president yes i feel pretty strongly about it as you can tell from my remarks and i think this is something those images you're going to see in ads if any trump ever in our lifetime decides to run for office again those ads are going to be run over those images are going to be run over and over to say this is what donald trump
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what you have done how you've been reelected and never having to face the voters again it would have been frightful and dare we take a chance on any other trump or anybody in his immediate orbit with that same lack of judgment so yes i do think this will be a big stain on a lot of people in the republican party not just named. a person so he has more now from wilmington on the reaction from the u.s. president elect joe biden. he very specifically did not say anything about whether or not the 25th 5th amendment should be invoked which would put mike pence in charge of the government he in fact told reporters before delivering prepared remarks that he would avoid that topic what he did say is that the attack on the capitol was one of the darkest days in u.s. history he called the capital the citadel of justice he said it was an assault on democracy he didn't however spare president criticism or blame for what
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happened he said it was the result of the culmination of 4 years of disregard for the constitution and the rule of law and he called those who took part in a domestic terrorists but we witnessed yesterday was not dissent it was not disorder it was not protest it was chaos there were protesters don't dare call them protest they were a riot is mob ensure actions to measure chairs that basic it's that simple and i wish we could say we couldn't see it coming now this was an event to name top officials in the justice department his nominees for that department and by not addressing the issue
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of the 25th amendment and whether or not any specific charges should be brought against any of the demonstrators i think what we're seeing is a signal from joe biden of a more traditional hands off approach. the chief of the capitol hill police department resigned on sos day one day off to supporters of president trump a seize the u.s. capitol building at the event has led many americans to point out the difference between how black lives matter protesters have be treated to compared to those who enter the capital building who are mostly white 100 has more now from washington d.c. . washington's mayor calls it an invasion of the citadel of american democracy by hostile forces what happened yesterday is textbook terrorism. but that's not how the thousands of protesters who attacked the u.s. capitol were treated. when black lives matter came to town last summer this is
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how peaceful protesters in front of the white house were greeted. with tear gas. flash bang grenades and rubber bullets police in riot gear on the steps of the lincoln memorial when president donald trump on wednesday urged a crowd of thousands to march to the capitol to demand that congress overturn his election laws we're going to the capitol. trespassers some carrying weapons broke into the capitol long it was in session smashing doors and windows invading the office of house speaker nancy pelosi and stealing laptops. capitol hill police retreated as the intruders took over inshallah. kristin thomas used to work in the senate and she participated in washington's black lives matter protest this isn't a black lives matter protests how the best told me that they would be in jail the
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worst simply that they would be dead and that is the reality of the situation certainly would not have been able to go to their hotels certainly would not have been able to go back to their home state security forces did shoot one woman to death as an armed group broke in 3 others died of medical emergencies while the rest of the invaders continued on their rampage they broke in the any where they could leaving rubble on the ground some walked about freely for hours and then when it was all over simply walked out. some protesters were escorted out furious at police later. but. there was tear gas and flash bangs but relatively few arrests $68.00 in all 7 for carrying illegal firearms and other weapons the rest for curfew unlawful entry violations there were $427.00 over 3 days of black lives matter protests in washington that directly again between whites from his organization is
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a monstrous mess that's one of the same breaks the reason why you there is why you don't see the police in sas or they didn't ask yesterday it was because that was their family stormed the capitol when it was all over after his successor pleaded with him to speak up i call on president trump. to go on national television the current president praised those who attacked the capital. we love you he said they should go home not jail home and after a 4 hour siege in the united states symbol of democracy that is what most of them were allowed to do john hendren al jazeera washington well still ahead here on al-jazeera the indonesian cleric confronted the group behind the 2002 bali bombings is free from prison.
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the relatively quiet weather continues throughout the middle east most of turkey that is turning rather wet on the western side of turkey iran's in the sunshine the tension tear around that plus 7 there are showers floating around in the middle of saudi arabia and in the mountains further west with about the kicked up to become thunderstorms the red sea in port sudan it could well be wet but generally speaking this remains remarkably quiet considering time of the year maybe because the actions been elsewhere we have at the moment just creeping on to your screen got a tropical cyclone make its slow way west we've had significant rain as far west as namibia recently and we will see significant more rain in the general area if this time the year but including namibia yes it's the wet season but it has been particularly wet sconces coast so still looks dry and it should be has got a cold current and a cold wind it gets very little rain in
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a normal year but time to get to saturday the showers do the same sort of shaping running out through zimbabwe and further where the rain is wanted but look down the level this time has made some progress and is heading towards the course isn't exact but during sunday and monday you will be affected by this tropical cycling. invitation to bear witness to whom that life often is the highs the lows the unseen moments and every day miracles witness on algis in. the generations nobody could survive rather mongolia's clients big racing news stream weather is killing this dog forcing some to abandon tradition and move to the city one of the nice divest a guy on al-jazeera. hello
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again you're watching around to remind of our top stories this hour and more than 24 hours after the story of the u.s. capitol building the president has condemned the actions of his supporters donald trump says those who broke the law will pay you also pledged a peaceful transition of power. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi joining growing calls for president trump's removal from office close allies such as republican senator lindsey graham who also criticized his handling of the crisis. the president elect has described the trump supporters who stormed capitol hill as domestic terrorists joined by dick use the outgoing
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president unleashing an all out attack on the country's democratic institutions. in an unprecedented ruling in south korean court has ordered the japanese government to pay compensation to a dozen women used to sex slaves during world war 2 take years called the ruling regrettable and unacceptable up 220-0000 so-called comfort women mainly from korea were forced to work in brothels run by the japanese military before and during the war many were raped beaten tortured and killed others took their own lives for mcbride has been at the hearing in seoul. the lawyer representing these plaintiffs says that it's the 1st time that any court has ruled in favor of these so-called comfort women so what's some 75 years after the end of the 2nd world war finally some of its victims are finally it seems having their day in court now these are 12 plaintive these are the so-called comfort women some of the survivors of the war or
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their relatives and these are young women or girls who were forced into sexual slavery join the 2nd world war forced to work in a war time brothels for the japanese imperial army now the court has ruled in their favor saying that each of these victims suffered unimaginable mental and physical pain and awarding each more than $90000.00 u.s. dollars in compensation now this case has been going on for a few years but for all of those 8 years it has not been recognized by japan itself japan has maintained this view of sovereign immunity that basically it is this international norm that no one nation should be allowed to sue another nation in its courts and that japan says in any case this these cases of abuse from the 2nd world war have long been settled in a court agreement in 165 when japan and south korea normalize their relations and then yet again in 2015 an agreement specifically for the comfort women which gave
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them compensation that was meant to of irreversibly settle this case once and for all so they have not recognized this case but it is an ongoing cause of contention between south korea and japan. the indonesian cleric who founded the group behind the 2002 bali bombing has been released from prison 82 year old i would back up was released early after his 15 year jail term was cut short 202 people were killed in the attack in bali most were foreign terrorists including his train nationals was convicted of funding a military style training camp to train the perpetrators and. australia's prime minister says precious release is difficult for the relatives of victims. have been released consistent with the indignation justice system that doesn't make it any easier for any astride the tooth to accept that out of the way that those who are responsible for the murder of stratton's would now be free. it's
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sometimes not a fair world and that's one of the hardest things to do with just a washington is that the prisoner. with more on the reaction to the clerics really police released. in the early hours of the morning before the sun had even come up in part hoping to avoid any sort of spectacle by supporters of the controversial cleric the question of the shias release has always been controversial in 2019 the government proposed an early release for the cleric and that was met with strong condemnation from from the public and in the end that police never went ahead this time is different however. has served his sentence in full and there are no further mechanisms to keep him behind bars security experts say that the 82 year old is in poor health and has diminished influence over the years and it's unlikely that he
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would continue to be a security threat police however will continue to closely monitor bashir and he will be under surveillance for the rest of his life. the world health organization says that europe is at a tipping point in its corona virus outbreak it says more infectious variants of the virus are raising alarm the show is also calling for a safe compromise when deciding how long the gap between fact seen doses should be its warning that a 2nd pfizer biotech vaccine jab should not be delayed by more than 6 weeks the u.k. is holding off by up to 12 weeks to give more people a single day. while more are now in u.s. hospitals with coronavirus than at any other time during the pandemic over 132000 patients have been treated there are nearly 4000 covert 1000 deaths on thursday that is the country's worst daily death toll so far critics say people are being
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vaccinated fast enough because of a lack of direction from the government california remains the epicenter and officials say that on average there's a death every 15 minutes and you've got occurrence in miami and florida he says the situation there is not looking good. if we look back to july when we previously had biggest single day of new cases that was around 15000 that was in the summer here where people tend to be indoors you can understand that but on wednesday that number increased to almost 800000 so the situation here in the state of florida is is dire at the moment more than 20000 people in this state have died all of course being compounded by that overly slow rollout of the vaccines even discussion now about whether they can reduce that 1st dose whether they should lengthen the time between doses because of course it's about $21.00 days for at least one of those vaccines meanwhile experts here are saying things will get worse before they get
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better because what i've seen here over the past few days is frankly quite disturbing a lot of americans traveling to the state of florida presumably from some winter going around on boats eating in restaurants when those kinds of things happen health experts say a few weeks later you will see yet another rise in cases and of course fatal it isn't here in miami dade county this is the single biggest state for deaths and for new cases so it is a dire situation in this state one that may only get worse as things go by and these vaccines tend to be rolling out very very slowly of course this state has a large population of people aged over 65 they make about around 20 percent of the entire state's population and they really can't get this vaccine into their arms soon enough. a lot of america has been grappling for months with surging coronavirus cases and health systems near the brink of collapse brazil has just passed 200000 deaths it is one of many countries struggling to get hold of vaccines just as they face another spike in infections after the holiday season john
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heilemann reports now from mexico city. this wednesday night mexico announced its 2nd worst daily death in case toll since the pandemic began i many of the hospitals in the capital and surrounding area full but the president's not just worried about those here he said he was ready to provide vaccines for mexicans in the u.s. after the governor of the state of nebraska said the undocumented workers in its meat packing sector would be the last in line to get the job. we are in time for everyone to be vaccinated for our fellow country men and we will do everything possible so that migrants are not denied this possibility for him to get vaccines to nebraska might be a logistical hurdle too far but back home the program is rolling out only not fast enough to stop the worst strain of medical services since this began. in mexico
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city the government's handing out free oxygen refills to the many trying to take care of themselves ill relatives at home. for them in case it's a form of support that people need without the support it would be very very difficult this is better than going to the hospital because i believe that we also avoid crowd in the hospitals this way we're doing now but the capital is on lockdown to try and prevent a health system collapse. further down the continent. brazil's past 200000 cope with there. in bolivia there's been an increase in serious cases after the holiday season. and amazon is read every day would receive requests for intensive care the difference of the start of the pandemic. was that we had requests only for hospitalizations we sent them to cover 1000 isolation centers here there is no escalation center and evan is asking for intensive care that is why the 2nd wave is much more serious in parts of peru including the cup 2 lima and
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already battered health system is also in danger of being overwhelmed once again become a citizen beryllium a no no i.c.u. beds are a problem there's always going to be a problem and it's not just covert there are other diseases. the vaccines are coming and this january the governments of brazil colombia and peru have promised but they can't get here soon enough john homan how does it or mexico city. boeing a plane maker is it to pay $2.00 and a half $1000000000.00 to settle a criminal chancel a concealed design flaws in a 737 max plane from u.s. regulators the 2nd one includes money for the families of victims of 2 crashes that killed 346 people and ground of fleets worldwide or manley as this report. boeing's once sterling reputation badly tarnished after it was accused of a major cover up the department of justice said the corporation chairs profit over
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canned line before and after target max aircraft crashed killing $346.00 people boeing has agreed to pay $2500000000.00 to settle criminal charges about $500000000.00 to compensate the loved ones of the crash victims and the $1700000000.00 to its customers airlines. even note to self published on its website boeing's chief executive said it's a step that ignore lodges how they fell short of values and expectations another significant amount of money boy. can be there as a revenue over $100000000000.00 per year by its own financial disclosure records it has in cash at any given time or at least at the end of november. $1000000.00 in cash this is a relatively small so. in october 2018 a boeing 737 max took off from jakarta in
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a flight that should have only taken our. minutes later parties into the sea killing all 189 people on board. a few months later in march 2019 the same boeing max model took off from ethiopia's capital addis ababa in clear skies 6 minutes after takeoff it lost contact with air traffic control and hit the ground killing all 157 people on board. investigators say a flight control system pushed the aircraft's nose down an automated feature boeing clearly didn't explain in its pilot training manual the discovery led to the max is immediate grounding the longest in aviation history the greater impact will be on the reputation. they had been suspicion he asian community and the victims' families that some of the things are going to during this aircraft exactly up
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to standard because since redesigned its like control system and on december 29 a 7 $37.00 max took to the skies once again and its 1st commercial u.s. flight since the grounding but despite service is resuming it would take some time for the company to recreate public trust nor about the money out to thier. so this is out there these are the top stories and more than 24 hours after the storming of the u.s. capitol building the president has finally condemn the actions of his supporters donald trump says those who broke the law will pay he also pledged to ensure a peaceful transition of power i continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to
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ensure faith and confidence in all future elections now congress has certified the results a new administration.


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