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tv   Al Jazeera World Oman History Power and Influence  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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african union leaders will also try to find a peaceful resolution to heighten regional tensions in ethiopia example and somebody at the annual african union summit on al-jazeera. 1200 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera hello i'm come all santamaria these are the headlines police in may and ma a fall charges against. the ousted president when met and this is just 3 days after they were removed from power in a military coup police are asking for surgery to be remanded into custody for 2 weeks and as all this is happening a civil disobedience movement is growing of the removal of the democratically elected government kept it up as other young has a report. from shock to anger. the military coup in neon maher has
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sparked public displays of outrage with people banging pots and pans over night and its biggest city young gone 2 days after the takeover that ousted unsung food she and her government calls for civil disobedience mostly online for growing. doctors and nurses and at least 30 towns have gone on strike to oppose the coup an act of defiance with potentially dangerous consequences in a country with one of south asia's highest coronavirus death tolls but they're still reluctant to protest openly some analysts say what happens over the next week could to find the country's political future for years to come right now i go you know if you will. planning something big you know if i care for that we go from a boss. either this happens in the next or 5 days are it just media
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military vehicles now lined the streets of major cities in a country still adapting after years of military rule for dissidents were silence and opponents arrested protests carry high risks on wednesday morning the government run newspaper published a warning urging people to not oppose the coup. at the moment people are buying the newspapers to know the latest but i don't think they'll keep buying it later on when photographs of military leaders begin to appear on the cover some say it's gusting to see. me on mars a leftist leader and head of the national league for democracy on santucci won a landslide victory in elections in november following a large loss of parties favored by the military they declared the election frangela and now the head of the army is running the country. amid mounting international criticism people are now wondering whether their country's brief experience of democracy has perhaps come to an end. this is going on al-jazeera.
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down the fall is in young go on with an update now on what's happening on the ground now the info x. will act is incredibly will be written it's notorious under the military regime for creating political prisoners and it was thought that when i'm sent to a cheese party came into power they might revoke all or look at least reform a lot of these laws and this is definitely one of the most militaries on so they presumably kicking themselves mad that they didn't prioritize that and and there were a lot of questions about why they had what happened to address that. other headlines and inspectors from the world health organization a visited of institute in chinese city of where the corona virus was 1st identified the team spent the last month investigating the origins of covert 19 organizers of the delayed tokyo olympics have laid out their plan to ensure the games for july
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safe the measures include the banning of chanting and singing and making athletes use japan's covert 19 tracing app a group of opposition parties in ethiopia is a region says more than 50000 civilians have been killed in the conflict between regional separatists and the european army it's not clear where the estimates come from and in the past the european government has said federal forces haven't killed any civilians the former head of the european central bank mario draghi is meeting the italian president as they try to solve the country's political crisis president earlier announced he is putting together a new quote high profile government. and a dozen police officers have been arrested in mexico in connection with the killing of 19 people near the u.s. border the offices face charges of homicide abuse of authority and making false statements as you headlines al-jazeera world history power and influence begins right now.
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the state of rum and sits at the mouth of the arabian gulf at the eastern end of the arab peninsula. it is sometimes known as the switzerland of the gulf because of the important regional role it plays in the gulf cooperation council the g.c.c. . at the same time it has a good relationship with iran and played a vital role in the international nuclear deal in 2015. sometimes
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sided saeed's ruled the country for 50 years and is widely considered to have been a visionary statesman. when he died in 2020 he was succeeded by his cousin sultan haitham been taught in. the dynasty has ruled on manson 749 and in january 2021 sultan haitham nominated his eldest son as crown prince a strong sign of continuity. but a man's long history is not well known outside the gulf region before oil was discovered in 1962 fishing on pro diving words main sources of income it was a trading nation and was colonized by the portuguese in the 16th century it once had a vast empire stretching down to east africa but also enjoyed a strong british presence for over 150 years.
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in this film we go back over the last 500 years of all money history of tribes wars rebellion and colonization and explore how and why our man still plays an important regional role today. and the man at the head the fan and none of them did that but i have 30 here at the head with and among the 30. well journalists the only. one there out of humor are so one more heard in. the harley and the other to moderate out of your. wobbly offered either i didn't mean more and fear. lot of really far as i don't hear examiner on my beloved either your word on how few bucks to get their liquor heard the helium but after all the gaffe. free have clia member asked for fortune marilyn. general brown and
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a dude more zombie of. her father a cleaver because only a word he let a comma be her daddy he and the clinical were not a big to my ear yes metal what of that and so how theater and what have i to get and well hidden. hurt though and. then. into some at the get. a c.s.e. . adeptly. i think it's a lot of well when the food only a serving can figure out a lot on and what had not at the shelf forget what i knew i had not done as. people have lived in what's now a month since prehistoric times going back over 100000 years.
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tribes began migrating here from neighboring yemen around the 1st century of the common era. these tribes were there as the case and benny osama and they came to this area known at the time as my gun the land of frankincense. in a separate migration tribes also came here from the north of the arab peninsula like the nursery or add the knights known as the arabs of the north. they all came here because of the long coastline and very climates there were deserts mountains rivers and in the south lush greenery. in ancient history. was the only country in that part of what the world if you look at the arabian peninsula as a whole there are essential the only 2 ancient countries to the
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east. and to the west yemen and the mountain states that now exist all apart from oman and yemen they are all modern inventions. oh man. see i see a lot of bickering and c.s.e. in the public dirty. linen a world will for 30 or will for 30th couple me let me get the. help hold them siyad me there are no men care no see a z r a who. well then it will get in an abyss of a lot where they were salem and the more heart of them looking out of that city. in the heart of what is good for someone who got a room with one or 2 missile heart of america you're a man abdul gave me
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a good and then when i know a mom i care on in c.s.e. what happened while the whole malim the who the low well who are similar who shop for nothing when a shear it and the fear that it can last night can the 2 had no knowledge none look at an r.v. how they are on the keys a lot of kind of a sickly there any or more up or immoderate one can hear a branch of the look. no doubt in the leckie and out of the adelaide and that can a ts look at their own land and not the attempt the new madrid idea she had that the enemy where has he. gone off. and the over on to some he and the and now another. one who now sahara oh no you bet.
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i think than him part of understanding omani history has made all my own important thread its history we can go back to the herd millennium b.c. when oman was trading throughout the western india indian ocean and it's always been a matter of location it's it's there in the indian ocean it benefits from the monsoon weather system and so that really is kind of the important. factors that you have to keep in mind for out of money as for now when we get to the and that of course is what brought. moscow was at that time the kind of on tripos center for that western and you know she region. she thought of him. starting him in the look of latin had he and namesake be
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a king got an. insect beam an f. is about how you in mind that a cannibal but i mean how did. the portuguese arrived in 1507 and were led by the general and admiral alfonzo to albuquerque in 2 years they occupied ports and cities all along the coast of present day on monday and the u.a.e. . they built fortifications to consolidate their colonization from and how to learn yachts islands in the south to dawson had and muskets and northwards to hold for khan and hormuz islands. from which a lot of the your. show is still not in shape ditto. they were given a lot of that and a whole system not on yeah and wished on the dead end for chicken in korea and that how they were that a bad lady that would be made to be aught but demented and miss
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a good bet that i didn't win a felony let me stop there i don't want to get a no from sun then. albuquerque had a reputation for brutality attacking towns and cities that resisted the portuguese colonizers. their own money resistance was led by the mom who was elected by the tribal leaders this system of government in oman dated back to the 8th century. i had a little money you took the idea it shall see the emir this from sheer for me has been studied or stuck the how the regular who will lead the nation of father to be it and even not sort of an abortion. either or let me be and how there are good who will live the whole it in. theory read on welfare learn the
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order that would need moms who are not i level they are human not sort of no where should i be are we senate aloof or out of i was a latino he got here and it was to me or were treating me like i did for. a oh hi def ain't. so he don't mind of the stem so hard their monthly or do the months i know what or how comes to salinas and bad manners or not i learned a dat. so all man's different tribal factions came together in $1624.00 under nasir been more should be 1st of all money in of the yacht to be dynasty unified the tribes against their common enemy the portuguese. their omanis gradually force the portuguese
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out of the ports leaving only must cut in the hands of the colonizers. when imaam nasr died in 1649 his cousin and army commander john been safe succeeded him. had. a macand i mean but didn't want to lie to him we can not done a lot of he had the effect. some abilify that. i did could be a minute already in. the mechanism and how to win and what. made some of the vilified there. to have the support american women have they have also learned. a lot if you know a man with a heavy in a must a what's to me a home seen me daddy. time
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been safe had ambitions far beyond the liberation of musk odds he built up a formidable navy and pursued the board to gaze into their own colonies in india and east africa. a man transformed itself from victim of colonisation to an imperial power in its own right and its influence extended right down the east african coast. for the yes or no money. more to the beginner list our modern board and so i had. 100 that the sure had the. one of the cardinal a leader or one marketer that it like and all it shout out to her that the us will be an arm and worship the if we appear to have a kernel of what he. like and can hold on for coffee and deni and to gary and well in your control lawrence yes you're a whole lot of c.r.c. that got us in while the who regularly. get at least i'm out of work too early and
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so what if it's a battle in a massive time in a while and the terrible must either be some created out of the last where they have really done it or you're out of it for this yes you know money there was time to sort of was not enough for the home in maine i thought when one at a colorado was alone for them a little aidid the money. far in the julian. daily . been involved with the band in a while but it is more than a sahadi and i live out of it and hand believe off and. have shot than a flea at their methods and. bass how about that who have the one article had i would then kind of walk i think they're hoping for a man to have the the view i had and him and see if. you know them but if i hadn't of them and know you have the luck of look i bet he you consider that this al gore than one american that they work on that they're.
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under you have to be rule on money territory continue to expand as did its navy and merchant fleet. many years later the british diplomat samuel barrett miles wrote the ya doobies became the de facto sovereigns over the indian ocean and their ships spread fear into the hearts of europeans for over a century and a half. 'd but it would not last. be . enough for a one woman humps and a middle and not have been motionless and i'm a safe bet out a bunch of less ai sabers upon them of a national policy if any. would decide to action back up and had better have had to sort of had me for 31 b. day in indiana. in
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1718 the death of the yacht o.b.e. ma'am been safe the 2nd triggered an all manny leadership crisis. his son was only 12 years old and so a power struggle between different tribal leaders ensued the situation was complicated by religious scholars also arguing about the rules of succession. the old jacobi order descended into chaos and civil war looming. thank you and when i look at a sarah bain or whatever i do you know of in as i. had with a tad of one and the they now have their own line but as an affair that he has a very yeah i'm an outsider lawfully been in vatican tonight. in new york for a year and the benioff when how that going to walk. how the other inputs are.
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in the 720 s. and thirty's under the young safe pencil time the 2nd tribal alliances shifted and the stability of the out of the state we can see. this map produced much later it shows the geographical distribution of the mean on money trying. but in the 730 s. the 2 it war now we and the coffee. was bad then headed on my. behalf. and then has been then now out of the high that has been for mccann and for lanny then that are not all mine. will anyone at all none. of the how the more play will get hot and i can you will get rid of what they look at alec ghanem the overseer had no money left and they could be the day
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in the is the day and he. could be as many as there was a lot of cousin lot older and now we than you know and in africa and so the shake of abu dhabi comes from a southern arab tribal yemeni tribe and so he sides with the head head now we. does he play an active role in that civil war not so much but again it's kind of it almost an ethnic kind of identity about where your particular family originated. if he doesn't have a comma superstar so he'll be headed. up the a good $100.00 stand to be. stuck on a year because i had died having a 100 year here and funny scene. now an
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adult safe consult on the 2nd resorted to outside help to try and defeat his rivals he sent a message across the gulf to the persian ruler in addition. in 737 shah sent to rescue force but it soon turned into an army of occupation. the persians took her for a con and rawson followed by the city of muscat. but as they had against the portuguese the man is resistant and the new dynastic leader emerged saeed al buso i fear look at highland but as a. medicine a divorcee deep below the can now while he and i are so hard to many and even unsafe to survive. well so hard can a tier 3 a why yes there was a lot of the hurry for an alley cat but as a medicine
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a duality so hard to acquire more definite indeed or good and pharisee. somber father see was it's the last minimum share those will harm and guilt are men . and. women must dealt. well is that it you mad i did it or money on and then i leave that come center last minute i had obama into. a kind of any and. lot. will stop a bio and say that. you know monica for senate out of 7 i'm here to say i want to be just behold i call you mama and miss a day ma'am and you know i. don't mind. my been sidel blue side his election in 749 was aimed at unifying the country.
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he ruled for 34 years and was the 1st to be and who sided dynasty that still rules on mine today. but he did not have things all his own way and met serious opposition from the colossal tribe in the north the omani coast that region also occurs up into what's today the united arab emirates which before it was the united arab emirates was known as the true szell states or the truth will coast but before that was known as the sa among the omani coast because that's part geographically of oman throughout its history the ruler of. the country the major the sultan i may have had exercised some influence there especially in places like i was dhabi dubai there were there are closer relationships there you get to the north where the cost some tribe dominates
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there's always been a fair amount of tension and it's been difficult for the omanis to control that particular territory and. of either the old man yet and the sheriff here on hand and there are sort of fame or a sore thumb and that you don't have your own. i laugh enough and listen a while the could feel fifi they were clear out of the had a shot of coffee the. thought of the birth of ollie in malam i'm not a motion to learn and now will any month or a minnow man hear the month of the month again for him. these tensions continued and boiled over at the end of the 18th century the qassam tribe in the north rebelled against ruled by the alba id dynasty. well when i was him i learned how poor they are and us have done his well i have one in 4 say look what vitale damon has earned a measure of will or at that he has
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a lot of that and now we have a new ship in vienna and we start to land in a city and how they can afford it yes you're not overdone. only a little car wasn't letting it in how the necessity into your life and our money now for thought of for me i'm going to him a list of all that and a dollar and oh money or madam said harbor home felony and so if i let you cannot talk mother samantha why you don't feel the same. so my bad. but as it would look awesome if you had been in cecil been made in serried or learn how to say that zaid what they don't know but would tell a lot. of media i mean at the local us and. say it's a double salon. but as all of the. well a lot but it's not a country and so i thought i didn't want to come and look at the the hindi. the
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british french and trade just like you know money and they were interesting trolling territory but the problem that existed in the gulf was piracy kind of this is the 1900 century idea of terrorism one of the kind of main practitioners of piracy was the with the quasi from from. coastal masato among and so this this became very disruptive and occasionally the cost of one attack a british ship. the british wanted to control this region to counter the influence of other european countries and to our money sea power there treaties with all mine and other emerging gulf states would dominate the region for the next century and a half. al-jazeera
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is investigative unit goes undercover tracking down an international organized crime network. i want to. go back to exposing direct links to corruption at the highest level of the bangladesh government. to make sure they. use it. to al-jazeera investigations all the prime ministers men. hot of the friends of my colleagues on the love god we are the while traveling the extra mile they are the media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. since its inception in 1961 the kuwait fund has been supporting people's livelihoods in over 100 countries by funding projects in an array of sectors. ranging from infrastructure to health and education. these initiatives ultimately help to eradicate poverty.
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and promote sustainable development. you're. you're. part 2 of al-jazeera worlds look at armaan in a moment but 1st a check on the headlines and police in maine ma have filed charges against the ousted leader aung sang suu kyi and seeking to detain her for 2 weeks for breaching an import export law according to police documents the army took power in a military coup on monday more from malleefowl in yangon now the info expo act is incredibly brutal the reckon it's notorious under the former military regime to create 100 political prisoners and it was thought that when on time to achieve
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party came into power they might revoke all or at least reform a lot of these laws and this is definitely one of the most militaries on so they presumably kicking themselves mad that they didn't prioritize that and there were a lot of questions about why they have haven't addressed that the headlines and inspectors from the world health organization have visited ever raji institute in the chinese city of. where the corona virus was 1st identified the team is investigating the origins of coverage 19 well denies it the delay tokyo lympics have laid out their plan to ensure the games a safe on july 23 measures include a ban on chanting and singing and making athletes use japan's covert 19 tracing up . a group of opposition parties in ethiopia's to get a region say more than 50000 civilians have been killed in the conflict between regional separatists and the ethiopian army it's not clear where the estimates come from but in the past the government said federal forces haven't killed any
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civilians access to the region is severely limited since the fighting broke out. the former head of the european central bank mario draghi is meeting or has been meeting the italian president in a bid to solve the country's political crisis president gave druggy a mandate to form a new government has been struggling politically since prime ministers have become they resigned last week his coalition broke up because it couldn't agree on coronavirus spending a dozen police officers have been arrested in mexico in connection with the killing of 19 people near the u.s. border the offices faced challenges of homicide abuse of authority and making false statements the charred bodies were found in the back of 2 burned trucks in the state of. last week at least 2 of them were caught a modern migrants trying to reach the united states there you go you're up to date with your headlines we're back with the news hour in about 25 minutes.
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the order of the sultanate of our mind has a rich history and was once the dominant power in the whole gulf region it had a powerful navy and colonized large areas of east africa in the 17th and 18th centuries. the alba sided dynasty came to power in 749 and the same family still rules online today in 1806 sorry
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had been sold on a booze idea took power. but by the early 18 hundreds other tribes like the co-op on the northern coast had their own separatist ambitions they also often threatened british shipping which used the gulf waterway as a key trading route to india and beyond. side been sold on id saw that he and britain had a common interest to combat the influence of the coerced some tribes on the northern coast and the british considered pirates so the british got together with cybill sort of 1st of all in asia you know 9 and then again in 1819 to try and destroy the ships that the. were using and the purpose was to destroy the costs him ships it was not to destroy the colossal musser tribe the british were quite content the cost him should live there in peace provided they did not attack shipping i think it is
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a way of the pilot on our arsenal way that the my for him are limitless and. ours and that of our awesome. jonathan holmes you're more servant of britain here. i mean how can the should work for whom understandably funny that can any. and all that and they wanted to do it was idea and out of their money or had more. than the had our say it's aid i will help move and i'm him you really do and your girlfriend are. bad and father either. i'm a slow or who are the hagar. riedel father arsenal so they have a home big a shoo. in and. the
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last and the last of him or her of whom blush a lot. of phone home. near home black in baghdad that nic say it's a bad day on the it is yesterday in kabul and our. the mallet either a salad fossil i look well that's about the look at this. this was a defining moment in the history of the gulf region and it still resonates today in 820 the british with their overwhelming naval power negotiated a treaty with the tribal sheriffs on the northern coast so. this alliance ended the threat to british shipping and from this point on the area they'd always refer to informally as the pirate coast became known as the truce will coast what it did essentially was what the shakes were able to do is is basically claim we've been recognized by the british government as an independent state and so russell.
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i demand charges on marquis away from jay or dubai abu dhabi all then. are recognized by the british through these truces as an independent country if you like. so this treaty was signed and it was in the sense the precursor of the subsequent truces that was signed between britain and the to the shakes of this region and that's why it became known and it was the pit this was for a truce if you like and that was why it was known as the true szell states after that time. between 183-5853 britain and into a number of agreements with the truce will states. in 1902 the link between the british and the sheriff's became closer still they signed an exclusive agreement so in return for british naval protection the truthful states agreed not to enter into
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relationships with any other foreign government without britain's consent. when i get near a match i sat on my way home all. the way or much of it. either and i am going to happen i'll be a funny. home while the year y n n one dead if give over a year to my for that well a. while a cat will hide what i. am i hide it will be if the new mineral might damage but i've landed on a council britannia working at a great time if sharon. is that he should carry being able to help sally been sure we wouldn't be in the way you. been in for gave us a half hour here we'll come by and have a can
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a bit finer to come be taught it hadn't work it is to have been in the south and then yourself there is high there and little come with a heart about how till your early tonight. then kind of sad oh man the chemin the thought so how mad there is and there's a moment huddled in the hollow had until after the 820 agreement side been so final to side the realized his influence on the gulf coast was decreasing so he set about restoring all manly power over its many colonies on the east coast of africa i saw your sorry been sold on mr home with her family live in a suburb or. though we didn't have food or own money. i brought up this year of good feeling about how my lot the last other year behind if they are about
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like welfare i'm elf with a minute for money or a shilling card or see its aid be enough see humble a lush other. door please don't afford the costs not on fema bus up woman from our karma busy on single market for fear her with a laugh at the shark leer oda ilar oman welfare and forth and mining it with meaningful athena. you're a winner and watch them in ottawa i get a look at art. and m.r. allen are unsingable be my thought but there are some i found funny or lillian but after a year or marnia war makata on your to mormon clearly he like cattle or omani officials before you. visit missy it's a bulls all done better that the money and bought out or e.l.o. money owes and did. so on the amount of oh here 03 above and mcpartlin heart. the other a month and
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a shot if i do see. will they be the only come in no he. i mean i'm in and. they're out of here my bad. hadn't. been with the hater been disputed. in the kidney what does well do we really have that we haven't had one i'll talk. 30 then again i. this is not. so for we're here at a little more seriously what i know for a soul vessel. what to dolittle or omani yes here i had to say yes. bill you have often. heard
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before what can but how do you walk a delicate ask. them again after oman men clearly have thought of. well more half of. the. side been soltani died in 856 and this triggered a power struggle between his 2 son. the british intervened and the governor general of india brokered a compromising $861.00 known as the counting award. this separated musket under my rule by through a neighbor inside the on the one hand from the lands ruled by his brother measured from the island of zanzibar on the other. the canning awards obliged measure to make an annual payment to his brother in arms which continued for several years . when measured eventually stop making these payments it caused
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a financial hardship it must start and all mine. anya of our year cannot howdy for. limbaugh after all yellow money our dollar a little money a lack in an x. the arctic canada had to feel or seem hard the limbaugh polio hard hit dollar house but then one can sure autumn winter nanny for what to her fee in my journal but how to learn a lot fuller omani feel more helpful hint you are a little out of the real arlen must a woman of god and it does sasha out of canada then i'll martyr but the 3rd any man hater paul was was how jim by the story of bonnie but it turned the whole list here my lawyer. the heat in them a young body that takes 0 to take their car that i live. well they look and
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then i'm a sad. habe. by the late 19th century mainland oman had become weaker in 3 ways. it had less influence over the northern trishul states. serious internal tensions had grown between the sultan in the more secular muscat region and the leaders of the more religious interior. and the ongoing british presence continued to undermine the power of the salt on in moscow. in 888 face i've been salt on became ruler and in 891 he signed another agreement with britain which virtually made ramadan a british protectorate. so the country that once ruled an empire from the arabian gulf to east africa saw its stock fall even further. in
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1913 face alban turkey was succeeded by to move been face on but the young new sultan inherited a debt ridden country with longstanding internal tensions and heavily dependent on the british. man the holy roman few might hurt him is difficult yet and more commenting he's. really. done. mina said it was that aid and used to have what i see as if it. ken ham a 2nd him minimalist of the own and will last me for a link it is and not so to thomas yes yet estimate illust amount of the to home minus a lot in western murder and you can see my helmet hanging in a monitor to study when you have a to fuck here to mr america and at your car how about some latino brother said a month later i mean that it means to him or perfect society least of us yet he let mr turner hannon if he had a fit or terry here my bad attacking can end in
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a laugh efficiency yet said it was saturday were intimate and what i see se a lady with a roofie ole man i'm real course in lieu of the let me get the more wild card with the war but she did. it in the middle english the dignity of the warpath overboard what was a little bit more want a war of. bilbo to luck. in going to shit in the center of the heart of the land we have all the gear you know i'm an a.t.l. mainly. been feisal became sultan in muskrat's in 1913 but the split between him and the him i made in the interior continued until the british brokered a deal in 1920 and he recognized the autonomy of the not the sovereignty of the armani interior. he abdicated in
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1932 in favor of his eldest son side bin time mood who became the 13th sultan of muskets and on. an exchange of letters from the time provides an insight into the level of influence and control by british administrators in the gulf region. on the surface they seem to be a simple exchange of news and a routine visa request but they actually highlight the complex diplomatic protocols involved in dealing with chef dumbs who have longstanding differences. the 1st letter is from britain's political agent in the truthful state of sharjah to his opposite number in bahrain he tells him about the death of chef safe but how madam sharpie ruler officiate on the 24th of december 1938 and that his brother mohamed bin hammam had had succeeded him. the 2nd letter follows on from that
3:48 pm
went on the 2nd of march 1939 the british political agent in muscat writes to his counterparts in kuwait seeking advice on a diplomatic problem. the sultan has sent me a musket passport given by his government to mohammed bin hamad shaikh of for jira for granting of a visa to bahrain. the sultan claims the shaikh to be his subject and granting a visa by me would amounts to all right. ignition of his claim to for gerry which place from our records appears clearly not to be in the sultan's territories please telegraph your instructions as the shake wants to leave by the next steamer. the british political agent in kuwait replied with a compromise. you should give muhammad to some of how much shaker fujairah some sort of unofficial paper to enable him to land at bahrain and thus avoid raising
3:49 pm
the question of sovereignty of. the emirates so they would call the emirates that the course is not the emirates the hut or told them as an independent at this stage were not very wealthy and powerful some had loyalty to the sort of the mascot. and some say were operating independently. couldn't tell you could had by the novel sign a year by the thought oh so now you're bored enough to date as yet or to have been lead a hack yes yes he was the timing is fair and to have him c.s.e. tell the it had he had was a bit ahead of you about one. other company. it's a lot of dough to go sight better than it. was i missed some yourself and the lady
3:50 pm
that about us will be added to a good deed to c.s.e. then i wouldn't say added we're here definitely that. or shouted at our lunch i lied to get ourselves i would have been alone many and had neither. one he can he met in the shadow manic. had the feeling i had that one did then who are i mused at this at the end of a as a hilarious. she has. been how come i will not be the will leave a shot that will let me. in a moment of. the law. of the game are. there any other but the hurt them but that a lonely lee is a mammal whom movie will be. in 1908 the british under prime minister harold wilson announced their plan to
3:51 pm
withdraw from the gulf region entirely for financial reasons they needed to save money. at the same time she has. forged closer relationships with the other trishul states leading to the formation of the united arab emirates in 1971 but this was also a crucial time for a modern oman oil production began in 1967 giving the country resources to develop its own infrastructure. in 1970 armand's new leader saddam was been sidelined saeed's began using that revenue to finance a huge liberalization and modernization program and. i think the background to the establishment of the u.a.e. is absolutely the decision by the british to leave the gulf which i recall correctly is a decision they took in 1967 as a result of cuts in the british defense budget or time but they didn't actually
3:52 pm
implement fully until i think it was 970 was. i think the all money government recognized that the shake them were more or less independent of a mine where there were issues with almost every one of those shake them as was was territories so you have you know you have a dispute with i would be robber a me you have a dispute with dubai around a place called when he had to you have a dispute with fujairah about libya. so when the u.a.e. was founded rasul did not join the new federation immediately there was a short period of short delay and i think that to lay itself explains the ambivalence about identity that existed on the ground
3:53 pm
so there were those in russell karima that wish to be part of oman there were those in russell climate that wish to be part of the new federation. so this was a very delicate situation and actually you can see this if you look at the map of the northern emirates now and the most on the peninsula for example this was an area where the shake would have had loyalty towards the rear of moscow but the other shows that they came in they went sometimes they would be with the rue muscat and sometimes they would be acting independently another. fact that's possibly a good example of this. means is. it was for many years oman had a representative in the emirates not an ambassador now again this reflected ambivalence about identity if you
3:54 pm
have an ambassador you are acknowledging that your interlocutor the place where the ambassador goes to represent you is a foreign place and i i i don't think omanis thought of the emirates as a foreign place. and face 1st because they are. almost so close to each other the reese they seem to mean going they don't see themselves as fully separates and. in a formal sense to put an ambassador in place is to acknowledge that other place as fully separate. britain's formal relationship with all mine lasted from 820 to 971. while opinions on the british presence vary widely
3:55 pm
a comparison between its withdrawal from the gulf and its departure from palestine egypt and aden highlight the difference between britain's involvement here and elsewhere in the middle east. but that. the whole. lisbon that illegal. has he at the very latest and not doesn't have he has a. lot of your lot there are big now you can and there you were in the way for that now lie you did and your. team have not seen how similar they. at best to tell the whole lot. the dates are often what the exact images had that is short.
3:56 pm
they have. and i like how they were odd and they were taken on what an asher. suit on caboose overthrew his father in a bloodless coup in 1970 but his 50 year rule completely transformed oman. he had no children when he died in january 2020 but nominated his cousin haitham as his preferred successor in a sealed envelope opened only after his death in january 2021 sultan has made his eldest son crown prince. the challenge for them both is that amani oil will not last forever and so how they manage to sustain the country's historic influence across the gulf will define our man's future.
3:57 pm
it's time for the perfect. storm suit point at ways how it got more very hot weather into rio de janeiro at the moment last the stunning fine and dry half of the a showers into central west impossibile some very heavy rain of a lot of heavy rain coming out of bolivia just sliding down across the power required to was a southeastern corner of this also very heavy showers possible a system flooding there just around the eve of a plate pushing across year ago i had to go rio still getting up to around 37 or 8
3:58 pm
degrees above the seasonal average cools off a little as we go on into thursday but warm enough at 35 celsius and that rain continues into southeast impossibile snotting a little further north with francisco starting to come back in across the river plate but you know here the showers across that western side of the amazon pushing across towards peru and it's a 7 pos of columbia but you push further north a slightly dry for the east and not as west where the long line of sundry downpours coming right in across the great strength of this fun of that law and a wet weather across costa rica and on into panama that will continue to tumble its way for the race was brought the skies to come back in behind then for cuba and for jamaica not too bad and i just want to show i was there just around the east of dallas for a time but it will brighten up nicely as be gone into thursday bush time with the top temperature of 27. qatar airways its america's worst kept secret cracked open the time of
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a pandemic exposed in the time of tromping through the turmoil of 2020 the big picture traces a century of racial injustice to reveal how philanthropy politics and economics preserve structural inequality keeping white a supreme and black in its place a race for america part one on a. american people have finally for poking around here as i see it when america is off balance or because it's more dangerous the world is looking at us live next year of sadness and. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck with the fuel weekly take on us politics and society that's the bottom of the latest news as it breaks human rights groups are questioning why people are taken to this isolation senators and the treatment they receive once they are there with detailed coverage beyond graves now control the villages that we can see on the
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other side of the river people who live on this side that they can hear gunfire when they're fighting from around the world months after that i will cain eruption they say their hearts are now back to normal. this is al jazeera. 1300 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera santa maria this is the news hour police in the main mara filed charges against. her to be detained for the next 2 weeks also all position parties in ethiopia's taken to a region say more than 50000 civilians have been killed in 3 months of conflicts the former european.


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