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and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center. israel's top military leader puts iran on notice wallowed in the white house talk void rejoining the 2050 nuclear deal. blown down jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up we expect these additional $200000000.00 doses to be delivered this summer the u.s. soldiers more vaccines as the world reaches another pandemic milestone one year on and a 100000000 people have now been infected also. saw guard. standing in judgment u.s. senators are sworn in for the 2nd impeachment trial of former president donald
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trump. and we'll tell you how herdsman in northern kurdistan regard their horses as a form of wealth. israel's most senior military commander has revealed the development of new offensive plans against iraq left and general at viva harvey says he's ordered his forces to step up preparations for possible military action in the coming year is also urging president joe biden to step back from any return to the 2050 nuclear deal are a force that reports from western lucilla. congratulations mr president. and it's up to joe biden was sworn in as u.s. president last week israel's prime minister released a congratulatory video. referencing a warm personal friendship and also his government's immediate priority for the new administration and to confront common challenges chief among them the threat posed
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by iran on tuesday israel's top general turned up the volume saying he was preparing new attack plans targeting iran. i have instructed the i.d.f. to prepare several operational plans in addition to existing ones which we would develop throughout the coming year the power to initiate them lies with the political echelon however they are friends of options need to be prepared ready and on the table. the general will the new u.s. administration that returning to the iran nuclear deal from which donald trump withdrew in 2018 would be a mistake that would allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon cause less chemical in even if there's a similar agreement with a few improvements it is operationally and strategically wrong it's operationally wrong because they will again allow edits in our even before in iran to enrich uranium to develop centrifuges to develop even the capabilities of the weapons
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until developing a bomb. the message was delivered on the same day that joe biden's pick for secretary of state was confirmed by the u.s. senate after resourced week anthony blinken signal that the u.s. was not preparing to rush back into the deal and would consult with israel and other regional allies on its policy for its part iran says time is short for the u.s. to revive the deal known as the joint comprehensive plan of action or j.c. . any progress in this regard is totally dependent on the practical steps of the u. s. will take to meet its obligations under the reason lucian 2231 actually i may because time is limited and the window of opportunity for the u. s. and the european union buys of the g c p a remains open for a limited period iran is still reeling from a series of blows inflicted during the last year of the trumpet ministration including the us assassination of its most revered military figure cus i'm still in money and the killing of its chief nuclear scientist most in fact residing which
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tehran attributes to israel and israel a shift away from trump's hard line on iran is a major foreign policy challenge provoking a debate about whether the government should confront the biden ministration publicly or lobby behind the scenes in this instance the public confrontation has come from the head of its army air force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. well trita parsi served as president of the national iranian american council he says israel is pressuring joe biden not to rejoin the 2050 nuclear deal. even before joe biden took the oath of office netanyahu government went out him extremely aggressively took off the gloves right away to try to pressure biden not to go back into deal and we actually have one of netanyahu ministers saying publicly that if the united states rejoins the nuclear deal which is something that by them believes lies in the u.s. national interest israel would go to war especially start a war so
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a threat of war in order to prevent biden from going back into the deal so this is very serious at a very early stage in the past we have seen tensions between the u.s. and israel slowly and gradually escalate at this time this time around perhaps uniquely it's starting right away and netanyahu has a stone the 1st punch i think at the end of the day rejoining the nuclear deal is so squarely in the u.s. national interest that i have a hard time seeing that biden would cave to him and this is why i think what the netanyahu government is doing is ultimately really to the detriment of israel's own security because he is moving very aggressively towards damaging the relationship with the new president of the united states which will have repercussions beyond just in the 10 yahoo biden relationship will also affect. the i was relationship with the democratic party so i don't see them came in i think one thing is really important as from the biden ministrations perspective and you can deal with iran is
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critical in order to later on be able to have regional diplomacy on syria on yemen and on many of these other conflicts that need result. worldwide cases of covert 19 have now topped 100000000 governments around the world are racing to vaccinate as many people as possible but those efforts in some areas a storming with the e.u. urging drug companies to honor their commitment to supply doses to 2 firms said they would struggle to fill orders new coronavirus mutations are also raising concerns about the effectiveness of some approved vaccines katrina new reports now from beijing. one year ago the central chinese city of we went into what was then an unprecedented lockdown 11000000 people were isolated from the rest of china and the world in a desperate attempt to prevent the spread of a deadly corona virus that attempt failed cases of
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a quickly identified in thailand japan and south korea and the united states began restricting travelers from china in mohan authorities makeshift hospitals to treat thousands suffering from the illness the world's 2nd largest economy was at a standstill as authorities to contain the outbreak. in february the virus was officially named 19 and europe faced its 1st major outbreak a certain cases in italy spread a lockdown in the body well it also arrived in iran on the 11th of march the world health organization declared a global pandemic we have never been before seen a pandemic spark could by virus this is the 1st caused by a cordon of voters and we have never before seen a bunda me that can be drawn at the same time the number of corona virus infections around the world now exceeds 100000000 and more than 2000000 people have died the
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u.s. brazil and india have recorded the highest number of deaths more than 50 countries are now racing to inoculate their populations several vaccines have been approved for use internationally but poor countries are struggling to secure doses meanwhile fast spreading virus mutations are raising concerns of a vaccine efficacy concerns health experts are trying to address there's a thing called a cushion effect so if you have a vaccine like the moderna and the pfizer vaccine that can suppress the virus at a delusion let's say of one to 1000 and then you influences it by bringing it down to maybe once of. do 800 or something like that you are still well above the line of not being affected in china months of tough measures and closed borders have seen the outbreak largely controlled but in the north authorities are now battling resurgent cases in beijing mass testing and tracing measures have been reimposed
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but not a lot of countries previously devoted follower numbers of infections have reintroduced restrictions due to increases in cases 2021 may be a new year but it has warned that the global fight to contain covered 19 is far from. katrina al-jazeera beijing. u.s. president joe biden has made a commitment to vaccinate millions more americans sooner than previously anticipated biden said the vaccine program he inherited is in worse shape than expected he's now announced the purchase of an additional 200000000 doses of the pfizer and madonna shelfs after a review of the current vaccine supply in manufacturing plants i can announce that we will increase overall weekly vaccination distributions the states tribes and territories from 8600000 doses to a minimum of $10000000.00 doses starting next week that's an increase of
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$1400000.00 doses per week and you all know if i may say no parent that agree you all know know that the vaccines are distributed states based on population based on population and so the smaller the state the less vaccine the bigger the state the more they get and so this goal are millions of more americans to get vaccinated sooner than previously anticipated u.s. senators have been sworn in as jurors in former president donald trump 2nd impeachment trial he's accused of inciting supporters to riot at the capitol building on january 6th but early indicators show very little republican support for conviction. reports from capitol hill. you know do impartial justice of court of the constitution and laws so help you god shortly after senators took oath to convene the court of impeachment against defendant donald trump accused of inciting an insurrection a test vote on how the chamber may decide the case in february it came at the
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request of republican senator rand paul a trump ally who argued the trial should and before it even begins because trump is no longer in office this proceeding which would try a private citizen and not a president a vice president or civil officer violates the constitution democrats called that argument ludicrous the theory that the impeachment of a former official is unconstitutional is flat out wrong by every frame of analysis constitutional context historical practice precedent and basic common sense. of true crime the day. $45.00 and the vote tally on the motion was in favor of proceeding with the trial but for democrats it was a hollow victory only 5 republicans joined them in opposing an immediate end to the trial far short of the 17 republican votes needed later for
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a conviction. minority leader mitch mcconnell was among the 45 senate republicans now on record for opposing the trial a reversal from his earlier position of being open to conviction while trump is the 1st former u.s. president to be tried after leaving office he is not the 1st u.s. official nearly a 150 years ago a u.s. secretary of war resigned and then was later put on trial for impeachment the senate then was asked just as it was now whether proceeding with the trial was constitutional and they too answered yes but then the war secretary was acquitted with enough senators citing concerns that they lack of jurisdiction to convict it appears trumps fate may be headed in the same direction despite democrats arguments he should be convicted and disqualified from holding office in the future we have a president inside
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a violent attack on the united states capitol and on our very democracy so it's absolutely critical that we call that out and made sure that future presidents understand that this is completely unacceptable behavior the impeachment against trump will now move behind closed doors for the next 2 weeks before arguments return to the senate floor on february 9th heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington yes president joe biden has signed executive orders to tackle racial injustice that includes limiting contracts for private prisons and addressing discrimination in the housing market i believe this nation in this country need to change your whole approach to the issue of racial equality equity yes we need criminal justice reform but that isn't nearly enough we need to open the promise of america to every american and that means we need to make the issue of racial equity not just an issue for any one department of government it has to be the business of the whole
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of government. still ahead an al-jazeera we look at the accusations of rights abuses in egypt since president abdel fattah sisi came to power and we examine the biden administration's plans to solve the conflict between israel and palestine stay with us. we've got more snow in the forecast that you pad as we go through the next couple days of the here and that is not too bad it's improving we've got cloud on the right some of that wetter weather that wintry weather pulling out of the way for wettest day brighter skies coming back in behind and warming up 15 celsius although with that warmth that could lead to more of a thaw it could lead to a lot of snow melts it could lead to some localized flooding but at least we're going to see too much coming out of the skies as we go on through wetness type by thursday we're looking at more snow sliding across the preamp and pushing through
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the sea of japan eventually making its way into honshu into hokkaido a something to watch out for the weekend the china behind that it is fine and dry cooling off once again in beijing temperatures no higher than around minus 2 degrees celsius to be off on a dry across a good parts of southeast asia the usual heat of the day showers i suspect the heaviest of which will be into indonesia over the next philippines certainly looking somewhat dry than it has been recently and stays dry there across in china and for the dry weather it's a much of india fine and dry here is where we got a few showers just running into the east side of schleicher in particular know them in the east and pass could see wanted to showers over the next few days but here sharon tradition but elsewhere is settled and sunny. and admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. henri. st there are tactics
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that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera. welcome back a program out of the top stories here at this hour israel's most senior military commander has revealed the development of new offensive plans against iraq that the general of the harvey says he's ordered his forces to step up preparations for
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possible military action in the coming year is also urging president biden to step back from any return of the 2050 nuclear the. global corona virus infections of now topped 100000000 scientists believe the real number of cases is likely to be much higher due to a lot of the testing earlier in 2020. and more than 100000 people in the u.k. have not died from cope with 19 britons recorded at around 3600000 infections and health officials are struggling to contain the outbreak. the new u.s. administration has revealed for the 1st time details of its policy on the israeli palestinian conflict our diplomatic editor james bays has this report from the united nations. at the u.n. in new york diplomats say there is now a small window of opportunity for movement in one of the world's longest running conflicts at the end of president trump's administration israel signed normalization deals with 4 arab nations but there was no progress on the biggest
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underlying problem peace between israelis and palestinians at a virtual meeting of the un security council many countries were represented by their foreign ministers but because the new u.s. secretary of state at this point had not been confirmed by the senate and neither had the new u.n. ambassador the united states was represented by its deputy ambassador i thought it useful to share with you. from the current tours of the us to approach to the israeli palestinian conflict what he said was important for the 1st time in 4 years the u.s. is calling for direct talks to lead to a 2 state solution because you were previously absorbed that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov added to this proposing an international conference or ministerial meeting this summer one of the newest members of the security council is norway which is had a historic role brokering the oslo accords over a quarter of a century ago the foreign minister told me there was only one way they'll be
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progress there has to be a will by both parties they have to assume responsibility for pushing the talks forward the security council norway and others we can assist we can do everything we can to lay the foundation for talks but the parties themselves has to step up it's worth noting that the israeli ambassador said in the meeting that the idea of an international conference was pointless and a distraction and further complicating things both israelis and palestinians but you'd have elections in the coming months however some diplomats say that could be a good thing for the shaking up the dynamics surrounding this long running conflict jamesburg out 0 at the united nations egyptian rights groups say more than 60000 people have been detained disappeared or executed since president adel fatah sisi came to power in a military coup in 2013 the government's been accused of carrying out a campaign to silence its opponents mohamed via reports.
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$100.00 fatah and no her come out these were just a few of thousands of young activists who paid the price for exercising their right to free speech in egypt during the last 7 years they were all arbitrarily arrested and accused of political dissent or links to terrorist groups some went missing for months or years before their families found out they'd been taken by the authorities some were found dead with marks of torture on the bodies the crackdown began in july 2013 that's when egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi was overthrown in a military coup led by his then defense minister abdul fatah. overnight the high hopes of the youths who led the january 2011 revolution turned into foster asian thousands were killed or arrested in a crackdown on muslim brotherhood protesters are problems square in cairo ever since there has been a continuous campaign to silence all opponents an election in 2014 consolidated the
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city's power but that did not stop human rights abuses according to rights groups while i'm a lot of time center during the last 5 years and while he recorded the force disappearance of 8636 men 120 night women and 11 children the number of arbitrary arrests during the same period exceeded 30000 several 100 more were wrongfully executed in its latest report amnesty international said the egyptian authorities have embark on a horrifying exec you should spree in recent months putting scores of people to death in some cases following gross unfair mass trials. most of those are fought to be against political detainees according to egypt's opposition sources they say 63000 people have been detained including up to 3000 women 1000 miles since 2013 widespread torture and other forms of abuse often leading to death
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porter. that includes the death of president mohammed morsi during a court appearance in june 2017 after years in prison he reportedly been denied medicine to treat diabetes un experts described his death as an arbitrary killing egyptian authorities deny involvement or committing extra judicial killings but rights groups say there is a lack of transparency over the fate of hundreds of detainees who have gone missing after being arrested or who have disappeared most were political and social media activists who tried to express their views freely is of sizing the same right for which many of their young colleagues lost their lives during the january 2011 revolution. or disease. the french government has threatened to shut down a far right group that seeks to expel muslims and migrants from europe authorities in france say they're outraged by generation identity's efforts to undermine the
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french republic the group secret links to marine le pen's far right party were exposed by al jazeera as an investigative unit back in 2018 the documentary generation hate showed members of the movement carrying out racist attacks on arabs and celebrating hitler's germany. hundreds marched on to ms is heavily barricaded parliament on tuesday was the biggest rally since demonstrations against inequality and police abuse began earlier this month the protests escalated after the death of a young demonstrate i was struck by a tear gas canister the heart of reforms. 10 years after the uprising that started the arab spring protesters are back on the streets in tunisia demanding reform protesters want solutions to poverty and social injustice since tunisia's $21000.00 elections the economy has tanked. people are desperate for change but the police are cracking down. you want.
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me to do so but you still have the same demands the same slogans this is the biggest proof that what is called a revolution did not happen the revolutionary path has been compromised and today we protest to bring back the pol the revolution list on and in honor of the victims who lost their lives hundreds joined in the capital of tunis on tuesday after clashing with police several nights this month. riot police then used water cannon to try to disperse the crowd human rights organizations say more than a 1000 people have been detained including hundreds of minors earlier in january amnesty international condemned tunisia for its response to the protests saying nothing give security forces permission to deploy unnecessary and excessive force including when they are responding to acts of sporadic violence on tuesday tunisia's parliament approved a cabinet reshuffle while the prime minister pushed for the move the president
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tried to block it saying it was unconstitutional but the member actually said it for 20 years now we have been stuck in the back and forth in political pushback for to create a did a deep abyss between the ruling elite and our people. this deepened the feeling among all tunisians that they have been marginalized feeling that the ruling class ignore and neglect their demands struggles and bishan the prime minister said he hoped his 11 new ministers would inject new blood into his government but during a break in the meetings some opposition leaders actually left parliament to join the protests outside but. before it is too late we need to listen to the voice of our young men and women who are truly angry and join hands so we can all work in all honesty and determination to find the need to solutions for their problems. tunisia's free story and party is among those demanding the withdraw of confidence
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from the government a move these protesters would welcome. your heart in al-jazeera ugandan opposition leader bobby wine says the police siege in his home was a form of torture had been under house arrest since the presidential election 12 days ago the wine claims his fortune and security forces have now miffed at the blockade after a court order wine is promising to bring down the president you are in the $73.00 days for means within a year. if in his prime minister giuseppe conti has resigned in a bid to form a new government he lost his majority in the upper house when a coalition partner pulled its support over his handling of the corona virus outbreak conti's submitted his resignation to the president said that ella who would start consultations for a new government the resignation is being seen as a gamble in an attempt to forge a new alliance. the united nations and oxford university have conducted the biggest ever survey on attitudes towards climate change and the majority believe it's
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a global emergency it was the opinion of 64 percent of the 1200000 people who took part in the 50 countries surveyed the sentiment was strongest among young people more than half of respondents want their governments to conserve forests and land and invest in renewable energy. now horses are a way of life in the mountainous region of central asia they've been fought over by clans and armies for centuries because of their strength and stamina especially during harsh winter months but as charles trafford reports now from rick in kurdistan the status and use of horses is changing. at the foot of the mountains cuba's farmers going their horses towards fields where the snow is less deep so they can graze horses from this region were 4 to over in prose but i know my clans invading armies and russian settlers for centuries. to farmers like buckets chalky of they are
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a source of wealth cultural identity and national pride. is another move. the horse is the killer gives man's right hand regionally nominates we discovered no less is riding horses like these who drink their milk and it's their meat horses mean so much for our culture. each of these animals is worth around $2000.00 protecting them from mountain predators can be a challenge especially this time of year. awards. this winter has been very bad for attacks by wolves for horses in the village of being killed off. for the farmers the hardy indigenous breeds of horses remain fundamental to their working lives but they also breed them with animals from europe and one of the reasons is a desire for victory you know nationals. the game of look towards demands a horse not only be strong why does wrestle over go to caucus they have to drop the
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animal into a school zone to win points. kin and so there's a cool over who's been competing for 4 years he's a horse called nick meaning colonel in english he's a cute european mixed breed a bit of them but he will let you know we need them to be i.j.n. fast there's a lot of horses with physical ability but they get scared they also can be too tall because we need to bend them down the good carcass. russian settlers were the 1st to mix curtis with european breeds when they came to this region in the mid 19th century there is now increasing interest among start farm own was like bechtel shop knockoff to breed pure european horses specifically for racing he breeds imported into shanah ml's which cost me around $50000.00 to transport from the u.k. . the difficulties of raising pure foreign breeds is you need better quality pasture and vitamins are not used to harsh winters it's much more challenging and
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expensive. horses are a way of life in this mountainous region of central asia. for bucket and his fellow herders they mean more than the money and prestigious chance struck for them i'll just era northern killer storm. tough a quick check of the headlines here this hour israel's most senior military commander has revealed the development of new offensive plans against iran left and general aviv harvey says he's or that his forces to step up preparations for possible military action in the coming year is also urging president joe biden to step back from any return to the 2015 nuclear deal.


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