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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2021 10:00am-10:31am +03

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the matter is the headline is always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives of just curiosity the leader on the one hand the enemy is all believe there on the other hand the listening post strips away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see on the ground this information is right lays bare the bias a lot of people believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case for the listing post. testing and quarantine centers in hong kong and china infection soul beijing is urging people to scale back on travel ahead of the lunar new year holiday. the whole raman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also
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coming up hospitals are overwhelmed in brazil protesters call for president to resign over his handling of the pandemic. also a call for change of thousands take to the streets into newsier demanding social and economic reforms. the sound of music the festival in chile that won't be silenced by the coronavirus pandemic. well mass testing is underway in hong kong for thousands of people in neighborhoods sealed off of jus to a corona virus outbreak people in 150 residential blocks all the bitten from leaving until testing is complete the area accounts for half of all of new coronavirus cases in hong kong over the past week the city is struggling to contain an upsurge in infections over recent weeks that is similar concern in mainland china where all thought words are rushing to build new quarantine centers in herb
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a province just outside of the capital beijing the country's seeing its biggest wave of infections its march and the largest clusters of focused in its northern provinces the rush to stamp out the infections comes weeks ahead of the lunar new year holiday that's when tens of millions of people are expected to travel back home already beijing is restricting residents from leaving for non essential reasons well for the very latest we can join sara clark who's in hong kong. the quarantine seems to be in full force behind you but for how long. well we're now on the 2nd day of this 48 hour lockdown which is in an area where we are called jordan on the kell inside this stage on saturday they conducted around or so they tested around 2 thirds of the 10000 people that live in this locked off area behind me you maybe i'll see some movement behind me this morning and most of the day we've had these mobile units set up where the residents can come down to be
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tested they're also the health authorities have been going into the apartments to test those people who live here so today on sunday it's the 2nd day of this lockdown at this stage they're on ships or to finish by what they hope to 60 at 6 am tomorrow morning and this is where they're hoping that these residents have been here for 48 hours can return to work and as you mentioned we've seen a spike in cases in recent weeks in hong kong and on saturday we had 81 cases and of course a quarter of those came from this particular area and how i can describe this area it's probably one of the lower socio economic groups of. a lot of minority groups who live here and they live in these subdivided apartments so they crammed areas where thousands of people are forced to live together and as a result they've been unable to adhere to these social distancing rules and as a result of their been tested and we've seen some of the carcase numbers at this particular district. and over the last few weeks we've seen 70 to 100 cases on a daily basis out of hong kong as a result we've seen the government tightening restrictions and put in place this meant to lock down which is the 1st of the last 12 months and next week we do
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expect the government to target the next area which will be the airport and we're hoping to test to put in place mandatory testing for and 70000 staff at the airports ahead of the chinese new year celebrations which is in the coming week indeed of course talking of the chinese lunar new year holiday which affects not just china but many communities across asia pacific major movement of people across the region what's the messaging about where you are about whether people can go and visit their relatives and families during what is a very specious time of year. i. would try to of course assuming a number a spike in cases in recent weeks after months of 0 cases on saturday we had 80 new confirmed cases and 15 reported 65 were local transmission so the chinese government is trying to put in place some tough restrictions ahead of the chinese new year celebrations another start on february 12th but of course the people start to move at the end of this week on thursday it's often referred to as the mass
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migration or mass transit in the past we've seen around 300000000 people travel across the mainland and returned to their family home so it's almost like my christmas so it's like the annual big family christmas or celebration where people return to their hometown and this year the chinese government has told people to stay put but already the chinese railway authorities are expecting and so they still expect bookings to go ahead with nearly 300000000 travel journeys to take place between january 28th and march the they've got the chinese government has also written recently put in place due to the spike in cases in some areas in the likes of the province of gilan. and they put in place some lockdowns to try and stop that trouble and are still certainly reduce those transmissions in those particular problems but we do expect a fair the crackdown from the chinese government in the weeks ahead it will certainly before chinese new year starts at the end of this week because we'll continue to vote don't monitor that situation hong kong with you sara thank you very much sir talk about force. i said to south america now where thousands of
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people have joined protests convoys across brazil calling for president tribal sora to be impeached over his handling of the corona virus pandemic there also angry about a vaccination program being delayed and i was own a state a lockdown is being imposed from one day hospitals in the capital but i also remain overwhelmed by a surgeon infections want to hear reports from rio de janeiro. you know you hear me. my gun is among the lucky few in my nose. as a doctor thank god i am much better after a lot of work and physiotherapy it is called me a lot of hospitals in the largest city of the brazilian amazon have no room and oxygen is scarce 2 new strains of the corona virus have only made things worse my family in public. we were told to treat him at home because they have no capacity to receive more patients there's also a lack of oxygen tanks for patients and the court those are full. many have died of
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suffocation but as mad as children were able to see their 60 year old father by improvising in emergency care unit in his home they bought an oxygen cylinder on the black market and hired physiotherapist to help him breathe oh my dear it's a war with no gunshots but there are fatal victims the federal government and other states have helped my mouse and other cities of the amazon a state by sending oxygen tanks and vaccines indigenous people in remote villages have received the 1st shots of the chinese corona back vaccine. corruption has put in operation in the amazon a state on hold health professionals the elderly indigenous people considered to be more vulnerable should have been vaccinated 1st but there are all again. some people like rich businessmen have managed to scrape along. brazil has the world's
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2nd largest proven 1000 death toll but it was late to start inoculation when it finally did a week ago there weren't enough vaccines to go around. 2000000 doses of oxford's astra zeneca vaccine have only just arrived from india. thousands of brazilians took to the streets to protest against the government's handling of the pandemic. what the people want a vaccine for everyone people want emergency support people one button are out brazil's president datable scenario has always downplayed the virus he's once more down to the efficiency of the vaccines that infections are also growing in big cities like some barlow and rio de janeiro some bubbles governor is imposing new restrictions to stop them from spreading monica i'll just rio de janeiro.
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the italian government says it's considering legal action against vaccine makers astra zeneca after it announced plans to cut its supply to the european union the company has reduced its offering by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year blaming production problems it's a major setback for the blocks vaccination program last week pfizer said it would delay its shipments of the vaccine for up to a month ukraine is struggling to import doses of crowd of virus vaccine or 40 so vaccinations could start by mid february although no fixed delivery date has yet been announced all of the countries neighbors have started vaccination campaigns or are about to the care of has yet to receive a single day's. well there are also concerns of vaccines could read out in the u.s. the white house wants the centers for disease control to investigate what's behind the shortage dr bash. is a senior scholar at the job for health security he says the assassination plan faces several challenges we have
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a logistical problem meaning that we have states that have vaccines on hand but they can't get them into people's arms quick enough and this was something that we predicted because our state health departments are over overtaxed under-valued under-resourced and they really had to scale up very quickly at the same time that we have a lot of community transmission so it's not surprising that we're having issues getting vaccine into people's arms i think it's less of a supply issue but more of making sure that these places have the resources in order to do it supply issues may crop up though as we get through this vaccination program right now it's it's a little bit of a different problem right now so i think the issue is that there's just not enough predictability about when the supply and becoming so the federal government will allocate it to a state government and the state will then allocate it to certain vaccination centers like a hospital and it's not necessarily something that you can it's not something that you can necessarily predict very well so you don't know how to plan how many vaccines you can give to individuals at a given time and then the other issue is that you just don't have people to put the
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vaccine into people's arms that there are issues with just the simple staffing that we have and we really have to change this approach in in the federal government has to help the state be able to meet them where they are and be able to be able to. really augment their staffing and i think it really needs the use of federal assets like like. like the national guard and i think we're going to get there and that's all part of the biden transition plan team as it is right now. the u.s. and the u.k. have condemned what they call harsh tactics used against anti-government demonstrators in russia tens of thousands of protesters from the far east to moscow and st petersburg defied police warnings on saturday to demand the release of kremlin critic alexina valley sunny guy a go has the story. from the far eastern city of lagos stock was the only supporters faced off with police in subzero temperatures was the
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searches have denied permission for the demonstration was such was that it didn't stop the crowd gathering to call for the release of the man leading russia's most prominent opposition movement. in the capital moscow tens of thousands gathered was released using batons on the crowds so more so it's backed by protesters as a childhood freedom alexei navalny was was was you know you among those detained never alys wife you. apologies for the poor quality she wrote on her social media page very bad light in the police van was as much as president vladimir putin has attempted to play down relaxing of all his influence the arrest of one of russia's most prominent opposition leaders has only
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inflamed his supporters was on the law is being trampled on can an absolutely incredible man at this arrest is one of the most serious violations of human and civil rights in the russian federation but it will set a precedent that could lead to the destruction of all our civil liberties. at the with him earlier in the week novelli had released a video alleging president putin was the owner of a 1000000000 dollar property on the black sea this was denied by putin spokesperson than of only supporters corruption is a major source of my discontent and the constant crackdown on their movement is they say an attempt to silence them all to hell but you know i was just going to i'm fed up with keeping quiet we've been silent for too long and it's probably time to speak for my position and time to say that we have the right that we have the freedoms and that we have the desire to live in a completely different country. rather than are the only may not pose an immediate
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danger to president clinton's power but economic problems in the country are only growing as is the discontent and some analysts believe the kremlin fears the potential of a bella roost style mass dissent and the prospect of more protests. sunday you go out. well still ahead here on out is there a rowing to safety we have an exclusive report from the central african republic on the ongoing refugee crisis also it's been lying dormant for a decade so why is the philippines thinking about reviving this nuclear plant. the rains a winter storm produced an awful lot of stuff and strong winds in sweden
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a beautiful picture but it did cut off that part of the country is pretty similar in northern norway as well that's the remains of the storm the next massive cloud came through central europe does not provide the same wind but it will provide a certain amount of snow all the way from austria through germany avenge the southern baltic then coming in behind the next frontal system with a north westerly breeze to it so it's cold and i would bring a band of snow followed by a few showers and when all this cold reaches the warmth of the bed or the asiatic you get stormy weather this particular effect croatia and the high ground just inland throughout the baltics so luxembourg shows that incoming front as evening snow on sunday then it blows through the temps just as much the same night it gets colder by choose day this picture on monday though and you know it is still raining already once again on the coast of croatia last night in the balkans everywhere else is looking pretty similar it's not quite a stormy in spain or portugal are there but if you look at split in the east coast
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a part of croatia it is windy and wet for a couple of days the temperatures in the teens dropping down to single figures and getting colder night not a typical winter weather for anyway. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse or $2200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bomb in this race he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like it live get a back seat when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera.
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ah but you're watching al-jazeera with me so whole robin a reminder of our top stories must testing is underway in hong kong for thousands of people in neighborhoods sealed off to to a corona virus outbreak there is similar concern in mainland china which has seen its biggest surge in infection since march thousands of protesters of brazil have called for present dr also known as impeachment over its handling of the pandemic a resurgence of the virus has led to a shortage of oxygen that overwhelmed hospitals. in the u.s. and the u.k. has condemned what they call harsh tactics used against anti-government demonstrators in russia more than 3000 were detained did they show why the protests demanding the release of kremlin critic alexina valets. the u.n. refugee agency says more than $60000.00 people have fled the recent violence in the
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central african republic the fighting escalated last month around a disputed presidential election al-jazeera as a balcom web went to speak to some of them in remote locations near some border law in the neighboring democratic republic of congo is his exclusive report. killing looting and rape by fighters from armed groups in the central african republic to send tens of thousands of villages on the run many of them of crossed this river. in dugout canoes on the other side is relative safety villages in the democratic republic of congo only accessible by boat we went to look for them with the un refugee agency. and we found them in their thousands sheltering in villages along the riverbank. our arrival drew a crowd people here say they've been waiting for help since they arrived here last
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week they lined up hoping we brought it. and more keep coming. others go back to retrieve possessions from their homes or crops from their farms. that's what it leads back home a tried. and she came back with nothing see. the rebels attacked our village last week we had a lot of gunfire they destroyed everything they raped and they kidnapped some of them didn't say exactly what happened because we have to run. violence escalated since elections last month which political opposition says were rigged. the armed groups say the government must go the occupy about 2 thirds of the country including most of its gold and diamond mines the armed groups now control the villages that we can see just over there on the other side of the river people who live on this side say they can hear gunfire when they're fighting this is one of
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the homes of one of the usual residents of the village of some biloela it's basic to the villages being completely overrun its population is fallen by about 20 times of the new arrivals those lucky enough to have a mosquito net sleeping on the way out in the open many others have just built basic structures made of branches and leaves their exposed tomasky tows malaria and everybody here says that there's hardly any food to eat or clean water to drink. people told us of eating whatever edible plants they can find in the bush the local office of the u.n. refugee agency says it doesn't have funds for the new arrivals are supposed to treat them with dignity so let that they make this all work that up and i'm not up on the world i mean the culture you don't want to see the promise of blacks by their absence. is not safe to go home but without help they can't relocate and
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settle here in congo. they're wondering how long they'll be stuck here. after a few hours we had to leave people here desperately hoping somebody will soon come back and help malcolm webb al-jazeera song democratic republic of congo. government has extended a night to curfew and ban gatherings until february the 4th seems to cut the cave in 1000 pandemic but it hasn't stopped hundreds of people in several cities protesting against repression unemployment and poverty. the people want to bring down the regime a child that 1st emerged a decade ago has made a comeback on the very same streets what's newsy is just one revolution unfolded. despite it bringing political change people in the capital tunis and several other cities all angry thousands have once again been protesting demanding further
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economic social and political reforms better living conditions and an end to police brutality the biggest of them are to you if you go to protests you will die if you go to school you will die there is always police repression and yet we haven't seen their presence when there are murders fests rape and terrorism. i let you know the f.i.d. believe i will demand that the politicians have mercy on this country we're tired of the incompetence of their lies and robberies leave we want this country to stand up again we've had enough. yes. some of this week's demonstrations has turned violent with security forces responding with tear gas and water cannons. activists say more than $1000.00 people including minors have been detained or charged with theft and vandalism of the young men who marched the past few days must be released this is our demand and we will not give up they can say
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that they can suppress us with the police. but we are not afraid of the police or the public prosecutor. so maziar faces severe economic problems made worse by the pandemic. a 3rd of its youth on employed some even trying to migrate to europe in a national address on tuesday to see him prime minister his german machine she tried to calm the situation another one and now i am well aware that there is anger and frustration in many areas i know that the economic and social situation is a crisis deepened by covert 19 your voice is heard and your anger is a legitimate it is my role and that of the government to work towards your demands and make the dream of to come true. the government has announced a ban on gatherings until mid february and extended a nighttime curfew because a growing number of coronavirus cases and even deaths but many are defying that to
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demand change so high it at al-jazeera. one of the world's most wanted man accused of running asia's biggest crime syndicate has been arrested in the netherlands. cause taken in by dutch police on a request by australia the united nations office on drugs and crime says c. is believed to be the head of a multi-billion dollar heroin and methamphetamine operation. by the philippines is looking to revive the dormant nuclear power plant to solve its energy crisis experts say it could reduce soaring power passes by up to 70 percent jamil and visited the plant in bhutan and sent this report. entering the philippines only nuclear power plant is like a step back in time the but the nuclear power plant was built in the seventy's and was the 1st in south east asia put it never opened it was marked bald and past
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presidents were hesitant to recommission it because it was a reminder they say of the excesses of former president ford in the markets his regime but the country's electricity prices are among the highest in southeast asia partly because it's dependence now on imported fossil fuels that means the average filipina family spends between 10 to 20 percent of their monthly income in a lecture city philippines has for decades now been avoided as an investment destination in southeast asia because our electricity has either been expensive or in short supply and unreliable philippine president rodrigo the turkey has ordered his officials to look into the possibility of including nuclear power into the country's energy mix and a possible revival of the butter on nuclear power plant it tells the whole world we're ready for a nuclear b. and b.p. has 3 sister plants that have been running for over 30 years x. . in slovenia in brazil and in south korea but
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what people forget is that no nuclear plant in the world operates without the blessings of the international atomic energy agency the watchdog it is quite clear that some parts of the nuclear power plant are aging but regulators here tell us all it needs is a few years and an estimated $1200000000.00 of commissioning and it will be as good as brand new. but there are also those in government who say that but the and nuclear power plant belongs to a bygone era there's already a big push back on nuclear technology now you get a jump start the bad which is all in embroiled in controversy we don't want to start our nuclear program in the wrong foot you want to start it in the right for environmental activists also believe that the government should focus on producing clean energy instead like wind and solar but whether but to and will be recommissioned by president or d.
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going to tear day or not one thing they say is for sure the energy crisis in the country is a social justice issue and one that may worsen if there is no investment in the country's energy system to get al-jazeera but on province northern philippines 7 miners have been rescued in china's northeastern area after being trapped underground for 2 weeks they were among 22 caught in the blast at a gold mine in shanghai province and least one miner is known to have died while the condition of the others is still unknown. musicals festivals have taken a back seat during the pandemic but some of the nz have gone of line that's allowed them to accommodate even more people than usual a lot of america editor lucy and even went to check out one such festival that loss and these in central chile. and the end these mountains surrounding the port deal ski lodge are often filled with the sound of music.
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50 especially gifted young musicians from the americas are chosen each year to partake in classes from world masters all expenses paid. this year the pandemic is silence the noisy halls and salons of the port deal international festival and academy of classical music but it's going ahead regardless good morning welcome to a new day of the party your international music festival simply are not that we now conductor and violinist alexander all is hosting a hybrid version of. resistance from many of the world's most prestigious orchestras are giving students personalized classes online we have this urge to to be able to communicate now even if we if we are so far apart there is a silver lining because the festival this year is being broadcast via streaming globally a far larger audience can now take part in master classes that aim to showcase the
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often unrecognized power of music not just to dissolve distances but often to repair fracture hearts and minds a lot of the spanish psychiatrist and therapist typical middle left many speechless when he showed how music can stimulate the brain and revive memories in people with all timers disease and dimentia. this video demonstrating how hearing the music of swan lake reconnected for. former prima ballerina medical and sally's has gone viral. or sort of thankfully it's been scientifically demonstrated that our musical memory loss and told very advanced stages of alzheimer's you can forget your son's name or your birthday but songs or music important in your life are main in an area of our brain that is less damaged . or all of just to show that music is key for developing
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a creative mind but classical music is timeless says conductor killed that of the hamburg state opera is that distant touch with the common man who value system of. greek humanism well one of the movement was what. he says that the shared mission of musicians is to ensure that these humanitarian ideals stay alive and relevant in these times of upheaval especially when art and science are being shown to be increasingly codependent you see in human al-jazeera scientists chile. north of 0 that means the whole raman a reminder of our top news stories must testing is underway in hong kong for thousands of people in neighborhoods sealed off to to
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a coronavirus bright people in 150 residential blogs in that 2nd day of lockdown the area accounts for half of hong kong's nukes.


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