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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2021 10:00am-10:31am +03

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holmes good because a renowned for their courage under fire. one i want to east finds out what it takes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. u.s. president joe biden signs a series of executive orders reversing donald trump's controversial policies on climate change immigration and racial equality. so today. this time in this place let's start afresh hours earlier he called for unity as he was inaugurated as the 46th president of the united states.
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and you want to al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up. we are undaunted in our belief that we shall overcome that we will rise. to make history by becoming the 1st woman and 1st black american to be sworn in as vice president. also the changing of the guard at the oval office is met with optimism by leaders from europe and asia and a call for meaningful action by iran. welcome to the program after a tumultuous transition joe biden the 46th president of the united states has begun his term in office vowing to press forward with speed and urgency within hours of being sworn in biden signed 17 executive orders and actions to reverse some of the former president donald trump's most content. just policies and they included
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repealing trump's travel ban on some muslim majority countries halting construction of the us mexico border wall and rejoining the paris climate accord biden's also installed a coronavirus response coordinator to oversee distribution efforts so that scenes and i'm really. proud of these executive actions. by keeping the promise of i made a big long way to go. back and they are important but we're going to leave it for rather than removing the 1st word around here is. to. call it. it's we call. them or. we're or i have authority mask so to be kept on federal property and interstate commerce and center the 1st time. by the vice president campbell harris has also begun her historic stench
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uttering both gender and racial barriers at a virtual celebration she had a message of hope and unity for struggling americans. the moment to stay in washington began with biden and harris taking the oath in the scaled back ceremony in the capital under the dual threats of the pandemic and security concerns are my kind of begins our coverage from washington d.c. . the 46 president of the united states arrives at his new residence and he kept his word and went immediately to work. his 1st action in the oval office was to sign a series of executive orders striking at the heart of his precesses policy legacy the mask in the oval another striking departure in the 1st order. to.
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have a far. from. home front property promising center also among the orders the return of the united states to the paris climate accord a reversal of the decision to leave the world health organization the lifting of the ban on travel from some muslim majority countries and an immediate cancellation of the state of emergency that donald trump proclaimed in order to begin building a wall on the mexican border these are actions done at the stroke of a pen but other fundamental changes such as a new coronavirus relief bill and immigration reform will require the cooperation and participation of congress please raise your way hand and in the senate the new vice president's war in 3 new democrat senators in a chamber now is split $5050.00 it's the 49th vice president who will have the
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casting vote as the new senate majority leader takes over today the threat to our democracy from the presidency itself has ended. but the challenges we face as a nation remain in the wake of violence and division hatred and mistruths and from the republican leader warm words for joe biden who came to this chamber as senator for delaware 49 years ago so i congratulate my friend from delaware look forward to working with him as our new president wherever possible and as it gets to work the senate approves the 1st of the new cabinet appointments everal haynes is confirmed as director of national intelligence by 84 votes to 10 marking a bipartisan start to the new senate then the renewal of an old tradition that had fallen into disuse in recent months the 1st of what are intended to be daily
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briefings by the new press secretary under this guidance from the president his objective and his commitment is to bring transparency and truth back to government to share the truth even when it's hard to hear and that's something that i hope to deliver on in this role as well as president biden and the 1st lady arrive at the lincoln memorial for the final event of this inauguration day. a day that took place in the shadow of a pandemic and the threat of political violence. but which ended in the celebration of what the new president promises is the beginning of a better and kind of. al-jazeera washington. well to bring normalcy back to the white house as an organization was anything but reports on the ceremony hope to be a turning point in u.s.
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history. they climbed the steps were just 2 weeks ago rioters stormed the capitol walked the halls where they spread fear ladies and gentlemen the president elect of the united states joseph robinette biden jr and dr jill biden and took the oath of office where they try to overturn democracy the riot now forgotten in this u.s. presidential inauguration like no other 2 weeks ago when an angry violent mob stage an insurrection and desecrated this temple of our democracy it awakened us to our responsibilities as americans protected by tens of thousands of soldiers and police a pandemic raging the thousands of usual spectators replaced by flags the dignitaries spaced out history was made the 1st african-american of south asian descent and the 1st woman to become vice president. there. protected and then just before
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noon joe biden became the new president of the united states the only god congratulations mr president. the chaos of what happened here remembered just days after ryder's mom thought they could use violence to silence the will of the people to stop the work of our democracy to drive. strong is sacred ground. it did not happen and it will never happen not today not tomorrow not ever mixing hope with the dark reality of this moment he pledged to be honest with the american people and he laid out a challenging agenda the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer. a cry for survival of planet itself a cry that can't be any more desperate or any more clear now
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a rise of political extremism white supremacy domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat this was a rebuke of the last 4 years of president donald trump not mentioned by name trump was also not in the audience peppered with past presidents only the 4th president to refuse to attend but the very 1st to refuse to concede he left washington with only a small group to see him leave impeached twice and facing a trial in the senate for the riot he inspired he's reportedly talking about creating his own political party to mount a political comeback so just a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form a true sign of how much has changed the biggest celebrities who shun trump's inaugural. return to washington. was there. was to celebrate
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a new president bush. the pandemic and security concerns meant traditions needed to be changed after the ceremony the new president and vice president flanked by their predecessors laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery and the parade was more of a televised motorcade but the traditional walk still happened down pennsylvania avenue and into the white house in. their new home and now his oval office. al-jazeera. wolf from washington d.c. old how the security was humbled during the inauguration. a sign of relief both for the security forces surrounding the white house and the u.s. capitol that the threats of violence did not materialize here in the nation's
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capital nor around the states in the 50 state capitals that also have no friends i sassed also a sigh of relief for the people in this democratic region of the country who want to trump out of office he was billie's to popular american president in history of course those who did come to the joe biden argue ration did so to a heavily fortified city most stayed away as the few that did come in person had to watch from behind heavily fortified fences i had to be here i would try to talk down not coming from my family saying that it was in faith but being that we went through so much the last 4 years i felt that being here was part of my healing process i was in a person who is going to let fear stop me from coming and celebrating even though the city of course is locked down and we can't be there when that physical grounds to see these people unite around the t.v.
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and watching this historic day with all night you could see everybody feels a lot more love there just like pressure just been. going back to normal and it appears that president biden is enjoying a bit of a honeymoon in his 1st days in office recent polls showing more than 6 in 10 americans of the way that he has handled this transition however this country remains deeply divided as i didn't buy that violent protest on january 6th and the continued threat assessments that yes he i am on forced me agency say are go away and so biden's promise of leaving this divided nation together. it does appear to be a small order in his 1st days in office well still ahead here on al-jazeera we look at how the u.s. china relationship might move forward rather biden is in charge. there
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we got very wet some windy weather pushing into western parts of europe at the moment any consolation i can offer is at least it is turning a good deal milder with these systems rolling in from the atlantic we are going to see increasing cloud and rain tumbling from his storm kristoff that's been producing some very heavy rain across northern parts of england more than whiles as that milder weather as we go on through the next couple days it punches right into central and even pushing them towards eastern parts of you have so we see temperatures gradually rise here but it is still if you told it is still on the cold side the recent snow around for western russia pushing towards moscow once again clear skies for the central areas but that's that wet weather which is going to continue tumbling in across france good parts of spain and portugal we have got 5 risks back in form here then as we go through the next couple days hopefully
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thursday looks a little drier across england wales as christoff head syquest no way to see towards norway with some snow pushing in across norway central and northern parts of swayne and as we go on into friday that will continue to bring snowy weather in across a good part of scandinavia stays dry there cause much of the u.k. brighton breezy there very brisk wind coming through as showers down towards the southwest and still a few showers for spain and portugal. but . when apparently loses nature child to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr wang is determined to find out what caused his daughter's death and brought him such heartache. the story of a committed parent turned activist upon this protest part of the viewfinder asia
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series on al-jazeera. the world. i am. about you're watching officer of me so ho rob a reminder of our top stories hours after being sworn in as the 46th president of the united states joe biden sign 17 executive orders and actions to spend like some of donald trump's contentious policies think to the rollback of the immigration ban targeting muslims and having the u.s. rejoin the paris climate accord carmel howard says also made history in her swearing in breaking both gender and racial barriers the former california attorney general is the 1st woman vice president and also the 1st black person to be elected
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in the role joe biden was sworn into office in a unique inauguration ceremony the public were told to stay away due to the pandemic thousands of national guard troops were deployed across washington to prevent a repeat of the riots on capitol hill earlier this. leaders have been reacting to joe biden's inauguration traditional u.s. allies are celebrating by his promise to return to a more multilateral approach charlotte ballasts takes a look at joe biden. and many nations it leads to news the u.s. inauguration was relayed in dozens of languages and leaders translated what it would mean for the countries in the city kind of on the other give isn't even mcdonald trump frankly said that these have not been for 80 years that we've had with donald trump someone who is us president because europe along with russia and china are the biggest opponents of the united states so a lot has gone wrong here with joe biden there is now someone in the white house
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who wants to repeal the transatlantic partnership. in russia t.v. networks focused on soldiers around the campus who with one channel comparing it to a private party inside a besieged fortress in a beijing news conference china's foreign ministry spokeswoman spoke candidly as a challenging last 4 years 3 was. i think the new administration should serve the wishes of the people if you china in a rational and objective light and book for china on the basis of mutual respect equality and mutual benefit and. we runs foreign ministry followed that seem to meant in this video tweeted cooling trumps foreign policy diplomatic vandalism and tweeting the world knows that only the us can fix itself in practice not just words like israel however whose hope for an iran remains in america's crossness i look
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forward to working with you to further strengthen the us as reliance to continue expanding peace between israel and we are broke and to confront common challenges chief among the threat posed by iraq was. common to harris's indian ancestry was celebrated by prime minister new ranger modi. and historic occasion paris's maternal grandmother comes from this village near the southern indian city of chennai we are very happy we have a very proud heiress made history as the 1st person in south asian to seemed to become us vice president and any color that delayed we are very happy right now being squeeze us hope that we can also achieve what everyone even being a woman she's a role model for the villagers and girls here. inside america they were koontz for unity outside there was hope of unity to have time to time a simmering you'd relations to tackle some of the wounds biggest issues together.
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charlotte dallas al-jazeera. well you have for me israeli prime minister in that report on his concerns about iran the new white house press secretary general says president joe biden will discuss how to further restrict nuclear program and his early talks with foreign allies let's get reaction on this now from our correspondents are in the iranian capital tehran and also really i mean the u.s. iran relationship has been broken for 5 decades now so a chance possibly to mend anything will revolve around the nuclear deal the nuclear agreement that the u.s. pulled out of under the former president that really will be the main sticking point in the immediate present. certainly the rouhani administration who has less than 6 months left in office they're expecting president biden to lift the sanctions that the former trump administration imposed
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on iran since they withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018 and the iranian position is that there is no discussion there is nothing to talk about or no way to move forward between the 2 sides until the u.s. lives the sanctions and returns to that nuclear deal of 2015 but things are not quite that simple we've heard from officials within the new administration in the united states who say that it's not just a matter of returning to the nuclear agreement we've also heard from the director general of the. me that is the atomic energy organization that is tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations of the nuclear deal police that deal in iran they monitor the nuclear program in the country and he's also said that it's very very so complicated at the moment since the iran has taken steps to reduce its commitment to the nuclear deal so there is a lot that needs to be done for the nuclear deal to be revived there is some sense
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that it's not just a matter of president biden deciding to sign back into it to come back into it there is a lot of different factors the events that unfolded over the past 4 years under former president trump has really put us further strain on the relationship iran has with the united states the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif a said that trump and pompei o. and company are now relegated to the dust bins of history as a result of their actions so there is a sense now iran will do nothing else until they see action from the new administrations in the white house for the very much dosage of our the autoresponder. well under president trying relations between the united states and china soured of a trade and human rights with biden promising to put human rights at the core of his foreign policy that friction seems to set to continue brown reports now from hong kong. china has changed profoundly in the past 4 years
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under its leader xi jinping the country took a hard or thorough tarion turn presidential term limits were abolished control tightened it in being as we all know is going to stay in power beyond 2023 so for a longer period of time these predecessors and no one who is in a position to challenge. from the south china sea to the border with india china's military group more assertive especially towards taiwan the democratic island the china claims as part of its territory i think sitting being one has. to go back to the obama administration's policy to breed simply put pressure on taiwan during his campaign for the presidency biden refrained from naming china as america's enemy labeling it instead a strategic competitor just as the trumpet ministration had biden has boasted he knows she better than any other world leader having met him frequently when both
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were vice presidents but he's also promised to be tougher on china than president donald trump he embraces guys like the thugs like north korea in and the chinese president analysts predict that many of trump's china policies will likely remain including tariffs on chinese imports so prospects of a reset in sino u.s. time seem unlikely in the short term not great neither side wants a reset frankly and the other factor is is that nothing in what the u.s. is early signals that they. giving through biden and his staff shows that they're particularly pushing for a reset the new u.s. president says human rights will be a foreign policy priority last august his team accused china of genocide against ethnic we goes in the far western region of shin jang another likely point of
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friction the intensifying clampdown on dissent in hong kong for china's leaders the past 4 years represented the lowest point in relations in decades to improve them will require significant goodwill from both sides but president she's hands may be tied this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of china's communist party where members will be celebrating the party's achievements and that may include standing up to the united states adrian brown al jazeera hong kong bruce wolpe is a visiting fellow at the united states studies center at the university of sydney joins me now live via skype from there could have you the search on the program how much of a change in policy towards china will there be without the u.s. sort of trying to look weak i mean can biden use any of trump's current positioning with beijing to his advantage. in terms of the principles and thank you for having
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me on the cd in terms of the principles involved i don't think there will be much deviation at all i'm a what trump wanted to achieve and there are serious is serious structural imbalances in the relationship that want to be addressed i think there will be a profound change in how it's done currently it's a it was a president trump president xi china u.s. mano a mano trade war and other strategic issues that were played out i believe by as someone who believes in multilateral alliances and the west standing together will reach out and reorder. in asia japan south korea australia swinging around to europe the nato countries all of which are invested in the china trade issues similarly and i believe they were recent common ground and then beginning gauge with china later this year. touched on my 2nd question really the former administration like going it alone it ignored the counsel of its allies you might say i mean how will not change under biden's administration as you say he wants to
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bring everybody in from asia pacific europe africa maybe as well but the coven for yes situation that 90 nations have actually gone under trumpet ministration has soured relations with the white house he's got a 2 pronged approach here hasn't he to try to bring everybody on board. america purses often met meant america alone and joe biden were checks that and he wants america preferred to it to this in his inaugural address earlier today it was at there were the domestic issues the pandemic and so forth the economy or overriding but he was absolutely clear we will. regain our alliances and make to work the were made to work the world better and so that will be his posture going and i do think there will be a stronger emphasis on i more consistent emphasis on human rights the weaker years con and then on the security side taiwan is the big unresolved unanswered question
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and probably the most dangerous one which is the what happens suddenly in the coming few months for the moment bruce wolpe thanks so much for joining us from sydney thank you for having me with him. one of those 1st executive orders biden signed was to rejoin the power is a colds but they're all challenges as well brunell's reports south los angeles but working on that right now like i don't want to get ahead of a lot but i want rejoining the paris accords is one step in president joe biden strategy to fight global warming biden plans to spend $1.00 trillion dollars on rapidly deploying clean energy technology around the country with an enforcement mechanism to reach 1st stage goals by 2025 and the final goal of 0 emissions by 2050 biden says he'll pay for that by repealing some of the trump era tax cuts for corporations scientists say biden must also work hard to dispel
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climate change skepticism and convince people to act the basic answers to the problem or not in technological change there and changing human behavior i didn't should do everything possible origin was social psychologist to develop narratives that will be moved people. in the direction of greater social responsibility and greater understanding of the existential threats biden says his plan will create millions of jobs and some economists who have studied it agree i asked him aided that that the program create between roughly 3 and 6000000 new jobs in the united states permanent jobs as long as we continued investing at that level that's far more than the fewer than 200000 people who currently work in the oil gas and coal industries for every job created in
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manufacturing or instruction there are many additional jobs created in the economy from the spending of those workers are high wage jobs with excellent benefits in addition to ignoring global warming the trumpet ministration drastically loosened. iron metal regulations and least protected federal lands for mining and drilling some of what trump has done is reversible but what you never get back is the years that you watched him to think you know about climate change it's the 1st trouble we've ever come up against with real time now it is us we do not sell in and we will never see it we just trashed way for years that we could have been working on solving it there is much work to be done and the climate clock is ticking rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles of course we follow all of those stories by looking on to our web site al-jazeera talk come of course our top story the coming 46
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president of the united states. got your office there with me as a whole robin a reminder of our top stories hours after being sworn in as the 46 president of the united states joe biden signed 17 executive orders noxious dismantling some of donald trump's contentious policies i think lou the rollback of the immigration ban talked about muslims and having the u.s. rejoin the paris climate accord and i'm going to be. proud there is executive action. started by keeping the promise of i made the american people want to go to there's a certain direction they are important but we're going to need legislation for rather than for removal and the 1st order to be standing here is. to. cover. this record as i said all along. were i have authority.


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