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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al jazeera. and. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. security forces in me and fire shots to disperse hundreds of protesters rallying in the northern state of captured. also resurfaces in west africa health workers say at least
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3 people have died in guinea and declare it an epidemic. also u.s. politicians debate the extent of donald trump's influence over the republican party in the country the day after he was acquitted by the senate for the 2nd time. carlos menem the former argentinean president to embrace free market reforms and closer ties with the u.s. has died at the age of 90. i'm kevin nash with sports manchester united have lost ground in the premier league title race and defending champion a bad joke of it just through to the quarter finals of the australian open. welcome to the program armored vehicles have started rolling into major cities across me and mar following a 9th day of mass protests against the military junta at one demonstration on sunday security forces fired shots to do. spurs a crowd which had gathered outside
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a power plant holder of more was. it's unclear when the footage what was live streamed on facebook whether they use rubber bullets or lies i mean mission protesters have been out on the streets for 9 days now following the military coup 2 weeks ago more than 390 people have been detained since then and while army generals have given themselves new powers to monitor search and arrest demonstrators the embassies of 14 western countries have called on members army to refrain from violence against demonstrators and civilians the u.s. also warned its citizens to stay at home saying there's a chance internet and phone lines will be disrupted overnight florence louis a small i thousands of people gather in different parts of yangon but all with the same demands they wanted leader and others detained since the coup to be released and for the military to hand back control was with me
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was to protect the camera at the was a that was i was right i was a mandalay students on it a young protester shot by police during a protest in a dorm last week she remains in critical condition this is the 9th consecutive day of mass demonstrations across the country. some protesters held signs that read stop kidnapping people at night a reference to nighttime raids by police and activists and protesters are arrested in some neighborhoods people have banded together to form watch groups to warn each other when security forces are coming but also to look out for criminals in this neighborhood of yangon residents say they court 4 men they suspect of planning to carry out an attack they believe the men are recently released. prisoners freed
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under an amnesty announced by the military on friday. we think the military intends to cause violence with these extra minnows by getting them to infiltrate the peaceful protests then the military will have a reason to extend their power to crackdown on violence. his claim cannot be independently verified a group that advocates for political prisoners in myanmar has expressed concerns that the pardon for more than $23000.00 prisoners is to clear space for the detention of detainees during the current protests the military is also bringing back repressive laws used by the previous military giunta including a requirement for people to report overnight guests in their homes to authorities around $360.00 people detained since the coup are still being held but neither the risk of arrest no fear of a crackdown i muffed to deter these protesters from taking to the streets florence
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li al jazeera. rappers and break dancers also on the streets to protest against the military coup. dozens of performers gathered in yangon an anti coup protest as enter their 9th day organizers say street dancers don't normally dancing groups but they got together to show unity and to send the message that they won't be oppressed by the military. now getting these health chief has declared a bowler an epidemic after confirming 7 cases in the country it's the 1st resurgence of the virus in guinea in 5 years 3 people have died between 20132016 at least 11000 people died during a battle epidemic in west africa mainly affecting guinea and its neighbors liberia and sierra leone. where you know one of our citizens became ill and unfortunately died his burial took place on february 1st and a few days later some people who took part in the funeral began to experience
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diarrhea vomiting bleeding and fever the 1st samples were confirmed on february 12th liberia meanwhile is stepping up its efforts to prevent the virus from crossing the border the death sydney were reported in a close in a town close to liberia the country was declared free from about 2015 no cases have been detected since here's nicholas haq with this update from dhaka in neighboring senegal. there is an outbreak of ebola in guinea following test made on one individual these tests were made in cannot create a blood test p.c.r. machines that we usually use for the current outbreak were used to confirm that that person had died from a bowl law that all started that person is a nurse that fell ill in january and she was taken to hospital and zurich or a she was suffering from vomiting bleeding diarrhea and
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a week later she was buried nearby in a town nearby and it is jury that funeral that 8 other were infected with the virus now the minister of health says that it has dispatched at least 30 health workers to investigate and to try to find contact cases to trace and try to contain this outbreak meanwhile neighboring liberia has put its health authorities on a higher alert because that funeral happened just very close to the border of liberia and worth remembering during the 20132015 bull the outbreak in the region well it all started in that very region and and these funerals that were super spread over 60 percent of all infection came from funerals and that's because of the practices that happened during those burials of. people washing their hands in common basins and then touch the body of the deceased and then there is the washing of the body itself which favors the transmission of the virus. the.
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province of the democratic republic of congo the new outbreak was announced a week ago the world health organization says as many as 180 people buying to feed exposed to the virus because of the racing to vaccinate people to prevent a bigger outbreak. but more ahead here on the news hour including dozens of people killed in fighting in yemen as who the rebels try to capture the government's last northern stronghold. part of a tree elections in kosovo could complicated stir tauriel dispute with serbia and its board things need to go very wrong for want y'all to be america's cup challenger series final. but they have to donald trump's acquittal in his 2nd piece of the trial politicians
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are debating what influence the former u.s. president should wield over the republican party on saturday the senate found him not guilty of in science going to direction trump was accused of encouraging his supporters to storm the capitol hill are january the 6 while senators were certified job by. now 7 republican senators joined 50 democrats in a vote to convict him but i fell short of the 2 thirds majority needed democrats are accusing the republicans who backed tribe of cowardly behavior everybody was convinced of the case we put forward but you know as the defense lawyer said just pick any one of these phony constitutional defenses and then you can justify it it could be 1st amendment it could be bill detained or it could be due process all of them are nonsense i thought that i successfully demolished them at the trial but you know there's no reasoning with people who basically are you know acting like members of a religious cult and when they leave office should be selling flowers at dulles airport i think is standing by for us in florida where donald trump resides but 1st
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let's cross over to washington d.c. where castro is live for us heidi of course let's begin with the mixed messages from mitch mcconnell he's the senate minority leader republican and the fallout to him fall for the president trump and the republicans as a whole. sure so there is no one in the republican caucus in the senate with more power than of course their leader mitch mcconnell so when he signified yesterday morning that he was going to vote to acquit well that gave ample cover to many republicans who otherwise may have been on the fence leading to the ultimate vote of only 7 republicans crossing the line to convict trump and mcconnell of course one of them who acquitted. of not crossing the line or rather the 7 republicans who voted to convict but of course he was acquitted mcconnell among those who voted to acquit but then he said on the on the senate floor and
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that he thought that trump was morally and practically responsible for inciting the mob which essentially agreed with the prosecution's case he was among those republicans who said that he voted to acquit because the trial was unconstitutional but really that's the simple answer here so hale the bigger issue going on is that it's not just mcconnell wrestling with self conflict but the entire republican party than a moment of soul searching and we saw that played out further this morning on the sunday political talk shows one of the republicans that voted to convict bill cassidy of louisiana said that his vote was because he thinks trump is waning at this party is about more than just one person that it is a party of ideas but then you heard lindsey graham a strong ally of trump saying that this is not trouble even just yet. i spoke to him last night he was grateful to those lawyers he appreciated the help at all of us provided you know he's ready to move on and rebuild the republican
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party he's excited about 2022 this magnum movement needs to continue we need to unite the party trunk plus that's the way back in 2022 he's mad at some folks but i understand that my goal is to win 2022 to stop the most radical agenda of saying coming out of the democratic presidency of joe biden we can't do that without donald trump so he's ready to hit the trail and i'm ready to work with him. so there real question today and over the next weeks and months and possible years so hales whether those 7 republican those 2 convict trump whether that was a step toward the party moving away from trump or if they were the last gasp of a party that was before trump many questions still to be answered how did your castro for so washington d.c. let's cross over to palm beach in florida and standing by and do you i mean the former president is surprisingly quiet considering what less than 24 hours ago he
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was talking about a which earned being vindicated and the movement has only just begun why do you think. well i mean one would think the downturn would be keen to get on television get his face out there and say look i been in peach twice and i've been acquitted twice but there may be a good reason why he isn't doing that and that is legal liability because as you heard mitch mcconnell one of the most senior republicans say is that don't try to get away with nothing meaning that as a private citizen which he now is he could be. there could be criminal investigations into not just gently with the 6 but there are open criminal investigations going on already particularly in new york into his business practices and in the u.s. state of georgia following that hour long call with great britain great raffensperger the republican secretary of state in a state that trump lost when he made that phone call asking for
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a particular number of votes that's a criminal investigation that could be why there's already talk of a grand jury that means trouble would face ordinary citizens of this country and not be able to depend on the backing of his own party because now he's essentially a private citizen so the bigger question here is what a strong mean when he says i have much more to follow with you in the coming months what we simply just don't know it's clear that he wants to still be actively political it's clear that he thinks the make america great again movement has has more. steam in it but we just don't know we stayed so quiet is off twitter now but as i said all these pending legal woes could be something that may tie him up for years to come and i think it's also important to talk about the people that storm the capitol that day i think when those court cases come around which they will over the coming months you going to hear every single one of those people saying i did what i did because i was told to do so by my president donald trump that's just
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going to once again reiterate what the democrats argued over the entire 2nd impeachment trial that this was his fault and the other wider issue is as a party can the republicans win again if they can't win moderates and independent voters because in this country they often decide those elections and many of those people may have swayed away from that because at the end of the day dawn shop will always be associated with that day in which 5 people died on january the 6th i do thanks very much for the up to and for us in west palm beach florida. let's return back to our top story of the break in get the in west africa dr yuma is a delegate for the community epidemics and pandemics the paradise program at the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies joins me now from conakry guinea via skype good to have you with us on the program dr tido guinea is no stranger to a bowler how concerned are you about this outbreak you
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have to have more 10 people for your question. i have to tell you there is. it would again. in a given in india is did it go dear but if. we have big bird a dual fuel goes. out but again. and the question is we don't. know where or when how. but as you know this. is a working forest for assisting. good for the for. and. host of. people when they're looking for that live. in the. forest and they
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can do the. same in this forest country like india see. is coming to times here and after that how well prepared is guinea as a country to deal with this epidemic. you know just now. we had a big meeting. in the lead by little by. a minister of health. teams response to team up with padded to go to. the office they're out of breath from today and a lot of partners so government partners and you'll. gave according to their profile and it was. especially t.v. . as they're providing the support it was
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a minute that. included. you'll see m.s.f. . in c.d.c. you see these or departments in countries that are supporting the government that will do will get to provide support and will do or to stop resists out to brett in a short time we should see what happens of monitor what happens certainly it gets the moment you are tired of thanks for joining us from conakry tend to have much. russian protesters of formed human chains across moscow and st petersburg to show support for jailed a kremlin critic alexina valley and his wife yulia the peaceful rally is also dedicated to all political prisoners including the thousands of demonstrators arrested during mass rallies demanding the valley's release his allies are calling for supporters to hold candlelit gatherings outside their own homes on sunday to show solidarity question they get it to say this is
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a book many people are being persecuted in regards to political cases i think the protests will have an impact at least we will show the world that we are here that they're not alone that we stand in solidarity with them. india's opposition and demonstrating farmers are calling for the release of a younger activist who was arrested for allegedly helping to write a protest guide police accused 22 year old the d. showed r.v. of helping to develop a tool kit used in widespread protests authorities said the guide was a conspiracy by sikh separatists after it was shared online by environmental activists the better to work. the former president of argentina carlos menem has died aged 90 he led the country from 989-2999 embracing closer ties with the us and the privatization program influenced by the international monetary fund that looks at the life of a flamboyant often controversial figure. tell us many wars for many
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argentines a man from another time another place he was born in the remote mountainous northwestern province of larry aka the syrian immigrant parents. many became governor of his home province in 1973 representing the peronist party founded by the former president one there on. he did the star with his geltrude dress and white sideburns of 19th century rural heroes and brought to one of cyrus flamboyance and pena mixing with show business sporting celebrities and driving fast cars he came to power in 1909 as argentina was suffering hyperinflation seek justice with his influential economics minister domingo the implemented the plan credited with ending the economic crisis along with large scale privatization of state industries his 2nd term in office however still rising unemployment and
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increasing social discontent with the prisoner during military rule he helped steer argentina from brutal repression although some criticized him for making too many concessions to those same represses you are seeing in iraq he failed to change the argentine constitution limiting him to 2 consecutive terms in office that ran for the presidency again in 2003 standing down before the 2nd round of voting when it became clear he'd lose to the eventual president mr kitchener men was no stranger to controversy convicted of smuggling weapons to crew a show in ecuador and investigated the various corruption charges could be remembered with mixed emotions biology and science who lived through the 1990 s. one thing they all agree on however life with carlos menem is president was never dull. support says as a political analyst and former economy editor the born as i read her all joins me now from the capital via skype good to have you with us on the program boy and
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charismatic and controversial figure but he embraced change when it was hard for many argentinians through visit how that would benefit them in the future. yes minimum was a transformative figure in argentina political history he came from a party with a history of economic interventionism empathy got populism but the world was going in the opposite direction right at that time latin america was go undergoing i've replaced and the burning was falling and saw a man and was a very pragmatic political figure who saw that he had to go in the opposite direction for for his political career to be successful and turned out to be not into an alliance with the united states and no massive private decision program which included electricity gas t.v. radio which change our genes that live massively and implementing massive profit with farms and most notably perhaps times the value of the art you think best so
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after years of massive inflation to that of the u.s. dollar i want to one convertibility between the bets on the dollar which generated a few years of stability in a country that was very unstable and that made came out very popular figure made him reelected reforming the constitution etc until eventually that exploded and ended in a crisis of course he had the human touch as well but that all came down to the sad that he was incarcerated by the military he lived a dictatorship that molded him as a regional politician and that the national figure how important was that sort of you might say life experience. well yes he was he was already an influential leader in the seventy's he was a governor when that promise of libya when the dictatorship didn't about work and he was imprisoned for many years. but that it can perhaps that political capital to all to do there. what he called pacification with the military
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after all their atrocities of them came out to the light in the eighty's and they were jailed and for torture and kidnappings and so on and disappearances in this enduring dictatorship part on many in the military and also some of the left wing. that were in in jail and said ok we have to forget this past and have no more conflict us to believe you and i can do it because they started right at the credibility not everyone is certainly the left repudiated their their partners but that number can man united you know if they said ok this this guy it went through this and so he can do with it he can part of the military and move the country in a different direction right he had at this point we're probably going to transform to or to not be remorseful perhaps and then change in very last direction he was a very pragmatic politician of
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a huge of his life experience and he's touched from the fact that sort of you turn the economy around but you also reduce the power of the u.b.s. i mean that was fundamentally moving the country forward but looking at where argentina is now it's the influence of men and still visible or tangible or has it disappeared altogether. it has disappeared but i think the perception of minim changed a lot into that with the 2001 crisis and the end the final years of many of the government and of their 10 year decade of convertibility argentina was very traumatic it was the biggest crisis and margin that you know a century not to be now actually was a very vulnerable tool market volatility the financial crisis around the world the asian crisis the russian crises the mexican crisis all of those impacted argentina then asked that crisis in 2000 and eventually they actually think back to a system in financial system exploded argentina i do think companies and governments were very indebted in u.s. dollars they took this stability for granted and took lots of debt and eventually
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to do its financial system exploded in 2001 and only equality of the employment of the years of men came to that you get maybe the end of the negative side became more prominent and he was more negative that you would figure it in that development and argentina moved back to a center left kind of economic model in the decade after man and he was more in after his decade of popularity in the ninety's as any few hours since the announcement of his death will be interesting to see what sort of tributes occur in the coming moments for the moment ignacio portents thanks so much for joining us well as i read thank you very much. rebels of attack security forces in democratic republic of congo's 2nd largest city there's been heavy gunfire to military base in the city of lubumbashi at least 11 people have been killed the military says separatist find to stall weapons after storming of a sunday presidential guard unit led to why carney has more from kinshasa. the
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situation still very tense in some areas you know. a big city a very big town they report from soldiers i think these militia and then most of them are right now trying to hide themselves and the population so soldiers are trying to follow them the report is also saying that some soldiers of the well were killed in one of the presidential bodyguard because 2 business where and one of them we have to mention that it's a word find a presidential guard then the m. of dissimulation will still patrol of the 4 heavy guns protected in this military base in the bus so we have some soldiers have been killed also according to sources from military but of officially we have 4 militia those who were killed during the operation and of course soldiers are still following them in different
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cities the big challenge to the military is also the militia and the civilian toll as the i'm not in the military so it's very difficult to detect them when they're hiding themselves some of them have family in the city so decide to cover tuition going on in the town of. well still ahead here on the news hour struggling for staff we'll look at the impact of a growing border dispute for farmers in eastern sudar. blooming but no longer booming will be the flower grows a zimbabwe refusing to give up on a struggling businesses and it supports her remarkable recovery a ski racer who somehow avoided a steep crash at the world championships in italy don't go away.
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how that the weather is set fabric cross the middle east over the next couple of days much of the middle east further north we have got a little more cloud just coming in across the greece and turkey pushing towards at least the side of the mediterranean so monday doesn't look too bad around the levant syria lebanon jordan fine and dry but that wet sand windy weather that will creep his way over towards cyprus snow over the turkish mountains by this station signs of something a little more unsettled as we go on into the middle part of the week across much of the middle east though it does look settled fine and sunny high here in doha of around $24.00 degrees celsius with plenty of hazy sunshine it stretches down across the whole of africa because some showers once again just around lake victoria southern parts of uganda catching a shower at sea what is 2 showers over 2 is that western side of the democratic republic of congo some very heavy rain the easing across southern parts of africa over the next day or so lively showers there across botswana you might catch a shower or 2 into southern parts of zimbabwe but the wettest weather that is light
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if you just push its way into those southern areas eastern parts of south africa converging winds here so we've got the winds coming in from the north easterly direction pushing in from the southwest as well lots of heavy rain. but. there was a lot of there in this community and that is what he lived on the women they were going to look for to get all the while making what up when this is our man she worked with local women to solve the main problems plaguing their community was not always a key problem auction plan had been what as a priority and led the way in transforming a difficulty into a success so empowering a woman to me is standing economies. and women make change on al-jazeera water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as
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a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very trained for is water privatization on anybody they really feel. those people who see every 2 years something to invest a profit of they want all up to the last drop on al-jazeera. all the orioles. on the back you're watching the al-jazeera news are with me so i'll rub the reminder of our top stories security forces and me and by how far to disperse protesters gathering in the northern state of captured it's unclear whether they use rubber bullets or live ammunition tanks are being seen on the streets of major
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cities the military seized power 2 weeks ago getting his health cheney says declared a battle or an epidemic after confirming 7 cases of the country 3 of those people have died as the 1st research adds in 5 years former u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted in his 2nd debate with trial suffering republican senators join 50 democrats in a vote to convict him but that fell short of the 2 thirds majority required. dozens of people a big killed during overnight fighting a north of yemen the who thing rebels have intensified their attacks against forces from the internationally recognized government victoria gate behind the latest. yemeni soldiers fire at taking positions west of. the heat these are trying to seize the city the internationally recognized government's last stronghold in the north. their spokesman says that only targeting government forces
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but residents dispute that over how ballmer they have that night and we call for an immediate cease of the belligerent war against civilians and mara there are no military barracks or posts in the city there are no militants or fighters in mark it's only home to civilians students and displaced yemenis. yemen's government has been locked in a power struggle ever since the heat these captured the capital sanaa in 2014 it's called on the people a marriage to help the army defend the city yemeni commanders say they're determined not to lose control of it that's done out of the. marriage will always remain steadfast stay. ending as high as the so mountains by virtue of its brave men the men of the national army in popular resistance along with the on astroids who were all standing in defiance defending the city it is and will always be the heartland of our republic saudi arabia has invested heavily in the recent is the saudi coalition has intensified strikes to stop the hit these from seizing the city
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. the upsurge in violence comes as the u.s. is due to lift its terrorist designation for the hit these on tuesday. president joe biden the united nations and aid groups say the designation is worsening an already catastrophic humanitarian crisis the u.n. says 400000 children in yemen could die from starvation this year if they don't get help victoria gayton be algis there. the legislative manager for middle east policy at friends committee of the national legislation he joins me now live via skype from washington d.c. good to have you with us on the program it does seem that the focus of the who's the offensive is to rid the government forces from that sort of last ball than stronghold how does this if at all change the balance of power in that part of the country. yes thank you so much for having me the fight in marriage has been going on for about
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a year now and it's really sad to see any violence in yemen escalating and it's unacceptable that civilians are paying the price of these warring factions whether it's the who these were the saudi u.a.e. led coalition and i truly hope we can see justice and accountability on anyone that's perpetuated by alliance against innocents you know i think it goes to show that you know there's much work to be done you know on behalf of the yemenis to advance peace and shows that you know the who have made an immense you know they have a lot of momentum militarily but you know the international community needs to do what it needs to do to support diplomacy in a peaceful ceasefire negotiation you know you talk about diplomacy but where does this actually the saudis who continue to back up believe it a beleaguered government under pressure to resolve this very quickly it seems the only way they can resolve this is bill a terribly of that not doing that very well if if you take that position whether who these seem to be advancing. yeah i don't think there is
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a military solution in yemen and it shows that the coalition is failing militarily dispatch despite a massive power and balance of the of the saudi coalition's air force and air strikes and then inflicting maximum harm on civilians as they have been for the past several years you know if the u.s. exits and gets its allies to exit as well it will lead the saudis completely isolated by and on the campaign trail called saudi arabia a pariah on the international stage because of the war in yemen and because of mohammed bin solomons the ordering of the murder of jamal can show he so a 6 year of waging war on yemeni civilians have been completely unjustified and really like i said before it makes saudi arabia even more isolated than they already were we all see a policy shift from the u.s. this is because what will be problematic for the saudis but it's not the u.s. secretary of state but should a few days ago that they get to lift the terrorist as it may should from the who things how does that change the equation. yes saudi arabia you know for
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a long time they were lobbying the trump administration to label the who these as a f t o or a foreign terrorist organization and it's not shocking that they are keeping their terror designation on them with these in place of but you know i should mention that saudi arabia isn't delivering any substantial amount of humanitarian aid or funding or doing you know work on the ground and they've been using food as a weapon since the start of this war through their air land and sea blockade that's choked off the flow of food fuel and medicine biden has lived in the united states foreign terror organization designation i believe tuesday will be the official date and that you know i think that's significant because that's going to allow humanitarian aid operations to move forward in and help protect innocent yemeni civilians who are you know millions of suffering on the brink of famine and again
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it makes saudi arabia even more isolated as they perpetuate this terrible war and blockade on the on the majority of yemen's population has not thought it's good to get your insight thanks very much for joining us from washington d.c. thank you hundreds of oil and gas tank is a big destroyed by a massive fire that broke out at afghanistan's biggest trade crossing with iran they are the 20 people were ejected the blaze on saturday afternoon officials have launched an investigation to figure out what calls the fire 2 of us all to the loss of at least $50000000.00 the local sources say the figure could be much higher. the polls have just closed because various parliamentary election anti establishment parties expected to with the back seats its leader already ruled out talks with serbia a country called broke away from after a year long war in the late 1990 s. reports now from pristina. was former prime minister and a frontrunner in sunday's elections past his veldt early in the day with this
9:39 pm
message today citizens of kosovo are exercising their right to vote hopes are high . a lot of challenges ahead but still we are hopeful so we are going to have a high turnout and a great result for the democracy for state building and for future development of this being courted has promised to rebuild kosovo and its institutions. struggling to gain their national recognition since is that liberation of independence from serbia 13 years ago it is one of the poorest regions in europe and has been struggling economically for decades one in 3 people are unemployed and the average person earns about $11.00 a day. 1.8000000 voters will choose 120
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legislators from among 1000 candidates this main opponent is a prime minister hottie from the center right course of all democratic league in his short time in the office has struggled to be did the koran i respond then make with numbers increasing particularly in recent weeks the spyder the continued spread of the virus many of the candidates contesting some these polls have failed to adhere to social distancing measures and there are fears the high turnout will spread the virus even more. nevertheless the message from. both are being courted cause former activist in the city and. whose party his dominated the political scene for many years was for people to turn up and vote. for the party 100 water i'm calling on all the citizens that have the right to vote to use this right and to vote today is the day to day they will express their free will 90 percent of
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course of ours. and seen as the region declared its independence there have been u.s. and e.u. broker that them to mediate between consul in serbia those who have failed and the of court even analysts predicted that hopes of reaching a settlement could further diminish but relations with serbia and potential membership investor and bodies in organisations like nato and the european union have not featured highly on the agenda during the campaign instead the focus has been mainly on the economy the main challenge for whoever wins these elections will be to regain the people's trust in the government and its institutions and to do that it would seem that normally there are one have to find a solution because of us economic problems organs are rich. people's phones catalonia region are voting in an election that could reshape its political landscape these are shots of voting stations though they may look like
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a covert swab station with all the p.p. that you see on display but separatist parties dominate the regional parliament poll suggests the socialist party which opposes catalan independence could make significant gains on the far right is projected to win seats for the very 1st time . sudan's border dispute with ethiopia is affecting farmers in its eastern and got the reef state then are being forced to hire workers from south sudan after a reduction in labor from ever morgan has more from the border. mujahid muhammad says this is the 1st harvest his supervised with workers from south sudan in the past his work force has come from nearby ethiopia but this year that is not possible with little miss verney that's the truth the forging on the border between us and them is affecting the workers and their economic crisis is also returning workers the way they used to work in good money but now out hound is constantly losing value his father who owns more than 4000 hectares of farmland here in
9:43 pm
sudan's eastern got out of state says the harvest has been slow this year. again we're south sudanese workers cover up to 70 percent of the shortage of ethiopian workers this year so normally we'd have covered more in terms of harvest but this year is different we're slightly back in harvesting schedule much of a lot of is covered with for thailand but sudan's eastern border has been witnessing the consequences of ethiopia's domestic issues fighting in ethiopia is not an integral region has resulted in people some who once came in as farm workers now coming into sudan as refugees and since december so dan's military has moved to take over a fertile 3000 square kilometer region in the state known as and for pushing back if european farmers the government uses a mind to colonial agreement to claim the area but ethnic on her farmers from ethiopia say the area is part of their region and they have been farming it for nearly 5 decades without any objection from sudan's previous government the
9:44 pm
coronavirus pandemic has also reduced the number of if you p.m.'s coming in so that is authorities say hundreds of thousands of ethiopians looking for work used to come annually through the 2 border crossings and a lot of states their search for work sometimes takes them all the way to the capital how to this is now the only official crossing that is functioning and it's strictly only open to allowing if the open workers to work in farms hearing about of state want 100000 allowed this year a great reduction from previous years. many workers who cross the border don't venture past this area but look ality it's a stretch of land where no paperwork is needed for ethiopians to enter my home i work here and return to ethiopia every evening whenever border tensions between our country and saddam fly as we get affected when neighbors we consider ourselves brothers so we hope issues between ethiopia and sit down as settled so we can live and work in peace. hundreds of kilometers away in the farms and his
9:45 pm
father's estate the hope things work out for the better so their farms and many others like it in the state and continue to produce crops he will morgan al-jazeera and on the sudan ethiopia border new zealand's largest city is going into a 3 day lockdown after 3 people tested positive for covert 19 essential services will remain open all planned but other businesses and schools will close new zealand has managed to keep the number of factions down with fewer than 2000 cases since the start of the pandemic. the main thing we are asking people in all current to do is to stay home to avoid any risk of spreed them in staying in your bubble other than for essential personal movement people should work from harm at least that is not possible if you go outside your home please mind time physical distancing of to make his outside or if you're in
9:46 pm
a controlled environment where you know others present one maisha lebanon has begun its vaccination drive after receiving its 1st shipment of the pfizer vaccine caretaker prime minister has visited the hospital where the 1st shots were given about 28000 doses arrived on the saturday a recent decrease in case and so filled the protests of care units and led to a shortage of oxygen tanks for blind medical workers say they hope the occupation can pay box the beginning of the end of the pandemic. venezuela has received its 1st batch of russia's sputnik vaccine 100000 doses arrived in caracas on saturday but all personnel are 1st in line to receive the jobs it's just one percent of the 10000000 vaccines that venezuela says it will receive from russia the government has discussed by more vaccines through the world health organization's lead kovacs program but it will require using money that's been frozen because of u.s. economic sanctions. the krona virus pandemic proved to the profits of the world's
9:47 pm
flower district grows as a bar boy were already struggling before the outbreak now their country is of the worst economic state in the years but farmers are refusing to give up her of the task reports in the town of concession. overseas demand for fresh cut flowers plummeted last year because of covert 19 and that affected zimbabwe's biggest rose export company. managers say orders dropped to about 50 percent but this year they say demand is picking up. zimbabwe has high levels of unemployment and more orders mean more jobs on an average day on a summer's day rather riccarton area between 100230000 stems a day we have 700 labor force who are working from 621132325700 people on cutting so it's
9:48 pm
a nonstop operation more than 20 years ago flower exports brought in a lot of foreign currency for the country but ended in president robert mugabe's land reform program the government sees thousands of white owned commercial farms since then the industry hasn't been what it used to be back in 2001 zimbabwe was the 5th biggest exporter of flowers to the european union then came years of economic decline and now called 19 many guys left but others are still here carrying on. kenya and ethiopia africa's top exporters explain how they have managed to stay in business we were dealing with auction system ok we're looking in an ethiopian market to didn't plan only with auction system we deal directly with customers ok and. our our main customer base is the supermarkets and supermarkets in europe was still open because it was part of the essential and that allowed us that. they're there for its ability of supplying those markets.
9:49 pm
called it has batted businesses and economies globally it's no different on this farm workers here receive food parcels every month in addition to the salaries to help them push on and they know the job security depends on being able to export roses to more global markets. al-jazeera concision zimbabwe. well still ahead here on al-jazeera serena williams reaches the quarter finals of the australian open will have around the best action to take 7 the bell but coming up straight after the break. plant. in colombia in the mid ninety's cocoa fields covered homes stretches of land far from the cities which were now on the high surveillance the end of the ninety's people were talking about the potential from becoming a knocker stint with the guerrillas to help drug traffickers sought refuge in the
9:50 pm
jungles of mountains well out of the state's reach. a far right militia 20000 men the united self defenders of colombia to fight the guerrillas. meanwhile colombia's legitimate military suffered ambushes by the font the soldiers were abducted in the hundreds the systematic killing led to the displacement of millions of people the paramilitaries dictated that those in the zones they took over the areas the state could never reach under pressure from the d.n.a. the criminals who came after paolo escobar hunted down their shell companies were dismantled under arrest and creased.
9:51 pm
the u.s. hopes space probe has been back its 1st images from its orbit around bars this is the 1st picture of bars taken by an arab probe that it shows the planet's volcanoes is expected to be at all but for want of bars as the years that's $687.00 days well we were out with that log for jabba she's got all the sports action for us from our love did you said. thanks i owe defending champion and i have a jacket has reached the quarter finals of the australian open and well the number one issue coffin dreyfus to be my last round it on sunday john i got your oscar wraps up the action from day 7 it was touch and go as to whether novak djokovic would even play this match after picking up an abdominal injury on friday the defending champion lost the 2nd set to canada's militia damage and
9:52 pm
a major upset look possible in melbourne. but djokovic fought back to clinch it in for becoming just the 2nd player to reach 300 grand slam much wins he'll face germany's alexander is there even the quarterfinals if he can play on if it's any other tournament than a grand slam i would retire from withdraw from the from the event that's for sure. but because it's a grand slam in you know i want to give my best. another pain for djokovic has been australian player nick carey else he's maintained their feud throughout this tournament this time curial smocked joke which is celebration before his 2nd round stubbles exit exam to walk my back i'm sure doesn't walk me we both have respect for each other but a lot of argument all it's fun but. there was less drama in the women's competition as rina william stayed on course for
9:53 pm
a record equalling 24th grand slam singles title she had to work hard to be telling us about 3 sets. but up next for williams's moda halep who edged out french open champion take to reach her 5th quarter final at melbourne park. serenus your next plane into the water as she is the best if serena can get past hell if she's on track to face new areas soccer in the semifinals the japanese player had to save 2 match points against binion muguruza osaka won the australian open in 2019 and now she's back into the last 8 next up for her and she is to wait and soccer's excited to face her have you for a few working she is one of those players for me it feels a video game i would when i select her character just to players here because in my mind can't fathom like the choices she makes when she's on the court but it's so fun to watch it's not fun to play but it's really fun to watch the real life shay
9:54 pm
seaway beat market of under so over just over an hour to reach have 1st call to finals in melbourne joining al-jazeera. manchester united have lost ground in the race for the english premier league title they were hounded to a 10 draw by west from on sunday and by a day i know got to go for west brom before print i found this equalized just before the break the results at leeds united 2nd in the table 7 points behind leaders manchester city and they've played a game all no one will give it away these early of course no one knows this season how it's soon predictable life is so in unpredictable and if you cannot prove cause you're not going to for a 2nd of course you know. scored his 1st premier league hattrick for arsenal as they beat leeds 42 wolves came from a go down to win 2 out and inflict
9:55 pm
a 6th straight league defeat on southampton and everton the kick off against for them in just a few minutes time to say now in the america's cup challenger series final has been perspective and that's because oakland has been put into a high level of cave at 19 knock down the announcement was made after sunday's races which saw the italian team at luna rossa take a commanding 4 no lead the british team in the us u.k. in the also very nearly capsized at one point and the need to improve rapidly that's because they need just 3 more wins to make it into the main america's cup against new zealand in march wednesday's races have been cancelled but the lockdown is only set to last as 3 days which means they could very well be back on the water as early as friday. india's cricketers have taken control of the 2nd test against england in chennai after making 329 in the innings they ripped through england's batting line up the rebounds the 1st to go for a duck and they collapsed after that captain gerry to could only manage 6 as
9:56 pm
england were all out for 134 at 249 runs behind india he seemed to be benefiting from fans being let in to watch the match. is very challenging so. that's what i'm going to. make comments and on the pitch i think that's 'd somewhat above my. look up but it's it's obviously. take the. early in the game and it's said it was very. bad and i want. fronts have gone top of rugby 6 nations standings after a narrow 15 or 13 went over on and france got the only shot of the 1st half to lead $103.00 at the break they went over again on 55 minutes to extend their advantage before our lead to go to try of their own as they got back to within 2 points but from how dominant for their 1st win in dublin the 10 is to the world ski championships an austrian a vincent creek fire has won his 2nd gold medal of the week he picked up the super
9:57 pm
g. title on thursday and then on sunday he took victory in the downhill as well by just 0.01 seconds to 29 year old annie the 3rd male scare after american bodie miller and austria's herman maya 2 in both the super g. and downhill at the same world championships one of the other races had a lucky escape on his run not transliterate lost control over a bomb somehow recovered landed backwards and skied safely down the mountain incredible when you think he was going around 112 kilometers an hour and surprisingly you didn't complete his run at least he avoided a nasty crash and a kenyan runner has broken the women's of 5 kilometers road record. check coach clocked 14 minutes and 43 seconds on the monaco run on sunday she battled the cold and windy conditions to beat the previous best that was set by sea from a san at the same events 2 years ago that is all you'll sport for now i'll be back
9:58 pm
with more a little bit later. thanks jim of course a very well here with more news than i would for all of the new century to lead from a new state that's retired a company. from top to own their own we. are in a case where some of the stuff you compensated civilians when we listen to the only music you hear is your own the most beautiful music in the world is silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter although just 0. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the
9:59 pm
people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and we report on the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my that's never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what our syria really does we ask the questions for people who should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. romania's ancient forests some of europe's most pristine they are crucial for our society and a crucial fall battle against the climate crisis but illegal logging by a ruthless timber mafia is destroying both the landscape and people's lives being in the main areas are what our young violence feeling was a rolls amidst claims of corruption and the role of powerful multinationals people in power investigates rumania wake of the far east on al-jazeera.
10:00 pm
it's an. armored vehicles return to the streets of may and ma western governments the military to refrain from violence against civilians. oh i marry a mozzie and the watching al-jazeera olds are coming up in the program authorities in guinea are on high alert after an outbreak of ebola in the southeast 3 people have died. a day since donald trump's at.


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