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by the government the benefit of the promise be i believe that if all the farmers speak at least the al-jazeera has teams on the ground this is the insurrection that president trump is accused of. to bring the league documentaries and the evening news. the air in the air in. israel's military sends another threat to iran and precious u.s. president joe biden not to rejoin the 2050 nuclear deal. so you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to people also ahead another grim milestone in the global pandemic one year on and a 100000000 people have now been infected by the corona virus delays in the supply of call the $900.00 vaccines pile more pressure on pharmaceutical companies to step
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up production and distribution and a global hot spot down under how knocking native forests is fast becoming a severe threat to wildlife and the fight against climate change. the end thank you for joining as israel's most senior military commander has revealed the development of new offensive plans against iran utena general says he's ordered his forces to step up preparations for possible military action in the coming year is also urging u.s. president joe biden to step back from any return to the 2050 nuclear deal harry fawcett reports from west. congratulations mr president. you did so to joe biden was sworn in as u.s. president last week israel's prime minister released a congratulatory video. referencing
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a warm personal friendship and also his government's immediate priority for the new administration and to confront common challenges chief among the threat posed by iran on tuesday israel's top general turned up the volume saying he was preparing new attack plans targeting iran. i have instructed the i.d.f. to prepare several operational plans in addition to existing ones which we would develop throughout the coming year the power to initiate them lies with the political echelon however they are friends of options need to be prepared ready and on the table. the general will the new u.s. administration that returning to the iran nuclear deal from which donald trump withdrew in 2018 would be a mistake that would allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. cause less chemical in even if there's a similar agreement with a few improvements it is operationally and strategically wrong it's operationally wrong because it will again allow edits in our even before in iran to enrich
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uranium to develop centrifuges to develop even the capabilities of the weapons until developing a bomb. the message was delivered on the same day that joe biden's pick for secretary of state was confirmed by the us senate have to resist week and 3 blinken signal that the u.s. was not preparing to rush back into the deal and would consult with israel and other regional allies on its policies for its part iran says time is short for the u.s. to revive the deal is the joint comprehensive plan of action or j c p a way. any progress in this regard is totally dependent on the practical steps of the us will take to meet its obligations under the reason lucian 2231 actually america's time is limited and the window of opportunity for the u. s. and the european union buys of the g c p a remains open for a limited period. iran is still reeling from
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a series of blows inflicted june last year of the trumpet ministration including the us assassination of its most revered military figure qassam solo money and the killing of its chief nuclear scientist most and for presiding which tehran attributes to israel. to israel a shift away from troubles hardline iran is a major foreign policy challenge. about whether the government should confront the biden ministration publicly behind the scenes in this instance the public confrontation has come from the head of its army are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. or tension between israel and iran has only been escalating over the last year last january israel defended the u.s. after it killed qassam so the money the head of iran's elite force israeli military was then put on high alert after iran threatened revenge then in november iran's top nuclear scientist in factories a day was killed in tehran iran blamed israel for the attack but it never issued
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a comment and just last week israel launched an air attack against syrian ling's targets in syria israel was intensifying its a campaign there before former president donald trump left office or let's speak to p.j. crowley about all this he's a former u.s. assistant secretary of state for public affairs and is via skype from alexandria alexandria virginia near washington thank you very much for being with us so what do you make of this message this threat from the head of the israeli army it clearly is a message for the biden administration but having these really military itself make this case is a challenge for biden isn't it. absolutely that is nothing new. you'll remember that prime minister benjamin netanyahu you know came to washington before even as the agreement was being negotiated to lobby against it. israel believes that any nuclear program that iran has even under the existing agreement
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is a pathway to a wall but certainly this is a political shot across the bow and that it underscores that even if the united states is willing under the by the administration to return to the agreement under very significant preconditions the political power forward is very very difficult what would you think the biden administration would shy away from rejoining the nuclear deal just because israel threatened to carry out some attacks against the veins. well the israeli position is something that the united states has to respect you know both tony blinken now installed as the secretary of state and jake some of the nash her advisor have signally willingness to consult with israel on regional developments as it as it moves forward but the israeli opposition here is mirrored by you know political opposition among conservatives here in washington and so you know the you you've got
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a situation where you know iran says the united states has to move 1st united states has. says that iran has to move 1st hand israel saying nobody should move at all and trusting everyone is saying right now that iran is in a much weaker position than it was in 2015 after years of sanctions by the trump administration do you think israel would really go ahead with this trash thread right now what what would they really do. well the j.c. penny away was in fact an effort to forestall a potential conflict between israel and iran that would perhaps involve united states you know over time look there's there's a a something of a contradiction in the israeli position. the reality is today iranian centrifuges have resumed is a iran is closer to a nuclear weapon today than it was 4 years ago but as i said your israel's position
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is that iran should have no nuclear program and that is something that iran is simply never willing to give up thank you so much for talking to us about this p.j. crowley former state department official joining us now from on xandra virginia thank you for your time said you're welcome. worldwide cases of covert 1000 have now topped 100000000 governments around the world of racing to vaccinate as many people as possible but those efforts in some areas a stalling with the drug companies to honor their commitment to supply doses after 2 firms said they would struggle to fail orders new coronavirus mutations are also raising concerns about the effectiveness of some of the approved vaccines katrina you has a report from beijing. one year ago the central chinese city of work went into what was then an unprecedented lockdown 11000000 people were isolated from the rest of china and the world in a desperate attempt to prevent the spread of
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a deadly corona virus that attempt failed cases of a quickly identified in thailand japan and south korea and the united states began restricting travelers from china in mohan authorities makeshift hospitals to treat thousands suffering from the illness the world's 2nd largest economy was at a standstill as authorities to contain the outbreak. in february the virus was officially named 19 and europe faced its 1st major outbreak a certain cases in italy spurred a lockdown in the body also arrived in iran on the 11th of march the world health organization declared a global pandemic we have never been before seen a pandemic spark could by virus this is the 1st caused by a cordon of voters and we have never before seen a bunda me that can be drawn at the same time the number of corona virus infections
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around the world now exceeds 100000000 and more than 2000000 people have died the u.s. brazil and india have recorded the highest number of deaths more than 50 countries are now racing to inoculate their populations several vaccines have been approved for use internationally but poor countries are struggling to secure doses meanwhile fast spreading virus are raising concerns of a vaccine efficacy concerns health experts are trying to address there's a thing called a cushion effect so if you have a vaccine like the moderna and the pfizer vaccine that can suppress the virus at a delusion let's say of one to 1000 and then you influences it by bringing it down to maybe once of. do 800 or something like that you are still well above the line of not being affected in china months of tough measures and closed borders have
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seen the outbreak largely controlled but in the north authorities are now battling resurgent cases in beijing mass testing and tracing measures have been reimposed but not alone countries previously devoted follower numbers of infections have reintroduced restrictions due to increases in cases 2021 may be in year but it has grown but the global fight to contain covered 19 is far from. katrina al-jazeera beijing u.s. president joe biden has made a commitment to vaccinate millions more americans sooner than previously anticipated biden says the vaccine program he inherited from the previous administration is in worse shape than expected and is now announced approaches of an additional $200000000.00 doses of the pfizer and medina shots after a review of the current vaccine supply in manufacturing plants i can announce that we will increase overall weekly vaccination distributions the states tribes and
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territories from $8600000.00 doses to a minimum of $10000000.00 doses starting next week that's an increase of $1400000.00 doses per week and you all know information no parent that agree all know know that the vaccines are distributed states based on population based on population and so the smaller the state the less vaccine the bigger the state the more they get and so this goal allow millions of more americans to get vaccinated sooner than previously anticipated dr eric 5 olding isn't a podium ologist and chief of the call that risk communications at the federation of american scientists in washington he says rain factions are more likely with a new south africa covered $900.00 variables. i think the vaccine co rolling out world wide is definitely the most positive news in this pandemic but it's the other rise of the very it's also out more challenges the u.k.
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variant is 60 percent more contagious and some indication of 30 percent more. deadly but the south african variants and possibly the brazilian one which are very similar potentially evading the commune system based on people's previous immunity just shows that people can be infected as south africa c.d.c. has warned and potentially that if you've been infected you're not entirely protected and this is why it's so much versions to put this out and it could actually get worse before it gets better especially with the vaccine use one of the vaccine you won't invade your back seen entirely by what most of time what means it might just drop like 5 percent 10 percent maybe 15 percent in terms of efficacy the vaccine still works just only 1st we're praying for one vaccine we were just praying that it would be 50 percent education and then we got several that are in
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the ninety's a nice $76.00 or so i think it's not seen as don't work and work out a booster in the boosters it doesn't take that long to synthesize and. so i think we will be able to get it but even if we are still mutation we will eventually be able to get this under control the question is the final mile of eradication eradication we have to it takes a lot of work and focus control and discipline for countries around the world around to cuba. and still ahead on al-jazeera chaotic scenes in the netherlands as protests against viruses care if you fail to. so you are. standing in judgment senators are sworn in for the 2nd impeachment trial of former u.s. president paul kagame. it's
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time for the perfect gentleman. who went sponsored point qatar airways oh no we've got some unsettled weather the forecast across the middle east over the next couple of days we've got rice lake the snow running across turkey some heavy downpours coming through here and it will turn to snow as it pushes across the mountains fun to try for the time being on wednesday as we make our way into the levant but the winds picking up all the time when those waves will grassy drag some blustery showers in that cross syria lebanon jordan maybe some showers too just pushing across northern parts of the region through turkey over towards northern areas of iraq and eventually had it was northern parts of iran south of that it is fine and quiet actually quite enough a somali morning mist and folks around the gulf to hear a concert as something to watch out for over the next couple days temperatures in doha at around 22 degrees but pleasant by a pleasant by day 2 across the horn of africa for the
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a showers into central parts we'll see some showers there around lake victoria in the democratic republic of congo the showers extend their way right the way up into the gulf of guinea of course and further south are still looking at some pretty heavy rain from the remnants of tropical cycler el always will be down to southern possible swan to central and eastern parts of south africa still seeing some wet weather which aggression make its way through the eastern cape. sponsible cuts on at ways. north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe you're $39.00 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea. to carry defer to customers so they come to us and. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers us leadership a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for came to
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on jazeera. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera this hour israel's most senior military commander has revealed the development of new offensive plans against iran general aviv whole hobby says he's ordered his forces to step up preparations for the loss of all military action in the coming year global corona virus infections have now topped 100000000 scientists believe the real number of cases is likely to be higher because of low levels of testing in 2020 and more than 100000 people in the u.k. have now died from call the 19 brains recorded around 3600000 infections and health
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officials are still struggling to contain the outbreak. a 4th night of protests has broken out in the netherlands with hundreds arrested since a curfew was imposed last week it is a 1st since world war 2 and was put in place to deal with a wave of infections caused by a virus variant 1st identified in the u.k. boston reports from amsterdam. they're not taking any chances after a night of unrest and looting shop owners in this neighborhood in amsterdam are nervous. i have to barricade my shop every month already it's been stressful can we pay a $100.00 told not and now this comes on top of it i've also lost my freedom but we just have to if we stick together we'll be out of this crisis foster. but for these young men the curfew and this crisis have become an excuse to to go with the city streets like here in rotterdam out number of police had to witness how shops were looted and destroyed the same happened in
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a dozen other towns and cities across the country the netherlands has had a more relaxed approach in dealing with the covert 1000 pandemic compared to other countries stressing the dots are too attached to their freedoms but with infection still high and. in concern over a new variant to corona mattias have now become among the strictest in the world what started as protests against it. by chaotic it may have seen little to do with colonial masters in life and being fat by growing. up against the government influenced by conspiracy theories on social media some groups have increasingly lashed out against government policies and attacked the media far right politicians have been accused of fueling these sentiments this group of people is getting much more detached from the general public and when you look at international sure of us we can also see that the trust gap between a certain group of people is increasing so it's not that this group is getting much
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larger well we can't really say that this group is a large group but the trust between this group and other people is increasing so that's probably something we should worry about in a message on social media the rotterdam mayor directly address rioters and their parents they're going to trial who got hold of those that has over the guns out how did you wake up did you have a good feed in what you destroyed the city that you caused damages to the entrepreneurs of your city does that satisfy you and not to do with the stuff you stole last night questions that many are asking in the netherlands like these shop owners in amsterdam who are also wondering why in times of crisis some people choose to make the situation even worse step fasten al-jazeera amsterdam u.s. senators have been stolen in as jurors in former president donald trump 2nd impeachment trial he's accused of inciting supporters to riot at the capitol building on january 6th but early indications show very little republican support
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for conviction. reports from capitol hill. you know do impersonal dressers the court of the constitution and laws so help you guard shortly after senators took oath to convene the court of impeachment against defendant donald trump accused of inciting an insurrection a test vote on how the chamber may decide the case in february it came at the request of republican senator rand paul a trump ally who argued the trial should and before it even begins because trump is no longer in office this proceeding which would try a private citizen and not a president a vice president or civil officer violates the constitution democrats called that argument ludicrous the theory that the impeachment of a former official is unconstitutional is flat out wrong by every frame of analysis constitutional context historical practice precedent and basic common sense.
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of true crime the day. $45.00 and the vote tally on the motion was in favor of proceeding with the trial but for democrats it was a hollow victory only 5 republicans joined them in opposing an immediate end to the trial far short of the 17 republican votes needed later for a conviction. minority leader mitch mcconnell was among the 45 senate republicans now on record for opposing the trial a reversal from his earlier position of being open to conviction while trump is the 1st former u.s. president to be tried after leaving office he is not the 1st u.s. official nearly a 150 years ago a u.s. secretary of war resigned and then was later put on trial for impeachment the senate then was asked just as it was now whether proceeding with the trial was
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constitutional and they too answered yes but then the war secretary was acquitted with enough senators citing concerns that they lack of jurisdiction to convict. it appears trumps fate may be headed in the same direction despite democrats arguments he should be convicted and disqualified from holding office in the future we have a president who incited a violent attack on the united states capitol and our very democracy so it's absolutely critical that we call that out and made sure that future presidents understand that this is completely unacceptable behavior the impeachment against trump will now move behind closed doors for the next 2 weeks before arguments return to the senate floor on february 9th castro al jazeera washington ugandan opposition leader bobby wine says the police each on his home was a form of torture he had been under house arrest since the presidential election 12
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days ago that wind changed and security forces have now left to the blockade after a court order on the one is from missing to bring down president yoweri most 70 through peaceful means within a year. the law provides for the people of uganda to stand for their rights and we encourage them to stand against one their fragile and results that were read by mr b. about come mr 70 should not be president of uganda and we encourage the people of uganda to use all really go and or nonviolent means and ideas that they have to free themselves from them a 70 dictatorship are just there as catherine so is following the story from kenya . this press conference was held in his home after the police and soldiers was withdrawn income plans to the court order issued yesterday and basically he reiterated that he has overwhelming evidence of widespread rigged
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widespread irregularities including a rigging he did not provide this evidence but he said that he's part of the national unity platform is considering the option of going to court even if they do not trust the system and don't trust the judges will give him a fair hearing then he went i had to call on ugandans to use every means nonviolent means legal means to free themselves this will likely upset many government officials and president yoweri with 70 has also spoken about the election he was speaking in entebbe during the country's labor liberation day celebrations where he said that the election was free but there are some people who are trying to cause trouble he said that the government will not tolerate any form of violence he also said and i'll quote this we are not a shallow force we shall be tossed around by opportunists forget about threats so
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definitely a looming showdown but like i said bobby wine a strong statements he made but he was also careful saying that whatever is going to happen whatever is going to happen going forward is going to happen using within the confines of the low. protesters in tunisia are back on the streets voicing their anger at poverty and social injustice they're demanding the release of other demonstrators who were arrested over the past few days human rights organizations say more than a 1000 people have been detained including hundreds of minors protesters are defying a government ban against gatherings putting pace to curb the spread of 19 italy's prime minister giuseppe conti has resigned in a bid to form a new government he lost his majority in the upper house when a coalition partner pulled its support over his handling of the pandemic auntie submitted his resignation to president said whole stock consultations for a new government it's. world leaders have called for more funding to protect
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vulnerable communities on the final day of the common adaptation summit in the hague attendees stressed the importance of addressing the impact of climate change on migrants and refugees they also want to ensure young people are included in the climate conversation now australia's environmental record is under the spotlight with a new report listing it as a global deforestation hotspot it comes as authorities face mounting pressure over logging in state forests many of which were devastated by fires just a year ago nicola gage reports from south roman states forests a new south wales. straightly is bush land is still recovering from the black some of fires that ripped through the land a year ago blackening 35000000 and killing more displacing nearly 3000000000 animals soon after logging started a fire affected state. many plant spaces and almost all animals they simply can't
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deal with that double disturbance in rapid succession and that makes. harvesting standards would tighten the fires but in the south broome and state forest local spend evidence of bloggers breaching their license allegedly cutting down large hollow bearing trees which provide crucial shelter for threatened species or thirty's or investigating but activists have continued their campaign to end logging in the region we were shocked we were just shocked that that level of noncompliance was going on and that forestry corporation itself picked up the new south wales forestry corp says its operations are sustainable and carefully managed with forests regeneration after being logged but as the climate hates up so too has debate on the future of logging and how it's trial years more broadly managing its
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land the world wildlife fund has listed a strongly as i global hawk support for de forest station with the land being cleared mainly for agriculture and farming whether it's land clearing for farming or logging in state forests like this one many environmentalists believe if this trial is serious about action on climate change it needs to rethink how it manages its bush land and forests or they warn habitats and wildlife for risk of a reprobate. recent research is also found evidence that logging native forests is making fires more severe from debris left behind and forests are important sources of carbon storage vital mission that's the greatest source of carbon sink. with out there. what are we going to what are we going to do with the stray inlaid is under pressure to address climate change the question will be how the nation
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manages its land while also fallon thing business interests al-jazeera south broome and state forest. and much more news on our website sat al-jazeera dot com the very latest there on the coronavirus pandemic of course al-jazeera dot com. play a game i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera israel's most senior military commander has revealed the development of new offensive plans against iran determined general obvious ha ha he says he's ordered his forces to step up preparations for possible military action in the coming year is also urging u.s. president joe biden to step back from any return to the 2015 nuclear deal harry fossett has more from west slim. it should be read this series an immediate threat is an imminent.


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