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tv   Al Jazeera World The Spy In Your Phone  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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people the world people pay attention to what gets on here and i do serious very good to bring the news to the world from here. with. i'm sam is a than and how they look at the headlines here now to see it and now us democrats the drafting articles of impeachment for president dog chance role in encouraging protests which descended into violence inside congress kaberle as on the reports from washington d.c. . and ultimatum to the president resign or face impeachment this is a message from house speaker nancy pelosi to donald trump with trump showing no sign of stepping down willingly before january 20th and argue ration of joe biden it's full steam ahead for impeachment starting as soon as monday sadly the person
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branch is a drain just unhinged dangerous president of the united states and a number of days until we can be protected from him but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him it's believed palosi spent the weekend going over the final language for the articles of impeachment a draft circulating in washington says he'll be impeached for inciting an insurrection democrats are determined the trump needs people for the rioting by his supporters and they're also determined to make it quick impeachment proceedings and possibly a vote as a release the middle of next week donald trump must be removed from office immediately. he should be impeached. convicted. and thrown out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue and for ever banished to the dustbin of
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history which a growing number of republicans in congress have abandoned the president the latest being senator pat toomey of pennsylvania who on saturday said he thinks trump committed fences with a growing tide against tromp congress has many options to pursue against the president in his final 2 weeks in office the congress has 3 choices they have met which says. this is a high crime insurrection of the 25th amendment saying he's not able to carry out his duties they also have the 14th amendment that the congress hand if somebody has participated in or abetted an insurrection they can be stripped of their title and not allowed to run for office again 3 days after the riots in washington d.c. is eerily quiet there are almost no tourists on the streets and many office
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buildings remain closed because a covert and many other businesses are boarded up like this either because of economic distress or in anticipation of more violence saturday many people who call washington home came out to see a changed city where security remains tight many still trying to make sense of the writing and damage gabriel sandow al-jazeera washington. more than 50 people are now facing charges for taking part in wednesday's storming of capitol hill in washington they include jake and jelly who is seen wearing horns joining the siege and this man named as adam christian johnson was photographed carrying off speaker nancy pelosi as leg turn from the house of representatives many of the rioters posted images on the internet the f.b.i. is asking for help in identifying them. the white house says it's lifting decades
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long restrictions on official come types with taiwan in a move sure to anger the chinese government this comes just before a visit by the u.s. ambassador to the un search teams in indonesia have detected the signal from the flight recorder from a passenger jet that crashed into the java sea the boeing 737500 with 62 people on board disappeared from radar screens minutes after takeoff. people in kyrgyzstan are voting in presidential elections 3 months after massive protests forced the government's resignation front runner study of jump out of his cast his ballot just months ago he was serving a lengthy prison sentence for kidnapping he was freed from jail by supporters during demonstrations in october that's al jazeera world now stay with us.
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in mid 2020 our mobile phone belonging to al jazeera arabic was hijacked. over the next few months working with an organization called citizen lab the team from al-jazeera unpicked an extraordinary story of some of the most advanced spy ware in the world and how it's used not least on al-jazeera is journalists.
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with the click of a button you can bring down nations to their news. very rapidly if you so bizarre and if you're willing to take the risk because every system computer. israel manufactures pegasus some of the most advanced spyware in the world it 1st came to attention in 2060 since that various governments have bought the spyware for their own use questions today are how does pegasus work who is using it and who are its victims. well there's very little in the detail a hind paces by where the code malicious code that was used that's very very difficult to find out more about was a lot of the far left mr lee and live in a kennel model for him because of how do you feel if we go to vermont and they make
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any use of and have them all to walk in and doesn't sign of although have they only in know your thoughts or been a book about them called the soul of the law you forget they're here that's the man at the photo. al jazeera arabic investigative reporter tom out on this followed a complicated technical process to track this infamous spyware over many months he had one of his own phones monitored constantly with the help of citizen law and international research laboratory based in canada that specializes in data surveillance. citizen law was the 1st to expose the existence of israel as pegasus spyware in 2016 they disclose details of what they called an exploit infrastructure connected to a phone belonging to an activist from the united arab emirates. the infiltration the hack led to the arrest of ahmed months who remains imprisoned to this day.
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the new hacking technique was called 0 day exploit and pegasus was the spy ware used to infiltrate monsoons phone bill maher site from citizen law has worked for several years to expose pegasus. so what happened in 2016 started with this man i read once for the activist in the u.a.e. and he noticed some suspicious messages on his phone that he was getting the s.m.s. he thought they were weird because they came from unknown numbers and they were promising information about human rights so he forwarded them to me it said as a mom we had known each other for a while i got a burner phone not obviously my and my real phone burner phone and clicked on the links and while i was doing this i was recording the internet traffic and recording the activity on the phone and what was installed when i clicked the link was
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a very sophisticated spyware payload and the interesting question was who who could be behind this who might have programmed the spyware who might have sold it who might be using it and. the process to figure that out is called attribution so what we did in the report is we noticed that when you clicked on the link a 2nd time it wouldn't cause the infection it was only limited to the 1st click and the 2nd quake would send you to a d. quite website to try and make it look innocuous or banal so we clicked on it a 2nd time we got redirected to google but it wasn't just any redirect to google it was a very specific piece of code that someone had sat down and written on their computer so we figured well maybe this is part of this spyware somehow and if we can scan the internet we can find other servers that have the same weird redirect to google so this is exactly what we did we use the popular open source z. map program we scan the internet and found 149 other servers and this is where it
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gets interesting because this 2nd redirect to google was also 'd returned by 3 servers and s o q a dot com q a into q a dot com and mail one dot n.s.o. group dot com and the name here and also group we found in a brochure in the israeli government's website they had a brochure for this company n.s.o. group which is based in israel and sells a product called pegasus which is spyware for mobile phones in the case of pegasus citizen that did very good work and was very you know very lucidly able to say that pegasus had been written by in a sobering but it's actually stream we rare that we're able to get that sort of concrete attribute in and say this malware was written by this company. the n.s.o. group is a technology company based in in israel founded in 2010 it employs over 500 cyber
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security experts pegasus spyware is viewed as its most important product. israel is one of the most sophisticated cyber actors in the world and i think that a lot of this is because the israeli army is training. people to do this sort of often. acting or you know in their military service a lot i mean if he has a shot at home how do you. think the mental effort within what. way is it done the elicit what ought i ask. a lot of up on the levee the cup to hold. the more talk about. it was all of the a call in this why you are an essay which is called unity $200.00 it's pretty big
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we allow them to create companies. and lead in order for the companies to develop they need to make what do they need to make. money. they need to make money. tamada almost hollow spoke to william binney who for over 30 years worked with the u.s. national security agency a former cryptographer and later a whistleblower on many was the n.s.a.'s technical leader of intelligence many has a high level understanding of the agency's data collection systems what that means is any i phone or any phone in the world 1st connecting to the network when you want to use it you're immediately known worldwide. i mean all the switches have you and they capture your ip and all and your phone and mac numbers and all that that's how they bill you so that also is the known by the network and the implants
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computer network exploitation implants they have around the world over this was in 2004 or 2010 somewhere in that range they had over 50000 implants and all these switches servers and networks worldwide i mean that means they own the entire network so that if you your phone comes on the air then they can they can know who you are and where you are. in citizen lab exposed n.s.o. and it's pegasus spyware in 2016 it attracted worldwide controversy n.s.o. claims its mission is to develop technology for government agencies to quote detect and prevent terrorism and crime however the nature of its targets the individuals whose phones have been hacked raises questions about these claims. when pages this was released a few years ago it was mainly targeted on human rights activists journalists and
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politicians and targeted people maybe of people with high wealth but it's never green going to be used on the public if you were to target everyone in math net i don't think that would be as important to the people behind it they don't want to see my data that i will see your day to day going out to specific people. the danger of such spyware is its ability to infiltrate every piece of private information and hack the targeted device through the most used applications. in 2019 what's owned by facebook accused n.s.o. of hacking the popular communications tool. this raised fear amongst the huge numbers of global users of forte's and he specially at a time when some targeted victims appear to meet with dreadful consequences. it is the last of me darvill visit
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a phone mystery in muslim. bellaver so did. a 4 lovely dog they love dark horse i have to have my war mail the best of the muscle of the many stars. visual data on a mixed economy there's a lot. you hold. the way it will not. be called. a law. so if you know you do think that you are someone who is an important target you're likely to face scrutiny by some government in the middle east or elsewhere and he were are a journalist and activist or a member of civil society i'd recommend that yes please do get in touch with with citizens or other researchers who work in this space. and.
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wanted to know how difficult it was to monitor a phone suspected of being hacked and here i mean. basically it involves installing an on the phone which allows us to inspect the internet traffic and we do this for some period of time depending on what the user would like we can do it for a short time we can do it for a long time trying to identify suspicious patterns or evidence that the phone might be hacked. while working as an investigative journalist. threats and other suspicious messages through different ops. the threats increased over the months ramping up as he worked on more sensitive regional subjects he decided to install a tracking happen his work phone developed by citizens to trace possible hacking.
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the conventional way to hack a smartphone is to send a suspicious message to the targeted phone that includes a short text and a link when the user clicks on the link software takes control of the phone and thus makes the device accept any command sent through the link. the device is then automatically connected to a server used by the hackers and that is how the spyware gets installed on the phone the user doesn't see the spyware on their phone which is already be packed the hackers can then control the device and all its functions. the main challenge for spyware is to find a vulnerability in the targeted phone particularly as modern smartphone security protection techniques have developed significantly pegasus managed to advance this capability considerably to be able to penetrate faily kinds of smartphone once the
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infection happened about words of did the same stuff that we see a lot of malware do which is spy on phone calls spy on text messages and whatsapp messages and any other encrypted messages are sending and turn on your microphone and turn on your camera what made it especially sophisticated was that they were willing to use. random new exploits or i phones to infect their victims and some of these exploits could cost upwards of a $1000000.00. each supply of pegasus spyware to its clients costs millions of dollars and it can only be. used for a limited period of time that means targeting a large number of smartphones for long periods of time costs hundreds of millions of dollars this extremely expensive cost raises questions who can afford this spyware who are n.s.o. group's main clients. on its website n.s.o.
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group says its spyware is quote used exclusively by government intelligence as officially requested by the governments themselves does this mean that pegasus cannot be purchased by other parties when people leave the israeli military service they have all this very specialized very highly sought after well paid knowledge and so they take it to private companies such as and so group. and then they sell it to countries that are known to violate human rights. because you know even though they are you know perhaps very intelligent about computer security they clearly haven't thought so much about the human rights implications of what they're doing or maybe they don't care biggest source of all uppity. you mohammedans electrical simplicial name cuomo mr holt. the haws in medina old.
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of the hornets as they get on the go go a mile a minute they are the mobility is a lot on themselves as they are. on the scene with the level of a slow day. the whole day me of all the old. because of the bell ben they're all admitting old beau long. while working on this investigation tom and on his house so many signs of hacking attempts on his phone the one he had fitted out to track any infiltrations after 7 months on. the 19th of july 2020 he received a phone call from citizen law informing him that the phone had been hacked. the hacking happened a few days after he had aired an investigative documentary about an indian tycoon which disclosed controversial leaked documents about the tycoons links to the
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u.a.e. and his flight from that country. had used the same phone to communicate with officials and individuals in the u.a.e. in order to give them the right to reply to the allegations in the film. so the 1st thing that we saw on your phone was on july 19th between about 1033 and 11 28 am g.m.t. there were a very high number of connections to apple servers now usually your phone will just communicate with one apple server for i cloud for your backups for your contacts sinking the information but in this case in less than an hour we saw your phone communicate with 18 different apple servers and this was very unusual you don't usually see this on phones so that was the 1st clue that something suspicious was going on and immediately after this communication stopped. we saw your phone reach
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out to this web site regular hours dot net in other words your phone connected to this website and this web site stands out because we know from our research at citizen lab that regular hours dot net this website is linked to n.s.a. groups pegasus spyware so we saw your phone reaching out to this and also pegasus spyware server which led us to suspect and then later conclude that your phone was infected so what we can see from the recording of your internet traffic so let's go to this point in time here 1129 where the phone communicates with the pegasus server and we can look beforehand to see what was going on immediately before that and the only thing that we see is this communication with i cloud with apple servers we don't see any evidence that you pressed on a link or clicked on anything or went to any website so what we think happened is that these communications with the apple servers delivered the initial exploits to have to your phone in other words you didn't click on anything your phone was
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automatically hacked a so-called 0 click like we said 0 click exploit delivered through apple servers this is a very expensive exploit yes this is if you think about the sophistication of exploits to break into phones this is as good as it gets. 0 click means hacking without clicking on any links pegasus does not require any action by the user or a click on any suspicious links the user receives a call from an unknown caller through the internet and the phone gets hijacked even without on soaring the phone call after that pegasus spyware is installed on the targeted phone taking full control of the device. was definitely the most sophisticated attack i've seen in the last few years. it was able to be installed. on a target device without the target you can click the arrow click attack this is
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incredibly impressive and like it's a very very thing to do that so sophisticated but as these rare it is difficult for us to really know much more about it is something of this magnitude they want to be conducted to still such data this is a bit of a worry we have a little luck. wanted to know if this 0 click process enabled complete access to all the applications and content on his files. allergy has as far as we know they can access everything on the phone we saw from looking at the log files on your phone that they were able to access the media framework so they were able to turn on the microphone turn on the camera if they wanted to and listen in to meetings or conversations going on around your device they were also able to tap into the teaching on the phone this is where your passwords for e-mail
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accounts social media may be stored. the fact that citizen lab was tracking thomas phone helped him take precautionary measures to prevent sensitive information being accessed the most important thing was for him to discover the moment the hacking took place and who else was affect it. well we found working together with al jazeera as i t. team is that your case was not the only one there were at least $36.00 other cases inside al-jazeera of phones that were communicating with servers that we linked to n.s.o. groups pegasus spyware in other words there were many different people at al-jazeera who were hacked and targeted not just you. all miss holland the team from citizen law and allies the data connected to the hacking technology which targeted these devices the hack appeared to be part of an organized campaign targeting
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symbol taney asli the mobile phones of dozens of al jazeera journalists in order to spy on them. according to citizen labs technical reports israel's pegasus spyware was used to infiltrate these phones so by looking at the links and the accounts the hacking of the phones was carried out mainly in the u.a.e. and saudi arabia the 2 countries most used this advanced israeli technology in the region. but what we saw with the infections inside al-jazeera is that about half of them were from this operator that we call monitor it's a code name that we give these operators when we referred to them inside citizen lab and this operator is spying mostly in saudi arabia and qatar but not very many other countries so this tells us well if they're spying mostly in saudi
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arabia maybe it is in fact the saudi arabian government and the other half were from this other operator that we call sneaky kestrel inside citizen lab and this operator seems to be mostly targeting inside the united arab emirates and qatar so this tells us that the government in this case may be the united arab emirates government in other words 2 different governments it was. it's like we're behind this campaign. deals to purchase pegasus spy ware are no longer a secret many reports claim that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have spent hundreds of millions of u.s. dollars to buy pegasus from israel such deals seem to be reinforced after the recent u.s. brokered so-called normalization deal between the u.a.e. and israel.
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the 1st episode of a new series exposed the imperial origins of the drug trade commerce was good fires are always good for commerce of use thanks very much want to go and opiates passage from the far east to europe and the united states. any money all the money in these mountains is open for drug trafficking politics and power the air and pirates and al-jazeera. who started as a modest man. carry a soldier who'd never imagined he might one day become president of egypt. he had an ambitious wife and son he became an autocrat and was imprisoned for your own lawful killing of protesters. the story of the rise and fall of hosni mubarak
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the family episode one. it is only a change because some people believe in a purpose that is bigger than their. fundamental political marci around the state senate they put themselves out to make the changes something that we. should have taken this. nameless condemnation. we have of this culture to slosh and to create new areas we have to change this culture one of the fortunate ones who can leave any stuff outside but all the people and the majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are going to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more .
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time taken over those headlines here now to syria now us democrats are pushing to impeach president donald trump for inciting violence and capitol hill at least $180.00 politicians are co-sponsoring a resolution they plan to introduce it on monday with a vote also believed by wednesday. sadly the person is running a negative branch is a direct and unhinged dangerous president of the united state and the only a number of detainees until we can be protected from him but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him well i gather
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that the 25th amendment is off the table and is that nothing is off the table more than 50 people are now facing charges taking part in wednesday's storming of capitol hill in washington they include jake and jelly who is seen wearing horns during the siege another man has been named adam christian johnson he was photographed carrying off speaker nancy pelosi as lectern from the house of representatives many of the writers posted images on the internet the f.b.i. is asking for help in identifying them and the white house says it's lifting decades long restrictions on official contacts with taiwan in a move sure to anger the chinese government this comes just before a visit by the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. search teams in indonesia detected this signal from the flight recorder from a passenger jet that crashed into the jarvis see the boeing 737500 with
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62 people on board disappeared from radar screens minutes after takeoff the u.k. health secretary says britain is vaccinating 200000 people a day against cope with 19 they are break continues to surge in severe restrictions will likely be place for another 3 months england's chief medical officer is warning the national health service is facing its most dangerous situation in living memory people in kyrgyzstan are voting in presidential elections 3 months after mass protests forced the government's resignation a front runner is cast his ballot. it's out to sara world. stay with us for.
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in november 2020 al-jazeera arabic contacted a top israeli cyber security official to find out more about data and cyber cooperation between israel and the u.a.e. . the official refused to speak on camera but said he had just returned from an official business trip to the u.a.e. designed to promote high profile official coordination between the 2 countries according to leaked reports it's really an iraqi cyber cooperation developed significantly a run this time. their arrangement seemed to be that full security coordination between the 2 countries allowed an exchange of information while the u.a.e. invested millions of u.s. dollars in the israeli spy where the benefits were allegedly governed by rules set by the israeli intelligence services. i mean the glue him. to shield law as it. did me to have. him
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double call names of lee in the whole of the holy. of. me and him and. nash it made her seem a little cut them. some bullshit. to. a lot of us old 8 or 9 or limbaugh or limiting of the hold bowl gum she. did not like. the uk and like them yes issue wish they did mission was inches or even made by off big car. dark matter is an emirate a company that is seen as the main player in the u.a.e. cybersecurity market. dark matter it's
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a very interesting case since this company based in the united arab emirates and they do sort of both defense as well as our friends there was this great reporting from both foreign policy as well as reuters which looked into their office of operations meaning hacking so what what these reports were able to establish is that there was this group of n.s.a. former n.s.a. and former cia intelligence officials from the united states that went to go work for the u.a.e. government under the auspices of this company dark matter. and just a follow on to that and it clear dark matter was not employing former n.s.a. officials to spy on americans because that would obviously be a federal crime yet the united states we don't have and it's not within already our mission and i would like sort of to stress this point is to enable societies and economies to sort of pursue their agenda of smart and save physical so if it would
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be contrary to our mission and you can categorically say that dark matter doesn't spy on you a citizens we don't do that that's not within our capabilities so that if we don't do this work they're lying they're lying it's the only thing that had been in a massive data for them i designed these were mathematical programs we had no upper limit on their capacity to handle data not. there was no no problem trillions quadrillions of data doesn't matter we had no mathematical limit that i could see. the american investigative website the intercept published a report in a top or 2060 based on the experiences of an italian cyber security researcher approached by dark matter the report claimed that dark matter had discussed plans to hack any device it wanted to in the u.a.e. at the press of a button the report also cited a number of dark matter employees who were former u.s. and s.a.e.
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and intelligence officials the employees said they were asked to carry out offensive operations under the banner of protecting u.s. easy national security dark matter dismissed the researchers allegations saying it preferred quote talking reality not fantasy time out on this harm that the author of the report jenna mclachlan who has investigated the work of dark matter extensively. around 2015 the u.a.e. and its company essential linked pretty closely to its own defense defense services dark matter wanted to get some of those employees into their own roof so they could do a lot more things more freely because some of those u.s. contractors were restricted by u.s. laws they were drawn by massive salaries promises of staying in beautiful places poolesville was yachts even sometimes so once some of these employees
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arrived in dark matter they were sort of asked questions about how to use those skills in an offensive manner in order to do that. they would also have to have their see the corners as would be held by by that contractor in the skip. but the approval for the clearance would come from and this if it was against if it was so on so the day agencies would approve it so that implies that everything that they're doing with these contractors is approved and the. dark matter of recovering a whole. lot of. who are. on the scene.
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within the last 3 years i returned to abu dhabi for a defense conference and i got the chance to speak to some of my sources and others that i've met sense and they told me that all the negative attention on dark matter from my reporting and subsequent reporting from reuters and others really drew a lot of attention that the royal family was not interested in and as a result of that members of the royal family extremely high ranking officials sort of went to dark matter and said you need to change the names of this remove it get it out of here be a lot more than just create i think from my perspective ok. having a contractor a u.s. contractor working for a foreign government means they are now an agent of the government. no the u.s. agents were and having them come from a place like n.s.a. where they're dealing with classified activities and then going over and assisting in a classified that similar classified activities in another country means there are
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foreign spies now they're not u.s. citizens in the couple months after i felt published my 1st story in between publishing my 2nd foreign policy magazine i was contacted by a sort of mysterious source who offered documents that i was never able to verify who had been telling me that within the company they had already been debating whether or not to hack me but i mean years later the intercept after i had left confirms that the intercept was a target of the government according to a number of reports don't try to hijack the intercept website. a report published by the intercept in june 29th teen said that dark matter brought x. national security agency hackers and other us intelligence and military veterans to compromise the computers of political dissidents at home and abroad including american citizens. according to the
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intercept dark matter headquarters is located in this building in abu dhabi. they had a problem analyzing data on us citizens from another country as a us citizen see so that's that is illegal. under title 18 laws governing you know classified material and classified activities later on citizen lab demonstrated that dark matter was the main operator of the israeli pegasus spyware in the u.a.e. besides its american staffers dark matter also employed x. israeli officers in branches in the u.a.e. cyprus and singapore the company is reported to have paid millions of dollars for their services. both al-jazeera arabic and al-jazeera english contacted dogmatic and offered them the opportunity to respond to all the allegations made in the film they declined to comment to either request
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a similar deal. the delafield told the machine. must go and gloat mode would it. be. 6 in the east the machine but on nozzle so that you'll select. almost all jam i'm sure but all nas olt nagin. mobile we certainly do see that israel is a hub if not in the world then certainly in the region for this sort of cyber technology and i think you know one of the things that we're going to see more and more countries like the u.a.e. that have these big ambitions in cyberspace are going to try and replicate that sort of talent pipeline in their countries it's very scary especially when the targets are journalists civil society dissidents these sorts of people being spied
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on by foreign governments or their own government in some cases it's really shocking and i think it's an abuse of the spyware the reason that the governments are interested in spying on them is for intelligence purposes to figure out what they're up to what they might do next and if they can figure out what someone's doing what they're about to do then they can put a little bit of pressure on people and try and influence and shape the way that events unfold. al-jazeera arabic contacted many alleged victims of the spyware they declined to appear in the film for fear of their and their family's safety. runny address. is a london based journalist working with a lot of the t.v. her phone was hacked by pegasus spy ware between october 29th and july 2020. but there. had that the deficit a lot of
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b j they will come. to. what i want. the mom of. one of my heavy. costed out caves that i want out. says you are many it's a torn ligament couldn't sit still not paying but me and. just as big a serious yeah i'm about to duck like a mofo old men. are going to win the fight i've been in and i was a huffy about sophism lot of them. if i may look at i went in and said oh and when i lived. in a some. i lived. model model for should
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learn. in what i think. there's lots of journalists that get targeted and hacked but far fewer of them are willing to come forward and tell their stories so i think that you know if you were to look at some of the top media organizations in the world maybe you'd find other other instances of people getting hacked or targeted you know we had a case of course back in 2018 where the beirut bureau chief for the new york times ben hubbard received a text message linked to pegasus spyware on his phone. on the a little what i think there are so the question is with this advanced technology how can people insure their devices in a safe from hacking with paying for it for example. it would have been very hard to find out that your phone had been hacked the best thing you can do is keep your phone up to date if you have it always install the updates when your phone says it's time to update. if you get a text message with
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a link that you're not expecting don't click on that link if you get an e-mail with a link or a fire earlier than expected don't click on that thing don't open that file if you do have something. very sensitive to talk about the best thing to do is to leave your phone at home and go on a walk all phones. have abilities on them and if they're known they will get patched by apple and android and so on but there are going to be on abilities on those devices that are unknown yet and therefore any device is or will have a weakness that can be exploited i am sure there are organizations all over the world looking for those on abilities to exploit in the future no doubt it will happen again it's just a case of when. electronic frontier foundation the f.x. is a us based organization whose goal is to technically and legally defend journalists
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and civil society activists who face cyber crimes committed by governments the f.s.f. has documented a rise in the number of pegasus associated cyber crimes against journalists and activists working on sensitive cases. we fight against the government abuse of the business battery and uses that are inconsistent with human rights standards and that was used in mexico to try to get like comment but he stayed here which is some very famous investing at the least in the country and we have seen on some that you some in the sale paid asos in mexico are targeting activists who are fighting corruption and who are fighting for instance a campaign that would be. corporations for the use of of sugar are so we have these also against many other jorma at least who are doing just their work. in my work we have a study similar. mobile phone hacks against
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journalists in. kazakhstan and and human rights defenders in opposition must think other than civilians in lebanon and on the border of lebanon and syria being fired upon by their various governments. in israel lawyer. represents a number of phone hacking victims who have decided to file lawsuits against the israeli n.s.a. group. on easter meant the county of because those. probably . were not the temple corpulence and who are slaughtered. since a young man and i dida. a . lot of. cotton. for what i'll call
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the young. and old what they need heavier surely surely can't mess with the. colonial camel and the teacher. and with diet american dialects as a living to feel having a shocker. and not the coming of them with what we had of a war you have to learn to have what it could be other opposite another that way. helen muscly. wanted to know why the legal liability towards victims of hacking lies with the manufacturer or the purchaser of the spyware yes bunny's are saying that they only. sell these to governments and that they only sell it to investigate the recent organized crime. bad
3:50 pm
and they don't think the government doesn't respect human rights but that's not true you know and that goes down it's lead out under international law it's inconsistent you know we've been here also with a constitution we may need advantage we have in the last i personally know about dozens of events that the terrorist attacks were intercepted only due to the availability of such. intelligence capability name can see of. a just a little. commercial thought concern. but suffer ye more that on their model didn't see as a year at the subtotal war are there and then a look at hand to help the idea with their own living on within a home a bad man your corn and their corn. in 2020 an israeli court banned the media from publishing any details about these cases in the
3:51 pm
interests of protecting israel's national security. al-jazeera arabic contacted the n.s.o. group requesting an interview with senior management to give them the right to reply to allegations made against the company in this film the company sent a short reply declining the interview request al-jazeera english contacted the n.s.o. group to give them the right to reply to allegations made against the company in this film they did not respond with colcannon in the so i really should have got in this or this earlier they had about how well or what what they feel the commie or the biggest was. doing it in the most warm offical way is that of the me because i was of the development is likely to be tele couldn't fall could comment to be having a shot of the winner. housecarl almost all the court wall folk at the moment it's only a method of it was of a different. misty international also to legal action against taxes
3:52 pm
they accused party this time was the israeli defense ministry itself being the official body that approves and also rises the selling of spyware. disappointed we will have to see what the court decides with the ruling on the case itself we hope that the court will decide the way it should and revoke and security license. an israeli court dismissed the case amnesty international said quote a mountain of evidence was ignored and called the court. to the defense minister's impunity to human rights violations my reaction to the court's decision was obviously disappointment it was a it was a very strong judgment the didn't take into consideration the evidence that we put forward or the legal arguments that we thought were important and while we're
3:53 pm
disappointed in the judgment we still think it was a very important case in the growing evidence misuse of technology or the misuse of it as those technologies by our clients and we hope that by bringing this case and supporting this case we're bringing to attention the very serious issues and potential human rights impacts for technologies like n.s.a. was pegasus and others that are being used with impunity around the world by repressive governments and governments who have a terrible human rights record. all me. more amnesty. don't give a damn about islam but then. me calling. them all devout. in the old caylee or don't walt the medium rules of.
3:54 pm
the whole alone missing on the now. bud lots of lethal wave by eon. al-jazeera english contacted the governments of israel kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and offered them the opportunity to respond to all the allegations made in the film they did not respond. i actually would also like to know a little bit more about what happened in the rejection i think there's a few different things at play here one is that it's very difficult to know the relationship between the ministry of defense and i so there seems to be a lot of crossover at high level staff in the ministry of defense and israel is the is the ministry that approves all exports and basically our case was saying either the ministry of defense is not giving export licenses in line with international human rights standards or they are giving exports in line with international human
3:55 pm
rights standards but they have a they have a company in their jurisdiction who is acting outside of the legal export license because we did for tom and others whose phones have been hacked the question is what recourse if any do they have. this sort of evidence does show that your phone was hacked and shows that there was a connection to n.s.o. group if you wanted to bring a legal action i will say that there are other targets that have been engaged in the legal process in israel in cyprus and most recently in the u.k. . a lot of the laws in this in this all very. vigilant bagels a. little bit. because. of the law.
3:56 pm
it. will be. on the. day social the milk because e. o. saving it to her loss in hong are there some comical in the feelings that you're guilty of in. our smartphones have become an inevitable necessity of modern life however we have also turned into a window through which security services can access our private information they can become a weapon used by unscrupulous governments to spy on us with little legal or more deterrence. there is still much to be uncovered in this secretive world of hacking and advanced spyware for tamada massage this investigation into his own
3:57 pm
phones hacking has been both revealing and alarming. she was a society hostess in beirut in the 1940 s. she was in touch with a lot of people from the lebanese the recrossing in order to make this work her code name was the power and she spied for mossad in lebanon for 14 years what she was doing it was something brave as a woman algis you know well tell us a story of shula coing. the beirut spy.
3:58 pm
it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored play qatar airways. we've got some very heavy rain pushing towards the river plate over the next couple of days not seep out of the moment but as we go on through the remainder of sunday this area clouds and showers so guys bad the showers going to continue notching is where little further north northwards make the most that 28 him want to service them because as we go on monday already wet weather making its way right through the northeastern corner all of that pushing toward europe why further north plenty of showers across that western side of the amazon we'll see some more weather there the east in peru into ecuador pushing up into colombia some wet weather to across the western side of the caribbean some rather lively showers along the spells of right in place here just around panama. costa rica seeing some wet weather sunshine
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the showers elsewhere more in the west sunshine the showers it really does look pretty good across the audiences because through the next few days before western process you can see little more the way of cloud exam that cloud makes this well little further north what's up to the deep south of the u.s. across the gulf of mexico we got a little area of wet weather coming through here is cold enough to snow in dallas cold enough to snow to potentially in hoost in that wet weather that wintry weather not just its way further race was could be some heavy rain for louisiana. she's 7 years old she's a. she's cool and had a best friend. to make their dreams come true. you find. china's little rock star.
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on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm simon and this is the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. deranged unhinged dangerous president of the united states. with just 10 days left in the white house the u.s. president faces increasing pressure to leave office often both violence rocked the u.s. capitol. taiwan hails.


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