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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2021 7:00am-7:31am +03

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number one is drug abuse and the edge of the international war on drugs drug trafficking politics and. drug lords and al jazeera. we have never ever ever ever failed in america where we've acted together and so today. but this time this place that's going to flourish. and he does joe biden begins his 1st day in office signing a series of executive orders reversing donald trump's controversial policies on climate change immigration and racial equality. that. makes history as the 1st woman and the 1st woman of color to serve as vice president.
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hello there are more a car all this is al jazeera live from doha. a change of guard at the oval office is met with optimism by leaders from europe and asia and a call for meaningful action by iran. and donald trump through all this his legacy as he exits the white house for a final time under the shadow of a looming senate impeachment trial. joe biden the $46.00 president of the united states has finally begun his term at the oval office after one of the most bitterly contested and chaotic elections in american history and he spent the 1st few hours of his presidency undergoing some of the most controversial actions of his predecessor donald trump biden has signed a series of executive orders they include rejoining the paris climate accord
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repealing trump's travel ban on 13 mostly muslim majority countries halting the construction of us mexico border wall and steps to address the coronavirus pandemic in which more americans have now died and during the 2nd world war. i'm proud of these executive actions. by keeping the promises i made. a long way to go. back and forth. for. the 1st order to be so yes. it's because. right or i have a far. more. proper promise and center this is the 1st time. biden's vice president come along horace also began
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her historic stint as the 1st black woman in the nation's 2nd highest office by swearing in 3 new senate says flipping the control of the opportunity to the democrats at a virtual celebration she had a message of hope and unity for struggling america. in many ways this moment embodies our character as a nation it demonstrates who we are even in dark times we not only dream we do we not only see what has been we see what can be we shoot for the moon and then we plant our flag on it we are bold fearless and ambitious we are undaunted in our belief that we shall overcome that we will rise up this is american aspiration. oh earlier the momentous day in washington began with biden and harris
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taking oath in a scaled back ceremony in the capital under the jewel threats of the pandemic and security fears in just a moment mike hanna will have more on biden's 1st day in office but 1st particle hain rounds up developments from a day that is hoped will be a turning point in u.s. history. they climbed the steps were just 2 weeks ago rioters stormed the capitol walked the halls where they spread fear ladies and gentlemen the president elect of the united states joseph robinette biden jr and dr jill biden and took the oath of office where they try to overturn democracy the riot now forgotten in this us presidential inauguration like no other 2 weeks ago when an angry violent mob stage an insurrection and desecrated this temple of our democracy it awakened us to
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our responsibilities as americans protected by tens of thousands of soldiers and police a pandemic raging the thousands of usual spectators replaced by flags the dignitaries spaced out history was made the 1st african-american of south asian descent and the 1st woman to become vice president to. protect it and then just before noon joe biden became the new president of the united states the only guy congratulations mr president. the chaos of what happened here remembered just days after riders mom thought they could use violence to silence the will of the people to stop the work of our democracy to drive a strong this sacred ground. it did not happen it will never happen not today not tomorrow not ever mixing hope with the dark reality of this moment he
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pledged to be honest with the american people and he laid out a challenging agenda the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer. a cry for survival culture of planet itself a cry that can't be any more desperate or any more clear. we are now a rise of political extremism white supremacy domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat this was a rebuke of the last 4 years of president donald trump not mentioned by name trump was also not in the audience peppered with past presidents only the 4th president to refuse to attend but the very 1st to refuse to concede he left washington with only a small group to see him leave impeached twice and facing a trial in the senate for the riot he inspired he's reportedly talking about creating his own political party to mount
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a political comeback so just. a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form a true sign of how much has changed the biggest celebrities who shun trump's inaugural. return to washington. was to celebrate a new president bush. the pandemic and security concerns meant traditions needed to be changed after the ceremony the new president and vice president flanked by their predecessors laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery and the parade was more of a televised motorcade but the traditional walk still happened down pennsylvania avenue and into the white house in. their new home and now his oval office. al jazeera. oh my how long has been taking in all they have and it's
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for us in washington d.c. and micro mockable day the end of one era of the stocks of another and survival wasting no time getting down to business. well the starter for joe biden says will be a better and far kinder era and he didn't hit the ground running as soon as he got into the oval office he started signing executive orders importantly the very 1st order he signed was a mask band-aid for mastery worn all 3rd really controlled areas making very clear and signaling once more that combating the pandemic is an absolute priority and the 1st priority of his administration then another break from the tradition of the recent past where we haven't seen news briefings on a regular basis the new press secretary emerged to
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a promise that there will be press briefings every week day and beaking about the coronavirus pandemic. to combat the deadly virus the president launched his 100 day masking challenge asking americans to do their part and mask out for 100 days he's doing his part as well issuing a mask mandate that will require anyone visiting a federal building or federal land or using certain moods of public transportation to wear a mask he sent an executive order reversing trump's decision to withdraw from the world health organization this will strengthen our own efforts to get the pandemic under control by improving global health well the context of rejoining the world health organization made very clear by the news too that dr antony found she who's now a part of joe biden's. coronavirus team will be taking part in
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a virtual conference with the world health organization in the course of the next 24 hours and mike there was such a change of tone and atmosphere in that press briefing room wasn't about what we're likely to see that move to congress as well can biden bring bipartisanship. well there's a very different tone in that press briefing i remember 4 years ago the 1st briefing of that the new press secretary was all about numbers false claims about numbers that started off with what is basically a lie there you had in the press briefing and the pledge being made to transparency and truth so it's a long way ahead but certainly a very different beginning and then what we are seeing as well in the senate was very significant the 1st cabinet member was confirmed in a senate vote. against the director of national intelligence but what was important is that the vote went into 84 to 10 it was a bipartisan vote which signaled
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a very good beginning for the relations of the biden administration with the senate now other nominations maybe more hard fought but clearly joe biden now with control of the house and control of the senate in a very strong position to begin implementing not only the executive orders to force policy changes but also getting it legislation through congress to start putting down his agenda in particular over the next 100 days mike hanna wrapping up an extraordinary day there in the u.s. capital washington d.c. many thanks mike. well one of those facets active one is that biden has signed with to join the paris accords but there are challenges as well brunell's reports from los angeles but working on that right now like i don't want to get ahead of a lot of them want rejoining the paris accords is one step in president joe biden
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strategy to fight global warming biden plans to spend $1.00 trillion dollars on rapidly deploying clean energy technology around the country with an unforced mechanism to reach 1st stage goals by 2025 and the final goal of 0 emissions by 2050 biden says he'll pay for that by repealing some of the trump era tax cuts for corporations scientists say biden must also work hard to dispel climate change skepticism and convince people to act the basic answers to the problem or not in technological change there and changing human behavior i didn't should do everything possible working with social psychologists to develop narratives that will people. in the direction of greater social responsibility and greater understanding of the existential threats biden says his
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plan will create millions of jobs and some economists who have studied it agree i asked him a did. that to a program create between roughly 3 and 6000000 new jobs in the united states permanent jobs as long as we continue to investing at that level that's far more than the fewer than 200000 people who currently work in the oil gas and coal industries for every job created in manufacturing or instruction there are many additional jobs created in the economy from the spending of those workers are high wage jobs with excellent benefits in addition to ignoring global warming the trumpet ministration drastically loosened in. veyron metal regulations and least protected federal lands for mining and drilling some of what trump has done is reversible but what you never did back is the years that you watched in the thing to know about climate change it's the 1st problem we've ever come up against
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with real time now it is use we do not steal it and we will never slow we just fast way for years that we could have been working on solving it there is much work to be done and the climate clock is ticking rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles well stephan as a climate change experts have a strain in national university joins us via via skype from canberra good to have you with us this i biden has set in motion these moves to rejoin the paris agreement how long will it actually take i think that can happen relatively quickly in terms rejoining the paris agreement i think the challenge is going to be to implement a lot of the on the ground measures that are required to meet commitments made in the paris agreement but nevertheless this is a very good and positive psychological sign into the rest of the planet that the us is rejoining the global effort to try to get climate change them to control but
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that psychological impact i think is actually very very important but they don't leave the us the world has moved on since the us left i mean europe australia china they will announce unprecedented cuts to carbon emissions how much does the u.s. lag behinds now. the u.s. does like behind its head 4 years of inaction and probably even going backwards so it is going to take some time to catch up that has still a very powerful industrial base has a lot of good scientific background and so on so i think it does have the ability to come back very quickly and rejoin the rest of the world i think it's going to take it a lot of the 10 years or really does come back to be possible is it also a major floor of the paris agreement that countries can come and go at the whim of their leaders which of course do change at regular intervals intervals well globally it's pretty difficult for countries to leave and most countries i think that clearly stringent process you know that make it difficult but i think the u.s.
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was a bit of an outlier and particularly in the in the way that ex-president troll operating well he was overriding a lot of the checks and balances that are normally in the u.s. system so i would consider what happened to trump as sort of a one off that's not likely to be repeated elsewhere ok well that is good news indeed will soften many thanks for joining us. thank you frank loesser well the inauguration was marked by many firsts youth poet laureate amanda goldman was the youngest poet to ever perform a presidential inauguration is the 22 year old reciting her poem of hope and courage and then after the break we'll be continuing our coverage of the 1st day the biden horace administration. so let us leave behind a country better than the one we were left with every breath from my bronze pounded chest we will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one we will rise from the cold limp hills of the west we will rise in
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the wind swept north east were our forefathers 1st realized revolution we will rise from the lake when the cities of the middle western states will advise when the sun baked south we will rebuild reconciled and recover in every known knock over a nation in every corner called our country our people diverse and beautiful were murdered battered and beautiful one day comes we step out of the shade of flame and i'm afraid the new dawn blooms as we free it for there was always like if only were brave enough to see it if only were brave enough to be a. toy for the perfect jenny. sponsored point qatar airways the weather looks
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rather cool for the middle east northern parts of the middle east particularly over the next couple of days ago the serious snow sliding out of turkey brought some rainfall across the levant syria lebanon jordan pushing into northern parts of iraq now heading towards the caspian so we are going to see some wet weather to northern areas of iraq before it gradually pushes over towards afghanistan temperatures falling when the processor of 5 or 6 celsius for a couple of also for iraq cool enough here in doha as well with a brisk wind blowing higher than around 80 degrees celsius so gravity would winter woolies as a result of that further south of this loss he tried with plenty of sunshine that sunshine continue across a good part of eastern africa the showers will. any there it's essential parts around likely to be around the rift valley some more heavy downpours coming in here as we go on through the next couple of days but the really wet weather the weather that gives course to concern trouble cycloid away is making its way across northern parts of madagascar now weakening as it pushes across the lad was
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a mess out of the warm waters of the mozambique channel it will reinvigorate and then as we head towards the weekend some very heavy rain pushing towards central parts of missouri mozambique and also the northeast of south africa. to play sponsored paul qatar airways. once hosni mubarak became president so began a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son their sights set on succession on the other president increasingly distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson died barak need to step down but then the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the family on i'll just hear a more rude.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera has reminded of our big story this hour on his 1st day in the white house president joe biden has signed a stack of executive orders to undo trump era policies they roll back an immigration that targeted muslims and bring the u.s. back to the paris climate accord a do as well as focusing on racial equality and tackling the coronavirus pandemic. earlier biden called for unity as he took an oath to become the $46.00 us president it was a scaled down ceremony security and coronavirus concerns were present donald trump did not attend. made history in her swearing in the former california attorney general is the 1st woman to hold the post of vice president and the 1st black person and 1st person of south asian descent. president biden
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has said tackling the pandemic will be his top priority the u.s. is facing the world's worst outbreak reporting 400000 deaths and biden says that the crisis is far from over. we need all our strength to preserve to persevered through this dark winter. we're entering what may be the toughest and deadliest period of the virus. was set aside politics and finally faced this pandemic as one nation. one nation. and i promise you this. is the bible says we be man door for a night but jory cometh in the morning we will get through this together together. well apart from tackling the pandemic apostle part of the florida executive actions on the 1st presidency was to stop the money for president chance
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wall but there's south of the border i hoping that he'll do more to help asylum seekers and undocumented migrants john heilemann has more. one of president biden's 1st executive actions to stop the funds to build this. he's pretty to sis is will one of his signature projects of course it won't leave the u.s. wide open there was already a significant amount of fencing and security on the buddha but activists say it's an important gesture no more than one of us there. that will not we can't spend a single penny more on the construction on a wall of hate of shame a racist well. i mean it's comprised an under his money well lopez obrador is hoping for more a path to citizenship for undocumented migrants already in the united states the case is it is a ready we've been proposing that our countrymen who have been working for years should be regularized contributing to the development of that great nation. and.
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president biden does have a plan from a path to citizenship for more than 10000000 people who haven't got legal status. but there are many more still trying to get there in the days before the. gratian thousands of from durance from stockton what muller before they could get near the u.s. border. others like mina custody you have reached it but it's still waiting emits code for their asylum hearing in her case it's been a year and a half. we never thought we'd stay here in mexico and we still have hopes of making it to the united states that's our dream and we will wait to see what the new president will bring. president biden signaled to be more open handed with asylum seekers the president trump which isn't say much but his big plan is to stop people fleeing their countries in the 1st place his place $4000000000.00 to help tackle poverty and violence in central america in partnership with governments
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there president biden has a plan to try and temper corruption in el salvador guatemala and honduras and a lot going to depend on whether that works and it's a tough one in those countries and if the money can get where it's needed john home and how does it or mexico city. and around the world leaders are hopeful of a return to multilateralism and improved relations shall about this take a look at global reaction joe biden as a president many nations it leads the news the u.s. inauguration was relayed in dozens of languages and leaders translated what it would mean for the countries in the center kind of feel and from the other give us and give him a donald trump frankly see that these have not been for easy years that would head with donald trump someone who is u.s. president because europe along with russia and china are the biggest opponents of the united states so a lot has gone wrong here with joe biden there is now someone in the white house
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who wants to repeal the transatlantic partnership. in russia t.v. networks focused on soldiers around the campus who with one channel comparing it to a private party inside. a siege fortress in a beijing news conference china's foreign ministry spokeswoman spoke candidly of the challenging last 4 years i was early a china sanctions 28 former trump officials including former secretary of state mike pompei or 3 was. i think the new administration should serve the wishes of the people if you china in a rational and objective light and vote for china on the basis of mutual respect equality and mutual benefit was runs foreign ministry followed the same time and in this video tweeted cooling trumps foreign policy diplomatic vandalism and tweeting the world knows that only the us can fix itself in practice not just words
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. israel however whose hope for an iran remains in america's crossness i look forward to working with you to further strengthen the us as reliance to continue expanding peace between israel and we are broke and to confront common challenges chief among the threat posed by iran. in cuba citizens reflected on the obama era hoping biden would follow the policies of the past president trump recently returned cuba to a list of state sponsors of terrorism. would tell by that elation afghan i'm proved just like on all bomb allies and power i believe that there will be an upbringing and that will become closer comedy can haul out each not to blame for their present off course was common to harris's indian ancestry was celebrated by prime minister in a range remoting included and historic occasion irises maternal grandmother comes
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from this village near the southern indian city of chennai you can see these people are 9 to 90 years old sitting to. display my bed watching the. writing inside of money we are very happy we have already put out paris made history as the 1st person of south asian to seemed to become us vice president and a coward adelaide we are very happy right now being squeeze us hope that we can also achieve whatever we want even being a woman she's a role model for the villagers and girls here. inside america they were koontz for unity outside there was hope of unity to have time to time a minute relations to tackle some of the world's biggest issues together. shallop dallas al-jazeera. back with the headlines in just a moment but 1st here's a look at some of the events of
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a momentous and unique inauguration day in the united states so just. take that by we love you we will be back in something. well but it might end up there to. help. yourself profit by doing you do solemnly swear. the 46 president of the united states needs of us as a duty and a responsibility as a citizen as america especially as leader leaders who have pledged to honor our constitution to protect our nation to defend the truth and defeat the lies.
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a born. in. the loss we carry see you must wade we braved the belly of the beast we've learned that it isn't always peace.
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god bless america. god protect our troops thank you. for watching and this is our big story of the hour on his 1st day in the white house president joe biden has signed a stack of executive orders to undo policies they roll back an immigration of muslims and bring the u.s. back to the piracy climate accord as well as focusing on racial equality and tackling the coronavirus pandemic we're going to. produce these executive actions. to keep the promises are made people want to go. there. they are born.


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