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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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with the bulldozer residents face soldiers gave them one minute to do. it took the found me months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it get demolished. this is al-jazeera. hello there on the clock this is the news hour life and coming up in the next 60 minutes not guilty a former u.s. president donald trump is acquitted of insights again insurrection and the republican senators who backed him the qs of a dishonorable act. in that senate today with a cowardly group of republicans apparently have no option because they were afraid
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. donald trump praises the verdicts calling the trial the because witchhunt in the country's history and hints at a possible political future. voters in kosovo picking members of the parliament in an election that could complicate efforts to resolve a territorial dispute with serbia. botha resurfaces in west africa health workers say at least 3 people have died in guinea and declare it an epidemic. i'm siding with sports serena williams is through to the quarterfinals of the australian open but men's 3rd field domenic team is out it's. so former u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted juror and impeachment trial for a 2nd time the senate found it not guilty of insight see an insurrection the verdict was expected but 7 republicans sided with democrats in favor of impeachment
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trump was accused of encouraging his supporters to march on the capitol hill on january the 6th while senators were certifying joe biden's election when the official reports now from washington d.c. . 57. for ease 3 for a 2nd time donald trump acquitted of high crimes and misdemeanors by the u.s. senate john trunk former president tate's is not to go to is charged the charge he incited the crowd ahead of the violent riot at the capitol on january the 6th. 57 senators said he did including 7 republicans but that's not enough for the 2 thirds majority to convict this was about choosing country over donald trump and 43 republican members chose trump they chose trump it should be a weight on their conscience today the day started with
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a surprise the democrats asking for witnesses a move which could delete the process we would like the opportunity to subpoena congresswoman herrera regarding her communications with house minority leader kevin mccarthy and to subpoena her contemporaneous notes that she made regarding what president trump told kevin mccarthy in the middle of the insurrection if they want to have witnesses. i'm going to need at least over 100 depositions not just one both sides though wanted to bring this to a quick end so reached agreement which meant new witnesses and the move to closing statements from the man who led the prosecution an appeal to senators to meet the moment senators this trial in the final analysis is not about donald trump the country in the world know who donald trump is this trial is about who we are
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who we are this is almost certainly how you will be remembered by history that might not be fair you really buy not be fair but none of us can escape the demands of history and destiny right now trump's team so often echoed the ex president supports this impeachment has been a complete charade from beginning to and the entire spectacle expected cole has been nothing but the unhinged pursuit of a long standing political vendetta against mr trump by the opposition party it is time to bring this concept unconstitutional political theater to an end it is time to allow our nation to move forward with the result in donald trump made his 1st comment since the trial began a statement from his florida home thanking senators for their vote but insisting this is yet another phase in the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country
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no president has gone through anything like it but one of his closest allies in the senate who voted to acquit him made it clear the former president bush responsible for what happened rather than trouble for everything he did while he was out of as an ordinary sort of a less structured lot of iran. for every day i had to watch it all and get away with any yet. the decision here means that donald trump will not be excluded for running from political office in the future he could run again for the presidency in 2024 his supporters say he should and he would win but despite the not guilty plea january the 6th will always be attached to donald trump's presidency on the day when democracy was threatened in america alan fischer al-jazeera on capitol hill where house speaker nancy pelosi did not hold back when
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referring to the 43 republican senators who backed trump calling their refusal to convict him the most is owner of all acts in the country's history but what we saw in that senate today was a cowardly group of republicans who apparently have no options because they were afraid to defend their job respect the institution in which they served and let's had i would say how did your question who joins us from washington d.c. and mitch mcconnell was also drawing the ire of the democrats heidi. that's right and it cannot be understated nick how consequential and important the vote of mcconnell was of course he is the leader of the republicans in the senate and he had announced prior to that vote yesterday his intentions of voting to acquit and you can bet that there were many republicans looking to their leader to set the example for them to follow and after all there were only 10 votes short of
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a conviction for trump and to follow that vote to acquit by mcconnell by the 4 statements that the minority leader made in which he condemned trump in the strongest of terms saying that he was practically and morally responsible for provoking that riot essentially agreeing with the prosecution but saying that he voted to acquit because of process that he sought the thought this trial was unconstitutional so really trying to have it both ways that is the response that those statements are getting and from speaker pelosi the majority of the house speaker leader of the democrats she is infuriated with mcconnell yesterday calling him disingenuous and also noting pointedly that much of the criticism levied at the future managers having delayed this trial so that trump is the 1st former president to be tried well she said mcconnell may have prevented that he could have taken actions to prevent that because after all it was he as the senate majority leader
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at that time who insisted on delaying the trial until after trump had already left office so what does this mean for the republican party those like mitch mcconnell drawer away from those who they would regard as that the toxic part of the polity. right there is much soul searching going on now in the republican party these 2 wings you know the trump is a wing that still the most mitt most popular trumping the most popular in polling figure in the republican party or those who may follow mcconnell who in his statements has now made it clear that he wants to return to that traditional brand of conservatism that the party stood for long before trump but will this party bend either way or may even fracture those are big questions and as an indicator of how things may go we know that one of the republican senators the only one in fact who voted to convict lisa murkowski she's up for re-election just
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a year from now and how she fares that would be an indicator meanwhile president joe biden who watched the proceedings from camp david he released a statement yesterday saying that this sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile that it must always be defended nick or how do you think so that's a higher cost of the washington d.c. . on jimmy kimmel where crowds are out demonstrating against the military rulers for a 9th consecutive day generals are giving themselves new powers to monitor to search and to detain people involved in protests more than 380 people have been detained since the military seized power in a coup unfair with the 1st foreign slowly as this report. thousands of people gather in different parts of yangon but all were the same demands they want. and others detained since the coup to be released and for the military to hand back
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control. was when we. have. to work out some of the was that was i was right i was in mandalay students on it a young protester shot by police during a protest in naked or last week she remains in critical condition this is the 9th consecutive day of mass demonstrations across the country. some protesters held signs that read stop kidnapping people at night a reference to nighttime raids by police and activists and protesters are arrested in some neighborhoods people have banded together to form watch groups to warn each other when security forces are coming but also to look out for criminals in this neighborhood of yangon residents say they court 4 men they suspect of planning to carry out an attack they believe the men are recently released prisoners freed
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under an amnesty announced by the military on friday it of us are not going to have been we think the military intends to cause violence with these extreme a nose by getting them to infiltrate the peaceful protests then the military will have a reason to extend their power to crack down on violence. his claim cannot be independently verified a group that advocates for political prisoners in myanmar has expressed concerns that the pardon for more than $23000.00 prisoners is to clear space for the detention of detainees during the current to protest the military is also bringing back repressive laws used by the previous military. including a requirement for people to report overnight guests in their homes to authorities around 360 people detained since the coup are still being held but neither the risk of arrest no fear of a crackdown i nuff to deter these protesters from taking to the streets florence
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italy al-jazeera. in japan protesters held a rally in the capital tokyo to show their support for the pro-democracy movement in myanmar while the u.s. has imposed sanctions on military leaders the japanese government says be reluctant to take action or critics say japan fears it could affect its of businesses operating in the country. well plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. is there a democratic solution to haiti's current crisis. struggling to age with dignity how a lack of medicine and resources is hurting the lives of elderly people in syria. because ball coming up 2 things may get very wrong for one young the america's cup challenge a series final. so
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is holding parliamentary elections in the outcome could affect relations with serbia and the rest of europe and anti-establishment party is set to win the most seats but it's leader has ruled out any talks with the country calls for broke away from a year long war in the late 1990 s. organs are and she is joining us now from the capital pristine as a dog and tell us more about this in the what these snap elections are all about. well citizens of course or one thing for their actually turn of the government you know less than a year in the house and the main reasons why previous 2 governments laws their majority was a disagreement between the coalition partners sell the 3 nation movement led by a former course of a prime minister i mean court the and democratic leader of course of outgoing of course of all prime minister abdullah haughty over the issues on how to deal with a koran of i respond them inc and on the issue of you facilitated the dialogue with
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serbia to be more precise united states asked the course of all to be to draw the taxes on good see imported from serbia and bosnia which refused so. the democratic leader of course or feared to eat could do these things cause of all from their most important foreign partners the united states citizens of course of all are hoping that these election will bring the government to that feel it's right to gain and maintain the political stability needed to deal with the many problems that these youngest but also the poorest european country have like how to recover the economy how to create the jobs and actually if you talk of its citizens of prishtina and varying cost or they will tell you that they need jobs also there is a question of visa liberalization as citizens of course or cannot travel almost anywhere in europe without visas question or and issue of valid with serbia is still on the
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table and it's very important although it is not it wasn't such of a subject to during the campaign or get back to that set up that organs are speaking to us from pristina. well the e.u. has sent a team of elections experts to monitor this vote in kosovo let's take a look back on a timeline of events and ethnic albanians declared independence from serbia in 2008 that's 10 years after a bitter war which lasted from $98.00 to $999.00 several western nations recognize cross over but russia and china backed serbia's claim to the disputed territory and are against kosovo's requests to join the european union opinion polls suggest the self-determination movement is likely to win calls for its parliamentary elections and has promised a tough stance against you and us brokered talks to settle the dispute and help a cause for when international recognition they stalled again last year so let's take the song we can speak now to foreign bieber who's
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a professor of south east european history and politics at the university of gruts in austria joins us now via skype for and 1st up seems like there's this real hunger for change in kosovo do you think it will be enough for the self-determination party to win outright i mean all opinion polls suggest it would be enough days you'd be nearly doubling according to opinion polls to support their last elections and the ready then there were the strongest parties so the question is only will they be able to form a government without coalition partners because last time when they tried they stumbled within just a few weeks because the old parties are very much trying to stop the anti corruption driver to cleaning up which up in court today candidate for a prime minister all this of determination movement has promised should there. be when what are the implications for this most unstable of european regions and calls for his relationship with serbia which doesn't even recognize a state. well albacore de and his party have promised to take
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a tougher stand on serbia they've been also less susceptible to pressure by international mediators because their previous s's often were implicated in organized crime or war crimes so they were more susceptible to pressure from the un the united states to compromise he is less likely to be as easily pushed over in a certain way and he's also signaled that he'll be a tough negotiator but also one who actually might have the majority in parliament to push through any deal which is settled this is always be double the cost of a side that unstable governments have made it very hard to find a compromise with serbia which would actually have parliamentary backing and majority support in the countries in that sense it might be tougher to negotiate between the 2 but it also might lead to a better deal if one is found and i think to some degree the ball will be more in serbia's court in the weeks and months to come than kosovo was so if they do present this this toughest stance is hard line to say. well they get support from
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the united states and from joe biden they didn't offer we're going to support from the trump. well i think the it is in kosovo there's been a traditional orientation towards the united states for foreign policy the kind of engineering by richard canal a special envoy nominated by donald trump which led to the down vote the previous government has really shaken trust in the united states and cost of although it still remains the most sought after ally corti and his party of look more towards the european union and i think they will get support from the you would have been getting support and he has been kind of softening his more rabble rousing persona in recent years and that by the ministrations likely to return to a more supportive stance towards kosovo then the trumpet ministrations overall i believe that the court the government is seeking to have a dialogue an earnest but one with a bit maybe tougher position they are probably going to get the backing from the united states and also the european union the sense that way it will be closer to resolution between kosovo and serbia. i fear not because the biggest problem is i
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think on the serbian side with president aleksander who church who has been very good at deflecting any criticism and blaming the kosovo side for being the one stalling the talks but the sincerity of commitment of him really engaging in a dialogue is very much in doubt he's been whipping up public opinion against kosovo albanians he's been indicating in his party loyalists have often been very uncompromising on recognizing any independence for kosovo and any solution short of defacto recognizing independence of kosovo is unlikely to lead to any sustainable conclusion of this so i think the ball is in serbia's court and i have strong doubts that president which it is eager to resolve this issue in earnest. speaking to us from us across in austria thank you thank you. people in spain's catalonia region a very seeing an election that could reshape its political landscape separate as parties dominate the regional parliament but polls suggest the socialist party
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which opposes catalan independence could make significant gains in the far right is projected to win seats for the 1st time guinea's health chief has declared a bowler an epidemic after confirming 7 cases in the country it is the 1st resurgence of the virus in guinea in 5 years 3 people have died let's cross to neighbors hike in dhaka and nic so we've just heard from health authorities in guinea tell us what the latest is. well the minister of health. took to the media to tell them to confirm that there is an outbreak of ebola in guinea following tests made on the individual these tests that were made in blood tests p.c.r. machines that we usually use for the current outbreak were used to confirm that that person had died from a bola now that all started that person is
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a nurse that fell ill 'd in january and she was taken to hospital and zurich or a she was suffering from vomiting bleeding diarrhea and a week later she was buried nearby in a town nearby and it is jury that funeral that 8 other were infected with the virus now the minister of health says that it has dispatched at least 30 health workers to investigate and to try to find contact cases to trace and try to contain this outbreak meanwhile neighboring liberia has put its health authorities on a higher alert because that funeral happened just very close to the border of liberia and worth remembering during the 201320158 bold outbreak in the region well it all started in that very region and and these funerals that were super spread over 60 percent of all infection came from funerals and that's because of the practices that happened during those burials of. people washing their hands in
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common basins and then touch the body of the deceased and then there is the washing of the body itself which favors the transmission of the virus now this is all happening during a current virus outbreak which means that the health workers are already overstretched and there's also this common fear among people that basically if you go to the hospital you go there to die and not to survive so the main issue for the health ministry is both in guinea and in neighbor. is to communicate and to reassure the population now the current measures that are put in place for the corona virus outbreak helps in favors to slow down the spread of the virus but what's interesting is the location of where this outbreak started in a place where we know that primates and also bats are reservoir natural reservoirs to the bowl of virus and it suggests that there is a good transmission from the moles to humans in places of high concerts
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concentration of human to animals and that perhaps explains why the virus is spreading specifically in this region of guinea nic. reporting there from jacki thanks well. spoken with haiti's foreign minister after weeks of protests calling for president driven a lawyer to step down while his opponents say he's remained in office illegally moved his term ended a week ago the president says he foiled a plot to overthrow him human rights activists say he's going after anybody that opposes him has this report. clashes between protesters and the police have been ongoing in haiti for the past weeks. your position in the country says presidency of an illinois mandate ended on february 7th while the government says it has one more year left. the discussion is over when he's time began and maurice took office in 2017 because of the political instability in the country but
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protesters say the constitution says something else a deceiver spoke to foreign minister. over the political crisis in the caribbean nation the large sectors in the country about that say that what's happening now is illegal and the president said that there was an attempt on his life that are cool it was being set up in haiti 3 judges from the supreme court were removed one of them was detained so is haiti's democracy at risk here is not a democracy at risk what the government is trying to do and we are doing our utmost to keep it is to preserve the marcos in haiti. we have seen over and over how of some politicians in some oligarchs or 'd trying to lose all illegal means
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to actually claim power in haiti so this is exactly what is going on now but foreign minister you're talking about oligarchs and about how they handle power in haiti but when you look at the streets of haiti the people of that are on the streets demanding change demanding action criticizing the president are actually demanding that their lives improve i mean they're not oligarchy so i mean what do you say to them no they are not oligarch and all democracy it's not only here in the united states in the of democracy how you can call it you have people of. testing and some of them are not i should say use of violent means but the entrusting thing here is that the government is paying attention to what the people are asking they are asking for they live to be improved those are legitimate concerns and we agree and the government is
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a walking on the president says he will call for a referendum that would lead to the reform of haiti's constitution and says legislative and presidential elections will happen this year the international community including the oas and the u.s. seem to support the president's move on the streets discontent is on the rice and people say they will make sure they won't be annoyed. rescuers in northern india have recovered 9 more bodies a week after the collapse of a himalayan glass triggered flash floods 3 of them were pulled out of a tunnel where crews have been trying to reach trapped workers death toll now stands at 50 with more than 150 people still missing the floods swept away hydroelectric projects in the area and damaged homes in nearby riverside villages. for a time when the no he's after. hello there we've still got very cold air but it's really cold air digging in the across much of north america what you see on the
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charts here that's actually snow that's cold ground that is across many parts and we've got winds awardees in force across a good part of the u.s. around 100000000 americans affected by some very cold s. and nasty conditions over the next couple of days that cold air all tongue tucked in with his tongue of base of the cold weather diving out of canada across the plains still pushing further south as minus 6 in dallas on sunday colder still has become on into monday there is some snow around that snow making its way across a home in northern parts of texas easing away from the east of texas louisiana could see some snow wet weather there pushing towards the plains the northern flank of this we have got a fair bit of snow which will run its way up towards that northeastern corner into eastern areas of canada as we go through monday sweeping through as we go on into tuesday quater weather does come in behind it is still on the cold side and we have
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got some snow yet more snow which will roll off the rockies further up towards a northwest more wintry weather up towards that western side of the u.s. and also western canada. still ahead here on al-jazeera. ah bahrain 10 years old we look back at the only gulf country to see protests during the 2011 arab spring. i got spoken out to remarkable recovery be ski racers who somehow avoided it knocks the crush of the world championships in sort of. for this 11 year old girl football is a passion. and a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her long journey to success. championship
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dream it's part of the viewfinder asia series. on al-jazeera. that may not be top of the table. they might not have the biggest stadium. but they stand just tightens in the face of the fascist fall rights movement. if you want to show the world that the good guys come sometimes when they are the force behind jim it's simply phenomenal and. the fans who make football on al-jazeera.
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are going you're watching al-jazeera your mind about top stories this hour former u.s. president all trump has been acquitted in his. second impeachment trial 7 republican senators joined 50 democrats in a vote to convict him but that fell short of the 2 thirds majority needed. gillies health chief has declared an epidemic health to confirming 7 cases in the country 3 of those people have died it is the 1st resurgence in 5 years. and establishment party is not likely to win the most seats in kosovo as parliamentary elections but its leader has ruled out any talks with serbia the country kosovo broke away from after a year long war in the late 1990 s. . rebels have attacked security forces in democratic republic of congo's 2nd largest city have been has been heavy gunfire at a military base in the city of lubumbashi at least 9 people have been reportedly
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killed the military says separatist fighters stole weapons after storming a military base and a presidential guard unit splits get more now from carney who joins us from the capital of kinshasa and tell us more about this attack it for in this big and important city. yeah there right now the report from the army is forming we have at least 11 people who have been killed during this attack and the army is forming that 4 members of his own group 4 soldiers were killed by a militia during the tuck some militia on the way killed as well and some civilian also where the main objective for the militia one was to take the control of these 2 men the business of the army is secure but she is one of the big city the 2nd largest city of the p.r.c. minerals and water so the business big business walking in this town of. so doing
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to people militia up to now is not yet clear but it's known that the militia of qatar katanga they own ways fighting for the independence of this area they do believe that this should be independent so that they can technical call of the ministers and everything but the army is forming right now that they have succeeded to push back the militia in the town even to this touching will perish and still going on between. 0 the so that they can arrest and technique or tool of those who are trying to hide seeing themselves among the civilian touching operators will may take days or weeks because the militia are totally mixed among the population and they are in the civilian uniform they are not. not wearing the military uniform so difficult for soldiers to justify who is who and who is doing what so disappears from still going on but the town of right now is under the control of the army this
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is called one by demand of the town. why tony appreciate that thanks very much indeed. demonstrations have been held in bahrain ahead of the 10th anniversary of the popular uprising against his monocle bahrain was the only gulf country that's all protests during the 2011 arps spring takes a look back. this is how it looked when the arab spring breached the gulf region 10 years ago mr newton 6000 people protested in the behind the capital manila on february 14th 2011. for 10 now it was unprecedented they called the today of rain but today i dressed in behind had begun the year before the arab spring the country's majority shah population complained of marginalization by a sunni more knock their initial demands included political and constitutional reform socio economic justice and that
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a nice of detained political leaders at the start of the protest they didn't seem to openly seek a complete removal of the ruling family. but the spectacular success of tunisian and egyptian protests as in toppling they'll powerful rulers gave a similar hope to those in behind. they occupied madonna's pearl roundabout and chanted for the creation of a democratic republic. the security forces intervened in a heavy hand that many. dozens of activists were injured all rested by the end of that day 21 year old idea of that had to lay dead dozens more were killed in the months that followed. the killings ignited anger thousands of the occupied the square a few days later. they pitched tents in an attempt to copy what happened in
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cairo's tahrir square during those initial weeks the behind the government seemed to offer concessions the crown prince called for dialogue and laid out a plan of the constellation and reform but the shadow position expressed mistrust. was the testers now demanded the actual removal of the ruling family and an end to the monarchy. on march 14th 2011 the gulf cooperation council dispatched 1500 soldiers with armored personnel carriers mostly from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to behind to support the government. the same day the king declared a state of emergency the security forces to clear the per square by any means. hospitals choked with the wound hundreds were arrested. here on and the protest
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leaders criticised the gulf countries military intervention describe it as an occupation the other hand behind this government accused iran of meddling in its internal affairs by supporting the protest movement. the us navy which has its 5th fleet stationed in behind didn't seem to want to put real pressure on the government or to openly support any party in the uprising because of behinds geo political importance being you know between saudi arabia and iran and hosting the flames are now also a base for the united kingdom there are a lot of interests that are based on behind where and you know when we took to the streets in 2011 we knew that we weren't just up against the behind the government but rather the sixty's you see countries plus their allies the united kingdom and the united states over the years and with other arab spring countries sliding into anarchy and civil war behinds uprising began to fade. most of its shia political leaders were locked up and are still in jail still the leaders of the uprising
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insist their struggle will continue as long as people's anger and grievances are not heard how much fun. well the arab spring began ingenious here in december 2010 when a street vendor set himself on fire protests against the standard of living in unemployment forced then president ben ali to step down in january 2011 and egypt's 18 days of mass protest pushed hosni mubarak to resign in february 2011 that was after 30 years in power he was replaced by the 1st democratically elected leader mohamed morsi who was then deposed by the military in 2013 in yemen crowds rose up against president ali abdullah saleh who'd ruled the country for 33 years 2011 also saw process in libya 1st magazine and then in misrata its longtime leader moammar gadhafi was captured and killed and demonstrations in syria turned into a years long conflict but failed to remove president bashar al assad so abraham
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fret is a professor at the doha institute for graduate studies and so author of unfinished revolution yemen libya and tunisia after the arab spring joins us live on skype from here in doha so. an inquiry was commissioned as far as bahrain is was concerned and the plan was laid out for reconciliation reform did it come into being. actually you know no changes no snow genuine c.b.s. sort of major changes have happened by it since the promotion was coached actually and they said it is and it continues as usual and i think that all of the major reasons for the fun of this not to happen and not seeing any c.d.'s changes and then but one is that. that evolution was touched and it's italy they had spied been in so the shield sent the promise out that
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a. second is that about me and is linked to regional conflict as with the iran and saudi arabia so. that reason i yeah but i end up with the status that's up the sea but it's going to come to outside because it was seen without with this context and defend reason it seems to be that political systems seem to be more of stronger and put this thing in the face and brought this up again political systems as in other countries what example we've seen also similar protests in morocco and jordan and that during that time but also that all your systems there when able to you know doing it to a doctor has to send in the quote this then and then it is a show and by and it seems to be on that show and that sense of dissatisfaction that with this erupted on the streets 10 years ago it wasn't just have gone away
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when it is still there bubbling away under the surface waiting another chance. of course because this is dumped on me and by him but i would say it and most of that he just didn't most countries in that egypt because i'm lists you out of the you would be in with the underlying causes and conditions of these protests that have been thought that been years ago. i don't think we will see them ever going away because the support this broke out for reasons like unbelievable discrimination and equal access to. it does that but that sets them. really just at the nation. the fact that it is so the conditions that produce the protests actually they're still there and they have their way to reproduce in a much stronger way because we've seen count of allusions winning in a number of countries imposing security images in the much stuff out of that and
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the way they went before in 2000 did ok to do it as much the security situation is much worse than doing that there's all but i'm sure let me just jumping i disagree with the final sorry to jump in but just one final question said bahrain has it a new prime minister now to what degree do you think is there a sense that he may move towards reconciliation. i think as i said this the situation i'm behind it as it cools the length of that regional rowing boat that he has no conflict between iran and saudi and i'm listen we see changes happening only that even a little on the relations between iran and saudi arabia i don't think we can see genuine changes happening no matter what the mistake situational changes on the domestic level happening because this is always see it as a proxy conflict. iran and saudi arabia and it is a huge mistrust that's happening between the 2 sides so that if you look so hot and
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as a national security issue and that is that there can never be compromise on this list again a lot of junk that we need on that so that it is as old and then we can talk about the possible to be able to like. this to change and that's again was one reason why i do 1000 then we did not see change just happening because which sort of action that external players did not support of the protests that we see and we saw an end of that evolution did that they were hampering thanks very much indeed that's even him fred thank you thank you dozens of people have been killed during overnight fighting in northern yemen iran back to the rebels have intensified attacks against forces from the internationally recognized government here things are trying to seize the city of matter and the government's last stronghold in the north yemen has been locked in a power struggle ever since he's captured the capital sana in 2014. tens of
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thousands of elderly people in syria struggling to find the treatment they need for physical or mental illnesses of the 10 years of war many living out their final years in camps. as this report. you know this is how on hussein moves around her camp in northern syria her health is getting worse and walking is no longer an option. for years she thought she would one day go back to her hometown but that hope has now fading the war is just one of several tragedies she's had to endure her husband became death some of their children have died others are scattered in different camps medicine is a luxury she can't afford. all of them i have nothing except my old age other people can walk and go anywhere they want but i can only crawl on my knees this is where some of the elderly go to get help
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a makeshift medical center set up in another camp for the displaced it's estimated that about 200000 elderly people in syria are homeless this is the only medical attention many will have access to. we mostly care for the elderly and many of them have long term illnesses like high blood pressure diabetes and heart problems for many things are worse because they're suffering from psychological hardships many of which stem from worrying about the future. the war has devastated entire communities more than 5000000 people fled syria during the fighting about another 6000000 are still displaced within the country without a home camps have become their only refuge and humanitarian aid their own leave lifeline. homeless and with failing health many here say their only hope is to try and live out whatever time they have left with dignity. al-jazeera.
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a world health organization investigator says that china has refused to hand over roll data on early coronavirus cases. visited the chinese city where the pandemic is believed to have emerged after a 4 week visit look into the origins of the pandemic team had wanted more information about the 1st cases in december of 2019 for the investigation has been plagued by delays and concerns about access and bickering between beijing and washington new zealand's largest city is going into a 3 day lockdown after 3 people tested positive for covert 90 essential services will remain open in or clint but other businesses and schools will close new zealand has managed to keep the number of infections down with fewer than 2000 cases since the start of the pandemic. the main thing we are asking people in all current to do is to stay harm to avoid any risk of spreed that means staying in
4:46 pm
your bubble other than for essential personnel movement people should work from harm at least that is not possible if you go outside your home please mine time physical distancing of to make his outside or if you're in a controlled environment where you know others present one maisha for israel has received this 1st bunch of russian sputnik 100000 doses arrived in caracas on saturday medical personnel 1st in line to receive the jobs is just one percent of the 10000000 vaccines venezuela says it will receive from russia the government has discussed buying more vaccines is true the world health organization lead kovacs program but it will require using money that's been frozen because of u.s. economic sanctions. lebannon has begun its vaccination drive after receiving its 1st shipment of the pfizer vaccine caretaker prime minister and the visited the hospital where the 1st shots were given 20000 doses arrived on saturday the country
4:47 pm
has ordered 2700000 more through the global kovacs scheme a recent increase in cases has filled up intensive care units and the shortage of oxygen cylinders. while the pandemic pruned the profits of the world's flower industry growers in zimbabwe were already struggling before the outbreak and now the country is in its worst economic state in years but farmers are refusing to give up her metacity reports from the town of concession. overseas demand for fresh cut flowers plummeted last year because of covert 19 and that's affected zimbabwe's biggest rose export company. managers say orders dropped to about 50 percent but this year they say demand is picking up. zimbabwe has high levels of unemployment and more orders mean more jobs on an average day on a summer's day rather we cut into or between 100230000 stems
4:48 pm
a day we have 700 labor force who are working from 6321132325700 people on cutting so yeah it's a nonstop operation more than 20 years ago flower exports brought in a lot of foreign currency for the country but ended in president robert mugabe's land reform program the government seized thousands of white owned commercial farms since then the industry hasn't been what it used to be back in 2001 zimbabwe was the 5th biggest exporter of flowers to the european union then came years of economic decline and now called 19 many guys left but others are still here carrying on. kenya and ethiopia africa's top exporters here explain how they have managed to stay in business we were dealing with auction system ok we're looking in the market to didn't plan only with auction system we deal directly with customers
4:49 pm
ok and. our our main customer base is the supermarkets and supermarkets in europe was still open because it was part of the essential and that allowed us that . they're there for its ability of supplying those markets. called it has batted businesses and economies globally it's no different on this farm workers here receive food parcels every month in addition to the salaries to help them push on and they know the job security depends on being able to export roses to more global markets. al-jazeera concision zimbabwe. people in northeastern japan are inspecting damage after a major earthquake struck off the coast on saturday crews are gradually restoring electricity in after the magnitude 7.3 quake left nearly a 1000000 homes without power one of the hardest hit areas fukushima prefecture was the site of a major nuclear disaster a decade ago it happened after a tsunami caused by an earthquake struck a local. news anchor found himself at the center of the story when an earthquake
4:50 pm
hits while he was on the air shaking the studio the 4.7 tremor struck just outside the capital on saturday only one person is known to be hurt and there are no reports of widespread damage. india's cricketers take control of the 2nd test the rest of the action coming. israel's vaccination drive has been the one unqualified success in it's often criticized response to. the aim is to vaccinate everyone over the age of 16 by the end of march prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising israelis that will be the 1st country in the world to emerge from the pandemic he's persuaded to commit to an excel aerated supply of its vaccine in return for israel being used as
4:51 pm
a data rich testbed for its efficacy palestinians living in the eastern half of jerusalem the only non israeli citizens getting israeli vaccines the palestinian foreign ministry says israel is neglecting its obligations as an occupying power providing vaccines to the 4500000 palestinians in the west bank and gaza. between rich nations and when it comes to vaccinating populations israel's program has outpaced even the richest countries. just how much the palestinians have been left out of the process and how far they've been left behind. one. or. the old.
4:52 pm
that's going to support all his sir thanks a lot and it will go to law and i want to start with a tennis defending champion novak djokovic has just made it through to the quarterfinals of the australian open earlier 3rd seed dominic team crashed out in the last 16 as he was beaten by grigor dimitrov in straight sets perhaps feeling the effects of his epic 5 set match against nicky of course in the previous round and serena williams reached the quarterfinals 2 in women's draw but had to work hard against arenas it went to 3 sets and last of 2 hours 9 minutes but eventually it was 7 time champion williams who claimed the win serina is chasing a record equalling 24 grand slam and place mona next. and she's on track to meet your soccer in the semifinals but came very close to being knocked out the japanese player had to save 2 match points against god binyam of the rooster she then won 4 straight games to take the win the soccer won the australian open back
4:53 pm
in 2019 and now she's into the last 8. and next up for soccer should be up against chinese taipei player sue a shave the 34 year old made it through to her 1st quarter finals at you strange you know i've been with a win over mark over soccer says she's excited to face her. she is one of those players for musicals a video game i would want to select her character just to clear because my mind can't fathom like the choices she makes when she's on the court but it's so fun to watch it's not fun to play but it's really fun to watch now failing in the america's cup challenger series final has been postponed because all current has been put into a high level of coded 19 knockdown the announcement was made after sunday's races which saw the italian team luna rossa take a commanding 4 new lead over british team in your few k. in the us is very nearly capsized at one point and no need to improve rapidly
4:54 pm
neurosis just need 3 more wins to make it into the main america's cup against new zealand in march when they races of been cancelled by the lockdown is only set to last 3 days which means they could very well be to hold water as early as friday. and india's cricketers have taken control of the 2nd test against england in chennai after making 329 in their innings they ripped through english batting line up no rebirths was the 1st to go for a dark and they collapsed after that captain wrote the story rather captain jones routes could only manage 6 an england all out for $134249.00 runs behind india who seem to be benefiting from fans being intellect to watch the natural is. now through the world championships and if it in australia austrian vincent meyer has won his 2nd gold medal of the week he picked up the super g. title on thursday and on sunday he took a victory in the downhill as well by just opening 0 one seconds 29 year old is only
4:55 pm
the 3rd male skier of the american voting miller in austria's home and meyer to win both to sue for g. and downhill at the same bowl championship. now one of the other races has a lucky escape on his run like friends results. lost control over a bomb but somehow recovered landed backwards and then skied safely down the mountain is definitely worth another look at the replay it's just incredible when you think you is going around 112 kilometers an hour he didn't complete his romber at least he avoid and not avoided a nasty crash. now lionel messi scored twice as barcelona extended their winning run in the spanish spanish league they comfortably beat aloes $51.00 to claim the 7th straight win in the league or messi was also making his 550 appearance for barcelona which ties the record held by job when ms barcelona up to 2nd in the
4:56 pm
league are but still 8 points behind atletico madrid. and manchester city have strengthened their grip on top spot in the premier league they beat taught them 3 nil to move 7 points clear that's now 15 wins in a row in all competitions for city. leicester moved up to 2nd with a 31 win over liverpool who have now lost really games in a row and their manager you're going caught now with minutes they have no chance of defending their title now it's a goal from jordan speak is closing in on his 1st p.g.a. tour win since 27 team the american as a 2 shot lead heading into the final day of the pebble beach pro in california this was the highlights of his 3rd round holing out for an eagle at the 16th hole speed showing some of the former has helped him win 3 major championships. and like the anxiousness in the nerves that come with this and that's why that's why i love the
4:57 pm
game and you know like i said i control my own destiny to morrow you know in golf you know balls in your hands so you get to win or lose it and you get to be the one that has the last shot. the johns are on a hot streak in the n.b.a. right now they beat the miami heat in their latest game showing some great passing skills here with the moves finished off by a routine go bad the giants have now won 7 in a row and sit through western conference. and wells made it 2 wins from 2 in rugby 6 nations off to fight scene from behind to beat scotland scotland using its hof time at their home stadium in how to play a central when the louis reason it's called to try swells who won the match by one point. after losing to scotland last week reigning champions england recruit to thrash it so the journey may school the pick of the tries in the spectacular leap into the corner in goal 6 tries altogether to secure the bonus point victory play
4:58 pm
france later. that sawyer sportbike seen it so i think there was a day that if these are we back a couple of minutes with more. it's america's worst kept secret cracked open the time of a pandemic exposed in the time of trump through the turmoil of 2020 the big picture traces a century of racial injustice to reveal how philanthropy politics and economics preserve structural inequality keeping white a supreme and black in its place a race for america part 2 on a jazzier. examining the impact of today's headlines it didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and damning you're staring at it in the face and you're giving it the setting the agenda for tomorrow's
4:59 pm
discussions was it a coup unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and won't cost journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every $1.00 of us and the responsibility to change out 1st place for the middle on al-jazeera. in india identity politics on the rise what we're seeing is the construction of partitions in the hearts and loads of millions of people across the country and as a dark side in detroit is we do see the grid from his office the majesty of the hindu fish into something more like the team i didn't see of the british today i meet with victims of violence and discover what life is like for minorities in the country join me on my journey in search of india's soul on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera. that. the u.s. said it's acquits donald trump on charges of insights insurrection in the last months attack on the company building. i don't acknowledge this is out there and live from doha also coming up 1000000 miles minute trees accuser cracking down on the pilots and down supporters of protest denouncing the coup. bellerose services in west africa health workers say at least 3 people have died in guinea and declare it an epidemic. and kosovo goes
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to the polls and a parliamentary election results could complicate his territorial dispute with some .


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