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it will make you want to up will use his own men she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem action. plainly and led the way you transforming your difficulty into a success so empowering a woman to meet you stiffing economy. women make change on al-jazeera. back on the streets thousands of people join a new anti crew rallies and me on mon despite military imposed curfews. that are missed on detail this is al jazeera life and also coming up hong kong's top court denies bail to media tycoon jimmy lai following a high profile legal challenge to beijing's national security. president cannot
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simply resign to avoid accountability for new future bulletins setting the stage for donald trump's impeachment trial as his lawyers deny that he incited supporters to storm capitol hill. and colombia gets legal status to hundreds of thousands of undocumented venezuelan refugees and migrants. hundreds of protesters a neon mon now rallying for a full day in defiance of a calf you military rulers have imposed restrictions on the 2 biggest cities young on and mandalay and also banned gatherings of more than 5 people activists though say they will continue to hold protests against the ousting of the government last week that's despite hearing from the head of the military men on klein who addressed the nation for the 1st time since the takeover on monday promising
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a new election next year well that's now speak to scott highly he's following all of this for us from across the border and bangkok scott a 4th straight day now of protests in the is after that national address last night they really don't seem to be letting up. no they definitely are not letting up and we know that on the streets of yangon they're streaming out in their hundreds probably reaching close to thousands now to their gathering in a very similar area to which they gathered in on monday one thing also that some of the people on the ground there are telling me is that there are rows and rows of riot police in yangon now around this area where they they're starting to gather you know that it looks like they're kind of doing something similar to what they did on monday where people are marching from different parts of the city and then they're converging into one area for a larger gathering but what's something a little bit different now and concerning is that there is a much stronger security presence on the streets of yangon in this area. i've seen
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a still photo of rows and rows of riot police in full full gear also some water cannon truck there in yangon so that's something that's a big concern that we didn't necessarily see to that degree on monday when when tens of thousands came out so be interesting to see how the day unfolds today on tuesday and as you mentioned this is the 4th day another thing that we need to update you on is that in a pit or the capital where we saw the water cannon used for the 1st time against protesters on monday we're hearing also that that has already started again on tuesday not too much detail of how many protesters there are there and they put or but again they also had tens of thousands come out yesterday on monday so we can anticipate will probably see some big numbers there as well now these are people who are kind of following the call from leaders of different groups who have said that they're going to join the civil disobedience movement join these protests so from both sides are seeing that kind of continuing and again as you mentioned. that
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despite the rules that are put into place by the military junta saying that no more than 5 people gather at a time oh i'll have to see how the day develops but with all of this ongoing defiance that we're seeing is the military leadership feeling under pressure to deal with. it seems as though because when you when you know this is been going on for about a week it again steadily now over a week but steadily increasing in intensity of the protests and the number of people coming out in the number of groups joining the civil disobedience movement so it's been steadily ramping up and then this is when we saw yes i guess you could say the military kind of had to push back and they felt because they were feeling the pressure because they were seeing the momentum of this movement so they pushed back on monday water cannon more presence on the street and then obviously the delivery of this speech that was delivered on national t.v. by the head of a military kind of saying look we had to throw out of the government the
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democratically elected government because a fraud during the election will hold elections within a year and then soon thereafter that that's when we heard these laws being you know the curfew being imposed as well as the position of how many people could gather time only 5 so that's when we start to hear those come out so yes you could say that they are had started to feel the pressure what's most important is how patient they're going to be with the people in the street and how they they the security forces react even though that they're coming out and ignoring these new rules will be watching very closely indeed here on out is there a scott hide there with all the nations for us from across the border in bangkok thanks. well it's the highest profile prosecution on the beijing sweeping national security law now hong kong's top court has denied bail to media tycoon jimmy lai the 73 year old is accused of fraud and conspiring with foreign forces under the controversial legislation he'll now have to remain in custody until his trial as head across pontifical pollen is in hong kong for us she says this latest ruling
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will make it difficult for the future defendants to be granted bail. to realize i was in fort for less than 10 minutes before you found out he would not be given bail so he has now been taken back into custody presumably presumably until his trial on april 16th now this is also the 1st trial by. new chief justice that took the helm on in january and he's told jimmy lies legal team but they can challenge this but not back of the court's a final appeal but so that sets a nother dilemma for jr and his legal team that's if you recall in december he was granted bail by one of the lower courts that was challenge by the department of justice who said the courts did not understand the tenets of the national security law and this is why jimmy life took his case or took his challenge to that ruling back to the courts of appeal in a loop here now this sets many kinds of precedents poll one thing there was
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a lot of attention being paid to the it was the 1st case to reach the national security law case $3.00 to $4.00 courts of final appeal and of jimmy alive also had gotten bill would also said in another precedent meaning that those charges on the national security law would be able to get bill but this ruling now essentially means. unless you have the resources and means to challenge the national security law and the rulings given even before trial it is very unlikely you will get bail. a day before his 2nd impeachment trial that the senate donald trump's lawyers are denying the charge of the then president incited his supporters to storm capitol hill they're also arguing that it's unconstitutional to hold a trial for a former president but democrats who are prosecuting trump say he has no valid defense how does your caster begins our coverage now from washington d.c. we fight we fight like hell and if you don't fight like you know you're not going
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to have a country and those. some of donald trump last words on january 6th moments before a violent mob fired up by his false claims that the election had been stolen broke into the u.s. capitol and tried to stop congress from making joe biden's win official for rioters and a police officer died in the attack 2 more officers later died by suicide the grounds for this impeachment are deeply deeply troubling and if the united states senate acquit stunnel truong this round it's essentially a green light for future presidents to try to overthrow elections close to the end of their terms house democrats bring the charges against alleged intentionally with his supporters into a frenzy inciting an insurrection trumps attorneys say the trial is unconstitutional because he's no longer in office and that the former president's
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speech was protected by the 1st amendment robert ray defended trump during his 1st impeachment i don't think the words as charged in the impeachment article go fight like hell can be you know seen as chatham out to a call to violence 45 of 50 republicans in the senate try to dismiss the trial on grounds that it is unconstitutional they failed but the early vote showed republicans are now falling back in line behind the former president and the likelihood of convicting trump is slim as the impeachment managers will nevertheless try to present an emotionally charged case forcing senators to relive the hours they spent powering for their lives inside the capitol fearing american democracy was on the verge of collapse will we see witnesses will this trial last longer than a week those are still pending questions trump has refused
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a request to testify although it's become clear that this trial. it's not just about his guilt or innocence it is also about politics with senators way how their verdict on trump well also impact their own grasp on power hijo castro al-jazeera washington and now from capitol hill john hendren has more details on how that trial will be conducted senate leaders have agreed on a format for the 2nd impeachment trial of donald trump the 1st day on tuesday will be occupied entirely with the question of whether it's constitutional to prosecute a president in an impeachment trial after he's already left office trumps lawyers say you can't do that but democrats say there is precedent a secretary of war was prosecuted in an impeachment trial in 1876 after he had left office chuck schumer the democratic leader in the senate had this to say the trial
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is clearly constitutional by every frame of the now assists by constitutional text historical practice senate precedent and basic common sense that a president cannot simply resign to avoid accountability for an impeachable offense nor can they escape judgment by waiting until their final few weeks in office to betray our country the impeachment powers assigned to the congress by the constitution cannot be defeated by a president who decides to run away or trashes our democracy on the way out the door if the democrats win the argument that it is constitutional to go ahead with the impeachment trial vend the big question is did donald trump incite a riot deliberately on january 6th his lawyers say he was simply exercising free speech and they'll have 16 hours to make that case and then there will be 16 hours on the other side and senators will have the opportunity to question both sides.
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and now georgia has opened this investigation into don't trump efforts to overturn the state's 2020 election results and a telephone call last month that was leet trump pressured secretary of state brad raffensperger to find votes based on unfounded ford claims joe biden won georgia by a narrow margin and legal experts say that trump's phone call may have violated at least 3 state criminal election. to grant protective legal status to hundreds of thousands of undocumented refugees and migrants from venezuela the temporary measure will make them eligible to apply for a 10 year residency permits colombia has long been the top destination for venezuelans fleeing economic and political crisis at home nearly a 1000000 are thought to be living in the country now without proper papers. he has more now from bogota. the legal status will allow almost a 1000000 venezuelan migrants who are here without papers to work legally it will
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all to extend the status of hundreds of thousands who so far had temporary papers and this decision is obviously great but also quite surprising for all the nice well and migrants given the fact that the colombian government until now was reluctant to offer full legal status fearing that this might have learned even more venezuelans to come here but in the press conference announcing their decision president said that it was time to act the united nations high commissioner for refugees also called the decision historic in a new show because the announcement by colombia to grant temporary protection for venezuelans in their territory for a 10 year period is an emblematic humanitarian gesture for the region and even for the whole world this initiative is an extraordinary sign of humanity commitment to
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human rights and pragmatism. some $5000000.00 people have left the venezuela since 2015 fleeing the total economic collapse and political crisis colombia has been the biggest recipients but this is obviously a regional crisis throughout latin america is one of the biggest if not the biggest refugee crisis really in the world at this point but it's also one of the most underfunded just to give you an idea the international community has spent $1500.00 u.s. dollars and each syrian refugee and just $125.00 on each venezuelan migrant so much more help is needed this is something that the president of colombia. sisted on and he also said that he hopes that the decision by colombia to extend legal status will help spotlight this crisis more and bring more
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international help well still ahead here on al-jazeera the race to find survivors of india's class here disaster hundreds are still missing. and south africa's coronavirus setback why health authorities there are having to rethink their vaccination strategy. each time the passage i mean. sponsored play qatar airways. as expected the shomali is blowing down the gulf it's not particularly dusting or particularly strong but it is there all the saving makes the skies a little bit less blue otherwise the weather's fairly quiet now in arabia and throughout iran and turkey if anything is getting slightly warmer in the levant and in egypt there are a few showers in yemen and down the southwest of saudi nothing much changed or so
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into wednesday as well which was a little less strong the wall still obvious $3.00 to $5.00 average all the way from probably parts of syria has all the way down to the valley of the kings maybe even beyond that there are changes in southern africa ross subtle again with the sun now starting to go north mostly the rains follow so they're all but many showers in south africa but there are a few but there's a certain concentration of rain in madagascar in the indian ocean there is a tropical storm but we've got nothing yet developing here but we should watch just in case the wind starts to cool it certainly gives those hits the very other madagascar and certainly from central mozambique but nothing formed as a circulation just yet the main rain band the seasonal rain still stretches far west almost as a skeleton coast in the movie and eastwards the indian ocean. qatar airways jump into the story there is
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a lot going on in this show and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate john edwards to give the bodies one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we've been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion the stream on now to 0. and again i'm just on the attack and that's remind you of our top stories here the south hundreds of people in myanmar are protesting against the crew for a 4th day now in defiance of
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a curfew military rulers have imposed restrictions now in the 2 biggest cities and also banned gatherings of more than 5 people. hong kong's top court has denied bail to media tycoon jimmy lie in a landmark test of beijing's sweeping national security you know the pro-democracy activist is the highest profile person to be charged under that legislation. noirs for former us president omar trump have filed defense papers saying the senate impeachment trial starting on tuesday is unconstitutional they also deny that trump incited his supporters to storm capitol hill but democrats prosecution trump say he has no valid defense. and president one all under homeland as has again denied that he protected drug traffickers and exchange for bribes u.s. federal prosecutors have put him under investigation last month they accused him of flooding the u.s. with cocaine and referred to him as a coconspirator in accepting millions of bribes millions of dollars in bribes from
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drug traffickers john heilemann is following events for us from mexico city. i think this is the 1st time that he's been directly signalled that he's being investigated by the united states it's not however the 1st time he's been implicated in the same case back in january he was quoted in court documents as saying he wanted to shove the drugs right up the noses of the gringos referring to the americans that's what someone else said that he said back in 2019 his own brother was convicted of drug trafficking so there's been a lot of rumors and a lot of controversy swirling around one orlando and on this for some time now the country that he presides over honduras is 157180 countries in the corruption perception index of transparency international so i think a lot of people in that country that we've obviously visited many times are going to be surprised by this tool they've seen the rule of law in that country
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continually undercut by this administration itself and by politicians in general in the country now what there is an implication here for is not just one the land the one on this but also for the new u.s. president joe biden because he rolled out he said he was going to have a $1000000000.00 plan in central america to tackle the root causes of migration so it's violence the economic situation and corruption now the question is going to be how is he going to do that in partnership because that's the plan with a government like the one of one orlando and then there's the u.s. federal prosecutors now are investigating for corruption that's going to be really tricky for the new president as he tries to cut the causes of migration off at the root. now haiti's president germinal moyes has dismissed all 3 supreme court judges who had been touted by the opposition to replace him now earlier one of those judges joseph misandry louis was chosen by the opposition as their own interim
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president they same ways as time expired on sunday but he says he still has another year in office it follows the arrest of more than 20 people for an alleged creep last while sudan's prime minister has intuited 7 former rebel chiefs and a new cabinet following a peace deal that was struck in october between the transitional government and the rebel alliance and the hand oxes the new lineup will help protect the country from collapsing but if you want to believe we have begun to develop a national vision to address economic issues there are some challenges and problems but they will go in the right direction in my estimation we have worked on many legal reforms to deal with laws restricting freedoms additionally recovering stolen money internally and externally has become one of our distinguished achievements the u.s. state department has defended the removal of yemen's hooty rebels from its terror blacklist however it says it will continue to pressure the who thing is for what it calls reprehensible conduct roslyn jordan has more now from washington d.c.
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. late last week the bike net ministration notified congress that it's going to reverse one of the trumpet ministrations final acts in all this designating the hoop keys a member of not one but 2 terrorist group lists we notified the hill of the secretary's intent to revoke the foreign terrorist organization and specially designated global terrorist as the nations of on surveillance we did that late last week we have also been very clear about a 2nd element of this intent to revoke that as a nation has nothing to do with our view of the who these and their reprehensible conduct including as you mentioned attacks against civilians and the kidnapping of american citizens i'm among other moves we are committed as we again said last night to helping saudi arabia defend its territory against further such attacks. our planned action the secretary's intent to delist is due as i said before to
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the humanitarian consequences of this last minute designation we can do 2 things at once the u.s. is also underscoring the fact that not only is it going to be working with the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin griffiths but that it has its own on the way now 10 lender king a veteran u.s. diplomat in efforts to try to end the yemeni civil war that's been going on since 2014. now rescue operations are underway in northern india to try to free more than 30 people who were trapped in a tunnel a day after a part of the himalayan classical at least 20 bodies has now been recovered and more than 200 people are still missing and as of parana reports from just the math that's a town in the area where that accident happened. the rescuers are relying on heavy equipment to barge the piles of mud and debris to clearing a tunnel where workers have been trapped since a torrent of water and debris swept through on sunday after part of
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a glazier broke off upstream. working on the crown of the tunnel when we heard screams get out get out we didn't know what was happening we started running to escape when the force of the water gushed in through the mouth of the tunnel. it's thought the workers are stuck in an outlet about 180 meters then. my brother was here he used to work here and now i'm hearing he is trapped inside we have no information about him there were 6 people from our village over here. that when they are about 2000 members of the military police and specialist in mountain rescue of involved in the search. while they hoping to find survivors of the tunnel some teams have been out on the river fearing the worst. our team is here searching for bodies if we see anyone near the banks or in the river our work is to recover them. most of the missing were working on 2 hydro power projects being built by the
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government deep in the mountains of northern orthodox home state one was damaged another destroyed and homes were washed away experts say the glazier burst could be linked to climate change and a team of scientists has been flown to the site to investigate other environmentalists blame the construction saying it's damaging the himalayas fragile ecosystem clearly this is an on. stable valley which is not uncommon in these sorts of environments i worry i think would be that this could there could be other such events i saw the launches landslides snow avalanches and so on in the future and that that may well be exacerbated by climate change. food and medicines have been delivered to some villages that have been cut off and this mountainous region repairs and reconstruction will take time this is where the humanitarian and rescue
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efforts are being coordinated the town of joshi is 300 kilometers from the state's capital did out there and that takes time alice to reach by the head of india's national disaster response for said one of the biggest challenges is the difficult terrain and the rescue and recovery operation could take up to 48 hours elizabeth random al-jazeera joshi mouth. now in a tit for tat manner of germany poland and sweden have each expelled a russian diplomat moscow expelled diplomats from each of those 3 nations last month russia says the diplomats took part in protests supporting jailed kremlin critic alexina volley tension between moscow and the e.u. has been rising over the opposition leader's detention me was arrested upon his return to russia after months and germany recovering from poisoning rescuers and morocco have recovered the bodies of 24 people who died when an underground textile factory flooded the private residence in the northern city of tangier was being run
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as an illegal weapon 10 people were found alive and they were taken to hospital the country has experienced heavy rainfall in recent weeks after a lengthy drought that. now facebook and instagram say their expanding efforts to remove misinformation about private 19 on their platforms groups repeatedly spreading false information will be banned that includes theory is that $1000.00 is manmade and that vaccines cause autism facebook is already removing posts debunked by the world health organization well this south african health authorities are working with international scientists to try to draw up a new coronavirus vaccination strategy they suspended their original plan to use the oxford astra zeneca job because trials showed it gives little protection against the highly contagious local variant there for me the miller has more now from johannesburg. it's here in nelson mandela bay on south africa's east coast
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that experts say a new variant of covert 19 spread rapidly it's more contagious and accounts for 90 percent of all new infections south africa with 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine was due to start giving jabs to frontline health workers in a week's time study suggested it would cut the risk of contracting the or original variant of corona virus by 75 percent but against the new variant the vaccine is almost powerless it's said to have only a 22 percent chance of stopping mild to moderate infections is a temporary issue we. just as it is the studies not clear on how well the vaccine can protect people from severe illness or death so the africa may be at the tail end of its 2nd wave of covert 1000 but the approach of colder months there's a real worry of a 3rd wave there's always been concern south africa is not vaccinating people quick
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enough and with the new variant of the virus that concerns only growing oxford astra zeneca says it will tweak its existing vaccine to offer more effective protection but it could be august before that's available so far the new variant has spread to at least 29 countries while existing vaccines may face the challenge of keeping up with mutations as new variants have already been identified in the u.k. and brazil experts say all is not lost and this vaccine be combined with another vaccine so that you have 22 different vaccines that do what we call crime that you stimulate the immune system at 2 different points in time and you do it with slightly different back so there are many questions still to be are asked to given the limited sample size of the trial and the younger healthier profile of the participants it's important to determine whether or not the vaccine remains
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effective in preventing more serious illness. so africa is also looking to other manufacturers the government says it expects to receive a new vaccine soon from pfizer and johnson and johnson and it will continue talks with more suppliers including in china and russia from 0 johannesburg well don't forget you can always find much much more on our website including all the latest on those ongoing protests in myanmar that developing situation that's al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera and these are the headlines hundreds of people in myanmar are protesting against the crew for a 4th day now in defiance of a curfew military rulers have imposed restrictions on the 2 biggest cities and also banned gatherings of more than 5 people. hong kong's top court has denied bail to
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media tycoon jimmy lie.


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