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lays bare the bias so logical to believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case for war listening post on al-jazeera. to deal we must remember. joe biden pays tribute to the victims of the pandemic the us records more than 400000 deaths a day before we as seems office. i'm on the inside this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together donald trump influence his achievements in his final address and to flex blame on china for the massive damage
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caused by the corona virus outbreak. security is an ass and all time high in washington d.c. alice before joe biden said well gration we will have a live update from the u.s. capitol. the biggest bribe in history russia's detained opposition leader alexina valley makes new allegations against president vladimir putin. on the eve of joe biden's inauguration the number of corona virus deaths in the united states has passed 400000 biden says his number one priority is containing the pandemic he spoke to somebody morial those cost a way to heal we must remember it's hard sometimes. but that's how we. it's
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important to do that as a nation that's why we're here today between sundown and dusk. to shine the lights the darkness along the sink or pull of the flexion remember all we lost meanwhile donald trump has given his farewell speech celebrating achievements at home and abroad he blamed china on leasing a virus that ravaged the economy we imposed historic and monumental tariffs on china made a great new deal with china but before the ink was even dry we and the whole world got hit with the china virus our trade relationship was rapidly changing billions and billions of dollars were pouring into the us but the virus forced us to go in
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a different direction the whole world suffered but america outperformed other countries economically because of our incredible economy and the economy that we built trump went on to condemn the storming of capitol hill calling on his supporters to show restraint 25000 national guard soldiers are on high alert in washington d.c. it's prevent a repeat of the attack 2 weeks ago. well we have to correspondents in the u.s. capitol keeping track of all the latest developments natasha going aim is on the streets of washington washington d.c. want to sing the security situation and we'll speak to john hendren who tell us more about biden's tribute to the victims of the pandemic 1st we begin our coverage with andy gallagher who's in miami who reports on the u.s. crossing that grim milestone 840-0000 deaths due to coronavirus. california in the time of the coronavirus a state hit so hard that bodies are being moved to temporary storage containers.
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newly confirmed cases arising at a dizzying rate despite lockdown restrictions now health experts are warning that a more contagious variant 1st discovered in the u.k. could fuel another wrenching surge of cases and deaths could and likely will get worse in the next couple of weeks or at least maintain this very terribly high level of infections and deaths that we're seeing vaccinations are rolling out albeit too slowly but the u.s. is nowhere close to reaching herd immunity. however covergirl told the doctor about the fake discovered covered president donald trump continually play down the pandemic politicize the wearing of masks and blame states for moving too slowly now with his presidency in its final days it's trump who is being blamed for failing to act and allow the virus to spread so fast in may the u.s. recorded 100000 deaths by september that figure doubled now it's doubled again with
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the new administration promising to ramp up vaccinations to a level it is so far come nowhere near close to what was promised work or plan is as clear as it is born get more people vaccinated for free create more places for them to get facts mobilized more medical teams to get shots in people's homes. increase supply in getting out the door as soon as possible. for many 2021 was a year that would bring reduced hope stead new cases threaten to cripple already overwhelmed hospitals claymore lives and leave many wondering when this nation will turn the corner according to the journal of the american medical association covered 19 is now a leading cause of death in the u.s. outpacing both cancer and heart disease one leading epidemiologist says the u.s. will be covert but only after it's been through hell with vaccines on the horizon
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the end may be in sight but for many it will be too late at the gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. let's turn to john hendren his live for us in washington d.c. interesting in this final few hours trump has ordered the declassification of documents related to that. took us through the details of. the president ending his administration as he began it arguing that he achieved legitimately that russia was not helping him and was not coordinating with him and even trying to do that for 4 years that russia probe into ties between his campaign at the time and officials in russia eventually morphed into an investigation in ukraine and his efforts to try to press the government there to help out his
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election ultimately against joe biden. has been arguing all along that the russia was hope and so now he has enlisted the f.b.i. asking them to declassify these documents he hasn't said exactly what they are but we have been told that those documents have been redacted by the f.b.i. that agreed to those re redactions but he still is arguing that his administration was never too close to russia did not. with russia and there's happens years after his election in which he was accused of having those. president. well video and i think that's. pretty much. in that video. that's right he's still trying to shape his legacy arguing that his administration accomplished so much in fact he says in that speech that they
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accomplished more than anyone ever thought they could that flies in the face of the fact that his critics of aggressively argue that he didn't do enough particularly on covert 19. and the fact that the american public has thrown him out of office after 4 years and declined to give him another administration. trump is making the argument point by point that his administration was a success on covert 19 he said it was a medical miracle that they got the vaccination program up in time and in fact they did set new records with vaccinations with the creation of that vaccine or the various vaccines he argued that on the economy his administration made dramatic progress in terms of expanding the economy and jobs but of course coated 1000 his retrenched all of that with as many as 30000000 americans out of work millions still out of work and businesses going bankrupt on a daily basis because of the covert 1900 restrictions that various states have been
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forced to put in place so he has essentially argued the bases for as administration has said that the borders are more secure than ever but he didn't finish building that wall on this southern border that he came into office arguing that he would build in fact now the wall he may be most remembered for is the one around the entire center of washington d.c. . many thanks for that john hendren live for us there in boston. well as dawn was alluding that security details on the way in the u.s. capitol hours ahead of the presidential inauguration ceremony national guard units practicing emergency procedures. 25000 troops have been deployed on the pentagon says 12 national guard members have been relieved of for the integration often intensive procedure. we have 2 individuals that
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identified had made inappropriate comments or texts those 2 individuals were removed one of those was flagged by 5 within the command and then we have a other group of individuals that have been flagged in the vetting process for a number of different reasons like i said unrelated to the events here in the concerned the task and name now joins us from washington so we're just hours away now from the inauguration of the new president what is the security situation looking like. well when it's a militarized zone and that is exactly what the district has become with the largest security presence ever in advance of inauguration of a president it it's pretty quiet throughout the day you will definitely have noticed more national guard troops and journalists than actual people were about 5 blocks away from the white house as you can see lots of boarded up businesses you
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have a metro stop here that is closed to the public that's to prevent people obviously from getting close to the capitol that 2 mile stretch of the capitol from the capitol to the lincoln memorial is actually closed as a precaution as is the washington monument and we're here at a checkpoint it's one of the many that has become ever present in this area were a sort of part of an additional perimeter you have the capitol perimeter and then blocks away all of these checkpoints with barricades if you look behind path me there's another barricade these national guard troops are here from pennsylvania and they expect to be here as their colleagues will be at least for about a month which the clock started ticking on january 6th so this is very calm today the biggest news being however that a 12 national guard soldiers have been removed and sent home from their mission to help secure president elect joe biden peaceful swearing in the national guard is
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saying that 2 of those soldiers there are reports that they were from the i ohio national guard unit had ties to far right and extremist groups and had posted extremist views either online or via text about the inauguration there was no specific threat made to biden the a.p. is reporting though that all dozen of these soldiers had posted extremist views about the ona. aeration either online r.v. attacks the national guard is saying that that's not the case that the other 10 people who have been removed after extensive f.b.i. vetting may have had prior criminal activity or other behavior they're not elaborating but again pretty quiet in d.c. but everyone is on high alert there was an alert this morning of someone saying there was a suspicious package outside their home and as you can imagine
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a barrage of law enforcement agencies. arrived only to find out that it was nothing to be concerned about the secret service official has said that they are intense they're now in charge of the massive law enforcement presence here in d.c. that they want to ensure that there is no repeat of what we saw on january 6th and with such a massive security presence it's clear that there is one thing that's very different from january 6th and that is law enforcement agencies are very prepared and he thanks but no suspect and i'm there for us in washington. still ahead on al jazeera support for israel and a return to the iran u.k. dale u.s. secretary of state nominee anthony blinken outlines his foreign policy priorities. signs of coronavirus success in south korea we'll look at the progress made as a country monks one yes and it's with us calls.
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for the person. sponsored plan qatar airways. hello we are losing the snow across japan as we go through the next couple of days still a few wintry flurries into northern parts of honshu into a card over there in the process of pulling out of the white bright skies coming in behind 7 celsius there for tokyo and a similar value that into so as we go into thursday wetter weather will move through the yellow sea towards the korean peninsula some snow when the northern flank of that from north korea so want to see snow flurries just pulling away from a kind of before much of japan at a state it will be try and find in temperatures creeping back up into double figures the central and southern parts of china could see some sherry but nothing too much to speak of the plenty of right now moving towards the philippines we have what may well develop into
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a tropical storm over the next couple of days some very heavy downpours pushing towards luzon as we go on into thursday that wet weather lingering there started to push why across more than parts of borneo the usual russia showers across much of southeast asia through malaysia down into indonesia some showers 2 inches flanker they've been there on and off for the past few days and we'll see more showers as we go on through wednesday tamil nadu also seeing some shabby rain for time want to see showers into bangladesh and some wintry weather there for bhutan. to qatar airways. once hosni mubarak became president so began a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son the sights set on succession. president creasing the distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson. barak need mr. president the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the
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from. iraq. the on. land. you're watching now just a reminder for our top stories this hour the number of coronavirus deaths in the u.s. has the past 400001 the eve of president elect joe biden's in the rush and his lead nationwide but morals and says his number one priority is containing the pandemic. outgoing u.s. president donald trump has delivered his farewell speech celebrating achievements at home and abroad he took credit for vaccine development and once again blame china foundation the coronavirus upon the world. security drills on the way in the
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u.s. capital alice ahead of the presidential inauguration ceremony 12 national guard members have been relieved of juicy for the integration often times find better procedure. the most senior republican in congress has criticized president for the capitol hill attack the senate leader mitch mcconnell says misled provoked a mob that attacks capitol hill 2 weeks ago he spoke ahead of a session to confirm joe biden's incoming administration afghanistan or can be we are just reclaim the capital from violent crime he tried to stop congress doing our duty. they were provoked by the president and other powerful people and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding for branch of the federal government which they did not like
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but we pressed on. we should together and should not be. over to really in our nation hadija castro has more from washington d.c. certainly this is not what trump would have liked to hear from one of his closest allies in the senate mitch mcconnell the majority leader of the republican party who has long defended tromp particularly in the last impeachment when mcconnell famously said that he was going to work with the white house to all but assured that trump was acquitted which he was but this time mcconnell reconvene the senate for a full session the 1st time since january 6th that of course was the day when congress certify the election results certifying joe biden's win as the next president and also of course the day that the violent mob descended upon the u.s.
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capitol building killing leading to the deaths of 5 people and mcconnell today on the senate floor rather than defend trump as he has so often done in the last 4 years today was different he laid much of the blame squarely at trump's feet well as heidi mentioned senate confirmation hearings are taking place for joe biden's incoming administration the nominee for section of state blinken is among those being questioned he's outlined his approach the middle east he said that he recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel and says the u.s. embassy will stay there he also wants to build on the recent u.s. brokered normalization deals between israel and the united arab emirates rain morocco and saddam on iran blinken wants to consult with israel and gulf allies to renew the 2050 nuclear deal he wants a longer stronger agreement lincoln also reiterated biden's campaign pledge to end u.s. support for the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen. let's go to ronnie curry is
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director of global investment at the american university of beirut and joins us by skype from tame birds in massachusetts many thanks for speaking to us and to benton quite message that about the trumpet ministrations middle east policy when he was asked if he recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital he said yes were you surprised by that. not really the democrats the biden clinton blenkin those kind of democrats very very centrists are extremely pros really they have a track record of her sensually saying that there should be a 2 state solution but they never really do anything to stop israel's continued colonial expansion and building settlements and grabbing arab land and the measures that trump took most of them the democrats may not have taken themselves
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but they don't particularly have any big problem with them the interesting thing is he did say though that the biden is going to push or supports a 2 state solution and so the answer of the jerusalem. issue is to have the palestinians get their state which he said they deserve they're entitled to which is an interesting new terminology are saying. he also said he didn't think it was going to be much movement on that front quickly but of course that's understandable because many mothers are the more pressing issues so there's not much surprising at all and what we're. blinken said he did say one other thing that i thought was really important that the. the israeli drive to equate criticism of israel with anti semitism and stop support people supporting b.d.s. the sanctions. against israel movement around the world the blinken
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essentially said well the he doesn't like biden doesn't like b.d.s. either but the 1st amendment constitutional right in the united states gives every citizen the right to say and do what they want as long as it's not against the law so that was a pretty important statement from lincoln saying basically that they're not going to join the israeli kind of hysterical drive to stop anybody from criticizing israel or supporting the they are so there's little a couple of interesting little. new dimensions there but generally speaking what he said was expected and what did you make about his comments on tackle how do you think biden's government is going to taint visible tackle. you know it's it'll have to be negotiated the turks and the russians have developed significant new relationships across the middle east the iranians also in some ways and israel isn't very limited ways mostly they're israeli the as well with
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individuals autocratic leaders but the turks the russians have developed much greater strategic relationships across the regions and the turks of that are trying to develop good relations with israel again to get back to where they used to be so this is going to have to be negotiated turkey is a member of nato so it's not like you know turkey is not like iran i think that they will work out some kind of mechanism and there will be the usual blonde democratic centrist decorations on human rights saying well you know turkey has to support human rights i'm not treat as people badly or as political opposition badly but this is the problem with the centrist democrat that the speak well but their policies tend to be. pretty militaristic you know and aggressive and in most cases but if you can only judge them after they actually have power and start doing
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things they want to re join the agreement with iran which is a good thing and it was the democrats rule by who was there when they negotiated it that was a pretty spectacular success story for the p 5 plus one countries and hopefully they will work on that again they has said that they want to consult israel on the gulf allies as they do this which is normal diplomatic language that doesn't mean anything significant i don't think that what the u.s. wants to make a deal with there on the u.s. will make it the elysée of is not going to stop them from a very good to get your thoughts from curry down except labeling that's not the american university of. qatar's foreign minister is calling on all the gulf states to bridge relations with iran so rainy and count upon 2 rounds the reef has backed the efforts on twitter saying iran welcomes my brother foreign minister mohammad bin of the ramadan been just seem cool for inclusive dialogue in our region as we have consistently emphasized the solution to our challenges lies
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in collaboration to jointly form a strong region which is peaceful stable prosperous and free from global had many we are hopeful that this this should happen and we still believe that this should happen and i think this is also. a desire that being shared among the other you see countries there is a differences between the countries on the way how to approach such a diet of also from the on side they have expressed their willingness several times to engage with with you see countries and i believe that the time should come where when the g.c.c. will sit on the table with iran and. reach a common understanding between the countries that we we have to live with each other we cannot change over a fee. a sprawling estate on russia's black sea coast is the subject of a new report by the team of detained opposition figure alexina volley the property
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allegedly belongs to russian president vladimir putin but the kremlin has denied it and all these teams say the property is a bribe given to pearson for favors he did foot powerful people and exams a god for it has moved mosque. it involves the amongst other things allegation that owns a villa in the black sea and that this village though it's not on his name has been financed by his friends that are heading the state owned oil companies spanning back to the ninety's when the put in the return from bears that has been he was then k.g.b. officer and started working in some petersburg department for international trade it alleges that he for bribes in care enabled his close friends a licenses that in essence made them rich by embezzling the natural resources of russia it goes further to say that to return disfavor and other favors that followed this friends some of the most prominent in the richest business loans of
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russia then basically financed the this in the black sea on which they spend off the state money at least $11300000000.00 now. they are saying that the these are must belong to putin although it is not on his name a because it is a no fly zone it for instance has its own port even its own boss port control you cannot approach it by the sea there is a tunnel built in this report also bring some new details like the layout of the claim they were provided with furniture there actually by b. so would the amount of that never josh and could buy for himself an apartment. it's been one year since south korea reported its 1st case of the corona virus the country has been battling a said wave but there are signs it's on the control since a record $1200.00 cases were reported on christmas eve the number of new infections
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has been steadily dropping from the cried reports from self. one time south korea was the worst affected country outside china when the fear of this new and relatively unknown virus was very real. everyone to restrain themselves from group of interactivity not on the indoor places but also outdoor places. drawing on experience from previous epidemics and with close cooperation between government agencies and the private sector the country got to work it quickly pioneered innovations like drive through testing centers and then mass testing and tracing to avoid the shutdowns being experienced by other countries subsequent outbreaks pose new challenges such as a cluster centered on night clubs used by the gay community requiring a tactful response. to that were when we cooperated with the l g b
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t community and explained the situation was grave and introduced anonymous testing which just required a fine number and the number of people getting testing increased 8 fold. the authorities also faced outbreaks in church congregations and among political groups holding super spreader demonstrations in a society that cherishes free speech steve gian opened his gym right at the beginning of the pandemic managing to survive and adapt to a new reality i don't believe in god i think people will lean towards having more personal space that is well defined rather than coming together in big groups. like soul city itself looking ahead to life after the pandemic cuomo go to the road or even when it's over it would be difficult to go back to the old normal would arrive to the new age where we have to adapt. one year round south korea is just getting over its 3rd wave and the lines of people waiting for their free tests and now
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mostly gone starting out on a 2nd year of this pandemic here as elsewhere there is pandemic fatigue the difference seems to be while some people in other countries got fed up and gave up people here are still largely prepared to put up rob mcbride al jazeera so. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories the number of coronavirus deaths in the us has surpassed 400001 the eve of president elect joe biden's integration has led nationwide memorials and says it's important to remember the painful lessons of the past year. to heal.


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