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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm +03

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a supreme and black in its place a race for america part 2 on a jazzier. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound sentimental when you call. in news and current affairs that matter to you ready. gunfire on the streets of baghdad military deploys tanks and troops to crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. close the whole drama to watch al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up turkey summons the u.s. ambassador to ankara after accusing washington of supporting kurdish fighters. jacob zuma is in trouble again
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a corruption inquiry wants the former south african president jailed for not turning up for a hearing plus mexico starts its 2nd phase of that sedation against crowed a virus. to 15000000 people in 2 months. welcome to the program military has opened fire at protesters gathered in the city of mount delay according to local media of casualties is not yet clear earlier in the day deposed leader and suit she's detention was extended she was arrested 2 weeks ago when the army seized power in a coup scott hyder reports now of the demonstrations which are now their 2nd week. there were soldiers in armored vehicles on the streets another tense night in myanmar but despite the security patrols in an internet blackout protesters gathered for a 10th straight day one group. of the civil disobedience movement c.d.n.
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for short stood in front of the central bank in yangon and continued with their calls for the military government to step down and the country's democratically elected leaders to be released we are protesting peacefully without weapons and with no intention of violence to call for cd and fight for the 3 dimmest government staff this is the military judge to issue a statement on its facebook page outlining the possible punishments for protesters saying any act spoken or written that expresses or incite hatred of the government could lead to 20 years in prison people gathered outside a court in the capital neighborhood or hoping that deposed civilian leader on song suchi would be released on monday those hopes soon dashed. according to the remand which was set today is the last day of the remand period but from the discussions with the district justice to remand period is now until the 17th not today. she was one of the 1st to be detained in the early hours of the
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coup 2 weeks ago she's been charged with illegally importing 6 walkie talkie radios . according to a monitoring group more than 400 people have now been detained since the february 1st 2. there's a vast range of people within that group and that's of real concern for 23 year old a fortune teller charlotte a fellow young gun fortune teller was arrested a few days ago after a video of him praying for the military to fail went viral i'm not sure that i was sincere dictators they can make up whatever laws they like to oppress us we astrologers are like bullets in their hands if you squeeze me a dead if they let us fly be a free this is the nature of dictatorship and it's not just happening to us it's everyone. and that's probably why protesters are coming out in strength the ruling national league for democracy and i'll be party won by a landslide in the last november's election and was extremely popular most see this move by the military as a notification of their vote and their voice scott heiler al-jazeera let's go live
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to divvy it up holland our correspondent in hong kong who's monitoring events for us from the same place now after what spain a day just bring us up to speed. well the streets are largely quiet now due to that curfew many people are back at their homes although that is done does not necessarily mean that they are safe it's been a day as you said which was turbulent with increased troop presence in many parts including mandalay where troops fired rubber bullets a new sling shots to try to disperse a crowd of protesters who were protesting peacefully outside a state bank also neon good there was increased gone there was increased troop presence there that may in march 2nd largest city but there were still protesters out and numbers but there's still concern despite this defiance as much of those
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troops that are on the ground are from a particular combat unit who is who are known for their brutality particularly against ethnic minorities and previous protests there's also a lot of warre worry going into the night as the military government has announced that they will be shutting down the internet from 1 am to 9 am in the same thing happened on sunday and joining that period there were an increased reports of harassment and arrest which now now also been made easier due to changes in the law over the weekend so now a security forces and the police can arrest people and go enter homes and search them without a warrant and take people away without a charge so despite the fact that the streets are quieter there's still a lot of worry for people on the ground but it's also seems that the mentor remains for these protests david thanks very much for that update causal. with you david
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pall of the 4 said the whole goal. turkey has some of the american ambassador to explain washington's response to the killing of turkish soldiers in iraq the bodies were found in a cave in northern iraq frezza reza to describe the u.s. statements during the killing as a joke he called on the u.s. to either stand with turkey or against its simplicity has more from istanbul the u.s. administration a seem not convinced with the turkish defense ministry and other official statements that those turkish citizens were killed by the p.k. k. bullets at this is why turkey's president actually lashed out today and turkey has been criticizing the u.s. for. providing weapons and arms for the white p.g. and at the same time which is for turkey because turkey believes that those weapons provided by the international coalition in the fight against iceland syria too.
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will one day be diverted to turkey and that's what the officials have been claiming for the last 2 days that the p.k. k. actually received mass weapons when saddam hussein fell down in iraq in after 2003 and through the west and international coalition in terms of fight against arsenal but the pick is using those weapons to turkish citizens that's why tookie is calling out for the west to pick a side either with turkey or the p.k. k. which is listed as a terrorist organization for for 3 of them well want us correspondent kelli health it has more. in terms of air to one's latest comments the united states has not responded to those directly or the summoning of the us ambassador it is a federal holiday here in the united states so we may not get that response for another 24 hours but i can tell you as we've already highlighted that the
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relationship with turkey is a delicate one and it's not just because the united states relied so heavily on the kurdish fighters in its battle against eisel but also because there are some concerns about where turkey's loyalties lie given the fact that it purchased the russian air defense system that is not compatible with nato there are some concerns about its loyalties with respect to nato as well in terms of its commitments and there are also concerns that turkey in fact is with respect to democracy and freedoms that there have been some crackdowns that the united states is wary about in fact we know that joe biden called heir to one and autocrat on the campaign trail and vowed to in fact toughen his stance so well turkey is pointing the finger at the united states with respect to its loyalties to the relationship and commitments to nato i think you'd be safe to say that in fact the united states
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is doing the same with regard to turkey. some breaking news coming out of africa at least 60 people have been killed and several 100 more are missing after a large boat sank on lake my don't be in western democratic republic of congo we can speak to a more call he joins us now on the phone from become people can show also what seems to have happened dahlan. yeah this news was. actually. not the 1st time anyway on. everything according to the condition of the. board today usually take. more than 7 and with. living tell not can shuffle to the numbering obviously it's called if. there were troubling night time and
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because of the condition of. the large people and much of. this actually the. challenge right now is because of the access to this area it is not very easy to access and almost all. the more so for the trouble you know. their rescue team can properly walk to school to to give the tradition to their victims so far for now they are still missing more than 20200 people according to the. now indeed i think we'll get more clarity as the sun rises in the d.l.c. for the moment out of my county thanks for joining us from can shelter. the leaders of 5 countries in the west africa's whole region are also meet again at the g 5 as they're known as attacks by armed groups increased in the region french president
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obama cross expect to to join the conference by video link france has deployed thousands of soldiers to packed local troops but it's apparent to reduce its presence in the area. former south african president jacob zuma could face a prison sentence after he failed to appear before the inquiry investigating corruption during his time in office the commission has been hearing allegations the wealthy gupta family used his friendship with zuma with government contracts and influence policy for me to buy the house more from johannesburg then the greatest significance of what's happened today is just how which reflects on the african national congress the governing party in south africa and how it views what the former president has done we do know that the top 6 leadership of the a.n.c. had planned to see the former president to compel him to appear at the commission but this really is symbolic of the divisions within that party and its fight against corruption if the former president says that his rights are being impeded
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on that he's being vilified that this is propaganda and there's a political agenda they also many people who sympathize with him and say that he does want to appear at the commission with swelling with his rights at the same time he's not here to a summons which was issued by the commission and also previously the constitutional court had said he should appear at the commission and not doing that was undermining the law so we would have to wait to see what the constitutional court says next to to see whether or not zuma does continues to defy the commission as the commissioners and i have said he is doing or if he maintains it is right not to appear. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. the vaccination campaign against coronavirus in lebanon has begun but experts warn a patchwork response will keep the country stuck in tragedy i'm santa for the reporting from beirut also from street parties to silence brazilians are trying to
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fill the void left by the cancellation of this year's carnival those stories after the break. and the moment where the quiet the winds dropped down the sheer miles moralists appeared in the forecast for monday and more suddenly picking up over the saudi's arabia iran levant looking ok but you can see obviously it's not true in turkey western turkey that knollys picking up and that's going to spin up a low in the eastern med which will unfortunately make pretty poor weather for north and levant rain strong winds snow from lebanon northwards i think is quite likely by the time we get to when saying that a whole lot will spread across mostly as rain through iraq with a bit of flash flooding quite possible in baghdad but that's wednesday now we'll
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follow it on thursday tomorrow leave it from there and jump sas to a potential development still in the straits of madagascar that spin up of of cloud may well turn into a proper circulation of tropical depression i don't think a psycho but the effects are going to be pretty poor from the point of view strong winds and heavy rain it effects all just east and south south africa and most of mozambique but the center of circulation isn't in the puter isn't in bay rises between the 2 so at worst on tuesday going to get suddenly gave. up 3 maputo and potential for flood in central mozambique. join africa's largest trade investment and rwanda enter african trade give me access to more than 1100 exhibitors 10000 visitors and bias and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and
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investment deals worth $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition boat by african export import bank and their premium partners the i 80 s. 2021 transforming africa. book about what you observed means a whole rom the reminder of our top stories may about as military has opened fire as protesters gathered in the city of bad delay according to local media earlier on but day deposed leader suit she's detention was extended she was arrested 2 weeks ago after the military seized power in a coup. turkey has some of the american ambassador in ankara to explain
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washington's response to the killing of 13 turkish soldiers in iraq present rest of the world to describe the statement as a joke and leaders of 5 countries of west africa's whole region a meeting at the g 5 summit comes as attacks by of groups of increased in the region. a 2nd round of vaccinations has begun in mexico's capital health officials are being to inoculate 50000000 elderly people within 2 months they'll be given doses of the astra zeneca so far health workers are bugs the relatively few people to be vaccinated in mexico but all republican joins us now from the capitol where vaccinations are beginning it's a busy day it seems behind you but well. certainly so this is exactly what phase 2 of mexico's national and occupation program looks
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like as you can see behind me give you a better sense of what what the scene is like here in that meeting is that this is a community just on the outskirts of mexico city there have been these long queues that we've been seeing formed out here since the early hours of the morning with residents looking to get that 1st dose of their coded vaccine now over the weekend a shipment of somewhere around 870000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine arrived in mexico from a production facility in india along with an additional 494000 doses of the pfizer vaccine now the goal here of the 2nd phase of mexico's inoculation program is a backs and is to vaccinate 15700000 elderly mexicans within the next within the next 2 months so by this time in april as well as continue the the 2nd round of inoculation efforts for frontline medical workers here in the country now there's been this mass mobilization by the mexican military since the weekend to deliver vaccine doses to all $32.00 mexican states there's also been $333.00 municipalities
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that been selected as as being high priority being high priority over being rural areas or being high priority because there are indigenous communities that are impoverished but there's been a lot of criticism of this strategy by the mexican federal government on the one hand you have mexico's president saying that everyone in the country will have access to this vaccine saying that the that's 57570000 mexican elderly mexican citizens will be vaccinated over the next 2 weeks many people are saying that is a very ambitious plan but in any event there is an expectation that this latest shipment of vaccines along with more vaccines from russia and china will help speed up this delayed rollout of the vaccination program and of course been well the president himself having a good contract and. is under pressure you say that he's he's got these on bush's plans to roll out the vaccine but how much political pressure. trying get this pandemic under control in his country. there's
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a tremendous amount of pressure on the president right right now especially given the fact that over the last 11 months the outbreak here in that country has only continue to worsen mexico still accounts for. is in 3rd place when it comes to deaths worldwide from covered 1000 the country's approaching 2000000 confirmed cases as you mentioned the president himself contracted pope at 19 he's very rarely i think personally of only see them wear a mask twice in public and he himself has refused the covert vaccine he has also in his morning press conference reiterated the need for the elderly to participate in this phase 2 of the program and again repeating the calls for people to participate to not listen to conspiracy theories that have been spreading about the vaccine and promising that all 126000000 residents of the country will have access to the vaccine for free but all republicans in mexico city thank you. liberals and
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nationwide coverage is 19 vaccination program is now underway bringing with a sense of hope for the crisis hit country with a bang seen hesitancy running high and uncertainty over the supply goods it's feared that if you know if they should take a long time cynical to reports of beirut. it's a start to end the coronavirus pandemic but the battle is far from over the elderly and health care workers have been on the front lines of this fight i the 1st in line to get the vaccine lebanon has seen some of the region's highest cases and deaths and though in january almost everybody every person has a family member or a relative what a friend that has a coil of it might better have acquired over both of them can know i'm secure from god but we feel it now and i would hope. but not everyone is convinced about the vaccines the public is showing hesitancy so far $500000.00 lebanese have signed up that's less than 10 percent of the population. and i won't take now because there
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are still a lot of question marks i will wait and see the lack of trust is also because of what many regard a corrupt system. and more of course i won't take it the fact the government is giving it to us for free means there will be a price to pay later. it seems the international community has little faith as well the world bank which is financing lebanon's purchase of vaccines will be monitoring the program to ensure a fair and transparent distribution the world bank didn't mince its words saying there will be no that's arabic meaning you won't be able to use your connections to skip the line it's a common practice in lebanon where politicians have long been accused of favoritism . they're also blamed for failing to secure enough doses to inoculate 80 percent of the population by here and the state is nearly bankrupt we'll probably inviting the public or the philanthropic sectors of the public to but it's paid to ensure the 40
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of the 40 percent more needed but that presumes the private sector secures vaccines in a competitive market the government is also trying to get funds to vaccinate the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers lebanon is home to more than a 1000000 and a half syrian and palestinian refugees. on an off lock downs have led to economic devastation and death experts warn a patchwork response in the vaccination campaign as well would keep lebanon stuck in tragedy sent to their osha zita beirut. passages arriving in the u.k. from 33 high risk countries all have to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days the government says it's to help prevent the spread of more
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contagious variants of covert 19 but the policy which came into force on monday is attracting criticism for the way it's been organized by the reports from heathrow airport. this was the 1st group of course. unseen travelers being escorted from london's heathrow terminal 5 and away into isolation ahead of them 10 days and 11 nights of enforced hotel quarantine a prospect now facing all arrivals who have passed through one of the 33 countries on the u.k. government's red list in aviation terms the u. case hotel quarantine plan has been on final approach in any 3 weeks now the policy was 1st announced in mid january but london's heathrow airport has expressed concerns about what it said were significant gaps in the implementation plan and the union representing some of the security staff is equally concerned about the transfer process from airport to hotel what is not quite well p.p.
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is going to be a writer very well. what. they got are what they get the high how not you have to bear in mind the problem is that not income. the u.k. government says it's hotel quarantine plan amounts to decisive action against curve at 19 but even as the 1st arriving passengers go into and forced confinement there is strong criticism of the way the whole sea is being operated under enforced. inbound passengers need to show a negative test just to board the aircraft and pre-book to further tests for the days after arrival lying on a passenger locator form now carries a 10 year prison sentence but doubts persist australian states introduced hotel koren scene in march 2020 and have learned tough lessons since then procedures on meal delivery times ventilation staff testing and protective masks have all evolved significantly yet the state of victoria is now back under lockdown after an
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outbreak of the virus spread within this quarantine hotel australian infection experts say the u.k. needs to be ultra cautious i'm nervous about what i know about the cases it's good to know that smokers will not be allowed to leave their rooms but there's still about to leave the rooms we learned very much the hard way that that just doesn't work scotland's devolved government has introduced a policy that all travellers must now go through hotel quarantine regardless of where they've come from london government is sticking to its red list criteria saying the policies are based on best practice but not everyone agrees paul brennan al-jazeera heathrow airport but gerry a former finance minister. has been confirmed as the new director general of the world trade organization dr it is both the 1st african and the 1st female to lead
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the global trading body she says addressing the economic and health consequences of the kovac 19 pandemic will be her 1st priority. demonstrators in india who are calling for the release of a young activist who's been detained accused of helping to write a protest guide or thought he say the shirt r.v. helped to develop a tool kit used to spread awareness of widespread farmer protests the guide was shared online by environmental activism gratitude burke who's voiced his support for the farmers they've been protesting for bubs against government reforms of the agricultural sector. at least 4 people have big killed when a landslide caused by a heavy rain hit their community and it did rescue workers are searching for 14 others buried in the bud easter jar for rain overnight also cause more rivers to burst their banks in other districts of the prophets. this would have been the long weekend that brazil holds its annual carnival the festival which normally brings
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the billions of tourists was cancelled because of the global pandemic but as. reports from rio de janeiro some brazilians are trying to keep the spirit of celebration alive. bright orange jumper long wooden legs the rhythm. pastor has gone. to dance with. but our boy. i'm totally in favor of the government's decision to cancel carney well mass gatherings in a pandemic are deadly but i found a safe way to spread joy during these gloomy time. it just takes a long morning walk in a socially distant costume to do the job. and you saw hands out flowers in the hilltop neighborhood of sympathy a favorite among tourists. in normal times i would never be able to be walking in
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the middle of this street with this silence at this time of the year it would be packed with people dancing dressed up but this is a completely different carnival this was the same neighborhood last year and the feel is somebody her age with tens of thousands of tourists celebrating just as the pen demick was getting is still it since claimed almost 240000 monks. if this is real somebody's home now no revelers just doctors and nurses vaccinating the elderly in the brazilian city with the largest couvade 19 death toll. the coronavirus has also dealt a punishing blow to brazil's economy carnival would have made a difference had it not been cancelled last year's brought in hundreds of millions of dollars and would have created more than 35000 temporary jobs at
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a time when unemployment is at a record 14 percent time say that each visit was that idea there up to $120.00 people working for somebody school producing everything for carnival and on the day of the parade you have other jobs such as float pushers security and even more people so we have 300 to 350 people on the ground. involved a source a cell scorn comes on the beach 10 times less this year than last year you know about us to the locals don't buy as much as stores my customers are mostly foreigners but with no call to will there are almost not meanwhile in some that there is a still to man is keeping what's left of the carnival spirit alive reaching out to the. who are locked up at home still waiting for the vaccine to mobility we're. all just sirrah rio de janeiro. palestinian poet barghouti who's known for his
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revolutionary verses against the israeli occupation has died at the age of 77 barghouti was bored of the palestinian city of ramallah before israel was created he was displaced from his homeland for 3 decades after the 1967 arab israeli war. you're watching al-jazeera with me so rob the reminder of our top stories mere barres military has opened fire as protesters gathered in the city of delay according to local b.t.o. earlier on but day deposed leader of the sun suu cheese detention was extended she was arrested 2 weeks ago after the military seized power in a coup devika poland has been following a bout of developments from hong kong sources on the ground say that those bullets fired at mandalay were rubber bullets security forces and police also use.


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