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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2021 7:00am-7:30am +03

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and about term for democracy the military takes power in myanmar prompts an international condemnation i'm coals for sanctions. iraq money saeed this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up president biden holds talks with the 10 republican senators who've proposed a slimmed down covert 19 relief package. the u.n. refugee agency chief calls the humanitarian situation in ethiopia is very grave off to visit to the conflict ridden region. and iran launches
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a new satellite carrying rocket propelled by its most powerful engine to date. mars military has tightened its grip on power key ministers in the hours following a career to say in leader aung sun suu kyi has called on the people to rise up in comments written before the takeover of her whereabouts remain unknown off to she was taken in the middle of the night instead the army's resting power in the hands of commander in chief and 24 government ministers have been removed and 11 replacements named a un security council meeting is now set to choose day the u.s. has threatened to resume sanctions that were lifted back in $26.00 states the military is keen to point out it's only temporary. promising free and fair
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elections in one year but this comes just 6 years after the 1st civilian government in half a century or more now from early foul one of the few foreign journalist based in myanmar. in dawn raids in yangon members of me a democratically elected leadership were rounded up and detained as the military staged a coup the new state of emergency is in effect nationwide and the duration of the state of emergency is certainly one year. the military says it was acting in response to widespread election fraud its chief minimum lying now rules the country this is our worst nightmare quite clearly this is the myanmar military scrapping the democratic experiment you know you're talking about a party that won a landslide election truly a landslide election and all of the sudden we have. we have the president and other
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top people. under detention and a state of emergency manufactured by the military to justify your long seizure of power the raids came shortly before the 1st session of a new parliament was supposed to begin. party the national league for democracy had won a landslide victory in elections in november instead the military is now patrolling the streets here in yangon it's been a tense day as information has continued to him although we have seen an increased security presence with riot police congregating in a few key areas the streets of remained relatively quiet the energy is released a statement accusing the military of trying to return to a dictatorship and urging people not to accept the coup ok i am now you know we have a lot of struggles right now for food for life in general the health you know us people have got the covert problem and now we have a coup we were about to be ok and now this happens what do we have to do to survive
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some supporters of the military did take to the streets in celebration the new leaders have pledged to hold fresh elections and allow the winner to take power. but this is a country that only recently emerged from 5 decades of military rule and many a skeptical. how can we believe they will stick to that one year period based on what that have been other things in the past we couldn't believe them over there will be a solution when all the people you. knight there's a growing list of nations expressing concern over the situation as well as the united nations its former special rapporteur on myanmar says military chief minimum lying is pursuing his personal ambitions i mean i wanted to be the president are so that he can stay in power the reason he wants to he needs to stay in power is his his family has so much at stake in.
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businesses are businesses run by the military or it's cronies or its associates minim lines power play has left many in myanmar uncertain about what comes next and with some shops closed people are stocking up on supplies for early file joins me live now from young go on so the people of myanmar have had about 24 hours now to digest the coup what is the feeling on the ground now are we likely to see people go out on the streets and protest like sun city house call whole. well so far this morning it's relatively calm things are returning to feeling slightly close it's no malady banks have reopened i just took a walk around the neighborhood i'm in and saw people queuing up for banks to be open it's almost business as usual you don't feel the tension the war that was
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a rhymes in the atmosphere last night but obviously there's still a lot of uncertainty news is only just i mean this is only just happened it might take a while for there to be any sort of response and. this is undeniably going to be a very unpopular who people will be upset by that we're already in the middle of an economic crisis. which has been exacerbated by 90 and so there's a lot of issues to be dealt with in this country to sort of hold as all sorts of things going on this lightly the thing that pushes people over the edge but there's also a lot of caution a lot of fear many people here remember what it was like living under the military regime they remember what the military do when they crack down protest the popular movement and there's also skepticism about whether the statements from the end of the attributed some sense of a real there are. actually the military has taken over that facebook when as
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a lot of the key leaders and spokespeople are being detained perhaps the military is the one closely tied perhaps they're trying to incite people to the streets perhaps they're trying to find an excuse to make more arrests or to crack down hard whether that's true or not i'm not sure but it certainly seems like at the moment people are exercising caution a lot of the potential leaders of the of the protest movement has already been arrested and activists from the high profile i just missed from the past and a lot of all of those are in hiding or lying very low at the moment and what about . the other top officials who were detained last night do we know where they are now. it's not entirely clear where they are exactly but it's still that they are being detained in their homes or in the come times where they stay so. all of it all of which are and they. are about the opening of the 1st day of parliament that was due to happen on the
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1st of that theory on monday and so that's when this all began in those early hours so one convenient things of the military is that everyone high profile was congregated in the capital or they were told that the capital is quite an isolated city it's got a huge security presence so we know that uncensored she was at her home that the president was in the presidential compound and all the newly elected m.p.'s were in the m.p.'s. guesthouse which is also was a come kind where they all live together so it was pretty easy to ram lever body up and we've not had any news so far about people being taken away or arrested is just detainment in their own home so we're assuming that that's where they are but it's really difficult to get details even that communications a back up with maybe deal information is still scarce ok ali could speak to how they found that with the very latest on.
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a group of republican senators in the us say that hopeful that a bipartisan corona virus relief package can be passed off to meeting with the president they're proposing a plan costing about a set of $1.00 trillion dollars that joe biden was aiming for classical hand reports from washington d.c. . even before the meeting got started the press brought a lot in for a quick look. thank you both the white house signaled they were open to hearing from republicans but not necessarily reducing the amount president biden wants to spend it's important to him that he hears this group out on their concerns and their ideas he's always open to making this package stronger and the democrats in the house and senate didn't wait for the oval office sit down to move forward with their 1.2 trillion dollar bill put it in motion the process to try and pass it without any support from the opposition party republican senators are hoping to
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spend just $600000000000.00 the 2 are meeting didn't appear to produce any breakthroughs i wouldn't say we came together on a package tonight no one expected that in a 2 hour meeting but what we did agree to do is to follow. further the republican plan would spend money on fighting kovan give some financial support to the lowest earning americans and the unemployed and some money for schools to reopen but it left out a key democratic demand billions for states and cities who are facing budget shortfalls and may have to fire employees like teachers firefighters garbage collectors it also didn't include raising the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour over 5 years president biden said the need is urgent and he promised voters that help would quickly be on the way but he also pledged to find compromise in congress now as they continue to negotiate the question is how long is he willing
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to wait to see if he can fulfill both big promises pedicle hain al-jazeera washington. u.n. high commissioner for refugees has called on the ethiopian government to do more to protect civilians trying to escape fighting in the t. grey region filippo grandi says civilians driven from their homes told him that ordeal continued in camps where they sought refuge. reports i thought that if people arriving at my only refugee camp say they trekked for a day to reach here with only leaves to eat but things got worse at the camp this man didn't want to be identified there isn't anything here how can i feel safe here there is no safety here because they are also here there are many militias around the camp all around the camp if someone leaves the camp they're there and they kill them they kill us. the un refugee agency chief visited the camp recently people told him who they blame for the attacks they also spoke of the
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infiltration of armed actors in the camps of killings abductions and also some forced return to eritrea. at the hands of eritrean forces present in the areas. it's been widely reported that forces from neighboring eritrea have been cooperating with the ethiopian military to pursue fugitive leaders of the to gray forces but ethiopia's government denies the presence of foreign fighters even after declaring victory against to great forces in november people caught up in the violence say locals living around the camp a punishing them for the war. there are ladies who are raped by the local people due to this war because they believe that our soldiers killed their brothers they believe that so they are raping our sisters mothers and they are killing our brothers. u.n.h.c.r.
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says up to 20000 people a trying to escape revenge attacks the refugee agency wants the ethiopian government to give them access to the areas where they're hiding so they can help them barbara and al jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera the 1st batch vaccines arrive in south africa as it baffles a 2nd wave of kovan 1000 riven by a more contagious variant. and a powerful winter storm hits the northeastern united states causing widespread destruction. it's totally. janet. sponsored play qatar airways. in the immediate future the will is quiet throughout arabia iran and turkey the
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shamali is weakening it's not as dusty's it was but there is a hint of cloud building here and at least in the breeze which is unusual direction that cloud bay well gather i mean by producing produce something in the sky rather more substantial like for example rain as you see developing on thursday an arc of rain from the nose and red sea through saudi arabia and jordan into iraq and other countries in the event seem likely to get showers for a result of this and it won't stay where it is i think you'll get a rather more widespread picture bitter winter rain may see that for a while least not developing quite like this in southern africa the rains been rather more as you might expect debate there's a particular arc of the moment that goes for the middle of mozambique and the middle is in barbary kills back to botswana and then to this part of south africa this circulation seems to be drifting further west was with time and leaving behind a temporary hole in the sky cape town's got the southerly breeze you got 24 degrees
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and generally fine weather missouri which is the suit to a wet looking place with temperatures rising to 25 for frequent thunderstorms. qatar airways. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but og of them and policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is you type it on me and there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians on al-jazeera. heard.
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you're watching out of their minds of our top stories this hour the u.s. has threatened to reimpose sanctions on myanmar after a coup by military leaders prompted international condemnation the u.n. secretary general called the takeover a serious blow to democratic reforms. the military seized power on monday detaining democratically elected leader aung san suu kyi and dozens of government ministers says the avatar is temporary and as promised elections and here. a group of republican senators in the u.s. say they're hopeful that a bipartisan coronavirus relief package can be pos after meeting the president proposing a plan costing about the $1.00 trillion dollars that joe biden is aiming for. iran's foreign minister zarif has also the european union to coordinate average of
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both washington and tehran to the 2050 nuclear deal it comes on the same day iranian scientists announced the norns of a rocket capable of carrying satellites into space. as the latest. on the loose side to the grand central desert a successful liftoff for a growcott that terry moran describes as its most powerful get state television which broadcast the lutrell this is gonna reach the height of 500 kilometers it's said the 3 stage rocket can carry a satellite going to 120 kilograms and up to 10 smaller ones. iran often coordinate such tests with national holidays this month that would celebrate the from the 2nd anniversary of the islamic revolution but the luge may also be a show of strength ahead of potential negotiations on a nuclear deal i think that could very well be the intended. timing. for teheran to
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show the united states that its work continues. on missiles just as the nuclear issue continues to be you know increasing crisis. the launch comes less than a year after tehran put its 1st military satellite into orbit that state tension with the us which has warned that tehran is using its space program as a cover for missile development well good afternoon everyone u.s. president joe biden wants to return to the 2050 nuclear deal abandoned by donald trump which story ran restrict its nuclear program in return for sanctions relief the u.s. secretary of state is warning they don't have much time for negotiations it's a problem that could get more acute because if iran continues to lift some of these restraints imposed by the agreement that could get down to a matter of weeks the bottom line is they are getting closer to the point where they would be either a threshold nuclear power or actually a nuclear power tehran says this illyana will carry out scientific research if you
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don't choose a reminder to the new u.s. administration that despite economic and diplomatic isolation iran is one of the any a dozen countries in the world that it's a rocket technology capable of putting satellites into space victoria gayton be al-jazeera. u.s. president joe biden is planning a pathway for some on document migrants in the u.s. to eventually become citizens but asylum seekers who also waiting in mexico are hoping that his administration will offer them some hope to john heilemann how small. joe biden had said things would change on the very 1st day of his presidency for the thousands in the same position as martinez she's from cuba and cross 9 countries to ask for asylum in the united states but under a program begun 2 years ago by ex-president donald trump she was put back to weigh in mics. between her court hearings she spent 2 years now waiting in see it out
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what he's for a decision. the misfit i was that the baby can also it's quite dangerous because we're on the border we're not from here and dangerous present all the time so we put our hope in president biden and everything he promised in his campaign we hope he sticks to his promises. what joe biden promised was to end the program could remain in mexico which is see more than 60000 asylum seekers put across the border from the u.s. while they wait between court dates many were placed into gang ridden cities like qualities or matamoros with this tent camp sprung up isn't done that yet but he has done is to stop him rolling any new asylum seekers in the program a hit but the numbers of those same back were already going down before his term anyway the real question is what will happen to the thousands already stuck in mexico would they be now allowed into the u.s. while their process plays out. jose luis alvarado and the can i go
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a nurse who fled the autocratic rule of daniel ortega is fervently hoping so he's been stuck in mexico for 2 years struggling to provide for his expanding family without work visa make all those who are no no no no at the only meal and what happens is that mexico isn't going to give work to an immigrant because he has many unemployed here they go to a factory the 1st thing they ask us are you an immigrant do you have legal status if you don't have a permit they don't give you a job. i will introduce an immigration bill president biden's already planning a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented migrants who are already in the u.s. . he said he would be more open to asylum seekers to the tricky part for him and his team would be doing that without sparking a rush on the border. stuck in the middle of that difficult calculation for those in limbo in mexico john home and al-jazeera mexico city. a
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plane carrying south africa's 1st 1000000 coronavirus vaccine doses has arrived in johannesburg the country is battling a 2nd wave of infections driven by a more contagious there inthe us identified salim abdul karim is co-chair of south africa's minister ariel advisory committee ok the 19 explain south africa's approach to acquiring and distributing vaccine. the south african vaccine plan they are 3 levels of priority and at this stage the 1st 1000000 doses are going to level one priority and those are health care work the way in which the vaccines will be transported is from the airport the batches go to the party for quality assurance and that they go to the start you know vaccine facility caught by the river in cape town and by of act normally distributes childhood
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vaccines so they have huge storage facilities there and they have a distribution network from there it goes to egypt clinics and hospitals there just over. its mark $2.00 to $300.00 vaccine sites that have been identified and that and this app system that each health care worker has to complete that gives them an appointment to go to one of the sites to get a vaccine but i think because of the political pressure the government decided it would also engage in this kind of me 1st baxi nationalism and i think that that's part of the reason why we've got a vaccine about 2 weeks ahead of schedule when kovacs was supposed to deliver the 1st batches fortunately when i look at the most recent study that was completed and released on friday last week that showed that in a pretty large sample that about 2 thirds of south africans are ready and eager to
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take the vaccine concerns about online privacy and social media companies sharing personal data happened raised by governments around the world now one of the leaders f.t. tech welt is taking action rob reynolds reports. it's the battle of the internet giants with apple calling out facebook over consumer privacy without mentioning facebook by name apple c.e.o. tim cook threw down the gauntlet at a data privacy conference last month knology just asked for was a result they. were just but that's exactly how facebook does succeed by scooping up vast amounts of data about its 2800000000 active users in order to allow other companies to bombard them with advertisements supposedly tailored to their specific interests facebook gets almost
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all of its revenue through ads if you're like me and just about everybody else you probably haven't printed out facebook's terms of service and studied them. but experts say what you might find in these pages could surprise you facebook is probably keeping track of what you're doing when you're not on facebook and when you're not even one into facebook facebook is able to get data on what you're up to when you're using all kinds of apps and when you're browsing on websites that have no official connection to face i think that would surprise a lot of people apple plans a major privacy change in the coming months we are. artists yes you. are about the house. instead of poking around in your phone settings to opt out of data sharing apple will now require apps to give users a plain choice when they open an app is forced to prompt them to say hey do
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you want to let us track you or not and that's expected to make a big difference because most people don't actually want their behavior to be tracked and shared between various apps and website facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says apple doesn't really care about privacy it cares about profits apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work zuckerberg told investors in january apple may say they're doing this to help people but the moves clearly tracked their competitive interests he said the app stores new opt in feature could cut into facebook's revenue by 10 percent experts say that revenue was nearly 86000000000 dollars last year robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. google has agreed to pay nearly
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$4000000.00 to settle allegations of pay disparities in hiring women and asians the u.s. department of labor says money will go to $5.00 and off 1000 people who have either applied for jobs or went to google's california and washington offices in a freed is the chief technology correspondent she says the allegations against google and the policy of the wider problem this is a much broader issue in this case is fairly narrow it's talking about pay gaps and hiring discrimination and then is the main issue at the forefront what's mainly driving the conversation right now is how women and people of color are treated when they are working at the companies so i think part of the incentive for google to settle is while this case was about pay discrimination it's just another reminder of the many issues swirling around google most recently the ouster of prominent black ai researcher to get through who has really touched off a discussion on how google responds to women and people of color particularly those
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that call out discrimination that they see at the company. the powerful winter storm has struck the northeastern united states causing widespread destruction in new york all the major urban centers the mayor of new york city on the new jersey governor how both declared states of emergency christensen amy reports from new york. only the boards braved the cold and took to new york city's streets monday with snow falling at a rate of $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters an hour snow plows and shovellers could barely keep up the city declared a state of emergency and all but essential workers were asked to stay home still some couldn't resist i'm from california so this is this not happen over there which to me is something really cool that i get to experience it so yeah i kind of like code it had already reduced traffic and tourists here even in the city's most
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iconic neighborhoods like times square very very very smelly a lot of times where the kid was well out here we became running around during an overload people are enjoying things trade center the thing i've been going through there but poppy we're making the best of it but the storm stopped vaccination efforts throughout the northeast in their tracks vaccinations are canceled today they're also going to be canceled tomorrow based on what we are seeing right now we believe that tomorrow again around the city will be difficult be icy it will be treacherous we do not want seniors especially out in those conditions this storm is yet another blow for new york city restaurants are suffering tremendously amidst the growth of virus pandemic only outdoor dining is allowed for another 2 weeks and needless to say not a lot of people will be dining out today the storm is making its way up the coast with high winds threatening power outages from virginia through the adelphia and
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into new england states but there was still fun to be had from skiing in central park the plan today is to be until i get too tired have to go home to watching pandas go for a slide in washington d.c. smithsonian national zoo proving even a major storm isn't all bad kristen salumi al-jazeera. oh ok. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. has threatened to reimpose sanctions on myanmar off tick by military leaders prompted international condemnation the un's actually general call to take a serious blow to democratic reforms military seized power on monday.


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