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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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and of our programs award winning documentary. dan news reports. subscribe t u g forward slash al-jazeera english. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. you're watching the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. banging the pots and pans for a 2nd night residents of me in my protest against military rulers the police file charges against unsung suchi. a lifeline for poor countries the global
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alliance for coronavirus vaccines rolls out his plans. a group of ethiopian opposition politicians says 50000 people have died in to gray in the fighting between separatists and the security forces. and italy has a new prime minister the former european central bank chief mario draghi vows to steer the country out of recession caused by the pandemic. i'm satisfied out of plenty of sports coming out the 6 teams from 5 continents get ready to take on to refuse help of copycats out amid strict 19 restrictions. there have been symbolic displays of anger against the military coup in myanmar after calls for nationwide civil disobedience people in myanmar as big a city are banging pots and pans for a 2nd night in a row but there are
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a few signs of major street protests earlier the police did file charges against aung sun suu kyi and the ousted president. explains. military vehicles patrol the streets of myanmar they are the reminder the coup may be over but hits against alstad leader on sung switchy and her government continue police have filed charges against her for allegedly importing radios illegally an accusation they will have retained until february 15th some members of her party the national league for democracy now gather in a temporary office and young gone after their headquarters they say were raided now they are telling the people who support the army are celebrating but if we go out onto the streets there would be a clash it would be chaos we fear the military would then use that to extend the coup and legitimize it saying we incited violence we have to avoid that political truck. the announcement follows public displays of outrage against the coup with
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people banging pots and pans. calls for civil disobedience are gaining momentum. in the arab league and i really want to we join the protests banging pots until they were bent out of shape it was the only thing we were able to do at the moment we want the international community to be aware of the situation because in terms of power we can't fight back against the military. doctors and nurses and at least 3 towns have gone on strike to oppose the coup an act of defiance with potentially dangerous consequences in a country with one of southeast asia's highest coronavirus steps towards but there are still reluctance to protest openly some analysts say what happens over the next week how people react could define the country's political future for years to come right now i go you know if. a planning something big you know.
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my guess is that we go from a box. either this happens in the next or 5 days our it will just move there. here protests carry high risks for years myanmar was ruled by the military dissidents were silenced and opponents arrested on wednesday morning the government run newspaper published a warning urging people to not oppose the coup me on mars a leftist leader and head of the national league for democracy and science which he won a landslide victory in elections in november following a large loss of parties favored by the military they declared the election frontal and now the head of the army is running the country. and mounting international criticism people are now wondering whether their country's brief experience of democracy has perhaps come to an end. to all of this with a young al-jazeera ok let's bring in michael that he sees the asia direct
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for the center for humanitarian dialogue he joins us from singapore michael welcome to the news are banging pots and pans we're describing it as being symbolic can it ever go beyond symbolism well i think it's clear that people are very angry i think the question is what is the strategy for any organized protest and my guess would be that the n l d itself and the protest potential protest leaders but probably hoping that they can lol the military into a cold sense of security after a matter of a couple of weeks or so and then begin the protests because coming out straight away would be probably a foolish act but there's no doubt that these pot banging the 2 nights now and probably will continue to indicate the very high degree of public anger what does the military do with unk son suchi in 234 weeks' time. well you know as you've
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seen they've they've brought trumped up charges on a very very minor but nonetheless you know tangible offenses because they i think were originally or perhaps hoping that they could charge it with something larger like treason but you know as we've seen in the past it's very difficult to sort of to fit those charges into a legal framework and i think what they've done is they've come up with these relatively minor trivial offenses but will nonetheless be offenses that they can charge her with she did have a symbiotic relationship with the military over the past few years i guess it be fair to say that was there any indication over the last year or so that that relationship was beginning to go downhill and end in the way that it's ended well i think for the last 5 years people have been worried ever since the 2015 elections that the civil military relationship was not being handled well i mean she was
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having a very difficult time maintaining a working relationship with the head of the army ming auline she was very stiff in front of him there were very few meetings i think only one in the last year and there was no sort of camaraderie or or sort of socialization with the military and it made it very very difficult to actually engage the military at a working level and i think that's true that that's that's been the deterioration for the last 5 years does that mean though michael that the military has been waiting 5 years to do this. i suspect not i think that the plans would have been laid a couple of years ago or more but i think what really. cost the die was the fact that they military party us d.p. lost very badly in the elections that the army then called out fraud and then the n l d and the civilian government did nothing to address those allegations and i think that was a slippery slope towards
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a negotiation that failed and ultimately led to the coup trying to maintain this kind of post grip on a country it never works it always eventually fails can this military sustain what it's planning on doing however i mean is this military coup different to all the other military coups that we've seen well i think the memo military will look to thailand where of course you've had a relatively successful path from coup to military controlled government an election that was held almost a couple of years ago that then installed the military leaders as an elected government and i think they're looking at the thai constitution and the installation of non-elected upper house members of the senate and thinking well maybe we can do it that way because thailand has had a tried and tested part towards ensuring military government and also made it more
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acceptable and i think that's past what the haps what the myanmar military is looking at ok we must leave it there michael but here it is there in singapore good to talk to michael thank you very much thank you peter. now the global alliance to distribute vaccines to the poorer nations is aiming to inoculate 200000000 people by the end of june the un led kovacs scheme says is on track to supply 2300000000 doses by the end of the year most of the doses expected for the 1st phase will come from the british swedish drug maker astra zeneca and its partner sarah institute of india today we are pleased to announce the conclusion of a long term supply agreement with the serum institute of india for the coke 19 vaccines to access to vaccine products through technology transfer from astra zeneca and nova vax unicef along with our procurement partners including power hope
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will have access to up to $1100000000.00 doses of vaccines for around $100.00 countries for approximately $3.00 a dose for the low end lower middle income country as an employee mean is an advocates on banks anything africa and the director of a med bios has a medical biotechnology lab he says kovacs has taken a big step towards fair distribution of the vaccine. i think it's great news actually because last week's we were given actually through nightmare scene like at all the doors as go into rich countries and lower and lower income countries get in nothing so now i think that the new rich or unicef through the corps parks in this if it's bigger than they think we have to talk about the go be the start of this initiative many years ago through the gates foundation and now it think through
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would lots of struggling maybe soon this countries will get to the doors is that i'm still here waiting for them grim and taishan it's easy to say that we can guarantee and the to have the girls as but i think until we see it in africa we will have to wait i think which is a really nice in the government and the unicef initiative and the advocates of the kovacs initiative and just seeing that the forward who are should be able actually for this year to vaccinate at least 20 percent of the population and boxing or the people at risk if we do it the mortality will go down and we can go to the feast true we can go to the other range or of age to get the maximum of the population pakistan started its national vaccination campaign a day after receiving off a 1000000 donated to suits of china's center farm vaccine the government says it plans to vaccinate 70 percent of its high risk population by the end of this year
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come the reports now from islamabad. the national command an operation center had been the no center of the back against their own ally race and of course every day they are meeting to discuss and see what is happening across the country as far as the spread of this pandemic is to show progress on had received its 1st batch of 500000 soldiers of the sino farm vaccine i get from china but you cannot so i'm free to meet up and you know how to stand at our college friends if the priority a lot of corporation novak sense of nature to from chinese government has a right to be talking style on top to allow status it's the 1st country universe to receive the chinese government elected back to the bush people a good guy george at will be held to work as rarely as the old with the age of 65 where the more value to date is quite high i think it's my place here to look
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down and became the 1st taken in haiti for my colleagues and my fellows come and move at 1618 against a well we don't mean because i think it is that essential for the has get better ideas will get the 60 nations buggers on had noted ready to go order to will $500.00 engage phase of the cairo now why race and has been reporting over a 1000 cases per day by day as whole because by your standards also one of the 5 countries where their trials are underway for there can be no biologic rack which of course is reporting a lot of promise the very important facts on the have been getting out a very effective campaign to curtail the spread of disease as well as keeping livelihoods alive for things having problems but obviously that seems with are going to be a very very critical part in providing the safety as you go forward also today the
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very significant day in every problem. back to nation started the scene. that it may be able to give protection right now or. any foreign minister. who helped. get the. 1000000. the next. critical battle against corona and it would be important to be. able to go back. plenty more still to come here. to support the. extreme winter weather displaced syrians already
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struggling to stay. in. the. position party's in ethiopia's tikrit region says more than 50000 civilians have been killed in the conflict between regional separatists and the ethiopian army the estimate hasn't been independently verified in the past the ethiopian government federal forces have killed any civilians access to the region has been severely limited since fighting broke out in november if the o.p.'s government has responded to the opposition's allegations through a twitter account that it says does a fact checking for the region it says reports of assessments of civilian casualties that's being circulated in various international media. are
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unsubstantiated and suffer from unfortunate political motives it goes on to say the fact that we have not found ourselves with significant civilian casualties is testament to the planning and professionalism of the ethiopian national defense force welcome web's in nairobi with more well the queues the ethiopian government forces of blindly bombarding towns and villages destroying them killing civilians in the process they've accused the government of using food and hunger as a weapon against the civilian population they say that the government forces have killed millions of heads of livestock they've burned crops this is caused hunger crisis is 6000000 people more than 6000000 are in need of humanitarian aid as a result of the government we contacted the prime minister spoke the person who directed us to the government's social media accounts and one of them said that
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numbers of civilian these high numbers of civilian deaths being reported in international media were on substantiated and politically motivated and they said also that twitter account did the government regrets any civilian deaths and they hadn't actually found a significant number now all of these claims and counterclaims are very difficult to verify because the still massive restrictions on access for journalists for humanitarian workers throughout the ticker a region. malcolm webb reporter well regional violence erupted in northern region in november thousands were forced to leave their homes and access for aid agencies was cut off in january the u.n. reported a high number of rapes integrate soldiers are accused of sexually assaulting internally displaced people in exchange for basic commodities the u.n. also estimates nearly 2300000 people or nearly half of the to korean population as at risk of starvation and in need of emergency food aid let's talk now to forsee her he's a researcher for the horn of africa amnesty international he joins us on skype from
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nairobi for tecla welcome to al-jazeera this is an astonishing figure do you believe it. when. we get more that off bob marley jane it's somebody that that's like the no exact city guess i know but if you guess right off the by that. city line if they could i start that in no way back there so they might have that there should age out all. right and make everybody have documented. i mean but i've see them at the ivy so that's sad but i better find them but it's and getting desolate scandals that i thought it was about is easy to do that they needed access. if you got in that
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room somebody took you for them and in fact made so. we got a note that if the i'm this time but that's life you know that i was that if you can stand up and you assess it's. as we've been reporting thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes the villages the communities as far as we can tell do we know where those people have gone. yes and us a that's. not the same that all ice doesn't match have a few days i don't think he got it maybe. that's just the 1000 are being active getting sick at that and so now that's admitting that not he's basically been thinking i and that was that maybe i didn't i mean he didn't. but he just. says that in that case if he did the guy it's. a thing that you might
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have done because he thought that if it was at any time that we didn't diminish your dad that he suspects that that then that stuff might extend him to give it to you at least a chance or i did and say insecurity so i'm dead so i think it's best that i and i book people something gets more than 2.5 maybe i can meet up in my area at some point or music that i have so yeah i got people out there that night and i did anybody that athletes and also that ok we'll leave it there. in nairobi thank you very much. and. well and 1400 people have reportedly been arrested in protests against a court ruling to send the russian opposition leader alexina volley back to jail.
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the court says he violated the probation terms of an early a conviction while recovering in germany from that knee a fatal poisoning he will now spend more than 2 years behind bars the police have been out in force in moscow with the launches protons took place. there's been a bridge around the world the new u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken called the for the immediate and unconditional release of novelli and his supporters the u.k. foreign secretary dominic robb described the court ruling as perverse the german chancellor angela merkel said violence against peaceful demonstrators must stop staying in europe he was lauded for pulling the euro back from the brink the former head of the european bank has been asked to lead italy out of its political crisis as the new prime minister in the last few hours mario draghi agreed to form a new nonpolitical government to steer the country through the coronavirus pandemic italy has been struggling politically since prime minister conti resigned last week
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his coalition broke up because it couldn't agree on coronavirus spending a conceptual it's of the emergency in light of this crisis the situation needs to be met with equal action with this hope indication except the call of the president to beat the pandemic to vaccinate our population to offer solutions to everyday problems of italians and to relaunch the country of the challenges we face. live to rome and my colleague our correspondent stephanie decker following this political story for us here on the news it's really needs stability with mario draghi does it have it. well he's currently trying to get the numbers together to be able to finally then give his words to president to say yes he'll do it what he said is he accepted it with reservations because i think he knows just how challenging italian politics can be as currently at the lower house of parliament talking to the head of parliament there he will be
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heading to the senate as well and then he'll be talking to all the different parties involved to try and get a majority coalition in parliament in place so that he can actually govern as you say this is such a difficult time for italy many people saying here if you listen to the media and commentators that he may be the last choice peter it may be on mario draghi to try and get things sorted but again he's not a magician he may be an economist but this is a political the highest political pose that certainly will be a 1st for him italians don't generally feel that comfortable with technocrats governments they don't last very long in italy well italian government to last very long anyway but this is a unique scenario a unique crisis maybe he might be the best guy for that job. absolutely i think a lot of italians there are saying that no they're not a huge fan of technocrats people saying yes we should have elections but they understand that this is as you say a unique and unprecedented situation in a pandemic when you have you know the country with its highest public debt since
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world war 2 private debt is huge so in that sense there is a lot of trust the stock markets have stabilized peter since the news that he was going to meet president. today so this is this is where they're at now is this the last choice because if he says no where do you go from there who's going to be the next man you got such just just like when it comes to the political parties and it really is also a lot of ego playing that many italians will say yes we're used to the governments coming and going as you say these countries that almost 70 governments in $7070.00 decades however now is not the time things really need to get sorted for example april they need to tell their opinion how they're going to spend over $200000000000.00 the vaccination campaign needs to go on oh there's so many things that need to be addressed so i think that's a priority now trying get a government in place that can actually govern stephanie thanks very much stephanie in rome washington has rejected iran's proposals to help the 2 nations return to
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the 2015 nuclear deal the iranian foreign minister zarif had suggested the european union could facilitate a simple taney us return to the agreement by both sides said big reports. it appears a game of who acts 1st and right now neither the u.s. or iran are making a move the us has rejected an offer by iran for it to synchronize a return to the 2015 nuclear deal with the european union with iran for filling its commitments that could have allowed to both parties to save face internationally and at home but the u.s. says it's not ready to rejoin of course though we are a long way from that iran has distanced itself from compliance on a number of fronts and there are many steps in that process i mentioned a couple of them consulting with our allies consulting with our partners consulting with congress before we're reaching the point where we're going to engage directly with the iranians and willing to entertain any sort of proposal the iran deal was
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one of the worst and iran began to reduce its commitments to the deal after former u.s. president donald trump pulled out and imposed sanctions on the country the u.s. sees iran's moves as a way of breaching the deal known as the joint comprehensive plan of action a view not shared by iran president has and rouhani says his country is waiting on the u.s. to right the wrongs of the trump era all muddy car yobbo you had made these americans must return to the resolution to international law and a resolution that was passed unanimously by the u.n. security council if we see good will gesture we will show it to you if we see actions will show it as well if we see commitment our response will be full commitment. in recent days iran has increased the number of advanced centrifuges at its main nuclear plant it allows the country to enrich uranium quicker and to a higher degree something that concerns western powers the e.u. is stuck in the middle urging both to talk but with little power to make that
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happen. for now nothing has changed president joe biden's administration has not lifted sanctions imposed under trump and there's still considerable mistrust between the 2 countries aside big al-jazeera. u.s. president joe biden has signed a series of executive orders aimed at reversing donald trump's hardline immigration policies they include the creation of a task force to reunite hundreds of children separated from their families under mr trump 0 tolerance policy there will also be a review of the asylum process at the border with mexico. still to come here on the news hour for you off to soaring coded infections in lebanon there's now a severe shortage of medical supplies. to games have to be safe for each stakeholder groups for each participant olympics organizers outline a plan to ensure a safe event with less than 6 months to go in pakistan have a chance to break. that's lasted more than a decade and
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a half police cricket coming up in sport. because some right in the forecast the parts of the middle east they are caught out will stay dry the southern half of the region will be settled and fine but you can notice some western weather just coming in across the eastern side of the mediterranean syria lebanon jordan is for all of palestinian territories seeing some rather heavy right and that line of rain coming in across the northwest quarter of saudi arabia we've got a northerly wind coming out of the levant we got a southerly wind now where these those winds meet can go down the force to rise cool condense we get the cloud and we get the right and that is a lot it's a cools some flooding out west the weather will move across iraq as we go on
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through friday just spreading its way into western parts of iran east of that generally dry kibble 10 celsius south of that again dry him in concert temperatures getting out to a pleasant 22 celsius in the sunshine it stretches down across the gulf of aden into the horn of africa say snow showers do quite nicely across the heart of africa while this big a lot of the showers just around the rift valley rolling down towards tanzania towards made sam big zambia sings in heavy showers some west weather to coming in across him bob way for a time will see that shabby rain just stretching his way into botswana northern parts of south africa turning wet with a chance. the flooding. from . february on al-jazeera i'm restricted access to iran's nuclear program is about to end will u.s. president joe biden overturn trump sanctions and help rebuild relations al-jazeera sets out on a journey to the heart of what it means to be
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a true supporter of the beautiful game the us has the highest covered 1000 count in the world the new administration has promised to turn that around we'll have extensive coverage the big picture reveals how the perfect storm of events in 2020 exposed the truth about race at the heart the united states and as president joe biden embarks on his 1st month in the white house we'll bring you the latest developments escape attempts to repair global relationships february on al-jazeera frank assessments you go colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse for $2200.00 people and in-depth analysis of the dates global headlines. inside story on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera my name's peter w. headlining story so far here on the news out there have been symbolic displays of anger against the military coup in me and all but there are few signs of major street protests earlier the police filed charges against aung san suu kyi and the ousted president when the global alliance to distribute bank scenes to poor nations is aiming to inoculate 200000000 people by the end of june the un led kovacs scheme says is on track to supply 2300000000 doses. the former head of the european bank mario draghi has agreed to take prime minister out of the current political crisis political governments to the country through the coronavirus pandemic. police in the indian capital have stopped demonstrations in support of farmers hundreds of thousands of farmers are occupying roads around delhi in protest against new
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agriculture laws the government is cracking down on farm leaders and journalists to break up the rallies elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. they came to march through central new delhi but were blocked and pushed back by hundreds of police offices. despite being forced to stay on one road people taking part in the so-called citizens' march so they wouldn't be deterred from showing their solidarity with protesting foreigners on the outskirts of the capital the government of the farm was demolished the fact. that your fire. was the last time the streets and now you. are me outside the sites. the number of security forces that protest has increased since violence broke out between some protesters and police on republic day last week
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police have erected rows of barriers around the sides using concrete and steel barricades bob wire and stone. and atrocity and internet services have and to mission. and police have also taken action against journalists. monday pone i was detained after he reported on a large group of people who were throwing stones at protesters in the area of said his wife has accused the police of harassment just. what sort of system is this where a journalist who is doing his job with great loyalty is being targeted they strategically target him profile him and file such charges against him and mentally harass him for the next 24 hours and they were just targeting him the entire journalist community. members of the bad appear jhumpa party and the government's chief lawyer have also blamed the protests on 6 separatists despite a lack of evidence it has been a pattern of the last few years that they have begun to. laws. laws
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against dissenters they do not recognize the simple fact that when you have a public protest it is being done in a manner which doesn't really need a conspiracy. people in new delhi are also protesting against the police charging foreign leaders with sedition rioting an attempt to murder following last week's protests despite all of the arrest and charges know many foreigners are travelling from their villages in states around delhi to join the protests that people have come out here in the capital to show their support elizabeth. new delhi. organizers of the delayed tokyo olympics i've laid out their plans to ensure the games start in july safe the international olympic and paralympic committees and the japanese host have been developing coronavirus countermeasures on tuesday japan's prime minister extended a state of emergency for 10 regions to stop the spread of covert 19. because parliament colleagues at the i.o.c. i.p.c.
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and tokyo turns 20 in consultation with tax experts have been working night and day 247 to develop a robust plan and chocolate aims to protect every game stakeholder and importantly the japanese people over the last 12 months every single aspect of the games has been meticulously evaluated in terms of covert 19 consequently we believe we can stage the games safely and give the world something to look forward to this summer ok let's take a look at some of the safety measures olympic organizers have laid out in their so-called playbook for athletes singing and chanting won't be allowed in order to protect athletes but clapping will be permitted participants must submit their itinerary to japanese authorities present a negative qubit 19 test result and download the government's tracing app fleets also will be able to use public transport without permission and repeated failure to comply with the playbook rules may see athletes expelled from the games the
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world health organization lists lebanon in the highest risk stages of the coronavirus pandemic one 3rd of all cases identified in the past year have been detected in just the last month and despite the lockdown the soaring number of infections is led to a shortage of medical supplies is in a hoarder. the calls are endless every single day of the week at whatever time day or night melissa runs a non-governmental organization that has redirected its resources to providing oxygen supply to coronavirus patients at home there is what doctors call an uncontrolled pandemic in lebanon and. i had a gentleman call me at 1130 at night on saturday crying on the phone because of his father and i had to explain to him i physically do not have a machine right now please wait until we get a machine and he's like my father can't wait there is a shortage of machines to provide patients with oxygen leading to more appeals on
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social media for help we have a lot of patients receiving. less and less patients being admitted to hospital because this is. the red cross has been at the front line of this battle. volunteers have transported more than 5000 patients to hospitals in the past few weeks 4 times more than last year and there are many more on a waiting list. some of the 1st. big number of critical patients. some hospitals are using shipping containers to treat patients in the parking lot while others have suspended non emergency treatment. health experts say lebanon registered one of the world's worst surges and infections in january for the size
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of its population which is close to $7000000.00 including one and a half 1000000 refugees more than 100000 cases were detected in the past month that's one 3rd of all cases identified in the past year. many countries have dealt with beds shortages and the need to prioritize care but lebanon's health sector was already weak from years of neglect and a collapsing economy a high number of cases for sure let go day and all that is so that we have to look at me with the not that it's the time would we do it and move on today it's a. given but i know that patience more than anything but if we continue like i think form we were that it's a phase a 3 week 24 hour curfew has brought the numbers down but it's not enough and the daily worry of not being able to find a place in hospital or get access to oxygen supplies hasn't gone away jennifer there are beirut. u.s. president joe biden's face delays and deadlock in his push to get children back
6:39 pm
into schools in his 1st 100 days in chicago some 62000 students and 10000 teachers were expected to return to the classroom on monday but that's been stalled after he did negotiations on covert planting safety measures as many teachers wait to be vaccinated his john hendren. as you cango demands teachers go back to school teachers like tammy vinson fear their classrooms could become super spreading incubators for covert 19 a lot of kids could be asymptomatic so it could i could have it and i could go to school in inadvertently pass it on to a student they enter and go home and pass on to their grandmother or their medically fragile uncle or their parents so yeah absolutely a concern one person who wants teachers back in class is president joe biden the president wants to not only reopen schools he wants the schools to stay open another issue kabul mayor lori lightfoot who has threatened a virtual lock out that would barred teachers from access to the online instruction
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they've been using she says the kids deserve better particularly our black and brown kids are falling behind in las vegas the superintendent of clark county schools says 19 students have committed suicide since virtual schooling began in march in which. kids reaching a. year in school in washington state high school junior lily vias says the end of in person classes has driven up her anxiety and always have some land is equally next to me how i'm just with my cat in my room one issue in chicago and elsewhere is that teachers for the most part want to receive their vaccinations before they come back but for many it could be weeks or even months before they receive their doses. i am so ready even after they do no one knows what normal will look like i don't know if. the desire to get back to what was what was
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pre-planned to make israel reasonable because i don't think it's going to happen. a once in a century shot to the education system she says might leave lingering consequences john hendren al jazeera chicago across latin american leaders are struggling to control a surge in coronavirus cases that are overwhelming medical services in mexico ambulance crews are being forced to wait for hours for available beds and that's if any can be found oxygen supply is also limited the russian sputnik vaccine has been approved for use that it's a similar story in peru where people are sleeping outside medical facilities to make sure they can get oxygen the country has recorded more than 1100000 infections over 41000 people have died because of cope at 19. in honduras politicians have made it nearly impossible to legalize abortion by changing the constitution human
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rights groups say the move is a response to the decriminalization of the procedure in argentina last month manuel of apollo reports. a trip to an emergency room in 103 years ago changed his life forever that's when she learned for the 1st time that she was pregnant between 20 and 25 weeks along. the way but i didn't visit the hospital because of the pregnancy they were the ones who told me i was pregnant but they said my child had been dead for 2 days i didn't even know what to feel. anna says her emotional and physical trauma was suddenly made worse after doctors listed her merge and see it as an intentional terminations of pregnancy which in honduras is a crime punishable by up to 6 years in prison ok and that i had some markings on my stomach and because of those markings they said it was an abortion when i was discharged from the hospital the police were already waiting. on
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a defense attorney with the women's rights groups. says that more than 60 women or girls have faced prosecution in honduras since 2012 under the country's strict anti-abortion laws in lobbying and in many cases criminalization is due to obstetric emergencies that medical reports list as abortions despite often being inclusive these reports of then used as evidence against women who can spend 34 or more years locked in a judicial process that is long and exhausting. in january of this year feminist activists hope thunderous might follow the lead of argentina where abortion was recently legalized up to 14 weeks into a pregnancy. but instead pondering lawmakers passed a constitutional reform making it nearly impossible to ever legalize abortion in the future human rights organizations have called the legislation in assault on women's reproductive rights or as is currently one of the only few countries in the
6:44 pm
continent in latin america and. the ban abortions without any explicit right the country also has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world . without women reporting sexual violence every reality. the new constitutional amendment was championed by hundreds his ruling conservative party and what many see as an extreme political move as the country nears national elections. and where religion plays an oversized role in political decision making. around the world abortion rates are higher in countries where abortions are banned according to a 2017 global study in honduras it's estimated that between 50 and 80000 women risk their lives every year by resorting to clandestine abortion clinics. at 24 years old and a lopez says having a criminal record has kept her from finding steady work or returning to school. and
6:45 pm
his criminal case remains open in the honduran court system if convicted she faces a sentence of 3 to 6 years in prison for the quote interruption of life after the moment of conception. mounted up below al jazeera. extreme weather has battered syria's northeastern region leaving thousands of displaced syrians homeless international aid groups are trying to deliver aid but they're wanting a catastrophe if they can't. explains. their flair toward sheltering in this camp for the internally displaced in syria's rebels last stronghold. of the out of the mercy of stalls and flogs. has taken his family to higher ground after the rainstorms turned the camp into a muddy quagmire anonyma go ahead to give us a tent which want to be easy to erect and then i give to bring all our belongings to dishonor site which is quite frankly a hassle in
6:46 pm
a harsh winter people here are confronting the floods and cold temperatures with makeshift stoves of burning rubbish to stay warm on the ask us of the families are desperate frustrated that the repeated calls for help seem to be ignored. look at me i'm 80 years old my wife is paralyzed my 2 children have special needs i'm praying to god for mercy to run short rains have compounded the misery of a 1000000 is why i have only a developer my children are disabled i can't carry them one of them needs $100.00 worth of medication every month but we can't afford that amount of money camp settlements spread across the border with turkey when syrian government troops backed by russian warplanes launched a major offensive last year the aim was to recapture the rebels for calls of. the u.n.
6:47 pm
limited humanitarian deliveries to the region to just one crossing point from turkey a year later the same people are struggling with the cold and rains forced from their homes millions have been on the move since the start of the conflict 10 years ago many say they have lost hope of peace and their return home. still ahead here on al-jazeera amazon's founder jeff bezos is stepping down the c.e.o. after posting a wreck or quarterly profit is. in support action and reaction from the knights of old trafford that man united fans will never forget. find just a little red show but that channel they all want us to.
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6:49 pm
welcome back the amazon boss jeff bezos says he's stepping down as c.e.o. later this year he will stay on at the company he founded in 1904 as executive chairman and says he plans to focus on new projects. many people might not remember but when it was founded amazon dot com was originally an online bookstore in a quarter of a century founder jeff bezos made it the world's biggest retailer putting countless high street brick and mortar stores out of business amazon made shopping faster cheaper and easier the company's success made basis the richest man in the world and the 1st person in history to accrue a net worth of $200000000000.00 in any environment there is always an opportunity
6:50 pm
to you know me and to disrupt and to you know reshape the way the industry works i mean certainly amazon is not the 1st nor is it the last innovator who will disrupt the market but you know what's significant about what just based on this has done is the magnitude of that disruption you know there are very few markets. are left untouched in some way as a result of what amazon has become basler stepped down as amazon is posting record profits thanks to a rise in online purchases drink over $1000.00 lockdowns around the world amazon quarterly sales have reached more than $100000000000.00 for the 1st time. but just weeks earlier he lost the title of world's richest person to another tech entrepreneur ilan musk founder of automaker tesla and space flight company space x. . in 2002 years earlier than space x.
6:51 pm
bezos founded his own aerospace company blue origin and just like amazon the company aims to make spaceflight cheaper easier and more accessible what he said in a letter to amazon employees that he's going to stay with the company as executive chairman but he wants to pursue other things including helping amazon launch new products so being a bit of a visionary starting up new projects also the washington post which he owns he also owns a company that getting competing in the space race privatization of space so he has a lot of interests and i think he wants to be free depor see the interests while at the same time keeping its hand in amazon for whatever is next for bass else one thing is certain he is more than likely to keep making staggering sums of money estimated earnings from amazon have him on track to become the world's 1st trillionaire by 2026 same bus robbie old is here. time for
6:52 pm
sports thank you pete so well think themes from 5 continents are getting ready to take part in this year's club world cup cats are is hosting the tournament as it continues its preparations for the 2022 world cup showing that international competitions can continue despite cave 19 and the rich center has this report. qatar is getting used to safely hosting major sporting events during the pandemic at the end of last year the country was home to teams from all over asia for the final stages of the champions league. and this club world cup is another big step for qatar in the build up to the main event next year's world cup this is the 2nd edition of the 34 club world cup that will host however today we're hosting in a completely different circumstances we're hosting it during the global pandemic of
6:53 pm
the coronavirus which is obviously very difficult but it is also important for us to make sure we play our part for the safe return of football. 3 continental title winners are already in cutoff all players and staff were tested for corona virus before their journey began and on arrival in doha the teams then enter a bio secure environment which includes their hotel training ground and stadiums that's also league champions and the hail. of egypt on thursday the winners of that game get to take on byron munich in the semifinals because we can't travel before we cannot walk like before. we need to take care about. the. social distances so as not it is not easy but. anyway we cannot complain we are lucky to play with maybe 101520000 people is not the case in europe so we are lucky . stadiums will be at 30 percent capacity with 3 categories of fans allowed to
6:54 pm
attend those that have had the covert 19 vaccine those that test negative just ahead of the match all those that have had and recovered from the virus in the last 4 months a lot of evidence internationally and even locally that those who have contracted the disease are immune from secondary infection until now we know a definitely for 6 months and some evidence is that last up to 9 months so we've taken a more. active measures and we said only for a month the hope is that next year's world cup will be in a post pandemic environment but cats are says it's ready for any eventuality and the richardson al-jazeera doha. manchester united have equal their record record winning score in the english premier league with a 9 no hammering of southampton the visitors didn't help themselves in the 2nd minute red card on tuesday they would also be suffering
6:55 pm
a 2nd sending off later on at old trafford 7 different players were on the scoresheet united anthony marsh i'll find. met twice in 1905 minute light of thought it switched 9 mil to 1st set the record and as recently as october 29th southampton were also on the wrong end of a 911 scoreline against leicester. a strike you know what i liked about the performance was that homegrown attitude to do the right things and get better and better and practice through the good habits and that's the only way that we can improve and get better is doing the right things we're moving on to tennis where coronavirus get his rocks preparations for the australian open which begins in less than a week hotel corn scene worker in melbourne tested positive for cave in 19 which means that up to 600 players and support staff will need to isolate until they can be tested now as you were hearing earlier the organize the take care 2020 lympics
6:56 pm
have laid out their plan on how to deliver a safe and successful games a framework of basic principles for travelling to japan as well as for time spent in the country during the games has been put together but at this stage is just for international federations and technical officials as for athletes and media well they'll be given their plan in the coming days. and pac sun are looking to secure their 1st home test series victory against south africa since 2003 they lead their current series one nil after winning the 1st test in karate the 2nd test starts in raul pindi on thursday pakistan captain but says he and his players are confident they can complete the task. in the future preparations were quite good for the last 3 days the bowlers have done bowling in the nets and they are looking good we have confidence after winning the 1st 2 we are thinking that we have to play in the same manner the way we played in the 1st test we are really because we know that we
6:57 pm
can take southern africa lightly and they can bounce back. and then the n.h.l. buffalo sabers games have been postponed until at least february because of the coronavirus buffalo's played 2 games against new jersey devils in the last few days the devils were shut down on monday after several players were added to n.h.l. kavi protocols less have been 18 n.h.l. games for sprint because of covert protocols just the season. it's wrong to rap has gone freddy van fleet's has set a new franchise record to help his team beat the orlando magic 123-1083 scored 54 making it the most points ever scored in a single game by an undrafted player in n.b.a. history so passing moses malone is requital 53 he made 11 of his 1st 12 attempts from 3 point range this is the route to 7 victory in 11 games plus lawyers fought for me for now but i'll be back later sara thank you very much we will see you then
6:58 pm
on the next half hour we'll have 30 minutes of al-jazeera world news hopefully we'll see going to it until then. even recent history can become ops cured 3 intrepid photojournalists returned to the at the center of peru civil war and truck down the brave characters that they had captured through their lenses 30 years earlier. imagine a rising challenge to the official history that denies indigenous peoples
6:59 pm
contribution to the peace process witness seen again on the jersey. the river narin flows through the coldest region of kyrgyzstan the temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions aren't enough to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the river nari contains gold men from villages along the river be panning for gold in this area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny little yellow flanks you can see might not look much they were around $50.00 a gram. when all that seems to matter is the headline there's always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives obscure reality the leader on the one hand the enemy is all believe there on the other hand the listening post strips
7:00 pm
away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see on the ground misinformation is right lays bare the bias so a lot of people believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case for the listing post on al-jazeera 'd. policing filed charges against son suchi and ask for her to be taken into custody for 2 weeks. for a 2nd night residents make some noise in protest against monday's military coup. hello again i'm peter wu watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up.


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