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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm +03

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these tiny little yellow flakes you can see one don't look much they were around $50.00 grab. 'd another mass abduction at a school in nigeria dozens injured an unknown number of people a mystic feared kidnapped. and killed bell this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. if the virus is allowed to spread like wildfire in the global sasol parts of it. again and again. the u.n. secretary general calls for a global vaccination plan urges g. 20 nations to lead the effort.
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using their cars to drive home their message antic who protest as a 1000000 man ignore military warnings and continue demonstrating for a return to democracy. accused of terrorism a longtime critic of rwanda's president credit for saving hundreds of lives during the genocide goes on trial. a rescue operation is underway in nigeria to find schoolboys and staff faired kidnapped those wounded when gunmen attacked the school the garra and knowledge of state were taken to hospital gerry's president has condemned the mass abduction no group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet of editor is following this from a brooch. it's difficult because there are so many numbers going round 1st the government in niger state says 27 people have been kidnapped and that again
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a few hours later that number went up to 42 now when al jazeera spoke to an official earlier today he said in this school with 1000 student population. a census was conducted this morning and that 280 students who are missing what is not clear was whether these students were taken all of them were taken by the abductors or some of them might have run away from the school and actually sitting at home and not coming back to school so the situation is a bit confusing right now but what people believe is that the number of the state government is giving is far much lower than what actually happened these operations the operations conducted by the bandits as the efficiency of call them happened since last night and it went well into the early hours of today we spoke to an official earlier today who said that yes the location of the abductors have been identified and what is the problem the dilemma now is how to approach the situation
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because they believe that with the high number of captives in there under their control it's difficult to conduct a successful operation without resulting in casualties on the part of the student so that's what they're waiting now but in fact the nigerian government is saying that they have directed all security chiefs to ensure that the students have been rescued. nato defense ministers are holding their 1st meeting since u.s. president joe biden took office they're expected to focus on nato as missions in iraq and afghanistan as the biden administration reviews the peace deal that donald trump made with the taliban that includes withdrawing troops by may the 1st hydro castros live for us at the pentagon so this may 1st deadline is coming up fairly soon for this troop withdrawal from afghanistan how serious is this review from president biden. well kim it appears that that may 1st
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deadline is a distant goal at this point as the by administration and the new defense secretary lloyd austin have indicated that they want to work closely with nato allies in court in aiding if the remaining of the u.s. troops will withdraw from afghanistan like you said this is the 1st time that the violent ministration is directly communicating with nato defense ministers in this meeting setting and it's a critical opportunity for biden and for his defense secretary to reset the tone after what president biden has called 4 years of neglect and abuse under the previous administration on the eve of this meeting secretary austin wrote in the washington post that his message to the nato defense ministers is that the u.s. is back that it is ready to lead and to be a good teammate he says that means that going forward alliance members must consult
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together act together decide together and gone are the unilateral moves that came to define much of the trump foreign military intervention on afghanistan that means that the remaining 2 and a half 1000 u.s. troops there their withdrawal that was announced unilaterally by trump that has been paused by the biden administration and the u.s. is in agreement with nato that the remaining drawdown and whatever is decided going forward in afghanistan must be conditioned on the peace talks continuing on the violence decreasing and at this point there is no set deadline for when more troops would leave the country heidegger castro live for us there at the pentagon thank you. the u.n. secretary general has called on wealthy nations to lead
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a global thanks in asian effort and ted has warned the pandemic will last longer of coronaviruses allowed to spread like wildfire in poor countries yet progress on vex you notions has been widely an event and fears just countries ever administered it's 75 percent of all covered in $1000.00 vaccines meanwhile more than $130.00 countries have not received a single goal. and those affected by conflict and insecurity are at particular risk of being left behind the secretary general was speaking at a special meeting of the u.n. security council on diplomatic editor james bass has more. i think there is broad agreement that there is potentially a problem going forward that the rich countries are vaccinating people but many other parts of the world are not and you're never going to get rid of covert 19 if you have seen it spreading in some parts of the world and potentially mutating and potentially in the future making vaccines not work this meeting was called by the
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u.k. that's the current president of the security council they are proposing now a resolution to try and call for cease fires in conflict zones around the world to get people in those conflict zones vaccinated the striking statistic came from the secretary general from the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies speaking of the security council meeting less than one percent of covert 1000 francs in so far globally have been administered in the 32 countries currently facing the most severe humanitarian crises the un secretary general is proposing now that there be an emergency taskforce set up to come up with a global vaccination plan he's going to give the un's full support to that he thinks because finance is needed the best body to do this is the g 20 and he's hoping that the g 7 meeting the 7 most important countries in the g 20 in terms of their economic power can start leading efforts to that end they have
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a meeting on friday gaza has received its 1st 2000 coronavirus vaccine doses after israel approved the shipment delivery of the russian made sputnik doses were delayed by israeli authorities on tuesday and israel has been heavily criticized for excluding gaza and the occupied palestinian territories from its rapid that fall out how a force that has the latest from western awsome. israelis have said that it was a technical issue they didn't specify exactly what the holdup was merely saying that the political. senior israeli official or as rouge was saying that the political echelon hadn't yet made a decision to allow the transfer to take place when it was 1st sent back at an israeli checkpoint that decision obviously subsequently taken and it has been allowed through i think it would be very difficult for the israelis to continue the line of not allowing this transfer to happen been some pressure on israel already
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over its decision not to supply vaccines in large numbers at least to the palestinian authority it's pledge some $5000.00 so far of which about 2000 have been handed over but preventing palestinians from exchanging vaccines within the 2 separated territories would have been subject to even greater international pressure and so this 1st transfer has taken place enough for a 1000 people and initially we were told that it was going to be for medical workers people on the front line dealing with coded cases but hamas health ministry official on accepting the vaccines also talked about them being given to the most vulnerable people people who've had organ transplants and are most susceptible to the vaccine but we're talking about just a 1000 people in a population of 2000000 when it comes to gaza where there's already been a very substantial outbreak it it the numbers there are going down but it is a territory with an extremely overstretched fragile health system to peru now where
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the doctor the ting i call the 19 vaccine trial has said the former president requested and received an early vaccination out of term nearly 500 people including well to discuss his wife and senior government officials have been secretly inoculated the head of health care workers sanchez has more from lima. former president that these guys are among a group. both politicians who secretly got a coronavirus job before anyone else in bed it's been revealed the vaccine was part of a supply of around 3000 sent by chinese pharmaceutical scene a farm these were in addition to the 12000 used in a trial. i was never told that there were more vaccines than the 12000 of this trial or that people in my government were participating i sincerely apologize. dr hillman malaga who let the trials and he's got a shot testified in congress on tuesday the former president knew what vaccine he
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was getting and so conversely i told him we had like scenes that were active. began its vaccination campaign last week but at least 487 people were quietly inoculated between september and february the outgoing foreign minister said she couldn't afford getting sick the former health minister said she was afraid of the virus. i reiterate our anger and disappointment for learning that many public officials took advantage of their position for being immunized with vaccines that arrive separately to those used in the clinical trials. the list of beneficiaries included officials and doctors who weren't part of the trial many brought along their wives husbands in-laws friends consultants or in vitesse. these are photos of more than 300 doctors who lost their lives fighting the pandemic in addition there are nurses paramedics hospital workers a long list of people who've been fighting on the front line against the
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coronavirus who have died without a chance to get a vaccine. the scandal known as vaccine gate has caused outrage. whose family is suffering from covert 19 has been queuing up for days to fill his tank with oxygen. it's awful cause those vaccines are meant to be for those in intensive care and people in hospitals are waiting for. dose of the deuce running low on oxygen hospitals are overwhelmed more than $43000.00 are did that exist death rate is more than 120000 vaccine gate is now being investigated by the attorney general prosecutors and legislators but many unpaid who say it's already clear the group put their own lives ahead of others may be innocent just the might be too. still ahead on al jazeera 10 years with al gadhafi libyan's marked the anniversary of the revolution that toppled the long time reader and ended in his
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death also ahead. i mean random in the indian himalayas when viral mentalists a large scale infrastructure projects are threatening the ecologically fragile region. it's time for the perfect jan and the winter sponsored plan qatar airways another blast of snow which will last i think probably through a half of thursday at least the coldest still coming out of the constant as you can see and it's going to affect all this western side of honshu and hot current are but less so boxes day in the korean peninsula and then the wind sort of falls out altogether or changes direction suddenly we lift him she is quite significantly from all followed sharda the korean peninsula and even japan but let's see her father goes so all should be on average about 5 degrees repton on friday and we
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keep going up to 14 by the time we get to sunday well above average and the major change will be a saw going on i think in some parts of japan as well the active weather further south where we course we never talk about snow but we took this circulation forming a tropical cyclone in the making quite possibly quite likely that's where most of the action is there a few showers elsewhere sumatra. the west coast and jar is full of them and there are showers building now in the middle of india not everywhere and it's only february but the building all the same a bit of a boost in the monsoon wind might prompt a few big shots off the coast a towel nada but nothing much is happening and that it is still quite cold here and it's for the most the time. to get sponsored paul qatar airways there was a lot of there in this community and that is where we lived on the way when they were going to look for to get all the commission want up and this is our man she
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worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their community was not always a key problem auction plan had been bought as a priority and led the way in transforming it difficulty into a success so empowering all one to me is standing economy. women make change on al-jazeera. oh. you're watching are just there are a reminder of our top stories this hour an unknown number of people are fed kidnapped or missing in nigeria after an armed group attached the school knowledge state several wounded students were taken to hospital. nato defense ministers are holding their 1st meeting since u.s.
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president joe biden took office there expected to focus on those missions in iraq and afghanistan the biden administration is reviewing the peace deal that donald trump made with the taliban that includes withdrawing troops by made the 1st. the u.n. secretary general has called on wealthy nations to lead a global vaccination if it interprets it as wants the pandemic will last longer coronavirus is allowed to spread like wildfire and poor countries. the detention of men males also the date is set to end on wednesday but there's no sign that unsound cinci will be free to protest as are increasing pressure on the military to release some gathered in central bank on the cause traffic jams to try and get their message across scotland reports was in a creative move by antic who protesters in young gone many pretend that their cars have broken down in the city center parking in the middle of streets and on bridges an act of civil disobedience to vent their anger at the military for overthrowing
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the government but also to make it difficult for security forces to move around the city as protesters gather for another day of rallies calls for the broken down car campaign came soon after the internet blackout was lifted at 9 am local time the 3rd straight nighttime blackout the campaign called off late morning to make way for this thousands of people gathering in the suv they put go to area of yangon right next to city hall i mean the protest was announced late tuesday after the gentle spokesman said that the military did not stage a coup when it overthrew the civilian government led by on song suchi adding to that news that a 2nd charge has been filed against suchi on the night i'm going to terry told the public that he would appear in court on february 17th but they change it to get media attention we assume that the military has done to stop us so they can fire one more shot against her to sister reason we out on the street again and those on the streets on tuesday in the southern township of faced rubber bullets and tear
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gas fired by security forces the protesters gathered to call for the release of a detained school principal who have been taking part in the civil disobedience movement since the coup on february 1st hundreds of people have been arrested. back in yangon the punk rock band rebel riot does more than just play music it also fronts the organization food not bombs delivering hundreds of food boxes each week to those in need they've been busy since the coup d'etat. by well you mean more people are in trouble descending into darkness people cannot sleep at night can't even eat don't getting threatened there are people across generations. who have no fear that is why we have to oppose the jointer. and more and more people are showing up to show that growing opposition but the judge appears to be ignoring them instead further justifying its takeover and arresting more people who are organizing or even just taking part in the movement to counter its coup. al-jazeera
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. the man whose story influenced the hollywood film hotel rwanda has gone on trial in the country's capital kigali paul rusesabagina paired to in court or 9 charges including murder armed robbery in belong to a terrorist organization he was praised for his role in saving the lives of more than 1000 people during the rwanda genocide and later fell out with the government his family lawyers say he was abducted overseas and brought back to rwanda illegally the trial has been adjourned to favor a 26 different story has been monitoring the trial for us from nairobi. the court has just adjourned the suspect did not take a plea and this is because most of the day the focus was on submissions by the defense and the prosecution about the nationality of our poorest as they began as well as their company of the high court in rwanda to try his case he says that he
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is not around a national he says that he is belgian and he wants you skills transfer to belgian courts you also feel that he was abducted by government operated in belgium and brought to wonder where he is being held hostage and he does not believe that the court is going to give him a fair hearing now the prosecution on the other side said that he is a doer and then both parties are run than citizens and that he has a. never officially revoked he's run the nationality through the official legal channels he has been charged with 9 pounds including mada and belonging to a terrorist organization he was in court with 20 others and all these. charges and this trial really centers on the national liberation front which is a wing of his opposition party the movement for democratic change the government
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accuses members of this armed wing of a talking villages and towns in the southwest killing dozens of rundowns and destroying their property the libyans are marking the 10th anniversary of the start of the revolution that toppled leader moammar gadhafi crowds are gathering in tripoli spouses square the revolution sparked fighting between gadhafi forces and libyan rebels earlier this month rival factions agreed to an interim unity government until elections in december while the train has this report from the former rebel stronghold of misrata. misrata is libya's 3rd largest city it's also one of the main sources of military power in western libya rebels from misrata played an important role in the revolution that toppled longtime leader moammar gadhafi in 2011 according to administrators at this memorial museum more than $5000.00 men were killed during the 8 month revolution more than 30 percent of them came from misrata. i mean if you can we may just museum to remember those who
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sacrificed their lives for our freedom family members of those who were killed come to see pictures of their relatives and remember them as heroes that he hasn't job or a memorial museum is named after an al-jazeera cameraman who was killed in eastern libya while covering the revolution in 2011 it tells a story of victory and triumph these statues were brought back from gadhafi is compound after rebel forces captured tripoli. people here in the city of misrata will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary to the revolution they say that their fight in 2011 was for freedom and democracy but they also know all too well the cost of war here those who died while fighting to deaf is forces are remembered their pictures fill the walls. 10 years on people bring their kids here to teach them about the conflict. february 17th means
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a lot to us libyans especially here in the misrata it means freedom and democracy abroad my kids here to show them the picture of my nephew and to teach them that freedom comes at a cost medical is an engineer he lost a leg in 2011 fighting to get deaf ears forces but despite his injuries he's now open this helps or and works as a personal trainer. in 2011 libyans express themselves and rose up against a dictator we want a democratic state the situation now isn't how we hoped it would be but it will take time after 42 years under gadhafi it is normal that we are where we are we hope things will get better 10 years after the revolution and this month's political settlement among libya's warring sides there are hopes the fighting may end and libya could be on track to becoming a democratic state now like trainer al jazeera misrata. a flooding disaster caused
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by a glacier collapse in northern india is raising concerns about the impact of large infrastructure projects in the himalayan mountains at least 58 people were killed elizabeth random reports from a constant. the himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world renowned for its majestic cliffs and breathtaking beauty but it's now under threat more than ever before from warming temperatures and development projects scientists say february's flash flood was caused by an ice sheet for an awful place here on india's 2nd highest peak the number they gave the mountain. dozens of bodies have been recovered and an estimated 150 people are still missing. environmental activists say they've fought against the building of hydroelectric power plants of the number they've been national park for decades it's not sensitive we're being told that our troops to the area will hurt its flora and fauna but those rules don't apply when they use
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explosives which shake the entire valley today we're witnessing the results of their projects which have led to hundreds of deaths. and it's not just dams and power plants which environmentalist say opposing the threat to the region and 2016 promised in the day the mahdi began a road expansion project in the truck and to make it easier for pilgrims to visit some of hindu isms holiest sites and 900 kilometer void through the mountains is being widened without a proper assessment of the environmental impact maybe $700.00 hectares of forest land have been lost to the project more than $47000.00 trees have been felled and the natural drainage of streams and springs blocked by the dumping of muck. scientists ravi chopra's says the breaking up of the mountain is leading to more than slides which is threatening lives and entire villages in many places where the slope was reconned there are. cracks in the
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sections of villages that. really live in. their houses and them. the government says it needs electricity and new roads. the world hindus want to go to the 4 holy sites is the faith and belief we have to ensure not to harm the environment while carrying on with the development we also share a border with china and some shouldn't be built the more it will happen. but environmentalist say the balance is tipping too heavily in favor of development one 3rd of the himalayas years ever expected to melt by the end of the century because of climate change people here say they are already paying the highest price elizabeth al-jazeera. and. new york state is suing amazon accusing the online sales giant of not doing enough to protect workers
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during the krona virus and them in the case involves 2 warehouses where the state says amazon failed to provide adequate measures including sanitization and social distancing the lawsuit also calls for compensation for a worker who was fired after speaking out about the company safety standards amazon denies any that negligence longreach in southern california is one of the places worst hit by cover 19 in the u.s. the city was one of the 1st to propose heroin pay extra wages for essential workers like supermarket stuff but what happened next respond outrage or brand its. in january the long beach city council passed an ordinance requiring a 4 month 4 dollar an hour pay boost for employees of large grocery store chains they called it hero pay for essential workers often overlooked during the pandemic we look at it was very clear a group your workers are iraqi with more. oppression i'm going to
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be probably words they deserve to schools or they weren't expecting the backlash the state's grocery association filed suit to block the extra pay and kroger $1.00 of the us is biggest supermarket chains abruptly announced it would close to long beach stores leaving $200.00 employees jobs in doubt eric cortez has worked for kroger for 14 years he showed us a letter sent to employees is the advice you of our company's decision to close and permed we terminate the entirety of the operations of business and economic reasons include the economic cost mandated by the long beach ordinance what shocked employees and politicians is that grocery chains made enormous profits last year at 19 restrictions on restaurants meant more people bought food to cook at home big grocery chains kroger in particular are rolling in money kroger is
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a real standout so kroger in the 1st 3 quarters of 2020 when you look at their net earnings their total profits they have doubled their profit compared to 2019 so they earned an additional $1300000000.00 in profits that's an astonishing growth and if you figured kroger would share some of that but manzo with its workers guess again by and large the companies have not passed these windfall profits and to their workers who it is important to note that grocery and retail workers typically earn very low wages cortez and his coworkers are. pointed and in great well i just think they're being greedy the california grocers association says its members have had to buy protective equipment or p.p. e bay have not considered all of the expenses that we have to pay if the long beach mayor robert garcia says it's simply a matter of fairness they deserve. extra bucks just for
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a few months to help them but workers may get the last word more and more california cities have approved or are in the process of approving hero pay including los angeles oakland irvine and san jose rob reynolds al jazeera long beach california. this is all just there and these are the top stories an unknown number of people if it kidnapped or missing in nigeria often armed group attacked a school and not just 8 several wounded students were taken to hospital. nato defense ministers are holding their 1st meeting since u.s. president.


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