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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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al-jazeera investigations all the prime ministers. 0. hello i maryam namazie you're watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. for a 2nd night people in myanmar protest against military rule as medics go on strike and bizarre charges are filed against unsung suchi. the kovacs scheme says it secured 330000000 coronavirus vaccines to go to poor countries in the 1st half of this year. there are desperate pleas folks again in lebanon where medical supplies
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are running out after a surge in covert cases there. and in the united states republicans me to decide the fate of 2 very different congress women decisions that could send a powerful signal about the party's future. and i'm sorry hundreds of plenty of sports coming up to 6 teams from 5 continents get ready to take part in this is called world cup in qatar amid strict code with 19 restrictions. welcome to the news our top story police in myanmar filed criminal charges against ousted leader unsung suchi following her detention during a military coup early on monday she's been charged with possessing illegally imported walkie talkies which police said were found in search of a home hundreds of newly elected members of parliament who'd been held in a government compound since monday have now been given 24 hours to leave the
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capital naypyidaw activists in myanmar are calling for civil disobedience now many hospital workers are stopping work all wearing red ribbons and in yangon residents have banged pots and pans for a 2nd night. reports. military vehicles patrol the streets of myanmar they are the reminder the coup may be over but hits against ousted leader on sung switchy and her government continue police have filed charges against her for allegedly importing radios illegally an accusation they will have are detained until february 15th some members of her party the national league for democracy now gather in a temporary office and young gone after their headquarters they say were raided now they are telling the people who support the army are celebrating but if we go out onto the streets there would be a clash it would be chaos we fear the military would then use that to extend the
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coup and legitimize it saying when cited violence we have to avoid that political truck. the announcement follows public displays of outrage against the coup with people banging pots and pans over night and young gone. calls for civil disobedience are gaining momentum i am other than i really want to join the protests banging pots until they were bent out of shape it was the only thing we were able to do at the moment we want the international community to be aware of the situation because in terms of power we can't fight back against the military. doctors and nurses in at least 3 towns have gone on strike to oppose the coup an act of defiance with potentially dangerous consequences in a country with one of southeast asia's highest coronavirus steps towards but they're still reluctance to protest openly some analysts say what happens over the next week how people react could define the country's political future for years to
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come right now i go you know it's. a planning something big you know i think you know my guess is that we go from a boss idea this happens in the next or 5 days our it will just move. here protests carry high risks for years myanmar was ruled by the military dissidents were silenced and opponents arrested on wednesday morning the government run newspaper published a warning urging people to not oppose the coup me on mars elected leader and head of the national league for democracy on science which he won a landslide victory in elections in november following a large loss of party's favor by the military who declared the election fraudulent now the head of the army is running the country. amid mounting international criticism people are now wondering whether their country's brief experience of
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democracy has perhaps come to an end cocktail of this with a young al-jazeera. we can now speak to a doctor who's joined me in ma civil disobedience movement but we're not naming him for his own safety thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us now this campaign of civil disobedience applies to medics and health volunteers and other doctors can you tell us exactly what that means have you completely stopped with your work. you know movement tries to stop the whole system and even if it can't we want people to be aware that we didn't bow down to the military because we are trying to receive it and just as. the military is intimidated by this all our movement are just like occupy movements and awards you know all of us leadership. the movement is to centralized
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unspirited by the doctors and nurses. but also there are there also teaches students and engineers and the many other citizens are these are joining the movement so it's getting bigger and stronger day by day as they are can you give us a sense of how extensive the movement is right now roughly how many people are involved you mentioned teaches that we know doctors are involved i. think they'd be all i moved and it's because i mean because they're. still made clear there are thousands of people. walking in the movement. thousands of people in many different cities yes all across the country there are many teachers and doctors and students call across to countries are involved in the
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movement it is interesting that doctors are involved in this do you think it is sustainable for doctors to hold this position in the middle of a pandemic. it pink it is it is not unethical to commit to those so the movement because we take it like a person it's a kind of like over human duty it's the duty of a citizen to resist the and just this. week we can let the other doctors know fire the some programs like that to to help us if the patients cannot go to the hospital they can't see the other gender pettishness which are not civil doctors this is how we are working right now
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so would you i think ok how would you describe the atmosphere in the country right now. i think of plenty of the people feeling hopeless and helpless because of this because the government warning of the election represents the vast majority of the people. we think we wrong we were all the future is clear what's clear but. it didn't take all of us. them with a tree took back all of the peace and prosperity of the democracy of the country. as you say the military is a very powerful institution in the country where does that leave your civil disobedience movement because it doesn't likely to it's unlikely to progress into street protests isn't it. it's all you all are the people who
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most when we are all walk in our life. if situations change. or stories i would there's no one to do jail a sub. to their politicians and no one has to train for this move and if someone gets arrested for this are things. people were well beyond the streets. in the future well thank you very much is it difficult circumstances and i appreciate you taking the time to speak to the doctor who is part of the country's civil disobedience movement joining us of course we're not identifying him or his location for his own safety. now the white house says addressing the crimean mar is a priority for president joe biden this is the latest reaction has been from
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washington we're continuing to review sanction our sanctions authorities and other options it is certainly a priority. also an international reaction united nations saying those charges against unsung suchi severely compromise me and my democracy will continue to call for her immediate release for the president's immediate release and all others who have been detained by the military in the last few days i think the charges filed against her are just compound the undermining of. the rule of law in myanmar and the democratic the democratic process with thousands of people have protested outside japan's foreign affairs ministry demanding the government take a tough stance against the military coup in me and my. pleasure. the union of myanmar citizen association which organized the rally says japan should
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not recognize the military regime their representatives handed over statement calling on tokyo to use all of its political diplomatic and economic power to restore me and my civilian government. and in thailand me i'm a national gathered outside the united nations building in the capital bangkok crowd chanted we don't want the military many way flags from me and was national league for democracy party. hold on hold right now there's not much the people of myanmar can do they all start home therefore we're all here to let the whole world know that we're not happy with what's happened while the army is done seizing power it's a covert democracy but we want the whole world to ny we want the world's police health costs. and watching al-jazeera live from london much more still ahead on the news hour we're looking at recent developments on the mexico's border 12 police officers are arrested for the murder of a group of migrants refusing to give up palestinians start rebuilding their homes
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in the occupied west bank just hours after israel demolished them. in pakistan have a chance to break a jenks that lasted more than 15 years we'll have the latest cricket coming up later in sport. a what if you look at the kovacs game now of course that was established to ensure that poor countries get equal access to corona virus vaccines and it's unveiled its distribution plans now for the next few months to give us an idea of how it's all going to work the scheme is backed by the global vaccine alliance a well health organization and the u.n. children's fund is aiming to purchase $2000000000.00 doses by the end of 2021 but it now says it secured $330000000.00 doses to be distributed in the 1st half of this year these will mostly be the oxford astra zeneca vaccine that would cover
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around 3.3 percent of the total populations in the $145.00 participating countries but kovacs wants to ensure that countries vaccinate at least 20 percent of their populations pfizer biotech has pledged up to $40000000.00 doses in the coming months china has announced a plan to provide $10000000.00 coronavirus vaccine doses and then india's. serum institute has also agreed to supply 1100000000 doses of the astra zeneca another vax vaccines to be delivered over a number of he is. today we are pleased to announce the conclusion of a long term supply agreement with the serum institute of india for the coke 19 vaccines to access to vaccine products through technology transfer from astra zeneca and nova facts unicef along with our procurement partners including hope will have access to up to $1100000000.00 doses of vaccines for around
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$100.00 countries for approximately $3.00 a dose for the low end lower middle income country. listeriosis last us is a molecular varnishes from the family university joins us on skype from newcastle upon tyne can i start by getting your assessment of these distribution plans by kovacs isn't is it sufficient enough to to meet the demands of the pandemic for poor countries incrementally short of a miracle and we should be all very very shocked if this number of attacks since this quickly from the discovery of a new processor dr were so destructive this is entirely on precedents of the fact of the world is coming together to try and supply this boxer to as many nations as possible it's a huge milestone in our history can we have enough of it we want more we want as
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much as becoming a want to know it's not now and yesterday but. it's a huge huge achievement that we were able to say this is the record to help will it happen. this is a very interesting period in time a lot of destruction to stop and think sinks might not go as some to suppose that i could be something as simple as a bit of rope but looked at it all the time to fuck to them not to exaggerate it was reckless files. for the boxes and so we have a huge way to go from where the structure a child's perspective i suppose high income countries of made as a range of bilateral deals with that scene manufacture is that was expected to happen but then how worried should we be about supplies have poorer nations running short because of that. i think it's a very interesting and difficult question for drug approach it by saying that every
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time there's a spot between countries about who gets bought they should do a look around them and consider that it was far more difficult position on every single those that's argued over should actually go to those notions is that. right but there's nothing to compel extra if there's nothing to actually compel wealthier countries from buying up extra supplies and then donating the excess to poorer countries particularly when there is just so much uncertainty how the pandemic can plan out. it is my understanding that at least come to the house such a plot in mind. over order to form what you need as a country to make supplies available to do over the merchants are not so great saved but we have this kovacs alarms that brings the death of the mind far sure it is the developed nations the. many tourists in the world that support our health
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care for the developed world that seeks to address this child and so it's all it's about a concerted effort here and it's not about looking also for us about looking at the world for us and trying to solve our problem all together thanks very much they're a small sauce joining in stephanie cost upon tyne thanks you're very welcome well the kodak facility is planning on delivering more than $35000000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine to the caribbean and latin america by the middle of the year chile has become one of the countries in the region to launch a vaccination program it's just started inoculating old adults and essential workers with the sign of ak vaccine you see in yuma now latin america editor went to a vaccination center in santiago. although it doesn't look like it i'm actually standing on a football pitch in a large soccer stadium in santiago in one of the working class neighborhoods which has been turned into a clinic as you can see people are being vaccinated on the 1st day of a mass inoculation campaign which begins with people 90 years and older let me tell
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you there are a lot of them people are coming in wheelchairs they're coming with care they're using canes some of them sprinting in and sprinting out very healthy indeed there are a lot of people of that age and so of course they're beginning with the most vulnerable age group and then work work their way down this is a plan that the chilean government implemented and promised the people that it would happen as early as possible and actually it is the chile is now the 1st latin american country to start mass inoculation until now that had only been the evacuation of. medical personnel nurses and medical students but this is actually quite something and the same thing is happening all over the country simultaneously 5000000 people will have been in ocular aided by the end of february and more will do the same in march and in the following months. meanwhile pakistan has started
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vaccinating its frontline health workers with plans to inoculate most of its high risk population by the end of the year the country is administering 500000 doses of the chinese made sign of fine vaccine and all the 1000000 doses are expected to be delivered by the end of the month august on his record of more than half a 1000000 kovan 19 cases there's been limited testing which means the actual number is likely to be higher or the world health organization lists lebanon as being in the highest risk stages of the coronavirus pandemic a 3rd of all cases identified there have been detected in just the past month and even though there's been a lot down in place the soaring number of cases has left the country desperately short of medical supplies zain harder reports. the calls are endless every single day of the week at whatever time day or night melissa runs a non-governmental organization that has redirected its resources to providing oxygen supply to coronavirus patients at home there is what doctors call an
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uncontrolled pandemic in lebanon and. i had a gentleman call me at 1130 at night on saturday crying on the phone because of his father and i had to you know explain to him i physically do not have a machine right now please with patients with oxygen leading to more appeals on social media for help we have a lot of patients is even. less and less patients are being admitted to hospital because this is. the red cross has been at the front line of this battle. volunteers have transported more than 5000 patients to hospitals in the past few weeks 4 times more than last year and there are many more on a waiting list. 75 percent big number of critical patients so they can get.
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some hospitals are using shipping containers to treat patients in the parking lot while others have suspended non emergency treatment. health experts registered one of the world's worst. memory for the size of its population which is close to $7000000.00 including one and a half 1000000. more than 100000 cases were detected in the past months that's one 3rd of all cases identified in the past year. many countries have dealt with beds shortages and the need to prioritize care but lebanon's health sector was already weak from years of neglect and a collapsing economy a high number of cases for sure let. all that is forth so that we have to look at it with the plot that it's. would we admit to it and move it over to. give a patient more than living if we continue like i think forward that it's. a 3 week 24 hour curfew has brought numbers down but it's not enough and the daily
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worry of not being able to find a place in hospital or get access to oxygen supplies hasn't gone away. beirut in all the developments inspectors from the world health organization have visited the virology institute and who hung the chinese city where the crown of virus was 1st identified the team is investigating the origins of coke at 19 in the past 6 days they've conducted interviews with people from research institutes hospitals and a market linked to the and michelle outbreak katrina you in beijing has more on the team's mission at the institute. they were there for a few hours today since that morning there is intense interest in this site when not sure exactly what kind of information what access they've been given there but of course this is a very important lab it's the focus point of much controversy because the trump administration when it wasn't power allege that corvette 19 in fact leaked from
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this lab now we haven't seen any evidence of that but it is true that this lab has the highest level of biosecurity in china and inside a number of dangerous pathogens were being studied including coronaviruses that had been transmitted from animals this is a very politicized mission china's very worried about the results and how we look to the international community everything in this mission since they began their field work has been highly stage managed since many countries have pointed blame at china accusing them of not being transparent now china's foreign ministry have rejected those criticisms and indeed members of the team who have spoken to the media since the field work has began say that the trip is going quite positively they're happy with what they've seen so far they've been taken to a number of sites including some of the 1st hospitals which housed some of those 1st corinna virus patients they've also seen the meat and seafood market where the 1st cluster of coven 1000 was identified and they said that they are seeing doctor
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and information previously on revealed and that they do feel that they are making some headway in their investigations to finding out the origin of this pandemic 12 police officers have been arrested and charged in mexico in connection with the deaths of 19 people close to the border with the u.s. the charred bodies were found last week in the back of 2 burned out trucks at least 2 of them are quite a modern migrants trying to reach the u.s. john heilemann reports from mexico city and a warning that you might find some of the images in his report disturbing. you know . that's. going to go a bombshell in mexico tuesday night the killing and burning of 19 people among them guatemalan migrants was perpetrated by police said authorities entirely pistol. at least 12 members of the state police took part in the events of the 22nd of january this theory gained traction because the crime scene was altered there's an absence of shells and bullets the police also contradicted themselves in their
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report of the crime and in interviews with officers. the suspects are now under arrest that won't be much of a consolation to bring the parents back in guatemala he suspected her brother was among the victims even before the news of the alleged police involvement broke the law. the truth is that everyone was there from our community they all went on that trip said the relatives have told us that they died and that's how we knew that he was one of them but. this keeps happening not just the kidnapping killing an explosion of central american migrants heading through mexico most notoriously when 72 were massacred in 2010 again entirely post but also the involvement of mit's completes in atrocities. in 2014 and get it over they helped to gang disappear 43 students. experts say to
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a lack of transparency and basic working conditions for local police forces 1st of all ok it's terrible in many cases in most cases will lead us now sources cura to get health care which is great for in the current situation and the other thing is that many times the basic human rights are not being respected so at the 1st abusers in this whole chain of human rights abuses are the commanders that pray on their own order to do their bidding so much carry out violent acts for them criminal acts for them what you need to. first it's great transparency must hold commanders accountable. but this administration hasn't focused on police reform instead they've created a super security force called the national guard rather than concentrating on the existing problems in the country's many police forces critics say that's like putting a band-aid on a knife wound and welcome to the well not just makes concern but those traveling through the country have been reminded once again that they can't fully trust those
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who should be protecting them john home an al-jazeera mexico city. it with the news hour live from london still ahead on the program hama protests crackdown police flex their muscles to break up daily demonstrations. the man dubbed super mario for saving the euro is now tasked with forming a new italian government to tackle the code and economic crises. and there's been more coronavirus disruption in the lead up to the australian open not stories coming up in sport. hello we've got much smaller across the kid parts of southern europe at the moment with the winds coming in from a so west the direction for many further north the air is cold on the northern
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flank of this this front that's where the cold air remains in place a haven and also minus 5 celsius around 5 degrees colder than it should be we can see with that mouth or areas across many parts of me getting well up into double figures into the southeast athens at around 18 to 30 in the form of trade not cooler air that we have across nor the pos will actually just start to top its way in from the east speck in the across the british isles of the cold it's way back around to walk again across france as we go on through the next as i say it is going to cool off a touch but for many it does remain somewhat on the mild side there's some snow there for scotland there's some rain there across england and wales this and west of whether it's in spain and portugal central areas largely quiet or wintry weather there is that western side of russia which will slide its way across moscow as you go on through friday tucking in behind minus 9 the top temperature here there's a cold air continues to drift in across the north sea through scotland and digging back down now across france and indeed into space but for central parts of the med
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it's warm and dry. for. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor for culture chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpatrolled labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry global hub of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is here to report on the people often ignored but who must be heard how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas of course we cover major global offense but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like
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palestine the young man beside the legion and so many others to go to them be making efforts we care and stay. cool. welcome back you with the news hour live from london stories police in myanmar of filed criminal charges against ousted leader unsung suchi after detention during a military coup early on monday she's been charged with possessing illegally imported walkie talkies which police said were found in a search of her home scheme established to ensure poor countries get equal access
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to corona virus vaccines has released its distribution plans back says it secured 330000000 doses to be distributed in the 1st half of the year. and 12 police officers have been arrested on murder charges in mexico over the deaths of 19 people close to the border with the us there charred bodies were found last week in the back of 2 burned out trucks. now u.s. president joe biden has faced delays and deadlock in his push to get millions of children back into schools in his 1st 100 days in chicago some 62000 students and 10000 teachers are expected to return to classrooms on monday but that stalled after heated negotiations over covert safety measures john hendren reports. as you cango demands teachers go back to school teachers like tammy vinson fear their classrooms could become super spreading incubators for covert 19 a lot of kids could be used them to matter so it could i could have it and i could
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go to school and inadvertently pass it on to a student they enter and go home and pass on to their grandmother or their medically fragile uncle or their parents so yeah absolutely i'm sorry one person who wants teachers back in class is president joe biden the president wants to not only reopen schools he wants the schools to stay open another issue kabul mayor lori lightfoot who has threatened a virtual lock out that would barred teachers from access to the online instruction they've been using she says the kids deserve better particularly our black and brown kids are falling behind in los vegas the superintendent of clark county schools says 19 students have committed suicide since virtual schooling began in march. kids reaching your. goal in school right now in washington state high school junior lilly via says the end of in person classes has driven up her anxiety and always have some land is
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equally next to me how i'm just with my cat in my room one issue in chicago and elsewhere is that teachers for the most part want to receive their vaccinations before they come back but for many it could be weeks or even months before they receive their doses ready i am so ready even after they do no one knows what normal will look like i don't know if. the desire to get back to what was what was pre-planned to make israel reasonable because i don't think it's going to happen a once in a century shock to the education system she says might leave lingering consequences john hendren al-jazeera chicago. us house republicans are currently discussing potential action against 2 of that congresswoman in a closed door meeting that could point to the future direction of the party marjorie taylor green is drawn heavy criticism for promoting right wing conspiracy theories including
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a suggestion that school shootings were fake and advocating violence against democrats and senior congress a minute liz cheney has been accused of disloyalty from 1900 ph former president donald trump well alan fisher is at the white house and joins us now alan what what is happening today tell us about the discussions that have been underway. well those meetings ongoing these were planned after the impeachment forward it's interesting because this is the republican party essentially making a decision on its future ties to donald trump 1st of all because you've got liz cheney who is number 3 in the republican hierarchy in the house she voted for impeachment remember that vote was very much of what of clinton's there was no party which means republicans were telling their members which way to vote solicitude he decided that donald trump very much was responsible for what happened at the capital in january the 6th and had to be impeached she was one of 10 republicans who did that but because of her leadership position there's a number in the republican caucus who said she had to be removed because she didn't
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represent them anymore among those pushing for her removal include ohio congressman jim jordan very much a donald trump favorite very much adored trump fun he of course has been speaking out against cancel culture over the last couple of weeks and just in the last couple of hours gave an interview where he said cancel culture is the most dangerous thing facing america at the moment 19 could not be reached for comment but it's interesting that someone who so much against council culture wants to cancel someone from the republican leadership the other one is the one that really gathered much more publicity and that is marjorie taylor green she was elected in 2020 but a lot of what she said before she was elected. no essentially tarnishing the republican party among the things that you have a line that school shootings were fake and that some democratic leaders should be assassinated one of the most recent ones to come to attention was the fact that she claimed the wildfires in california last summer were caused by space lasers or in
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the by a jewish banking family and fired from motor space you can see why that concerns republicans that they are going to be tarnished with this sort of q. and on conspiracy theory nonsense that they're going to be seen as extremists and so the question is whether or not to remove her from the 2 committees that they've assigned her to the what he did that. by doing this you're essentially saying that anything you said before you became a congress member of congress could be held against you but there are others who believe that they can't be forced into this by the democrats because the democrats are pushing for it no here's the flipside of that if the republicans don't make a move to do anything kevin mccarthy who's the leader of the republicans in the house hasn't given an indication that he is ready to take action against marjorie taylor green or liz cheney but particularly marjorie taylor green if they do not remove far committee assignments from her then the democrats are going to place
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a motion on the floor on thursday to do exactly that and if all democrats vote in favor then she will be removed from those positions but the demo republicans feel that they're being forced into taking action by the democrats that's not a position they like but they also realize the long term damage that these crazy conspiracy theories. are doing to the party here is we're all ties into donald trump 1st of all is cheney voted against donald trump that's seen as disloyal to the man who was still the leader of the republican party at the time and the 2nd point is with marjorie taylor green she's got donald trump support she said she spoke to him down in monologue the weekend he very much said that he was in favor of what she was doing and he. course hasn't distanced himself from any of the cuban or nonsense that has been going around so this is the republican party essentially looking into the face of donald trump and deciding if they're taking a couple of steps away or whether or not they continue to embrace him and his
12:38 am
support because a lot of the cuban own supporters very much donald trump supporters on the republican party doesn't want to alienate them ahead of the 2022 midterm elections yes or no we're already talking about the 2022 midterm elections but the republicans hope that they can win the house when the democrats to do that they think they need dalton's support that is why they're reluctant to take any action against either of particular against marjorie green and perhaps more keen to take action against those cheney who stood up against donald trump. important occasions for their public can party that thank you very much alan fischer at the white house on out the u.s. is saying that it's disappointed after the u.n. highest court ruled that it will hear iran's case to overturn u.s. sanctions a majority of a panel of 16 judges ruled that the international court of justice does have jurisdiction in the dispute the u.s. doesn't recognize the court's authority iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif described it as a victory for his nation. israel has demolished
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a bedouin village in the occupied west bank for the 2nd time in just 3 months rights groups say they're trying to displace an entire palestinian community from the area to make way for israeli settlements israel says the village was built illegally on military land and to end their reports now from the occupied west bank . only a few hours after israeli forces demolished their homes these palestinians are rebuilding them himself for coverage in the northern jordan valley in the occupied west bank has been home to dozens of palestinians who have lived here for decades israel declared the area as a military training zone in the 1980 s. and has been demolishing structures here ever since it was going to go into her after rebuild they come back take pictures on the mall is the village again we are tired of having slapped. 3 months ago israeli forces raised the whole village
12:40 am
on wednesday they came back and demolished what has been rebuilt women who lead them the children are already scared we hear what are we going to see if they keep demolishing our village this is the demolition in 3 months. this is what's left of the bar where it's family home the 6 year old and his family had to sleep in the open last night it reports by the charity save the children says the number of displaced palestinian children is at a 4 year high more than 500 children in the west bank have lost their homes in the last year what i have seen is israel bringing 1000 of jews building them beautiful houses and swimming pools and giving them all the water of the german valley and i see these people here and they're not the only ones that. are not allowed to live their life you wonder boards show israel destroyed more than 800 palestinian structures last year most where here in the jordan valley and
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in occupied east jerusalem according to human rights organizations this is a part of a policy to forcibly evict palestinians and people here say they have nowhere else to go and that brain. the occupied west bank. turkey's government and students of an istanbul university yet find common ground over the point of a new university president. filled the job by presidential decree last month hundreds of people have been detained and released dozens of students remain in custody some cosell new reports now from istanbul. dispersed by police who these people protested in istanbul despite a ban on demonstrations undercover destruction is they wanted to show solidarity with students from bozza to university they have been protesting nearly a month against their government's appointment of a university president they say that the situation is political and they want
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economic freedom and chair like their own hundreds of students were detained after their release some remain in custody turkey's president questioned their reaction us. or your students or terrorists who attempted to blockade your chances room. this students want the new president also known as a rector to resign useless that he wants thank you sneak there were injured in a missing boy them isn't our students professors have rights for freedom of expression which i haven't stood against so far and i won't if there's no critique with his name proven but democracy also requires a culture of reconciliation he said in an almost the. almost. the protests began in january but tensions escalated after students displayed art showing the holy cow back that sacred to miss them so draped in a flag with colors used by the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender movement or l g
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b t that offended many muslims and the government provoking country protests officials accuse members of the l.t.v. to community at the university of inflaming the protests. by security measures have been tightened and the campus has been sealed as you can see right behind me and on my left side you will see the right police on board those police actions along those on campus seeing the police with uniform and without uniform as well all their own outside the university in the neighborhood inside the university. is really annoying. and is threatening the academy. for lety and you know our basic. daily movements as well a position figures and labor organizations have taken part in the protest outside the campus but a government says the students may be man a plea to buy what it calls terrorist groups but something the students deny.
12:44 am
park their younger take were annoyed that our will to choose a director is averted to something else we don't have any links to terror groups i'm not involved in politics this is just a student movement and many of my friends are getting arrested just because they demand justice and they demand they are entitled to rights to vote and choose their own rector. the government seems to to mention have to change its decision about the students at the university say they want to be free to prepare for final exams and to have their voices heard seen a al-jazeera stumble. one out of protests in india police in the indian capital of stop demonstrations in support of farmers hundreds of thousands of farmers are occupying roads around delhi in protest against new agriculture laws but the government is cracking down on foreign leaders and journalists to break up the rallies elizabeth prada reports now from new delhi. they
12:45 am
came to march through central view daddy but were blocked and pushed back by hundreds of police offices. despite being forced to stay on one road people taking part in the so-called citizens so they wouldn't be deterred from showing their solidarity with protesting father has on the outskirts of the capital. the fact. that you. meet outside the sights. the number of security forces that protest fights has increased since violence broke out between some protesters and police on republic day last week police have erected rows of barriers around the sides using concrete and steel barricades bob wire and stone. electricity and internet services have
12:46 am
and to mission. and police have also taken action against journalists. i was detained after he reported on a large group of people who were throwing stones at protesters in the area of said his wife has accused the police of harassment. what sort of system is this where a journalist who is doing his job with great loyalty is being targeted they strategically target him profile him and file such charges against him and mentally harass him for the next 24 hours and they were just targeting him the entire journalist community. members of the battier jhumpa party and the government's chief lawyer have also blamed the protests on 6 separatists despite a lack of evidence it has been a pattern of the last few years that they have begun to. laws. laws against dissenters they don't want to recognize the simple fact that when you have a public protest it is being done in a manner which doesn't really need
12:47 am
a conspiracy. people in new delhi are also protesting against the police charging foreign leaders with sedition rioting an attempt to murder following last week's protests despite all of the arrest and charges many foreigners are travelling from their villages in states around delhi to join the protests that people have come out here in the capital to show their support elizabeth for on an al-jazeera new day. now senior politicians from the u.k. northern ireland in the european union are velda video conference in an attempt to diffuse the trade tensions that have arisen in the months since back says more than irish authorities withdrew border staff for their own safety this week after threatening graffiti appears the new border checks at the irish border as seen by many as threatening the delicate political balance in the wage and which has been largely free of violence since the 1908 good friday agreement. the man nicknamed super mario for saving the euro is now accepted a mandate to form
12:48 am
a new italian government after the previous coalition collapsed mario draghi was head of the european central bank during the eurozone financial crisis and if he succeeds in forming a government it faces the new challenge of steering italy out of its economic and health crises stephanie decker has more from rome. right on time mario draghi the rise of the presidential palace for his meeting with president sergey. metal a task the former head of the european central bank with warming a government i get accepted but on the condition that 1st he has to parliament to ensure a majority and only then he'll give his final response and we're going to feature it's a difficult moment the president mentioned the dramatic health crisis with its great effect on the lives of the people on the economy and society i'm aware of the emergency requires responses that measure up to the situation at hand and it's with this hope and with this commitment that i respond positively to be a pill of the president defeating the pandemic completing the vaccination campaign
12:49 am
responding to the daily problems of the citizens relaunching the country of the challenges we face it marks a new phase after weeks of political posturing that was prompted by former prime minister mike there n.z. pulling his ministers out of government for what he says were disagreements over how to spend more than $200000000000.00 in the e.u. recovery funds with a pandemic and a serious economic crisis many italians feel it wasn't the time to play politics but all i want that somebody had a crystal ball of course renzi is completely responsible for all of this but i think at this point it's better to have a druggie government than elections because he's a very competent person one of the best in europe. i mean. it would have been better to hold elections but if we can't have elections this is the lesser evil for sure druggy is better than the one before conti. after 2 terms. for my lawyer and twice prime minister is out he simply could not get the numbers he needed with
12:50 am
these demands all eyes now on mario drag credited with saving the euro zone in 2012 he comes with decades of top level economic experience and is now on the verge of taking on the top political position in this country he's earned the nickname of super mario and he may well have to draw on that old economic and social issues that have arisen as a result of this pandemic stephanie decker al-jazeera wrote. thanks a lot i always start here where 16 from 5 continents are getting ready to take part in this is called world cup because cats are is hosting the tournament as it continues its preparations for the 2022 world cup saying the international competitions can continue despite cave in 19 as andy richardson reports. qatar is getting used to safely hosting major sporting events during the pandemic
12:51 am
at the end of last year the country was trying to teams from all over asia for the final stages of the champions league. and this club world cup is another big step for qatar in the build up to the main event next year's world cup this is the 2nd edition of the 34 club world cup that will host however today we're hosting going to completely different circumstances we're hosting it during the global pandemic of the coronavirus which is obviously very difficult but it is also important for us to make sure we play our part for the safe return for. 3 continental title winners are already in cut off all players and staff were tested for corona virus before their journey began and on arrival in doha the teams then enter a bio secure environment which includes their hotel training ground and stadiums. league champions and the hail. of egypt on thursday the winners of that game get to
12:52 am
take on by in munich in the semifinals because we can't travel before we cannot walk like before. we need to take care about. the. social distances so as not that is not easy but. anyway we cannot complain we are like you 2 to play with maybe 101520000 people is not the case in europe so we are lucky. stadiums will be at 30 percent capacity with 3 key. that's agrees of funds allowed to attend to those that have had the covert 19 vaccine those that test negative just ahead of the match all those that have had and recovered from the virus in the last 4 months a lot of evidence internationally and even locally that those who. contracted the disease are immune from secondary infection until now we know definitely for 6 months and some evidence is that last up to 9 months even though we've taken them
12:53 am
or. any of the measures and we said only for a month the hope is that next use world cup will be in a post pandemic environment for cats or says it's ready for any eventuality and the richardson al-jazeera doha. manchester city of restored their 3 point lead at the top of the english premier league pep guardiola side burnley to no way earlier on wednesday carol has susan or him sterling getting the goals on top of leading the table they also have a game in hand over 2nd placed manchester united moving on to tennis for a current of virus scare has rocks preparations for the australian open which begins in less than a week hotel koren scene worker in melbourne tested positive for coven 19 which means that up to 600 players and support staff will need to isolate until they can be tested as well. as you've been hearing earlier when i was the tokay 2020 lympics
12:54 am
have laid out their plan on how to deliver safe and successful games a framework of basic principles for travelling to japan as well as the time spent in the country during the games has put been put together rather that this stage is just for international federations and technical officials as for the athletes and media all they'll be given their plan in the coming days. in pakistan are looking to secure their 1st home test series victory against south africa since 2003 they leave their current series one nil after winning the 1st test in karachi the 2nd test starts in row all day on thursday pakistan katzenbach bars and says he and his players are coped fidan they can complete the task. in the future preparations were quite good for the last 3 days the bowlers have done bowling in the meets and they look at good touch we have confidence after winning the foods taste we are thinking that we have to play in the same manner the way we played in the 1st test we are really because we know that we can take south africa lightly
12:55 am
and they can bounce back from all of us kohli back leading india vice captain ajinkya rahane you except he'll be taking a back seat in their test series against england of course had led india for most of this series shown for australia with kohli absent on paternity leave having left after the 1st test in during them will face off in 4 test matches with the 1st beginning in chennai on friday. so by job is to take a back seat and try and help without are you as a captain to many things and captains mind so as always go up and you have to visualise the situation think about board what can happen in the game and then if the captain ask you for some time distance you should be ready for my job is really easy to take a back seat there is present chief medical advisor dr and she has warned against n.f.l. fans throwing super bowl parties here explained in an interview on u.s.
12:56 am
television how they could prompt a spike in infections sunday's match will happen in tambo the caps attendance of $20000.00 spectators as the buccaneers take on the kansas city chiefs. every time we do have something like this there always is a spike be it a holiday christmas new year's thanksgiving as you mentioned super bowl this is a big deal in the united states enjoy the game watch it on television but do it with the immediate members of your family the people in your household as much fun as it is to get together in a big super bowl party now is not the time to do that watch the game and enjoy it but do it with your family or with people that are in your household. sport for me but they will more later. important advice there isn't thanks very much sarah all the film and television industries have been hit hard by the perfect pandemic as well but the nominations for this year's golden globe awards did bring some good news for the 1st time more than one female director has been shortlisted for awards
12:57 am
. and emeril fennell are all up for the prize netflix dominates with its film about the rise of citizen kane leading the way with 6 nominations in different categories u.k. royal drama the crown is also in the running in 6 categories of the television awards this year's clubs will be 2 months late as a result of the covert 19 pandemic. well that wraps up the news hour but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for the 2200 g.m.t. bulletin coming up very shortly and then of course as always our web site if you want to switch to live streaming out is there a dot com and if it. radicalism
12:58 am
is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's every west we're told was supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters to the fringes of society the impact is huge i presume and there's only so much we can try before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization of the radicalized youth syrians announces the era. when the going gets tough many bangkok slum dwellers are forced to borrow. she may be kinder than your average money
12:59 am
lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. running a loan shop because of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. i met no moved out of his parents' house after he got me he says he found more space living in biscayne after a run of eating it last year it's now his home along with his wife daughter and health but the israeli government said the cables be constructed we've gotten permits and issued the demolition order last month our interview with cut short as he hears that the israeli army has arrived in the village with a bulldozer resident face will just give them one minute to go home it took the found me months to build their brick and dust and an hour to see it get demolished .
1:00 am
for a 2nd night people in myanmar protest against military rule as medics go on strike and bizarre charges are filed against unsung suchi. by maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program because back schemes has it secured 330000000 coronavirus vaccines to go to poor countries in the 1st half of this year. there are desperate pleas folks to jenin in lebanon where medical supplies are running out after a surge in covert cases.


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