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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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watch al-jazeera english streaming live on i.q. channel. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and dead loser folds. subscribe to you choose would slosh al-jazeera english. this is al jazeera. this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes. refused to back down the security forces ramped up their presence across the country. the u.k. bringing new quarantine rules for incoming travelers as the health secretary warns
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of a high death rate. to release a climate activist in india the 22 year old is accused of inciting the months long thomas protests. and south africa's former president jacob zuma skips a judicial hearing into allegations of corruption. with all the day's sport 20 time grand slam champion rafa nadal has winding its way into the australian open quarter finals coming up later this hour. so yes we stand in my way to pose needed to tension has been extended this is 2 weeks after the military seized in a coup a lawyer says the court hearing has been rescheduled for wednesday nationwide protests condemning the coup and calling for the release of civilian leaders have entered the test day now and there is a heavy military presence in yangon that's months largest city overnight authorizes
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restricted access to the internet while deploying troops around the country but that has not deterred protesters thousands is still out on the streets valley not to accept the coup of crowds also gathered in front of the chinese embassy accusing beijing of supporting me a mosque leaders well scott heiler is monitoring the situation from bangkok in neighboring thailand and scott. has been pushed forward what more do we know about the. yes it will be wednesday now net the attorney was actually at the courthouse today i'm expecting something to happen if there's going to be hearing if she's going to be released was kind of unclear and then the judge just said that the hearing has been pushed back until wednesday so really not sure exactly what that was if that what that was if it was procedural if there was a misunderstanding but what we do know now is it's not going to happen until wednesday and then even in that we don't know if this is just going to be
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a hearing and then the trial continues or she'll be kept in custody it's still very unclear at this stage but one thing we do know for sure is the military government is really kind of changing the rules as they go along so it could very well be that there is another extension because you can imagine how long some suit she would be treated if by these protesters if she is released the military government probably calculating that very closely to see what they're going to do figure out what they're going to do but right now we know at least it won't nothing will happen with guns on suchi until wednesday right and what about the protests it is not like there's any sign of them losing momentum. not in the least nic and this is very interesting because overnight from sunday into monday today we had a couple of things that were a bit disconcerting for the protesters as you mentioned we had that internet cut from about 1 am until about 9 am local myanmar time and then once it came back up
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there was still just as it was before there's a lot of suspicion as to why it was cut like that it had that happened before but also because we saw those armored vehicles military armored vehicles i stepped up military presence on the streets across myanmar particularly in yangon and the capital naked or so that raised concern because a lot of what's been happening over the last several nights are detentions people rounded up by the police brought in for detention now we group that monitors this says more than 400 have been brought in so the concern was with the internet cuts with the increased military presence there was going to be something kind of grand happening last night luckily there wasn't but we do know that those detentions still took place we do know that there are a lot of patrols still out on the streets so a lot of people there the protesters are very concerned about what's going to happen in the nights moving forward nic all right scott thanks about living in
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bangkok monitoring the situation i'm in let's get some more analysis on this now we can speak to bridget well she was an honorary research associate with the asia research institute the university of north korea malaysia joins us on skype from kuala lumpur bridget's 10 days in both sides entrenched really no one's backing down what's your sense of how this is shaping up. well i think it's going to be something for the long haul i think the military has underestimated me or my people in terms of their response or just not just in yangon but throughout the city senate has been consistent the strikes if you actually gain momentum as opposed to losing momentum in the military's response well has been using fear and trying to intimidate with their presence and shit jesting that they're going to become more confrontational also at the same time has been largely defensive they try to use different tactics and i think they've underestimated the response of the protesters we've seen a sense of jews here and being pushed forward to wednesday what the military do
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with uncensored is a problem it's a headache for them isn't it. well i think what they're doing to man what people as a bigger headache chromium are but i think the reality is is that they do have a problem in dealing with our sons who cheat because hurt the support is not just the support for her as a person but also that she represents opposition to the military which i think is much wider than just support for her and i think everyone is watching what happens that want for her well being but also for the well being of the other $400.00 plus political prisoners and keep in mind that those numbers are increasing every night in the raids at the military doing so i think it is a big issue for the military has to face is that the world is watching very carefully what's happening on the ground i mean mark we've had condemnation from western embassies in the un human rights envoy to assert that the generals will be held accountable but is this enough should we be hearing more from the international community. i think we should be hearing more and i think there are things that are happening in terms of discussions that are taking place about
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different tactics to to to adopt i think that that the steps initially have been relatively modest with the hope that the military will step back and i think what we've seen is that they've tried to step forward there and they're operating in their own rationalization that they think they're saving the country and in fact that think that they are underestimating the international response but i think there's also a wait and see attitude that's happening to make sure that the military doesn't use force and i think if they do use force there will be a very strong response against the military this is not the same as the past because this is a military that has been. effected by our hinge issues and the crimes against humanity so there is a very strong responses that are being formed internationally to this government so demonstrators protesting outside the chinese embassy that's what extent do you think beijing is orchestrating events and mimo. i think they are
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responding to events by supporting the government who this in information technology and they're offering assistance but i think they're also conflicted i think it's important to understand that there are many different interests that are being represented in china and many of those had a close relationship with aung san suu kyi is government i think that they're caught in a situation that they did not expect to the same degree as that in terms of their initiatives and it will backfire i think the fact that the protesters are already targeting china indicates that that china is in there it is actually being seen as partly responsible and that tent that pressure will grow not just within me m.r. but internationally a great to get your analysis bridget bridget welsh speaking to us there from kuala lumpur thank you. now the lebanon's nationwide code 19 vaccination program is underway the 1st shots of the vaccine given to health workers on sunday the world bank has helped the crisis hit country to fund the
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purchases the country has been long down since january amid a renewed search that intensive care unit is full this is a shortage of oxygen tanks speeches and holding his life for us at a vaccination center in beirut and a man so more than 300000 cases in lebanon and like everywhere the vaccines can't come soon enough has been going today. well there is a sense of relief but there's also reality is that this is maybe the beginning of the end but there is a long way to go the battle is far from over simply because lebanon faces many challenges 1st you have to convince a hesitant population approximately 10 percent of the population signed up for the to take to take the job that's approximately 500000 people this is a relatively small nation people have little public trust in the authorities as well as in the vaccine you also have the problem of age structure since 20 percent
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of the population are children and they cannot be vaccinated for the time being so every adult needs to be vaccinated if you are going to reach herd immunity the authorities are hoping they can reach herd immunity by the end of the year but experts say that may be likely you also have the problem of supplies the government has managed to secure enough doses for only half the population and this is a cash strapped government the world bank is financing this vaccine rollout and the government is hoping that the private sector can help but if the private sector steps in will they be able to secure doses in a competitive international market and who is going to pay for them because more than 55 percent of the population now lives. below the poverty line and there's also a number of other problems you have migrant workers at least 250000 of them in the country the government is trying to seek funds from the international labor
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organizations and lebanon is also home to a 1000000 and a half syrian and palestinian refugees so a long list of challenges there this battle really is far from over this definitely is a key step but the battle is not over what about up to a very narrow there those who are worried about taking the vaccine. well yes people are worried some do not trust the vaccine they believe that it's still not safe and it could maybe it is not effective and then you have the others who just don't trust the government in fact some people have actually told us they believe that the government is going to vaccinate them with water the political class has been really under a lot of criticism over the past year or so even the world bank the world bank is financing this rollout as part of some reallocation of a previous a project the world bank and the red cross they will be monitoring this and in the
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words of the world bank there will be no law so us doesn't add a big word that means that you can't use your connections to skip a line to skip the line and it's very it's a common practice here in lebanon where politicians are accused of a favoritism and distributing supplies to their to their supporters so even the international community the world bank monitoring this process to make sure that the distribution is fair and transparent so it's going to take a while to convince a hesitant population to take that job but the government is going to have to find a way to find the supplies of those more doses of the vaccine or a picture in lebanon that is in her report even from beirut thanks senator. well a new quarantine rules have come into effect for travelers arriving in the u.k. from monday people landing in britain from $3300.00 nations will have to isolate at an airport hotel for 10 days at their own cost of course live to paul brennan who
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is at london's heathrow airport and pull so new rules in full splits no doubt presenting challenges. indeed challenges all of the organizational type you know exactly how are you going to process these passengers from the airport through the airport and away to the hotels where they're going to spend their time and also for session procedural challenges as to how you separate out those passengers who need to go to the hotel quarantine and those who are permitted by law to go home and self isolates in their own homes that has been some confusion there has been some teething problems over this passengers are supposed to pre-book the hotel quarantine accommodation on the website actually crashed when it was 1st launched and the other thing was that the queues at passport control anything up to 5 hours last week now my understanding is from speaking to staff
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this morning that they've come down considerably since then but there were issues about whether or not people from these 33 red list countries would be able to mix with people who weren't and thereby create the risk of infection so there's been concern over 1st of all the operational side of things but also concern i have to say about how long it's taken to actually introduce this policy. in aviation terms the u.k.'s hotel current team plan has been on final approach finale 3 weeks now and it was 1st announced back in mid january 10 days and 11 nights of enforced hotel quarantine now wait anyone who has passed through one of the 33 countries on the government's red list but london's heathrow airport said it's had yet to receive what it calls necessary reassurances an airport spokesman warned of significant gaps in the implementation of the plan and the union representing some of the security staff is equally concerned about the transfer process from airport to hotel workers not quite well p.p.
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you're going to be a banker for very well. what are. they going our once great. how now you have to bear in mind the problem and then not incur. the u.k. government says it's hotel quarantine plan amounts to decisive action against curve it 19 but even as the 1st arriving passengers go into enforced confinement there is strong criticism of the way the policy is being operated under enforced. inbound passengers need to show a negative test just to board an aircraft and pre-book to further tests for the days after arrival lying on a passenger locator for now carries a 10 year prison sentence ministers to spent the past week talking up the plan we have amongst the toughest border regimes anywhere in the world but doubts persist australian states introduced hotel quarantine in march 2020 and have learned tough lessons since then procedures on meal delivery times ventilation staff testing and
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protective masks have all evolved significantly yet the state of victoria is now back on the lockdown after an outbreak of the virus spread within this quarantine hotel australian infection experts say the u.k. needs to be ultra cautious i'm nervous about what i know about the cases it's good to know the smokers will not be allowed to leave their rooms but there's still allowed to leave the rooms we learned very much the hard way that that just doesn't work. the government says its policies are based on best practice that may not be good enough. now speaking to that australian epidemiologist that you saw in my report that i have to say he was adamant that obsessional attention to detail is what's necessary particularly when you actually get to the hotels to prevent the infection spreading within that and vironment you know making sure that meals times
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are staggered that people don't have their doors open at the same time and that the ventilation is it is adequate for example and there are some concerns that the level of detail in the instructions that are being given to the hotels operates in this quarantine simply isn't up to scratch at the moment the numbers are small so there is time to get this rights we're seeing less than 10 people come through heathrow airport this morning so far and they've been whisked away straight away but that said as the numbers potentially start to grow in the days and weeks perhaps as this continually operates these procedures will have to be tightened. paul thanks for the reporting there from heathrow airport in london thank you. plenty more still ahead on news on including a resurgence in west africa guinea declares a new outbreak well may bring in liberia is on high alert. threats intimidation and targeted killings the challenges facing afghanistan's independent media. cause more
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coming up to you in india's cricket is building up huge lead against england in a 2nd and. now the world health organization is planning a rapid response to an it bowed out breaking give me off the 1st outbreak of the disease there in 5 years 7 people have tested positive and 3 have died during an epidemic in west africa between 20132016 at least 11000 people died guinea and the w.h.o. say they are better prepared this time because of progress on vaccines when liberia's health authorities are now on high alert because of the deaths in guinea were reported in and around a city close to the shared border liberia was declared free from a boat in 2015 so let's go to our correspondent nick hack who joins us live from dakar in senegal and nick tell us more about this rapid response and the effort to
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stop the spread. well is he really only has just announced it's closing all philadelphians borders with guinea there was supposed to be a state visit between the presidents of sierra leone and the president of guinea alsa called day that's now all council and the heads of states of the regions are all focused on one thing only a bola and they want to avoid what happened in 20132016 where almost 20000 people were infected $11000.00 of them died and it all started where we saw where we're just seeing now a resurgence of the virus in the region of and there in korea which is a forest region in the southwest region of guinea now patients 0 again is a nurse that was vomiting had diarrhea had fevers a week after she was transferred to a hospital and there in korea and then she died and it was during her funeral that 8 other people as we know were infected with the virus now burials is
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according to the u.n. a place where there is a high rate of infection it's a super spreader because people washed their hands in common bowls and wash the body in a suit those fluids that the virus is being transmitted now and this happened almost 15 days ago and there's a real concern that there are many more cases that the authorities don't know about so it's really a race against time for authorities and guinea to try to get to the ground as well as w.h.y. to get to get to the ground and try to track those that were in contact with these 1st cases so what else to tell us more about what are the sons of finding out about this new outbreak. well what's really happening right now is trying to figure out what exactly is in the blood of the disease what is the nature of the virus the bull a virus is it a different variants of there's sequencing happening in the lab here indycar senegal be activated of course the priority for the health authorities is try to
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roll out the vaccine that's quickly as possible in those remote location and that's going to be a challenge in places where health centers have a little access to power or even running water remember this vaccine needs to be kept at minus 80 degrees celsius and these vaccine need to be transported in areas that are hot and humid so that's going to be one challenge ahead also the current stockpiles of vaccine and now an alliance of of you an organization including w.h.o. m s a unicef came out with a statement early in generally saying that they have 7000 vaccine doses for ebola not enough to tackle. an outbreak in west africa and they were planning and the plan is to get more than half a 1000000 doses by 2023 but that's the challenge ahead it's a race against time right now to try to trace and isolate those concerned and those
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have been in contact with those that have been infected with the virus bear in mind that this is all happening during a global pandemic so they are. how you jeanne measures in place washing hands social distancing wearing a mask that will help but it's still a race against time to get to the ground to in their career to try to contain this outbreak make. thank you. demonstrators in india are calling for the release of a young activist who's been detained accused of helping to write to protest or 3rd who say that he helped to develop a so-called kid who is used to spread awareness of widespread from the process god was blind by environmental activist groups as somebody whose voice her support for the farms they've been protesting for months against government reforms of the agricultural sector. this week now to elizabeth ronan who joins us live from new delhi tell us more about the arrest of this young 22 would have the authority to go
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. yeah. hello next so they should probably was arrested from her home in the southern city of bengal bangin to relate on saturday night and she was brought to a delhi court on sunday without legal representation police say that they're investigating her for her role in editing this document and sharing it online now she is of the greatest and birds fridays for future movement and there has been attention brought to this document since. just one book shared it online it's a document that basically tells people how to support the farmer's protest by doing things like attending protest signing petitions how to support the movement from abroad now since we just shared it online and police have said that the document is aimed at waging a cultural social and economic war against the indian government and create
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divisions among various groups in indian society it's also saying that the group which produced it is a callous standing now that refers calloused on the 1st to the sea separatist movement and it's a movement that see a separate homeland for people of the same faith and it's a movement that's out in the water and via. many people in the government have tried to link what's happening in the pharmacy protests with the sikh separatist movement and that's because many of the protesting farmers belong to the sikh faith but there's been no evidence at all that separatists are involved now the robbery broke down in court she said she just wants to support the protesting farmers that she edited 2 lines of this document nonetheless she is in police custody for 5 days until her next hearing police have also taken action the issue warrants for the arrests of 2 other climate activists including a lawyer by the name of make it a jacob they say that she was also working on behalf of the sikh 2nd separatist
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group to organize what they call a tweet storm on twitter the head of protests on india's for public day on january 26th when they walk by the clashes between some protesting farmers and the police they has been a lot of condemnation of this police action against the show ravi by many people here including noise opposition politicians delis chief minister that's the leader of the region has said that the rest of the 21 year old arrested 21 year old ravi is an unprecedented attack on democracy that supporting our farmers is not a crime another prominent opposition politician p. chidambaram said india has become a theater of the absurd and that gives you an idea of the kinds of things that are being said about the police action taken against climate activists were. thrown and reporting live from new delhi thank you. still ahead here on al-jazeera as regional leaders arrive in china for the g.
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5 the whole summit will take a look at why security is at the top of the view and. from street parties to silence how brazilians are trying to fill the void left by the country nation this is a little. boy that's ball coming up to 1520 minutes or so from his go top of rugby 6 nations with the trainer island press the action you know. now after about 2 weeks of deep freeze and ice and snow is about to be a change in many countries in northern europe it's coming in from the atlantic this time it wanted to be a bit more forceful and this frontal system will end up going quite a long way east into what is currently very cold weather so it'll bring 1st of all freezing rain then stone it's 4 days lift temperatures are not going to be
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extremely high but in comparison with the last few days barely above freezing is good and london's 11 is positively mail but there is still cold in the eastern side of europe it won't be pushed out beyond eastern poland or through rumania even down through greece at least by the end of choose to and that's where the roughest weather is going to be still winter wise your northerly breeze developing through greece and turkey has already brought snow throughout greece's goes from north to south this is what we're looking at at the moment now it's not unique it does happen in most winters this is quite a severe outbreak and it will i think prompt a storm development in the south here so that's fairly nasty weather for both egypt the levant and turkey and of course east until he gets really covered in snow but it's wind and rain for an event and for northern egypt.
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a son. a father. a mutual love of the arts. the stage is set to immortalize fading memories. in a magical race against time. witness our time machine. on a. we know what's happening in our region we know happened get the date that others cannot i wasn't done but only here guy by the party the only purpose i did iraq had that time in any programming to go live on the amnesty to go live to work another story that may not be mainstream but the fires are still no more normatively. by. the way that you cal death story is what can make
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a difference. oh . oh. hello again you're watching out 0 her mind about top stories this memos the post media and so on through cheetahs have heard the tension extended until wednesday nationwide protests calling for her release event at that tense day which is due to appear in court later this week. lebanon's vaccination program is under way the world bank helped fund the purchase of vaccines lebanon is struggling with a recent surge in cases intensive care units are full is a shortage of austrian times. the world health organization is planning a rapid response to an ebola outbreak in guinea off the 1st cases of the disease
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there in 5 years 7 people have tested positive 3 have died. lawyers for former south african president jacob zuma say he will not attend court for his corruption here the commission has been hearing allegations that wealthy gupta family used its friendship with zuma to win government contracts and influence policy as many as 36 affidavits of implicated the former president in what's name known as a state capture scandal both zuma and the family deny the allegations let's speak to for me to miller our correspondents live for us in johannesburg for me to do we know any more as to why the former president didn't attend. well this isn't the 1st time or that the former president has tried to avoid appearing at the commission and each time it has succeeded he appeared previously for of a short time with very little developments in this particular case he has said that
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he's applied for the record of the commissioner on door and that was denied by the commission at the time he's now moved on to review that decision and because that's pending he has said this is the foundation of why he's not appearing at the commission today because it would appearing would invalidate that court review so he's waiting for that outcome but he's also say that the summons issued by the commission is irregular the commission has responded and saying that they see no reason why it's irregular they also don't believe in the grounds that jacob zuma has put forward and so now the evidence leader in the commission is now running through all the evidence and the questions they would have put to zuma had he appeared at this commission today and ultimately this may be about trying to launch proceedings that would show that jacob zuma is in contempt of the constitutional court which would say that he should be abide by that summons of the
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commission itself if there are a couple of options open to the commission one of them is perhaps a criminal complaint which would then lead to an arrest warrant that's a normal procedure if one were to appear at a court or commission of ng of inquiry the other option could potentially be a fine but this is you know quite a sensitive and potentially a situation in south africa that has a lot of political implications so we have to wait and see what the commissioner says in in the i was going forward for me to remind us again about the commission's work and what zimmer is accused of. well the commission at this point has said that the the testimony or they've been at least 40 people who have testified put forward testimony that could potentially implicate jacob zuma when he was 4 when he was president in corruption and ford in
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situations where he and his family allegedly benefited from straight state resources and many of these allegations are connected to the gupta family associates of former president jacob zuma where there were appointments and dismissal of high ranking state officials basically to allow for decisions that ultimately may have been affected the president and his associates so these allegations go back a number of years and according to one of the statements made by current president . at least $56000000000.00 was lost by the south african government during the time that former president jacob zuma was in power for me to thank for that so that's the latest from johannesburg for me to reporting. let's bring you some latest news from him are in the ongoing protests against the military coup. reuters are now reporting that mimo security forces have opened fire to disperse protesters in the
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city of mandalay the number of casualties currently not yet clear a member of the student union in the city said that some people have been wounded so apparently minimal security forces opening fire on monday to disperse protesters in the city of mandalay the latest news from those ongoing protests in myanmar after that military coup anymore and that is weaker. dozens of people have been killed in fighting in northern yemen you see rebels have intensified their attacks against forces from the internationally recognized government. has a very latest. yemeni soldiers fire at taking positions west of. the things they're trying to seize the city the internationally recognized government's last stronghold in the north. their spokesman says that only targeting government forces but residents dispute that over how ballmer you have at night and we call for an immediate cease of the belligerent war against civilians and there
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are no military barracks or posts in the city there are no militants or fighters in mark it's only home to civilians students and displaced yemenis. yemen's government has been locked in a power struggle ever since the he's captured the capital sanaa in 2014 it's called on the people a marriage to help the army defend the city yemeni commanders say that determined not to lose control of it. mary will always remain steadfast standing as high as the so mountains by virtue of its brave men the men of the national army in popular resistance along with the on astroids who were all standing in defiance defending the city it is and will always be the heartland of our republic. saudi arabia has invested heavily in the recent is the saudi coalition has intensified as strikes to stop the heat these from seizing the city i think it goes to show that you know there's much work to be done you know on behalf
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of the yemenis to advance peace and shows that you know what the who have made an amends you know they have a lot of momentum militarily but you know the international community needs to do when it needs to do to support diplomacy in a peaceful ceasefire negotiation. the upsurge in violence comes is the u.s. is due to lift its terrorist designation for the hit these on cheese day. president joe biden the united nations and aid groups say the designation is worsening an already catastrophic humanitarian crisis the u.n. says poor 100000 children in yemen could die from starvation this year if they don't get help victoria gate and be out there. catalonia separatist policies of increase their majority in the regional parliament after sunday's election they're expected to push for another referendum on independence from spain the socialist. which is against independence won the largest share of the votes by
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a single party. syria says that israeli jets have struck near the capital damascus off to fly over the occupied golan heights defenses intercepted most of the missile sites according to the syrian army say israel has targeted iranian backed militias in of recent weeks. palestinian per voted by guzzi who is known for his revolutionary verses against the israeli occupation has died at the age of $77.00 was born in the palestinian city of ramallah before israel was created he was displaced from his homeland for 3 decades after the 967 was really war experience shape much of his work and is depicted in his memoir i saw ramallah. having an independent media has been one of afghanistan's biggest achievements since 2001 has come at a price of care and journalists especially women are you threatened intimidated and even killed especially at its early female t.v. station you know confirm or reports no from couple. of the media the
1:38 pm
basement of the houses not where is john t.v. had ever hope to be but the been demick and financial problems forced the founder of the all female station to reduce the staff and cut costs and when the targeted killings of journalists began some women left and others were told by their families to stop working so hard some are ask the government for help this is the message of the government for all the t.v. station by the weapons where some of you were given the license but even with the license the report that the weapons but even for the license we need to just wait for the government but when the mission it is to promote. the permit for the workers the license. is on t.v. went on air in 2017 with 70 staff and only few men the international community and afghan officials pledged support but now all that has changed. this is
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these new control room former journalists are supposed to be broadcasting their programs it's small and basic not only because the new facilities are limited but also because only half of the original staff remain at the station. about a dozen of them work out of another couple station while they wait for security to improve and move to their new facilities 80 percent of the station's programming has been dropped and he broadcasts online for only a few hours a week those who are left carrying on is risky so i want to ask. when i leave my home my father asks me where am i going if i'm going to zante who is with me if i have my colleagues with me not only my family where all those women who are working in the media in afghanistan their families are concerned about their safety. facing threats of targeted assassinations the women here say they are scared but refused to stop one day our director told us they've be
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careful with yourself because we face a treat and also that they you know all of that we face feel like we will die like we feel like that but when we see. country situation when we see or woman those who can't work those who need to rid the our hands so we save our with our self if we stop or way so we can trace the our hands one local organization that supports media in afghanistan says 7 media workers have been killed recently within 9 weeks the director says the government must protect and support journalists and for years much progress in afghanistan's media over the last 20 years could be lost more than 15 of. best join a list of the khan they said goodbye maybe tens of them but they are
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working still they are observing to change the field of working they are observing or they are thinking or they are making decision how to change it this is the catastrophe that i could i could see it and it's them in concert. but for now it's on t.v. everyone says they'll keep the station alive no matter how difficult that is fully a controversy al-jazeera kabul. the leaders of 5 countries enough because the whole region meeting in chad the g 5 summit comes as attacks by armed groups have increased in the region french president tomorrow he's expected to join the conference by video and it's been noted joins us from the french capital of paris and it touches so france considering reducing its presence in the hall how likely is that to. well earlier this year the french president emanuel
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matt cross said that france was considering reducing its military commitment in the sile effectively reducing the number of troops it has in the region but what we understand from the elisei is that the french president is unlikely to announce a reduction of troops during the upcoming summit but what france might do is consider a reduction in the coming weeks or months and perhaps announce something down the line it is clear though that a man or we'll be discussing france reducing its troops with his g 5 partners the leaders from the g. 5 nations when he speaks to them by video conference a bit later there are over 5000 french troops currently in the region we're told though by the least say that what the french president really wants to use this meeting for is to exert more pressure on those g. 5 leaders both militarily to take more control of the region but also politically
1:43 pm
a feeling in france that a week of governance is certainly fueling instability in the region michael also very keen to try and urge european partners to do more in the region on the ground at the moment only 3 other european countries are actually have a troop presence in the sile would like that to be a lot wider but there is some good news says the least and it seems they say that at least we are seeing the reengagement of the u.s. in the region under donald trump interest in the sile a crisis certainly waned but it seems to have taken a turn with the biden administration and we understand that anthony blinken the new u.s. secretary of state will send a video message to the summit for tuesday nerve the less obscurity is worsening in the region so why would france consider reducing troops now. for france so it's just becoming increasingly complex to have a presence in the silence i said there are over 5000 troops there that number was
1:44 pm
actually increased last year and france says that it's had some big wins recently for example it has targeted and killed some prominent leaders of al-qaeda in the islamic magreb however france has also suffered some terrible losses 55 troops have died in combat a since 2030 and since france began having a presence in the region and quite simply public opinion is turning against its involvement in many respects because as those lives continue to mount those combat deaths continue to mount and many people in france are starting to wonder whether or not it is worth that the human cost and the economic cost for france to be there in fact a recent opinion poll suggested that just over half of french people believe that it wasn't a good idea and the perhaps french troops should withdraw or so it's becoming less popular now imagine one crawls always argued that instability in the sile does have
1:45 pm
an impact on the european union because it fuels instability in libya on the doorstep of the e.u. it is a region in which arms and people are trafficked however it is clear that it is becoming less of a popular venture for many people here in france as they sort of see france becoming bogged down in what is increasingly seen by many as an unwinnable war or a touch with. well activists are rallied in paris against the bill the french government says will target what it calls islamised extremism. opponents say it makes all muslims potential suspects they want the bill withdrawn but it's expected to pass a crucial vote in parliament on choose day the president tomorrow macron introduced the bill late last year despite after a spate of attacks including the beheading heading over to. argentina's for president colors men has died at the age of 90 cosco derived at the national congress for a ceremony president has declared 3 days of national mourning ben and lead the
1:46 pm
country for 10 years from 1989. police in haiti have fought with protesters demanding the resignation of president giovino moyes offices fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators who threw rocks and set fire to the wise is being in a power struggle with his opponents who say his term ended a week the president says he still has a year left in office well this would have been the last weekend that brazil holds its annual conical and festival which normally brings in millions of tourists was canceled because of the global pandemic but as one of chaotic you have reports now from originary some reason into trying to keep the spirit of celebration of life. bright orange jumper long wooden legs the rhythm a new suit costa has it all and nobody to dance with.
1:47 pm
me i'm totally in favor of the government's decision to cancel carney mass gatherings in a pandemic are deadly but i found a safe way to spread joy during these gloomy time. it just takes a long morning walk in a socially distant costume to do the job. and you so hands out flowers in the hilltop neighborhood of sound that that is a favorite among tourists. in normal times i would never be able to be walking in the middle of this street with this silence at this time of the year it would be packed with people dancing dressed up but this is a completely different carnival this was the same neighborhood last year and the feeling is somebody arrayed with tens of thousands of tourists celebrating just as the pen demick was getting is still it since claimed almost 240000 monks.
1:48 pm
if this is real somebody from now no revelers just doctors and nurses vaccinating the elderly in the brazilian city with the largest couvade 19 death toll. the coronavirus has also dealt a punishing blow to brazil's economy carnival would have made a difference had it not been cancelled last year's brought in hundreds of millions of dollars and would have created more than 35000 temporary jobs at a time when unemployment is at a record 14 percent time say that the beach visit was that idea there are up to 120 people working for somebody school producing everything for carnival and on the day of the parade you have other jobs such as floats pushers security and even more people so we have 300 to 350 people on the ground. involved a source
1:49 pm
a cell scorn comes on the beach 10 times less this year than last year you know about as to the locals don't buy as much as stores my customers are mostly foreigners but with no call to will there are almost not meanwhile in some that it isn't the still to man is keeping what's left of the carnival spirit alive reaching out to the. who are locked up at home still waiting for the vaccine to open the door my mccain camp just sirrah me additional room. so the head here and out there a huge crash on the final lap up to 500 miles of racing action from the daytona 500 . wallace is.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
talk as one of his plays a big thank you so much 20 time grand slam champion rafa nadal as one is way into the australian open go to finals straight said. when over fab year for many the world over to seeking a 2nd title in melbourne of the winning day back in 2009 this win over italy for neil was relatively straightforward the 34 year old medal winning $6364.62 it sets up the quarter final meeting with stephanie to pass. i wasn't able to practice the proper way for the last 19 days but yesterday i started again to to increase the amount of work on the practice and today have been opposed to victoria with. some long points so that helps 4 for the next match. also through is
1:52 pm
russia's 4th seed daniel medvedev he eased past 192nd ranked american became the macdonald in straight sets 646263 the score medvedev will take on his countryman i'm very rudely of next to that also means there will be 3 year russians in the last 8 this year. women's number one and top seed ashley body is on her way to the quarter finals but he took care of american shelby rogers waiting for her in the next round is 25th seed catalina of the czech republic 24 year old is aiming to become the 1st in straight and woman to win this grand slam since 1978. foot seed earliness for italy now has crashed out though the ukrainian had not dropped a set in melbourne this year before meeting world number 61 jessica. the 26 year old american reaching her 1st grand slam quarter final with a 6 protrude 663 women before this event but had never even been beyond the food
1:53 pm
round at a slam. serena williams play some other halep in the quarter finals on tuesday chasing that elusive 24th grand slam which would equal the record held by margaret court serena is not want to slam since 2017 but a coach is relaxed about it. does she need that i don't think she needs that edition. i think she but i mean clearly she came back to tennis to win some other grand slams that's for sure the goal. she's not. obsessed with the 24. people who are. in the tennis world but definitely she wants to in terms that's the only reason why she came back to tennis cricket now and india's batsmen have both a huge lead against england in the 2nd test of the bird in the visitors are cheaply on day 2 they wrecked up the runs the boat themselves 481 ahead of captain virat kohli hit a 50 and ravichandran ashwin made
1:54 pm
a century given the state of the pitch it's unlikely that england will be able to survive for more than 2 days at the crease currently 17 from the last so it's looking like an indian victory which would square the 4 match series up at one apiece. romelu lukaku was the star of the show as into milan when top of 30 i need to leave the belgian strikers school to you then sit up in their 31 win over lots of never missed from the penalty spot to with 10 goals from tel attempts at a matched by any player in europe's top 5 leagues is double also takes into 300 career goals 11 years of the scoring his 1st senior goal for anderlecht in belgium into a victory take the top that's one point clear of the city rivals a similar. because his old club manchester united lost further ground in the premier league title race they conceded in early goal away to west brom and despite a fantastic equaliser from bruno fernandez here it is could only manage a draw or a point to lift them into 2nd place above leicester they are 7 points behind
1:55 pm
leaders manchester city you have a game in hand. one of motor sports most famous race is the daytona 500 and some very late drama mcdowell in the bottom right on top of teammates all round make a one off hire crash kyle busch of the 500 miles of racing there was a massive accident on the final lap of the race with several cars coming up in flames thankfully there were no serious injuries and this group of mechanics were cheering because their driver michael dell in the yellow car managed to avoid the chaos and went on to cross the finish line 1st it's 1st class call cup series victory. so they go from california and jordan speeds long wait for p.g.a. tour victory goes on he led by 2 shots heading into the final round of the pebble beach program chasing his 1st win since 2017 but he could only manage a round of 70 and had to settle for a tie for 3rd place the victory instead went to fellow american daniel berger and
1:56 pm
in some style holding a 30 foot eagle part of the last hole to win the tournament by 2 shots. i do feel like i'm under rated but that's ok with me i just think it puts a little chip on my shoulder which is totally fine i think. you know a lot of the guys that they give credit to deserve credit but i you know i've been pretty consistent and accomplished a lot you know for the short amount of time that i've played out here on tour and you look at some of the other guys and what they've accomplished i'm kind of right in line with that so i just want to continue to get better i feel like my goal has always been to be to be the number one player in the world and you know some people will laugh at that and that's fine but that's something that every day i wake up and i strive for. france have gone top of rugby 6 nations with another victory over ireland the match was in dublin but the french aged 15 points the food team with tries from shore leave on and down the empire no that's 2 wins or 2 for the men in
1:57 pm
blue only they and wales the other unbeaten team on are capable of winning the grand slam as for arland they remain without a wind so far in this year's championship. for the n.b.a. and lou williams was the standout player for the l.a. clippers on sunday he was making his 1st start of the season against the cleveland cavaliers in the absence of 2 of the big names for a while and then paul george who were injured williams scored 30 points and provided 10 assists as the clippers won by 17 it's now 7 straight defeats for the cats. and in ice hockey the n.h.l. the biggest golden knights have won the 1st off 4 straight meetings with the colorado avalanche just one goal in this game could see of max at pacha ritzy full vegas it was the 1st game in 2 weeks for the avalanche truth has been disrupted by code 900 protocols the 2 teams meet again on tuesday. i'll be here again later with another sports news update that's it for now though nick p.b.s. we shall see you later thanks very much indeed for that is it for this news out
1:58 pm
there it will be here a couple minutes with a number of news don't forget our web site al jazeera dot com really it's goodbye for now. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or $2200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a distraction he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will
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a place like it live get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera it's america's worst. secret cracked open in the time of a pandemic exposed in the time of trump through the turmoil of 2020 the big picture traces a century of racial injustice to reveal how philanthropy politics and economics preserve structural inequality keeping white a supreme and black in its place the race for america part 2 on. the river narin flows through the coldest reaches of kyrgyzstan the temperatures here could drop to 20 degrees below 0 this time of year but the driving snow and bitter winter conditions on the enough to keep these men from working on the ice and in the freezing water because the rhythm contains gold men from villages along the river be panning for gold in the syria for centuries the best time of year to
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do it is the winter because the river is lower than your in the summer months these tiny little yellow flags you can see on don't look much they were around $50.00 a gram. and. the. antics of protesters a man maher refused to back down a security forces ramp up their presence across the country. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm getting you know also coming up the u.k. brings a new court rules for incoming travelers as the health secretary warns of a high death rates.


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