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as he hears that it is really army has a right in the village with the bulldogs or rather than say soldiers give them one minute to do. it took the family months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it get demolished. the way. for a 2nd night people in myanmar protest against military rule as medics go on strike and bizarre charges are filed against unsung suchi. by maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program because of x. games has it secured 330000000 coronavirus vaccines to go to poor countries in the 1st half of this year. there are desperate pleas folks region in lebanon where
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medical supplies are running out after a surge in covert cases. and fighting for the right to work their land is back astounds farmers take on government reforms. welcome to the program our top story police in myanmar file charges against unsung suchi and ousted president when mint 2 days after they were removed from power in a military coup police want suchi remanded into custody for 2 weeks while her party says its offices were raided and documents stolen during the takeover catching up as had a on reports. military vehicles patrol the streets of me on mar they are the reminder the coup may be over but hits against alstad leader on sung switchy and her
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government continue police have filed charges against her for allegedly importing radios illegally an accusation they will have retained until february 15th some members of her party the national league for democracy now gather in a temporary office and young gone after their headquarters they say were raided now they are telling the people who support the army are celebrating but if we go out onto the streets there would be a clash it would be chaos we fear the military would then use that to extend the coup and legitimize it saying we incited violence we have to avoid that political trap. the announcement follows public displays of outrage against the coup with people banging pots and pans over night and young gone. calls for civil disobedience are gaining momentum i am other than my one we joined the protest banging pots until they were bent out of shape it was the only thing we were able to do at the moment we want the international community to be aware of the
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situation because in terms of power we can't fight back against the military. doctors and nurses and at least 3 towns have gone on strike to oppose the coup an act of defiance with potentially dangerous consequences in a country with one of southeast asia's highest coronavirus steps towards but there are still reluctance to protest openly some analysts say what happens over the next week how people react could define the country's political future for years to come right now i go you know if. a planning something big you know i think you know my guess is that we go from abbas. either this happens in the next or 5 days our it will just move. here protests carry high risks for years myanmar was ruled by the military dissidents were silenced and opponents arrested on wednesday morning the government run newspaper published
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a warning urging people to not oppose the coup me on mars elected leader and head of the national league for democracy on santucci won a landslide victory in elections in november following a large loss of party's favor by the military that declared the election fraudulent now the head of the army is running the country. amid mounting international criticism people are now wondering whether their country's brief experience of democracy has perhaps come to an end cocktail of this of the young al-jazeera. or the united nations has been reacting they say that the charges against unsung 60 severely compromises the country's democracy will continue to call for her immediate release for the president's immediate release and all others who have been detained by the military in the last few days i think the charges filed against her just compound the undermining of. the rule of
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law in myanmar and the democratic the democratic process. the kovacs scheme set up to ensure poor countries get equal access to corona virus vaccinations has unveiled its distribution plans for the next few months the scheme backed by the global vaccine alliance the world health organization and the u.n. children's fund was aiming to purchase $2000000000.00 doses by the end of 2021 when it now says it's secured $330000000.00 doses to be distributed in the 1st half of this year this will be mostly the oxford astra zeneca vaccine that would cover about 3.3 percent of the total populations within the $145.00 participating countries but kovacs wants to ensure countries vaccinate at least 20 percent of their populations pfizer biotech has pledged up to 40000000 doses in the coming
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months china has announced a plan to provide 10000000 coronavirus vaccine doses while india's serum institute has agreed to supply 1100000000 doses of the astra zeneca another vax vaccines to be delivered of a several year ends today we are pleased to announce the conclusion of a long term supply agreement with the serum institute of india for the coke 19 vaccines to access to vaccine products through technology transfer from astra zeneca and nova vax unicef along with our procurement partners including power hope will have access to up to 1100000000 doses of vaccines for around 100 countries for approximately $3.00 a dose for the low end lower middle income country. well it's hoped the kovacs will deliver more than 35000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine to the caribbean and
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latin america by july chile is one of the 1st countries in the region to launch a vaccination program it's just started to inoculate older adults and essential workers our latin america editor lucien human visited a vaccination center in santiago although it doesn't look like it i'm actually standing on a football pitch in a large soccer stadium in santiago in one of the working class neighborhoods which has been turned into a clinic as you can see people are being vaccinated on the 1st day of a mass inoculation campaign which begins with people 90 years and older let me tell you there are a lot of them people are coming in wheelchairs they're coming with care they're using canes some of them sprinting in and sprinting out very healthy indeed there are a lot of people of that age and so of course they're beginning with the most vulnerable age group and then work work their way down this is a plan that the chilean government implemented and promised the people that it
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would happen as early as possible and actually it is the chile is now the 1st latin american country to start mass inoculation until now that had only been the evacuation of medical personnel nurses and medical students but this is actually quite something and the same thing is happening all over the country simultaneously 5000000 people will have been in ocular aided by the end of february and more will do the same in march and in the following months elsewhere pakistan has also started vaccinating its frontline health workers with plans to inoculate most of its high risk population by the end of the year countries administering 500000 doses of the sign of farm vaccine another 1000000 doses are expected to be delivered by the end of the month because don has recorded more than half a 1000000 covered 1000 cases but limited testing means the real number could actually be much higher. well the world health organization has listed lebanon
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as being in the highest risk stages of the corona virus pandemic right now a further of all cases identified there have been detected in the past month alone and even though there's a lot down in place the soaring number of cases has left the country desperately short of medical supplies so in harder reports. the calls are endless every single day of the week at whatever time day or night melissa fatah runs a non-governmental organization that has redirected its resources to providing oxygen supply to coronavirus patients at home there is what doctors call an uncontrolled pandemic in lebanon. i had a gentleman call me at 1130 at night on saturday crying on the phone because of his father and i had to you know explain to him i physically do not have a machine right now please wait until we get a machine and he's like my father can't wait there is a shortage of machines to provide patients with oxygen leading to more appeals on social media for help we have
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a lot of patients. less and less being admitted to hospital because this is. the red cross has been at the front line of this battle. volunteers have transported more than 5000 patients to hospitals in the past few weeks 4 times more than last year and there are many more on a waiting list. so the 1st. big number of critical patients. some hospitals are using shipping containers to treat patients in the parking lot while others have suspended non emergency treatment. health experts registered one of the world's worst. memory for the size of its population which is close to $7000000.00 including one and a half 1000000. more than 100000 cases were detected in the past months that's one
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3rd of all cases identified in the past year. many countries have dealt with beds shortages and the need to prioritize care but lebanon's health sector was already weak from years of neglect and a collapsing economy high number of cases for sure let. all that is that we have to look at me with the thought that it's. would we have nipped it in move ever to. give a patient more than living but if we continue like i think forward that it's. a 3 week 24 hour curfew has brought numbers down but it's not enough and the daily worry of not being able to find a place in hospital or get access to oxygen supplies hasn't gone away. beirut or inspectors from the world health organization a visit at the variety institute and one han chinese city where the coronavirus was 1st identified the team is investigating the origins of kind of
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a 19 in the past 6 days they've conducted interviews with people from research institutes hospitals and a market link to the initial outbreak catrina you is in beijing and has more on the teams mission institute. they were there for a few hours today since that morning there is intense interest in this site when not sure exactly what kind of information what access they've been given there but of course this is a very important lab it's the focus point of much controversy because the trump administration when it wasn't power allege that corvette 19 in fact leaked from this lab now we haven't seen any evidence of that but it is true that this lab has the highest level of biosecurity in china and inside a number of dangerous pathogens were being studied including coronaviruses that had been transmitted from animals this is a very politicized mission china's very worried about the results and how we look to the international community everything in this mission since they began their
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field work has been highly stage managed since many countries have pointed blame at china accusing them of not being transparent now china's foreign ministry have rejected those criticisms and indeed members of the team who have spoken to the media since the field work has began say that the trip is going quite positively they're happy with what they've seen so far they've been taken to a number of sites including some of the 1st hospitals which housed some of those 1st corinna virus patients they've also seen the meat and seafood market where the 1st cluster of cover 19 was identified and they said that they are seeing doctor and information previously on revealed and that they do feel that they are making some headway in their investigations to finding out the origin of this pandemic. and watching out as they are live from london still ahead on the program we'll look at mexico's border massacre 12 police officers arrested over the murder of a group of migrants and the man dubbed super mario for saving the euro is tasked
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with forming a new italian government. however we've got a fair bit of wet weather on the cards for a straightaway over the next couple of days we have got say. just around the way just in that western side of australia and that will bring some flooding rains in perth recently has same bushfires very close to purchase to the northeast of posts 71 homes have been destroyed as a result of that winds will pick up here over the next couple of days we've got a cold front making its way through the bite and that will bring some wet weather across south australia eventually that will make its way into victoria make the most of that high of 30 celsius in melbourne as we go on through where thursday cloud in the rain will sweep across port fairy it'll push its way right across
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victoria tasmania sing some heavy rain and we'll see that rain just pushing stretching all the way off into where western parts of queensland and notice another circulation just bring up in the gulf of carpentaria by this stage there's that wet weather now making its way across the southern parts of w.i. pushing down towards perth for the weekend so that will bring some heavy downpours in here as we go on through saturday and sunday meanwhile this snow causing problems across japan over the next couple of days more wintry weather fading in across the whole machine and hokkaido making its way east. as information on the government's response is to covert 19 across the world images so too as a deeply disturbing question. people in power investigates allegations of systemic discrimination against a pandemic disabled victims and asks has there been
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a shameful failure to protect some of the world's most vulnerable citizens. disabled victims one on a just you know. the or the earth or the earth. welcome back main stories this hour police in riyadh mara filed criminal charges against alstad leader unsung suchi following her detention during a military coup early on monday she's charged with possessing illegally imported walkie talkies which police said were found in a search of her home. the scheme established to ensure poor countries get equal access to corona virus vaccines is really has released its distribution plans
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kovacs says it secured 330000000 doses to be distributed in the 1st half of this year and then inspectors from the world health organization a visit of the visit of the veronica institute and will harm the chinese city where the corona virus was 1st identified the team is investigating the origins of covert 19. when our us house republicans a carny discussing potential action against 2 of their congresswoman in a closed door meeting that could point to the future direction of the party marjorie taylor green has drawn heavy criticism for promoting right wing conspiracy theories including the suggestion that school shootings were faked in advocating violence against democrats and senior congresswoman liz cheney has been accused of disloyalty for voting to impeach former president donald trump and alan fischer joins us from the white house now has been some movement on that with republicans
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defending marjorie taylor green. like kevin mccarthy has the leader of the republicans in the congress in the house has been saying he's spoken to margery taylor green and made the point to hire that awards know have a lot more import of course a lot of these comments were made before she became a congresswoman and she ran saying that she embraced the ideas of cure norn which of course are wild conspiracy theories among them that things like the parkland shooter were staged by actors and more recently of course we've had she believes that the wildfires in california last summer work caused by a giant space laser that were run by jewish bankers yes you had that correctly so now he's essentially saying that he's not going to be forced into taking action against her by the democrats that he's spoken to the democrats try to get them to kill the temperature around some of our rhetoric but the democrats are going to push ahead with a floor vote on thursday to remove her from a number of committee assignments their publicans aren't quite sure how to handle
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her 1st of all because what she said protected under free speech but she said them before she became a congresswoman but they're also aware that by embracing cura nor in the conspiracy theories around there and some of the things she said she tars a huge part of the party and saw the are not very keen on that being used as the stick to beat them with all the way to 2022 particularly if she comes out and says something again between 0 and the elections for the house in 2022 the midterms yeah we're already talking about them yes we are get used to it the other thing is that she supported by donald trump she to call with him at the weekend he says he gave her her support and also donald trump hasn't stepped away from the queue and on t.v. so there's that question about the republicans dealing with all of this and then there's a list cheney who voted to impeach donald trump because she believes that he was primarily responsible for the scenes that we saw. on capitol hill on the 6th of
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january so what's that 3 weeks ago from today 4 weeks ago from today something like that. says that yeah it was a vote of conscience it wasn't a party line vote she wasn't responsible but there are those in the republican party you see that as disloyal to donald trump who was then the leader of the republicans and they want her disciplined interestingly enough one of the people leading the campaign to kick her out of her leadership position because she's the number 3 republican in the house is jim jordan or higher congressman big supporter of donald trump someone who in the last couple of hours and over the last few weeks has been talking about council culture and how it's awful in fact in an interview just a couple of hours ago he said it is the watch thing facing america at the moment clearly forgetting the covert crisis but he would like to see her replaced although he's given to the caucus to decide what they do with her but you're right this all boils down to how far does the republican party as it's currently constituted on
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capitol hill want to embrace donald trump want to embrace cure no one want to have that stick that democrats can use to beat them over the next few weeks next few months next couple of years and so we should find out clearly what is going to happen but don't expect the republicans to take any action against marjorie green action against cheney that's still a possibility. thank you all right thanks very much allan fisher at the white house . 12 police officers have been arrested and charged in mexico in connection with the deaths of 19 people close to the border with the united states there charred bodies were found last week in the back of 2 burned out trucks at least 2 of them were quite a modern migrants trying to reach the last john heilemann reports now from mexico city in a warning that you might find images in his report disturbing. you know that's something that is going to go
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a bombshell in mexico tuesday night the killing and burning of 19 people among them guatemalan migrants was perpetrated by police said authorities in time a leap to state. at least 12 members of the state police took part in the events of the 22nd of january this theory gained traction because the crime scene was altered there's an absence of shells and bullets the police also contradicted themselves in their report of the crime and interviews with officers. the suspects are now under arrest that would be much of a consolation to bring the parents backing guatemala who suspected her brother was among the victims even before the news of the alleged police involvement broke. down and. the truth is that everyone was there from our community they all went on that trip said the relatives have told us that they died and that's how we knew that he was one of them. this keeps happening not just the kidnapping killing an
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explosion of central american migrants heading through mexico most notoriously when 72 were massacred in 2010 again entirely post but also the involvement of mit's completes in atrocities. in 2014 and get it over they helped to gang disappear 43 students. experts say 2 to a lack of transparency and basic working conditions for local police forces 1st of all ok it's terrible in many cases in most cases will lead us now social security to health care which is graver in the current situation and the other thing is that many times the basic human rights are not being respected so at the 1st abusers in this whole chain of human rights abuses are the commanders that train on their own order to do their bidding sort of carry out violent acts for them criminal acts for them where. first and spread transparency it must hold commanders accountable. but
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this administration hasn't focused on police reform instead they've created a super security force called the national guard rather than concentrating on the existing problems in the country's many police forces critics say that's like putting a band-aid on a knife wound and all kinds of mean well not just makes concern but those traveling through the country have been reminded once again that they can't fully trust those who should be protecting them john home an al-jazeera mexico city. a man nicknamed super mario for saving the euro is accepted a mandate to form a new italian government after the previous coalition collapsed mario draghi was head of the european central bank during the euro zone financial crisis and if he succeeds in forming a government in faces a new challenge of steering italy out of its economic and health crises stephanie decker has more now from rome. right on time mario draghi allies of the presidential palace for his meeting with president sergey. but the teletypes the
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former head of the european central bank with forming a government that accepted it on the condition the 1st he had to parliament to ensure a majority and only then he'll give his final response and we're going to feature it's a difficult moment the president mentioned the dramatic health crisis with its great effect on the lives of the people on the economy and society i'm aware of the emergency requires responses that measure up to the situation at hand and it's with this hope and with this commitment for to respond positively to be a pail of the president defeating the pandemic completing the vaccination campaign responding to the daily problems of the citizens relaunching the country of the challenges we face it marks a new phase after weeks of political posturing that was prompted by former prime minister might there enzi pulling his ministers out of government for what he says were disagreements over how to spend more than $200000000000.00 in the e.u.
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recovery funds with a pandemic and a serious economic crisis many italians feel it wasn't the time to play politics but are. there many other course renzi is completely responsible for all of this but i think at this point it's better to have a druggie government than elections because he's a very competent person one of the best in europe. i mean. it would have been better to hold elections but if we can't have elections this is the lesser evil for sure druggy is better than the one before conti. after 2 terms as if a con to former lawyer and twice prime minister is out he simply could not get the numbers he needed with mathilde and his demands all eyes now on mario dragon credited with saving the eurozone in 2012 he comes with decades of top level economic experience and is now on the verge of taking on the top political position in this country he's earned the nickname of super mario and he may well have to draw on that to navigate italy's a fractious politics but more importantly tackle the very difficult economic and
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social issues that have arisen as a result of this pandemic stephanie decker al-jazeera wrote well now to india where farmers have outlined plans to scale up months of protests against agricultural reforms as their cause gains a high profile supporter in the west tens of thousands of farmers have camped on the outskirts of new delhi since late last year union leaders told a $50000.00 strong rally the demonstrations will continue and they're sending more farmers to the capital protests have drawn global attention off the pop star rianna tweeted her support from a rebuke from the indian government. is back in stands farmers well they are saying that they are the victims of mass agricultural reforms as well complaining that private firms of pushing them to financial ruin agri businesses and monopolizing everything from sea to fuel prices and turning farmers into employees al-jazeera visited is back farmers who live near terra mez on the crossroads of
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afghanistan to g. christan and turkmenistan charlotte ballasts reports. in news because stan all farmland estate are and in the past farmers have leased the land and in exchange the government decided what crops they plant and how many last year this was abolished yet instead of a free market many farmers say they feel more traps than ever local monopolies known as clusters are controlling the agricultural supply chain and forcing farmers to become contract employees is good they took away our land by force we understand that the state owns the land but other districts negotiate agreements but in our district they have terminated our companies and taken away our land we are young and we have no we're not. pharma saying in order to get agricultural loans and supplies like seeds fertilizer and fuel companies make them sign supply
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contracts they dictate what the farmers will grow and how much they'll be paid they say local officials are enforcing the agreements and. if i'm not the owner of the land i won't get the revenue and profits they proposed to give me a salary but nothing else is secured for me. the government is divvied up exclusive control of certain territories to certain companies leaving farmers with few options if they don't like the terms who runs these cluster firms is also often unclear as always in the year and it would be good if they leave me on my land so i have the opportunity to run my land myself and used to make should 500 farmers unions have been terminated and moved onto the so-called cluster system it's part of his biggest fans agricultural reform strategy the government hopes it will result in bigger returns for all with more regional development. going our goal is to develop get it district that is why we have introduced a cluster system
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a new modern agnetha still in the glass the the main problem is that the farmers companies do not benefit the region and. not contribute towards its development yet farmers insist they face ruin and are not being paid feely if it all in some cases some have created their own cooperatives or are refusing to sign contracts a protest against state private monopolies shelob ellis. a quick look at the headlines now police in may in mara filed criminal charges against ousted leader unsung suchi she was detained during the military coup early on monday city is charged with possessing illegally imported walkie talkies which police said were found in a search of her home hundreds of members of parliament who'd been held in a governor.


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